Fem Fantastique vs. Dreamweaver - Part 3

by bob

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Crashing the Party

Finally, the day of the banquet arrived. The three heroines were attending in support of local crime fighting efforts on behalf of local residents. Susan was to give the keynote speech. As she rose from her chair to approach the podium, an intruder crashed through the door.

Dee, Susan and Angelica recognized the man immediately: Mr. Weaver!

"Ladies and gentlemen," he projected loudly, "Many of you know me as Mr. Weaver. Tonight I would like to address you not as Mr. Weaver, but as The Dream Weaver!"

Everyone was stunned into silence. A sinking feeling fell over the heroines. The drought of super villains until now seemed to be at an end. Sue finally reacted, "Security, please escort..."

The Dream Weaver waved his hand and Susan was suddenly silent. "Please, forgive her interruption. As I was about to say, I am here to rid this city of its so-called heroes. I have already taken out Transparency Girl." Everyone turned to look at Susan. She seemed frozen in place, in mid sentence.

Dee leapt from her seat. "You fiend, what have you done to her?"

"Why, merely granting her wish. That is my power. I enter your dreams to learn your desires and then grant them. Susan is now a mere mannequin. A plastic woman, to be dressed and undressed for display." Mr. Weaver snapped his fingers.

Susan's dress disappeared, revealing her smooth, plastic body. Her breasts were ordinary, featureless bumps. Smooth reflective plastic adorned the area where her sex was only moments ago. Mr. Weaver snapped his finders again. Susan was suddenly clothed in a black body stocking; poised seductively yet remaining absolutely motionless.

Weaver turned his attentions to another member of the Fem Fantastique. "My darling Dee, I haven't forgotten you. You wanted to help me, but couldn't. Now, you will find that you can do nothing but help me. Dream Weaver waved his hand in front of her. Dee suddenly bent down at the waist, arms dangling and fingernails barely touching the floor. Weaver snapped his fingers. A large, metal toy key appeared in Dee's back. It began winding itself.

Realizing that she had to react fast, Angelica rose from her seat and started to flame up. "No, my dear Angelica," Dream Weaver said as he waved his hand in front of her, "I think you know your place." Angelica slipped back down into her chair, staring blankly ahead.

Dream Weaver turned his attention back to Dee. Her key had now been fully wound and she was standing rigidly at attention. He snapped his fingers once more and clothes disintegrated, revealing a shiny chrome body with luscious liquid lips and eyes dancing with silvery energy.

Weaver smirked wickedly. "Dee. Show these people what happened to Angelica."

"I. Obey. Master." Dee stiffly walked behind Angelica and grasped a silver chain that dangled from her back. She quickly tugged at the chain.

Angie spoke mechanically. "Hello. I. Am. Angelica."

Dee tugged again.

"I. Think. You. Are. Hot."

She pulled again.

"Let's. F**k. F**k. Me. Please."

She tugged again.

"Hello. I. Am. Angelica."

"Dee. Stop. The audience understands what has happened." Dee stopped in place and let the silver chain fall from her chrome digits. "Dee. Attend me, now. As for the rest of you, I bid you a fond farewell. You will be hearing from me again."

The chrome automaton stiffly walked up to her master. He snapped his fingers and they both vanished in a flash of light leaving the crowd in a stunned silence, staring at the mannequin and doll that only moments ago were among the greatest defenders of their city.


Later that night, Wanda, Darlene, Tiffany and Stacie gathered at the banquet site to gather their inanimate friends. The mayor was the only person on hand to describe the horror of what transpired only hours before. As the team was preparing to depart, he handed them a video tape, a recording of the evening’s events.

Back at FF Inc. headquarters, the four women and Artie analyzed the contents of the tape. The girls sat in shocked silence for several minutes afterwards as Artie began analyzing their friends’ conditions. "Analysis complete," the robot announced eventually.

"Report, Artie," Wanda instructed.

