by Theodoric of York


Fe*lic"i*ty (?), n.; pl. Felicities (#). [OE. felicite, F. félicité, fr. L. felicitas, fr. felix, -icis, happy, fruitful; akin to fetus.]

1) State of being happy, in a high degree

2) An instance of this

3) A source of happiness

4) A Skillful faculty

5) An instance or display of this

6) Arcane, Good fortune


Fe*lic"i*ty (?), n. [OE. felicite, F. félicité, fr. L. felicitas, fr. felix, -icis, happy, fruitful; akin to fetus.]

1) A girl's name, form of Felica

Webster's dictionary

Felicity was happily flirting around the neighborhood. Being a woman, without much a care in the world she did this often. This day was particularly happy. She had been particularly busy. She had been visiting an old flea market store and made a find. It was a lacy, white embroidered Shaw that she was able to pick for next to nothing. It went nicely with her new outfit. It was a matching, purple jacket and mini skit, with a green blouse and accessories. She had even painted her nails green. She had visited the hair salon and was sporting a new hairdo. It now rested in a crested bun. All in all, when she looked at her petite form in the mirror she looked fabulous.

Unfortunately the only one around to admire her was the old mister Snider. He was a short, squat man, of large frame. He always reminded her a cross between Dennis Franz and that Uncle Fester of the old Adams family television series. He was hefting a large laundry bag over his shoulder and he was looking at her. Felicity suspected that he had a thing for her, but he was too old, and kind of creepy, living in that big empty building, all by himself.

"Hello, Felicity," called Mr. Snider, waving at her with his free hand. "Just let me put my laundry down. "Could you drop by and stay for a bit. Have you ever been in my place? I would like to show it off to you. I have been collecting all sorts of curious nick knacks that you might enjoy seeing."

"I do not think so, Mr., Snider!" Felicity called back. "You know what they say about defenseless, young women, alone in strangers houses." She wiggled her hips and gave him a wink.

"Are you sure? You looked tired. You had a busy day, have you not? Could you come in and rest awhile. Take a load off your feet. You would be as snug as a bug in a rug."

"Bugs get stepped on, Mr. Snider," she called back.

"Iím sure they do, but you are not a bug. I would never call you a bug. I have too much warm, affection for you. Will you not come in share some tea and treats? I am sure you will not be not disappointed." he called back.

She was enjoying this little game. "I think no." she called back. "I do not think I can trust you!" she called back.

"Of course I understand. It is wise what you say, sweet creature. A beautiful thing like you can not be too careful these days. Sometimes I just crave a little companionship is all? I live alone you know." He called back, looking heartbroken.

Suddenly he brightened up. "Is that a new wrap you have. You look stunning. It really shows off your eyes." He called.

At first she was feeling a little guilty, how she was treating the nice, old man. But now her face flushed with pride. "This thing?" she called, twirling it around so that he could get a better look. "It is nothing."

"Oh you are so wrong, Felicity, I have a mirror just inside if you would like to look." he cried.

"Maybe another day, Mr. Snider." she called back and walked off.

He watched her leave and thought, "Vain, silly fool. She will be back." in the mean time he had preparations to make. He would be dinning well tonight.

Felicity was thinking as she walked off. It bothered her a little that she had treated that kind, old man, so callously. So what if he had a harmless crush on her. It was nice that somebody noticed her. Nobody at that shit-eating job ever seemed to give her the attention she deserved. All they ever wanted her to do was work. She was between boyfriends right now. None of her relationships ever seemed to last. She wondered why, as she studied herself the reflection of the window display of a shop. She had to admit that one thing Mr. Snider was right about, is that she looked fine. Soon she found herself darting back, humming a happy tune, and hoping to run into Mr. Snider again. What would some harms could a bit of flirtation cause.

He did not seem to be about. She kept walking back and forth, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. Soon she was looking through the door, left ajar, calling "Mr. Snider, where are you. It is I, Felicity.

She heard some footsteps and his, smiling head popped into view. "Why Felicity, what a pleasant surprise. I was not expecting you back so soon. Why green and purple are your colors, I must say, and is that a new hairdo?"

"Why yes it is." she answered, striking a pose.

"Could you wait a bit. I was preparing my dinner when you arrived. I will be back. I do not want anything to burn." he asked, with those pleading, gray lumps he called eyes. "Come inside. I will not be more than a moment."

