Freezing Up the House

by Zero


Phi Sigma Delta Sorority House, Malibu, California

            “Hey, wake up!” came a loud voice as Susie Kim felt her body being jolted. Susie stirred from her lovely sleep and, thanks to the Royal Momju Necklace's connection to its ring-wearers, she was able to instinctively put the person doing the shaking into stasis. Rolling over so her head was facing her alarm clock, Susie worked hard and opened her tired eyes, seeing that it was only just after eight in the morning. On a Sunday.

            “Dammit Angel, I don't know if this new personality is working out,” groaned Susie, rolling over and glancing at the person frozen above her. Angel Mathews was hunched over at the waist; her hands flat as her arms stretched out to reach over at Susie and shake her awake. Angel's black hair was hanging all over and it was clear Susie's supposed best friend had yet to shower. That morning Angel was dressed, wearing a pair of jeans with a couple of brown patches from old mud stains and a black T-shirt that cut a bit low to reveal some cleavage. Angel's face was frozen with a smile on her lips, so apparently she'd decided to wake Susie up out of some good intention.

            “Whatever it is it'll have to wait; you need to learn to not wake me up on the weekend like this,” grumbled Susie, slipping out of bed while dressed in a pair of yellow and black sleeping pants and a white tank top, the top having one of her own designed logos on them. The logo was composed of three stars, each a black outline, one smaller one to the upper right of a large center one and behind it while the other smaller one was to the lower left and in front of it. Susie's hair was a bit of a mess, the fashion student having apparently not slept well the previous night, but she quickly dismissed the reflection she saw of herself in the large mirror in her room.

            “Oh, good to see one of you is being useful,” remarked Susie, noticing that the sorority house's assigned mother, Beatrice Weiner, was currently dusting. Beatrice was in the buff, which was how Susie liked her when she wasn't going anywhere where someone else might notice. After watching Beatrice work for a few seconds, Susie slowly got up, giving the motionless Angel a quick peck on the cheek before heading out of her room, grabbing a towel as she went.

            While Susie had taken over the house mother’s suite on the first floor, given it had the most space, the problem was that her bathroom only had a stand-up shower, and Susie preferred a full bath. The bathroom situation was really the only thing that was troubling Susie about having the nicest room in the sorority house, and she was contemplating just somehow arranging to have another room on another floor all to herself next year. In the meantime however, Susie headed for the stairs to go up but was suddenly approached by someone as she neared them.

            “Hey, I need to talk to you,” exclaimed Amber Prescott, approaching from halfway down the stairs. Amber was currently wearing a blue football jersey and probably what passed for old jeans with her, her hair was in a ponytail that rested on her left shoulder. The previous week the annual sorority president vote had happened and, to the shock of almost no one, Amber had lost in an anonymous poll, with Nina Nichols beating her handily. Amber had gotten four votes, Brandy Graves had, out of nowhere, gotten one, and all the rest had gone to Nina in a landslide.

            “What's up?” asked Susie, trying not to sound annoyed.

            “Look, I need support to call for a recall election, and I know—” began Amber, but as soon as Susie was certain the now ex-president was going to go on a tirade about the vote, Susie instantly froze her like she'd frozen Angel earlier. Amber stood with her right arm at her side, her left extended so her index finger pointed at Susie, her mouth gaping open as she'd just finished saying the 'ow' part of 'know.'

            “Why don't you just keep that thought for now, and we'll continue this conversation... never?” suggested Susie, walking up the stairs to where Amber stood. Even after having the entire sorority under her control for months Susie still had a great deal of fun freezing everyone, taking a moment to shake Amber's left extended arm up and down. “'I should be president because I'm so good at being an alpha-bitch!' Ugh... Barely even worth making you say it yourself anymore.”

            “I'm an alpha-bitch so I should be president,” Amber suddenly parroted, Susie having made her do so. “Now I'm going to stay here frozen because everyone's sick of this.” Amber's face promptly contorted back into how it was when Susie first froze her and the puppet master gave the stiff blonde a kiss before heading upstairs.

            Arriving upstairs, Susie headed for the nearest bathroom, which was where she'd stashed a towel; additionally it was the one Amber used, and whose hair products Susie liked to take. To Susie's surprise, she saw Lola standing outside the bathroom as she approached it. The daughter of Mexico's president was standing in a teal bathrobe, her hair already done and flowing down her shoulders. Lola was leaning against the door with her right shoulder, her arms crossed. “Hey Lola, how's it going?” greeted Susie as she approached her sorority sister and, thanks to ring control, sorority friend.

            “Fine, but can you wait?” asked Lola, standing upright and holding out her hands to stop Susie. “Chata's having a shower and she could really—be fine if you joined her, go on in...” Lola's stance on Susie entering the bathroom had been changed mid-sentence and she now stood frozen, her hands still out in front of her but her lips smiling.

            “You're the best,” chuckled Susie, giving the waxwork-like Lola a peck on the forehead and then turning her to face away from the door before slipping inside the bathroom. The space was large, having three sinks, but there was only one bathtub with two shower stalls and three toilets; the rest was dedicated to increased cabinet space for people living in the house to keep their toiletry items. Behind yellow curtains, Susie could make out the silhouetted form of Lola's bodyguard Chata de la Toro, the nearly forty-year-old woman being soaked with hot water. Susie instinctively froze Chata as she herself quickly stripped down to the buff, then slipped in to join the bodyguard.

