by Johnsan

Sara knew it was coming, the tension was in the air all over the office. Things had been slow lately and the current economic crunch was leading to layoffs all over. “I can feel it coming here damn it!” she thought. Sara also knew with things the way they were she might just be next. Perhaps that’s why they wanted to see her. A sigh left her lips “Oh well back to unemployment!” she thought sadly.

The door opened and her boss waved her inside. He then waved her to a seat with a grim look on his face. He looked at a stack of papers and glanced at Sara. It was a long uncomfortable pause before he spoke. Sara couldn’t have been more nervous when he finally responded to her presence.

“Sara, let me begin by saying you’ve been a valued employee! We’ve never found any fault in your work or how you deport yourself!” he paused.

“Here comes the big but! Geez like it’s prescripted or something!” she thought

“But we have been hit hard by this slow down and we find that regrettably we’re going to have to let some people go.” he paused again.

“Well it’s good for the waiting to be over. Now I can get on with my life!” she sighed as she thought about the news she’d just received.

“But we do have another place you might just fit right into Sara. If you like that is.” he paused for a brief moment but enough for Sara’s attention to completely focus on his words. “You see Sara we’re going to start another line of dolls here. So we’re looking for a model and just by coincidence you’re just what we need for this new product.” he smiled.

A gentle smile graced Sara’s lips as deep inside a wave of jubilation swept over her. She’d originally been attracted to her job here at this toy manufacturer for their line of fashion dolls. She’d gone out of her way to have anything to do with them. She was a great fan of those dolls. Sara loved how they looked and would imagine what it might be to actually be just like them. Deep inside was a desire to just become a doll like them of course it was a silly fantasy she’d tell herself but still.

Now she had a chance to in a vicarious manner to be turned into a doll. Sara just couldn’t resist. “What do I have to do ?” she asked with a smile.

He led Sara down a hallway in the bowels of the factory. “Now  you will have to pose nude. I hope that’s not a problem Sara!” he informed her.

At this junction though Sara felt like she’d do anything to keep herself employed especially for a job like this one. “I’m game ! I just hope it’s not too chilly!” she smiled.

They entered a room filled with backgrounds and camera equipment. Sara smiled as she saw it all.  An excited thrill ran through her as she thought about modeling for the new doll.

“Will you be taking my pictures here?” Sara asked with a happy grin.

“Hmm, oh yes we do all the photography here.” he nodded and smiled.

“Are we going to do some today?” an anxious and excited Sara inquired.

“Yes we are but first we need you to change a little!” he grinned. Sara’s ex-employer pointed to a screen and a pile of clothing. “You’ll be wearing those later but first we need some photos of you without clothing.” he smiled.

“Well ok if it’s necessary!” Sara somewhat reluctantly agreed but in her deepest thoughts she knew she’d have readily agreed no matter what.

“Now this might seem silly but I’m going to use a bit of makeup to make you seem more like your soon to be namesake.” he grinned.  He then began to apply it all over Sara’s body. It was of course a bit chilly when it touched her skin giving Sara even bigger goose bumps than she would have had normally. In a large mirror Sara could see how the makeup did indeed make her skin seem like plastic. Then she saw him begin to draw lines on her like the seams of a doll. She had to giggle at that.

“Well it will help if you appear as much like a doll as possible!’ he grinned. He then pulled out an appliance. It looked so strange like a dildo with a smooth plate of latex attached on the base. “Ok now I have to ask you to place this on yourself. You know to give you that smooth doll look.” he blushed and grinned.

Sara took it and blushed herself but carefully inserted it into her womanhood. “I may like this photo shoot a lot more than I thought!” she thought to herself with a wicked grin.

  “Now let’s  get you posed for some photos. “ he began as he pushed and pulled her into a position that would be quite familiar to any doll owner. The large camera that stood on the tripod seemed different to Sara’s eye but she admitted to herself she was no expert on photography.

The shutter clicked and clicked then she’d be shifted into another pose.  After a number of pictures were taken Sara’s ex-boss paused “Ok you can go ahead and get into the outfit Sara!” he instructed her while he seemed to check on the camera.

Sara went over and examined the white camisole top and jeans. “Hmm, it’s not bad. I guess this is how the doll will be dressed as well!” she thought with a smile. Sara then quickly slipped on the clothing and then announced she was ready.

