Tales from the Tuckerverse

Fractured Time

by Zero


Joanna Hall, Decker State College, Malibu, California

            Sandy Vanholt pressed the F5 key on her laptop for a third time, waiting in anticipation to see her bank balance update. It was nine in the morning, so Sandy was hoping the transfer she'd arranged the day before would finally go through, solving her financial woes. Sandy's finances were down to below six digits for the first time ever, her father's assets were still tied up in the legal proceedings and thus her main source of income shut down. Prior to some recent good fortune, Sandy had managed to pay for her student apartment through until her graduation and more or less stopped buying new clothes, but her spending habits had been catching up with her. Now, however, Sandy had the Durga Hourglass and had been using it over the past few days to change things around. She had already purchased a new home and moved all her belongings out of her apartment and into the mansion she had waiting; yesterday she'd visited a Gold Standard bank and made what would hopefully be the last transfer she'd need to make for a while.

            The blonde yawned and stretched, wearing a full-length tan London Fog trench coat, though she'd taken off her Burberry scarf since coming inside. Underneath the jacket Sandy had on a pair of tight black Capri pants and a white tank top, stiletto heels on her feet and her hair back in a ponytail. It had been a few days since Sandy had surprised her would-be lover Michelle with a face full of Transmoxide and turned her – as well as Kelli McAdams and Adora Morales – into her personal love slaves. The rush still hadn't left Sandy's veins. After longing for so long to be able to stop time, Sandy now had the means, which meant she could stop being careful about who she froze when and for how long. The one thing Sandy would watch out for was law enforcement, she having learned her lesson from her adventure with Erika Stone back in 2007.

            Pressing the F5 key once more, Sandy finally saw the change she'd been waiting for and smiled. Several transfers of a bit less than a hundred thousand dollars each had just been completed, leaving Sandy with nearly seven figures. More transfers like these were set to start over the next month, which would soon leave Sandy financially solvent enough to do whatever she wanted. No sooner than did Sandy close her laptop however, than an unexpected surprise showed up.

            “We need to talk,” announced Kat Vaughn, sitting down across from Sandy, much to her surprise. Sandy was familiar with the popular soccer captain but couldn't recall off the top of her head any interactions with her, at least any ones where Kat had been mobile. Kat had her hair in a ponytail that looped around and was wearing an orange tank top with the school logo; Sandy caught a glimpse that she had jeans on below the waist before she sat. Hovering not far away playing on her phone was Mel Donavan, the Lady Raptors A-squad goal keeper, whom Sandy had just frozen overnight a few days ago to play around with. Mel, like Kat, was clad a in a tank top, but hers was winter camouflage and she had on red shorts that covered next to none of her thighs, meaning her many tattoos were effectively all visible. Sandy had mostly ignored Mel until she'd started bleaching her hair entirely blonde.

            “We do?” asked Sandy, her surprise fairly genuine.

            “Cut the crap, I know it was you who stuffed us in the closet at the team meeting,” declared Kat, giving Sandy an icy glare.

            “What the hell are you blathering about?” demanded Sandy, again not faking her doubt.

            “Oh come on; there's also the time you froze the cheerleaders in the sauna,” pointed out Kat, and this time Sandy did know what she meant. Sandy vaguely remembered Kat showing up during the Scooby Gang's investigation into the cheerleading squad but wasn't aware Kat knew what had happened.

            “I didn't do that,” fibbed Sandy, though Michelle had done some of that prank, too.

            “And the time in my dorm room when those two hours just seemed to vanish?” continued Kat, clearly not buying anything that Sandy was saying. “Look: I don't know what your game is, but I am sick of this crap you’re up to. You pull one more stunt; well, let’s just say you'll be in for a big surprise...”

            As Kat abruptly stood up and walked back towards Mel, Sandy rolled her eyes and tried to suppress a laugh. Kat Vaughn, a nobody, had just threatened her, which was just adorable in her eyes. “I've always wanted my own soccer team,” whispered Sandy to herself, reaching into her laptop case and pulling out the Durga Hourglass, promptly inverting it.

            The library had already been fairly quiet but when Sandy used the magic hourglass it became totally silent, with all time freezing instantly, turning the world into a still life. Mel was looking up from her phone at Kat, who was only a couple of steps away and gesturing towards the Irish girl with her right hand while her left was held at her side. Stretching, Sandy packed away her computer and collected her hourglass, careful not to invert it again as she walked past Kat and Mel, focusing on someone else.

            Librarian Flora Wade, a cute enough redhead in her mid-thirties, stood frozen pushing an empty book cart, having moments before time stopped removed the last volume from its shelf. The woman was staring straight ahead, her hands gripping the cart handle, and she looked lost in thought. Flora was wearing a beige sweater with a green collar visible underneath, navy pants on her legs and a pair of comfortable flat purple shoes on her feet. “Gaudy, gaudy, gaudy,” commented Sandy, inspecting Flora and admiring her C-cup breasts as well as her nice golden red shade of hair color, but little else about her appearance. Reaching over, Sandy pried the handle from Flora's frozen fingers, though the action did cause the librarian to fall backwards unchecked with nothing to counter the way she was leaning as she hit the floor.

            “Oh I'm sorry,” apologized Sandy sarcastically, not bothering to help the frozen woman up. Instead she wheeled the cart over to the frozen soccer players. Placing her laptop case and hourglass on the bottom shelf of the two-shelf cart, Sandy took a moment to pull a couple of Type-7 Chips from her bag. The chips were placed on the necks of Mel and Kat, but Sandy didn't want to rely on them, just to have them there as a way of control for the moment if needed. Mel was placed flat on the cart, Sandy having some fun reposing the Irish goalie as she had seen the blonde naked before, freezing her at least twice in the past. Kat was next, being placed put on top of Mel but perpendicular instead of parallel to Mel and laying on her chest so her arms and legs could effectively hang over the sides of the cart.

            With the players in place, Sandy quietly wheeled them outside, passing a few more frozen students and faculty members that, on another day, Sandy might collect, but she was starting slowly at the moment, trying to keep her collection under control. Michelle had already left several women frozen into mannequins at the Balfour Boutique and Sandy had elected to keep them there for the moment; instead she was making a new collection at her new place, at least for the moment. Sandy smiled at the idea of adding to her collection as she arrived outside at her car, her silver Mercedes-Benz CLK55.

            Unlocking the car’s doors was no problem, since Sandy had her key, but starting a frozen car was problematic. Sandy did plan to stop time once she was on the road, simply to draw as little attention to herself as possible, but she needed to unfreeze time and get into the car, then freeze time again with the hourglass on the dashboard to ensure the car would start. Kat and Mel were each unloaded into the back seat, their belongings stashed by their feet, and after Sandy returned the cart to the library entrance she hurried back, taking a moment to invert her hourglass on the way.

            The chips kept Mel and Kat frozen even after time resumed; what little Sandy knew about programming them resulting in the immobilize setting since that's how she preferred to use them most of the time. Problem was that as Sandy returned to her car to drive away, someone suddenly approached her. “Excuse me, is that Julie Vaughn in there?” asked a voice; Sandy turned towards it. An attractive woman who looked Latina had appeared beside Sandy, a one strap book bag resting on her right shoulder, her hair in a looped ponytail, she had green eyes and a bright smile on her face. Sandy saw large silver loop earrings, a white blouse and a black skirt suit. Black leather stiletto heels were on her feet, the outfit made the young-looking woman seem a bit slutty and at the same time a bit bookish.

            “Why do you ask?” questioned Sandy, positioning herself so the hourglass could easily be inverted on the hood of her car. While her main fetish was blondes, particularly older blondes, Sandy did have a thing for pretty much all women; at the moment she didn't have anyone like the one in front of her.

            “Oh sorry, I'm Genesis Salazar, I was looking into cheerleading?” explained the young woman, offering a bright smile as she extended her left hand, her right holding her bag over her shoulder. The look was too perfect; Sandy couldn't resist, and she immediately stopped time on the spot, locking Genesis into her pose.

            “Okay cutie, let me see here,” muttered Sandy, trying not to jump around as she circled the frozen young woman and raided her bag for an ID. “Okay... Freshman, Venezuelan... Double major in Biology and Engineering! Well, you are going to make a cute little statue!” Sandy said little but she herself was only around five-four, Genesis looking to have half an inch on her. Opening up her passenger-side door, Sandy slid Genesis inside, buckling her in and not daring to touch the cute full-tooth smile she was sporting.

            “Okay ladies, let’s take you to your new home,” announced Sandy as she got into the driver's seat after collecting the hourglass, starting the unfrozen car.

* * *

            Sandy had gone back and forth about where she would move to if she could stop time, for a while wondering about taking over Erika Stone's loft, but eventually settled on someone with a mansion, one decently isolated and away from crowded areas. In east Malibu, near Tuna Canyon Park, Sandy had found the perfect celebrity mansion; one not too big and decently isolated, plus so far she'd only encountered a couple of staff members. The mansion Sandy was pulling up to, with time frozen, belonged to Cammie Domingo.

            The place had a remote-controlled gate that Sandy had given herself access to, though it meant she'd have to unfreeze time. Luckily, Sandy had stashed a third chip in her car and used it on Genesis before inverting the hourglass, unfreezing time and allowing the large black iron gates to swing open as the remote was triggered. They opened into a small parking area, circular in shape with access to a three-door garage; all three spots were currently filled so Sandy parked to one side.

            Gathering her things, Sandy then took the time to carefully remove Genesis from the car personally, not wanting to lose her smile, but then she focused on Mel and Kat. “Mel, Kat, come out of the car and follow me,” ordered Sandy; the two blondes obeyed as commanded. With Genesis on her right shoulder, Sandy led the two soccer players through the large oak double doors that opened into the mansion’s foyer.

            The lobby of the mansion was covered in white tile while the walls were decorated with gold wallpaper; two red couches had been placed nearby while a grand staircase rested not far away, leading up to the mansion's second floor. There were doors past the stairs and more on other side of them, the foyer having a large chandelier hanging from above decorated with various precious gems, though they appeared to mostly be rubies.

            Sandy put Genesis down directly to her right, where Sandy had previously set up a large bar stool with a pair of bowls on top. In front of Sandy's group were three women that stood rigid and naked, frozen in various poses. First was Sandy's would-be lover Michelle Gim, who had her hands together and looked sad; her mouth was hanging open and her hair down. Next to Michelle was Adora Morales, Erika Stone's former assistant, who held her hands up as if to warn someone and she also looked sad, her mouth hanging agape and her hair down. Finally, there was Kelli McAdams, who was posed with her right hand on her hip while her left was gesturing in front of her, a wry look was held on her face with her lips slightly parted. All three women Sandy had controlled thanks to a combination of basic hypnosis and a powerful drug called Transmoxide, whose properties could make even the most pathetic of hypnotic attempts work, provided the person they were used on was even remotely accepting to hypnosis. Transmoxide wouldn't suspend a person's bodily functions however, and Sandy didn't want to feed her love slaves too much, so she had hit upon the routine of freezing them with Type-7 before leaving the mansion and unfreezing them when she got home, if she needed them for anything. Otherwise, they would stay immobilized living sculptures.