            “Oh, you are looking hot,” cooed Susie. Chata was posed with her hands in her hair, her eyes closed and her mouth open. The bodyguard had arched her back and tilted her head back, her legs were tight together and so as a result both Chata's breasts and butt were emphasized, both of which Susie began to stroke. Soon Susie was rubbing her body against Chata's, pressing her lips on the older woman's neck. While Susie often just controlled someone if she was looking for a little kinky fun, she found Chata's pose too perfect to break for the moment and instead took a great deal of joy in simply using it to help her get excited and wake up.

            “Hey, you going to be much longer?” came a sudden voice, rousing Susie from the stupor she'd entered as she began to shower with Chata. Susie realized someone had entered the bathroom and sat down on the nearest toilet; irked at being interrupted, Susie immediately froze them. Having already washed, since she'd manage to do so while basically having shower sex with Chata, Susie decided to just turn off the water and exit the shower.

            Sitting on the toilet in the closest stall with her hands in her lap was Kelsey Wick, bent forward with a tired look on her face. Kelsey's blonde hair was a mess and the fact that she was only wearing a pink robe indicated she'd just woken up herself; a pair of red panties was down around her ankles and a matching bra visible under her robe. The stalls themselves were a bit informal, having curtains instead of locking doors, though they still had walls. “You want to be a pain, well, you can just stay sitting there for a bit,” declared Susie, then taking a moment to have Kelsey move her hands so they were pressed against the bathroom walls. The result made it look like the sorority sister needed support for the bowel movement she was about to take, and her pubes were revealed to all.

            Slipping her sleeping outfit back on after using Kelsey's towel to dry herself, Susie exited the bathroom and headed back downstairs, seeing Amber and Lola where she’d left them. By this point Susie was feeling a bit vengeful and figured she might as well just keep everyone she'd frozen that way for a while as it was a Sunday. The girls in the house usually didn't even notice when such things were going on, ever since they'd been convinced that Angel had hypnotized them all. Susie had just managed to make it to the top of the stairs when another housemate showed up. “Susie!” called a musical voice.

            “Oh hey Nina,” greeted Susie. New house president Nina Nichols approached Susie, dressed in a black blouse that showed her mid-riff and dark blue jeans with a large brown belt around her waist. Nina's hair was down and looking a bit curly, a yellow philosophy textbook was clutched under her right arm. Overall, Susie did like Nina, though she could be needlessly confrontational.

            “Look, Amber's probably going to come at you looking for a recall, but if you could not humor her, that would be amazing and—I think I'll just stand here now,” began Nina, changing her tone near the end. Nina then shifted her position to stand with her hands clasped together in front of her crotch, her textbook still under her right arm. The new president then froze in place, her face blank.

            “I love you, but you just need to shut up for a bit,” Susie told Nina, giving the brunette a squeeze on her left breast before heading downstairs, past a still motionless Amber.

            Arriving back in her room, Susie saw to her amusement that Beatrice had started dusting Angel, since she was motionless and thus became part of the ‘furniture’. A chuckle escaped from Susie's mouth as she couldn't help but freeze her maid in place too. Beatrice stood with her left hand holding the duster over Angel's shoulder blades from behind, her right hand at her side and her face blank. With her mood improving at every moment, Susie started to get changed.

            Susie put her hair up in a high ponytail and slipped on a blue sleeveless blouse and a pair of gray slacks. Susie had printed her star logo on the back of the blouse, which made her feel a bit like someone famous. Since she didn't plan to actually leave the sorority house that day in her own body, Susie elected to remain barefoot, though she took the time to paint her finger and toenails red-violet. As she finished, Susie realized she was hungry as well as a bit horny, given she hadn't managed to finish her shower with Chata properly. Deciding to worry about the first problem first, Susie cleaned up in her room and headed out for the kitchen.

            “I wasn't even running!” exclaimed a peevish voice, as Susie got closer to the kitchen. Susie quickly recognized it as belonging to Brandy Graves.

            “You should have been!” came another voice, Susie identifying her as Elise Alexander. The two were roommates and Susie was pretty clear on the fact that Elise had bit of a crush on Brandy, though that was clearly a one-way street. It didn't help that Elise was the resident black sheep – or at least had been since Angel had been cleaned up a bit by Susie – since she worked part time at the Fetishist Wax Museum making erotic mannequins. Susie tended to stay out of Elise's mind when she could.

            “That's my place to decide, and I'm fine with how things turned out!” yelled Brandy as Susie walked into the kitchen; it was at this point she decided to just freeze the noisy pair so she could have her breakfast in peace. The taller Brandy stood with her right hand on the back of her neck, her left finger held up at eye level and pointing down at the shorter Elise. Brandy's long and curly blonde hair was flowing free as she stood glaring at her roommate, her lips pursed together. The blonde was wearing a white halter-top and black bicycle shorts, the red running shoes on her feet indicating she was probably planning to go jogging soon. Elise meanwhile, was bent over slightly at the waist, her hands raised up in annoyance and her mouth open wide. Elise had her darker hair in a half-ponytail and was wearing a black vest over a gray tank top, with black jeans on her legs. In Elise's right hand she was awkwardly holding a small kitchen knife and in her left she held a grapefruit.

