Family Heirloom

by Northern Chill

                  Janet walked quickly down the concrete steps of the house she was just leaving with a nasty scowl.  She had learned last year that her aunt, missing and presumed dead after disappearing from a boating trip in Florida, had left behind a will to be read after her death.  Although she barely knew her aunt other than the occasional Xmas card and phone call, Janet knew that her aunt was very wealthy with few living relatives.
                   However, her thoughts of a lucrative inheritance were quickly dashed as she learned that the majority of her aunt's money was to be put into the formation of a charitable foundation to be administered by the lawyer who read the will.  The lawyer, a man in his early 40's by the name of Charles Bird, informed Janet that her inheritance from Aunt Patricia was nothing more than some shares of an electrical company and a few family heirlooms and personal letters that belonged to Patricia.

                  "I travel all this way and for what?  A few old hunks of jewelry and some letters she wrote to a boyfriend who moved to Europe.  Sheesh.. well, if I pawn these relics, it'll probably pay for the plane trip back home, I suppose," she muttered as she stormed off to her waiting rental car.

                  Janet had just gotten into her car and about to turn on the engine when she heard a familiar voice trying to get her attention.  She looked across the parking lot to see a man dressed in a three piece suit who she recognized as the lawyer that read the will.

                  "Ms. Jones... Ms. Jones!  Could I talk to you for a minute before you leave?" the lawyer yelled out as he reached her car before stopping and bending over to recover his breath.

                  "What can I do for you, Mr...? " Janet asked understandably curious about the lawyer's wanting to talk to her.

                  "Charles..Charles M. Bird, my dear.  I want to ask you to hold off on any plans you had for possible sale of you late aunt's effects until I have done some research into the history behind them.  They  may actually be worth more than they appear to be," he said with a warm smile on his face.

                   "Thanks, Charles, for the offer. However, I must tell you that I don't have the kind of money needed for that type of work,"  Janet said noting how handsome and refined he looked.

                  "Actually, Ms. Jones, the research is paid for by your late aunt's estate.  It seems she was curious herself about certain items she owned but she never found the time to find their origins.  One other condition of the research is that the heir, you, stay in town until the work's done with all your expenses also paid for by the estate," the lawyer said, handing Janet a set of papers which confirmed what he had just explained.

                 "Well, ok, if you insist though I'll have to be honest that I wouldn't know what to do while staying here in town.  I'm a complete stranger here and don't have anyone who can show me the sights and sounds of this area,"  Janet said softly while looking hopefully into the man's brown eyes.

                 "I'd be more than happy to show you all this area to offer and then some.  Would you like to start with dinner tonight perhaps at a little four star restaurant I know of?" the lawyer inquired warmly which was answered quickly by a happy nod from Janet.

                 Over the next couple of weeks, Janet was shown all the colorful sights and sounds by Charles, who she was quickly falling in love with.  In fact, the series of intimate dinners and quiet conversations over a glass of wine  quickly led to nights of passion and intimacy.  Janet ordinarily didn't jump into bed with a man she had only met a few weeks ago but there was something about Charles which caused her to cast aside all her inhibitions.

                 After one night of steamy sex, Janet wandered out from the bedroom wearing only her brown bikini bottom.  They had spent the evening in Charles' hot tub before retiring to the bedroom and the bottoms were still damp from the hot water.  She walked into the living room where she found a large cardboard box sitting next to the couch.  Looking at closely, she saw that it contained  the items she had inherited from her late aunt.

                "Janet, why don't you try the long gold chain around your waist?  I've  discovered the details behind it's creation and I think you might appreciate them more while modeling it," Charles said with a mischievous wink as he sat down on a couch opposite her.

               Janet smiled broadly and got the chain he indicated out of the box. She hitched it up so it hung just below her waist straddling her bottoms.  She then raised her hands up and held them to obscure the view of her nipples from Charles' view.  "Well, lover, if you want to see the rest of this body again tonight, you had better tell me the story of this chain," she said with a smirk on her face.

Charles smiled an evil grin and quickly uttered several unintelligible words which sounded to Janet like some sort of Latin.  She  wanted to ask what was going on but found she was unable to talk!  In fact, none of her limbs would move in the slightest!

"My God!!... what's happening to me?.... I feel so strange.... what did Charles do?" Janet shouted mentally as she found herself staring into a wall mirror .  She saw that her skin was changing before her eyes from bright pink flesh to tan-colored plastic.  She  could see joint lines appearing on her arms, torso and upper right leg like those you would see on a store mannequin. 

Janet could feel her pussy sealing up triggering what felt like the most intense orgasm in her mind as she felt it become smooth plastic like the rest of her body.

"A MANNEQUIN... I'm becoming a mannequin.. nothing more than a hollow plastic dummy!!" Janet screamed to herself as she noticed she had ceased breathing and moving altogether. 

Even though she couldn't see it, she could feel her nipples disappearing as her breasts became twin mounds of plastic that stood out prominently from her inert body.

Charles got up and walked over to Janet once he was satisfied the transformation was completed.  He rapped his knuckles on her lower torso and smiled when he heard a hollow echo in response.  He then stepped in front of the display figure that Janet now was and looked into the glass beads that her eyes now were composed of.

           "My dear Janet; perhaps I should explain how you got to this state.  The history behind the chain I had discovered sometime ago originated back in Roman times.  It seems a high ranking senator had a soothsayer put to death because of a mistaken belief she had stolen several golden chains from his wife.  With her dying breath, the soothsayer put a curse on the chain that whoever uttered a certain phrase around the wearer of the chain would cause the chain's wearer to transform into an inanimate object fresh in the speaker's mind."
          "Your aunt came into its possession a while back just before she retained my services for a real estate matter.  However, she refused to pay for my services and threatened to have me disbarred if I took her to court.  When I met her one day in her home, I took the chain from where I knew she kept it in the house and decided to see if the legend was true.  After that, I reported her 'disappearance' to fake her death and to see if she had any relatives.  Unfortunately for you, you were her only one to show up,"  Charles intoned as he brought out a trolley cart and placed Janet on it.

         "I guess all that there is left to do is wheel you off to your new home in a special room I've set aside for you.  You'll even be reunited with your aunt, though I doubt either of you will have much to say," Charles said as he wheeled Janet out of the room.

         Janet screamed mentally at the thought of spending the rest of her existence as a mannequin with nothing but another mannequin to keep her company...

        "Who knows, Janet, maybe someday you'll be inherited as a family heirloom much like the ones you came here for.  That's an irony, eh..?" Charles said as he left Janet in her new home to ponder her new existence as just another display figure.


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