He then posed her and began snapping her photo over and over. It was funny, as Sara held her poses she found it easier and easier after every click of the camera. He then paused “Oh before we go further I need you sign a few things just to get everything on paper.” he smiled and presented Sara with a number of papers. He produced a pen and Sara quickly signed each on the appropriate spot. “This is just a standard contract obligation for five years. I hope you don’t mind Sara!” he smiled.

Sara could hardly hide her thrill at that “Oh I don’t mind, I don’t mind at all! I’m going to love being the newest doll they have!!” she giggled to herself.  But on the outside she just smiled “Oh that sounds great to me!” and handed him the paperwork.

“There is a small codicil Sara.” he sighed “You see we need you not just to be a living model but as a master copy of the doll we’re going to base on you. For that you need to undergo a special procedure.” he nervously eyed Sara “We discovered this procedure long ago and have used it on a number of the models we’ve used. It’s a procedure that I’ve started already. This camera is a part of it as well as the makeup and that little appliance in your vagina.  I’m sure you’ve felt it easier to hold yourself still that means you’re slowly changing Sara. At the end of this procedure you truly will be a doll!” he smiled at Sara.

Sara just stared at him holding herself in the last pose as she really didn’t feel like moving right now. “Is he joking or is he serious! I don’t know what I should do! Should I run screaming or should I just let it happen? I mean this is what I’ve always wanted but I never dreamed it could really happen!” the shock of his statement overwhelming her flight or fight response.  Sara then tried to move and found it an effort like she’d never known before slowly oh so slowly she straightened up. It was exhausting for her to shift her body now. A tingling was taking place as well where the dildo was inserted in her. Sara felt herself fall into a rigidity that she’d never known before but now as the tingling began to grow it seemed to become something comforting. It grew and grew stronger becoming a throbbing in her loins. Sara knew she was getting close to a climax now. Sara couldn’t move at all now but in her frozen stare she was able to see her image in a nearby mirror.

It was so different her pale skin seemed very different like it was glossy and becoming glossier as time went by. “It seems whatever they’ve done to me is actually changing me. I still can’t believe my eyes!!” she told herself in shocked astonishment. “But oh!  It feels so good as  it changes me! Mmmm!!” as the throbbing got even stronger. It seemed with each fresh wave of pleasure she became less and less herself and more and more artificial. Already she could see those joints that had been drawn on her body becoming actual segments in her newly made plastic form. Despite those feelings of pleasure she could feel how hollow she was becoming just like a vinyl fashion doll.

Sara watched helpless to act as her nipples merged into her body as her breasts became mounds of plastic. She’d already watched as that little appliance that had been placed into her womanhood fused with her plastic body leaving her smooth as a doll there. It seemed the strongest waves of sexual pleasure accompanied that transition and the one that altered her breasts. She was almost resigned to becoming a doll as the transformation changed her face.

Sara watched as her lips and cheeks became vinyl and her eyes went from flesh to paint on her plastic skin.  “And yet I can still see and hear with these now plastic body parts as if I was still human!” she thought in a bit of wonder at what was happening to her. It seemed fitting for her to watch as her hair became strands of  blonde saran plastic as well. “I seem to be plastic from my hair to my toes!” Sara told herself with an amusement that even she wondered  from whence it came.

Deep inside Sara knew though where it had come from. It had come from the part of her that wanted to be a doll. The alter ego that was thrilled at the thought of her being a vinyl fashion doll. It was Bambi the blonde fashion doll Sara knew she’d become if she ever was transformed into a doll. Bambi was taking over Sara admitted to herself. She’d silently rejoice now that she was this life sized plastic figure. “I really am Bambi now!!” Sara silently told herself with an equally silent giggle. But there was a problem Bambi now surmised. She was much too tall to be a proper fashion doll. She wondered how they’d take care of that little sticking point.