            “Thanks for the idea,” chuckled Susie, slipping in between the frozen pair and removing both items from Elise's loose grasp. Using the nearby cutting board Susie sliced the yellowish fruit in two and then returned the knife to Elise's stiffened hand after rinsing it, offering the frozen brunette a pat on the head.

   Raiding the fridge, Susie was able to quickly assemble a breakfast with the grapefruit, adding peach juice and a toasted cinnamon bagel, but she also wanted an egg. Unfortunately a quick search of the fridge revealed that the egg carton was empty, and Susie stared at the frozen roommates for a moment before hearing footsteps nearby. Hurrying over to glance inside the dining room, Susie saw, to her horror, that Tami Tyler was about to eat the last egg, apparently hard-boiled. “You freeze now!” yelled Susie by instinct; the other girl instantly stopped, stock-still. Tami had been walking towards where Susie was, with her right foot forward and her left hand in her jeans pocket. The black-haired girl was holding the top of the egg up to her wide-open mouth with her right hand, her eyes glancing down in small slits at the orb of protein. Besides her jeans, Tami was wearing an olive-green T-shirt with a band logo on it that Susie didn't recognize.

            “Never, ever, take the last egg,” warned Susie, walking up and snatching the object from Tami's rigid hand. “You know what, I'm glad I turned your best friend into a mannequin if this is how you’re going to act.” Susie stuck her tongue out at Tami after referencing Leslie Chun, then returning to the kitchen so she could put the egg with the rest of her breakfast.

            Susie ate quietly for about ten minutes, sitting at the kitchen island. As Susie finished and was dealing with her dishes, her old roommate Kalania entered the room. Kalania's tall body sported a dark blue tank top with a light blue short-sleeved blouse on top, her hair was down and she wore black knee-length shorts on her legs. The Russian's lissome height had been increased by the presence of three-inch black heels on her feet. “Morning!” greeted Kalania, opening the fridge and not seeming to notice Brandy or Elise. “Hey, you want some beet and carrot mango juice?”

            “I think I'll pass, thanks,” declined Susie, finishing with her dishes. Kalania wasn't a health nut per se, but she did enjoy drinking odd types of juice, those supposedly rich in nutrients. Susie remembered once drinking what she'd thought was just raspberry or cranberry juice and it had turned out to be cherry, apple and red pepper.

            “Oh come on, have a go; I was hoping to finish it all before Laura—” pushed Kalania teasingly, but Susie wasn't having any and froze her friend on the spot. Kalania now stood motionless by the closed fridge, an empty glass in her right hand and a nearly empty jug of an opaque orange-colored juice in the other. Kalania had bent down a bit and her face held a kind of dopy smile on it; her mouth was open.

            “Maybe if drinking that stuff would make me as tall as you,” suggested Susie, patting Kalania on her firm ass she exited the kitchen. Susie wanted to head back to her room, but no sooner than did she leave the kitchen than she encountered more housemates.

            “Hey Susie, you up for a jog?” asked Vanessa Marx, stretching in front of the stairs while Roxana Ruiz used the stair railing like a ballet barre to stretch one of her legs. Susie didn't even feel like talking and just froze both of them right away. Vanessa had her left hand on her upper hip and was leaning toward it, her right arm was up and over her head, with her left leg bent at the knee while her right one was stretching straight. The smiling athlete was wearing a red jogging outfit that included shorts and a ventilated hoodie with a white hood; her shoes were cross-trainers, mostly black with a bit of white, and her hair was up in a looped ponytail. Roxana meanwhile, was holding her left foot around the back of her body with her matching hand, with her right holding the railing for support while her head was turned down. Roxana's outfit matched Vanessa's but her hair was in a regular ponytail; the colors of her jogging outfit were blue and yellow and she had a black sweatband on her forehead. Roxana held a small smile on her lips.

            “You know, you probably don't need that support,” observed Susie, casually walking up and moving Roxana's hand away from the railing. Roxana's hand remained curled as if holding onto something but her svelte figure managed to stay perfectly balanced. Chuckling, Susie left the frozen joggers and headed for her room.

            “Nice to see you guys aren't getting up to anything crazy,” commented Susie as she returned to her bedroom, glancing at the motionless scene of Angel and Beatrice. Heading for her closet, Susie then proceeded to open it, deciding it was time to change into one of her ‘shoes’. The shoes nickname had been coined by her friend Tucker Holmes, referring to those people Susie was effectively using as alternate bodies. At the moment, three women were posed in Susie's closet, plus there was Beatrice's bed.

            On the left side of the closet was Tania DeWinter, a now ex-cop, who'd proved to be a bit shallow and materialistic despite being a very fit and capable officer. Tania was a brunette with green eyes and stood around Susie's height. The tan-skinned woman was posed in the closet in a fighting pose, her right foot and leg put forward with her hands in fists; her face was flashing a bright smile, with her hair spilling down freely. Susie had limited closet space so she'd limited most of her ‘shoes’ to five outfits each and by default only gave them not much underwear, with Tania's special clothing being her old police uniform. At the moment Tania was wearing a red front-clasp bra with no straps and a matching thong, so little was left to the imagination.

