Exclusive Club Privileges

by Northern Chill

            Tina clicked off her computer and stretched her arms as she started to think what she was going to do on the upcoming Friday night.  The red haired, thin Asian woman had moved to the bustling metropolis of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan six weeks ago and after settling in and started up her new job of selling male sexual enhancement products over the internet, she wanted to see just how lively this city was.

             From Tina's perspective, however, the tour of the local nightclubs had proven to be extremely disappointing.  She had found the downtown places to be a bit on the drab and dreary side with the patrons consisting of mostly drunken frat boys from the local college and young, brain dead women looking for a man with a big bank account to latch onto.  Disappointed, Tina quickly exited from the clubs in question and headed for Moose Jaw's outskirts one night in search of fun and excitement.

              To her surprise, she did find what looked to be a brand new club, Volcano, near the city's limits that looked to be a fairly lively place with many well dressed people going in and out of it.  To her great annoyance, Tina was turned away by the club's doorman when she tried to enter the place.  The doorman told her that the club was for members only and the details for such membership, as well as the cost, was on the club's web site.

             As Tina swiveled around in her computer chair, she had to admit to herself that she hadn't checked out the web site in question since that visit.  Turning her computer back on, Tina spent the next five minutes or so typing away at her keyboard until she got to the web site in question.

             "Hmmmm...... lemme see..... this seems like a pretty straight forward site.  People can purchase memberships with a credit card that is renewed automatically every year by the club.  Well, since my credit cards are currently, ummm, unavailable for use, I guess I better put my talents to work,"  Tina said softly to herself as she resumed typing on the keyboard.  As she did, she drew on her past experience as a cyber hacker who, under the name DEATH2DATA, was quite famous in the cyber world for boldly cracking many well known corporate web sites for fun.  However, Tina had grown bored by this and had decided to some work that was a little more profitable for her personal finances.  She hacked into several major credit card company's web sites, as well as one of the major east coast bank's site, that had resulted in a sizable improvement in her personal finances.

              Before Tina had a chance to enjoy her newfound fortune, however, she was tipped off by a friend she knew in CSIS that the government was about to swoop in and arrest her and several other prominent hackers.  Having no wish to tangle with the feds, Tina left town in the middle of the night with only the clothes on her back.  In her new surroundings, with a fake name and invented personal history, the dark haired woman figured a simple backdoor access into an independent club's web site wouldn't raise a flag with the suits in the nation's capital, Toronto.

             An hour or so later, with a final click on her keyboard, Tina leaned back in her chair with a broad smile crossing her face.  She was now a full fledged Executive level member at Volcano with all the perks and privileges that came with such a membership.  Tina figured that by the time some four-eyed accountant figured out what she had done, she would have moved onto another town or city with a new identity and no traces for the cops to follow.

             Jotting down the access number and anything else that was pertinent on her PDA, Tina clicked off her computer monitor and headed off to the bedroom to get ready to run a few errands.  Next week, her visit to Volcano would result in far different results than before..........

              7 days later................. 

              It was a warm summer evening with the sounds of approaching taxis and expensive sports cars filling the night air around the Volcano club.  With numerous neon lights illuminating the crowds gathering around the main entrance, Tina stepped out of the taxi she was in and headed towards the executive member entrance.

             After showing ID to the two burly men working the door, Tina, wearing a pink halter top with a bare midriff and black and white striped shorts, strolled inside the club to see what things were like.  Almost immediately, the redhead nodded in approval as she heard the sounds of club music vibrating off the colorfully painted walls even as many people danced and frolicked on the main floor.  The Asian woman followed the VIP host as he escorted her to a private booth and asked her what kind of liquor she'd like to be drinking that night.  After giving her order, Tina settled back on the dark red couch and enjoyed the atmosphere her ingenuity was allowing her to partake in.

             "Hi!  You must be Tina Carruthers!  I'm Connie, manager and head host for the VIP section here at Volcano.  I haven't seen you here before so I gather this must be your first visit here.  What's your impression of our nightclub so far and is there anything we can do for you tonight to make your visit more enjoyable?"  a dark haired woman asked upon walking over to the booth where Tina was seated.

