The 15 Minute Makeover

by Sandrah Leary

Sandi hit the enter key with a pronounced “thud”.  “Finally”, she sighed to herself.  After three days of agonizing work, her report was finished.  She closed the program on her computer and rolled her chair away from her desk.  She glanced out the window at the lovely warm autumn day that waited outside.  Sandi checked her watch.  It was eleven-thirty-something and she didn’t have the ambition to start any new tasks before lunch.  Her mind wandered off.  “I’m going to lunch”, she spoke to her assistant as she raced to the elevator. 

“Ah.....okay Ms. Leary,” before Lindsay could respond to her boss, the doors had closed and the office was quiet.  What shall I do, what shall I do?  Sandi recited in her head as the elevator reached ground level.  She quickly left the office tower’s huge lobby to the street outside, soaking up the fresh fall air and soft sun.  The trees on the boulevard were turning shades of yellow, orange, and brilliant red. 

It was extremely mild for this time of year, and after a few minutes Sandi removed her suit jacket.  Her heeled shoes clicked on the sidewalk as she glanced at her reflection in the mirrored windows of the bank offices.  I’m doing pretty good for my age, she giggled to herself.  She was only 28, and a project manager with an assistant and a corner office with a better view than her boss’s.  She had trimmed her weight in recent years, down to under a hundred twenty five, though she didn’t know her exact weight, and didn’t want to. 

Her long legs gave her a generous stride as she continued into the downtown core, blonde hair gracefully flowing behind her.  She thought back, for a second, to her youth.  A poor orphan from the prairies, she was determined to do better for herself.  She worked hard, focused on her goals and achieved them.  She had few friends, her love life was basically nothing, but she had a nice apartment, a great car, and loads of money.  Maybe I should try to be more social, she thought to herself.  I’ve got everything I need to live well, now I should try to find love.  She stopped and smiled at her reflection.  I could change my look.  Maybe a different hair colour, bolder make-up, a short skirt.  That should make me more noticeable to opposite sex, she paused, or even the same sex.  She thought of her assistant, Lindsay.   She often fanaticized about kissing her.  She realized she was becoming aroused, and continued on her way. 

She remembered a little cafe she used to frequent on a side street up ahead.  Perfect, she thought.  As she made her way down the quiet alley she noticed a sign outside a small boutique.  “15 Minute Makeover - Free Today”, it proclaimed.  Sandi stopped and inspected the shop.  “Forever Lovely” read the sign over the door.  The windows were decorated with several mannequins in a variety of outfits, ranging from business casual to down right sexy.  She checked her watch, quarter-to.  Perfect timing, she said to herself.  Maybe I’ll pick up a new outfit too, she thought, realizing a nice skirt was more appropriate for this kind of temperature.  She walked into the boutique.  It smelled of sweet floral scents and hairspray.  Soft music played in the background.  An older lady approached her. 

“Hello”, she spoke with a smile, “lovely weather isn’t it?” 

“Yes, it’s wonderful”, Sandi replied.  She read the woman’s nametag, it read “Cehrina”. 

Cehrina saw Sandi’s glance, “It’s a very old name, I’m told it means ‘Eternity’ or something of  that nature”. 

“Oh”, Sandi said,” It’s very nice”. 

The shop owner sized up her customer.  “Are you here for a makeover dear?” 

Sandi blushed, “Do I need it that badly?” 

“No, not really.  But I’m sure we could improve a few of your imperfections” Cehrina said coyly.  “I assume you’re short on time....shall we begin?”. 

Sandi paused, “Sure, lets go.  Oh, and I may buy that outfit too”.  She pointed at a sharply dressed mannequin in the window, dressed in a short black skirt and tight top in a dark plum colour.  I’m sure to turn a few heads after lunch, she whispered in her mind. 

Cehrina, snapped her fingers and two young assistants appeared from the rear of the store.  “Alexia, and Alicia will help you in the salon”. 


Sandi followed the two girls through a curtain to a large room, filled with beauty supplies, mirrors and a large salon chair.  Without speaking the pair motioned Sand to be seated.  Odd, she thought, how the girls were so quiet and expressionless.  Never speaking, smiling, or from what she could see, even breathing.  The duo appeared to be of the same age, early twenties or late teens.  The both had the same brown hair, same bold makeup and the same outfits.  Thinking nothing more of it, Sandi laid back in the chair. Cehrina’s soothing voice filled her ears as she closed her eyes, “First a quick facial, then my assistants will do your makeup while I get your new outfit ready”.  The girls began applying a cool creamy masque to Sandi’s face. 