            On Susie's right was Morgan Russell, the blonde-haired blue-eyed member of her ‘shoe’ collection. Morgan had about an inch or two at best on Susie and Tania and was two years younger than the latter. A former teaching assistant that had gotten suspicious of Tucker, Susie saw Morgan as her 'brainy' body while Tania was her 'fighting' body. Susie had learned from examining Morgan's memories that she had an IQ of 145 and, despite being a teaching assistant for history, knew a lot of advanced math and sciences; Susie could enter and rack Morgan's brain if something educational ever stumped her. Morgan was posed in white conservative underwear, her bra and panties leaving a lot to the imagination, and the blonde stood with her hands on her temples. Like Tania, Morgan had a bright smile on her face.

            The last mannequin, that word being Susie's nickname for her ‘shoes’ when they weren't in use, was Leslie Chun, who had been Tami Tyler's best friend, having just graduated with a degree in business management, so Susie saw no problem in keeping her. There was still a bit of work to do before Leslie could go entirely off the grid but Susie had decided to test her out in the closet, as Leslie was in many ways what she wanted to be. Leslie had a more traditionally sexy body, strikingly black hair, and was around five-foot-eight tall; though she was only half-Asian. Leslie stood in the closet with her hands on her hips and her head tilted slightly forward, a cute smile on her lips with her hair spilling down the right side. Unlike the other two, Leslie was already fully dressed, wearing a red tank top and a denim skirt with brown sandals; gold loop earrings accented her look. Susie glanced at Leslie and then at her other ‘shoes’ as she realized she didn't have a redheaded one yet. “I could use a little ginger,” commented Susie, smiling slyly. “I happen to know a couple. It might help if Amber shut up a bit without me having to make her shut up, too.” A plan in mind, Susie exited her closet and then her room.

                                    Heading upstairs, Susie could sense Jaki Newborn and Phoebe Monroe were both conveniently in the room that Phoebe shared with Nina. The sorority president traditionally got a solo room, which was one of the main perks of the title, but Nina had already nixed that idea and put off naming a vice-president for a month or so as she was authentically a nice person. Heading in the direction of Phoebe's room, Susie passed a still-frozen Lola but she noticed to her surprise that a trio of girls were outside the other bathroom that stretched up the stairs despite there being two more facilities the opposite way as well as two in the basement. Jasmine Alvarez, wearing a pink long-sleeved shirt and purple sleep pants, was at the door and knocking on it, while Mercela Brennan and Umiko Pine were hovering nearby, looking cross. Jasmine had her hair down, as did Mercela, while Umiko's was up in a loose bun. Mercela was wearing a light blue T-shirt that had 'Inspector Space-Time' written on it white letters and a part of red shorts, while Umiko was wearing two-piece green pajamas that had a slight metallic sheen to them and strange yellow slippers on her feet that looked like those worn by a character from an animated TV show. “Hey girls, what's going on?” asked Susie as she approached.

            “I borrowed Mercela's shampoo, the one that is supposed to make your hair like the straightest ever?” explained Jasmine, indicating Mercela, who simply swirled her own glistening hair to demonstrate. “Umiko likes to use it too. Well, I was going to get it for them, but someone has decided to lock us out of the bathroom while she does her own hair.”

            “Is it so wrong to want a little privacy?” came a yell from inside the bathroom that Susie recognized as Hannah Kai's voice.

            “I swear sometimes I just—want to stand here and be a mannequin,” declared Mercela, changing her thought in mid-sentence as the trio outside the bathroom froze in place. Jasmine had just raised her left fist to knock on the door again; her right hand was down resting next to her waist, unclenched. Mercela had, thanks to Susie's prompting, struck a display-like pose, leaning to the right while looking down at her matching wrist as if she was wearing a watch. Umiko had tilted her head back and had her arms crossed, her eyes were closed and her lips clenched in frozen frustration.

            “Much better,” decided Susie, slipping in between Jasmine and the door. Jasmine's face was fairly blank, with just a hint of anger in her eyes. As Susie willed Hannah from outside to unlock and open the bathroom door before returning to how she'd been standing when she had been frozen, too, the Korean decided to start making out with Jasmine.

            “Don't be so grumpy; you've got a celebrity sister,” Susie reminded Jasmine, referring to Lindsay Yari. “You know you should really invite her here sometime...” Noticing that the door behind her was now open, Susie quietly slipped away and entered the bathroom to look at Hannah, whose long black hair was in full-body mode, flowing and shining as the Chinese girl stood posed with a blow-dryer held aloft in her right hand, her left holding up a vanity mirror as she smiled into it. Hannah was wearing nothing but a white towel and was standing frozen with her legs stretched fairly wide, to the point here Susie was surprised the towel hadn't fallen off when Hannah had unlocked the door.

            “Someone is in full-on princess mode today,” observed Susie with a chuckle, casually swaggering up to Hannah and dropping her towel. “Oops!” A quick check of the showers and bathtub in the bathroom revealed the shampoo Jasmine wanted and Susie stepped back outside, slipping the bottle into Mercela's stiffened watch hand.