Her ex-boss looked her over with a critical eye. His hands began to touch her newly made plastic body. If she could have spoken Bambi would have moaned. Each caress sent a new thrill throughout her plastic doll form. He touched her seams where her hand joined the rest of her arm. He then moved her arms and her body watching how her new body could be posed.  He nodded to himself as if to approve of his handiwork that resulted in Sara becoming Bambi the doll. He looked at her face and smiled “You turned out perfectly Sara! Now we have another process to subject you to. After all how are you going to wear all those clothes we have for you if you’re not sixteen inches tall!” he grinned. He picked her up and carried her now very lightweight plastic hollow body to the next room through the nearby closed door.

More waves of erotic pleasure coursed through Bambi’s form as his arm wrapped around her body. “Oh this feels so good! Not to mention I now weigh next to nothing!” a happy pleasure filled giggle swam amidst an ocean of  erotic fulfillment in her unspoken thoughts as she observed this. He then set her down in what looked like a giant plastic tube.  After making sure she was securely inside he then slid the door shut on the tube. Bambi watched through her fixed gaze as he grabbed a notebook computer and began punching commands into it.  A light then began to bathe the now plastic woman. A tingling sensation that began to grow filled Bambi. It quickly became a feeling as strong as the sensations she’d felt when she’d been touched by her ex-boss. Bambi was surprised when from her perspective she felt like she was in an elevator going down and everything around her was going up. Her surroundings quickly began to grow to titanic proportions as she orgasmed in her plastic form.

It was rather abrupt when the feelings Bambi had been enjoying stopped. It coincided with the light switching off. “Somehow he did it! I’m the right size for the doll I am now!!” thought the little polymer beauty. The gargantuan door slid open and a giant’s hand came at the doll. As the fingers wrapped around her the sensations of joy filled the new doll. “Play with me! Dress me! I’ll be your doll!” thought Bambi in an torrent of joy at her new state.

Sara’s ex-boss lifted the blonde haired doll and smiled “Excellent you’re the perfect model for our new doll line Sara!”. He carried the naked doll to a nearby desk and placed her in a stand.  Bambi watched as he began taking pictures of her.

After the photo session Sara’s ex-employer grabbed the new doll in his hand and carried her away. Soon they arrived at a doll display case with other dolls that the company had or currently manufactured. He placed the naked blonde doll next to the others on an empty doll stand. “I’m home at last!!” Bambi thought with some jubilance.

She remained there for four days before anyone had anything to do with her again. Bambi wondered how many were like her. Finally her ex-boss appeared in front of her with another doll. It was her exact clone, truly her sister. “See you turned out perfectly Sara! We’ve decided to call the new doll ‘Bambi’!” he then opened the case and took her out with her twin. “It’s time to get you dressed for some publicity photos Sara!” he grinned.

Sara’s ex boss then took the two dolls to another room. There he set down the duplicate Bambi next to the original. In moments the original was dressed exactly like her twin sister. A mental giggle went through the mind of the living doll “I love being dressed just like my twin!” Bambi thought to herself.  The two of them were then photographed again side by side in different poses. They were even posed on doll sized furniture and play items together. Bambi was in heaven as she mentally sighed and cooed to herself. The same thoughts playing over and over in her mind “I’m a doll, I’m a doll, a doll…” in a mix of wonder and elation that she never felt before. Still a part of her mind stood back and looked upon this as the most surreal thing that had ever happened to her.

Her ex-boss then left Bambi and the newly manufactured twin on the table. A few moments later someone appeared that Bambi recognized as his assistant. She walked over and gazed at the two dolls and shook her head whispering “He said grab the original but how am I supposed to know which one is the original?! Sheesh!!” after a moments hesitation she grabbed Bambi’s twin and carried her away.

“No I’m the original Bambi! It’s me not her!!” thought the living vinyl plastic girl as she watched her double being carried away. “But if they think she’s the original me then they’ll think I’m just one of the factory made duplicates!!! Oh I’m going to be put into the inventory and then sent to a store to be sold!!” the surprised and shocked doll reflected in a slightly fearful manner. “How will I ever be restored?! I’ll be a doll forever and ever!!” Bambi realized.

The assistant then came back and grabbed Bambi. It was a short trip and Bambi was in the warehouse where she was promptly boxed up and made ready to be shipped to a store.  But she was still deep in thought at the realization of what was happening to her. Not in fear or terror , no just the opposite. The little blonde doll was again in a state of erotic and mental bliss as she thought “I’ll be a doll forever and ever and ever….”


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