Happily she complied. She had to say that she was not impressed. It was dark and drab, and musty. Still she would only be a moment; it was only a social call. She watched Mr. Snider disappear around the corner. So she waited. She waited some more. She thought it might be best for the to leave, but noticed that the door was shut behind her. She had not remembered closing it. But she thought "No matter." as she reached out to grab the doorknob. Her hand never reached it.

She heard some scuffling behind her. Mr. Snider?í she started to say as she turned around to investigate the noise. But suddenly she started to scream as she saw Mr. Snider jumping out of a dark corner, at her.

But the scream was cut short as he clapped a hand over her mouth and trapped her in his arms. She attempted to struggle. But it was no use. She was held fast. He had inhuman strength. He started to drag her struggling, muffled form down a hallway and up a winding stairwell. As he did so he opened his mouth, showing fine, sharp fangs. They easily pierced her neck and she could feel him pumping something into her. As he continued to drag her up the stairwell, Felicity's struggles became weaker, and the stopped altogether and she felt herself becoming paralyzed. When she could move no longer more and only stare at the dark passage she was being dragged though, the monster hissed "Foolish, little thing. It was too easy."

Again she found herself being dragged along another hallway and into a dismal little room. There was a hospital gurney inside and some equipment that looked like they came out of a mad scientist's fevered imagination. But what frightened her most was that there were bits and pieces of womenís clothing strewn about. She pleaded with him with her eyes as he laid her, on her back, on the gurney. But then she could feel the cold pressure of some sort of instrument pressing against her skin. Tears ran down her cheeks as she realized that the instrument was cutting away her beautiful clothing.

The creature watched the instrument do its work cleanly and efficiently. Soon, her nude boy lay stiffly in front of him. He looked down with satisfaction. She was a healthy young thing, there were no blemished, or imperfections to mar her. She had freshness about her, unlike the prostitutes and runaways he usually had to settle for. She was a handsome young thing, for a human, quite a find. His overlords would be pleased. She was ready to start her processing.

But first things first. It was time to indulge in one the few perks this assignment afforded him. He always liked to enjoy his projects at least while they were still human. He forced her barely yielding legs widely apart. She looked on, in hopelessness and despair as he bent down between her this and opened his mouth. She looked in horror as a large tongue like projectile shot out. Felicity wanted to slither away as the oozing object forced its way though her lower lips. She wanted to think that this could not be happening. It had to be a nightmare. But she knew it was not as felt herself giving way to the slowly, impelling protrusion. The yielding pressure of her vagina grew as it expanded. She felt certain that she would be torn in half as her channel strained to the bursting point. But he kept pressing forward. She felt him inside her womb. She watched in horror as her belly started to swell up as if she was pregnant. But then her muscles in her vagina would feel the presence of something else being thrust along, inside his protrusion. She could tell it was hard and round. But most worrisome of all, it was alive. Her belly swelled even more as he pumped liquid inside her. Soon she looked nine months due, if not more. Then she could feel the tiny creature shoot inside her and he started to deflate. He pulled himself outside her and stood up to examine his handiwork. She was still spread eagle on the gurney and her belly was slowly deflating as the liquid streamed out of her vagina. "Not bad, for a first time." She would improve. He forced her legs back together.

Felicity could tell that the thing inside her was rooting around, feasting on her innards.

The next thing the creature did was to attach two tubes to her aortas. Like leaches the tube burrowed into her arteries. She could feel her blood being pumped into one of the tubes and another tube began to pump another liquid in. She could see her blood filling a large, transparent container. What she did not know was that was not all that was being pumped into the container. Her internal organs were beginning to liquefy and they too were being added to the stew. Her brain was being left alone for the present, but that would eventually be taken apart, as nanoprobes decided what was worth keeping and what had to be replaced. Her skin and muscles were too be replaced, with a stronger, more resilient material, but basically the body was being made into a hollow shell, to be rebuilt to new specifications. Another instrument started to spin a silken cocoon around her. When that was in place, holding her good and tight, the nanoprobes could start the work of disassembling her bones.

