Eternal Luster:  The Embrace

by Monyca Meiyers & RVASFR

The third story in a three-part series about the jewelry store The Eternal Luster and those who work there. You can start with Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

This story contains:     
                      Mild Sexual Situations, Mild Language, Transformation, Mannequins, Gilding

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                           "Damnit." Rebecca said flatly as she watched the park from her point of vantage, looking the park over. She had placed herself so she could look the statue over and see if her employee came from any direction. And yet it had been a couple hours and still no Stephanie. Becca sighed and repositioned herself, "Damnit..." She grumbled.


                           She knew there was a reason to keep the key to the art department's storage shed that sat at the back of the junior college. Stephanie searched for the key chain by the lights of her roommate's car shining over her shoulder. They jangled as she picked through them, trying one before trying again with another. Finally there was a click and the lock came free, she laughed out loud as she bent down and rolled the door up. The headlights flooded into the shed, casting shadows across everything inside; shapes became obscured and Steph strained to look in. That's when Stephanie found her standing in the back corner, the shadow of an opened box falling across her face almost concealing her. Almost.

                           Steph began to wade through the numerous boxes and stacks of pallets, climbing over a desk until she was kneeling on its top looking at her. Without a doubt, Stephanie knew she had had to come here to see her and check. Carefully, she lifted the figure up from the space she had been stored in and holding her up, Stephanie swiveled on her rear and more carefully due to holding the weight, made her way back to the waiting car. Able to make it from the college without being seen, Steph had the perfect place to take the mannequin to try her hand at what Rebecca had shown her.

                           At the time she figured it was something in the display figure's craftsmanship that had caught her eye. During the summer after she had graduated from high school, Stephanie had taken an early art credit to help bolster her credentials, and she had picked a still life sketch as her final project. Rifling back then through the shed, she had found the mannequin sitting in the same spot and had decided to do the sketch of it.

                           For a nearly a week Steph had spent almost all day, every day, with the mannequin, looking at it and drawing her from every conceivable angle. Staring for up to an hour at a time, the girl had been captivated by the plastic woman. Stephanie had resisted outright talking to it and on a couple occasions had moved her so she could better see the figure when she was not drawing. In the end of the class Stephanie put the mannequin back into the shed, yet Steph kept the key.

                           The car backed its way into a parking spot that sat at the furthest lot in the cities' main park as she shut off its lights. Stephanie took a deep breath and looked over to the naked plastic woman buckled in the passenger seat. The mannequin was positioned as if it was looking out the window; Steph reached over and turned it to look at her. That face... Something was clicking in her mind. There were so many faces that now suddenly made sense, those faces cast in inanimate material that had captured her attention. This mannequin, it had only been the most recent one. There were a lot more of the stone or plastic faces, now that she thought it over. Slowly she released the breath she had been holding and laid her hand with the ring on against the plastic of the mannequin's stomach.


                           She moaned out loud, her hands holding her own hips as she was pushed up against the wall; her face and breasts pushed flat.  The professor pushed her hips forward; the toy she wore on her crotch pushed into the student and she was rewarded with another moan. Hands hungrily cupped the breasts of the girl, pulling her away from the wall and onto the strap on. Her breaths came in shudders, her hands gliding over her body as she was fondled in turn. The student pushed herself onto the toy, her hands sliding between her legs to stroke her clit to increase the stimulation. The professor woman cupped her hands under the girl at the end of the strap on, pulling her head back. "Ugh, ugh, ugh..." she moaned out again and again with each thrust by her teacher; one of the painted nails found her mouth and she sucked on the manicured finger. This was the best night of her life, she knew she had made the right decision. It felt just right, like how the professor thrust the toy into her felt right. This was what she had dreamed of when she came from her small hometown in the north of the country. "Oh god!" she thought to herself, stroking as the rubber rod pulsed and thrusted within her body. This was what she wanted, this is what she needed; this was right.