The two worked quickly and quietly, gently covering Sandi’s forehead and eyes.  Strange, she thought, I never thought they covered the eyes.  She was even more puzzled when the cream began to cover her lips.  Alexia and Alicia left only two small holes for her to breathe, smothering her face and neck and working back toward her ears, where they stopped.  Sandi relaxed and let the cream work into her skin.  It felt as if a thousand little hands were massaging her face.  It seemed as though hours had passed before the two beauticians began to remove the masque.  As the cream came off, so did any spots of facial hair past treatments had missed, including her eyebrows and eyelashes.  Even if Sandi had opened her eyes, she wouldn’t have noticed the lack of brows and lashes, as her face was aglow with warmth and relaxation.  She may have noticed however, the lack of any blemishes or zits, and how her skin was an even, lightened colour.  Even her beauty mark, under her lip, was gone.

Sandi’s eyes remained closed.  The two girls began applying a foundation, followed with a dusting of pale powder.  Sandi’s skin tone would be a pronounced tone lighter than before, bordering on off-white.  Alicia applied a set of long false lashes while Alexia added thin arching eyebrows, using feathered strokes of eyeliner for a natural look.  Alicia outlined Sandi’s eyes with dark liquid liner and proceeded to fill in the eyelids with smokey grey and dark plum colours.  Her silent partner dusted their client’s cheek with bold plum rouge.  Alicia applied a thin line of shadow under Sandi’s eyes, giving them a mysterious depth.  She then proceeded to soak Sandi’s fingers in a strange warm gel, while Alexia began the final work of her lips.  After waiting only a few minutes Sandi’s fingers were removed from the gel and cleaned.  She could feel a strange cold feeling in her fingertips.  She considered looking....but was afraid it might interrupt her make up application.  If she had looked, she would have noticed that her fingernails had completely dissolved.  Alicia attached long, false nails, coloured in dark plum, with military precision, just as Alexia finished the last coat of plum colour to Sandi’s lips.  She had used four different shades to give her lips a mysterious and pouty look.  Alicia re-applied Sandi’s beauty mark with black liner.  Alexia reached for Sandi’s hair.  “Later!”, Cehrina’s voice thundered.  The girl’s hands retreated. 

Sandi’s eyes flew open.  “What was that?”, she asked.  “If you like, we can change your hair colour later”, Cehrina recovered, “first, let me introduce you to the new Sandra”, she turned the chair to face a bank of mirrors. 

Sandi gasped.  “Wow! I love it....I’m....I’m so hot!” she exclaimed. 

“Just wait until we get you dressed”, the shopkeeper added, as she hurried Sandi back into the store, and into a dressing room. 


Laid out before her, was Sandi’s new outfit.  With the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas morning, she quickly disrobed.  Standing naked before the mirror, she noticed the striking contrast between the colour of her face and the rest of her body.  She thought nothing of it and picked up a box which was laying on top of her new clothes.  She eagerly opened it to find a long cream coloured dildo.  Sandra flashed a devilish smile.  She pressed an indentation on the dildo’s side and the toy sprang to life with sensual vibration.  She quickly inserted it into her very moist sex.  As the device hummed, Sandra let the vibration echo throughout her body.  She put on her new bra and panty set, black silk.  She slid the dark plum stockings up over her smooth legs. Good thing I shaved this morning, she thought.  She proceeded to put on the black skirt she had earlier seen the mannequin wearing.  It was considerably shorter on her than on the mannequin, with the side slit exposing the tops of her stockings.  She turned around and bent over, exposing the lower part of her firm ass to the mirror.  Oh my god Sandra, she thought, you’re a slut.  She smiled, how wonderful.  “I called myself Sandra”, she said aloud, “I’ve never done that before”. 

“Everything all right dear?” Cehrina asked from out side the room. 

“Oh, yeah”, Sandi replied, “everything’s perfect”.  She pulled the tight plum coloured sweater over her upper body.  It was a mesh style that showed Sandra’s skin through, along with the outline of her bra.  As a final touch she slipped into her new shoes, black suede open toed sandals with an inch high platform and four inch heels.  As the dildo vibrated deep inside of her, she struck a sexy pose for the mirror.  It was like another person was looking back at her.  She smiled seductively through velvety lips.  She was so turned on.

Sandra joined Cehrina and her helpers back in the shop.  She got a better look at the two strange girls.  Their skin was pale, like hers now was.  And their make up was like hers, outlining every feature on their faces.  Only where she had plum, they had cherry red.  I guess Cehrina has a certain style to her look, she thought. 

“Well, what do you think?”, the storekeeper asked. 

“It’s wonderful!”, Sandra exclaimed.       