            “Welcome to your new home, ladies,” announced Sandy, reaching into the red bowl on the stool, the other one being green, and pulling out a handful of powder that she promptly blew at Genesis, Kat, and Mel in turn. It seemingly had no effect since all three women were wearing chips, which Sandy then removed. The trio remained frozen in place, Mel and Kat standing at attention, each having just been given a powdered overdose of Type-7.

            “Okay, you get to have a special job,” declared Sandy, focusing on Genesis. The Venezuelan was dragged over to the nearby couch and laid down on her back; the stripping then began. Genesis was soon revealed to have a perfectly uniform skin tone, Sandy not finding any imperfections, and she was pleased to see the young woman liked pink nail polish for her cute feet. Genesis's crotch wasn't the most prim but from what Sandy had picked up she seemed a bit bookish so she figured the girl didn't go too intense with her self-beauty treatments. Standing Genesis back up, Sandy placed her next to the stool, positioning her hands up at chest level with her palms flat, and carefully placed one bowl in each hand.

            “Much better, beats a crummy stool,” nodded Sandy, admiring her new powder station. Sandy then took another handful of green powder and blew it into the faces of her three frozen slaves.

            “Goddess!” all three slaves exclaimed at once, wrapping their arms around Sandy. Sandy had Adora around her shoulders, Kelli around her waist and Michelle clinging around her legs, but it was Adora she hugged back.

            “Michelle, control yourself; I need you to go to the Laptop Room and get me the home address of Kat Vaughn,” ordered Sandy. “Remain there after you've found it. Kelli, I need you to get me the home address of Kat Vaughn's sister, who I believe is on the cheerleader squad. Use the Laptop Room and wait for me there when you're done.” The blonde and the brunette quickly stood and shuffled out of the room in response to their orders.

            “Goddess, that leaves us alone...” whispered Adora, moving to kiss Sandy’s neck and stroke her body. “Perhaps you could get out of those clothes...”

            “No Adora, I need you to take the blonde with the longer hair upstairs, put her clothes in the Fashion Room, and then pose her on the stairs for me,” commanded Sandy, nonetheless giving the Latina a brief kiss back. “When that's done I want you to start waxing the woman who is holding the bowls. Wait here when that's done.”

            “I obey, my Goddess,” confirmed Adora, reluctantly letting go of Sandy and moving to pick up Kat. Mel was left alone, which was what Sandy wanted as she has special plans for the Irish goalie. Mel had a lot of muscle but was still light enough for Sandy to turn her sideways and carry her that way, while Adora had elected to put Kat over her shoulder. The two women proceeded upstairs, passing some of Sandy's other prized members of her collection as she went.

            For the first two days after attaining the hourglass, Sandy had focused on securing a new residence. Cammie Domingo seemed perfect for Sandy, at least in terms of her luxurious house, which was better defined as a ‘mansion’; so she'd gone there and chipped her, getting her to fire all of her staff and cancel any movie projects. When all was said and done, only Cammie and two other of her female staff had remained and now those three all decorated the staircase leading upstairs. First up on Kat's left was Cammie, naked like the rest, who stood leaning against the railing, grasping it with her right hand, her head tilted forward and sultry smile on her face; her left hand rested on her hip and twisted slightly inwards while her legs were crossed below the knee, her hair down. Across from Cammie was her personal assistant Jaime Pascal, who happened to be the same age as the actress; she possessed black pair spilling down past her shoulders and framing what Sandy thought were classic Italian features. Jamie's pose mirrored Cammie's; Sandy found her sharp features to perfectly compliment the actress's. The third woman was up at the top of the stairs; she was aged just over forty, a voluptuous, full-lipped blonde with striking blue eyes and the well-defined physique that spoke of frequent work-outs. This living statue was leaning against the top of the banister with her rear end touching it, her arms crossed and a neutral look on her face, golden hair coming down just over her left eye. The fit woman was Jan Armstrong, Cammie's bodyguard, whom Sandy thought had done a pretty lousy job of protecting her client...

            On the third day Sandy had focused on finances and headed to one of the family chain of Gold Standard banks, chipping a blue-eyed general manager named Rue Garden who was in her early forties. After being commanded, Rue had arranged the transfers Sandy had been waiting for in the library, after which the blonde had decided to keep the woman as part of her collection; she might need a banker again in the future, after all. Rue had fair skin and dark brown hair, and like Jaime was posed to mirror the woman across from her. Kat would go below Cammie; the soccer player would actually be the first woman Sandy had placed in the house as a statue on the stairs who was under the age of thirty-five.

            Moving past the stairs, Sandy ignored the Fashion Room, her nickname for Cammie's walk-in wardrobe that was also where she was stashing any clothing she stole, and instead headed for the Slave Room, which was where she had stashed her supply of Transmoxide as well as a TV set show to the hypnotic induction video she'd used on her slaves. Mel, Sandy hoped, would be the newest member of the group.

            The flat-screen on the wall in the small room, which Sandy figured was originally some kind of private movie library room due to its wall full of DVDs and Blu-Rays, was constantly playing the video and on a coffee table in front of an expensive-looking lounger sat a bowl of Transmoxide and duct tape as well as some Type-7 and counter-agent, both also in powder form since Sandy was really starting to love powders. Sandy had a great deal of fun placing Mel the chair, stripping her as she worked and revealing her extensive tattoos; the 'Irish Luck' one on her left shoulder being one of Sandy's favorites. After stripping the goalie, Sandy duct taped Mel to the chair, using up a quarter of a roll. Finished, Sandy grabbed the counter-agent and Transmoxide and positioned herself behind Mel.

            “What the hell is going on?!” demanded Mel after she unfroze, only to immediately get a dose of Transmoxide shoved in her face. “Argh, what, is that, Cocaine?! The fuck is...” Mel seemed to trail off for a moment, looking at the TV. “What the... Is this some kind of hypnosis thing? I went to like five shows, girlie, this crap's never worked on me.”

            “Well, there's a first time for everything,” purred Sandy, moving down next to Mel so the trapped girl saw her.

            “You!” gasped Mel, trying to break free of her bonds. “You bitch! Kat was right about you! Where is she?!”

            “Being a lovely statue on my staircase, but I have something a bit more fun in mind for you,” cooed Sandy, touching Mel's bare breast.

            “The hell you do!” spat Mel, but her eyes kept being drawn to the video. “This... shite... will... never...” Mel's eyes glazed over as her face started to go slack, her eyes then fluttered closed.

            “Strong will you've got there,” noted Sandy sarcastically, patting Mel's shoulders. “Okay Mel, when I say the command word 'freeze', you will completely freeze in place, unable to think, move or talk; you will stand rigidly as if frozen in time. When I say the word 'unfreeze' you will come out of your frozen state, unaware of anything that may have happened while you were frozen. When I say 'sleep' you will become as you are now: in a deep hypnotic trance, limp, dreaming, and open to further instructions. When I say 'awaken' you will wake up from your sleep and think nothing of it. If I speak your name before these commands, they will affect only you. When you wake up, you will want to obey my every command out of a great and constant love for me. You will have always been in love with me and always eager to please me, no matter what, with no feelings of jealousy. You will be agreeable and receptive with whatever I tell you to do; all you can think about is that I told you to do it, and doing it will make me very happy, so that will also make you happy. You will call me 'goddess' from now on and, unless I tell you otherwise, be unable to keep your hands off of me.”

            Sandy stepped back, unable to contain her glee at adapting the Irish girl to be her new slave. “After I finish counting down from three to zero, you will awaken and obey all the instructions you were given. Three... two... one... zero.” At the word 'zero', Mel's eyes fluttered open.

            “Goddess, I... What the hell did I just say?!” exclaimed Mel, causing Sandy to frown. “Wait, did you just hypnotize me?! How?!”

            “Curious,” muttered Sandy, deciding to risk it and remove Mel's bonds, though she grabbed a handful of Type-7 powder as the last of tape was released.

            Mel stood up and turned to Sandy, looking ready to punch her for a moment before instead starting to delicately touch her body. “I.. ugh, want you...” gasped out Mel, shaking with anger as she obeyed the compulsion to be unable to keep her hands off of Sandy. “Goddess... I can't stop. This is... horrible.”

            “Freeze,” commanded Sandy, and Mel did so instantly, stiffening with her hands on Sandy's boobs and disgust on her face. To Sandy's surprise, Mel then blinked and her lips twitched.

            “Can't... Move...” muttered the Irish girl, struggling to overcome the commands; her will was indeed strong, in fact too strong for the Transmoxide to make her fully susceptible to forced hypnosis like it should have.

            “Fascinating, so this is what it's like when someone resists,” observed Sandy, shaking her head. “Well, I wanted you to become one of my special little love slaves, but if you're going to be all like this, I'll just make you into a statue. Fair, right?”

            “Noo-” began Mel, only to be cut off as Sandy casually blew Type-7 into her face, freezing her properly.

            “Oh, let’s fix that nasty scowl you're sporting,” suggested Sandy, touching Mel's face and shifting her countenance to a sweet smile. “Well, I wanted a slave, but I guess I got another statue... Shame though, almost out of Transmoxide.” Sandy did consider trying the drug on Kat for a moment but elected not to, instead deciding to see how much more she could get from her source before trying it on anyone else. Accepting the loss, Sandy hoisted Mel up onto her shoulder and carried her out of the Slave Room.

            Arriving back at the stairs, Sandy found Kat seated below Cammie, her forearms resting on spread knees, placing her nice-looking crotch was on full display. Kat's head was tilted forward slightly and she had a cute smile on her face. Liking that she had women on both sides of the stairs mirroring each other, Sandy did the same with Mel, pleased to see that both soccer players were even about equally groomed down below. Once Mel was in place, Sandy then took a moment to admire the little work of art she'd made before heading the rest of the way downstairs, looking for the Laptop Room and ignoring Adora as she got to work waxing Genesis.

            The Laptop Room had actually been some kind of small conference room, having two projector screens, a small desk at one end with a series of computers and a large table in the middle with nice swivel chairs. During her first two days while she'd spent time working on taking over Cammie's mansion, Sandy had also taken the time to gather as many electronics as she had available to her from the various people who had been frozen, including a half-dozen laptops, routers, switches, and other computer gear. Cammie's Internet connection speed in the Laptop Room had already been phenomenal but Sandy had used Adora's computer knowledge to make a place where she could have multiple people working on whatever she wanted with no ill effects or slowdowns what so ever, and quickly transfer images to the monitors. Sandy's main stash of Type-7 Chips was also kept in the room but she didn't really know anything about programming them outside a couple of basic commands; she'd yet to recruit someone who could.

            Sandy sat down next to Kelli, who was sitting idly in front of her personal laptop, a strawberry-red model with a desktop image of Cole Denning from Savior. “So Kelli, what have you got for me?” asked Sandy, putting her arm around the blonde.

