Plaster of PAIRS


by CMQ      12-02

     What has gone before: The Plaster Master has been put in jail by the heroines of FF INC.  Safely incarcerated from the public due to his wax museum scheme but his ally remains at large waiting for the right moment for revenge.  Meanwhile the city has withstood a battle between the rival Paralyzer and his ex, and gratefully prepares to honor the heroines with FF INC day.

“I really don’t understand why I have to do this…naked!” Wanda Sloane nervously watched from the posing platform.

The gooey liquid ran down Wanda’s naked body.  It flowed over her breasts like runny gelatin or pudding.  Her nipples reacted to the cold bath by perking up, revealing themselves under the blue goo that was running down every inch of her torso and down her long luscious legs.  She stood next to two metal poles, which she was grasping with her raised arms for temporary support and to keep her in pose.

“Hold still please,” Kati reassured Wanda as she applied more alginate to the naked heroine’s body.  It ran down Wanda’s legs like paint, leaving streaks and beads of color down her bare flesh.  A tributary of goo ran between Wanda’s legs, causing her to flinch momentarily as the cold goop oozed between her greased pubic hair and into her crotch.  “We have to do this, the mayor insisted on having an accurate statue of FF INC ready for FF INC Day and this was the quickest way to get the statues finished for unveiling as far as I was concerned.  This commission is supposed to be secret but I’m sure you won’t spill the beans…” Kati smiled as she touched up bare spots on Wanda’s arms.  She was an exotic lithe beauty, and quite an accomplished sculptress. Her hair was tied up, much like Wanda’s was and her hands were covered in alginate.  Bits of blue goo splattered across Kati’s work outfit, casual cutoff jeans and a well-worn t-shirt.  Her mocha skintones, almond shaped eyes and soothing accent courted many suitors but she had found solace and comfort not in others but her own work.

She had received the commission from the Mayor to create a statuary suitable for FF INC Plaza’s fountain, and through a stroke of luck (having used Candi Kane as a model for more than a few posings), Kati had been able to get in touch with the heroines. It took some convincing on her part and on Candi’s behalf for them to pose for their own statues, but eventually all of the heroines did agree.  The only problem was that it had taken months for Kati to negotiate the posings and time was running out for her.  The lifecastings were a quick solution to getting the basic form and shape of the heroines’ bodies rendered, but there was still long hours of sculpting hair and costuming details to come.  Not to mention casting the final figures in bronze.  Hopefully she would be able to accomplish everything in the few weeks remaining till FF INC Day.

“Besides, all your other teammates didn’t have a problem with it.”  Danielle, Kati’s new assistant, smiled as she motioned to the alabaster figures in the corner of the studio.  Each female figure was gracefully nude, in heroic poses.  Danielle smoothed the pudding-like formula over Wanda’s raised arms, moving down past her elbows and shoulders with haste to make sure the alginate could set evenly over her extremities. She indicated to Wanda to let go of the poles and the heroine complied, relying on her own balance and the rapidly setting molding compound to keep her in position.  Wanda’s fingers closed into her spell-casting position and Danielle stood on a stepstool to reach and coat Wanda’s hands completely in cold goo.

The slender, voluptuous blonde stretched as far as she could to reach the tips of Wanda’s raised fingers.  The alginate clung to Wanda’s delicate fingers, covering them and encasing them.

Wanda’s eyes darted about, unsure of what to do as the two artists worked on her body.  She felt rather self-conscious, posing like this in the nude and with little to do other than to stand still as the two women covered her nakedness with more and more wet alginate.  She recognized the figures that Danielle had indicated as the bodycasts of her fellow team members.  Each was a head-to-toe casting in plaster. Without long flowing hair or clothing the heroines’ bodycasts looked more like display mannequins in need of a department store window.

“I still don’t want to be displayed all naked, even as a statue.”  Wanda worried.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be sculpting your costume details over your casting. This was just the easiest way to get your body proportions correct.  And the mayor did insist on getting every detail correct though.”  Kati’s fingers moved down Wanda’s torso quickly yet purposely.  Her touch was gentle as she smoothed out the air bubbles in the alginate coating and made sure it covered every inch of Wanda’s skin.  “I’m going to get a little personal here,” she warned as her fingers darted in and out between Wanda’s legs, slicking the Sorceress’ crotch with a creamy layer of molding compound.  Wanda’s legs were quite parted, so it wasn’t as difficult to get into all the nitty-gritty cracks and crevices as it had been for Flamestar’s pose.

Wanda had barely a moment to respond when Danielle had turned to work on Wanda’s backside.  Danielle had poured a bucketful of wet alginate down Wanda’s back.  The sensation of cold goo caused Wanda to arch her back, thrusting her breasts forward even moreso as the liquid sensually slid down and enveloped the heroine’s ample ass. 

“Please hold still,” Danielle reminded Wanda as she used her bare hands to cover Wanda's butt, making sure there was enough moldmaker to fill the crack all around the heroines firm and perfect tush.

Wanda was fully covered from her neck to her toes now in blue oozing goo.  Like thick paint it masked her body but her curves were still evident even under this shellacking.  Danielle touched up bits of exposed flesh on Wanda’s legs.  A puddle of alginate was on the floor of the studio, like the bark of a tree flowing down Wanda’s body and over her bare feet, literally rooting her to the platform.  Kati motioned to Danielle to mix up another bucket of alginate and Wanda could only stand motionless and wait as the liquid coating her began to harden.

“I’m going to move up to your face now, okay?” Kati asked her model.

“O..kay,” Wanda said hesitantly.  She had been bodycasted once before, a rather violating experience where she was at the mercy of the villainous Plaster Master.  Being covered virtually in alginate that was quickly setting on her body brought back many unpleasant memories of her plastering, but she thought she could handle it.  At least she had moral support with her.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”  Deidre Snow had watched quietly as the plastering of Wanda took place.  She looked at Wanda with a little concern on her face, knowing of the Sorceress’ reaction to her previous encounter with bodycasting.  It was a claustrophobic experience, to be sure.  Her own casting, some days ago went well but being nothing more than a literal master mold was a little unsettling once the process got to the face.  She herself had to keep in check when the molding covered her own face and she became a literal living statue under the hardening goop.

