Everlasting Now!

Part One – Mary Ann

by Cryo Johnny, edited by Zapped!

            The island just off the coast of Rio de Janeiro was so small that it did not have a name.  The locals knew it for two things: one, the island was the home of the well regarded Now! Brewery and two, the dubious claim that a pretty American tourist had met her untimely end there.  But on this clear day, a gorgeous guide was giving a private tour of the highly secured business complex. 

            “Right this way, folks,” invited Colleen, as the guide gestured for her guests to walk through an undisclosed doorway. As they passed by, the four guests (consisting of three males and one female) all looked over their attractive guide with curious expressions, before continuing on to an unseen section of the brewery.   

It should have come as no surprise that they watched her.  Colleen was wrapped in a silver lamé body suit that sported the Now! logo across her left breast. The racy uniform fit her svelte body like a glove and looked rather constrictive, but somehow managed to stretch with the woman’s catlike movements. Aside from the outrageous get-up, the bronze-skinned brunette was quite stunning for starters, sporting large brown eyes, lush lips, and a noticeably curvaceous figure. The hot Latina was naturally beautiful and rarely felt the need to wear make up. However, with so much riding on such an important transaction, she chose to do so, just to look her best!   

              Colleen stepped into the room just behind her four guests, as they turned to await further directions. 

              The guide/assistant announced, “At this time, I would like to introduce Mr. Rafael Vallone.”

At that moment, a pair of double hung doors swung open loudly and an early-forties entrepreneur made his grand entrance. “Greetings, my fellow Pygmalionists!” he bellowed.  “I welcome you to the Now! facility. My staff and I hope to answer all of your questions; we are here at your disposal.”

Mr. Vallone stepped up to the lone woman in the crowd, an attractive Asian, and bowed majestically, before placing a kiss upon her delicate hand. “Especially you, Madame!”

Mr. Vallone could never be mistaken for the world’s sexiest man, but he certainly had flair to command attention!

The Brazilian was world renowned for his international brewery, but the guests he greeted knew the man harbored darker passions.  Those very passions were the reason they were visiting today.

As her boss worked the room, Colleen talked pleasantries with her guests, served out refreshments, and even allowed them to pet her.  Before long, the tone of the room changed from formal to a more relaxed atmosphere.

“I’m glad to see that everyone is having a good time,” expressed Vallone. “But I should remind you that we are here on business. If you would please hand over the agreed-upon cash deposits as well as your confidentiality agreements to Colleen at this time, we can proceed.” (Vallone had other means to ensure confidentiality, but he preferred to let his guests believe that they had some type of say in the matter.) 

The guests happily proceeded to turn over their cash deposit (the tidy sum of 3 million dollars U.S.  Each) as well as their contractual agreements.

At that point, one of the male guests questioned, “How will we know the object you are selling is from your special collection?”

The businessman stiffly replied, “Mr. Smith, if you didn’t believe I intended to sell one, I seriously doubt that you would have made the trip all the way from Malibu.”

The female guest spoke up.  “Will we be able to see your special collection, Mr. Vallone?”

“But of course, Ms. Nguyen,” assured the man. “That way, you will realize that your purchase will compare favorably to the rest of my special collection.”

Another guest then inquired, “Is your collection hidden within the brewery?”

“No, Mr. Romanov,” replied the host.  “It is hidden in my undersea headquarters.”

A Japanese man questioned, “When will the transportation arrive?”

“Arrive?” laughed Vallone. “Colleen dear; could you please retract the roof for Mr. Nakamori here?”

Colleen nodded her head and replied, “Yes, Mr. Vallone,” before walking over to a nearby center console and pressing a series of buttons. 

The guests gasped as the roof retracted, revealing that they were now in a glass-enclosed submarine. Marine life swam by as Vallone walked over to the console.  “As you can see, we have been traveling underwater for quite some time!”  This revelation called for another round of drinks.

* * * * * *

The submarine eventually docked at Vallone’s undersea headquarters, and a hydraulic hatch swooshed open. The excited guests quickly climbed up a ladder to enter the main facility as Colleen led the way.  Vallone waited for all the guests to make it into the underground room before he chose to speak once again.

“Gentlemen... Ms. Nguyen,” addressed their host, “This is the control room.  Please make yourselves at home.”

The space looked more like a lounge area than a control room and the guests were soon comfortably seated.  In a short while, Colleen had poured glasses of champagne for everyone.

One of the anxious male guests asked, “I do appreciate your hospitality Mr. Vallone, but when will we see this piece?”