            “Well my Goddess, I have Kat's dormitory number at Fisher Hall back on campus,” revealed Kelli, indicating her computer screen.

            “I have that too, Goddess,” chimed in Michelle, who was seated across from Kelli, working on a silver laptop.

            “I also, however, have the address of Kat's mother, Cecily, with whom she mentioned she might stay at the end of the semester,” added Kelli, indicating a second computer search. “She lives on the twenty-ninth floor of Victoria Towers.”

            “Really...” grinned Sandy, knowing the apartment complex well, as it happened to be the location of Erika Stone's penthouse. “I might be able to go on quite the statue hunt...”

* * *


Sandra Packlin's Office, Decker State College

            A cup of green tea was doing little do relax Sandra Packlin as she sat at her desk. The Head Professor of Business was tucked behind her desk, her hair up in a bun while she wore one of her favorite red skirt suits with a white blouse underneath; pantyhose and black heels on her legs. Standing in her office with Sandra was Brie Lawson, her British assistant, who was dressed in a mustard yellow skirt suit with a black blouse and white heels. “You still seem tense, Doc,” remarked Brie as the professor put her teacup down.

            “Brie, I can't find my daughter or the two other students who might know where she is,” Sandra reminded her assistant. “If Professors Crane and O'Connell don't know where they are, well...” Sandra had arranged to for two professors, Jesse Crane and Marlee O'Connell, to meet in her office in just another minute or two. Crane taught Pamela Flipspatrick and Kelli McAdams literature, while Marlee covered their major of library science; they were the last two people Sandra could think of reaching out to before going to the authorities. Crane and O'Connell had both denied knowing anything already via email but Sandra wanted to make sure.

            “It's okay; I'm sure they'll turn up,” Brie reassured her superior, patting her on the shoulder while holding a CyPad in her other hand. “Didn't that one girl with the thick southern accent mention Rachel had gone off somewhere with a rich guy?”

            “Yes, but you'll forgive me if I don't take Brianne Walsh at her word,” commented Sandra, recalling her chat with the southern cheerleader. Just then there was a knock at the door.

            “I've got it,” offered Brie, moving to the door and opening it to reveal the two professors they'd been expecting. Marlee entered first; the library science prof was clad in a simple black dress with a V-collar, short sleeves and a skirt that stopped two inches above her knees, her brown hair was tied back. Jesse entered second; her rounded body was wearing a blue golf shirt and black dress pants, her hair up in a bun. Both women looked annoyed.

            “So what was so important you needed to see us in person, exactly?” asked Marlee, her voice carrying an air of sophistication due to the high-class London accent the professor had. Sandra couldn't remember when Marlee had immigrated to the US, but she knew the woman had been educated at Cambridge and once worked for the Library of Congress, so her background was fairly impressive.

            “This isn't about Flipspatrick and McAdams again, is it?” added Jesse, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow.

            “Actually I'm afraid it is, but-” began Sandra, only to be cut off as her cell phone vibrated on her desk. Sandra grabbed the smart phone and glanced at it.

            “Important call?” sighed Marlee, clearly a bit annoyed that she'd been called in to basically be grilled by Sandra.

            “Yes, I'm sorry, but I really need to take this,” confirmed Sandra, standing up and heading for the door as she pressed the answer button on her phone. “It'll just be a moment.”

            “Hopefully its one of the errant girls, so we can get out here,” muttered Jesse as Sandra exited her office, raising her phone to her ear. The reality, however, was that Sandra's actions were all a ruse; she had programmed her phone prior to the meeting to vibrate when it did, giving her an excuse to leave the room. In another ten seconds a flood of Type-7 gas would be released in her office by a timer. So now that she was outside, Sandra quickly blocked the bottom of her door with her jacket to avoid having excess gas escape out into where she was.

      Given a few minutes of free time while the gas took effect, Sandra Packlin tried in vain to text Pamela, then Michelle, and finally Sandy. Sandra had seen Sandy briefly the other day but was given to understand that the student had recently become very busy; Michelle as well since she was made the new head of the cheerleaders. With none of her allies answering her messages, Sandra sighed once more and checked her watch. It had been five minutes so the short-term gas would have dissipated enough to be breathable without causing anyone else to freeze, thus Sandra opened her office door and stepped inside.

            “Looks like a stiff-as-a-board meeting I guess,” quipped Sandra as she entered her office. Marlee had clearly been brushing her hair with her right hand right before freezing as her arm was raised away from her head, her left on her hip while she looked down slightly, a bored expression on her face. Jesse still had her arms crossed and held an angry look on her face as she glanced at Brie. Brie was frozen gesturing towards Jesse with her right hand, her left still holding her CyPad, the blonde assistant's mouth was open less than a centimeter.

            “Okay, time to see if you two have been holding out on me, though I doubt it,” sighed Sandra, skeptical that her search would turn out anything, but she knew she was grasping at straws. Any likely suspects Sandra had for the disappearance of Pam and Michelle had been accounted for, including Tucker Holmes. Sandra was still suspicious of Tucker, having long wondered about him even before Pam mentioned her dream to her, but he had an alibi for the time when Pam and Kelli had seemingly disappeared. Marlee was Sandra's last suspect, just due to her being the head of the department for both students' majors, Jesse was the foremost secondary one to them.

            Plucking the mobile phones that Jesse and Marlee both had on their persons, Sandra managed to quickly start scouring their emails and texts, looking for any clues. The only things of remote interest that Sandra found were mostly gossip fodder; mainly that Marlee was quite possibly sleeping with another professor who was married and that Jesse was corresponding with her ex-husband. Sandra took another few minutes to check their saved photos but it seemed the phones were duds, not that Sandra had really expected much else.

            “Crap,” breathed Sandra, putting the phones down on her desk and standing up. “Okay, I guess I call Peggy... But first...” Sandra had, just a few days ago, stripped the school's newspaper staff and left them in compromising positions in the hopes of perhaps motivating them to investigate the strange incidents occurring around DSC. Marlee and Jesse were both the heads of their departments, so Sandra figured if either one caught on they'd also make good allies. Sandra knew being in the room with them she'd have to undress herself and Brie too, but she wanted to start with the other faculty members.

            “Revenge is a funny thing,” chuckled Sandra to her unblinking victims, knowing the satisfaction she was getting from undressing frozen people wasn't exactly revenge, but it still felt good. Jesse's arms were uncrossed and the golf shirt came off, followed by her pants. Soon the curvy African-American woman was in the buff and sitting on the edge of Sandra's desk, her arms stretched out as if to hold someone and her angry look changed into a bright and plastic-like smile. Marlee was next; the brunette's fair unblemished skin revealed as her simple dress came off and her hair was let down. Sandra posed a naked Marlee to be in Jesse's arms, her own arms reaching backwards and touching Jesse's head while the Literature professor's hands squeezed Marlee's breasts. Unlike with Jesse Sandra decided not to change Marlee's expression, finding the bored look funny.

            “Figures I’d have to eventually get you naked,” smirked Sandra as she focused on Brie, pulling the CyPad from her stiff hands. Brie's blonde hair was very short, so nothing needed to be done there, Sandra instead quickly pulling off her skirt suit and then her underwear. Brie was eventually posed so that she had her hands pressed together above her head, her legs together with her knees bent, looking like she was in the middle of some kind of prayer dance. With everyone in the office posed and maybe ten minutes left before the short-term gas that had filled the room wore off, Sandra decided to multitask, stripping herself quickly as she used her office phone, on speaker, to call school security.

            “Campus Police; Captain Peggy Sharp speaking,” came an answer on the other end of the phone as Sandra pulled off her jacket and blouse, Sandra having a direct line to the captain's office.

            “Peggy, its Sandra Packlin,” greeted Sandra using a hesitant tone of voice, knowing the police captain well enough to comfortably use her first name. “I've got a situation, and while I know I probably should have called sooner, I was worried at first I was overreacting.”

            “What's going on, Doctor Packlin?” asked Peggy, her tone of voice serious over the phone.

            “Students are going missing and I can't find any explanation for where they went,” revealed Sandra as her glasses came off and her hair went down, after which she'd undo her expensive French-cut bra before starting on everything below the waist. “Three of them in particular: Rachel Xanders, Pamela Flipspatrick and Kelli McAdams.”

            “This isn't the first time Miss Xanders has run off without telling basically anyone, but regardless we can look into it,” acknowledged Peggy. “I'll contact their parents right away... Though if I remember properly, Xanders is not on good terms with her folks. They didn't seem to care last time I called them.”

            “That's okay, her mother's in town, I've got her number,” declared Sandra, meaning herself but deciding to explain that to Peggy later. “I'll come by the office in half an hour or so.”

            “Okay, I'll call the parents of the other two girls and ask if they know their whereabouts,” decided Peggy, promptly hanging up with no parting words. Sandra knew that being abrupt was Peggy's way; as a cop, she tended to ignore social formalities when the situation seemed serious. Sandra, meanwhile, had gotten herself stripped to the buff and had piled her clothes in the middle of the floor along with the other women’s garments. Picking up her cell phone, she again keyed the number that would trigger the release of Type-7 gas into her office in a few seconds. That done, Sandra dropped the phone on her desk and quickly took up a position next to her door, placing herself in a comfortable mid-step pose, right foot forward with left arm, looking straight ahead with her back slightly arched. It would be another couple of minutes before the other three women unfroze, but Sandra figured this way she'd be above suspicion.  She felt only a hint of stiffness in her muscles before darkness engulfed her and she stood frozen like the others.

* * *

     Victoria Towers, Malibu

            Sandy awoke from what was a small nap as the chauffeured car came to a stop outside of her destination. Cammie Domingo's motor pool had included a nice black stretch limo, one with plenty of floor and trunk space, so it became the blonde's preferred mode of transportation when potentially going to collect someone, or even multiple someones. The tinted windows even meant Sandy could ride naked if she wanted, but for the trip she'd decided to wear a pink tank top and red shorts, her hair gathered back in a ponytail. Sitting across from Sandy were Adora and Kelli, both asleep, Sandy having discovered Michelle to be the best driver of the three.

            “Adora, awaken,” commanded Sandy, having decided to take Erika Stone's assistant with her as she'd help to justify her arrival in the building, even though Sandy had visited a few times in the past. Adora, dressed similarly to Sandy with a half-up-do, a yellow tank top and green shorts combination, snapped awake, adjusting her glasses. Kelli meanwhile had remained naked, and up in the front Michelle was in an all-denim pantsuit.

            “Goddess, I see we have arrived,” commented Adora with a smile. Adora then opened the limo door for Sandy, who exited with a brown leather Prada purse, taken from Cammie's collection, slung on her shoulder. Adora followed, Michelle was left to watch the car for the moment while Kelli would continue to get some sleep.

            “Brings back memories,” smiled Sandy as she headed for the glass doors that opened into the apartment complex, Adora once again getting the door. “Don't forget the plan,” Sandy directed her assistant, having given her detailed instructions before they'd left Cammie's mansion.