“I'm okay…” Wanda nodded to Kati to proceed.  The artist applied the goo to Wanda’s neck first, covering it all the way around.  Wanda’s long curly hair was tied up but flecks of blue were being flung all around and some of it got in her hair even though precautions had been set up.  It would be a hassle to get it out of her hair later but for now there was nothing to do about it as the artists were more concerned with getting Wanda’s body fully covered.

“I’m going to cover your mouth now, just breathe through your nose normally, okay?”  Kati explained as Danielle brought over another bucket of goo.

Wanda nodded and Kati proceeded to smooth a thick handful of alginate over Wanda’s pouty lips.  She moved up her cheeks, leaving Wanda’s ears uncovered for now.  They would have to do a separate casting for the rest of her head but Kati wanted to get as much of Wanda’s body molded in one sitting as possible.  She moved up Wanda’s face, smoothing it over the heroine’s nose but careful to leave her nostrils uncovered.  Wanda closed her eyes as the goo went over her face and forehead, masking her from the outside world and plunging her into darkness and sensory deprivation.

Dee saw the weird image of Wanda standing motionless under a thickening layer of alginate, with only her auburn hair and ears visible.  She remembered how weird it felt when she was molded a few days earlier, being stark naked and trapped, literally encased in the stuff.  She had been the second of the core FF INC group to be casted.  Sue had gone first and reported back that the process was a bit unglamorous and messy, but safe and okay for the others.  Over the next few days the heroines came in for their sessions.  Dee second, Flamestar third, and Cosmic Girl fourth.  Wanda, nervous about the whole thing, had watched Dee’s casting and wasn’t too reassured with the safety of the procedure.  Dee agreed to go in with her to provide some extra confidence, and after all the other heroines reported no problems it was easier to get Wanda to come in for a casting.

Danielle and Kati moved quickly to apply strips of woven material and embedded it into the alginate for strength before moving on to the actual plastering.  Wet plaster strips, soaked in liquid plaster of paris were layered over and around every inch of Wanda’s body until she looked like a plaster mummy.  Dee remembered how stiff and impossible to move it was when she was in the same situation.  It would be disastrous if Wanda panicked now, with the plaster rapidly hardening and literally turning her into a living statue!  Getting someone out of a hardened bodycast would be neither quick nor easy if the subject started hyperventilating.

Fortunately, the two artists worked speedily, but even then a whole-figure body cast took time.  Wanda had been standing immobile for about an hour now; the cast forced her to stand, as she could not move a muscle beneath her plaster prison.  Kati tested the plaster, it still hadn’t set enough and they had to wait for it to harden completely.  “You’re doing fine Wanda,” Kati reassured the living sculpture.  Wanda blew twice through her nose straws to say she was okay, the only ‘sign’ she could give in her completely motionless state.

A half-hour later the plaster had set completely and Kati and Danielle got Dee to help steady Wanda’s frozen form.  The special saw Kati used could split the sides of Wanda’s casting without harming the flesh of the heroine trapped inside.  Kati began at the point just below Wanda’s ears and began tracing a line down Wanda’s neck and shoulders.  The plaster split cleanly as Kati got around Wanda’s wrists and underarm and moved down the heroine’s side and hips.  The seam was tiny and Dee wondered how they could ever free Wanda from her encasement at this rate.  Then she remembered the same thing was done to her too, and how agonizingly long it seemed to take them to split the mold in two.

Danielle was holding another saw and repeating the same process on Wanda’s left side as Dee steadied the model.  More minutes ticked by as Danielle and Kati cut the plaster down Wanda’s legs and Kati personally did the extra detail work to get in-between Wanda’s legs.  They could hear a muffled response and stopped to ask if Wanda was okay.  Two blows signaled for them to proceed and they did so.

Wanda could feel the vibrating saw, and even though she knew it wouldn’t cut her, the sound and feel of a vibrating instrument so close to her privates didn’t reassure her much.  Her ability to flex and barely move in the splitting mold allowed her more room to breathe and she was cognizant of her ordeal being over very soon.  I’ll never, ever do this again.  They couldn’t pay me enough to do this again.  Not that she was being paid at all for enduring this ordeal!

Kati and Danielle told Wanda to brace herself as they opened the mold, gently cracking it open to allow Wanda to step out.  She was a little dizzy, and Dee made sure Wanda didn’t tilt over and faint after having been motionless for about 90 minutes.  Kati and Danielle moved the mold away from Wanda to allow the weary heroine to sit down.  Dee brought over a robe to cover Wanda’s nakedness. The heroine’s nude body was flecked with bits and pieces of loose plaster and alginate.  Fortunately, no major portions were stuck to her pubic hair.  A thorough greasing with Vaseline had provided the necessary mold-release protection.

“Okay?” Dee asked and Wanda nodded as she watched her mold being gently lowered to the ground.  It was split in two, a perfect casting of her front and backsides, in negative relief.  Where her breasts would protrude, the mold reflected the opposite contour.  It was weird to see her navel protruding rather than being a concave impression.  The same with the folds of her pussy and pubic area. It was like looking into some strange funhouse mirror made of plaster.

“You’re going to erase those details right?” Wanda asked.  She pointed to the quite prominent nipple and vaginal details.

“Sure, we’re going to sand down your nipples and crotch so that nothing obscene remains when we cast the statues in bronze.” Kati explained. “First we’ll put the molds back together and make a master statue to work off of, like your teammates over there.  Then we’ll work on adding details of your costumes and sand off anything that would be inappropriate.  You’ll probably have to come back if the molds have any problems but it looks like this is going to come out just fine.”  We’re going to add sculpted capes, hair, etc to the statues.  The end result should be quite striking, even after we cast in bronze.”  She patted Wanda on the shoulder. “Thanks again for putting up with this.  Not many people have the willpower or the figure quite frankly to do this.”