The creature looked on with satisfaction. Processing seemed to be going along without a hitch. It was time for dinner. He walked into his pantry to retrieve a ladle and a soup pan. He returned and emptied two ladles full of the stew that used to be Felicities internals organs. He then walked over to another machine and poured the pulpy substance into another machine. It immanently began to brake down the enzymes of the stuff, into something that he could digest. He again walked over to check on the progress of the operation. The cocoon was coming along nicely. This was becoming too routine.

Then he remembered the Bulls were playing the Pistons, so he walked into another room, set into an easy chair, turned on the T V, and waited for the timer to buzz, telling him his dinner was ready. Later that evening he returned to the room, picked up the now finished cocoon and hung it in closet. He did not want it to get in the way.

Entombed in the, thick silky shroud, Felicity could feel herself being hefted up and being carried away. The nanoprobes were programmed to maintain her consciousness, for it made the disassembling of the brain easier. They busily went around, firing synapses to find what data shored in her mind was worthy to keep. Over the next few days Felicity would have moments of sharp distinct memories and then those memories would fade away into oblivion. Meanwhile intensive new programming was taking place to facilitate her in her new duties. Eventually the concept of Felicity being a distinct being, with her own distinct needs and wants began to fade. The felicity Unit was being programmed with new imperatives that its cognitive functions would not hesitate to perform. Finally the internal restructuring of the felicity unit was finished. It could feel itself being relieved from the wrapping that had been its home.

The creature looked down on the unit with some satisfaction. Outwardly it seemed little changed. It Ďs breasts were somewhat enlarged and firmed, and its hips were slightly flared out a bit more. But if it were to be dressed in human garb and walk down any boulevard it would not attract any more notice than any other beautiful woman. People would assume she was pregnant of course, but they would have run in horror if they could see what she was carrying. The creature would have to run some tests to see if the unit was functioning properly. In many ways this was the most enjoyable part of the process. It made some whistles and chirps. The unit momentarily processed the instruction and chirped and whistled back. Roughly translated, it said, "Incubating life form is healthy and is ready for extraction. "

The creature told it to proceed. The unit then started to eject the small life form. The felicity unit opened its legs and its abdomen muscles worked on concert to force the creature into the open air. It slid out quickly and landed between the felicity unitís thighs. The larger creature picked up his struggling son. He checked if for imperfections. Satisfied he plopped it into the container of unprocessed internal Felicity stew and the smaller creature was soon absorbed. The creature then gave the felicity unit a number or orders, the unit complied with basically a series of body contortions and gymnastics that would have put to shame a gold metal winner. Still there remained that playful spiracle if the unit's eye that had made Felicity such a desirable acquisition in the first place. The Nanoprobes should have been congratulated in being able to retain that bit of the original Felicity.

Finally the unit was ordered to pleasure him. The cognitive functions of the unit imminently started working on the problem on how to give maximum pleasure to a male creature of this species, size and shape. It had to factor in the fact that the creature was mostly in human form, but in nanoseconds it was prepared to take on its assigned task. The creature happily explored the unit's orifices and sampled it skills at giving pleasure. This went on for days. At last the creature deemed himself satisfied, and sent a signal to its overlords that a new prototype was ready to be picked up. The last thing he did, before returning the unit into storage, was clip a tag into the units left nipple. If you could have read the language of the tag, or had a device to read it, it would have simply said "felicity prototype: pleasure unit/ brood chamber.

Storage of the unit was quite simple. Ordered into fetal position it was again cacooned. Still mentally active it was still aware of much of the outside world, through its heightened senses. Even when it was slid into the laundry bag for transportation it remained much aware of its surroundings. It registered that it was going down stairs and when it was in the sunlight. It evaluated the conversation taking place outside the bag. A young, mature, human female named Mary was inquiring as to whether a Mister. Snider needed help with his laundry. The Snider replied that he had another load up in his apartment and could she help him with it. Then he said, "Mary just let me put this load back inside. I do not want any prying hands searching through my undies." Shortly after the unit realized that it was again alone, but it noted with some satisfaction that the creature would be eating well this night.

The being, we would probably describe it as a cross between a cockroach and squid was searching the databases for something new. The Codominion was continually creating new and different Pleasure Unit/ Brood Chambers and the female, human form was all the rage. He finally picked one that seemed would go with his decor. He ordered it delivered to him for a demonstration and display. The unit was delivered promptly and no fanfare. Ordered to give a demonstration of itself, the unit promptly complied. Its mouth began to make a series of clicks and low based noises.