            “I did not, Goddess,” assured Adora, giving Sandy a smile as the pair entered the building. The complex lobby was fairly fancy thanks to the facility being run by Signature Service Real Estate, there were both a security woman and a staffed front desk in the lobby before the elevators. For security, the woman looked to be in her mid-forties and that was a change since Sandy only ever remembered men being on the security detail. The woman, whose name-badge read 'Jeridine,' had black hair, brown eyes and decently fair skin, with a mole below the right corner of her mouth. Her uniform consisted of a white short-sleeved shirt and a red tie, black pants below and a belt that included a radio; she was armed with what looked like an extendible baton and an M23 Taser, though no real gun.

            “Afternoon Jeri,” greeted Adora as she walked past the security guard, with Sandy following and noting she liked the shortened form of the guard's name a lot better. Adora led Sandy to the desk; behind it sat an African-American woman with heavy blue eyeliner, dressed in an aquamarine pants suit with a white blouse; she had her hair down and showing a bit of curl at the bottom. Sandy figured the woman was around forty.

            “Miss Morales: haven't seen you in a few days,” noted the woman behind the desk. Sandy spotted the nameplate that gave her name as Harmony Niles and caught the woman’s British accent. “I'm afraid Miss Stone is out for the moment. Last I checked, there's only a maid up there.”

            “That's a shame; I haven't been able to get a hold of her by phone,” mused Adora; Sandy was impressed at how good her acting was, being far better than anything she could have influenced though a Type-7 Chip alone. “What about your boss?”

            “Mrs. Daniels is, I believe, visiting someone on Floor Twenty-Nine,” revealed Harmony. “Hold up; I'll call her straightforward...” Seeing Harmony pick up her corded phone and place it to her ear, Sandy decided now was as good a time as any. Reaching into her purse, which was resting comfortably on the desk, Sandy inverted her magic hourglass and time froze once more. Adora also froze since Sandy wasn't touching her. Harmony sat motionless with her right hand holding the phone to her ear, a neutral look on her face while her left hand rested on the arm of her chair. Adora was leaning forward on her elbows, smiling with a closed mouth and had been caught mid-blink. Jeri had her arms crossed and looked almost like a stone chimera, or what most people inaccurately referred to as gargoyles.

            “Sorry, but the call will have to wait,” declared Sandy, pulling a pump bottle of hairspray from her bag that actually contained Type-7 and circling around the desk. After pulling the phone from Harmony's rigid grasp and hanging it up, Sandy pressed herself against the woman, giving her a big kiss and feeling her breasts.

            “Wow, nice and firm, kudos,” whispered Sandy into Harmony's ear, then getting up and spraying the innocent woman in the face with the immobilizing drug. That done, Sandy quickly searched the desk and soon found the recording device for the security cameras in the lobby. She pulled it out and placing it next to her bag, not wanting to leave any evidence. The other things Sandy found and decided to take were a master key to the building and a small money clip; Sandy grabbed the latter just because she could.

            Jeri became Sandy's next target of focus as the blonde approached the middle-aged guard and, despite having seen dozens if not hundreds of people frozen before, was unable to help waving her hand in front of the human statue's face. Next, Sandy sprayed Jeri full in the face too before deciding to remove her belt, watching in delight as the woman's pants fell down to reveal she'd gone commando. Jeri appeared to have some skill at waxing, having a pretty even strip along her crotch, but while Sandy considered exploring the woman's cave of wonders, she focused on the utility belt for a moment. While not interested in the baton, Sandy decided to take the Taser, deciding it might come in handy, and also pilfered the set of keys and a ring of zip-ties. Finished acting like a pack rat, Sandy put everything down and got down on her knees in front of Jeri, beginning to eat out her crotch.

            A few minutes later naturally, nothing had happened, Jeri being as frozen as time was, but Sandy was now sufficiently aroused, though she decided to save herself. “Thanks for the warm-up act,” gasped Sandy, giving Jeri a kiss and letting her hair down before walking away, picking up everything she'd decided to keep and piling it all into her bag. When that was all done, Sandy inverted her hourglass and time resumed, though Harmony and Jeri didn't seem to notice, being immediately frozen by the Type-7 spray.

            “Ah; brilliant move, Goddess,” giggled Adora as she returned to life, looking over at Sandy and giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

            “Thank you, I rather enjoyed it too. Now let’s use the elevator,” announced Sandy, taking Adora by the hand and leading her to the metal box. It was a short ride to the twenty-ninth floor, and Adora made it even faster as she insisted on making out with Sandy as they started to ascend.

            Once the elevator arrived at the correct floor, Sandy got Adora to stop kissing her and then held her hands away, opened her bag and inverted her hourglass once more. Time stopped with the elevator door open, giving Sandy the access she needed to extract anyone she had decided to keep, since for today her mission at the complex was essentially that, even if Erika Stone wasn't around. Leaving the elevator, Sandy took a few moments to search but soon found apartment 2905, which belonged to Kat's mother, Cecily Vaughn. There were only six apartments on the floor as it was the high-end section of the already classy building, but Sandy had managed to get the correct number by using Kelli and Michelle earlier.

            Using the master key to open the door, Sandy stepped into the apartment and took a moment to admire the design. There was a sort of hardwood foyer that they walked into, a closet on either side, a bench for people to sit down and take off their shoes, and beyond that was a beige carpeted area on a slightly less elevated part of the floor that acted as a central living room. Beyond the living room were a half-wall that hid a dining area and then another half-wall, behind which a full kitchen was located; there also being glass-doored access to a balcony. Both sides of the living room had exits that seemed to lead into hallways. The living room held two couches, both white leather, a coffee table, a large TV stand with a shelf full of DVDs and Blu-rays next to it, a fish tank that was currently empty, and a computer desk. It also held an elegant occupant: Standing like a mannequin right in the middle of the living room was Cecily Vaughn.

            “Hello MILF,” whistled Sandy, then she glanced at Adora. “Adora, freeze.” The Latina froze with her hands on her hips, a bright smile on her face as she'd been surveying the apartment with Sandy. Sandy gave her frozen slave a kiss on the cheek before walking down into the living room, having casually slipped out of her heels.

            “Oh you are a keeper for sure,” moaned Sandy, getting a good look at the older blonde. Cecily was wearing a black tube top and jeans, her hair was down and showed a large amount of body; her bare feet revealed pink toes as she stood in mid-step. Cecily had been walking towards the couch with her hands up to gesture, her fingers sticking out as if having just flicked them all, her mouth open. Over on the couch in a white blouse and black and gray striped skirt was another woman who looked a bit younger than the MILF that was around fifty; Sandy pegged her at just over forty. The second woman had blue eyes, tan skin and brown hair that looked like it had just been let down. Her legs were crossed and her arms back on the edge of the couch, a bemused smile adorned her red lips.

            “Oh wow, Carey Daniels,” remembered Sandy, having seen a picture of the woman downstairs that indicated she handled real estate for the building. “Score: two older hot ladies, one exquisite apartment...” Reaching into her bag, Sandy pulled out her spray bottle and blasted both women, then found a place to put the bag down on the coffee table.

            “Adora, unfreeze,” ordered Sandy. “Adora, come over here and follow me, dragging this woman with you,” she indicated the standing statue.

            “I obey, Goddess,” nodded Adora with a big smile on her face; she came over and placed her arms around Cecily's narrow waist. Sandy casually started stripping down to nothing as she walked, exploring the apartment with Adora and, by extension, Cecily, in tow. Sandy first discovered two bedrooms and a bathroom down one hallway, both bedrooms being pretty much bare, which Sandy took to mean they weren't currently in use. The second hallway led to another bathroom and a laundry room, plus another bedroom that clearly was in use, having red and purple satin sheets on a bed that clearly looked slept in, rather than plain white sheets like the other two did.

            Sandy, now naked, could have ordered Adora to strip Cecily or even just let go, but decided on a way a bit more fun for herself. “Adora, freeze,” Sandy commanded once more, and Adora promptly froze with Cecily standing upright in her arms. Sliding over to her slave and frozen captive, Sandy walked Cecily out of Adora's extended arms, once again giving the cute Latina a kiss for her trouble, and then started dropping Cecily's clothes. The pants went first, then the underwear, with the tube top going last, following her pants down over the knees. The black lacy sheer bra was the only thing Sandy couldn't pull down Cecily's stiffened body, not that it left anything to the imagination, so she removed it from the front, leaning in and kissing the much older woman on the lips as she worked the clasp behind her back. After the bra came off, Sandy casually fell backwards onto the bed, pulling Cecily with her. Soon Sandy had moved Cecily's hands to be fingering her crotch and she was in heaven.

            Sandy only took two hours of frozen time, so while she did drag out her orgasm a bit it was still maybe twenty minutes at most, which wasn't bad considering how much sex Sandy had been having the last few days. “Ah... Wonderful,” gasped Sandy as she hugged Cecily, giving her a kiss. “Adora, unfreeze.”

            “Goddess?” asked Adora, suddenly breaking out of her rigid pose and approaching the bed. “May I join you?”

            “No Adora, I have been pleasured enough for now,” moaned Sandy, enjoying the feeling of Cecily's nice firm breasts against her own. “Go back in the living room and grab the other woman. I want you to then wait for me in the elevator with her.”

            “As you wish, Goddess,” agreed Adora, not about or able to disagree with anything Sandy said. Sandy cuddled with Cecily for a few more minutes before getting up and redressing her, minus the underwear, figuring that would make life easier later, then doing the same for herself. By the time Sandy had managed to drag Cecily out of her apartment and to the elevator, Adora had apparently gotten so bored while waiting she'd started feeling up Carey, who was now standing at attention but with the same amused look on her face.

            “I'm sorry I've been neglecting you, my love,” cooed Sandy, giving Adora a couple of smooches as she reached into her purse and inverted the Durga Hourglass once more, unfreezing time. While Adora wasn't blonde or that much older than Sandy, there were two things that really turned her on: Adora really pulled off her glasses, had sexy green eyes, and was a great kisser. Eventually Sandy hit the button for the penthouse and up the group went, Cecily and Carey remaining motionless waxworks thanks to the Type-7 they'd been blasted with.

            As soon as the elevator opened, Sandy stopped time, making sure to still be touching Adora again as her slave might be needed. The pair quickly entered the penthouse using the master keys; the suite was just as Sandy remembered it, though there was one exception. “Hello, house-keeping,” smiled Sandy upon seeing a frozen maid dusting over in the kitchen. The maid, wearing a classic revealing French-style uniform, an outfit that Sandy knew Erika loved, had her glossy brown hair up in a ponytail and possessed blue eyes; her duster was gripped in her right hand and rested against the kitchen island. Sandy couldn't remember the pretty maid's name since she wasn't Talieya, Erika's usual, but that's what Adora was there for. Sandy asked Erika's hypnotized assistant just who the maid was.