             Tina looked up and was surprised to see that Connie was wearing a yellow halter top trimmed in matching fake fur with light blue leather shorts and clear high heels.  If she hadn't identified herself as being part of Volcano's management, Tina would have easily mistaken her for one of the many club patrons.

              "Well, if you don't mind, could you stay for a few minutes and tell me some more about your club and the different type of events you hold and such.  I'm kinda new to the area and haven't heard too much about your business outside of what is listed at your site, "Tina said hoping to sound like a new, financially secure member of the club.

              "Sure!  I might have to cut away from time to time but I can tell ya everything about this place.  Before all of that, why don't you head out on the dance floor and enjoy out the stylings of our club DJ, Konderfeld?  He's rated the # 1 DJ in western Canada, except for B.C which doesn't count in anything, according to the Club News magazine,"  Connie gushed in an excited manner.

              Impressed by the manager's enthusiasm, Tina quickly agreed and made her way out to the dance floor, which is lit up by multiple overhead flashing lights of different colors.  She found herself swaying in time to the pulsating music echoing through the club and was amused to see the different outfits many of the club's patrons were wearing.  She privately congratulated herself on finagling herself into the club and hoped it would take the owner a long time to figure things out.

              After gyrating on the dance floor, Tina returned to her booth and poured herself a tall drink of moose juice with mixer.  She was joined by Connie after five minutes or so though the manager seemed to be a lot less cheerier than earlier in the evening.  However, when Tina asked the dark haired woman if there was any problems, Connie shook her head and said that there was nothing out of the ordinary for a busy night.

              As the night proceeded, Connie told her guest more about Volcano and the plans the club's owners had for the future.  The club manager talked about the idea of the club opening franchises on the East and West coast in six months as well as looking to expand other businesses they were also involved in.  Sensing a possible opportunity for herself, Tina pressed Connie about these other 'enterprises' but the club manager shied away from any further details.

              Around 3 am, Tina was thinking of calling it a night and slowly rose out of her table seat to head to the area she checked her coat.  However, before she could leave, Connie spotted her and invited her to one of the back rooms for a private look at some of the items the club was planning to use in future promotions.

              Tina walked a short distance with the club manager to a door secured by an electronic key pad.  After Connie punched in the appropriate combination, the two walked down a fairly long hallway until the manager stopped in front of the last door on the left.

              Opening the door, Connie ushered her guest inside after clicking the light switch on the side.  Tina was amused to see that the room was full of items of various shapes, sizes and usage with various boxes.  Closing the door behind them, the club manager invited Tina to have a look over some of the costumes they were planning to use for the upcoming Halloween extravaganza.

              "Oooh, I think you'd look great wearing this hat and coat at the party, Tina.  Have a look at yourself in the mirror and see what you look like,"  Connie cooed as she slung a colorful jacket around Tina's shoulders and turned towards a rather large mirror mounted on the opposite wall.  The club manager patted Tina gently on the back as she adjusted the jacket for her guest to let her see herself in another pose.

              "Hmmm, I do look good in this..... maybe I should try a little harder this time to not get caught.... geez... getting a little woozy here all of a sudden..... I think all the drinking and dancing might be getting to me....."  Tina thought to herself as she preened before the window for several moments before taking off the jacket and making her way over to the array of turntables the club had installed against a nearby wall.

              "Wow, you guys have all the latest music here,"  Tina muttered excitedly as she slowly starting poring over the albums next to the musical equipment.  She had the odd feeling that her wooziness was intensifying by the second, accompanied by a general sluggish feeling in her arms and legs.

              Connie continued, "I have tried to get all the latest music for the DJ's when I'm placing orders online.  Oh, did I forget to mention that I'm also head of security for the company's web site?  One of my duties is to validate all new accounts and take appropriate actions when a 'red flag' pops up.  As it happens, I found a problem when I overviewed your membership and did a little background check on you.  Frankly, I was impressed and disappointed at the same time from what I found out,"  Connie said in a serious tone as she walked over and stood in front of a curtain that covered an entire wall of the room.

