Down By The Boardwalk

by Northern Chill

Crossposted with permission from the Yahoo group . Image by M_B_CZ

     Melanie loved how the warm mid day sun beat down on and tanned her pasty white skin.  She had arrived at the secluded Mexican beach resort a few days ago and fallen in love with the place.  Normally, she never would have been able to afford such a trip but she had gone during the off season for tourists and had gotten a drive from a friend heading to another resort nearby.  She opened the door to the cottage she had rented and walked out onto the path that would lead her straight to the beach.  Adjusting the sexy black bikini that she was wearing, she put on her dark sunglasses and headed out onto the short path that would lead her down to the beach.

     When Melanie got to the beach, she found the beach packed with tourists ranging from urban socialites to gangly teenagers from the nearby state of Texas.  Vendors trundled up and down the beach hawking sombreros, sunglasses, blankets and every cheesy knick knack she could imagine.  Several shacks along the edges of the beach sold refreshments ranging from bottled water and soda pop to alcoholic drinks that Melanie felt certain were a local specialty.

     She wandered down the beach ignoring the vendors until she found a bare spot down near the water.  Putting down her beach towel, Melanie sat down and spread suntan lotion liberally over her body.  She then laid back to absorb the delicious rays of the sun and hopefully have a tan that would be the envy of everyone back at work.  However, her session in the sun was interrupted a few minutes later by the sky clouding over with dark clouds and drops of rain already starting to spit down.  Melanie sat up and hurriedly began to gather her things together grumbling to herself that it would hopefully be a short thundershower.  She stood up and sprinted towards one of the outdoor bars that laid between the beach and where her cottage was located.

     Sitting down on one of the chairs that were located just under the bar roof, Melanie toweled off her wet arms and upper torso while glancing around for a bartender.  She spotted a portly man in his mid 40's who was busy hauling cases of empty bottles under the overhang to save them from getting wet.

     "Excuse me ?  I'd like a drink, please... drinko?" Melanie shouted out in English and then in her poor version of the local dialect.
     "Drink..? Ah... si, Senorita... I pour you a drink right away.." the man said happily as he placed a glass on the bar top and poured out a drink from a smoky colored bottle that was bereft of labels.  Grinning broadly with a smile that showed he was missing most of his teeth, the bartender handed Melanie her drink which she accepted with an impatient look on her face.

      Taking a sip of the drink, Melanie was about to hand the bartender the money for the drink when her face suddenly turned a most unpleasant color.  Staggering off the seat, Melanie spit out the drink onto the beach while shaking her head violently back and forth.

      "What the hell is that crap?  It tastes like something that comes out of the sewer pipe.  How the hell can you serve anybody that kind of stuff and expect them to be happy?" Melanie snarled at the man who looked a little dumbfounded at her angry tone.

       "Oh, Senorita, if you don't like drink, I only charge you half the normal price..." he chirped, trying to calm down the angry tourist who slammed her glass onto the bar top.  However, his effort to calm the woman failed miserably and in fact fueled her rage even more.

       "Pay?.... Pay?... YOU IDIOT!!!... not only am I not going to pay for that... whatever the hell you served me, but I am going to see to it that you are never allowed to sell poison like that on this beach ever again."  Melanie snapped in anger as she wiped her mouth with the back of her left hand before stomping out and heading towards her hut.

                      Next day....

       Melanie walked down toward the crowded beach in a much more serene mood than when she had left the day before.  She had visited the local authorities to tell them about that bartender and his idiocy in serving her the night before.  When the authorities seemed less than willing to satisfy her demands for action, she embellished on her story by claiming there were numerous others he had served and some had gone to the hospital violently ill with some even dying.  Of course, that part wasn't true but if it got that idiot off the beach forever, a little lie would serve it's purpose.

       The slim brunette slowly walked along the beach and noted with almost giddiness that there was no sign of the hut in question or its owner anywhere.  Finding an empty space near the water's edge, Melanie set up her blanket and other stuff much like she did yesterday and laid back to get the tan she had been unable to work on the day before.

       In fact, Melanie's determination to get a tan led her to stay on the beach long after everyone else had left for supper.  As the sun slowly started to set, she woke up from the light sleep she had fallen into.  As she pulled herself up, she winced from the intense sunburn she now had on her back and arms.  Cursing herself for being careless, Melanie slowly refastened her bikini top before standing up and gathering up her stuff.

       "I'm going to have buy some lotion for this burn..." she muttered to herself as she slowly walked up the deserted beach towards the path that would lead her back to her cottage.  Just as she was about to leave the beach, she heard a woman shouting for her come over to the hut she was at.

       "Ah, bonita Senorita, I see you have a bad burn from the sun today.  Would you like to try this skin cream on your sunburn?  I'll give you a free sample to see if you like it first before buying," the plump mid-60's woman said to Melanie in a pleasant manner.

       Melanie was going to reject the offer as she had quite enough of  'local hospitality' but the lure of a free application proved too strong so she graciously accepted the small tube offered her.  Rubbing it vigorously over her arms and upper torso, she found her skin tingling as the cream was rubbed in. The pain faded away quickly.

    "Hmmm... I might just buy a couple of tubes from this old bag.  It might just balance off that moron from the other day..."  Melanie thought to herself as she stood still, letting the cream blend in and soothe her sun ravaged body.  

     After thirty seconds or so, she slowly went to pull herself up on the stool but found she only had the strength to partly pull her left leg up on the stool.

    "What.. why?..." Melanie muttered as she found her mind rapidly becoming foggy.

    "Ah, there is my son Carlo now.  He's the one you had banned from the beach and nearly thrown in jail as a result of your lies to police, si?"  the woman said in broken English as she gestured behind Melanie.

                      "WHATT???...."  Melanie managed to say as she partly turned towards the beach with her right hand on top of her head.  She could feel there was something wrong... desperately wrong but her ability to move had vanished altogether.  

    She felt her skin rapidly changing from flesh to an incredibly taut material that seemed to be what her whole body was now composed of.  She felt her chest cease to move and her breasts become rigid and hard mounds of inanimate wood or something like it pushing against her black bikini top.  Strangely, that and the feeling of her pussy sealing up and becoming the same material the rest of her was now composed of sent a wave of pleasure through her that seemed to last.. and last...

    A minute or two later, the man walked up to Melanie and rapped his knuckles on her head and upper torso, making a hollow 'thunk' sound.  Melanie's stiffened body wobbled slightly in place.

   "Ah, perfect; she is now just another display dummy... to fetch a good price from store in Tijuana or perhaps in Texas.  Perhaps from the money from her, I can set up a bar on the beaches there  to keep tourists happy..." Carlo said with an evil grin.

   The woman nodded slowly as she got out a large packing box.  "Just remember to serve a better quality drinks when you set up next time, Carlo.  This chica was right about that part, you know, that liquor was very bad...?   I only intervened when she lied about your sending people to hospital...." the older woman said sternly.

   Carlo nodded as he placed the mannequin inside the box for shipment to its new home.

                    Melanie, of course, never heard that last part.... or ever will


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