                           The professor woman felt the student tremble and her knees sagged with the sensations of the overwhelming orgasm sapping some of her vigor. "Not yet, my pupil." The teacher reached down, clicked the strap-on off and withdrew it slowly. The girl struggled to stay upright as she felt the rubber toy leave her. Breathing heavily, the student stood as straight as she could, watching as the professor moved away from her to the straight rod extending from a base in the room's center. She tapped her hand against it, smiled, and looked at the student. Her breath came in gulps but she steeled herself and nodded. This was right, and this was it.

                           The student walked over to  her professor, her eyes drawn to the rod protruding from the stand at their feet. She wanted to do this, the student raised herself onto her tip toes and let herself back down. This is right. She felt the cold metal rod impale her and she quivered all over, keeping her eyes locked on the professor. Her breath caught in her throat.

                           Taking a hold of each one of the student's hands, the professor positioned her arms down against her side, bent forward at the elbows. Satisfied, she reached down and repositioned her legs, just slightly spreading them, taking the weight off her feet and placing it on her pussy gripping the rod. The girl felt her body tense as she prepared to use her muscles to hold herself up; after a moment she realized the sensation never occurred.

                           She knew it; this would be right forever.


                           Until Stephanie removed the work the professor had done to her.

                           "You god damn bitch!" The girl's scream startled Steph; she fell against the driver's side door. The once-mannequin was furious, her eyes were narrowed in rage as she seethed, looking around the car. Stephanie was terrified beyond belief.


                           Miles away, her terror, her confusion, her anger reverberated within Rebecca. “Oh, shit!” She muttered. She had expected Steph to return to the park. Instead, she did something completely unexpected. Well, not completely, as Becca had expected Steph to try to restore the statue. Instead, Steph had located someone else and restored her, without regard for the consequences. “How could Steph not understand?” Becca thought. “She seemed to grasp the gift she was given. Where did I go wrong?”

                           Minutes later, on the other side of town, Becca found Steph slumped over the steering wheel of a car, trembling, quaking with fear, remorse and regret, sobbing uncontrollably. Seated beside her, a nude woman sat, a haunted look on her face. Distant. Conflicting emotions of her own very evident, yet trying to console Steph. Her anger passed; the former mannequin was now struggling to accept her unexpected fate.

                           “You poor dear,” Becca said to the nude woman. “Where did she find you?”

                           “I had been stored, locked away in an old storage unit. I don't know for how long. It... it wasn't what I wanted.” She began to cry, “but I never wanted to be restored, either.”

                           Becca slipped her jacket around the nude woman, whispering, “We can fix this. I need to talk to Steph. Please, stay here.”

                           Becca walked around to the driver's side and gently opened the door. She placed a reassuring hand on Stephanie's back and projected calm. The rejection was intense, unexpectedly powerful. Becca broke contact, steeled her nerves and tried again. Steph's defenses were even stronger now, but Becca held her ground, eventually forming a crack through which she could project a calming reassurance. It was a pitched battle of wills, but Becca's experience proved to be the deciding factor. Near exhaustion, she projected a single thought. “Sleep.”

                           Steph awoke the next morning, her head pounding, still emotionally exhausted. She blinked and stretched and was suddenly aware that she was not at home, but on the bed in the basement of the Eternal Luster. Seated next to the bed, Becca watched, obviously concerned for Steph. Seated next to Becca was the mannequin she had released from the spell the previous night. Her beautiful visage still held a haunted look, but she was no longer as distant and seemed more in control of herself.

                           “How do you feel, Steph?” Becca asked.

                           “Exhausted, but ok.” She carefully answered.

                           “I am so sorry, Steph. I thought you were ready for this. I shouldn't have pushed you as I did. Unfortunately, though, we have a problem,” nodding slightly at the former mannequin. “We have an obligation to return this one to the way you found her, but she wasn't happy with being stored away and forgotten. So, after you have a good, hot shower and we go out for breakfast, I'll tell you how we're going to make amends and if, afterwards, you are still uncomfortable with your gift, we will make that right, too.”