            “Jennifer Sleet, who works for a house-keeping company,” revealed Adora with a smile. “She's one of three maids who works for the firm and regularly cleans this penthouse, actually. They tend to come twice a week, sometimes there is only one girl, as Talieya also cleans nearly every day.”

            “Well I think we should take Jennifer with us, don't you?” suggested Sandy, unsure about using Transmoxide on the girl but confident enough that just using a Type-7 Chip and verbal commands she could make Jennifer clean her mansion just as easily.

            “Absolutely,” nodded Adora, glancing around. “Still, no one else is here. Erika is probably at the corporate headquarters, or maybe to the drug labs. Should we go there next?”

            “No; Erika Stone can wait for another day,” decided Sandy, patting Adora's shoulder and gently stroking it too. “Not too many more days, though, maybe as early as tomorrow, but for now I think I'll let her be. What do you say you help me find some Type-7 and anything around here I might be able to use to help finance my way of life?”

            “I'd be delighted to, Goddess,” giggled Adora, heading straight for the fridge while Sandy pulled out her trusty can of spray, giving Jennifer the maid a healthy blast. Following the act, Sandy began to help Adora searching the apartment. The diligent duo quickly found where, as suspected, there was a mother lode: over twenty liters of Type-7 in liquid form were revealed in the kitchen alone. Sandy decided that was enough for now and had Adora move it all, including Jennifer, to the elevator before rejoining her in Erika's study.

            Fishing through Erika's unlocked drawers, Sandy initially found nothing, but eventually she discovered how lazy Erika truly was: there was a stack of checks, not in a formal checkbook but just on their own, and all of them had been already signed. “This is way too easy,” laughed Sandy, deciding to take two of the blanks as well as one of Erika's pens having the same ink as the signature. Sandy figured as long as there was nothing on her plate tomorrow evening, she'd come back to collect the blonde billionaire as well as her house-mates.

            “Lets motor,” Sandy told Adora just as the girl came back from finishing moving Jennifer. Upon arriving back in the elevator, she saw Jennifer was now also standing at attention, though with her duster still in her hand; Sandy casually felt the woman's nylon-smoothed thigh before reaching into her bag to invert her hourglass. Time resumed and Sandy set the elevator to take her back to the lobby, but just as they started to descend, her phone suddenly vibrated from inside her purse.

            “The hell?” muttered Sandy, reaching into her bag and ignoring Adora as she snuck her hands into her Goddess's shorts. “Sandra's going to the campus police? … Shit.”

* * *

Balfour Boutique, Beverly Hills

            Sandy looked up as the limo pulled up in front of the boutique; she had been sitting naked on top of Jennifer Sleet, who was now equally naked. Cecily and Carey, Sandy had elected to store in the car's trunk while Adora and Kelli were asleep across from the blonde and her frozen companion. “Kelli, awaken,” Sandy quickly ordered, the nude one of her two slaves opening her eyes while the blonde in control searched for her bag, then produced the Durga Hourglass.

            “Come here,” requested Sandy, having Kelli take her hand as she inverted the hourglass and placed it on the floor of the limo, stopping time. While Sandy had been using the magical object’s power a lot, the commute to the boutique from Malibu had given the sand ample time to refill. The traffic sounds outside the limo went silent, with Adora's rising and falling chest freezing too.

            “This will be fun,” giggled Kelli as Sandy opened the door to the limo, emerging out onto the street with, as it happened, at least one pedestrian looking right at them, though he was just as frozen as everyone else. Enjoying being outdoors naked with no one raising a fuss, Sandy slowly walked towards the boutique and opened the door, letting Kelli enter first. As Kelli walked by, Sandy realized Kelli sounded a bit different, less baby-like in her tone of voice, but Sandy quickly dismissed the thoughts, just noting the less-annoying voice was a good thing.

            “Oh perfect, the normal people are all right here,” observed Sandy as she glanced around the classy boutique, noting both the customers and the human mannequins. Standing near Sandy was a girl she recognized as being Celeste Green, a popular girl on the college campus, and next to her was her known best friend Marlene, though Sandy was blanking on what that one’s last name was. Celeste's hair was styled down and she was wearing the latest summer fashion out of Sweden; Sandy was surprised that she'd jumped the gun a bit. The outfit was a shirt and pants, both extremely loose and baggy, the shirt had a wide-neck sleeveless top in a very pale light blue while her pants were a shade between gray and navy, almost looking like something Sandy remembered seeing samurai wear in some movies. Celeste's feet were covered with black slip-on shoes and she had a Prada bag just like Sandy's on her shoulder. Celeste was looking up at one of the mannequins closely; Sandy wondering if the woman had just figured out their secret.

            Marlene stood near her friend with her hair equally down, several of her bangs were frosted blonde while her hair was normally a very dark brown. The girl had fair skin, freckles and green eyes, making a striking contrast with her African-American friend. For clothes, Marlene's were all black: a baggy spaghetti-strap top and rolled pants, multiple-strap leather heels were on her feet, which gave her at least an inch on her friend. While Celeste was pointing up at the display figure in front of her, her right hand on the back of her neck and her mouth open, Marlene had crossed her arms and was glancing over at the store owner, effectively stone-faced with a hint of smile on her lips.

            Lexa Balfour was standing not far away; wearing a purple turtleneck and designer blue jeans while her hair was in an up-do. The tan woman was smiling as she stood frozen in mid-step, right arm up. Sandy wondered if she almost looked a bit nervous. Scanning the boutique, Sandy saw the disguised living mannequins hadn't changed from her last visit: Rachel was posed stiffly right in front of Celeste, looking like any old mannequin; Chetana was standing in one window clad like a valley girl, while Zella was in the other window, mirroring Rachel. Sandy's mother Katrina was placed behind Rachel and dressed as a secretary; Sunny was off to one side with a floppy hat on and clear glasses over her eyes; Casey was behind Katrina, wrapped in a tight green dress and looking sultry; last but not least there was Pamela, who was the faux mannequin Sandy had come for.

            “Shoot, Kelli, go back to the limo and get me my hairspray and Transmoxide, but watch the hourglass,” ordered Sandy, waving at her assistant.

            “Right away, Goddess,” nodded Kelli, leaving the boutique as Sandy focused on Pam, though she also glanced at Lexa nearby. Pamela stood at the end of the row and displayed what almost looked like a loose bath robe, being baggy and pink with the skirt portion stopping halfway down her thighs, tied by a black sash around her waist. The sleeves were rolled up to Pamela's elbows and she was posed as if she'd been in mid-walk when caught in a photograph; her body was turned at the hip, her right arm was at her side and her left slightly raised, a smile held on her lips while her left leg was placed behind her right for balance. Pam's hair was down and she had white sandals on her feet.

            Kelli soon returned with the spray can and the powder container, which Sandy noted was nearly empty. “Shoot, go get my laptop too,” remembered Sandy, sending Kelli away again. Putting the Transmoxide aside for the moment, Sandy focused on Celeste and Marlene, quickly spraying them both. While Sandy considered exploring them, finding Celeste hot and Marlene cute, she elected to instead just leave them for now to become additional mannequins, moving them both into the shop window and adjusting their rigid poses to be more stylish. Celeste ended up next to Zella, her head lowered to look outside, while Marlene’s head was simply angled away while next to Chetana so her vacant gaze went right out the window.  Their chic street clothes were good for now, as Sandy mused what sexy frocks from Lexa’s boutique they’d look better modeling.

            As Sandy finished with Marlene, Kelli returned, the laptop bag on her shoulder. “Good; go into the back office and set it up,” commanded Sandy, sending Kelli away. About Lexa... Sandy needed to think about her, but she nonetheless gave the boutique owner a blast of Type-7 just in case before focusing on the Transmoxide problem. Sandy had less than what she'd been told was a full dose, and thanks to the information she'd gotten from Sandra, she knew Pamela would have to turn up soon, alive and well, in order to avoid a disaster. Rachel had been given a proper cover story, so Sandy could handle that without a problem, but Pam and Kelli, from the sounds of things, would need to make a personal appearance, so Sandy needed to hypnotize the redhead.

            “Well, let’s hope your will isn't made of iron,” muttered Sandy, popping open the bottom of the spray can she was carrying to reveal a hidden compartment full of tiny needles, ones loaded with Type-7 counter-agent. Taking one between her teeth, Sandy then sealed the container and placed it between her breasts, finally nabbing the Transmoxide container before climbing up to start moving Pamela.

            “Boy, I keep forgetting how fun it is to squeeze you,” mumbled Sandy with the needle in her mouth, fumbling a bit with Pam before managing to get her down from the display stand while knocking Lexa over; the boutique’s owner landed stiffly on her left side.

            “Sorry,” mumbled Sandy as she dragged Pamela into the back of the boutique, soon arriving in the same room where she'd hypnotized Kelli, Michelle and Adora. Kelli already had the laptop set up so after taking a moment to set her supplies down, Sandy moved the redhead to the chair, using her own clothing to bind her to the seat.

            “Kelli, I want you to go get the hourglass and then lock the front door to the boutique before bringing it back here,” ordered Sandy after securing Pam; Kelli had been frozen in place while standing idle by the door to the office. While the blonde was gone, Sandy tapped her fingers on Pam's head, trying to think about how she could influence Pam. A full dose effectively meant Sandy could get the subject to do anything – short of self-harm or murder – they didn't want to do, but a lesser dose meant that she'd probably have to give Pam a believable reason to obey her. It was only when Kelli returned that did Sandy realized the answer was standing right in front of her.

            “And time resumes,” narrated Sandy, inverting the hourglass and unfreezing time. Even so, the boutique remained fairly silent, with everyone inside it frozen or under Sandy's control. There was the faint sound of traffic and the boutique’s background music, but no voices. Sandy's hypnotic video began to play on her laptop but she ignored it, instead picking up the needle and applying it to Pamela's arm, with Kelli watching silently.

            “... Ah!” exclaimed Pam, suddenly animated, in a different location. “Kelli, what the hell?! Why are you-Ah!” Pam’s complaints were cut off as Sandy quickly applied Transmoxide, rubbing it in Pam's face to make sure she took a full dose.

            “What the hell?!” Pam yelled again, then looking up at Sandy. “Sandy?! What kind of sick game is this? Why am I tied up - have you gone nutty?”

            “It's no game, Pamela,” Sandy told the redhead, her voice flat. “You’ll need to calm down and watch the video. I can’t explain everything to you now, but Kelli's life is in your hands. Isn't that right, Kelli?”

            “Yes,” nodded Kelli hazily in response to the prompting.

            “No!” screamed Pam, focusing on Kelli, with the laptop screen visible in the corner of her eyes. “Kelli, you need to snap out of it! This isn't... Wait... What... Hunh? The... video... I...” Sandy watched Pam's eyes start to flutter, but while the redhead had stopped talking, she took a while before she began to slump and fall asleep. Finally Pam's eyes closed and she began to breathe softly, not quite snoring.