            “Wow, that just leaves the redheads; handy for me,” realized Susie, having now effectively frozen everyone in the sorority house but them. Susie then remembered Rose, who had already gone out that morning, but she figured she could just deal with her when she came back. Reaching Phoebe and Nina's room, Susie decided to be practical and knock.

            “Oh, hey Susie,” greeted Phoebe upon opening the door. Phoebe's red hair was a bit brownish, though definitely still red, and it was currently up in a high ponytail. Phoebe had clearly already finished getting ready for the day as she was dressed in her nicest jeans and denim jacket, a pink blouse underneath and white tennis shoes on her feet. “You want something?” pressed Phoebe. “Here, come on in.” Susie smiled and entered the room, already in Phoebe's mind.

            “Oh hey, girl!” greeted Jaki as Susie finished entering the room. Jaki was dressed in a white-knee length skirt and a yellow spaghetti top, her red hair down and vibrant with tan and brown sandals on her feet. “What's up?”

            “I need... sex advice,” offered Susie, trying to be coy as she put her hands on her elbows, turning to face the two redheads as they moved to stand over by Phoebe's bed. The two-bed room had several posters that seemed to clash, with Phoebe's side favoring popular romance films and attractive celebrities, while Nina's side had more classic college decorations like Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out and M.C. Escher's Relativity stairs image. There were stacks of paperbacks present on both sides of the room however; with Nina appearing to have just as many cheesy pulp and romance novels as Phoebe.

            “Sex advice?” repeated the redheads in unison, glancing at each other. Jaki was on the right, Phoebe on the left.

            “I just don't know if I'm good at it,” sighed Susie. “Can you two give me any tips? I mean, Phoebe, I'm sure Amber gave you a little love to make sure you voted for her, right?”

            “Actually I didn't vote for Amber,” confessed Phoebe, not finding anything being said to her as strange, thanks to Susie being in her mind as well as Jaki's. “I'm pretty sure Jaki did though, right?”

            “Oh of course I did,” nodded Jaki. “I actually know Phoebe didn't vote for Amber; I figured it out when Brandy mentioned she was the one who voted that way to me last night. We were just talking about that when you came in.”

            “Oh, I get it,” smiled Susie, moving to sit on Nina's bed. “So Phoebe, are you feeling bad about not voting for your friend?”

            “It's hard; Nina is actually pretty cool, and I like how humble she is,” explained Phoebe as Jaki quietly sat down on Phoebe's bed. “I do like Amber, but... I dunno, she can be such a bully sometimes.”

            “Well come over here, I think I know what will make you feel better,” suggested Susie, gesturing towards Phoebe. The redhead smiled and walked right over.

              “I think I'll have a little nap; wake me when you're done so I can have a go, too,” remarked Jaki, promptly slumping over on the bed with her eyes closed. Phoebe meanwhile got aggressive, pushing Susie down onto the bed and starting to strip her. Susie tried to help undress her partner but Phoebe wasn't having it, apparently enjoying being dominant when it came to sex. Her nipples hardened, as Susie got excited; Phoebe was very good at tickling her toes in an erotic way as her pants and panties came off. Soon Susie was naked and Phoebe managed to quickly strip down too, also letting her hair down. Susie didn't need to do a thing as Phoebe climbed on top, with one hand going on Susie's right shoulder and the other right on top of her crotch.

            “I'm going to make you regret not actually wanting to date girls,” whispered Phoebe, grinning as she began to kiss her house sister's neck as her probing fingers entered Susie's womanhood; she instantly felt fantastic, happy to just lay back and let Phoebe do her thing. In an ideal situation, Susie knew she'd prefer to participate, but she was directing Phoebe to want to have sex with her in her normal way, which was a bit insightful.

            As the action went on, Phoebe used her free hand to guide Susie's hand to her own womanhood and even began to rock back and forth as if in a cowgirl position. The wiggling did help her sensations and at the end Susie felt really good, deciding to just freeze Phoebe when it was over. Phoebe was posed on her knees, with her right hand around her own crotch while her left had been in Susie's, so the Korean simply slid out from under the motionless redhead. “Good girl,” breathed Susie, giving Phoebe a kiss on the lips before heading over to her bed.

            “Good morning!” greeted Jaki, snapping awake again as Susie approached. “Okay, get ready...” Susie was surprised to find Jaki guiding her down and then beginning to lick parts of her body. First was the neck, then the breasts, as Susie couldn't help but wonder if Jaki had been with other women before. Jaki's tongue then worked its away south, passing the vagina at first to work on Susie's toes. As Jaki's tongue managed to make Susie feel pleasure again, she quietly stripped herself naked, then climbed back on the bed. Jaki moved her head up to Susie's womanhood and her tongue worked hard; Susie was now all but certain Jaki had at some point before practiced cunnilingus. It was then to Susie's astonishment that the tongue stopped and a hand came in. Her amazement came from the fact that Jaki's hand might have been more perfectly gentle, yet more stimulating than her tongue, which Susie had thought impossible. Susie had just finished having sex with Phoebe, yet not even ten minutes later she was certain she was about orgasm again. Letting her mind wander inside Jaki's thoughts, Susie even discovered it was good for the redhead as well.

