It's a Doll's Life for Me

by Paul Jutras


The waiters brought over twin cakes for the twin girls Kim and Karen. They blew out their candles and their mother handed each one of them a present. The girls unwrapped a pair of boxes and opened them up. Inside Kim's box was a doll that looked just like Karen and inside Karen's box was a doll that looked like Kim.

"As long as you have those dolls you'll always have each other." Their mother said as the girls gave each other and their mother a hug. The two watched the stage show and played Pete Playland's video games for hours before it was time to go home.

"I just wish daddy didn't have to work tonight." Kim said as she sat beside Karen in the back seat. It started to rain and the road became hard to drive on. Their mother just looked at them in the rear view mirror and smiled.

"He should be home by the time we get there." Mrs. Phantasm said to her daughters when she suddenly lost control of the car. It skidded across the street and through the guard rail. The car rolled down the banking and into a ditch.

"You girls okay?" Mrs. Phantasm asked as the car horn was blaring away. With a trail of blood on her forehead, she looked back to see Karen shaking her sister. "Karen, what's wrong with Kim? Karen, answer me."

"Mommy, she won't wake up." Karen said with tears flowing from her eyes. Mrs. Phantasm grabbed her cell phone and dialed 911.

"This is Maxie Phantasm." She said into the phone. "My car went over the railing on Route 20. My daughter won't wake up and I fear the worst. Send an ambulance and hurry."

Maxie and Karen did their best to keep Kim warm and comfortable until the ambulance arrived. She feared the worst as the road in the back with her, praying that everything would turn out okay once they got to the hospital.

"George, it's me." Maxie said on her cellphone as she paced the waiting room. "Kim's been in a car accident. We don't know if she's going to make it or not. Yes. Eastside Hospital, emergency department. I'll be waiting for your arrival."

When George arrived, his wife got to her feet with a sad look. "Nothing next, dear." She said softly as Karen just kept on crying. She and Kim had been together since birth and she couldn't image life without her.

It took hours of the doctors trying to help Kim. The doctors talked to Mr. and Mrs. Phantasm, and as the clock struck midnight she was pronounced dead. "I'm truly sorry." The doctor said as if it helped them at all. All the father could do was arrange a funeral.


Mr. Phantasm made sure to take off Karen's first birthday without her sister. As she blew out her candles, she made a silent wish to herself to have her sister back in her life again. She didn't care how it was done. Just so they could talk and be together like her mother said when she gave her the Kim doll.

Karen wasn't much interested in her presents that year and just went to her room early. She took the Kim doll off the shelf and put her in their play city's hospital. Since she went to bed early, she didn't notice that as the clock chimed midnight a glow came from the doll hospital.

The sun shone through a hospital window when a hand moved across a bed sheet. A pair of eyes fluttered open as Kim sat up in bed. She looked about and saw a young man in white standing beside her and smiling. "Who are you?" She asked.

"I'm Dr. Ben." The man said with a perfect smile and pointed to a girl sitting in the corner. "Your sister has been worried about you."

"Karen!" Kim shouted as she ran over and gave her a hug. She didn't even realize she was running on her toes like she was wearing invisible heels. Karen gave a startled look and broke away. All Kim could do was look puzzled. 'What's wrong?"

In her bedroom Karen knelt by her doll-land city with a confused look on her face. She looked at the hospital room where the dolls of Kim and Karen stood facing one another. Kim's voice still rang inside of her head. "K - Kim?" She managed to say. "Is that you?"

"Karen, I'm feeling a little stiff." Kim's voice spoke to her. "How long was I out? What's going on here?"

"Kim, you died." Karen said as she circled her sister in the hospital room. "A whole year ago. I don't understand how you're talking to me right now."

"What do you mean?" Kim looked at her sister and then over at Dr. Ben. "Youíre standing right in front of me. What hospital are we in anyway?"

"Hospital?" Karen looked puzzled. She got to her feet and walked about her bedroom trying to find the source of her sisterís voice. "I'm in my bedroom. Are you saying you're seeing and hearing me in some hospital room?"

"I don't know what's going on, Karen, but I don't like this joke!" Kim shouted angrily. "Where's mommy and daddy? If you don't tell me, I'm sure Dr. Ben will."

