The Fraternal Brotherhood Character List

by Zapped!

Being an avid fan of ASFR stories myself,  I sometimes find that having too many characters introduced into a storyline all at once can not only be hard to keep track of, but it often takes away from enjoying the story itself. So, due to the considerable amount of characters that will be introduced within this new short series, I thought that I would create a “character list” as an aid for the reader. This is not a complete list by any means, and it’s in no particular order. It could be printed off and used as a reference tool to keep track of the characters, while at the same time providing some insight as to exactly who these characters were inspired by from real life.


The Students :

Allyson Ling: Ally is a nineteen year old American born Chinese student that’s in her sophomore year. The Asian’s petite and compact body, makes the girl a formidable force to deal with on Glendale University’s soccer team. Inspired by actress Brenda Song, as well as a very petite Chinese girl that I went to college with by the name of Ally.

Alicia Dewitt: the popular twenty year old cheerleader that’s captain of the Glendale Gargoyle’s squad. Alicia has fiery red hair and an equally hot body, and she’s excited about her upcoming trip to Cancun, as well as her graduation in a couple of months. Inspired by the actress Alicia Witt.

Shawna “Hoopz” Parker: a sassy nineteen year old cheerleader from the streets of Queens, New York. This sexy girl of African-American heritage, was inspired by Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander from the VH1 reality TV show, “I Love Money!”…Check her out!

Lana the cheerleader: inspired by the Lana Lang character from “Smallville.”

Clair the cheerleader: inspired by Clair Bennet from the hit TV series “Heroes.”

Karen Hunter: a tall athletic blonde who was a former member of Glendale’s Cross Country running team. Character was based off of another girl that I went to high school and college with. The real Karen had the same looks and build as the character, with a similar sounding name.

Patty Temple: a tough looking Goth girl with a bad attitude. I pictured a young Joan Jett from her “I Love Rock n Roll” period, only slightly more troubled! She most likely would have pierced nipples as well!

Jessica Fiori: a raven haired eighteen year old from New Jersey. This spoiled freshman usually gets what she wants because of her striking Italian looks and irresistible charm. She’s also Alicia Dewitt’s gum crackling, chain smoking roommate.

Mary Ellen Saxby: this fashionably dressed, ash-blonde dream is a member of the Glendale majorette team. Undoubtedly an Elizabeth Shue look-a-like from the movie “Cocktail.” 

Oxana Penick: an eighteen year old immigrant from Romania. This blue eyed, blonde haired gymnast has a body that was built for gymnastics, and has the skills to back it up. Inspired by the lovely Nastia Liukin.

Sarah the gymnast: although only briefly mentioned, this character was inspired by the adorable and yet equally impressive Shawn Johnson, only a year or so older.


The Faculty :

Coach Albert Walker:  The forty six year old gymnastics coach and Glendale Universities Athletics Director. A muscular man that has a reputation for driving his athlete’s, and a guy that has dedicated his entire life to “The Program.” Although he appears to be intimidating at times, Walker could be equally as sweet when necessary, and was often called “pooh-bear” by many of his female athletes. The coach is also the man to call when you need the job done in the middle of the night and without any traces of evidence left behind!

Professor Jerry Bushwick: an aging hippie that often teaches his figure drawing and sculpting courses in tie-dyed shirts, cut-off shorts and sandals, instead of the proper “professional” attire. Bushwick graduated from Glendale in the early sixties, but eventually found himself in the middle of the psychedelic era. He soon joined the peace movement and eventually wound up following “The Dead” around the world in the late sixties and early seventies. During that time, a mind-expanding drug experience triggered the idea behind his current method of producing the incredibly realistic statues that he has come to be known for. These same statues have created a buzz, (no pun intended), within the established art community, as well as with private collectors, since their initial debut so many moons ago.

Dr. Connie Patrilla: This Italian divorcee is a psychologist at the campus that’s been getting a little too suspicious for her own good. Connie is still a considerably attractive woman for her age: the pantsuits and business attire that the forty four year old usually wears, only hint at the body she hides beneath. I originally pictured this older sexy siren to be played by Nelly Galan from the seventh season of “The Apprentice,” but lately I’ve also been picturing Sarah Palin! I guess I’ll let you guys decide on that one . . .

Professor Otto Von Schultz: Glendale’s resident alchemist and cryo-biologist. Recruited in 1944 during his first year of college by a failing Nazi Party, this eighty seven year old eventually went on to be the eldest member of the Pygmalion Brotherhood. Professor Schultz has dedicated his entire life to the study of science, and the preservation of the human species (specifically, females!) His underground experiments with liquid nitrogen and cryo-freezing have often blurred the thin lines between tinkering with nature and playing God, to down-right absent-mindedness! I pictured a guy that looks and reacts like Kevorkian, but with the hair and intelligence of Einstein.        

Vladimir the Janitor: a Russian immigrant that mops the floors by day, and assists Professor Schultz at night. A dirty old man that can’t speak much English, but understands the command, “Now strip that woman’s cloths off!” when he hears it! If you remember George “The Animal” Steel, then you’ll be able to picture who I’m talking about.

Dean Kessler: The Dean is a powerful man with a lot of connections. He’s the head honcho on campus, as well as Executive Director of the Fraternal Order. This guy was a founding member of the Pygmalion’s and has been around since day one. The only thing that Kessler holds more important than Glendale’s Athletics program, is the ongoing survival of the Pygmalion Brotherhood and their secret experiments. The Dean also has a penchant for frozen ladies, and has his own small collection back at the house. On more than one occasion, Kessler has shared this passion with his equally kinky wife. Inspired by Dean Wormer from “Animal House.”

Bebe Kessler: Glendale’s Head Student Advisor and the Deans cold, unemotional, but sexy wife. She’s also the only “unofficial” female member of the all male Fraternal Order. Mrs. Kessler has her hand in just about everything having to do with the brotherhood, including the female candidate’s pants, (when none of them are conscious anyway!) Although the woman is a respected administrator, she hides some big secrets just like her husband. Inspired by the actress Bebe Neuwirth, and more specifically: “Principal Valerie Drake,” which was Bebe’s character from the sci-fi/ horror flick, “The Faculty.”

Dennis Wolcott: a student at Glendale, as well as an R.A. at one of the Universities various dorms. This twenty year old male has a knack for finding fresh candidates for the brotherhood’s upcoming gathering.

Coach Jackson:  The Gargoyle’s cheerleading coach. A former Glendale student herself, Miss Jackson only wants to make a good impression on her most recent secret crush: Mrs. Kessler! Inspired by the exotic Famke Janssen, and based off of her character “Miss Elizabeth Burke,” from “The Faculty” movie as well.


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