Vallone took a sip of his champagne and motioned to a side of the control room.  There was no reason to put it off any longer.  He snapped his fingers, and Bossa Nova music piped down into the control room.  “I am pleased to present for you my special collection.”

A panel on the wall slid back, and a woman frozen inside a cryogenic tube held by a construction claw began to move into the center of the room at eye level.  Vallone beamed with pride.  “This is Wilma.  She is my favorite!”

Vallone took great care in placing Wilma in cryogenic suspension.  Freezing her quickly kept her color and delicate Asian features.  Wilma was suspended in frozen slumber inside the tube; her head, arms, torso, legs, feet and hair captured as if floating tenderly in liquid. Although they couldn’t see, her vacant eyes stared out at her admirers. Wilma was wearing a silvery strapless bikini made out of the same material as Colleen’s bodysuit (complete with the Now! logo on the left breast), however it was a small gesture of modesty, as her hardened nipples, camel toe and anal cleft were all definitely visible through the material.

But those eyes! Wilma had unusually big brown eyes for a Chinese woman, and her frozen stare and slightly curled lips gave her face an exquisite radiance through the solidified liquid.  Vallone sighed as the frozen beauty traveled past him.  Freezing was Vallone’s favorite fetish and he loved starting presentations with Wilma.  He had to dispose of Wilma Suwong after her spy bosses betrayed him, but he didn’t have to kill her to do it!     

The construction claw carrying the cryo-tube holding the exotic beauty soon returned her to her place in the side of the wall.  As Wilma’s panel closed, another opened up, revealing a woman transformed into gold.

“This is Jill.”

The gilded beauty emerged from her holding area, her toes delicately balanced on a rolling platform.  Jill’s body was covered head-to-toe in gold.  She was nude, befitting her gold status.  Jill’s eyes were closed, with her head tilted backwards and her slicked-back hair seen fused together.  Her legs were straight and positioned together.  The arms were at her side with outstretched hands perpendicular to the platform.  Altogether, Jill took on a transcendent quality! 

As Jill’s still form twirled in front of the guests and started to roll back into her place in the wall, Vallone couldn’t help but to once again approve her fate.  Even when he first hired her as a beer model, Vallone knew Jill Matthewson was a gold digger.  He tolerated it as best he could, but Jill helping that English fellow cheat at cards to rob Vallone of his money was the last straw.   At least Jill didn’t have to worry about her desire to be “covered in gold” any longer!

As Jill disappeared behind her panel, another wall swiveled and turned around, revealing a marble statue in its alcove.

“This is Hermione.  She does not move around, so you will have to go walk up to inspect her.  Please be assured, she is priceless.”

Like most artistically revered female marble statues, Hermione Leontes was nude.  By the way her hands were posed covering her sensitive areas, it seemed like the white and grey-flecked woman was posed like Botticelli’s Venus.  Hermione certainly had the appearance of a classical beauty.  However, if you looked past the marbleized maiden’s blank stare, you might have detected a sense of melancholy about her.  Viewing the statuesque stunner’s features once again, Vallone felt a pang of regret. Although he knew he had to transform her, it had always hurt the man to do so. All Vallone could do was keep Hermione as beautiful as possible in her current state.

When the guests finished their long look at Hermione, the alcove turned back around, leaving behind just the wall.  Another part of the wall opened up and a beautiful female plastic mannequin rolled out on a mini platform.

“And last, but certainly not least,” their host finally announced, “I present to you the lovely Mildred.”

The plasticized brunette was posed in a typical mannequin style.  Mildred’s arms were held away from her body with fingers stretched in both hands, and her legs were somewhat apart to balance her on the platform.  Mildred’s head tilted off to the side (giving her a regal look) and her back was arched, showing off her magnificent breasts.  Mildred’s hair was set in an “updo” style, giving her big, blank, brown eyes the means to stand out.  And with those slightly parted lush lips, Mildred almost appeared animated!  In a modicum of decency, Mildred wore the same silvery bikini (with the Now! Logo) that Wilma had worn, providing the exact same effect as Wilma’s bikini of leaving very little to the imagination.

The platform carrying Mildred’s finely frozen form rolled around the control area and twirled her around to a stop at the center of the room.  Vallone once caught Mildred Spence trying to move company secret how/what/when information in her position as Now! Brewery spokesperson.  Now Mildred’s only movements were at Vallone’s discretion!

Vallone walked up to the Mildred mannequin and started to repose her face and limbs.  Her hair was tousled around her head and shoulders.  Mildred was now posed legs apart, left arm forward, right arm bent back, hands open.  Her lovely face was gently tipped upward as if she was reacting to something she saw in the distance -- perhaps even the far distant past.