“Thanks,” Wanda smiled at the compliment as she got up to head to the shower and clean up.  Dee strolled over to the bald plastered nudes in the corner of the studio.  She looked her statue in the eye.  It was weird to see herself like this.  A mirror image but in full three dimensions.  It was accurate down to her eyebrows amongst other intimate details.  A plaster double, identical in every aspect.  “You’re going to give me a full head of hair right?  I’d hate to be seen in public like this.” Dee smiled as she rubbed the rounded surface.

She could see how it was coming together.  This statuary that was to be the centerpiece in the fountain at FF INC HQ.  The mayor had declared a suitable work of art had to be dedicated to the city’s premier superheroines and nothing less than a life-sized statue of each of the five members would suffice.  The mayor had decreed the final statues to be a secret from the heroines.  But at the same time she wanted them to be accurate as wax sculptures.  How any sculptor could accomplish that without having the heroines pose for the statues would have been impossible.  Thus, the fact that the heroines had been bodycasted was kept from even the mayor.  The heroines would just have to act surprised at the lifelike statues when they were unveiled.

Sue’s statue was standing in a commanding position.  Her legs slightly apart and her waist turned so that she faced forward.  Her right arm was lifted in a dramatic pointing motion and her left arm was bent with a slight angle and open palm.  To her left was Cosmic Girl, her fists clutched and arms partially raised in a power stance.  Her leg was forward, the other trailing back as she leaned forward dramatically.  Only her muscle power could have allowed for a whole body casting done in that position.  Dee’s statue was to the side of Cosmic Girl, hands on hips and legs splayed apart in a true heroic position as she stood up as straight and tall as possible.  To Sue’s other side was where Wanda’s statue would be, gesturing with her arms up in spell casting positions and legs apart.  Flamestar’s statue had one arm on her waist and the other on her thigh.  Her legs were tucked like swimsuit models’.  A flying pose would have been better, but molding Flamestar like that would have been impossible, so a simpler position was selected.  It wasn’t too bad, after all, Dee reflected.

It would be a magnificent statue group when it was complete and cast in bronze.  Dee could only imagine what the final project would look like in a few weeks.

“Don’t worry, we’re going to make sure you all look perfect for the unveiling.” Danielle grinned as she cleaned up her hands and alginate buckets in the sink.


“Wanda, it’s for you!” Angelica called out as she put the phone on hold.  She had been on monitor duty for three hours and the phone call was the only thing that had happened.  It figured it was always quiet whenever she was on duty.  Never any action…

The Crimson Sorceress walked over.  She had been doing some computer work at the workstation behind Flamestar and lifted the receiver to her ear as she brushed aside her auburn curls.  “Hello?” she spoke.

“Hi, Wanda.  Its Danielle, Kati’s assistant?  The bodycasting artist?” the voice on the other end replied.  “Remember?”

“Oh yes, of course I remember!” How could I forget that… “Are you done with our statues yet?” Wanda asked, curious to see what her final statue might look like.

“Almost, there’s a slight, ah, imperfection in the mold of your statue and we were wondering if you could come down for another casting?  Not anything major, you’ll probably be in and out of here in less than an hour.  I guarantee it.”  Danielle seemed to be earnest in her reassurance.

“Well, I don’t know if I have the time…” Wanda remembered the awful isolation of the casting process and she was definitely not looking forward to repeating that.

“Anytime is great with us, we’re just on a timetable and would like to get this over with as soon as possible.  The Mayor has scheduled the unveiling in three days and we didn’t realize there was a problem until the last minute.  We’re going to be working overtime to get your statue done to make the deadline.  The quicker you can come down here the better.  We’d hate for the Mayor to unveil the statues and have yours missing.  She’d be disappointed, as would a lot of people I imagine,” Danielle laid on the guilt trip really well.

“No that would be embarrassing,” Wanda agreed.  The last thing she wanted was to be the standout amongst the others after all they had done to get their statues ready.  “I…I can come down now I suppose,” she finally decided.

“Wow, that would be great!  We’ll get everything ready for you.  I’ll get the alginate mixed up right now.  It’ll be over before you know it!” Danielle hung up as Wanda prepared herself mentally for another casting session.

Wanda arrived at the studio within a few minutes of Danielle’s call.  It was quiet, the studio, almost as if no one were there.  She looked at the darkened doorway quizzically.  Did she misunderstand Danielle?  She tried the door, it opened and she stepped inside.  The gallery was somewhat eerie in the dark, with statues of lifelike women and men seemingly ready to pounce to life and spring on her.  She walked to the back where the casting studio was and saw Danielle cleaning up some.  “Hello?”

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t hear you!” Danielle turned around with a big smile. “I didn’t realize you’d be here so soon.  I’ll get the materials ready if you could disrobe and get into position.”  She motioned to the posing platform.

“You have to make another cast of my body?” Wanda spoke hesitatingly. She was now not so sure she wanted to go through that all over again.

“Just your abdomen to your waist, about here to here.” She motioned with her hands below her breasts to her navel.  “I’m sorry, its just easier for me to cast you if you’re nude.  I wouldn’t figure you’d want to get any of your clothing all messy.” She shrugged her shoulders.

No, its no problem Wanda replied as she began to undress. “Is Kati around somewhere?” she inquired as she took off her top and undid her bra.  Her round breasts spilled out and jiggled as Wanda bent over to slide her skirt off.

“She’s…not going to be here for this casting.  She had to take care of another…piece.  Casting it…in bronze, you know,” Danielle was mixing some alginate in a bucket with a hand mixer and it was hard to hear her.  “But I can handle this by myself, no problem.”  She turned around with a bucket of goo.  “If you’re not sure I guess we can try and reschedule another session.  But Kati knew we were running out of time, and if we could avoid putting you through another casting session we would.  But we just needed to get a new mold for the bronzework portion and just can’t go forward until then.”  Danielle apologized.  “We’re both really sorry we screwed up with your cast but sometimes things are out of our hands.  We can wait maybe another day but it will just make it much more difficult on us to finish your statue.”

Wanda had stopped undressing for a moment as Danielle explained what went wrong.  She knew the success of the FF INC Day might be ruined if the unveiling ended up one statue short.  And she didn’t want Kati or Danielle to get in trouble for her own misgivings about being bodycasted.