"Dr, Ben?" Karen froze as she looked down toward her Doll Land Village Play set. "Dr. Ben is the name of one of the dolls in our toy city. Don't you remember? We made him a doctor after we got tired of him and Stacy working in the office building."

Now it was Kim's turn to freeze up. Now her mouth opened up but no words came out as the idea that she was talking to one of her favorite dolls. Swallowing hard she finally managed to speak. "K - Karen, I know mommy said we'd always be together with those dolls, but..."

"Karen, how can you be in your bedroom when you're walking and talking in front of me right now?" Kim asked.

"I'm not." Karen replied. "I put the doll that looked like me with the doll that looked like you in the same Doll Land Hospital room. It must be magic. Wish magic from when I blew out the candles. You're in some kind of doll universe where everything seems real enough to you. Though you're nothing but a frozen piece of plastic to me."

"This is crazy." Kim said as she paced back and fourth. "This isn't some B horror movie about a living doll. You've got to wish me back."

"How?" Karen asked. "It's months till I get a Thanksgiving wishbone and a year till my next birthday."

"I don't know." Kim said, looking at Dr. Ben and finding him very attractive for some reason. "Think of something."

"How about a trip to Doll Land Park for a picnic." Karen suggested as she took the doll her sister, herself and Dr. Ben and put them in her Malibu Stacy race car. Karen then pushed the toy car through the town to the park.

As Karen was doing that, Kim found she had lost control of her limbs. She found herself taking Dr. Ben's arm and walking with him and his sister down to the hospital garage, where they found themselves driving to the park. "Karen, I can't control my muscles. My body is moving like a machine without my control."

"That's because you're a doll, Kim." Karen said front the back seat of the car as Kim sat in the front seat with Dr. Ben. "Now if you don't play alone, we'll find out what'll happen if I get my Stacy doll from her beach house and put her in the park with you."

"This is so bizarre." Kim muttered as she shook her head. "It feels like you're really here in the car beside me, when you're really in a whole other world."

"I can only guess what's it's like for you." Karen giggled as she moved Dr. Ben next to Kim. She then moved her doll to the lake sticker. "I leave you two alone."

"Hey!" Kim shouted as from her point of view, Karen was walking down the hill to the lake. "Don't leave me him!"

"Don't trust yourself with a boy?" Karen looked back over her shoulder and giggled.

"Karen, time for bed." Mrs. Phantasm called as she started to head upstairs. Karen gathered the dolls up and went over to her two story doll house where Stacy laid in an empty bath tube with her legs spread wide apart. Karen first put her doll in a gray short sleeve and long pants lounge set, then put Dr. Ben in a pair of blue men's pajamas. Finally Kim was given a pink cami top & shorts set.

"Goodnight, Kim." Karen giggled as she put her doll in one bed and Ben and Kim in another. Just then, Mrs. Phantasm walked into the room. Karen jumped to her feet and scrambled into bed. Her mother pulled up the covers to her chin and kissed her on the forehead goodnight.

"Th.. This isn't funny." Karen heard Kim. From Kim's point of view things had been a little different. She could only watched Ben as he stripped out on his clothes and into his pajamas while her hands moved by remote control and did the same thing. She then went to the closet and couldn't; despite her mindís protests, stop herself from putting on the clothes Karen wanted her to wear. They then climb into bed where her body went as stiff as a mannequin in bed.

As soon as Maxie left the room, Karen slipped out of bed. She went over to the doll house and removed their clothes. She then rolled Ben on top of Kim. Picking the Stacy doll up, she wrapped her in a towel and moved her to the bed room. Karen tried to image what would be going between the three while she slept.

"Ben, honey." Stacy said as she walked on her tip toes into the room while wrapped in a towel. Her jaw dropped open when she saw that Ben's dick was inside of Kim's pussy. "How dare you two time me with this.. this stranger!"

Kim could only gasp for breath as Ben pulled out and she climaxed. "It... It isn't what you think." Kim said breathlessly as she climbed out of bed and walked over to Stacy. Stacy swung her arm at Kim who caught her wrist. They then started to pull at one another hair and scratched one another with their long finger nails. "You stay away from my man!" Stacy said in an icy tone.