            “Oh my God, you are perfect!” exclaimed Susie as she felt herself orgasm, breathing hard. Jaki quietly slid up Susie's body and began to spoon, gently stroking her hair in the process. Susie smiled and enjoyed the moment, having made her decision. Susie didn't mind Phoebe aggressively taking control, since ideally she'd be controlling whoever she picked for as new ‘shoes’, but Jaki not only seemed to be really good at sex but almost seemed to feed off the pleasure of her partner, meaning that if Susie did what was in Jaki's head she'd feel great too. Jaki had also made her control feel welcome and natural. Susie was pleased to know Jaki's body had some beautiful uses.

            “Okay, grab your clothes and a couple of outfits,” suggested Susie, mentally willing Jaki to get out of bed and start getting dressed. The Korean closed her eyes and smiled to herself at her choice; then she remembered that Jaki had parents and two siblings out in Florida. “Can't just make you vanish overnight,” realized Susie as Jaki was busy in the process of dressing. “Still... No reason I can't have you move a few things downstairs and take you for a spin...” Closing her eyes, Susie felt warm with anticipation as Jaki quietly finished dressing and left the room, heading to the one she shared with Kelsey to pick out some clothes as directed. Susie waited a few moments before slowly getting up and starting to dress herself.  Phoebe remained frozen like an erotic sculpture.

            By the time Susie had gotten out of Phoebe and Nina's room, Jaki had already headed downstairs, so Susie moved to join her. It had been a while since Susie had frozen her entire sorority house so it felt a bit odd, despite her recent adventures with Tucker Holmes. Susie wondered for a minute about approaching Tucker as Jaki, but quickly dismissed the thought for several reasons. Heading back inside her room, Susie found Jaki standing at attention, her new outfits already having been added to the closet. “You are fast,” grinned Susie, reaching up and pushing Jaki's right-side locks behind her ear. As Susie leaned in and began to kiss the lovely redhead, she let her mind wander.

   “Hello me,” greeted Susie, talking to her own body while now inside of Jaki's. Susie's now immobilized body stood with its left hand raised up to ear level, her eyes closed and lips smiling while still slightly pursed. Placing her hands under her own armpits, Susie managed to lift her stiffened body up and awkwardly walk it into the closet, placing it right at the front.

            “Sleep tight!” called Susie to her body, closing the closet door. A glance was offered at Angel, but Susie was still annoyed she'd been shaken awake earlier so she decided to test out Jaki solo, not having tried out the redhead's body much before that day. Waving at her frozen friend and frozen maid, Susie slipped out of her bedroom and going downstairs.

            “Gotta get the voice right,” coughed Susie, working on her tone. “Gotta sound deep, but sexy deep... And also at the same time sweet, almost southern. She is from Florida... Though I swear sometimes she sounds more like an Arizona accent...” Susie kept muttering to herself, only to stop cold when she looked up and realized that there was a new blonde standing inside the entry foyer of the house.

            “Oh, hey, Jaki,” greeted Laura Blair, whom Susie had encountered a few times. “What's... Going on?” Laura was a part of the college's Raptor Weekly news organization, hosting the weekly web-cast program. The blonde worked with Kalania at the newspaper, which is how Susie had met her; she was a very attractive woman. Laura had fair skin, cool blue eyes, blonde hair shading between platinum and golden, plus a really cute smile. Laura was currently wearing a tank top that had splotches of black, orange, red, green and sky blue on it, as well as white shorts, with running shoes on her feet and her hair down.

            “Oh, um...” stumbled Susie as Laura approached.

            “You practicing for a flash mob or something?” continued Laura, glancing at all the motionless women in the lobby. Vanessa, Roxana, Nina and Amber were all clearly visible, plus Susie was fairly certain Laura could see the frozen girls in the kitchen too.

            “Yeah, we wanted to do something to celebrate the graduates,” lied Susie, doing her best make her voice sound more like Jaki's.

            “Ah, you sly girl, trying to win over some guy?” asked Laura, grinning and putting an arm around Jaki. Susie was trying to wonder if there was a way to get a ring on Laura, but as she looked into the journalist's eyes something odd happened. Susie for a moment felt like her body was locking up, and a moment later her thoughts faded.

* * *

            “Jaki?” asked Laura, shaking the redhead she had her arm around, who had suddenly stiffened in place, looking a bit like a mannequin dressed as a college student. Jaki remained looking to her left at Laura's eyes, her lips slightly parted and her hands behind her back. Confused, Laura let go of Jaki and snapped her fingers in front of the redhead's eyes twice. Jaki continued to stare at nothing, since Laura had now stepped back.

            “Oh very funny, good job putting one over on me,” huffed Laura, shaking her head. Jaki didn’t blink. “Okay, I get it, you're great! Kalania, you here?” There was no response; everyone Laura could see remained absolutely motionless. “Ugh, screw this; I'll text Danielle, she's always up for coffee...” Letting out a sigh, Laura headed out of the sorority house. “Sometimes people are just so weird...”

* * *

Half an Hour Later...

            The door the sorority house opened and in walked Rose Mazza, fresh off a coffee run. The brunette had gone to a local favorite, The Coffee Pot, clad in a sky blue baby tee, fern blue fedora, midnight blue jeans and sun yellow sandals with a matching purse. “Hey, what's going on?” called out Rose in greeting as she closed the door behind her and getting silence in return.