“We’ll just have enough time to cast it in bronze when we overlay this new casting onto the old.  Sorry that the mold split and damaged but sometimes that happens.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  I’m sure you’re always busy, saving the world and all that?  This has got to rate low on the scale of things to do.”  Danielle put down the multiple buckets of molding goop and stood with puppy dog eyes.

“Don’t worry, its no problem,” Wanda relented as she finished undressing.  Her panties slid off her legs and she stood naked in the studio.

“Great, you’re really bailing us out by doing this,” Danielle walked closer to Wanda.  The poles she held were dropped down into slots on the posing stand. “Now we’ll have to duplicate your pose as close as possible…” Danielle motioned for Wanda to begin posing.  She looked at Wanda’s naked body with a pleased smile as Wanda assumed the pose her statue would be cast in.  It lengthened her body and was pleasing to her torso and lifted her breasts.  Danielle looked and judged.  No detail could be overlooked in getting Wanda back into exactly the same pose she was first molded in.

 “I think that is pretty close..oh I forgot we have to recast your hands too!” she rushed over to grab a bucket.

“My hands too?” Wanda lowered her hands as Danielle brought over the goo.

“Yes, could you dip them in this molding compound?” Danielle held up the bucket of goo and Wanda gingerly dipped her fingers into the sticky substance. 

“All the way down to your wrists, and now your other hand…that’s good…” Danielle helped Wanda extricate her hands. “Now if you could pose your fingers in the right position, that’s great…and now lift your arms…the goo was thicker and didn’t run down Wanda’s arms much.  It will set pretty quick but that’s okay cause we won’t be doing your whole…body…I just have to mix up another batch of alginate and we’ll be ready…”

Wanda stood motionless in her pose, like some artist’s model in class and felt like everyone’s eyes were on her even though no one was here other than Danielle.  Danielle was taking a long time getting her supplies ready. “Danielle?  How much longer should I stay like this?”  Danielle seemed like she was distracted.  Wanda assumed it was because Danielle had to do the work of two, but little did she know there was another reason.

“Just hold your pose,” Danielle said from behind Wanda, as her model waited impatiently. “Forever!” Danielle spritzed Wanda’s backside with something wet from a sprayer.

Wanda felt a tingle on her skin as Danielle sprayed something across her back. She tensed up as she felt the mist adhere to her body and before she could say another word she felt her body could not move any longer! “What the?” Wanda tried to move her arms and legs but they were locked into her pose.  She was totally frozen!

Danielle walked around into Wanda’s vision and she was now dressed not in the casual work jeans and shirt, but in a purpley-pink low cut leotard, bare legged with silver knee high boots.  Danielle’s bare arms were clad merely with some sort of silver armlets with some sort of gadget attached to each…

They were nozzles with tubes that ran from each bracelet to her backpack.  It was familiar looking equipment that sent a chill down Wanda’s paralyzed body!  “Plaster Master!” Wanda gasped as she recognized the devices.

“Please, call me Maiden Plaster!  Get it?  Maid in Plaster?  Just like you will soon be, my dear!” Danielle laughed a seriously evil laugh as she put on a mask that looked more like silver goggles and struck a domineering pose with one hand on her hip and the other hand pointed towards Wanda’s lovely body.  The spray nozzles were pointed ominously at Wanda’s nude form.

“Can’t move…” Wanda struggled but whatever she had been sprayed with had locked her body up tight.  And even then the hardened goo around her hands prevented her from unleashing her devastating spellbolts.  Her fingers and hands fully encased in hardened goop, and her body made motionless.  She was quite helpless!

“No, the statue spray I dusted your body with has made your body quite immobile…I wasn’t kidding when I said don’t move!” Danielle giggled as she lowered her weapons, satisfied Wanda was a mere statuesque figure.  “You do remember statue spray, don’t you my dear?  It’s inventor certainly does remember using it on you…”

“Very nice work, my dear!” A deep voice from behind Wanda spoke.  The figure cast a frightening shadow against the wall in front of Wanda but though she could not turn her head or move to see whom it was, she knew exactly who was there.

Wanda stared as Plaster Master stepped out in front of her in full costume.  His plaster spewing backpack containing statue spray, his patented stasis inducing hardening agent and quick-hardening plaster was strapped to his purple jumpsuited frame.  The hoses that mimicked Maiden Plaster’s own gear ran from the pack and tapered to a pistol that he leveled at Wanda’s breasts.  Her eyes widened, as she knew what was coming next.

“I think she will look quite beautiful on display in our humble little gallery, perhaps we’ll put her next to dear Kati…the artist and the art!” He pulled aside a curtain that revealed the plastered white body of Kati in work jeans and midriff-baring shirt.  She had a look of pure surprise on her face.  It wasn’t any mystery she had been betrayed by Danielle.  Plaster Master had his hands groping Kati’s breasts as he spoke.  “You’ll make quite the display piece for our museum!”

“Why?  Why did you do this?” Wanda tried to stall.  Her eyes were pleading to Danielle.  “You were…” Wanda suddenly remembered.  “You were the one who plaster master used in his wax museum plan!  But you were just another victim, like we were?”

“It’s true I was a victim,”she cockily retorted. “But I was quite the willing victim,” she touched Wanda’s breast and its hardened nipple.  “Ever since that first time on the beach…the bikini contest…you remember?  The day the Master trapped you in hardened mud and you experienced the erotic pleasure of this!” She held up a small remote-control device that brought the worst memories back to Wanda in an instant.  “The erotica beam!”

“I got such a rush out of being plastered by the Master that day, that even after I was freed by you and your sexy teammates I couldn’t get enough…” Danielle groped Wanda’s frozen butt, her fingers clawing at the gap between Wanda’s legs. “I searched for him, after he broke out of prison.  I looked for him after that, the erotic wax museum was not the first place I searched for him, but by then I had to satisfy my…urges.  I recognized him right off the bat and pleaded my case to him.  The poor Master didn’t know quite what to do with me,” Danielle smiled as Plaster Master looked on with a delighted grin to her erotic probing of Wanda’s frozen body.

