Free Sample

by Paul G. Jutras


     Lesley pulled up in the parking lot of the local shopping plaza and swung her legs out of her low seated car. Dressed in a purple sleeveless top, black slacks, jet-black pantyhose and four inch, open toe heels, she primped her hair and pulled her purse over her shoulder.

     Her heels clicked on the pavement as her shoes had her almost up on her tip toes. She walked over to a cart corral, selected one, and started to push it toward the entrance of she shopping center. At the entrance of the store was a young woman sitting beside a table.

     "Hello there," The saleswoman said as she stood in open toe heels and a maroon color dress with a floral  design. "Would you like to try a free sample of FOREVER pantyhose? Since no store carries them, you can go to the dressing room and change. Then take our poll when you come out and tell us what you think."

     "Okay." Lesley smiled and took a carton of suntan hose and went to dressing room. She stepped out of her heels and slid her jet black hose down her freshly morning shaved legs. She flexed her toes and bit and then scrunched up the hose in a rose style and worked her foot into them. She slide up to her knees of leg then the other. She worked them up to her hips.

      "These do feel different." Lesley thought as her toes felt especially pinch compared to her old hose. "Maybe I should of taken a larger size than I take in my normal hose."

     As she put her black hose in her purse, she left the dressing room and passed a rack of purses and blouses.  As she checked out a few skirts; she headed over to a floral department for a potted plant. As she went through the plants for the best one, she noticed a stiffness in her leg.

     "What's wrong with me?" Lesley thought as she reached down and massaged her legs. "When I first put these hose on my feet felt like my toes were being fused together. Now I'm finding it hard to even walk."

     "Excuse me." A man said as he bumped into her. As her did, she felt forward and found her knees wouldn't bend. She had to catch herself with her hands to keep from impacting face first. Lesley fell into the rack of plants and remained there, still.

      "Help me!" Lesley tried to opened her mouth to scream, but found no sound came from her frozen shut lips.  She wanted to raise herself up from that position, but her arms too had become rigid and stiff as had the rest of her body. She could not move at all.

      "What do we have here?" A woman dressed in a white lacy blouse, gray blazer, skirt, black pumps and nude hose walked up. "What department are you from my dear - there aren't any mannequins scheduled to be in garden section."

      "No!" Lesley mentally screamed. "I'm not one of the store mannequins. "I'm real. Feel my pulse and you'll see I'm a flesh and blood being."

     As the dark haired woman lifted Lesley up, the transformed shopper was surprised at how light she felt. She was carried to the middle of women's wear and tilted backwards. Lesley could only watch helpless as the store worker undid her pants and slid it off her legs.  The hose was perfectly blended at her waist. The lines where the panty ended were now seams of her mannequin body so that her leg and torso could be removed for easy dressing and undressing. She was also sexless without even pubic hair.

      "Let's show off your long legs." The worker said as she put a pair of cut off denim shorts on her. She then removed Lesley's blouse and bra. The former woman was surprised at how pert her breasts remained upright without support.  They seemed larger and very flattering. She almost hated to see a checkered blouse put on that made her look like the classic  TV character Daisy Duke.  The long wig  completed the effect.

      "Won't be needing this." The woman put the purse on the sales rack, then went to help a woman who looked confused. This latest patron couldn't have known this was the same woman who had already changed a dozen women into mannequins with the pantyhose she gave away. While she was being helped, her male partner had taken Lesley's purse and disposed of the contents before putting it back on the rack.

      "How did we do?" Mr. Sunkist asked his wife and partner.

      "Better than expected." Mrs. Sunkist smiled. "The test worked perfectly. Every girl is now a mannequin in this store. We can now see about opening our own clothing shop with the most realistic mannequins ever seen."

      As Lesley stood in her silent plastic prison, she pondered her life. Forever young and beautiful and taken care of.  The one thing she'll miss is feeling around by the touch of a man and being able to move. At least she'll always be looking her best in the latest fashions. Even if some of them are styles she wouldn't want to be caught dead in.  For seeing no choice but except her fate, she mentally prepared herself for a existence as a display dummy.



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