              "But....but.... no.... I... I.... didn't do.......dooooo......"  Tina gasped before she fell silent as the odd stiffening feeling she was experiencing increased by tenfold.  She tried to move her arms and legs but found that they wouldn't budge in the slightest no matter how much she tried.

              "From what I learned, you would have been hired by this club's owners in an instant to aid me in overseeing computer security.  However, you decided to put your skills to use for illegal manners; so that meant I had to treat you like the hackers we have discovered in the past,"  Connie said firmly before reaching behind her and pulled the curtain to one side dramatically.

              To Tina's silent surprise, the redhead saw behind the curtain four mannequins with various body sizes yet bereft of outfits usually seen on display figures.  Casting her eyes downwards, she saw there was a pile of clothing in front of each mannequin which suggested the plastic objects would soon be dressed in them.

              "What.... what's going on?...... is Connie trying to frighten me somehow?..... uhhhh..... why do I feel so strange, so odd?"  Tina thought to herself.  If she had a mirror in front of her, she would have seen that Connie's exhibition was more than an implied threat against her.  Her skin was becoming shiny and glossy in appearance all over her body with freckles and similar blemishes disappearing rapidly as if they were being rubbed out by an invisible eraser.  Joints were starting to become visible on her wrists and shoulders as well as on her left leg, joints that looked exactly like those on the mannequins opposite Tina.

             "This can't be.... my breathing, my heart is stopping.... am... am I becoming one of those..... those..... MANNNEQUINS????!!!........"  Tina mentally wondering even as she felt her sex seal up and, though she couldn't see it, the area doubtlessly became artificial like the rest of her now rigid body.  The change swept into her upper body with her breathing ceasing altogether as her breasts seemed to take on the same plastic feel that the rest of her body was becoming. 

            "As you're probably no doubt aware by now, you're rapidly turning into one of the plastic figures you see before you thanks to the special enzyme sticker I slapped on your back a few minutes ago.  If you still have some doubt about what I'm saying, let me turn you ever so slightly so you can see yourself in the mirror,"  Connie murmured softly even as she grasped Tina around the waist and turned her slightly to the right.

      "Oh....oh no!.... its true!..... I'M BECOMING A MANNEQUIN!!!!!...... NOOOOOO!!!!!!!......... "  Tina thought as she saw the hollow plastic figure she was becoming staring back at her in the mirror.  As if to further emphasize her new rigid state, Connie leaned close to her and started to unbutton her shorts.

     "The owner of Volcano also happens to own a chain of retail stores in the Midwest where you and your fellow hackers will be spending your days and nights displaying outfits not nearly as sexy as what you have on.  Of course, you won't have a say in that any more, will you?"  Connie said softly as she quickly removed the mannequin's shorts and top.  Tina could do nothing but stand stiffly in place.

            She could now see that her sex had disappeared altogether and her modest breasts were just two mounds of molded plastic devoid of nipples, areolas or any other features. 

A few moments later, she was impaled onto a display rod by the club manager with the metal sliding down the long smooth socket that her anus now was.  With a soft CLICK!, Tina's fate was now secure and she was nothing more than an inanimate display form.

            "Oops, almost forgot!  That album you're holding belongs to DJ Drazul and he's very fussy about his stuff going astray.  If I had you shipped out with it, ouch, that would have been bad.  I'll go put it in a secure location and finalize you and your fellow mannequins' shipping orders later on.  Try not to use the computer while I'm gone!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"  Connie said as she reached over and plucked the record album from the mannequin's hand before leaving the room.

            In the next few weeks, five new mannequins appeared in Clothes For You retail stores that were amazingly realistic in many ways.  At the same time, people tracking internet crime noticed a sharp drop in incidents related to hacking of major corporate web sites.

            Only a select few knew the two bits of news were related............

            THE END

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