Origins and Dreams – Wishes

by Shadedsun


Oh. So you want to know how my shop got its name, eh? Yes, that will do nicely for a story. Though at that time I wasn't really recording anything, so this will just be what I happen to be able to remember.

It was maybe... about twenty years ago? Maybe a little more, time doesn't really hold that much meaning for me beyond day-to-day appointments. Anyway, I was just getting bored of my "live like a normal person" phase, and was looking for an outlet for my magic. Somehow, though I can't remember the details of it, I got it in my head that it would be fun to pretend to be a genie and grant someone's wish. So I enchanted one of those classic genie-oil-lamps to alert me if someone rubbed it. Then I tossed it aside in a park in the middle of the night and left.

I remember it took a few days for someone to finally try it, but it did eventually happen, and I did pop out of the lamp wearing a stereotypical Arabian outfit. Now, I'd expected there to be a handful of people around, maybe with a few poking fun at the person who rubbed the lamp, so I made a grand sweeping bow saying "How may I serve you master?" before I took a look at my surroundings. An ear-piercing shriek brought me to my senses, and caused me to take stock of where I was; standing in a bathroom with a young woman soaking in a tub, at that moment trying to gather soap around herself in an attempt to conceal her body.

I made a quick judgment call, and decided it would be more fun not to break character.

"Well Mistress, if you didn't like the idea of me seeing you naked, perhaps you shouldn't have summoned me while washing yourself," I said, keeping the somewhat haughty tone I'd used when entering.

"I didn't actually expect that to work! Genies aren't real! Nothing is supposed to happen when you rub a lamp!" She retorted while still trying to cover herself.

"I'll admit my kind are rare, but there are stories about us. Never discount stories as totally false; they have to come from somewhere right?" Just as a side note, genies are real, they just like to keep to themselves. That Aladdin movie had it all wrong; their lamps are a paradise for them. They're basically gods of their own realms in there so why would they want to come out?

"I'm still allowed to be surprised that you popped out, you just said yourself that you're rare!"

"OK I'll give you that. Now, as long as I'm here, I believe I owe you three wishes?"

"Would it count as a wish for me to ask you to turn around so I can get out of here and at least wrap a towel around myself?"

"I suppose that one can be on me."

"Thank you." At this point I turned and she got out of the tub and began to dry herself off. "So, do you have a name?"

"Call me Quill, Mistress." Now, it was fortunate for me that she didn't ask me to leave the room. Why you might ask? Because she forgot that there was a mirror behind me. When she got out of the bath I got a rather good look at her body, before she wrapped it in a towel. She was maybe five-and-a-half feet tall, and couldn't have weighed more than one-twenty, with a fair amount of that weight distributed on her chest. She had strawberry blonde hair cascading in soft curls down just beyond her shoulders, a fair complexion, and amazingly clear skin. If that rogue mage from my last story had captured this girl, she would never spend longer than a few minutes on display before someone rented her again.

"And you call me Laura; being called Mistress feels weird."

"Very well Laura. So now that you've dried off, do you have any wishes?"

"Well..." She turned so red at this point that I figured she'd have boiled her bath if she were still in it. "I do have one wish. You might think it's silly though."

"If it is for something frivolous then do not worry yourself. I know you mere mortals have strange tastes, and it is not my job to judge them, just to indulge them."

"Well... I need to figure out how to phrase this. I don't want my wish to backfire on me."

"Then perhaps I can help you figure that part out. I know in some stories of my brethren have us deliberately misinterpreting wishes for our own sadistic amusement, and I wish to assure you I am not that kind of genie."

"How do I know I can trust you?"

"You don't. But just don't say 'I wish' before you talk it out to me and I cannot act on it."

"I guess that part is true. OK, I'll just think out loud then. You let me say what all I'm thinking, then I'll ask for your opinion. Got it Quill?"

"Ok Laura, do as you wish."

"By the time I have used all three of my wishes, this is what I want to have happened: I want to be a toy. Not a woman, not even really me, at least not the way I am now. I want someone to own my body, and I want my body to do whatever that person says, up to and including having it change shape on their command. I want to always remain a woman though, and always humanoid. Things like my hair color, ethnicity, breast size and the like would be totally up to my owner though. Even what my body is made of could be changed on command; if my owner wants me to be a statue, great! A lovedoll? No sweat! As for my mind, I want to be disconnected from myself, in kind of a waking dream state. I would see my owner as my boyfriend/husband, and I would be in the perfect relationship. So, Quill, is this all possible?"

I was... stunned to say the least. She'd obviously been harboring this fantasy for quite some time and I did want to help her with it, but it involved mind-magic. Now, I don't think I've fully explained my position on messing with other peoples’ heads so let me do it here: it's evil. Oh, it can be used for some good purposes, but overall it's powerful, dangerous magic that has a good chance to corrupt the user and target alike. If the target is willing, then there's no chance of them being corrupted, but there is still a good chance for the caster.

Corruption, in magic terms, is a person’s personal magic supply becoming tainted with impure emotions. What impure emotions are is up for debate, but hate, disdain for life, and the need to rob others of their free will, are pretty safe bets. What corruption means for a mage is that they're slowly going to be taken over by their magic; losing themselves to the pursuit of whatever tainted them to begin with. So someone who became corrupted by enslaving people is going to go out and try more and more crazy things to enslave more and more people. For a non-mage, corruption tends to lead to insanity. So it's something to be avoided.

There is however one single, convoluted, difficult, and time-consuming method to get around all of that though: a technique known as Dream Weaving. It can only be performed on a willing subject, so that eliminates the chances of the target being corrupted. Additionally, it can only be used to make changes the target desires, and I'm not talking waking desires, I mean the desires of the heart. If someone wants something badly enough it becomes a part of them, and Dream Weaving is all about the mage making those desires manifest, by giving the subconscious enough power to make it happen. So because the mage isn't actually doing all that much, besides providing power, and maybe gently nudging the targets dreams in the right direction, there's no chance of corruption. This is the technique I used with Laura, after explaining how it was possible of course.

"So that's what I would need to do in order to complete your wish."

"You can't just snap your fingers and make it happen?"

"Unfortunately no. What you are asking for would take more power than I have available to me at any given moment, but over the course of time I can make it happen. You need only say 'I wish for you to fulfill my innermost desire' and I will begin carrying out my task each time you sleep."

"Well then... Quill, I wish for you to fulfill my innermost desire."

"I shall begin tonight then. Sweet dreams, Laura."


Continued in Part 2: The First Dream

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