            “She's so damn cute, even when asleep,” cooed Sandy, before focusing on her instructions. “Okay, Pamela. Kelli's life is in your hands, someone you care about deeply. You need to do exactly what I say, or else Kelli, who you love, will be in danger. Remember your passionate love for Kelli and your duty to keep her from being harmed. You need to obey my every order, for Kelli’s sake, to protect her. Listen very carefully: When I say the command word 'freeze', you will instantly freeze in position, stiff as a board, unable to think, move or talk; you will stand rigidly as if frozen in time – in limbo, listening only for the sound of my voice. When I say the word 'unfreeze' you will immediately come out of your frozen state, unaware of anything that happened while you were frozen. When I say 'sleep' you will become entranced as you are now, limp, dreaming, and open to further instructions. When I say 'awaken' you will wake up from your sleep, feeling rested and yet thinking nothing of it. If I speak your name before these commands, only you will be affected by them. You won't want to question anything I do or say since, as you know, in your heart, everything you’re being commanded to do is all to protect Kelli, who you love. Your love for Kelli is stronger than anything else, and that's why you're doing this.  Nod if you understand me...” Sandy watched as the redhead responded while keeping her eyes closed.  There wasn’t any need to bind her in the chair, so Sandy untied Pam before continuing.

            Sandy felt confident Pam was now hers, though with her wouldn't quite be the same as for the others. Satisfied, Sandy nodded and leaned back. “After I finish counting down from three to zero, you will awaken, feeling rested, and will obey completely the instructions you were given. Three... two... one... zero.” As Sandy finished Pam's eyes opened.

            “I... must... protect Kelli,” managed Pam, slowly waking up. “Why am I naked?” she asked, standing up.

            “To protect Kelli,” Sandy told Pam, trying not to grin.

            “Right, to protect her. I love her, she's the most important person in the world to me,” nodded Pam.

            “Thank you Pam, though my heart belongs to my Goddess,” offered Kelli, moving to stand next to Sandy and wrapping her arms around her.

            “It isn't a romantic love, we're closer than sisters,” declared Pam, sounding a bit like a zombie, but otherwise acting fairly normal.

            “All the same, you two would make a great couple,” shrugged Sandy, giving Kelli a kiss. “Okay, now listen up carefully, girls, I've got some special orders for you two...”

* * *


Campus Police Headquarters, Decker State College

            Sandra had given Brie the rest of the day off to recover from the nudity incident, one that Jesse had seemed the most confounded by. Sandra was fairly sure that as Jesse had left she'd muttered something about talking to another professor, but the business teacher's concerns weren't part of her plan to get more people to investigate the strange campus happenings, but rather the missing cheerleaders. Peggy Sharp had met with Sandra after she had revived; now the mothers of the missing girls were all gathered in the meeting room of campus police headquarters. The room was very plan, having a brown conference table, some simple folding chairs and plain while walls.

            Pamela's biological mother was Beverly Flipspatrick, a curvy woman in her early fifties with large lips and a hint of the freckled complexion her daughter had. Beverly's hair was cut just to the base of her neck and had a rich brown hue, though with a hint of red; her eyes also brown. Beverly was wearing a blue coat with the flash of a white blouse underneath; a coffee-colored skirt that stopped just above her knees covered her legs. Beverly, so Sandra had learned, was a chemical engineer from Anaheim. It was also known to Sandra that Pam's father wasn't in the picture anymore, having never married Beverly and left soon after conceiving the daughter.

            Pam's adoptive mother and Beverly's domestic partner was Dawn Flipspatrick, who was in her late forties and shared some physical features with Pamela, which had confused Sandra a bit at first, since there was no reason for their similarity. Dawn had dark reddish hair that she currently wore in pigtails and had dark green eyes; her skin was decently fair. Dawn today was wearing a white coat, a pink tank top and jeans and seemed to be a natural smiler; even her frown seemed a bit happy. Dawn and Beverly weren't married but had been together since Pam's birth. Dawn worked as a real estate appraiser. Sandra was surprised Pam had never considered speaking up at a congressional hearing on the subject of nationalizing gay marriage, though thirty-two states had made it legal already.

            The third mother was Meryl McAdams, who'd only needed to travel from Bel Air. Meryl was a trim blue-eyed blonde in her late forties, Sandra thus seeing where Kelli got her looks from, and was dressed in a fairly relaxed style: a brown tube top under a worn brown leather jacket, faded jeans on her legs, matching brown high-heeled calf-high boots, and a large opal pendant around her neck. Meryl was an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter for Hollywood; Sandra ashamed to say she'd never seen any of the eight movies she'd penned, though only one had been nominated. Meryl's husband was a make-up artist, but Sandra had been informed he was stuck at the studio on a shooting day, but luckily she'd still been able to make it.

            “Thank you all for coming,” offered Peggy Sharp, wearing a white-buttoned polyester blouse and black pants but no tie or equipment belt, her permed blonde hair up in a bun. “Professor Packlin has recently informed me that three students have gone missing in the past three days: Rachel Xanders, Kelli McAdams and Pamela Flipspatrick.” She paused as the women expressed surprise, with looks of concern.  “As their parents, I was hoping to know if you'd heard from any of them before we go any further,” she continued.

            “No, and Pam usually calls us at least once a week,” confessed Beverly, with Dawn taking her hand and squeezing it as both women looked frightened.

            “Kelli did miss dinner yesterday, but she's been forgetful,” admitted Meryl, frowning. “Wait, who here is Rachel Xander's mother?”

            “I am,” admitted Sandra Packlin. “She's my biological daughter. Her adoptive parents didn't seem to care about her disappearance when I called them, so I'm acting on their behalf.”

            “Good for you,” offered Dawn with an encouraging look.

            “Right, so that settles it, we have a missing person's case, or rather three of them,” sighed Peggy, frowning. “I'll have my people start reaching out to their friends around campus. The cheerleading squad, in particular, I’ve actually already tried to contact... I wasn't able to reach a Michelle Gim or a Zella Krueger either...”

            “You think they're all involved in something?” asked Beverly, still looking very shaken.

            “There have been various mutterings of strange events going on all over campus,” pointed out Sandra. “It seemed to start in the business classes, though, but the incidents always seemed to predominantly involve women...”

            “Strange... events?” inquired Meryl, raising an eyebrow.  “That sounds like a suspicious twist to me.”

            “Ah, you're referring to... those incidents,” nodded Peggy, picking up on what Sandra was trying to suggest by her vague remark. “It was never anything serious, but people mentioned what appeared to have been odd... pranks... Nothing ever leading to a disappearance before, though. Honestly I'm more curious if this has to do with what happened to Miss Xanders last March...”

            “What happened last March?” piped up Dawn.

            “Rachel Xanders was off campus for nearly a month,” revealed Peggy, it being the also first Sandra had heard about it. “Something about a record producer. During that time another cheerleader, Julie Vaughn, also wasn't available. She claimed she was away doing a month-long co-op project, and it seems to check out...”

            “But this isn't the first time some of this school's cheerleaders have gone missing, and in less than two months,” concluded Meryl, tapping her finger on the conference table. “Rachel might have a plausible explanation, but-”

            “Hello, Mom!” came a sudden voice, cutting off Meryl and having Sandra and the other women turn to see the door to the room burst open. In walked Kelli McAdams and Pamela Flipspatrick, both dressed very casually in jeans and T-shirts, Pam's hair was hanging loose. Sandra noted Meryl raised an eyebrow at the sight of her daughter.

            “Pamela!” exclaimed Beverly, jumping up and going to hug her young one. Dawn cautiously followed and Meryl simply waited for Kelli to come to her; the pair shared a smile before a brief hug. Sandra did notice however that Meryl seemed to show a flash of puzzlement though.

            “Okay, sorry to interrupt this reunion, but just where the hell have you two been?!” snapped Peggy after waiting a few moments. Sandra was grateful the police captain could ask for her. 

            “Ah, he, well this is kind of embarrassing,” confessed Kelli, moving away from her mother and sitting next to her in a chair. Pam sat next to her friend. “Pam, would you like to tell them?”

            “I'll just end up protecting you, you know that,” pointed out Pam, with Sandra feeling a sense of relief now as the two seemed very relaxed.

            “Very true, I'll take it,” agreed Kelli, and it was then that Sandra noted the cheerleader seemed a bit more focused than usual, her voice a bit less child-like in phrasing. “We went camping.”

            “Camping?!” echoed all the older women in the room, with Meryl looking the most surprised. Sandra meanwhile was trying to understand why Kelli suddenly sounded a bit different. Meryl seemed like she had picked up on the voice thing too.  She knew her daughter better, after all.

            “Yeah, well, truth is, and this is really embarrassing: I got us lost,” confessed Kelli, raising her hands in guilt.

            “Oh come on, I forgot my back-up compass!” insisted Pam supportively.

            “No no, you're not defending me; this was all my fault,” continued Kelli, patting Pam on the shoulder. “It was a stupid idea, but we were only supposed to be gone the one night... See, there were these two boys we'd met, from Malibu State College? They invited us to a place they knew out by Santa Barbara... We ended up at the wrong spot.”

            “So why didn't you just come back right away?” pressed Peggy, which got her a warning look from Beverly.

            “We parked the car in a muddy spot where we couldn't get any traction, though we didn't know that at the time,” revealed Kelli, leaning back and sighing. “Our phones weren't getting reception, but we knew we were only a few kilometers away from a fire station... And then, we hiked the wrong way.”

            “For over two days?!” exclaimed Sandra. “Sorry,” the professor immediately followed up her outburst with more compassion.

            “Yeah, it wasn't our best move, and the walk really sucked,” confirmed Pamela. “Not long after we realized we were reading the compass the wrong way we dropped it.”

I dropped it,” Kelli put in.  “It’s not all your fault...”

Pam continued, “Anyway. We tried using the sun and that eventually helped us find our way to the road... We were picked up this morning, but our phones were dead by then.”

            “Those stupid smart phone batteries,” commented Dawn, the first negative thing Sandra had heard the woman say.

            “Right; so when we finally got back, we plugged them in to charge and took some long showers, to say the least,” finished Kelli. “We'd just been enjoying laying on our soft beds when the phones came back to life and we saw a giant list of missed calls, messages, and texts. We came here just in case someone went to the police and, sure enough, we found you all here.”

            “Well, thank God you two made it out okay,” sighed Beverly with a smile, hugging Pam again after getting up to do so. “So I guess this explains where you two were... That just leaves Rachel.”

            “Rachel?” piped up Kelli, looking around in confusion, after a moment’s pause. “You didn't hear?”

            “Hear what?” muttered Peggy, sounding annoyed.

            “She got engaged!” exclaimed Pamela with a smile. “She’s eloped to New York with some buff fashion guy... I think he maybe was a male model?” Sandra's heart filled with joy as Pamela made the announcement, hoping it meant she'd be able to reunite with her daughter after all. Sandra just hoped Pamela was right.