“In fact, he plastered me shortly afterwards, afraid no doubt, that I would go to the authorities.”  She teased the hardened nipples on her victim.  “But something I said convinced him to de-plaster me.  It took awhile but I gained his trust and we became quite the pair, running that museum.  It was better for him to remain behind the scenes while I did the up front work.  I actually enjoyed it, leading poor clueless lovlies into perfect eternal statuedom.  And the fringe benefits…” Danielle rubbed her own breasts and pointed at Plaster Master knowingly.  “I was quite the willing test-subject for all of the Master’s new inventions…”

“You…poor sick…” Wanda couldn’t believe the story she was hearing.

“Don’t insult the Master!” Maiden Plaster snapped as she pointed her wrist-sprayer at Wanda’s face.  The heroine fell silent as Maiden Plaster continued.  “I just had to break him out of jail after the wax museum plot was foiled by you and your friends.” She put a lot of venom into her sentence.  “I was ready to go down with the Master, but he insisted on my plastering so that I could remain free and plot our revenge.  It took some time, but when I heard of the Mayor’s commissioning  a statue of FF INC, I knew my opportunity was at hand!” 

“I owe my protégé quite a bit,” Plaster Master interrupted.  “She has almost as much ambition as I do, and her plan for you was quite inspired.”

“I found out who was doing the sculpture and took steps to ensure I would be hired as her assistant.  My plan was to get Kati to make body molds of you all, so I laid careful roadblocks that would ensure that the only way we could proceed would be to get you to all pose for us.  When the time was right I took her out of the picture so that we could get you here nice and alone…” Danielle slinked in close, clinging to Wanda’s body.  Her face was just below Wanda’s chin, gazing up at the gorgeous brunette’s face.

“No!” Wanda gasped.  It had all been a trap to get her alone, naked, and helpless!  “Then the statues Kati was working on?”

“Finished for days!” Danielle pulled the tarp off of a statuary grouping.  The bronze figures of FF INC stood there, picture-perfect in every bronzed detail.  The finished work was quite beautiful, but Wanda had no time to appreciate the artistic efforts of the plastered artiste.

“No…” Wanda softly cursed herself for being such a fool for falling for this second posing plan.

“Feeling vulnerable, eh?  I must say, you keep yourself in excellent shape…” Plaster Master ogled Wanda’s nakedness.

“Remember our first casting session?  I certainly do,” he ran the nozzle of his plaster blaster across Wanda’s breasts and down her torso seductively until it rested mere millimeters from her bikini line.  He breathed softly in Wanda’s ear and whispered threateningly.

“Enough already, lets plaster her!” Maiden Plaster was getting jealous. “And then you can plaster me,” she thrust her breasts out, her obviously hardened nipples perked. “At least until our next victim…”

“Yes, enough talk already…” Plaster Master got back to business.  He leveled his plaster blaster at Wanda.

Wanda knew her time was up.  Was her stalling all for naught?  No one had come to rescue her yet!  “No, the others will stop you!  They’ll find out…” she desperately wailed.

“We’re counting on that!” Plaster Master laughed as he unleashed the plaster in a whitening spray that coated Wanda head to toe.  Inspired, Maiden Plaster added her own wrist mounted sprayer to the mix and both villains steadily and completely spraycoated the naked woman until she was completely whitewashed.  The statue spray mixed with their superplaster turned Wanda into an instant statue…a look of shock and surprise frozen on her face…forever!


In the FF INC monitor room, Transparency Girl approached the bored Flamestar. “Have you seen Wanda around lately?” Sue asked.  Flamestar nodded.

“She said she was going out, to the artists place…something about a makeup casting session…” Angie responded.  “She said she would be back in about an hour or so.”

“That’s strange, Kati said she was almost done with the statues last time I spoke to her,” Sue pondered. “Any additional casting would take weeks to complete in bronze…”

“It wasn’t Kati, it was her assistant…Donna…Danielle…” Flamestar searched the website she was looking at for something interesting.  Monitor duty could be so tedious sometimes.

“Danielle…” Susan pondered.  “There’s something…familiar about her…” she was starting to remember.  “How long ago did Wanda go to pose?”

“Oh about…” Angie looked at the clock and turned back at Sue, alarmed.  “Three hours ago!”

“Does she answer her femmcomm?” Sue asked as Flamestar punched in a message.

“No response!” Angie was fully shaken out of her malaise.


Plaster Master placed Wanda next to Kati and plastered the women onto the same pedestal with some thick plaster glue streams.  Nearby, the completed bronze statue group of the FF INC heroines stood waiting to be unveiled again on FF INC Day.  If he had anything to say about it though, there wouldn’t be any heroines there. “Wonderful work, Kati did an excellent job adding the costume details…but I think there’s nothing better than an artistic nude…and she makes an excellent sculpture herself!” He had placed the surprised Kati behind the plastered Wanda, as if amazed to see such a beauty.  The expressions on both plastered women was quite delightful.  He always enjoyed freezing victims when they least expected it.  That was something that Danielle could no longer pull off, but her willingness to be plastered let him explore his more…artistic side.  Something he had not been able to do in a long, long time.

“Master, there’s someone at the door!” Maiden Plaster warned.  The surveillance camera showed two women dressed in form fitting costumes at the gallery door.  Plaster Master recognized the famous outfits of Transparency Girl and Shadow Lady immediately.

“Right on time,” Plaster Master grinned.  “Let’s greet our guests, shall we?”

Sue and Dee opened the gallery door and entered.  The lights were off but the alabaster statues lit in the ambient lighting took on the eerie appearance of ghostly presences. “I don’t know I have a bad feeling about this,” Sue was telling Dee.  “Kati has been working on these statues of us for weeks, she wouldn’t just take off so soon to the unveiling…”

“Maybe something called her out of town unexpectedly?” Dee offered.  She looked at the heads-up display inside her visor.  “Wanda’s signal is here,” she confirmed.

“Something’s not right…” Sue walked slowly to the studio, the lights were off and Dee was using her wrist projector to beam a light to see in the darkness. 