                           An hour later, over breakfast, Becca outlined her plan. Lydia, the former mannequin, would not be turned into a mannequin to again be left alone and forgotten. Instead, she would be molded into a sculpture and placed in a public place for all to admire. The catch, however, was that Steph, with Becca's guidance, would have to perform the act, as she held an image of Lydia within her, whether or not she could consciously access it. Lydia smiled at the proposal. Lemonade could be squeezed from this situation after all. Darkness crossed over Steph, but she accepted. Today she would undo her wrong and tomorrow, well tomorrow could be the first day of the rest of her life without this gift.


Forgiveness and Salvation

                           “Put the ring on, Steph.” Becca instructed. She stared at the ring in her hand for a long moment, and then slipped it on. “Strip, both of you.” Already in the buff herself, Becca waited and watched in quiet fascination as Steph and Lydia disrobed. “Both of you, step onto the pedestal.” Right on cue, the cabinet doors swung open and the pedestal slid forward. All three stepped up. The pedestal retracted and the cabinet doors swung closed, an ominous 'click' indicating that they were locked in. "Now, Steph, place your hands on Lydia's shoulders. Close your eyes and let me guide you." Silently, Steph's fingers explored Lydia's body. As she built a new image in her mind's eye, she tried to maintain a detached demeanor as she felt and heard Lydia's reactions. No doubt about it, Lydia was becoming aroused. Her hardened nipples and moistened pussy evident, Steph allowed her defenses to relax a little bit. Soon Lydia's scent wafted through Steph's nostrils, causing her to breathe deeply, committing her to memory. She relaxed even more.

                           For her part, Becca sensed that Steph still needed to let go even more or this attempt would end up a failure, just as so many others had that were still waiting to be 'recovered'. Subtly at first, Becca massaged Steph's shoulders. Sensing the relaxation creeping in, she intensified her efforts. In her own mind Becca saw the image Steph had built of Lydia. Steph had paused, though, the image complete. All she could do now was help Steph relax and hope for the best. Becca closed her eyes and slowly reached around, seeking Steph's breasts. Sensing no resistance, her hands found their marks and began to gently massage them, barely registering that  Steph was indeed already quite aroused.

                           Steph placed her hands once again on Lydia's shoulders. Inwardly, Becca smiled, sensing the building arcane energies in Steph. The smile quickly faded. Something was wrong. Lydia slowly sank to her knees as Steph slowly forced her down. “Steph, STOP!” Becca demanded. But Steph blocked Becca's thoughts out and continued. Becca broke contact as Lydia settled onto her knees, looking up to Steph, hands on her thighs and a peaceful look on her face. Becca grabbed Steph to pull her away from Lydia, but Steph would not yield. Lydia's body locked into place. There was no turning back now. Becca let go and watched, waiting for a horrible fate to befall Lydia.

                           That dreadful moment never came. Steph calmed down, sobbing as Lydia's body solidified and began to reflect the ambient light of the cabinet. A moment later, the doors clicked and swung open, extended the pedestal and deposited its human charges. Remaining centered on the pedestal, however, Lydia knelt, rendered perfectly in gold. Steph turned to face Becca and suddenly placed her hands on Becca's shoulders. This time Steph projected and Becca saw it all. Steph managed to see Lydia's secret desire and granted it. The outpouring of gratitude from Lydia cleansed Steph of her sin, refreshed her, renewed her spirit.

                           Together, Becca and Stephanie cried.


                           The office was eerily quiet as the pair entered the second floor room; it was utilitarian at the most basic level. The desk sat empty.

                           "What does that mean?" Stephanie asked as she looked around; she had never been brought up Mr.Craft's office before. Becca looked around and sighed, setting her hand on the back chair she stroked it, looking at where he once sat. "Becca?" Stephanie prompted, putting her hand on Rebecca's shoulder.

                           The older woman smiled as she turned around, looking Steph in the face.

                           "It means we have a lot of things to discuss, Mistress."

The end...

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