            After taking one look at the unmoving scene before her, Rose took a moment to blink in perplexity before starting to grin. “Oh no way... did someone freeze everyone while I was out?” In the landing area Rose could only see Amber, Nina, Vanessa, Roxana and Jaki, but it was when she hurried into the kitchen and spotted Kalania, Brandy, and Elise that Rose began to giggle.

            “I don't know who did this, but thank you,” whispered Rose, putting down her now nearly empty coffee cup and purse. “I wonder who else is around...” After taking in the sight of the immobile trio in the kitchen, Rose quickly searched the ground floor and was very amused when she found Tami. As an experiment, Rose decided to change Tami's pose, placing her down on her knees and raising both hands so it looked like she was giving oral sex to an invisible manhood.

            “Ah, sometimes it's fun to be stupid...” giggled Rose, then heading back into the kitchen. “Speaking of...” Focusing on Elise and Brandy, Rose took a moment to at first admire their frozen poses, then mocking them: “'Rah, I hate everything you do just because I think lesbians are weird!' 'Rah, I hate that you don't appreciate my feelings for you despite that I express them in kind of weird ways!' 'You make lewd statues I bet you secretly have sex with!' 'I think you're secretly ashamed to admit you're a virgin!' 'Oh, kiss me!'” Rose had been doing her best imitations of the roommates, then proceeded to carefully remove Elise's knife before moving Brandy closer by sliding the blonde on her heels. When Elise and Brandy were touching chests, Rose stood Elise up and had the pair awkwardly lock lips, casually wrapping their arms around one another.

            “I have no idea how long Angel made this last, but it had better last a while,” muttered Rose, believing that it was Angel's use of hypnotic triggers that explained why everyone was frozen. Next in view was Kalania, Angel's roommate, who had one of her exotic juice creations in her hands.

            “Look tall girl, you need to stop with the weird juice and just have sex with me,” suggested Rose, casually plopping her fedora on Kalania's head. The juice jug and cup were then removed from the rigid Russian's hands and Rose managed to get her up onto her shoulder, proceeding to awkwardly carry the amateur model back to the foyer.

            “Okay Jaki; if what I hear is right you've got an amazing tongue, so I'll definitely be having a round with you,” declared Rose, now determined to see just how strong Angel's hypnosis was by having sex with as many of her housemates as she could. Rose didn't want to cram everyone into her room however, so she glanced round. “Okay, Amber and Nina are definites, and of course Jaki... Rox has a nice butt and Vanessa's got the hair, but neither of them is really important just yet. Hmm... Susie around?” Patting a frozen Vanessa on the back, Rose headed off, deciding to check Susie's room.

            “Whoah, Angel too?!” exclaimed Rose upon discovering Angel Mathews frozen in the girl's room. “No signs of Susie... Maybe she did this? Or she's upstairs, downstairs... We'll see.” Rose was going to leave but, glancing at Angel, she decided the Wiccan would be an ideal first test subject. Rose figured if Angel could hypnotize herself she was probably quite good at it, so she'd be the least likely to snap out of it while having sex. “Liking this idea!” she blurted out. Especially since Angel reminded Rose of Christine Huart; Rose stepped over to Angel and walked her forward onto the bed. For a moment Rose thought she heard something fall but when she looked she didn't see anything, so she ignored the sound. Angel's arms were raised up over her head and her shirt came off, revealing she'd already been topless, though dropping her pants revealed she was wearing red panties.

            “You know, you're really cool,” remarked Rose as she pulled down Angel's panties, proceeding to start to strip herself. “Sometime I should get you to show me all of this hypnosis stuff. It has possibilities...” Soon Rose was naked and happily pulled Angel down on top of her, deciding to be a bit uncouth by borrowing Susie's bed. At first, Rose found trying to get into a good girl-on-girl sex position with someone who was frozen seemed difficult but she eventually managed to get Angel's head over her crotch and the magic could begin.

            “Mmm... Well, I'd say if you stimulating me isn't going to make you wake up, nothing is,” gasped Rose a few minutes later, having managed to orgasm while having Angel's arms wrapped around her waist. Satisfied for the moment, Rose slid off the bed and dropped the tarnished comforter that was on top of the bed down onto a naked Angel. After pulling on her clothes, Rose quietly exited the room, nearly tripping as she did, though on what she wasn't sure.

            Returning to the stairs, Rose decided to start by dealing with Amber, since with her standing in the middle of the stairs she'd be hard to slip past with Kalania and Jaki. Using the same trick she'd used with Kalania, Rose got Amber's waist up on her shoulder and carried the blonde up half a flight of stairs, dropping her on her feet next to Nina. Rose spotted a few familiar faces on the statues in the hallway, but vowed to go and get the rest she wanted before checking out upstairs. As Rose headed back down the stairs however, Amber ended up tipping backwards and landed on her back. “Sorry,” offered Rose before returning to deal with the other two.