“I don’t think anyone’s here,” Dee shone the light around.  It fell upon the bronze statue group in their image.  It was a perfect representation of the five femmes. “Look, the statues…” Deidre admired the craftsmanship. “I’m no art critic but I’d say these are complete…even Wanda…” she motioned to the Crimson Sorceress statue, perfect in every detail from her long curly locks, to her cape and boots.

Sue looked at the statues. “Now I know something’s wrong…I-“ she never completed her sentence as a cold blast of plaster sprayed over both herself and Dee from two separate angles.

The two heroines stiffened into frozen postures…their nubile bodies rendered utterly motionless as the plaster set around their forms. 

Plaster Master flicked on the lightswitch as he and Maiden Plaster investigated their newly minted sculptures.  “Very nice,” he admired Susan’s feminine figure and pleasingly patted her rock hard behind.

“Could have had a better pose on this one though,” Maiden Plaster dryly critiqued on Dee as she tapped the heroine’s rock hard hair with her gauntlet. “Can’t argue with her body, though I wish it were nude…”

“You and me both, now that we have three of them we have to be on guard…” Plaster Master warned.

“Because who knows who might be looking for them?” a voice from behind Plaster Master announced.  It was not Danielle’s!

“Who?” He spun around as Flamestar burst into the studio, melting a tunnel through the wall she had came through.  Her flaming contrails lit up the room like it was a small sun.

“Agh!” Plaster Master flinched as the flames licked close to him.  He fired blindly to try and hit Angie but she avoided the gooey plaster stream.

Maiden Plaster yelled. “Get her in a crossfire!” She too was trying to aim at Flamestar when something yanked her up from behind.

Cosmic Girl hoisted Maiden Plaster up and flung her to the ground hard.  Maiden Plaster skittered across the studio floor and into the modeling stand she slid.

“Get down!” Plaster Master yelled as he unleashed a torrent of plaster at the two heroines in a wide spray.  Darlene ducked behind the FF INC statue group for cover.  She looked up to see Wanda and Kati standing stiffly in plaster bondage. 

“Wanda’s over here!” Darlene yelled, as Angie turned to look at the newly whitened bronzes.

Plaster Master launched a rapidly hardening stream of plaster that took Angie by surprise.  She swerved to avoid it and ran straight into the FF INC sculpture, turning it to slagged bits of metal.

Darlene jumped in front of Wanda and Kati to prevent them from being injured.  The hot metal splattered on Darlene, melting bits of her costume wherever it struck her body.

“You’re out of luck Cosmic Girl!  That will cost you more than your outfit!” Plaster Master aimed his plaster blaster…

“No you’re out of luck!” Sue answered as she unleashed her transparent protection so that it expanded off of her body.  The plaster body-encasing shell splintered into tiny pieces, revealing the hale and healthy Transparency Girl beneath.  She mentally concentrated to project a protective wall between Cosmic Girl and Flamestar.  The plaster ineffectively splattered against the unseen barrier, sparing both heroines from becoming instant sculpture.

“NO!” Maiden Plaster groggily aimed her plasterers at Sue but Cosmic Girl got there first, crunching backpack on Maiden Plaster’s lithe figure and the plaster exploded over the two, freezing them in place instantly.

Plaster Master whirled to fire at Sue but it was too late for she had enveloped him in a complete transparent sphere.  There was no way he could plaster her and all he accomplished was a plastering of the inside of his prison.  When Sue was quite sure the plaster had hardened she dropped her concentration and turned to the alabaster figure of Dee.  She expanded the protective field to allow Dee to escape from her immobilizing shell of plaster.

“Sorry I didn’t get around to you sooner,” Sue apologized.  “I had my hands full,” she motioned with her thumb at the spherical plaster ball that dominated the studio.

“No problem, I’m just glad you enveloped me in your field before rather than after the plaster shower!” Dee looked over at the whitened Cosmic Girl, Wanda, Maiden Plaster and Kati. “Looks like Artie and I  better whip up another batch of antiplaster…” she sighed.


“I’m glad you’re okay, I never knew Danielle was involved with such a creepy guy!” Kati apologized to FF INC as Artie finished off with his unplastering.  Plaster Master and Maiden Plaster had been taken into custody and any living statues from their studio had been released from their bondage, including Wanda and Darlene.

“I just wish the statues weren’t damaged,” Kati lamented. “It will take weeks to remake them!  I guess I won’t be unveiling anything on FF INC Day.”

“I’m not posing for another casting,” Wanda shook her head and held her hands up defensively.  She was quite defiant about that point.

“Don’t worry, I saved all of your body molds,” Kati reassured the heroines.  “It’s just that the unveiling is in two days and there’s nothing I can do about it.”  Kati looked wistfully out the window to the fountain far below. “The mayor, the town, everyone was looking forward to the unveiling…it is your day of honor…its just such a shame…”

“But maybe there’s something we could do about that,” Darlene offered.

Sue looked at her with a questioning look. 

“I might need to make a few calls,” Darlene said.  “And if it’s all right with Sue…”


“Are you sure I look all right?”  Tiffany adjusted the wig on her head.  She was dressed in Flamestar’s yellow skintight costume and the wig approximated Flamestar’s hair length, going down past her butt.  The costume was much more modest than Heatwave’s, but she sort of got a thrill out of putting on big sister’s world-famous outfit.

“You look perfect,” Angie smiled.  “But are you sure you want to go through with this?  It’s not something I’m very comfortable with to tell you the truth.”  Her smile had waned as she began to worry about her little sister.

“I’m fine with it, and you should be too…there’s no harm in this and you guys deserve to not have your day spoiled, even if I can’t be there with you I still will be…in a way…” she smiled at her sister and the smile was returned.  “I’m a big girl now!” She put her hands on her hips and sashayed her firm breasts.

“Are you sure this is going to work?  I don’t look a thing like you,” Candi adjusted the hem of her skirt.  She wore a duplicate of Cosmic Girls costume and her black hair was styled identically to Darlene.

“I know, I’m much taller and have bigger boobs,” Darlene replied deadpan.

Candi shot her a dirty look and Darlene laughed.  “Don’t worry, you have a great bod, and no one will notice the difference.  I’m glad you could convince Trish to help us out.”  She helped straighten Candi’s mask.

