Fem Fantastique vs. Dreamweaver - Part 1&2

by bob

With CMQ's permission, I am posting the first of what will be probably 4 parts to a little FF story I concocted some time ago. While the story is complete, it seems that this is a method of posting that draws a lot of interest.

So, with thanks and praise for CMQ for creating FF Inc. and allowing others to write for them, I give you part one of FF Inc. vs. DreamWeaver!

This story takes place in an unspecified time after the 'overexposed' story.  By now, the identities of three of FF Inc. are known to the general public.

[Part 2 follows in this same page...   Ed.]

Susan's Shopping Fantasy

For several months, criminal activity seemed almost non-existent. Sure, there were the usual robberies, thefts and assaults that plague any society on a daily basis, but Susan, AKA Transparency Girl, knew that super villain level activity was somewhere lying low, waiting for the right moment to return. She tried to keep a hard edged focus on what she saw as the return of the likes of the villains who had provided her team the toughest challenges, as any leader would, but lately, she couldn't help but let her guard down. It didn't help that Dee, AKA Shadow Lady, was always telling her that she should enjoy these quiet times, and sometimes the others would also gang up on her, insisting that she get out more often and enjoy life's offerings.

Today, she relented and decided to shop for new clothing, almost causing Dee to faint when Susan announced her plans to shop for clothing. Alone, the tall blonde walked into an expensive clothing store and admired the clothing on the racks and mannequins. She found herself faced with a dilemma. She was committed to purchasing one new outfit, but found several she'd like to take home with her. Money was not the issue, rather, discipline demanded that she stick with her previous plan. "Too much indulgence", she kept telling herself, "is a bad thing and sets a poor standard for the team."

"Can I help you, madam?"

Susan's thoughts jerked back from their wanderings. "Actually, I'm having a difficult time deciding on a new outfit. I'm supposed to attend a banquet in a few days, and... Well, you know how it is."

"Yes, I do." The salesman replied, an understanding smile on his face. "Why don't you try a few on? Many people find that some garments aren't quite right and that makes the decision easier."

"Thank you, that's a wonderful idea, mister....?"


For a split second Susan allowed herself to gaze into his deep, piercing blue eyes. "It's been so long... No. This is not the time nor the place." She thought to herself and focused again on her shopping mission.

Unfortunately, every outfit she tried, fit. Even worse, they all looked good on her. Finally, she asked Mr. Weaver for his opinion. With a few pointers from Mr. Weaver, the decision was made and Susan settled on a form fitting black dress, not too tight and not too loose, but perfect for the upcoming banquet. Mr. Weaver rung up the sale and Susan allowed herself one more look into his riveting blue eyes before leaving the store.

That night, Susan dreamt of her experience at the store. The dilemma was the same:  she could choose only one dress of dozens she really liked.

Mr. Weaver was there, too. He offered his assistance. He started by measuring her. "Please, stand on this." He said, indicating a small platform consisting of a lower step and a raised step. He stood on the raised step while Susan took her place on the lower step. As he measured, he kept up the conversation, "Many people have the same dilemma. They can make only one choice when they'd love to be able to wear all of the latest clothing. Raise your arms please, arms straight out."

"Yes, I find myself wishing that I could wear the latest fashions, myself," Susan replied. "Do you?"

Mr. Weaver replied. "In that case, as you wish!"

A brilliant flash enveloped Susan and she heard an evil laugh from behind her. Startled, Susan turned and... 'What's happened to me? I... I'm frozen in place!' Suddenly, her stiffened body tilted back. The store lights seemed to bounce. She was being walked to a different part of the store. Seconds later, she was on her feet again, staring at... 'I've been turned into a mannequin?'

Somehow, he could hear her thoughts. "You did wish to be able to wear the latest fashions, didn't you?" Mr. Weaver stepped between Susan and her reflection. "You should be more careful what you wish for. Now, let's start by preparing you for your new role."

He waved a hand in front of Susan's face.  She did not blink or move in the tiniest amount.. When his hand passed from view, she found herself staring at her naked body. The sight of her hardened body reflecting the store lights confused her momentarily, but the reality of her plight was setting in quickly.

"Let's see, first we'll start by giving you a more realistic look!

As she watched herself in the mirror, she saw her breasts change. The areolas grew less and less distinguished. Her nipples seemed to melt back into her now featureless breasts. Her makeup vanished from her face. Her skin took on a uniform, lighter tone, which seemed shinier under the store lights.

"Okay, now for my favorite part!"

Susan felt a hand from behind her pass between her thighs and come to rest on her sex. She could feel the warmth of the hand and wanted desperately to move herself against it. Instead, she felt the evil of Mr. Weaver's magic tingle through her body. When he withdrew his hand, she saw that her sex was now featureless, smooth plastic.

"And for the final touch, your new outfit!"

Again, Susan felt a tingling sensation through her... body. When it subsided, she saw that she was wearing a black body stocking that completely covered her from the neck down.  She couldn't lift a finger to change her position.  'It's true -- I've become a display dummy...'

"Stock boy, please cart this mannequin over to the erotic lingerie department."

Susan found herself staring at the floor at an odd angle. Suddenly, she was staring at the store lights again. Transformed into plastic, she could only watch as the lights passed by as she was wheeled to her department. Finally, she was lifted from her cart and placed on her pedestal, but something went wrong.

The last thing she heard was, "Watch out, she's falling backwards!" Again, the store lights flashed past her face as she fell backwards, to land with a hollow thump...

