Fencing Some Artwork

by BigBird

The two soon-to-be combatants eyed each other coolly. The girls were long time rivals, although the statistics of their previous encounters would show that the red-haired Katrina held a small but significant lead over the blonde Jenna. Not that Jenna was to be underestimated, but in matches versus Katrina she lost ever so slightly more than she won. Jenna seemed to fair better under pressure than Katrina did, whenever the main competitions came around. Unfortunately for Jenna, the next major competition wasn’t for another 9 months.

“Oh my god,” said Katrina “Is that the same glove you used last year? You didn’t buy a new one?”

“Uh….. well…. there wasn’t really a need. It’s in fine condition, and I don’t get this stuff for free like you do. I actually have to pay for my own equipment because I don’t have a rich daddy who owns chains of clothing stores and gives me anything I want. Even if I did, I wouldn’t beg him to buy me everything in sight,” said Jenna.

“I never beg. They are gifts freely given. If I were you, I’d look into getting a new glove. That one is starting to smell. It smells like…….. well, it smells like you I guess.”

Irritated by her opponent, Jenna tried to change the subject. “Are we going to sit here chatting all day, or are we going to fight?”

“Eager to be defeated, are you? Want to get it over with?” Katrina’s smug smile played across her lips.

“No. I just feel like beating you and shutting that ugly face of yours.” Jenna snapped.

Jenna & Katrina eye each other“Is that so? Well if you’re so supremely confident that you will beat me, why don’t we put a little wager on this duel?”

“Ha, like you have any funds of your own without using any of your daddy’s money!”

“I wasn’t planning on betting money. As you know, we can apply special tips to our swords so that upon contact our swords freeze the victim in place instantly. The immobilization lasts 10 seconds and lets judges know who struck who where. Then the effect wears off and we prepare to fight for the next point. Well, I happen to have two very special tips that can immobilize a person for 6 months,” explained Katrina.

“Six months without moving? That’s impossible! How would one eat?”

“The victim doesn’t need to eat. Their metabolism stops because their body is turned into plastic. Don’t worry, you’ll retain full consciousness. You’ll just not be fighting anyone for 6 months,” said Katrina.

“What do you mean me? I’m the one who’s gonna win here,” said Jenna.

“So you agree to the terms? The winner is the first to score 5 hits. The loser, and be careful because you are a loser, spends the next 6 months as a plastic trophy for the winner,” said Katrina.



“We will start with standard 10 second immobilizers until you have scored 4 hits. Then you switch the immobilizer,” said Katrina as she applied the proper tip to her weapon.

The girls squared off, saluted, and fell into their ready stance.


Katrina lunged immediately. Jenna tried to backstep away while parrying, but wasn’t fast enough. Katrina’s sword touched Jenna, and the poor girl froze.

“That was rather quick don’t you think?” asked Katrina. Jenna couldn’t respond as she was paralyzed. She stood silently in her last off-balance pose, unable to do anything but wait for the effect to wear off. She didn’t like her pose. Caught in a retreat was not an intimidating or flattering position. The ten seconds with nothing to do seemed to last forever, but eventually wore off.

“Ready….. FIGHT”

Katrina lunged again. Same move as before, and Jenna should have been ready for it. Somehow Katrina’s blade beat her again, and she fell to the same fate. Paralyzed for 10 seconds, and forced to endure Katrina’s taunting.

“Fell for the same move twice?” laughed Katrina. “Jenna, I’m starting to think you WANT to be my plastic trophy.” The blonde mentally berated herself for letting her guard slip. She should have been able to stop this second attack. She should have landed a riposte and Katrina should be the helpless victim, not her!

“You know Jenna, that totally makes sense that you want to be my plastic trophy. It all relates to your obsession with my father’s business. So guess what I’ve decided? Oh, right, you can’t move so you can’t respond. I’ll just tell you then. I’ve decided that I’m going to put you up as a mannequin on display in one of my father’s stores. You’ll finally get to wear nice clothes!”

Jenna’s freeze wore off, and the girls squared off again.

“Ready…… FIGHT”

Katrina lunged a third time. Same move that she’d used twice before, but a different outcome. Jenna managed to block and riposte. Katrina froze in place.

“Really Katrina, the same move THREE times?” Jenna chided. Katrina didn’t mind. She was up 2 – 1, and the immobilization was turning her on. “This must be what Jenna felt, and is going to feel for a very long time,” Katrina thought to herself. The loss of control felt good, so long as it was limited to 10 seconds. No wonder Jenna let herself be struck on point 2! Not a wise move though, since losing this match would mean a freezing that’s much too long.

The effect wore off. “Ready….. FIGHT”

Katrina didn’t think, she just acted. She ended up performing the same lunge attack and Jenna was prepared for it. Before she knew what was happening, she found she couldn’t move.

“Kat, I’m starting to wonder if YOU want to be put on display in the store,” Jenna boasted. “You obviously spend a lot of time there normally. It’ll just be in a different capacity. One where you’re hard-frozen, just like now.”

“Damn it,” thought Katrina. “Gotta focus. I’m acting as bad as blondie. At least I’m in an aggressive pose.”

“I realize you’re not one YET,” Jenna gloated over her stiffened opponent, “But will the plastic trophy effect shrink you down in size. You’re kinda big to put on a bookshelf.”

There was a long silence as Jenna’s words lingered in the air around the poor frozen redhead. The paralysis finally wore off and Katrina could respond. “No, it’s more of a mannequinizer. You’ll end up with all the standard separation points and look every bit the part for your role in daddy’s business.”