Cehrina scanned Sandra’s credit card and handed her the bill.  She didn’t even look at it.  “Now you come back later and we’ll finish your hair, okay?”, Cehrina looked deep into the executive’s eyes, as if she were giving her a direct order. 

Sandra just nodded.   She signed the bill “Sandra Leary”; she’d never used her full name before.  It felt odd.  For that matter, her whole body felt odd, stiff even.  Oh, well, she thought, probably just hunger.  She spotted the clock behind the counter, twelve-oh-five.  Time for lunch.


She ordered her usual sandwich and soup and sat in her usual chair by the window in the cafe.  She felt remarkably strange.  It was like her head was wrapped in gauze.  She finished half her sandwich and continued to gaze mindlessly out the window.  She hadn’t touched her soup, she really didn’t want it.  Before she knew it, it was time to go.  As she walked past the boutique, she noticed the display in the front window had changed.  Two new mannequins stood front and centre.  They looked a lot like Alicia and Alexia, only with matching blonde hair.  How strange, Sandra though, but that’s not possible.

As the elevator door opened, Sandra watched her fellow co-workers stop and do double takes as she walked through the office to her door.  She paused, and turned to Lindsay, “Hold all my calls please”.  Lindsay nodded, speechless.  She knew this glamorous woman was her boss, but still couldn’t believe it. 

Sandra’s door closed and the chatter and whispers began.  Did you see that, one clerk asked.  Lindsay, shook her head, and went into Sandra’s office. 

“Ms Leary?” she spoke softly to the back of Sandra’s chair.  Sandra slowly spun around to face her young secretary. 

Lindsay felt her boss’s eyes scanning her.  She had been a good little girl her whole life, but since working for Sandi, er, Ms Leary, she was having bizarre feelings, and strange daydreams.  In them she was kissing Sandra’s lips and caressing her body.  Now, seeing her boss all “decked-out”, wild emotions were coming to the surface. 

“Please honey”, Sandra said, “Call me Sandra”. 

“Ah, okay, Sandra”, Lindsay bubbled, “Are you alright?” 

“Why of course dear, never been better”, she replied.  “I had a makeover during lunch, do you like?” 

“Oh yes” her assistant blurted out. 

“Sometime, I’ll take you over there, its absolutely wonderful.  Its a little boutique on Maple Street, called....Forever....Forever something, I’ve forgotten”, under her generous coating of make up, Sandra felt her face turning red with embarrassment.  How could she forget the name of the shop so soon? 

“Are you sure you’re okay?”, Lindsay read Sandra’s disoriented look. 

“Yes Lindsay, I’m fine.  Lunch is just sitting a little....funny.  That’s all.”

She paused for a second.  “What day is it?” 

“Uh, Friday,”, Lindsay was now genuinely concerned. 

“Good”, Sandra said,”re-schedule my appointments to Monday, I’m going home early”. 

Lindsay’s jaw almost hit the ground.  Sandi Leary was a notorious over achiever.  The first in and the last out every day, including Friday.  Before she could reply, her boss had kissed her gently on the cheek and left the corner office.


In the elevator, Sandra leaned against the wall, as a wave of mixed pleasure came over her.  The dildo buzzed away, combining with the silky feel of her stocking covered legs and the odd stiffness setting in through out her body, to bring her to near orgasm.  She tried to get it under control as she stumbled through the parking garage to her Lexus.  She turned on the ignition and raced out onto the street as another burst of pleasure hit her.  She looked down at her legs.  The black stockings appeared to be fading, with blotches of skin showing through.  But upon further inspection Sandra found it to be more like soft plastic than skin.  She felt panic enter her mind.  She pulled back her skirt to find her panties were disappearing into her skin, only it wasn’t her skin, it too was like a soft plastic.  Her sex had been sealed over with the new plastic skin.  The dildo, she though, how will I get it out?  She lifted her sweater.  More of the same.  The bra was nearly gone, covering her breasts with smooth plastic.  Her nipples were reduced to slight bumps.  With the bra missing, she expected her boobs to drop to their natural position, but they didn’t.  The remained perked and in place.  She put one hand on her head, as if to signify defeat.  She slowly lowered it in horror when she realized her hair was falling onto the car seat.  She grabbed a mirror.  “Oh my god” she shrieked, “What’s happening to me?”  Her golden locks were falling like leaves from the boulevard trees.  The Boutique.  Something must have happened there.  It was only a block away.

Sandra’s car squealed to a stop in front of the small shop.  She burst through the door. 

Cehrina calmly stood in the middle of the store “Ready to do your hair now dear?” she asked. 