Roughly translated it began with saying, "I am a felicity prototype pleasure unit/ brood chamber. My primary functions are to give please to my masters and act as a brood chamber for his offspring. I am programmed to create an ideal environment for the unborn offspring of thousands of different species to develop healthily within my abdomen. I have already configured the chamber to produce healthy offspring of yours is you desire it. I have three channels in which you insert your seed for incubation. The first is through the auditory organ I am speaking to you with. The unit opened it mouth and withdrew it teeth so the being could inspect the orifice. After the being seemed satisfied, the unit reinserted its teeth and continued talking. "The second is through a slit in my lower abdomen, between my thighs. It pulled back the lips of the slit, so that the being could examine the channel more closely. This is normally the channel your offspring would emerge during birthing procedure. The unit turned around and continued the third orifice that can be used to insert your seed. The unit bent down so the being could get a better look. "On fist glance this would seem, smaller, tighter orifice to you avail yourself but looks can be deceiving. All three orifices have bee redesigned to give maximize pleasure to you while insertion is taking place. Again let me assure that one of the two primary functions of the felicity prototype pleasure unit/ brood chamber is to give maximize pleasure to my master and his or her companions. If you want a demonstration please insert a part of your body into one of my orifices."

Intrigued, the being did so. He allowed rear penetration of the unit by one of his tentacles. Eminently her rectal muscles went to work. They started to massage and squeeze in such a way to give a tentacle of a species of this type the maximize pleasure. At the same time her body began to twist and contort to heighten the effect. So impressed with the demonstration he decided to leave the tentacle there as the unit continued with the demonstration. " I have been programmed to find new and exotic ways giving you pleasure. I have been programmed with the ways of pleasuring thousands of different species and I have been designed to seek out a find new ways of doing do.

For instance other owners of pleasure unit/ brood chambers have used their units breed prize winning pets. The units have used this an opportunity to learn the most entertaining ways they can copulate with the pets, so as to be most entertaining to their owners and their family. Such displays have proved extremely popular at parties and social get together.

If you would extract you tentacle from m rear orifice, I can show you another feature I am equipped with. Not to worry, you can soon insert it back." Reluctantly the creature did.

The unit continued, facing him again, "You will notice two large glands protruding from my chest. They have a number of uses. First and foremost they have been engineered to produce thousands of different liquids of different taste and effects. As you can see, my nipples as I massage them are becoming erect. As I squeeze the nipples you will see liquids squirting from them. If you taste them I believe you was find them quite pleasurable. I desire to find formulas that will meet your individual tastes. My breast can be squeezed together as such to create, in effect, another orifice for you to explore your pleasure. Many owners find them quite pleasurable to suck, pierce and fondle. The felicity unit has been programmed to find such sensation quite pleasurable, as would all your uses of it. The unit excises to serve and find no greater pleasure than doing so. To that end I can be utilized as a service unit. I can clean you domicile, I can feed your pets I can care for your displays, though I must remind your that are not my primary functions. There are other units available that are better suited for the task.

I can also be used for an all terrain vehicle of sorts. I can walk or run over many types a difficult terrain, carrying many time my own weight. Again this is not one of my primary functions. There are many other types of transport vehicles that are better suited for that sort of thing. But many pleasure unit/brood chambers have been successfully put to use as pack animals, draft animals and mounts for their masters. I understand racing them have become quite popular in some parts of the galaxy.

I am self-repairable and of rugged design. I can take great amounts of abuse. I do not age, so if properly taken care of I can last almost indefinitely. My digestive system can break down almost any substance to be used as an energy source. Household and bodily wastes are prime sources of nourishment of the felicity prototype.

If the master wishes to personally explore the capabilities of this unit so he can better understand the uses I can be put to this would be a perfect time to do so. The unit then struck a pose that its memory backs informed it that the species would find most erotic. The unit was pleased to find a tentacle slipping in to it's vaginal orifice, then hardening to become more like a rod. The being lifted the unit of the ground tentacles wrapped themselves around the unit's arms, legs and body. Soon the unit found itself penetrated in all three orifices and sensuously weather in the creatureís embrace. With the beings well timed thrusts into the grasping anal, vaginal, and oral muscles the unit began to spasmodically jerk and whimper. It especially did to when he sucked it nipples. They were producing a liquid that he found highly intoxicating and invigorating. The unit began to groan and heave uncontrollably, increasing the being's pleasure immensely. The felicity units worked itself back and forth on its organs, twisting and registering increasing pleasure. It's cognitive function register that the unit was reaching ecstasy.

