Dressed for Success

by Alexandria

Author's Note:
Just watching the vermin crawl out of the hiding places and run across the floor......

The following is a story I started, that I don't seem to have the desire at the moment to go back to... perhaps someday but not today...

I'd say that comment and suggestions were welcome... but I won't since they rarely happen... If anyone, not that anyone will, wants to add on or rewrite what follows... suit yourself...

Feeling down... Me? not a chance... just feeling a bit more reality than usual... Attended to many funerals and visited to many people especially kids in hospitals fighting for their very lives.... Life is too short to feel down and depressed......


Anne gazed in the window of the store, looking for anything out of the ordinary. She had received a tip from one of her informants and it had brought her to this store. If something was amiss, she couldnít identify it. A dozen models had disappeared in the last year without any trace and she had hoped that her lead might break the case but alas it didnítí seem to be proving out.

Anne walked around to the backdoor of the store, figuring that she might as well take at least one look around back before giving up on her lead. Once in the back alley she was surprised to find a panel truck with itís back door open. She walked up beside the truck and found the cab unlocked but empty. A quick touch to the hood of the vehicle told her that the engine was still warm so the driver must still be nearby. Maybe a late night delivery she thought as she walked toward the storeroom door. Her hand grabbed the doorknob and twisted it. Slowly she pulled the door open and turned her ear to hear anything inside.

"Finish dressing that one, while I finish over here." a manís voice said.

"Ok" a second voice responded

Anne wasnít alarmed at hearing the voices and pulled the door open. Her five foot ten form stepped into the doorway and gazed inside. the two men were busy dressing several mannequins. Anne noted that the mannequins were among the most lifelike and beautiful she had ever seen. for a moment she thought they might be real women, then her eyes caught sight of the separation points in the shoulders. "Sorry to interrupt but I was looking around and your door was open."

The two men froze and their eyes locked on the striking figure of Anne standing in the doorway. Her tight bodysuit gave the two a good idea of just how shapely Anneís lithe body was. She caught site of their eyes dancing up and down her form. "We were.. uh just finishing dressing theseÖuh mannequins" the first male stuttered.

"Like I said, sorry to interrupt, I was just a bit surprised to see you making a delivery at such a late hour and wanted to make sure that everything was ok." Anne said as she started to step back. She noted their surprised looks and was a bit surprised at the near look of fear on their faces. She stepped out of the door and closed the door behind her and moved toward their truck for one last look. She shined her light around the back of their truck and stopped when she spotted what looked like some kind of gun.

Glancing back toward the door, she saw that it was still closed and she wanted a closer look. She climbed into the back of the truck and moved toward the front of the vehicle. Her light shone down upon the device. It didnít look like any gun she had ever seen; it looked more like some prop out of a sci-fi movie from the sixties. She kneeled down and lowered her hand to pick up the device. Her attention was focused on the device and she failed to hear the footsteps outside of the truck. She lifted the device and held it firmly in her hands to get a better look at it when she heard a high pitched whine coming from the back of the truck. She turned her head just in time to see the flash.  Afterward, her eyes saw nothing at all...

"Brian, get your ass out here."

Brian came running out of the back door to the shop and toward the back of the truck where his partner Wayne was standing. "Whatís wrong?"

"You left your neutralizer in the truck again and that bitch found it." Wayneís voice scolded.

Brian looked up into the back of the truck and smiled at the sight of Anneís motionless form crouching down and holding his Neutralizer in her hands. Frozen in place, Anne glared at them fixedly but did not move a muscle. "Sheís one less we have to find and from the looks of her body she will make a fine prize."

"Get back in there and finish with those mannequins while I secure her, then we better get back to the factory before she starts to recover,"  Wayne commanded. Carefully he removed the neutralizer device from between her stiffened fingers; he did not want to trigger it now, on himself.  That had been a close call! A few seconds later the woman would have fired first and their places would have been reversed.

