Eternal Luster: Vera Mea

by Monyca

This is a stand alone (heh) story set in the world of The Eternal Luster jewelry store, which contains:
                  Mild Sexual Situations, Transformation, Mannequins

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            It was a nice day but so far it was a fruitless one, with virtually nothing to show for her hours on the job hunt. To kill some time and hopefully find some employment, Bethany Lynn Hansen ended up at a nearby mall: The Gallery. Walking casually through the shopping center, she noticed a small shop with ornate glass shop windows having curtains drawn across them; a stylized silver "V" was emblazoned on the door and a small drape concealed the interior. A little curious about the shop, she walked inside to peek around; as soon as she stepped in, she was a little shocked by the nature of the store. It seemed to serve the whole gamut of the sexual scene.  Clothing, toys and gadgets of all types were displayed, many catching Beth's eye; some intriguing, some scary. The store's owner sat perched on a stool, watching Beth with rapt interest as she looked around.

            "Oh, hello, I didn't see you there," Bethany Lynn turned to the counter. "This is a very unique store you have here, but it's kind of hard to tell exactly what it features, based on the nameplate."

            "Well the powers-that-be were worried about maybe giving the wrong impression for The Gallery with a more descriptive title." The shop owner smiled and held her arms in a shrug. "But we still get our share of customers…" Smiling, the dark-platinum haired woman with pale eyes leaned over the counter.

            "Yeah, I'd imagine so and sorry if I don't stay around long. I came to the mall to find a job and I'm not sure if this place seems like such a good place to work." Beth smiled weakly. "No offense meant of course; I'm sure everyone here are great people, I'm just not sure I'd fit in."

            "You’re looking for a job; that is very coincidental as I am actually looking for someone too. I'm in need of a model for some of our clothes, and believe me you'd fit right in," she grinned and raised an eyebrow.

            "O-oh, you just need someone to model clothing?  Nothing else?" Bethany asked. The store owner shook her head. Bethany mused, "I suppose I could do that, I mean; I don't see any harm in a photo shoot."

            The shop owner smiled as she came from around the counter to lead Beth through the display racks to the back. There was a small work area with a bed along with a variety of clothes stands around it as well as an old-fashioned armoire and a large screen to allow someone privacy to change. "Well this may be perfect; I was sure I was going to be looking forever, what a lucky day for us both," the owner smiled and held her hand out towards the bed where a set of shiny latex clothes were laid out. "Shall we begin?" she motioned to the clothes, the smile splitting her dark red painted lips.

            "Of course!" Bethany Lynn picked up a piece of the outfit and began to look over the latex garment; it was a rich indigo color with a one-piece bodice and matching gloves and stockings.

            The store’s owner turned around and began to rummage though a rack of dresses. "If you'd change, please."

            Bethany removed her clothing and lingerie, and then slid on the slick latex outfit once piece at a time; it fit like it was like a second skin, as if the outfit had been tailored just for her. The shop owner stole a glance as Beth changed, unseen, her lips curled into a devious smile as she pulled out a small thick round disk the size of a tire, along with a length of metal pole. Turning around, she headed back to where Bethany stood and set the parts down, kneeling beside the model as she assembled them. "That outfit looks very nice on you; I would like you to have it as a present for helping me, no charge."

            "Th-Thank you, it fits me so well too. I love it!" Bethany Lynn couldn't help from running her hands over her sleek rubber-clad body.

            "My pleasure." The store owner slid the pole into the circular base; clicking it in, she stood back up, smiling her continuous grin, "Now, one last thing and we can start; please I must see what this will look like on our mannequins so I must ask you to come and stand here…"

            Beth nodded slowly, not sure why she had to do this, but she stepped up onto the stand, putting one of her hands on her back, with the other behind her head, pushing her hips forward and posing a bit. "Like this?"

            "Yes very nice, now please this is very important that I get this just right; so please excuse me while you feel a slight...sensation." With those words Bethany Lynn felt the owner’s hands on the center seam of the latex panty, her fingers gently slid the rubber to the side, exposing Beth's sex to the air. As soon as she did this, Beth could feel the coolness of the pole's metal touch against her sensitive skin. Without wanting to, she let out a soft moan at this feeling but was unable to do anything to stop it; her thoughts of the money and the latex she was offered keeping her quiet. The storeowner could feel the model’s slight apprehension and was thrilled at it; she maneuvered the pole gently and eased it up so it reached from Bethany Lynn's sex to the base she had erected.

Standing back, she looked at her, watching Bethany tremble ever so slightly from the erotic feeling of the pole. "I am finally ready, shall I start?" Her eyes were slightly gleaming as she asked.

            Unable to move much without letting out another moan, Bethany shivered softly and nodded ‘yes’.

