Free Sample

by chainedknee
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Macy picked up the pink box that the mailman had left on her apartment's doorstep.  The name of the sender was Phrygia Cosmetics.

"Hey, June."  Macy called to her friend who was sitting on the couch watching TV.  "We got something from Phrygia."

"Watch out.  It might be a bomb."  June called back in a deadpan voice.

Macy laughed and put the package on a table.  Armed with a pair of scissors, she opened the box up, though at arm's length, just in case June was right.  She, June and their friend Amy had good reason to have fear the hatred of Phrygia Cosmetics, a high-end make-up company.  The trio were friends from journalism school who decided to start a fashion blog upon graduation.  They needed a gimmick to get them on the fashion world's radar screen and they decided a public spat with a Phryigia was the way to do it.  So when they launched their blog, they turned their caustic wit against Phrygia, denigrating their products and making fun of its CEO, Margery Marigold.  The scheme worked.  Phrygia tried to swat the gadfly girls with attacks of their own but this just attracted media attention, which was exactly what Macy, June and Amy wanted.  The publicity garnered the three a David v. Goliath fan base and sponsorship from Phrygia's competitors along with a lucrative publishing contract.  In the meantime, Phrygia's sales wilted and Marjorie Marigold was under threat of being ousted by her own board of directors.  So while Macy knew that the idea of someone at Phrygia sending her a bomb was probably unlikely, it was not altogether an impossibility.

Opening the box, Macy found three thick tubes topped with nipples, each full of a white substance.  At first, Macy thought they were baby bottles but a card within explained they were something different, "Dear Amy, June and Macy.  Congratulations on your new contract.  Just to show there are no hard feelings, here are three containers of our new Majuna skin therapy.  It rejuvenates and protects the skin.  Test it out.  See how you like it and feel free to review it.  Kisses, Marjorie Marigold."

"It's a free sample."  Macy called out to June.

"It's probably poisoned."  June deadpanned again.

"Maybe."  Macy said.  "Free is free.  I am going to try it out."  She took a bottle into her room and sat in front of her vanity.  She squeezed a little of the white cream onto the back of her hand and rubbed it into her skin.  The flesh that drank in the cream felt as if stroked with vibrant warmth.  The feeling did not stay on the surface; it flowed into her, seeping into her nerves and making them sizzle pleasantly.  The effect was not only enjoyable; it was arousing.  Her muscles began to tighten on their own and she felt wisps of ecstasy lick around her belly.

"Oh my God!"  Macy sighed.  "This feels awesome!"  Macy rubbed in more cream to her skin, spreading it up her arm.  The feeling intensified and its wonderful warmth reached into her muscles, her bones, making ever never ending vibrate intensely as if singing in joy.  The combined effects mimicked an assault of wave after wave of sensuous caresses.  Her stomach felt like it was contracting into tautness and pulling at her breasts and her loins from invisible threads within.

The desire to get more of the cream on her was overwhelming.  She pulled off her blouse, ripped off her bra, and lathered it over her heaving tits.  The explosion of feeling was incredible.  It wasn't the tingling she was used to, it was a raging, coursing deluge of sensation and it was wonderful.  Hungry for more, she reached down to her trembling cunt and spread the cream over it. She leaned back, her lashes fluttering fiercely, and felt the thrill like riding a riding a roller coaster without end.  Her body was ferociously pumping endorphins, flooding her with a delirious exhilaration.  It was like an orgasm, put not the momentary shudder and release she was used to, it was a ride that seemed to go into eternity.    Dreamily, Macy poured out the milky contents of the bottle all over her body, rubbing it into her, kicking off her dress and undies to get to her legs.  A sudden anxiety crept into her mounting enjoyment.  There were some parts of her body she had been unable to touch, on her back, below the shoulders, or that she had missed.  This skin nearly screamed with agony about being left out of the incredible feeling the cream provided.  She would need help to get them all.  She got up to get June.

"June, I need your help."  Macey said, her voice like a coiled snake ready to strike, picking up another bottle of the cream.

June looked up from what she was watching and she nearly jumped out of the couch at the sight of Macy, naked, her glistening body mottled with colors reflected from the television.   Macey's face was different in what lay beneath it.  There was no rationality, just a barely restrained hunger.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" June cried. "What the hell are you doing!?"

Macy grabbed June's hand and massaged some cream into her skin.  The effect was instantaneous.  June's alarm faded as she enjoyed the sensation that absorbed her flesh and pierced her body.  "Oh this feels great.  This feels so awesome.  I want more... more!"  She moaned, eager to apply the cream to herself.  Macey gave June a bottle for her own use.  It wasn't long before June had torn off her clothes and was massaging the substance into her skin, moaning in delight.  Macy pulled June close to her and the two began to rub against one another, using each other's bodies to apply the ointment all over themselves, delighting in the increased sensations as they writhed together like slick eels.

Amy came in the door and nearly tripped over Macey and June as they enjoyed the cream's sensations and themselves.  "What the heck..."  She said with surprise.

Before she could react, Macey and June were upon her, stroking the stimulating ointment into Amy's exposed skin.  

"What is this stuff?"  Amy purred as her body reacted to the cream's touch.  It was like light cutting through her body and bathing it from within.  In moments, Macey had Amy out of her clothes and June started pouring the last bottle of ointment over her chest.  Macey and June snuggled close to Amy, joining her smooth softness with their own.

The three were laughing and moaning, lost in the pure ecstasy of their feelings, barely realizing that smooth rashes had begun to form on their skin.  At first, they were light lemony in color and then they turned a darker, richer, yellow.  The rashes expanded, rushing across their bodies, encrusting their surfaces with a hard smoothness.  Their limbs became stiff and harder to move.  Their shapely forms became heavier, as if bound by invisible iron chains.  But the incredible feeling remained; overwhelming them and making them feel as if every fiber of their flesh was alive with joy even as their skin became a densely hard substance.  

Finally able to voice some recognition of their transformation, Macey brushed a hand against the yellow hardness and realized what it was, "We're... turning... into... gold..."  She said in a deepening voice as if it was being recorded in ever-slowing motion, her delight not waning a moment despite the realization.

"Feels... so... good..."  June said, before her mouth became fixed in a golden permanent smile and her face froze into a golden mask.

"So... good."  Amy agreed as her figure became fixed into one position, her body a gleaming golden statue, her fused expression showing the delight she still felt from the strange cream.

The three young women finally stood utterly motionless, locked in their poses of playful glee as if in a pillow fight at a slumber party, their living minds swimming in the everlasting delight the magical cream had created.

* * *

"So I commissioned this sculpture to commemorate the rolling out of my new Majuna cosmetics line: make up to preserve youth."  Majorie Marigold said triumphantly as a covering was pulled up to reveal the living gold statues of Macey, June and Amy.  The young women were lost in their worlds of eternal bliss and oblivious to the attention.

The attending audience applauded in appreciation.

A reporter came up to Majorie and asked.  "I'm curious, Majuna, where did you get the name."

Marjorie smiled.  "I combined the names of those fashion bloggers that made such fun of me and my company.  It is a way of thanks to them.  Their persistent goading forced me to modernize my business."

"Really?  Where did those girls go, by the way?  They seem to have just dropped off the map."  The reporter queried.

Marjorie gave her a cryptic smile and then looked at the three golden statues.  "Oh, I'm sure they're around."


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