A couple of hours later, Brian had been given the task of bringing their latest prize into the factory. He climbed into the back of the truck and was pleased to see her shapely form still crouching with her empty hands frozen as if they were still holding something. He felt a bit pleased with the irony that she had been neutralized in the act of holding one of their neutralizing devices. He put his hands around her waist and firmly held her as he pulled her toward the back of the truck. Her body didnít waver even in the slightest as he pulled on her waist. Once he had her at the back of the truck, he climbed down and put his hands in positions to lift her and gently lowered her to the ground. A few moments passed as he moved Anne onto the padded cart he had brought and secured her with a single strap to keep her from falling off, then he lifted her on the cart and began wheeling her to the production area.

The building was unremarkable and could have been a factory from just about anything. That was one of the reasons that it had been chosen and the selective schedule of arrivals and deliveries prevented the authorities from discovering anything out of the ordinary. The main floor area appeared more like a warehouse than a factory as boxes filled with various merchandise littered the majority of the floor space. Brian wheeled Anne through the boxes to her final destination, at what they called the converter, a large machine with a long conveyor belt passing through it. Black streamers hid the internal workings of the machine and dust and cobwebs masked the newness of the massive machine. On one side a computer station was situated about half way from each end and seemed completely out of place given the heavy-industy look of the rest of the machine.

Brian set the cart down and quickly unstrapped Anneís unmoving form and slipped her off of the cart. His next task would be his favorite of the evening and he knew it as his hand reached the zipper on Anneís bodysuit to begin the process of removing her clothes.  His prize didn't lift a finger to stop him.

Conscious thought had stopped with the flash in the truck a couple of hours earlier but now with all of the movement and touching Anneís mind began to register her surroundings again. Where am I and what is going on were the only thoughts she managed before realizing that she was completely paralyzed. Even her eyes were fixed in place and had dried out from not blinking for the last couple of hours. She felt someone's hands touching her and wasnít sure what was happening till the flash of black cloth in front of her eyes resolved itself into the fabric of her bodysuit as it was being removed.  That sure eliminated all doubt about what the hands were doing. Anne wanted to move, to get away from whoever was touching her but her body continued to refuse to budge.

Brian began a quiet whistling to himself as he continued to remove his newest doll's garments. Her body was becoming less rigid as the neutralizer's effect started to wear off; he could finally move her joints and muscles enough to adjust her pose to a standing one and to lower her arms to her sides. She remained unable to move on her own volition. He was pleased at the sight of her standing stiff as a board in her lingerie and took a long moment to gaze at her, enjoying her lovely figure and beautiful face before finishing her undressing.

Anne recognized the man from the store as he paused before her. Why is he doing this to me she thought as he moved back closer to her. A moment later she felt her arms being raised and then saw her lacey bra slide down and away. Next she felt his fingers touch her waist and slip inside of the panties before feeling her satin panties being pulled off as they slid down her legs to rest at her ankles. Then she felt the manís hands tip her to one side balance her on each leg as he maneuvered her to allow him to remove her panties completely.  Anne relalized she could no more stop him than one of those mannequins in the truck could have, then thought but were those really mannequins, after all?

Brian slid his hand down from her slim waist and cupped the shapely cheeks of her ass. Very athletic lady he thought as he felt her firm tight muscles. He stepped around her and raised his hands to cup her shapely breasts and enjoyed a few moments of fondling before leaning in and giving the immobilized Anne a quick kiss on her rigid lips. Releasing her womanly charms before Wayne saw what he was doing, he and turned and walked away, leaving her standing there helpless and naked.

Several minutes later, Anneís eyes became unfrozen and she found that she could glance about the area in front of her. She looked the machine over critically but could only wonder what its insidious purpose was and how soon she was going find out firsthand.

[OK, so I tinkered a bit, but this beginning has a lot of potential.  Anyone up for the next segment??   Ed.]

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