Mr. Snider was putting the Mary H prototype pleasure unit/ brood chamber through its last paces before packing it for transport. The unit, like the unit before it, was becoming quite skilled at attending to Mr. Snider's needs and desires. When the call came, the unit had wrapped itself around his head allowing his reproductive organ to fully explore its vaginal cavity. It has arched its back in a bow so the breasts were pointing away from him and it mouth such hid human reproductive organ. He cursed his luck, as he had to disengage his reproductive organ so that he could answer the call. Still sucking his cock, the unit flipped itself over, so he found it kneeling between his legs. There was a series of squeaks and whistles. The rough translation being that be felicity prototype was a big hit, and already in production. The continuum was proud of his efforts and he was to be commended. He looked down at the Mary H prototype happily bobbing its head up and down. He could feel the effect of its throat muscles, contorting themselves, searching for new ways to give him pleasure. He watched the unit lift itself off the floor, bending its back so that it could resume its original position. Its thighs straddled his head and he allowed his tongue to thrust its way back into the birthing passage. His tongue began to expand. The unitís belly began to show the effect. Soon it looked like the unit had gigantic balloon inflated inside it. He thought about enjoying the unit's condition in the form of a bounce toy, riding it around the building. But Bulls were playing at Utah, and the unit's breasts were full of chilled, frosty, alcoholic brew. They could bounce around the apartment later. Moments like this made it seem all worth it.

John Hendrick was wondering around the flea market. You never knew what you could find in these places, dozens of light-years off the main drag. Sometimes you could find a real steal. But this far he had found nothing out of the ordinary. But then he saw it. At first it did not interest him much. Felicity brood chambers had been around for a long period of time, even before humanity had been allowed to join the Codominium. They were still producing them. The model was still popular. But something about this one struck his eye. Perhaps it was the forlorn look it had on its face, or perhaps it was because it was just covered with dust. "I wonder if it still functions?" He thought. He navigated his way through the piles of junk. It turned its face to him. To his surprise a tear rolled down its cheek. That was not a good sign, it might be malfunctioning. Still he had come this far; it would not hurt to give it a few easy tasks. He bent down to clean off its left breast. "Bourbon" he announced. It reached up to milk the breast. A familiar liquid began to shoot out of it. Happily he let it squirt the alcohol into his mouth.

"Can you speak?" he asked.

"Yes," answered the felicity Unit.

"Are you functional?" he asked.

"Fully functional." came the reply. "A pleasure unit/ brood chamber, properly cared for can last indefinitely."

"Still, you look like you have seen some hard times. What is your production number."

"Prototype." came the answer.

"You can not be the prototype. What production number are you?"

The answer came back the same. His heart started racing. If this was true he had hit the mother load. He looked around for the proprietor of the stall. The thing was standing there, looking at him, smiling. At least John thought he was smiling. One could never tell with these bug-eyed aliens. He walked over to fellow. "How much for the felicity?" he asked.

"Very expensive, very expensive." came the reply.

"Cut the crap." he answered. "I will give you a genuine late twenty century terrain Coke a Cola bottle cap for it. " He pulled out the plastic object enticingly for the Alien to examine.

"Sold!" exclaimed the bug-eyed monster. The price had been steep and he hoped the unit would be worth it.

He walked back to the felicity and said, "Come along sweet creature. You belong to me now." She smiled and pushed the junk away from her so that she could stand. She was owned again. Maybe she could start functioning like the sexual plaything that she was designed to be. The thought of three or four sexual organs throbbing in and out of her made her almost giddy. It walked up to him and said, "How should the felicity prototype brood chamber refer to you?"

"You may call me, master, nothing more, nothing less, and cut the brood chamber crap. From now on you are going to refer to yourself as a slave-girl. Do you understand?" he shot back.

"I am Felicity prototype unit slave-girl." it answered

"No, you are not to refer to yourself as a unit. You are to refer to yourself as Felicity the slave-girl. Do you understand?"