“Hey it’s no problem,” Trish replied as Sue helped put the finishing touches on Trish’s Transparency Girl outfit.  Trish no longer wore her blond hair in a ponytail and it as curled and styled to Sue’s look now.  “Just glad to help out.  Candi tells me stories of how Darlene and the rest of you have sacrificed and fought for us all these times.  It’s no problem for me to return some of that.” She looked at herself in the mirror, almost a twin for Susan. “Outrageous!”

“I can’t believe you agreed to help us out,” Wanda was straightening the headdress on her double.

“That’s one of the privileges of rank,” officer Kimberly Maxwell smiled as slipped on Wanda’s spare outfit.  She too had a wig to replicate the length of Wanda’s long curled locks but otherwise she fit Into the Sorceress’ costume well.

“How do I look?”  She spun around once, the cape twirled around her shiny pink hosed legs.

“Perfect,” Wanda replied.  She was simply amazed at how similar Kimberly looked to herself.

“Are you sure about this?  I think I would be a better fit for Cosmic Girl or Sue,” Stacey asked.

“You need to be in contact with your own skin, and lets face it I have the skimpier of the costumes,” Shadow Lady admitted.  “Besides, your bust is bigger than anyone else’s and you have some big shoes to fill,” she adjusted the halter-top over Stacey’s boobs so that it sat correctly.

“No argument there,” Stacey mentally prepared herself.  “Are the holes in the gloves prepared?”  She slipped on the goggles Deidre gave her.  Her hair was moussed up and tussled in the fashion Dee favored.

“Yeah, you should have no problem with touching yourself,” Dee handed Stacey the gloves and she helped strap on the shadow beam taser projector. 

“I think the hardest thing will be for us to duplicate the hue you create anyway…” Dee finished up and walked over to where the rest of FF INC stood.  Across from them their five substitutes wore identical costumes and at first glance would have been unmistakable for the real thing.

“Okay, Kati I think its your turn,” Darlene had her hands on hips as she watched Kati pose each of the substitutes into positions replicating the poses of the destroyed statues. 

It was easy for Tiffany to get into position as Flamestar.  The tingle in her body was growing stronger and stronger as the moment of truth approached.  She wondered if Darlene was as excited for her as she was.  Her crotch was getting wet with excitement and she hoped it didn’t show through her skintight costume.

Candi had to duplicate Darlene’s difficult pose and she had the hardest time getting into her position and holding it.  Fortunately, her time spent as a figure model aided her in freezing her body in rather uncomfortable poses.  After numerous tries she got into a position Kati was satisfied with and proved able to hold it for a sufficient amount of time. 

Trish and Kimberly, on the other hand, had no problems approximating Sue and Wanda’s positions.  They quickly assumed their poses and looked positively graceful.  When all five were in position and perfectly posed, Kati gave the okay.

“I think that’s it,” she gave the motionless quintet the once over.  “Are you sure it will work though?”  She looked up at the control booth at the top of the barren room.  A strange device was pointed at the staging area in the center of the room and Dee was adjusting a rather unusual helmet on her head as she sat in the chair behind the gadget.

“Only one way to find out,” Deidre replied as she aimed the Mok’tn molecular transformer at the five women and activated the beam.  Bronze, she concentrated as the alien device’s emitter glowed and enveloped the bodies of the fill-in heroines.  One by one the formfitting costumes and sleek sexy bodies of four of the women altered as their natural colors and costuming faded and became replaced by a hard metallic bronze color.  Their bodies were fixed into immovable statuelike poses, as each became a perfect statue to replicate the destroyed FF INC monument.  Only Stacey remained unchanged, for as her own statue-transformation powers allowed her to replicate any type of sculpture materiel she was immune to other transformation devices and abilities doing the same to her.

Stacey blinked as she was now surrounded by a quartet of bronze statues, perfectly immobilized and rendered in cast bronze.  She smiled and looked to Kati, who was looking at the bronzed beauties with awe.

“This device is incredible!”  She looked at the statue of Trish ala Sue up close.  “I could never achieve the level of detail this device can do!”  She shook her head in disbelief.  And they are all perfectly okay?  No ill effects?” Kati touched Trish/Sue’s bronzed shoulder.  The model subject was now solid bronze!

“They’ll be fine when its time to revive them, but they’ll remain bronze statues until then.” Dee took off the helmet.  Now there’s just one more matter, she looked at Stacey.

“Can you remain in statue form for such an extended period of time?”  Sue asked, worried for the health of their living statue ally.  He arms were crossed over her breasts and she wore a concerned look.  Nearby, Flamestar had a similar expression for her now statuefied sister.  Tiffany was a metallic maiden, completely solid head-to-toe cast (or rather transfixed) bronze.

“I’ve never willingly remained in statue form for as long as your asking.  But I think I can do it” Stacey reassured Sue.  “I think you’ll have to work on Dee’s statue first though, so you can switch me out with the real thing as soon as you can.”

Darlene shot an interested look over to Stacey as she watched the motionless Tiffany out of the corner of her eye and bounced her attention to Candi, dressed as herself and perfectly preserved, and then to the other statued models.  Eye candy…she thought wistfully.  She would have given anything to be the one to be turned to bronze and placed on display in the plaza but there was no way she could have convinced Susan to let her stand in for herself.  A part of her did feel positively erotically charged though, seeing as Tiffany was now amongst the bronzed beauties, and three very attractive friends were also amongst the statued.  Maybe one day she would get the chance to be fountain pieced.

“No problem, I’m working on it as soon as the unveiling is over,” Kati had moved on to marvel at Kimberly and Candi’s bronzed forms.  Their bodies were gloriously sculpted in ways that could never be duplicated by hand. “This is simply amazing, she repeated…the things I could do with a machine like that…”

Stacey was getting into position amongst her fellow statues.  She slipped her fingers beneath the skimpy panty of Shadow Lady’s outfit and massaged her pussy.  Kati and Wanda blushed and Angie turned away, concerned for her sister, who had a smile on her bronzed face.  Angie looked at her immortalized sister, so willing to give of herself and become a bronze statue just to honor her heroic sister.  I’ll make it up for you someday, she promised.