* * *


Elsewhere at DSC

            Sandy had sent Pam and Kelli to tell their wild, contrived, story to get some heat off their disappearances, and hopefully Rachel's too. Zella and Michelle had even been given cover stories if their names came up. While locking up the boutique, Sandy decided it would be better to be permanently closed so no one looked too closely at the mannequins inside. She had decided to take Lexa with her and the frozen boutique owner was now locked up in the limo with Jennifer, Cecily and Carey, with the vehicle parked back at the Domingo mansion. Sandy had then had Michelle drive a different car back to campus with her and then sent her to her student dorms while Sandy decided to take care of some important business in one of the chemistry labs.

            On the second floor of the science building was a lab classroom that was still open, one that Sandy now entered, having changed into dark blue parachute pants, black platform shoes and a white tank top with the logo for BMX bikes on it; her hair tied in a compact ponytail on the left side of her head. Working at a lab table, her back turned to Sandy, was a blonde around her age wearing flared blue jeans, tennis shoes, a long-sleeved red blouse with a cream scarf under the collar; she had her hair loose, parted down the middle. A pink bracelet was on the other woman's right wrist, made from the seam of a baseball. Hearing Sandy’s approach, the woman turned around. “Hey, sunshine,” greeted Friday with a brilliant wide smile.

            “What's up, homegirl?” smiled Sandy, wrapping her arms around Friday as the two shared a big kiss. Sandy had approached Friday over a month ago after finding out she seemed to be into women, and since then they'd been hooking up regularly, in secret. Sandy did find Friday interesting, she being deep into 70s and 80s culture, but what Sandy had really been interested in Friday for was her skill in chemistry.

            “Well, I mega-love your outfit,” commented Friday, running her hand down Sandy's clothes, which were 80s inspired. “So you get a chance to try any of that Transmoxide I made for you, foxy mama?”

            “Unh huh! Seemed to work pretty well,” confirmed Sandy, stroking Friday's cheek. “You are a genius. The Type-7 you came up with has been pretty wicked too.”

            “Far out,” grinned Friday, turning away from Sandy for a moment while still staying in her arms to indicate the chemistry glassware covering the bench. “I managed to sweet-talk Professor Ross into letting me have a bit more of what I need to make the stuff. I'd say I've maybe got three more full doses of Transmoxide done, but that made a total wipeout of the stuff I used to make it in the first place, so I need more if you want more of that. Still got plenty of Type-7 on the cook though, if you can dig that.”

            “Groovy,” chuckled Sandy, kissing Friday again as the science geek turned back to look at her; Sandy was taller than her naturally but the platform shoes made her higher still. “So how did you manage to swing this extra gear?”

            “Just held the fact that my professor got me kidnapped by that putzy science lady last November over her head,” revealed Friday, referring to the incident with Ashley Tisdale, who Sandy had also been a victim of. “So... What do you say tonight I sneak you into my room at the Delta Nu Omega house? I know you miss sorority life... Though I was hoping we could just spend some time looking into each other's eyes...” Friday and hugged the former sorority princess.

            “I was thinking about something else,” whispered Sandy, suddenly striking. Sandy had been carrying her big Prada bag; when Friday was looking away she'd pulled out a syringe full of Type-7. It was now that Sandy drove the needle into Friday's right ass cheek, right as she had her arms around Sandy's neck, and injected the unsuspecting geeky girl with an overdose. Friday instantly froze in place, her eyes slightly wide and her lips parted, perfect for kissing.

            “Sorry, but I really can't trust anyone,” Sandy explained to Friday, though she knew the immobilized lab whiz couldn’t hear her, proceeding to none the less keep kissing the girl and just be glad she could stop with the 70s and 80s lingo, but the ruse had helped win the apparent introvert over. Eventually Sandy stopped and leaned Friday’s rigid figure against the lab bench, breaking free of her arms and proceeding to let her silly sideways ponytail down.

            “Ah... So three more doses of Transmoxide, huh?” commented Sandy, glancing at the chemistry table. Sure enough there was a beaker full of azure-tinted powder and a larger one full of clear liquid, the latter being Type-7 assuredly, since Transmoxide was blue. Friday was the only person Sandy knew of who could synthesize the highly illegal hypnotic drug, so she'd probably need to expose her chemist later, but the two other doses Sandy was free to experiment with, which she planned to do. For the moment Sandy's plan was to take Friday to Michelle's place, finish emptying it that out, and then head back to the mansion. Sandy had even made sure there was an empty blue recycling cart outside so she could transport both Friday and the drugs without being discovered.

            “Well, I'd love to play with my newest statue, but I need to stop time,” commented Sandy, reaching into her bag and pulling out the hourglass. Having not frozen time since leaving Balfour Boutique, Sandy was more or less at full sand again, giving her roughly two hours before it ran out again. Going to the Student Apartments from the science labs would take maybe fifteen minutes on foot, but Sandy realized a detour to the campus police department wouldn't be that far out of the way. Having possessed a bit of a crush on Peggy Sharp for quite a while; wanting to check on both Pam and Kelli too, Sandy figured she could easily stop by.

            Time frozen, Sandy had to take two trips downstairs to the waiting recycling bin outside. The cart was easily long enough for someone of Friday's tiny size to fit in on her back, and wide enough that Sandy could probably fit five women like Friday in there side by side, also being about five feet deep. Sandy elected instead to stand Friday up on her feet, getting the feeling that before her walk through a frozen DSC was over, Sandy might end up collecting a few more women as well. After cleaning up Michelle's apartment, which held some hints of Scooby Gang activity, Sandy planned to leave the college cold turkey, save perhaps for coming back for Sandra Packlin.

            After making a run upstairs to get the finished drugs, Sandy began wheeling the recycling cart down the paved walkways of Decker State College, glad the early evening twilight had clear skies since campus lighting wasn't the best. Sandy soon even elected to put her Prada bag in the bin too, though she was careful to make sure her hourglass wouldn't invert. The first few frozen people Sandy passed didn't seem that tempting, either being men or women with a bit too much curve for Sandy's taste. Decker State College, Sandy knew, had been voted to have one of the sexiest campuses in all of the US, but that didn't mean everyone she saw would be a winner.

            As Sandy neared the police station, she ended up spotting a couple of students that she wheeled closer to. Two blondes, Skyler Tannen and Cassidy Rivers; the former girl Sandy was familiar with due to her being on the beach volleyball team; the latter was a member of the Raptor Weekly, whom Pamela and Sandra had investigated earlier in the week. Skyler had her curly blonde hair hanging free and was smiling brightly, exposing her apparently perfect teeth that gleamed as much as her sky blue eyes. The volleyball player was holding her phone up in front of her and looking down at it. On top, Skyler had on an orange college hooded sweatshirt with a black T-shirt visible underneath, with a pair of knee-length tight white shorts and black running shoes on below; her white and pink tube socks were pulled up. Cassidy was glancing over the volleyball player's shoulder, being surprisingly taller while her hair was also down, her oval face showing hints of fascination. Cassidy's hands were buried in the pockets of her jeans; a low-cut gray T-shirt covered her upper body.

            “I think you two cuties need to join our little caravan,” announced Sandy, stopping by the two blondes. Skyler went in first, being leaned against Friday, and Cassidy followed; both were dropped in feet first which meant Sandy needed to tip them upside down to fit them in the bin, resulting in a few fallen items like coins and keys that Sandy decided to snatch up. With the two latest statue additions in place, Sandy headed back towards the police station.

            Decker State College had around ten thousand students and there were around forty officers working for the campus police, but most of them were men. Sandy didn't spot anyone of note as she headed for the station's squad room, having gotten a text from Sandra that that's where she'd be meeting with the parents of Kelli and Pamela. Sure enough, upon entering the room Sandy saw everyone was present in silent tableau: Peggy stood by the door with one hand on her hip and the other on her forehead, her eyes were closed; Sandra was standing and leaning over the table to shake hands with Dawn Flipspatrick, the latter of which Pam had showed the Scooby Gang photos of once; Beverly Flipspatrick appeared to be getting ready to leave as she was paused in mid-step, headed for the door; Pam was in a walking pose behind her biological mother; and Kelli and Meryl were frozen while wrapped in a tight embrace, Kelli's eyes were closed and a smile brightened on her face while Meryl looked at her affectionate daughter as if she wasn't sure what to think. “Huh, now that I see you in person you're not bad,” commented Sandy, glancing at Beverly. Sandy originally was hoping to take some steam off of the search of Kelli and Pam so she could just focus on dealing with Sandra, but now upon seeing all the moms in one spot as well as Peggy, Sandy broke down and made a snap decision.

            Kelli and Pam went first, since they were still under Sandy's hypnotic spell. Sandra and Peggy were next, but the moms went last, all of them being stood up in the cart alongside Friday, Skyler and Cassidy. It took Sandy a bit more effort pushing, but she soon got the cart moving. Sandra however, almost immediately flopped forward, head-butting Peggy and sending her glasses to the bottom of the cart, where a lens cracked. “Eh, I can get you new glasses if I think you still need them,” shrugged Sandy, continuing on her way.

            Just as Sandy started to move away from the education buildings and towards the residences, Sandy spotted another group of young women, one that brought out a rush of mixed feelings. Frozen while walking in a line were Amber Prescott, Jaki Newborn and Kelsey Wick, formerly three of her best friends forever; Amber in particular. She had her hair down and was sporting a pink tank top and gray mini-skirt; her right foot was extended forward as she looked over at the girls to her left, her right hand raised and her fingers spread wide, a grin on her face. Jaki was smiling warmly and had her hair down as well; her hands were resting behind her head. For clothing, Jaki was in a yellow tube top and jean shorts, with red running shoes on her feet. Kelsey was also looking at Amber with a warm smile; she had her hair in a high ponytail while wearing a long-sleeved white T-shirt and gray jeans, a book held in her right hand at her side while her left was raised with her index finger extended.

            “You three...” muttered Sandy under breath. Since leaving Phi Sigma Delta, Sandy had never looked back, actually feeling afraid to go back into the sorority house, which was why she hadn't just collected all her former so-called 'sisters' already. The trio in front of her, however, weren't in the house now; Sandy had been keen to get payback on them for dumping her when life got rough.

            “Too bad this isn't a trash bin,” joked Sandy as she started loading her former best friends into the cart, taking a moment to fix Pam and Cassidy as they'd fallen on one another and were effectively making out. Amber went in last; Sandy taking a moment to give her unfaithful friend a very angry kiss, then a slap across her frozen cheek; finally lifting her up and putting her into the bin upside down, which would muss up her hairstyle.  Too bad.

            “Oh, I think you'll all enjoy being my newest stair decorations... Well, most of you will, anyhow,” chuckled Sandy as she continued to wheel her cart, now fast approaching the student apartments. The loaded cart was becoming rather awkward, with at least one more head-butt occurring among the immobilized occupants.