“”, Sandra sputtered. 

“Relax, my dear”, the old shopkeeper said, “In a few minutes it’ll all be over”. 

“What!.....I...don’t understand” the panicked woman shouted. 

“You don’t really think anything is free anymore, do you?” Cehrina smiled, “I have bills just like everyone else”. 

“ me?”. 

“You are simply making your payment to me”, the shopkeeper spoke as if nothing was out of the ordinary.  “Take a look around at my collection of makeovers,” she pointed around the room at the different mannequins. 

Sandra wanted to scream, “But....that...can’t..”. 

“Oh but it can”, Cehrina interrupted, “and it is”.  “The facial, removes all dirt, make-up and hair, including your brows and lashes.  It then releases a time released plastifying agent into your skin.  The make up contains a special polymer that bonds to plastic permanently.  The stockings, bra, and panties, contain the same plastifying agent, only in a more concentrated form.  It bonds with your skin and then spreads throughout your body.  And the dildo, injects more agent into your body, pleasing and changing you at the same time.” 

Sandra turned towards a full-length mirror.  Her head was now completely bald and gleaming with a plastic shine.  She tried to lift her arms to touch it but found that they would not move.  The shopkeeper removed Sandra’s skirt and top.  Sandra tried to fight, but her body remained still.  The plasticising agent was spreading quickly now through her nude form.   Cehrina tapped Sandra’s flat stomach, it echoed like a hollow plastic tube.  Her skin began to take a new off white colour and dull shine.  Sandra tried to cry out, but her mouth would not move, nothing on her would. 

“You see my dear, there are various degrees of plasticizing.  My assistants for example are only partially plasticized.  They still have movement, but little else.  You on the other hand are now nothing more than an inanimate object.” 

Sandra’s mind felt dizzy, and she blacked out.


Satisfied that the process was finished, Cehrina went behind the counter.  She returned with, what appeared to be another dildo and a stainless steel display rod and stand.  She dipped the dildo in plasticizing gel and kneeled beside the former executive’s rear.  With a gentle “pop” she inserted the dildo into Sandra’s soft plastic ass, and waited a moment for the plastic to harden.  She then lifted the woman onto the display rod and inserted the tip into the opening in the dildo.  Sandra slid down the pole with ease.  She was getting lighter by the second as her flesh changed to plastic.  The storeowner produced a surgical laser, and began to cut through her new mannequin’s wrists.  She continued to make cuts to her arms, at the shoulder, head, at the base of the neck, and through Sandra’s waist.  The woman installed metal pins and receptacles into the hollow ends of Sandra’s different body parts, and then began to dress her. 

She removed the newly made mannequin’s legs and lower body from the display rod, and pulled a new pair of panties up to her sexless crotch.  She then re-inserted the pole into its receptacle and rolled fresh, new stockings over the smooth plastic legs.  Cehrina re-attached Sandra’s torso and added a bra, similar to the one the woman had been wearing only moments ago, when she was still a woman.  The old shopkeeper quickly dressed the headless, armless form, with Sandra’s skirt and sweater, then attached the arms and head, and put the same shoes back on her plastic feet.  From behind the counter, she retrieved a dark “plum” coloured wig, which was laid on top of Sandra’s bald head.  “I told you we’d finish your hair later”, she whispered in Sandra’s plastic ear, knowing full well that there was no one left to hear.  Whatever flesh was left inside of her head, would be dissolved into plastic within moments, thus ending Sandra’s existence as a woman, and beginning her existence as a marketing tool.  Sandra came to for a final moment, only to catch a glimpse of the dark haired mannequin that had taken her place.

Cehrina moved the plastic woman into the window, wearing the very same outfit that the mannequin before her had worn.  She and her assistants would spend the next few days disposing of Sandra’s car, personal belongings and debt.  They would then sub-let her apartment until her lease expired and empty all of the former executive’s bank accounts and savings.  Any leftover articles were destroyed in an incinerator,  effectively ending Sandi Leary’s existence.


After a week and a half, upper management decided that Sandra was not going to return.  Her replacement began her day by firing Lindsay.  How could this happen, she wondered.  Where did Sandi go?  She thought back to that odd Friday afternoon.  The strange behaviour, the glamourous makeover.  She thought back, where was that place again, Maple Street? 


Lindsay paused outside the “Forever Lovely” boutique.  In the window stood five mannequins, all of them extremely realistic. But it was the one on the far left that caught her eye the most.  It looked almost exactly like Sandra, save the short plum-coloured hair.  Lindsay entered the store.


………… be continued………

COPYRIGHT 2000 Sandrah Leary ~

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