The bout continued from 2 –2 up to 4 – 3 in favor of Katrina. The redhead switched the tip of her sword with the 6-month mannequinizer. “Well Jenna, looks like you’re about to get your wish. One touch of this and you’ll be prepped for a half a year in one of my daddy’s sports wear stores. I was originally going to put you in with the fencing equipment, but I think you’ll look better in the swimwear. There’s a bunch of bikini’s that needs to be displayed properly, and I think you have the butt to do it.”

Jenna’s eyes widened. “What? You can’t be serious! You’d put me on display wearing nothing but a bikini?”

“Thong bikini,” Katrina corrected. She had saved this taunt for the end, knowing that it would throw Jenna off. Her fate was all but sealed. “For 6 months. The only question remaining is do you look better in black or red?” Katrina laughed.

Jenna couldn’t find words. She had just assumed that the loser, whoever that would be, would keep their clothing. Not be stripped to next to nothing.


Jenna’s attack came fast. Katrina barely saw it, but finding herself paralyzed confirmed that Jenna had landed a hit. Now it was Katrina’s turn to worry. The girls were tied 4 – 4, but there was something about being frozen this time that wasn’t sitting well with the redhead. Being unable to move and silently watching her opponent switch her sword tip to the mannequinizer was a chilling experience. Thoughts of being stuck in her pose for months crept into Katrina’s head. She struggled to move to help force away such thoughts, but her body was locked in place. She was helpless to do anything but watch Jenna approach her with the new sword tip.

“I have half a mind to stab you right now,” Jenna waved her sword over her helpless opponent. “I used to think you were just arrogant, but it are one cruel bitch.”

Katrina panicked and fumed at the same time. The dancing sword tip and the premise of being a mannequin scared Katrina to no end. But it was Jenna who deserved that fate. It should be Jenna who feels this immobility. Fuck, being a mannequin would be an improvement for Jenna’s life and wardrobe. She’s a submissive girl, she’d probably even like it!

But Jenna held her sword and did not strike the held girl. She waited for Katrina to resume normal movement.


Katrina attacked, Jenna parried, riposte, parry, counter-riposte, parry, counter-counter-riposte and then.. contact. The fight was over, and Jenna saluted her opponent. Katrina just stood there in her pose right before the final hit. Jenna walked over to the redhead and pulled off her mask.

“That was a good fight. I suppose the best girl won. No hard feelings….. although you’re looking a little hard yourself. Oh wait, that’s because your skin is turning to plastic!” Jenna gloated.

Katrina wanted to scream, but she couldn’t move. She was held in the same position as when Jenna’s last touch fell. Katrina’s legs where in the standard stance, her sword was slightly low from where her guard had fallen. Her eyes were locked in the same downward gaze as when they were following Jenna’s sword. Katrina’s skin was rapidly turning to plastic. The limberness that a finesse fighter needs was replaced with rigid plastic. The stiffness was a mockery of her athletic ability, and her new mannequin body was a mockery of her real one.

“A mannequin figure. I’m a mannequin,” came Katrina’s defeated thoughts. “I’m going to be trapped like this for six months. She can do anything to me and I can’t stop her! I just know that little bitch is going to keep me in her bedroom for half a year!”

“I still can’t get over that you were going to dress me in a thong bikini,” Jenna said. “There I was thinking it was a private bet and kept privately. However, since you wanted me displayed in public, stripped I might add, I can safely assume that you would want the same treatment for yourself.”

“What are you going to do to me!?!?” thought Katrina as Jenna started to unzip the mannequin’s dueling outfit. This was taking on a much darker twist as Katrina’s clothing dropped to the floor. She was left in her underwear and stockings.

“There. Now you’re as equally covered as the swimwear you had planned for me. I’m sure you must like it. After all, it’s what you chose yourself to wear today. Now all that’s left is what to do with you,” mused Jenna.

“You can’t be planning on giving me to my daddy!” Katrina mentally screamed. “He’ll recognize me, restore me and then there will be hell to pay! I’m going to get you for this, Jenna! Act smug all you want now, but there’s no store you can put me without my daddy finding me! I’m going to get out of this early! You can’t publicly display me in any…. hey, what are you doing with that camera?”

“I don’t have any family connections to any stores but I know just how to put you to use, my little mannequin. I need to create something interesting for my visual arts class, and you’re going to help me,” explained Jenna as she set up the camera on a tripod.

Katrina turns to plastic

She began undressing herself. “I’m studying how our culture places beauty on a superhuman level. How magazines photoedit pictures of supermodels – already the most gorgeous women on the planet – to look even better. Therefore our culture prizes fake beauty over natural beauty. Fake beauty, plastic surgery and doctored images have defeated the natural look at set the bar at an unattainable level. I need to make art that states that visually.”

The auto-timer on the camera ticked down and snapped a picture.

“I’ll need some photos of us so that I can get the pose right. I think that if people know what you were fencing, they can see your pose, but I think I can position myself to get this right for the image that I’m going for. Once that’s done, I’ll submit both the photos and you to an art gallery. I may even do live mannequin posing with you at various functions. Although it’s not in a store, you’ll get to be on display just like you want!”


Katrina was horrified. Jenna really was going to make her a plaything rather than a trophy. Kat’s dad hated modern art. If she was put in an art gallery and not a store, her daddy would never find her. Katrina would be trapped as a mannequin for the full 6-month duration! Jenna’s art project sounded solid. She’s probably garner a lot of viewers who would all see Katrina in her underwear. She had no way out! The pictures would also serve a public reminder of this for the rest of her life.


Jenna just kept posing, the camera just kept clicking and there was nothing the mannequin could do about it.


The End?

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