"Subject: Transparency. Girl. Identity: Confirmed. Status: Fiberglass. Plastic. Resin. Combination. Completely. Transformed. No. Life. Signs. Completely. Inert. Subject: Flamestar. Identity: Confirmed. Status: Plastic. Skeletal. And. Endocrine. Structure. Internal. Mechanical. Gears. And. Speech. Mechanisms. Completely. Transformed. No. Life. Signs."

"Artie, can they be restored?"

"Insufficient. Data. And. Resources. No. Indication. Of. Transformation. Technology. Or. Science. Employed. Against. Subjects. Suggest. Magical. Means. Of. Transformation. Unable. To. Counter. And. Reverse."

"Magical transformations? That’s a first for us." Wanda said. "The only way to restore our friends is to counter the spells used to transform them."

"That should be up your alley," Darlene replied.

"Up my alley, yes," Wanda agreed. "Can I do anything about their condition? Not yet. We need to learn more about this Dream Weaver so that we can find a way to reverse what he’s done."

After retiring for the night, the remaining, animate members of FF. Inc. paid a visit to the store where their teammates first met Dream Weaver. Not surprisingly, he was nowhere to be found. A search of the store’s records turned up a home address that was nothing more than an abandoned warehouse and nothing more. The team split up; Darlene and Tiffany would search the address gleamed from the store’s files, while Wanda and Stacie would research Mr. Weaver further.

Silently, Tiffany and Dee stole into the warehouse. Silence and darkness greeted them. They carefully made their way across the vast main floor to the stairs leading to an office area in a loft. When they encountered no resistance, Tiffany decided to ignite her flame to light up the building. As she flew near the ceiling, all she could see was shadows dancing along the floor, brought about from her flame. Seeing nothing unusual, she landed on the loft, where Darlene joined her.

They entered the darkened office and flicked on the lights. An amazing array of computer equipment greeted their eyes. Tiffany let out a whistle of admiration and sat down at what appeared to be the main console. As she attempted to access the system, Darlene searched the office for other clues. She came across a series of gemstones lying an a tabletop and gathered them up for Artie to analyze later.

As she was pocketing the stones, Tiffany called her over. "Take a look at this, Darlene. This is an amazing setup. Whoever owns this equipment is heavily into computer graphics. Behind us is a 3 dimensional scanner. The owner spent a lot of time scanning a myriad of objects for manipulation and alteration. It looks like he or she was designing machine components like gears and such. Wait a minute; here’s a directory labeled ‘personal’."

Tiffany opened the directory and brought up some of the images. "Would you look at that! Our mystery person is a she. Looks like she loved to scan her own body and manipulate the image." As Tiffany continued to look at each of the images, Darlene watched intently over her shoulder. The images were becoming more and more erotic. Finally, they came across images that grabbed their attention. They stared at a series of images of golden goddesses, marble maidens and stone nudes. All based on the same, mysterious, female figure.

Tiffany felt Darlene’s breath on the back of her neck. Their mutual attraction could no longer be ignored on this mission. She spun her chair around, pushed Darlene back onto the scanner platform and joined her there in a passionate kiss. Tiffany reached for a button just outside of the scanner and slammed her palm against it, activating the scanner. Before long, both were naked in the scanner’s presence as image after image of them was taken. Finally, Tiffany backed out off of the scanning platform while Darlene pleasured herself there for a few minutes more.

Tiffany took the opportunity to render another scan and try her hand at modifying the image of her lover. Moments later, a marble image of Darlene graced the screen of the console. She had been caught in the throes of her own passion rubbing her sex with one hand and clutching a breast with the other.

"Wow, that’s great, Tiff!" She exclaimed as soon as she saw the result.

"Yeah, sometimes I wish I had the power to transform you like Stacie, or even yourself after our last encounter with the Mk’tn."

"Please, don’t remind me. It took a long time to recover from the mental damage they inflicted."

"I’m sorry, let’s notify the others of what we found and report back to HQ."

"Okay, I just wish we knew how this computer equipment fits into the picture…"

As they departed, a solitary figure emerged from the shadows and grinned evilly, "As you wish!" the sinister voice intoned.

To be Concluded....

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