Part 2

Susan awoke in her own bed, staring at the ceiling. It was morning now, and the light streamed in through the window. She lay motionless for several minutes before she started moving her hands. Slowly at first, then quickly the checked her breasts and sex. The confusion of the dream melted away and she sat upright, now fully awake, but hardly refreshed from the torturous night.

Dee the Drone

That morning, Dee decided that she should also purchase an outfit for the coming banquet. It was a cool morning, perfect for a walk to the mall. As she approached the mall, a beggar approached her. He was filthy and unkempt and obviously hadn't bathed in days. Something about his eyes seemed to bore into her. "Please, miss, could you spare a..." "I'm sorry," Dee quickly interrupted him. "I wish I could help you, but I really can't." She quickened her pace to walk by him and made it into the mall.

That night, as Susan was reliving the dream of the previous night, Dee was experiencing one of her own. She found herself again walking to the mall. A filthy, unkempt beggar approached and asked for money.

As she walked by him, she quickly turned, "I'm sorry, I wish I could help you, but..." She stopped, frozen in the moment.

A wide, evil smile broke out on the beggar's face and his eyes bored into Dee's soul. "As you wish!"

Dee suddenly stood at attention, her hands at her sides. The beggar tapped her on the back. She bent forward at the waist, arms dangling from her body, her fingernails barely touching the ground.

"As you wished, you will now serve me."

Dee felt something cold and hard press against her back, followed by a series of clicking noises. She was being wound up like a toy! When she was fully wound, she heard a telltale rhythmic clicking. She again stood at attention, facing the beggar.


"Yes. mas. ter.". Slowly, methodically, Dee removed her clothes.

"Identify yourself." "I. Am. A. Drone. I. Am. Your. Ser. Vant."

"What is your function?"

"I. Serve. You. I. Obey. You. I. Do. As. You. Com. Mand."

"Accompany me."

Together, they approached the mall. A beggar, hobbling on bad feet, and a mechanical drone. Dee could now see her reflection in the glass doors of the mall. Her body gleamed like silver or shiny chrome. Her lips were liquid metal. Her eyes glowed with energy. Suddenly, she stumbled. Had she been walking normally, she would have been alright. Instead, because her knees did not bend as she walked, her foot struck a curb and she fell to the ground.

She cringed inside, waiting for the clang of metal on concrete...

The sound never came. Instead, a series of annoying bells seemed to ring in her ears. She opened her eyes and found herself face down in her own bed.

Angelica's Incredible Bargain

The banquet was now only three days away. Angelica decided to purchase a new outfit also. She surveyed various stores in town and finally headed for the mall, disappointed that she would probably buy her outfit from the same place as Dee and Susan. Since it was nearly lunchtime, Angelica decided to stop at the food court for a bite to eat.

As she nibbled away at a hot dog, a stranger approached and handed her an advertisement from the store Dee and Susan had purchased their dresses from. The advertised prices semed too good to be true. She looked up at the person who handed her the ad. He was tall, with piercing blue eyes and wore a name badge indicating that he worked for the store.

"I wish you people would stop pulling my chain. These prices can't be right!"

The man smiled and replied, "Yes, it is true. The sale is good for today only."

"In that case, I wish you'd pull my chain more often! Let's go!" That afternoon, Angelica headed home with a new outfit.

That night, as Susan relived her nightmare from the last two nights and Dee relived hers from the night before, Angelica dreamt of her own shopping experience.

A man handed her a store ad that she couldn't believe. "Quit pulling my chain. This can't be right!"

"I assure you it is. If you'll allow me to 'pull your chain' as you put it, I'd like to show you that this is no hoax."

Angelica looked the man over. 'Mr. Weaver' was the name on the badge. He was tall, dark and had deep, penetrating blue eyes. Angelica felt like flirting. "Okay, I wish you would pull my chain and show me the bargain of a lifetime!"

At that, Mr. Weaver smiled. "As you wish!"

Angelica stood to accompany him, but was rooted to her chair, unable to move!

"Now, about that chain you asked me to pull?" Mr. Weaver reached behind Angelica. She felt a sharp, jerking motion and then the feeling as if her back had been unzipped and then zipped up again. "What. Have. You. Done. To. Me." She managed to ask, surprised at the monotone quality of her voice.

"You asked me to pull your chain. Since you didn't have one... well, I fixed that. Since you seem to like flirting, I'm going to help you with that as well."

Mr. Weaver pulled on Angelica's chain again. "Hello. I. Am. Angelica."

He pulled again. "I. Think. You. Are. Hot."

He pulled again. "Let's. F**k. F**k. Me. Please."

He pulled again. "Hello. I. Am. Angelica.. . ."

"That's better. You're all fixed now." Mr. Weaver picked up Angelica and seated her in front of a mirror. She didn't seem to weigh much at all. Her skin was shiny. Her makeup was different. Her facial expression was frozen in a sultry 'come hither' look. Finally, she saw a silver chain dangling from behind her.

A customer walked up and pulled the chain, believing Angelica to be a mere mechanical toy. "I. Think. You. Are. Hot," she said.

The customer jerked the chain again in surprise, but perhaps a little too hard. "Let's. F**k. F**k. Me. Please." Angelica's chair fell backwards and she fell backwards to the floor, where she remained like a broken childrens' toy.

She awoke the next morning, the erotic dream fresh in her mind.

For the next two nights, Dee, Susan and Angelica relived their exact same dreams over, again and again.

To be continued...  [Click here to read Part 3]

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