"The Greatest Day"

by Window Dressee

produced by Evangeline von Winter



Scene A:  "proposal"

Diana in short dress, high heeled slip-on pumps, lingerie; second dress and set of lingerie prepared

Evangeline in business suit

Evangeline is already in scene as it begins;

Diana walks in; there is a pedestal-box on a table in the background.

They have small talk, then a short recap about how Diana appeared yesterday in a shop window display, playing living mannequin (and how much she enjoyed it).

Evangeline, solemnly: "I have to ask you something important!"

Diana, curious: "Yes??"

Evangeline fetches the pedestal-box.

Evangeline: "You posed the previous day together with the mannequins; now is your chance..."

Evangeline unlocks the fasteners and opens the lid of the box.

Diana cranes her neck to see into the box.

Diana shouts happily, surprised: "A display pedestal! Is this for me?"

Diana claps her hands over her mouth, appalled by her presumptive remark.

Evangeline looks to Diana, at first sternly, then smiling: "It is for you - if you want to become a real mannequin! Do you?"

Diana is enthusiastic: "Yes, I do!"

then Diana is again dismayed: "Can I have some ... trial ... first?"

Evangeline smiles: "Of course! First, we'll do a fitting with the pedestal!"

Evangeline fetches the pedestal from the box and places it in front of Diana.


Scene B:  "trial"

Same location as previous, ongoing dress as before

Slowly and solemnly, with the help by Evangeline, Diana slips out of her pumps and into the pedestal-shoes;

When Diana slips into one shoe, Evangeline closes the ankle strap.  She does the same for the other.

Evangeline finally stands up, asking: "How do you feel?"

Diana beams: "Great!"

Evangeline: "Can you lift your foot?"

Diana is struggling with her feet. She even bends down, takes her knee with both hands and tries to lift the leg from the ground; the ankle straps are stretched a bit, but the leg remains locked.

Diana does this with both legs, then she stands upright again.

Diana, happily excited: "I'm locked onto the pedestal!"

Evangeline, smiling, announces: "Next is a trial for being redressed!"

Evangeline produces a glass with some oddly colored liquid in it;

Evangeline hands juice to Diana, Evangeline takes champagne for herself;

Evangeline: "This will make you stiff and frozen like a mannequin for the next two hours – as a trial!"

Both toast and clink the glasses;

Diana drinks her juice.

Evangeline puts the glasses away, then brings a purse, Diana takes the purse, moving sluggishly.

Evangeline: "Now take your pose!"

Evangeline guides Diana into position: purse in one hand, in front of tights, other hand put on her waist, full weight on one foot, a far distant look in her eyes.

Evangeline: "Ok, hold this pose, until the potion kicks in!"

Evangeline goes of screen; returns with Levi.

Diana does not move at all.

There is discussion between Evangeline and Levi about Diana: will Levi buy her?

Levi suggests he should redress her as part of the trial.

Levi waves his hand in front of her eyes: there is no reaction.

Levi undresses Diana slowly, removing jewelry, dress, lingerie.

Levi plays with nude Diana, applies a vibrator to her cunt.

Levi re-dresses Diana in different lingerie, another dress, new accessories.

More talk between Levi and Evangeline: he is interested in buying her as a mannequin.

Levi goes.

Time passes...

Diana regains mobility, eventually.

Evangeline: "How was the trial for you?"

Diana is happily excited: "It was GREAT! When can I get to be a real mannequin?"

Evangeline: "Tomorrow is your Greatest Day!"

Evangeline opens ankle straps, Diana unmounts pedestal, slips into her pumps.

Diana goes off: "See you tomorrow!"


Scene C:  "Greatest Day"

Diana appears in a longer dress, still showing her calves and shoes, high heeled slip-in pumps, a 3rd set of lingerie

Evangeline in a more formal dress (as "bridesmaid")

The permanent pedestal is prepared, Evangeline and Levi stand next to pedestal.

Diana enters as wedding march plays

Evangeline asks "marital"/mannequinish questions: "Do you want to become a real mannequin, stiff and rigid forever, to appear as chessecake for the shop owner, ..."

Diana: "Yes, I do!"

Evangeline: "Then, mount your pedestal!"

Evangeline helps Diana to step onto the pedestal, anticipation in her expression.

Evangeline turns to Levi: "Your vow as owner?"

Levi, as he looks at Diana: "I'll keep you as a perfect mannequin, on display and in storage, dressed or naked, as I wish!"

Evangeline, to Diana: "Your vow as mannequin?"

Diana: "I'll be your obedient mannequin, in fashion and vintage, on display and in storage, to advertise sales and for being sold, as you wish!"

Evangeline: "Then take this injection!"

Evangeline takes syringe and gives Diana an injection into the arm.

Diana quickly stiffens in place, gazing blankly into space.

Evangeline, to Levi: "You may now pose your mannequin."

Levi pulls the dress off from the mannequin Diana has become and poses her.

Evangeline brings a pushcart.

Levi lifts the now rigid mannequin onto the pushcart and wheels her off-scene.



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