"I am Felicity the slave-girl. You are master. I understand." She said. Deep down she realized that she was still just a pleasure unit/ brooding chamber but for a time of this current ownership she would be a girl. For reasons she could not understand she liked this distinction.

As they walked she began to sensuously stretch her body. Then she started to touch him. Then she began to rub against him. Soon she was the only doing the walking. She was carrying him. He was hunched over her back. His hands were wrapped around her chest, fondling her breasts. She was timing her stride to achieve maximize pleasure of the reproductive organs thrusting in and out of her rectum. John

Pumped himself into her and started to withdraw. But he found her rectal muscle engrossed around him, trapping him. Momentarily he panicked, but Felicity replied, Master I know what I am doing. You will find the ride more pleasurable if you remain inserted. The rectal muscle started to play with him. Soon he was becoming hard again. He realized that he could get used to this mode of transportation, but he really should pick up a bridle.

As they walked, between her heavy breathing, she announced "Implantation has been successful."

"Implantation!" he exclaimed. You mean you are pregnant."

"I have configured myself into a proper chamber to breed healthy human children am in the process in creating the genetic structure of the host receptacle for your seed, but the seed is already bounded to the vessel." she replied.

"Can you not make it stop!" he exclaimed.

"It is one of my prime functions." she replied.

"Can you at least alter it, make it into a brooding chamber, like yourself, "

"That I can do. But it will not be a duplicate of myself." she answered.

"That is fine." he answered. I already have one of you." He realized that it would have probably been polite for him to stop thrusting, but it felt so good, he suspected that she did not want him to stop.

Later he pointed out a small dome. "There is my campsite." he exclaimed. Though he had done little walking, he was exhausted.

A large Saint Bernard came bounding out to greet him. "Bruno!" he cried happily.

"Master, you have a dog!" she exclaimed. "I have many pet tricks to show you."

He realized the future would be interesting. How interesting he had no idea.

"THE FELICITY PROTOTYPE PLEASURE UINT/ BROODING CHAMBER HAD BEED FOUND." The announcement had been broadcast throughout the galaxy. Actually, to use our own vernacular, it was not page one stuff. Probably only a few hundred billion beings took much notice of the announcement at all, mostly archeologists, historians and collectors. The unit had been found in a flea market. Her prior owner mentioned some chagrin in not realized he had such a find. On the other hand he has now the proud owner of a late twenty century, terrain bottle cap, so most agreed the he had come out all right in the deal. What was more the felicity prototype was in perfect working order. It had already produced an new brooding chamber, and several batches of puppies. The unit would be on display at the Terran historical society on Alpha Centauri and there would be a gala celebration in the discoverer's honor.

The place was packed. Suddenly it seemed that this the place to be for the in crowd. Dignitaries and stars throughout the galaxy were there. Many had brought their own felicity brooding chambers to show him. Of course they all seemed to want John to autograph their unit. He became quite adept at tattooing breasts and asses. Of course some of them insistent that he try out their model. Of course it would have ungracious of him do anything less. A small crowd would gather around and watch. There would be a round of applause when the unit announced "Insemination has taken place."

Of course everybody who has anybody seemed to want a brooding chamber, produced by the Felicity prototype itself. Demand was insatiable. John realized that for the foreseeable future that he and Felicity had their work cut out for them.

John mingled as long as he could, but he realized that the big moment had come. They climbed the raised platform and stood before the podium. He looked around him. Behind him he could see the statue of an early Terran trailblazers. He wondered what he encryption, "GO BULLS" meant. After all this was over he would have to refresh himself with early earth history.

He fumbled through a few preemptory remarks. But then he announced to a much-relieved audience, "I am not a public speaker, and you have not come to hear me speak." He reached over to yank the robe away from figure standing next to him. In doing so he shouted, "FELICITY!" She stepped forward, arms outstretched, warring a gossamer gown, to the sound of the cheering multitudes. The image was being broadcast to similar gatherings thought the galaxy. The crowd began to chant, "FELICITY! FELICITY! ...."

Her sensory units gather the data being inputted. Her cognitive functions began to analyze it. A tiny figment of her personally that the nanoprobes had missed when they had processed her so many centuries before started to stir. She had a vague feeling of darting around deserted streets. Felicity was home again. She was happy.


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