“As you can see, Now!’s plastination process not only maintains skin texture within stasis, but keeps the subject fully flexible.” Vallone then motioned his guests forward and invited them to see for themselves. 

Each of the four guests proceeded to pose Mildred’s stunningly still form in various positions, sometimes even touching her inappropriately!

From off in the corner, Colleen slightly shuddered and thought to herself, If only Rafael would do that to me!

The Asian woman asked, “So none of your figures are actually dead?”

Vallone replies, “Technically, that’s true, Ms. Nguyen.  However, the metabolism of their bodies has been entirely halted, so they are technically not alive either. Reanimation is theoretically possible... too bad no one will ever pay me for that!”

The guests broke into laughter as Vallone motioned to Colleen. It was time.

Colleen stealthily made her way through to Mildred’s display and pressed a button on the rolling platform.  It rolled Mildred back into her holding area, much to the dismay of the guests.

“Now, none of these lovely ladies are for sale,” confessed Vallone.  “However, this next transformed lady that you will see is, in fact, for sale. I can assure you that she’s every bit as valuable and enjoyable as the previous four women that you have observed.”

A hole suddenly opened up out of the middle part of the control area.  As a female figure began to rise up through the opening, the guests let out a collective gasp.

Mr. Vallone announced, “Folks, I now present to you ...  Mary Ann Holliday!”

As this latest figure continued her climb, Vallone couldn’t help but reflect upon how she came to be here.  All of the stilled beauties in his special collection were well planned and executed, with the exception of Mary Ann…

*                                  *                                  *

Vallone and Colleen were piloting the glass submarine a few years back off the coast of an island in the Caribbean when they spotted a yacht.  Closer examination of the yacht yielded images of semi-nude partiers indulging themselves with sex, drugs and alcohol.  Easy pickings.

After trailing the yacht for some time, they saw a young lady fall off the boat!  Was she pushed or did she just fall?  Apparently, it didn’t really matter to the crew and passengers of the yacht, as they sped off, leaving the poor girl to drown!

It didn’t really matter to Vallone or Colleen either.  Now they wouldn’t have to try to board the vessel. But what did matter was speed.  Could they possibly reach the girl before she drowned?

Vallone’s submarine quickly surfaced and scooped up the unfortunate female out of the water.  She looked to be in her late teens or even early twenties.  A check on the girl revealed her to be not breathing. Was she still alive? Vallone certainly hoped so; his figures looked fresher and posed crisper when transformed with a spark of life still in them! 

Vallone and Colleen rushed the young lady to the medical bay on board.  Colleen started performing mouth-to-mouth, as Vallone pumped his hands repeatedly at the girl’s chest. The girl coughed up some water from her lungs and let out a moan, but then suddenly went into a seizure!

“Overdose!” warned Colleen, as the poor girl began to convulse right before them.  Whether it was her idea to take illegal drugs, or someone else’s, it did not matter; this girl was about to die on them and her rescuers had to act quickly!

Colleen held down the girl’s body as Vallone plunged a needle into the femoral artery in her right thigh.  The girl froze almost instantly in mid-seizure, her open mouthed face staring blankly up at the two of them!  Vallone breathed a sigh of relief as the special serum placed the young lady into a direct state of suspended animation! 

            Upon first inspection, the girl didn’t seem to be anything special.  Oh, she was pretty enough to keep around, but Vallone had plenty of beautiful women in his collection already.  With her gray eyes, thin lips, dirty blonde hair, broad shoulders and big-boned body, the young lady had the appearance of the cute girl that you didn’t mind dating until you found somebody hotter. Vallone decided that the girl wasn’t quite special enough to keep in his own personal collection, so he earmarked the girl for plastinization as a fully poseable mannequin.

            Colleen was responsible for overseeing the girl’s conversion. Once the assistant exchanged the girl’s barely-there string bikini for a standard silver Now! bikini, Colleen carefully placed the girl in the plastination vat. After a few moments, the assistant peered through the glass window of the vat and observed as the water in the girl’s cells was systematically replaced with the special plasticine substance. The Now! bikini also responded to the special liquid, molding itself around the girl’s breasts, crotch and buttocks.

            Even though a blank expression was all that was visible on the girl’s face, Colleen wanted to believe that the girl would be somehow pleased of her youthful vitality now being preserved for all eternity. Colleen secretly wished that Vallone could do the same for her when the right time arose...