Kim ducked as Stacy swung her stiff leg in a high kick, then followed to hit Stacy in the jaw. Kim then did a back flip to create more distance between the two. All that served was to all Stacy to build up more momentum as she ran forward and slammed her fist into Kim's chest. Kim could only curse Karen as she backed up in pain. "Karen, you need an attitude adjustment to set this situation up."

"You always like it when we had our dolls fight." Karen's voice echoed in Kim's head.

"That was before I became the doll doing the fighting." Kim said as she knew that it was her sister that had control of her fighting moves. She grabbed Stacy's arm in mid punch and flipped her over her shoulder, body slamming her. "Stop this before someone gets hurt."

"Spoil sport." Karen said as she got Stacy dressed in a bikini. Course to Kim's point of view, Stacy was dressing herself. Kim found Stacy apologizing as the three of them joined the Karen doll for a ride to the beach. Kim had to admit that the bathing suit was quite comfortable and fitted her quite well.

Kim couldn't help but find the smooth hairless and sculptured male dolls on the beach set to be very attractive. While Ben and Stacy said together, she and Karen found their own partners. Kim didn't bother to mention that they all looked like Ben since she knew they were all different versions of Dr. Ben. They enjoyed surfing on what she knew was really cardboard and paint in the real world. What was totally real in her new world.

"Isn't this much better?" Kim asked Karen as they laid on the beach sunning themselves. "Better than my going one on one with Stacy, that is."

"Let me get this straight." Karen sighed. "You prefer to sit on the beach and go out for any adventure our minds can think up?"

"The adventure of men are just as interesting." Kim responded as Lifeguard Ben put suntan oil on her back and Police chief Ben rubbed Karen's shoulders. Kim rolled over and wrapped her arms around Ben's body and stuck her tongue in his mouth.

"You were more fun when you were alive." Karen stormed out of her room as Kim lowered her bikini bottom and let Ben enter her. She had just reached the point of orgasm when her body froze up and a wave of pleasure surged over her.

Karen knew she had to figure out how to get her sister back. She had an idea. She rode off through the town, waving to those who waved to her. She soon reached the park, where she stopped near the wishing well. She reached into her pockets and started to drop coins into it and wishing for Kim to come back to her old self.

"That should do it." Karen said as she rode back home and ran up to her room. She found that Doll Land city was smashed. A life size Kim laid on the floor among the rubble. "Kim! Are you okay? You back to normal or what?"

Karen walked over and touched Kim's arm and found it warm and alive. She rolled over and stretched with a yawn. "K - Karen." Kim blinked as she sat up. "I just had the weirdest dream. I was this doll and.."

"Kim, what's wrong?" Karen asked.

Kim looked down to find she was wearing the bikini she had on the beach. With the bottom half partly pulled down she found her crouch was smooth and sexless like a dolls. She removed the bikini top and found that her breasts didn't drop in the slightest. "I - It wasn't a dream was it?"

Karen shook her head in disbelief. Hearing the sounds of the girls screaming, their mother and father ran into the room. They stared at both girls side by side and screamed themselves. Maxie fainted while the father looked stern. "Will someone tell me what's going on?"

"I wished on my birthday cake for Kim to come back from the dead." Karen admitted in tears. "I missed her so much. Her soul ended up in the doll double mom gave me. When I used the wishing well to wish her back to normal size, this happened."

"Only something went wrong with the wish." Kim said as she got her bikini back on. "I'm still inside of the doll, only I'm now full size and alive under my own power."

As Maxie woke up on the couch, She saw Mr. Phantasm and Karen beside her. "Oh, honey, I thought I  had this dream that Kim was back."

"Actually, she is back." Mr. Phantasm said as he looked toward his daughter. "I don't see how it's possible, but Kim's soul was transferred to that Kim doll you gave the girls. She's alive as she ever was before the accident. A miracle you might say."

The two stepped back as Maxie sat up and Kim stepped forward. "Mommy?" She paused not knowing what to say. A tear formed on the mother cheek and she held her arms apart, Kim got down and hugged her mother. They cried together. "Kim, you're back."

Kim was so glad to be home, she didn't even care if she was going to never have a normal life. She didn't realize that she would always be beautiful and perfect forever. She was just glad to be with her family again and not be under Karen's control any more.


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