* * *

            Sandy couldn't help but hum as she worked, duct-taping a frozen Peggy to the chair in front of Michelle's desk where a laptop with the induction video was set up. After finishing collecting a lot of women, Sandy had dumped most of them in the back of the fancy SUV they'd brought from Cammie's mansion, sparing only Kelli, Pam, and Peggy. The rest were sprayed with enough Type-7 to overdose them until she decided how they’d be displayed; Sandy decided to keep two doses of Transmoxide in case Friday ended up having a strong will, plus she'd attempt to hypnotize her in the comfort of her own stolen mansion. Sandy knew Michelle, Kelli and Pam would still need a while to empty out the former's apartment however, so she decided to kill the time by hypnotizing Peggy, having made sure to cover up the stack of Type-7 frozen women in the SUV with a tarp before unfreezing time.

            Peggy had been stripped down to her camouflage-green bra and panties combo and was taped to the desk's chair, which surprisingly lacked wheels. Out in the living room, Kelli, Pam and Michelle were sorting and folding clothes, so Sandy had some privacy as she prepared to dose the bound police captain with the counter-agent to Type-7, with Transmoxide on stand-by. “Here we go,” muttered Sandy, spraying Peggy and then immediately applying the other drug, which made her captive sneeze.

            “Ugh, what is that?!” exclaimed Peggy, looking around in confusion before focusing on the laptop. “What's going on? I...” To Sandy's astonishment Peggy almost instantly slumped over, sound asleep.

            “You should be embarrassed, folding like a house of cards,” smiled Sandy, stroking Peggy's permed blonde hair. “Now, when I say the command word 'freeze', you will freeze in place, unable to think, move or talk, you will stand rigidly as if frozen in time. When I say the word 'unfreeze' you will come out of your frozen state, unaware of anything that happened while you were frozen. When I say 'sleep' you will be as you are now, limp, dreaming, and open to further instructions. When I say 'awaken' you will wake up from your sleep and think nothing of it. If I speak your name before these commands, only you will be affected by them. As soon as you wake up, you will want to obey my every command out of a great and constant love for me. You will be in love with me and are always eager to please me, no matter what, with no feelings of jealousy. You will be fine with whatever I tell you to do, as all you'll think about is that I told you to do it, and doing so will make me very happy, so it'll make you happy as well. You will call me 'goddess' and, unless I tell you otherwise, be unable to keep your hands off of me.”

            Sandy quickly started releasing Peggy's restraints, then decided to even move her from the chair to the bed, letting the older woman slump over on the sheets as if passed out from drinking too much. “After I finish counting down from three to zero, you will awaken and obey all the instructions you were given. Three... two... one... zero.” At the word 'zero' Peggy's eyes snapped open and she sat up on the bed.

            “Oh Goddess, I am yours,” gasped Peggy, reaching up to welcome Sandy into her arms as the pair embraced and kissed. Sandy was eager to get out of her ridiculous 80s clothing and quickly slid them off as she and Peggy got heated, the pair was soon naked with the older woman vigorously working the younger one's crotch with her hands.

            “Oh, that is amazing,” moaned Sandy, starting to work Peggy's womanhood as well. Sandy wasn't sure how, as she was pretty sure the captain was straight, but Peggy found a way to make her orgasm at least five minutes before she herself did. Eventually the pair collapsed into each other's arms, rolling aside to avoid the stains left on the bed.

            “Those are some talented hands,” giggled Sandy, embracing Peggy. “Okay, now I need you calm down a bit... I want you to act as my bodyguard. If anyone threatens me, well, I've got a Taser in my bag. I'll also see if I can get you some Type-7 to spray people with. You okay with that?”

            “I live to serve only you, Goddess,” Peggy assured Sandy, placing a finger on her mistress's nose and smiling brightly.

            “Good girl,” nodded Sandy, breaking the embrace and getting up out of bed. Sitting on the desk next to the laptop, which Sandy closed, was her bag, out of which she pulled the Taser she'd recovered from Victoria Towers. There were other weapons back at the police station, but Peggy hadn't been wearing any when she was collected, so Sandy figured giving her the Taser would work just as well. “Get dressed and come into the living room when you're done,” ordered Sandy.

            “I obey, my Goddess,” agreed Peggy, getting to work on collecting her discarded underwear, Sandy having left the captain's uniform on the floor near the bedroom closet. Leaving the bedroom behind, Sandy wandered into the living room, where Kelli, Pam and Michelle were all working on filling suitcases with Michelle's clothes. Kelli was organizing socks and underwear, Pam was handling legwear and Michelle was doing tops, the dresses being the first things to be packed.

            “Make sure you get the cheerleaders uniforms; I love those,” commented Sandy as she watched the trio work, Michelle had dressed herself in a denim shirt as well as jeans with her hair up in a bun, Sandy having thought it would suit a lower-budget limo driver.

            “Of course, my Goddess,” confirmed Michelle with a smile. Sandy was about to say something else when the door to the apartment suddenly opened, Sandy confused since she was fairly certain they'd locked it. Standing at the doorway, clad in an olive-green buttoned sweater over a white blouse and a pair of black shorts, her hair up in a looped ponytail, was the angry face of Julie Vaughn. Sandy fairly confident of that since her twin was still being a statue at the mansion. In her hands, Julie was holding what looked like an old Polaroid camera.

            “Where's my sister, you bimbo!” screamed Julie, storming in as the door swung closed behind her. Sandy saw that the door's dead bolt was broken, falling out as the door closed, so it seemed clear Julie had somehow unscrewed it to get in.

            “Peggy, protect me!” yelled out Sandy to the policewoman in the bedroom, then reached for the nearby spray can filled with Type-7. Sandy was halfway towards touching the can when there was a bright flash throughout the room and she instantly froze in place, her right hand still reaching for the object on the table. Michelle, Kelli and Pam were all frozen too, looking at Julie in surprise.

            “What in the hell is going on...” muttered Julie as she glanced at the four unmoving women, focusing on the naked Sandy Vanholt. “Kat... Where are you...? Dammit! I knew I should have called Tucker...” A few seconds later, with a ‘whir’, a picture of the frozen scene printed out of the camera. Julie took it in her hands, waving the photo slightly while trying to think whom among these statues to interrogate first. Julie had arrived expecting Michelle to be behind things, but it now appeared Sandy was in charge. As Julie tried to decide what action to take, another person entered the room. The woman was Peggy Sharp and she was again wearing her uniform, a Taser gripped in her hand.

            “Get away from my Goddess!” screamed Peggy, raising her weapon.

            “Crap!” exclaimed Julie, quickly turning her camera to focus on Peggy, but it was too late. A pair of copper needles struck Julie right in the chest; there was an electrical crackling sound as she went down hard, convulsing and dropping the camera. The picture, firmly gripped in Julie's hands, was jerkily torn apart as she continued to convulse. With that image destroyed, Sandy and the rest resumed moving.

            “Got yo-what's going on?” asked Sandy, coming back to life and grabbing the spray can, only to then see Julie lying writhing on the ground. “Kelli, Pam, Michelle, freeze! Peggy, stop the shocks!” Peggy stopped electrocuting Julie with the Taser; Sandy then approached the fallen cheerleader and her peculiar camera.

            “What... Did you...” gasped out Julie, shaking on the ground while rolling over onto her back, the camera near her feet. Sandy ignored the cheerleader and picked up the fallen camera, examining it.

            “I blacked out for a second after I saw this thing flash, or at least I think that's what happened,” commented Sandy, examining the camera’s lens. “How about if I take a picture of you?” she aimed the camera at the fallen girl.

            “Wait...” managed Julie, but as she tried to raise her hands, her mouth wide open, Sandy took a photo and Julie surprisingly froze in place. A moment later the photo was printed out, which Sandy examined.  The image showed the exact same pose and expression that Julie continued to hold.

            “A camera that freezes people?  Sweet!” observed Sandy, smiling to herself but unsure if that was what was really going on. A moment later however, there was knock at the door.

            “Michelle?” called out a mushy voice, sounding very Southern. “Sugar? Don't mean to be ornery an’ all, but I reckon you're being a bit loud.”

            “I agree,” came a second voice. Sandy remembered Michelle's neighbors were Brianne Walsh, a fellow cheerleader, and Maxine Reed, a music student; she figured they'd heard the screaming. Deciding to test the camera some more, Sandy went and opened the door.

            “Who the hell are you?” asked Maxine as the door opened. Brianne was standing to the right of the door, her hair in a ponytail and dressed in red flannel pajamas, fuzzy white slippers on her feet. Maxine, meanwhile, looked frowsy in a pair of gray fleece pants and an oversized white tank top, her hair a mess. It wasn't that late, only eight at night, but it seemed like both women had already started to relax in bed. Sandy didn't spare a second’s thought before snapping a picture of them both; much to Sandy's delight both women froze in place. Maxine looked annoyed, her right hand was running through her hair while her left rested on her stomach, Brianne meanwhile had stopped in the middle of raising her right hand to point at Sandy, puzzlement on her own face. It wasn’t the girls’ best look.

            “This gizmo has to be magic...” giggled Sandy, quickly tossing the new photo aside and pulling the frozen pair into the apartment, after which she closed the door. “First a magic hourglass, now a magic camera... Awesome! Hmm... What would happen if I used them together...?”


To Be Concluded!


Sandy Vanholt – Jessica Simpson
Kat Vaughn – Katrina Bowden
Mel Donavan – Lena Gercke
Flora Wade – Poppy Montgomery
Genesis Salazar – Maria Gabriella
Michelle Gim – Park Gyuri
Adora Morales – Eve Torres
Kelli McAdams – Kellie Pickler
Cammie Domingo – Cameron Diaz
Jaime Pascal – Angie Harmon
Jan Armstrong – Jeri Ryan
Rue Garden – Lauren Graham
Sandra Packlin – Sarah Palin
Brie Lawson – Carrie Mulligan
Marlee O'Connell – Rachel Weisz
Jesse Crane – Queen Latifah
Peggy Sharp – Jenny McCarthy
Jeridine Jackson – Michelle Forbes
Harmony Niles – Diane Parish
Carey Daniels – Bridget Moynahan
Cecily Vaughn – Heather Locklear
Jennifer Sleet – Peyton List
Celeste Green – Amerie Rogers
Marlene Hinshaw – Cassadee Pope
Lexa Balfour – Leslie Bibb
Rachel Xanders – Amber Heard
Chetana Shenkar – Isha Koppikar
Zella Krueger – Taylor Swift
Katrina Vanholt – Kelly Preston
Sunny Dakota – Aimee Teegarden
Casey Jackson – Jaimie Alexander
Pamela Flipspatrick – Rachel Hurd-Wood
Beverly Flipspatrick – Geena Davis
Dawn Flipspatrick – Amy Yasbeck
Meryl McAdams – Sheryl Crow
Friday – Amanda Seyfried
Skyler Tannen – Julianne Hough
Cassidy Rivers – Jennifer Lawrence
Amber Prescott – Brittany Snow
Jaki Newborn – Emma Stone
Kelsey Wick – Hillary Duff
Julie Vaughn – Katrina Bowden
Brianne Walsh – Miley Cyrus
Maxine Reed – Emma Roberts

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