            Leaning over, the store’s owner reached for the base where at its very edge was a small switch; she threw it, immediately the pole began to vibrate.

            With no chance to stop herself, Bethany Lynn let out a deep moan.

            Within a moment of the pole’s coming to life she could feel her body suddenly stuck in the position she had assumed, becoming stiff and impossible to change. Beth could move, but only the slightest amount; she found it nearly impossible to talk by that point and she just stood there rigidly with a pleased look frozen on her face.

            Like a predator, the shop owner sauntered over to Bethany Lynn and leaned on her, "My, doesn't that pose fit you; I must say you are a natural." She let her hands caress Bethany's still fleshy body. She let those hands fall to where the pole hummed slightly within the immobilized girl. "Not long now, and then we can get you properly modeling," the owner continued slyly.

It was then that Bethany noticed through her building haze that there was no camera equipment anywhere around; she wondered how she could have missed something so obvious before her senses started to fade away.

            "Now there is something I want you to see, though." The store’s owner slightly turned Bethany's head towards a mirror for her to gaze into, "I want you to see just how magnificent you look."

Bethany Lynn knew it was wrong, but she felt a rising sensation, a flooding feeling of being beautiful, of seeing herself, yet she was also shocked at the changes going through her body. The store owner could see the smile tugging at Bethany Lynn's lips, it pleased her greatly to see the girl feel that way as the transformation proceeded, while in her reflected image Beth began to see a slight shininess creeping into the skin of her thighs around the latex. Bethany Lynn tried to move to fight it, but she couldn't do anything, she now felt so weak. Seeing her slightly quiver, the store owner wrapped her arms around the transforming girl and looked over her shoulder into her fixed stare, "Please do not worry; I promise you it will only feel better, and I do so love my mannequins." She let a hand fall and touch the hardening plastic as it spread through Bethany's figure.

            Bethany Lynn was panicking now, but unable to show it as her thoughts echoed: “I’m not a mannequin – I’m a girl!”

            Ever so slowly, almost as slowly as the creeping plastic, the owner slid her face down Bethany’s back, her lips kissing the helpless model again and again.

Bethany could see her skin hardening, firming into sleek and beautiful plastic over every millimeter of its area. She wished she could close her eyes and just escape, but she could not even do that as the beautiful plastic tsunami swept over her being.

The shop owner made cooing sounds and kissed Beth constantly, trying to soothe her transformation. "I'll always take care of you and when it's your turn to be in the window, like it will be today, so you will always look beautiful!" Her hand crept around into the latex bodice, her finger tracing the edge of where flesh turned to plastic as the spreading transformation consumed Bethany Lynn's breasts.

            "I must be losing my mind," Beth thought, because she was starting to love the idea of being beautiful forever and displayed for the world to see.

            The store owner’s hands cupped Bethany Lynn’s rigid figure as she felt the firm, tantalizing plastic mounds; she licked the smooth plastic of the transformed model’s exposed back. She felt the cool and pleasurable transformation advance and where her hands touched Bethany’s now plastic body, the feelings sent Bethany skyrocketing, more than pleasuring her flesh ever had. "You'll help me so much to show off the clothes we sell; even you yourself said it when you first stepped through the door: We need some way for us to display what we sell."

Bethany Lynn knew her big mouth had gotten her in trouble once again, while in her mind she was excited at the tender touches of the strange lady, her new boss. The plastic flow reached her chin and she could feel its cool caress begin to touch her lips; Bethany Lynn felt no regrets as they sealed shut. Her pleasurable expression fused in place on her face.  Her eyes remained open, a hint of surprise held in them, as she stared fixedly into the distance. As her posed legs and arms became immobilized, rendered into sweet plastic as the transformation concluded, she was finally ready to accept her new life as an object.  Her earlier silly fears had been replaced with a growing bit of nervous excitement, as she knew this would be the easiest job she would ever have.  As well as the last.

            The store’s owner stood back behind the girl and looked over her shoulder to the attractive mannequin that was now reflected in the mirror. She pulled her hands from inside the latex bodice and slipped them over Bethany Lynn's firm body, savoring its rigidness. Beth only stood there, being felt up and enjoyed by her new boss; this made her happy.

            With a grin, Vera Mea lifted the new mannequin and the stand that kept her upright, heading back out into the shop and to the curtained window. She drew the drape aside and carefully placed Bethany Lynn up into the display area, facing out into the mall; for a moment she stood there and admired the mannequin’s plastic perfection, pleased beyond measure at Bethany's beautiful pose that she herself had chosen. With that, she sighed and smiled, "Well honey, let us both get to work; I promise when we close, I'll take you in back and show you my other models..."


The end...

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