For Them

by Muscleborg

            Jason’s life sucked. He had no money so he lost his house and stuff that morning and had lost his job that day. He walked around the city in his work clothes looking for somewhere abandoned to stay. After looking around Dallas for a couple of hours, he finally decided to take refuge in an old abandoned factory on the outskirts of Dallas. He walked up to the face of the factory and pushed on the door expecting it to be locked, but it flew right open. He walked in and closed the door quietly and turned around to see what was in the factory.

            The first thing he thought was, “What the?

            Inside the factory, there were about 100 women standing in a crowd. Naked. Jason felt himself stiffen as he walked closer to the females. As he got closer, he noticed that they weren’t human. There skin was some kind of blue transparent plastic and you could see bits of machinery underneath it. They also had a coat of silver metal on their breast, stomachs, and crotches. They all were exactly the same, with millions of silver fibers coming from their scalp to make a full head of silver hair that went a little past their shoulders. He felt one of the blue plastic skins that was was as soft as real human skin. He started to rub towards her silver breast to find that the metal was soft and the breast felt natural. He worked his way to her silver stomach and finally was rubbing her crotch vigorously. He finally penetrated with his finger when a low humming noise started. He looked up at the face of his one female and looked at her eyes. They had been black until now, when they started to glow a bright light. The other Females began doing the same thing like a chain reaction. He began to run to the door when a female voice came from the back of the crowd saying,

            “Get Him!” The Female he had rubbed and the one next to her starting running after Jason, who reached the door only to find it locked.

            “Crap!” He thought as the females grabbed him and began dragging him to the crowd. The sea of robots parted in half as the robots holding Jason dragged him forward to the one female that called for his capture. She looked like the leader because she was taller than the rest and was the only one clothed. She had a simple black gown that ran down to her ankles. The two females that were holding stopped in front of their leader and straightened Jason’s body, allowing no movement. He looked at the sea of robots to see they each had a number on their sternum. The ones who were holding him were 39 & 40.

            “He is here,” said 39, the one he had rubbed. The leader walked up to Jason and looked at him. She rubbed his chest and back and face, before heading down to his butt. Finally, she began to rub his member, which was rock-hard, before saying to the rest of them, “He has passed.” The two females released him and he gained his balance just as the leader began to speak to Jason.

            “Hello. We are the F-bots. We were built just like human females for one purpose. Sex. Our creator built us and placed us here in his factory. He told us that once we had found one male member of our league, we could head to the colony he has prepared for us androids on the moon. We were to find one human male and roboticize him, as our mate, for all 100 of us so we could populate our waiting colony. You have passed our test. If you volunteer, we will make you the first sex android, male model. If you decline, you will leave this place with no memory of us.”

            Jason tried to take in all this info and found it surprisingly easy.  “So, if I go with you, I’ll be allowed to have sex with all of you as much as I want?” he asked.

            “Not only that,” They’re leader continued, “But you’ll be a hero as the father of our entire colony. What is your answer?”

            Jason thought about this for a surprisingly short time and finally agreed. The F-bots all smiled.

            “Good, now Prepare for the first stage. F-39, strip him.”

            The F-bot he rubbed walked in front of him and whispered,  “You’re a good rubber.” And she began. She took off his shoes and socks and began to untie his tie. She unbuttoned his shirt and undershirt, leaving his chest and back bare. He was never fat nor muscular, just an average scrawny torso. “Don’t worry,” she whispered in his ear again, “we’ll take care of that.” Then she began to remove his pants. Finally with just his briefs, she took them off with her mouth, revealing his stiff member.

            She looked at it excitedly, but then the leader said,  “Not yet, F- 39. Begin the shaving.”

            Six other F-bots came out of the crowd. A small vibrating blade came out of each of their index fingers, and they began. One began cutting his hair on his head while another began on his chest and back. Two other one began shaving all the hair off his arms and armpits, leaving them bald. Two others began shaving his legs while F-39 shaved his butt and then shaved his crotch. Soon his body was bald and they all receded into the crowd. He felt all over his bald body and loved it.  He felt his head and felt it wasn’t completely bald, but he had a buzz-cut-like style.

            “Begin the next stage.” The leader continued. 3 different F-bots came out of the crowd. Two of them walked up to his chest and bit his nipples lightly. Jason didn’t think this hurt at all and he kind of enjoyed it. The last F-bot wrapped her mouth around his stiff penis and He felt their mouths vibrate and felt a warm sensation flow into his body. After 3 minutes of this they also receded into the crowd and Jason felt his body changing. He felt as his pecs began to bulge out and his biceps and triceps began to grow. He felt his legs fill with muscle as his anus began tightening kike steel. Ripples began forming on his stomach and soon he had a washboard stomach. Finally, he looked down at his cock. It began to grow in size as his balls grew too. His erection, which had always curved slightly up, became perfectly straight and grew to 9 inches! He felt a sensation in his penis and his erection became permanent. He stopped changing and looked at himself. He looked like on of those bodybuilders on TV, except he was naked and bald.

            “Now, for the final stage.” The F-bot leader said. The floor opened up and a large silver pyramid, about the size of a Hummer, came up, wires protruding from it and into the floor. The front had a door that opened up and Jason walked toward it before turning around and looking at the group. They all had a hopeful look on their face and Jason was happy about what he was doing and stepped in and faced the door, ready for anything. The door closed and the inside turned pitch black with a few lights on the sides. A large overhead light shined on Jason and he felt his body lock up, and it began. Thousands of ant-sized microchips flew from the walls and on to his skin, sinking half-way through. The stuck to every curve and detail, even his penis, and soon they covered him up completely. Then a layer of blue plastic skin submerged his original body and became his new skin. The silver metal layer came and covered his pecs, abs, and crotch, keeping every muscular detail. His eyes became glowing white and the physical transformation stopped.

            Jason felt great as suddenly a metal pole inserted itself up his crack and began to reprogram him. Jason thought the metal pole felt great when suddenly a new wave of data flowed into his brain. His name was no longer Jason. He was now M-1 or “Male #1” He was programmed to have sexual activity with F-models. He would go in numerical order starting with F-1. M-1 received his programming and the metal pole receded and he was complete. He was able to move again and he stepped out, and looked at his female counterparts.

            “M-1 is fully functional” All systems operational and purpose programmed.” M-1 said in a deep robotic voice.

            “Good, now let’s get to the ship and you can begin to fulfill your programming.” The leader said as an enormous elevator came out of the floor. They all loaded into it and it brought them down to a gleaming silver ship. They all got in and headed to their posts while F-39 showed M-1 to his room. It was large with a padded floor, a couch, chair, and a two tall urinal-shaped devices on the wall.

            “Wait until we lift off, then your programming will tell you what to do next,” she said and she walked off.

            M-1 sat in his chair and soon heard the engines roar and felt the ship fly away. He accessed his programming and he was first to go through a cleaning cycle. He walked up in front of the two urinals that were side against side. He walked up to one and inserted his robotic penis into a hole and felt the other urinal swing in on a hinge and close against the first one, encasing all of his body except his head. They vibrated and cleaned his exterior then linked him to the ship’s microphones so he could call his females.

            “F-1. F-1. Please report to M-1’s quarters,” he said. He stepped out of the urinals and layed down on his bed waiting. A few minutes later, the door opened up and M-1 was surprised to see the leader of the F-bots walk in, pulling off her dress to show a 1 on her sternum.

            She stripped entirely than pounced on top of him on the bed and said, “Commence programming.”

            “Commence programming” M-1 replied as he felt his member slide into her…


Anyone - feel free to make a sequel!

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