Stacey was approaching climax, she gasped breathlessly and struggled to get back into position as she forced her fingers out of her panties.  Kati helped position Stacey’s arms as the sexy girl stiffened and her skin bronzed before the startled artist’s eyes.  Soft, tan skin darkened to the patina of a bronze sculpture.  Her hair, her body, everything except what she was wearing solidified.

“I stand corrected; THAT’S amazing,” Kati was awestruck at what she had witnessed. “She does this all the time?” Kati asked as she stared at the beautiful insta-statue.

“Only every night when she goes to sleep,” Darlene inspected Stacey’s bronzed bod.  She rapped her knuckles against Stacey’s shoulder gently.  “She’s solid,” Darlene announced in a satisfied tone to Kati’s incredulous look.

“She got pretty close to the others,” Dee put back on the helmet as she aimed the Mok’tn device at Stacey.  “Let’s see if I can match the outfit to the model.” The beam of alien energy once again lanced out and altered the unchanged Shadow Lady outfit that the bronzed Stacey wore and changed the costume elements to a suitably matching metallic substance.  Now the clothing was indistinguishable from the body beneath.  It was as if Stacey were dipped in bronze.

“Perfect, I couldn’t have done better myself,” Kati admired the five statues.  She stepped back a few steps to take in the whole tableaux.  The five women were the spitting image of her original statuary.  They were perfect duplicates, perhaps even better than her own work.  She would get many accolades for this masterpiece.

Darlene strode over in her short skirt, and flashed her white panties as she bent over and began hoisting the bronze figures on her shoulder, stacking them like cordwood.  “Now all we have to do is get them in position for the unveiling and we’re all set.”  She easily managed to get the five statues out of the doorway as Kati followed to arrange the setting for final unveiling.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re so honored to be here in the presence of these five young women, paramounts of beauty and grace, who have brought a new definition of heroism and fortitude, civic responsibility and social generosity…that all of us could never hope to, but are inspired, to follow.  How many times have we seen threats, demons of evil and lawlessness…scourges, to this fair city repelled by these wonderfully selfless role models?”  The Mayor was on a roll now; she was in an election year and heaped as much praise as she could onto the blushing guests of honor.

FFINC Plaza was full of well wishers, media and throngs of fans seemingly as far down the block as one could see. Numerous paparazzi were snapping tons of pictures of her honor with the heroines seated behind on the makeshift stage set up in the plaza outside of FF INC HQ. The small stage set up in the driveway outside of the building, just in front of the fountain and a velvet curtain draped over the statues that would honor FF INC.  The crowd roared its approval to every compliment the mayor issued.  The heroines waved to the crowd, some hoping this rather embarrassing avalanche of public sentiment would be over soon and others thoroughly enjoying the adulation.

It seemed as if the mayor would never stop speaking, but finally the unveiling time came.  Sue had reminded the others to act surprised when the statues were unveiled.  Seeing as how they had literally seen the creation of the statues from day one it would take some bit of acting on their part, but for the sake of the Mayor, crowd and media they would do their best.

“And so,” the Mayor intoned. “To…honor, to…immortalize, to…glorify our heroines in a most special way, on this, FF INC Day, I unveil…our gift, our heartfelt praise, our…gratitude, to the team,” she motioned with her hands in a grandstand way. The curtain was lifted away in a brisk and dramatic fashion to reveal the shapely statuesque five who stood in place, immobile and frozen as sculpture, for the heroines they personally revered.  The crowd ooohed as the lifelike statues were unveiled. 

The Mayor applauded, satisfied with the realistic likenesses of the heroines and gestured for Kati to come up on stage.  The videographers moved in to get close-ups of the statues and many, many flashbulbs went off, as the statues suddenly became the center of everyone’s attention.

Sue and the rest of FF INC held their breath, hoping no one would guess the truth that these were really living models changed into statuefied forms. As if anyone would, or could suspect such an outrageous notion.  Their fears, fortunately, were for naught as the attendees announced their approval of the new monument with wild cheering. Kati, standing by as the heroines rose to accept the gift, waved to the crowd and hoped when she completed the real statues a few weeks later no one would notice the difference in the statues too much.  She had quite a difficult job ahead of her in making her sculpture measure up to these exquisite figures.

The Mayor spoke again, waiting for the crowd noise to abate. “But this wonderful statue, a commission I worked long and hard to come to pass, is not the only honor…not the only reason, we have asked the fine heroines of FF INC to join us here on their day.

Sue raised an eyebrow as the Mayor began another long-winded speech.  What else did she have in mind for us?

“By unanimous agreement by the city council, the supervisors and of course, myself…From this day onward, this honored city, so gracious…so fortunate…so lucky, to have the protection of these magnificent role models…” The Mayor was really spreading it on thick.  “This city, will now and be hence and forever more known as…Fem City!”  She motioned for an group of aides, standing offstage so not to be noticed, to come forward.  They carried a large sign reading: Welcome to Fem City, home of Fem-Fantastique, Inc!

Sue blinked, her mouth dropped aghast.  Wanda shot Sue a shocked look and Darlene and Angie looked completely bewildered at this most unexpected development.  Deidre’s body went slack as the news settled in and the crowd applauded the decision. The heroines’ expressions eventually turned to glee as they recognized the amazing honor bestowed upon them.  They waved back at the audience in earnest with wide smiles as they all gave in to the moment.

As the audience surged forward for handshakes and autographs, Angie could only look to her statuesque stand-in and wish Tiffany could be here with her on this momentous day in flesh, rather than bronzed bod.  You’re the one who should be honored, she thought as she turned to the throng of admirers. be Continued in:    Gildy As Charged

Authors Note:  A long time in the works, this story sets the stage for the next group of stories. One of the reasons why I left the name of the city FF INC operated in unnamed was I could never figure out a suitable name, so I figured naming the city after the heroines would be a good idea, I just had to come up with a story to make sense of it.  The stand-in statues were an idea I had for a long time, but coming up with enough people to fill-in was a small problem and I had to introduce the supporting cast of Candi, Trish, etc before moving forward.

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