            When the conversion computers indicated completion, machines whisked the plasticine-dripping girl out of the vat over to a drying area, where the fans would blow her dry. Colleen would spend the next few hours attending to the plasticized cutie’s hair and make up.  After Vallone’s personal re-inspection and eventual approval, the newly created mannequin would be sent to the storage room for cataloging and sale with the other “merchandise.”  Yet outside events managed to elevate this otherwise standard beauty to one of “special” status…

*                                  *                                  *

… As the incredibly realistic mannequin came into full view at the center of the room, the guests had no idea that this was the very same girl that Mr. Vallone and his assistant Colleen had fished out of the Caribbean waters months ago. Now posed in typical mannequin fashion (with legs together and arms posed at her sides), eighteen year-old Mary Ann Holliday’s disappearance during her graduation vacation trip in the Caribbean caused an international sensation!

With her girl-next-door looks and mysterious circumstances, Mary Ann would have been proud to be a called a celebrity – a shame she would never know it!  Colleen previously prepped Mary Ann to have the same smile as she did in her high school yearbook photo used by worldwide news agencies to cover her story.   Vallone walked over to Mary Ann, reposing her right arm over her head, tilting her face off to the side and giving her an even bigger smile.

“Like the other mannequins of Now!, Mary Ann is fully poseable.  And since she will no longer be considered part of the Now! special collection, she will no longer need these…”  Vallone suddenly tore off the silvery bikini from Mary Ann’s stiff body!  Now nude before the group, it was obvious that Mary Ann was a true blonde.

“The bidding starts at three million US dollars,” Colleen advised.

“I will put up four million for this beautiful creature!” offered Mr. Romanov.

Mr. Smith fired back, “Four and a half!”

Romanov countered, “Five million!”

And so it went on from there.  When the auction ended, Colleen took Mr. Romanov, the eventual winner, aside so they could transfer funds and the ultra-realistic mannequin once known as Mary Ann Holliday became his posession. It wasn’t the end for Mary Ann, but a new beginning as Romanov’s property.  Vallone and the other three walked out of the control room.

 “I know the three of you also had your sights set on Mary Ann,” Vallone said as they walked down a corridor, “but I would hate to see any of you leave empty-handed.  So I would like to give you three a chance to buy something from the storeroom at a reduced rate of a mere 2.5 million.”

Vallone opened the door to the storeroom and gestured for the visitors to come on inside.  The guests would gasp for the last time that day.  There was a plethora of women (and the occasional man) frozen, gilded, statuefied, and plasticized.  All races, creeds and colors were well represented within the room. True beauty held to no boundaries!

“Please take a look around,” Vallone said smiling, “and let me know if there is anything that catches your eye.”

Judging by the way the three guests groped and fondled the merchandise, Vallone knew that everyone would leave happy.  The brewer/freeze merchant then pressed a series of buttons in the storage room, giving the anxious shoppers access to hand carts, crates and use of the storage room’s robotic arms.

* * * * * *

A few hours later, Vallone was again in the control room, staring at the still, sexy form of Mildred Spence.  He had reposed her the way he had her before the guests got their paws on her, and in doing so entertained thoughts unclean: Just a short while – I’ll take Mildred to my sleeping quarters and…

Colleen walked in, disturbing Vallone’s thoughts.

“I’m going to keep Mildred in this One Million Years B.C. pose for now.”

“It’s a good pose, Mr. Vallone,” and a good save, Master.  “Raquel Welch sold a lot of movie tickets in the 1960s with that pose and a fur bikini.”

“Colleen, what is our total tally for today?”

“The total is 25 million US dollars: 15 for Miss Holiday; 7.5 for three female mannequins from storage; and 2.5 for a male nude statue purchased by Miss Nguyen.”

Vallone finally showed his age, sagging just a bit but breathing a sigh of relief.  It had been a close call financially.  Now he could keep the brewery and his hobby operational for another year, at the very least!

“That does help our liquidity, Colleen.”

“Indeed so, but it did deplete our inventory.  Let me propose a procurement trip to one of three potential places.”

Colleen walked over to Vallone, brushing her left breast against him as she picked up her PDA.  Vallone wanted to take her right then and there, but he had to keep a promise he made about Colleen.

Felling a bit frustrated, the businessman requested, “Please continue, Colleen.”

“One: we could attend a football match at Manchester,” offered his assistant. “We like the sport, and British footballer wags give the best poses.  Two: we could sun ourselves on the beaches of Majorca.  The best looking people take Mediterranean holidays.  Or Three: we could celebrate carnival right here in Rio.  Brazilian bodies are always big sellers.”

Vallone thought about it, then turned and smiled at Colleen.  “We should have as much diversity as possible.  Let’s go do all three.”

“I’ll make the arrangements,” Colleen smiled back.



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