            Rose managed to get Kalania upstairs using the shoulder carry, but as she put her hands around Jaki’s waist, the brunette felt a rush of excitement. “You are really hot,” whispered Rose to Jaki, giving her a kiss on the neck before starting to walk her up the stairs backwards. At each step, Rose raised Jaki just enough to get her feet up and then dropped her down for a moment while she ascended the next step. Eventually Jaki was upstairs as well, at which point Rose bothered to stand Amber back up.

            “Sorry ex-pres,” offered Rose, leaning in for a kiss, only to instead steal one from Nina. “Yeah, she's even getting your apology kisses now. Too bad you're not getting that recall vote.” Sticking her tongue out at Amber, Rose then decided to go and check the bathroom that appeared to have Lola standing outside of it.

            “What up, Mexico's daughter?” greeted Rose, slapping Lola on the ass as she approached. “You seem a bit stiff... Actually.” Rose stopped talking in mid-thought and moved in, planting a big kiss on Lola's lips. “Now that's what I call First Daughter material.” Rose was very tempted to make Lola one of her firsts too, but Rose had picked out four already and wanted to keep it to six. Lola could have theoretically been one of the other two but Rose already had two girls in mind for those remaining slots.

            Entering the bathroom, Rose couldn't help but howl at the sight of Chata frozen in the shower, impressed at the woman's body. Kelsey on the toilet also amused Rose and she gave the blonde a pity pat on the head. Deciding it would be fun to see if Chata could orgasm while frozen, Rose sat down on the edge of the bathtub and carefully stuck two of her fingers into Chata's womanhood, beginning to stimulate it. Rose soon lost track of time, finding the act of trying to make Chata climax very enjoyable. By Rose's estimate it was at least ten minutes before she gave up, not getting so much as a hint of extra moistness.

            Heading down the other part of the upstairs hallway, Rose found Umiko, Mercela, and Jasmine outside of the other bathroom. “Girls, why so hard up?” asked Rose with a giggle, a bit proud at herself for that one. The shampoo in Mercela's hand perplexed Rose, as did Jasmine, looking like someone had already fiddled with her.

            “Well, I'm not about to refuse going second,” shrugged Rose, wrapping her arms around Jasmine and dragging her backwards, on her heels, back to the room they shared with Hannah. Once she'd arrived at the room, Rose opened the door and dragged Jasmine inside. The room was one of the four bigger rooms on the upper floor, able to squeeze in three beds, assuming they weren't larger than queens. Hannah was the only one of the three roommates who had a queen-sized bed, with Rose and Jasmine only having doubles. There was a large bookshelf near Rose's bed but it belonged to Jasmine and had a decent variety in the literature. The bookshelf was where Rose dragged Jasmine to, leaning the angry-looking half-Chinese girl against it. Smiling and giving Jasmine a kiss, Rose then hurried out of the room.

            “Oh jackpot!” exclaimed Rose upon walking in on Hannah in the bathroom. Hannah was standing naked, posed sensually with her vanity mirror and blow dryer like a frozen shampoo advert, her nice breasts on full display. “God, I almost want to take you here,” muttered Rose as she seized the moment to feel up her roommate before managing to start carrying her out of the room. Hannah soon ended up in their shared bedroom as well, and it was at this point that Rose hurried out to grab the rest and then drop them all off in the room one at a time.

            “Okay, Hannah, any objections to my using your bed?” asked Rose once she'd assembled the six into the room. “No? Good. Okay, I am thinking... Jasmine first.” As Rose quickly began to strip again, she couldn't help but feel she'd just won the lottery.

* * *

The Strahovski Building, Malibu State College, California


            Laura had parked in the nearly empty parking lot outside the Strahovski Building, which was primarily dedicated to less common lab spaces such as darkrooms for photography students. Danielle Luo was studying photography, which Laura figured is why her friend had requested they meet there. Passing a bored-looking guard without so much as a long glance, Laura took the elevator up to the second floor. The hallways were empty, but when Laura saw a couple of the lab titles outside of the doors she quickly understood why. “Oh good, a fermentation room,” remarked Laura while looking for the photo lab. “Ah, hypnotherapy. Wow...”

            Finally finding the photo lab after a little searching, Laura headed inside. There were a lot of white machines and computers with rows of desks; Laura's friend was sitting at a table next to a green screen with a bench and lights set up around it. Danielle's black hair was tied up in a sort of pinned ponytail and she was wearing pink shorts with a red tank top, with white heels visible on her feet. Next to the captain of the Lady Sharks Volleyball team was a member of said team, Stella Louiselle. Laura had hung out with Stella a couple of times before and knew she was from New Zealand and a year older than Danielle, though she lacked the ambition to captain her team. Stella had slightly curly blonde hair going a bit past her shoulders and striking blue eyes. The blonde, who had French ancestry, was wearing a peach T-shirt with white sleeves and a black knee-length skirt. “Hey, girls!” greeted Laura.

            “Oh hi; just doing some touch-ups on some head shot assignments,” explained Danielle, glancing at her friend and indicating the computer. “Couldn't get it done during the regular week, so it’s Sunday blues for me. I thought you were hanging with Kalania today?”

            “Ugh, don't remind me; not that I haven't been thinking about it the whole way here,” sighed Laura, rubbing her forehead. “I showed up and they were doing some kind of flash mob, where everyone pretends to be statues. You know Jaki? She froze while we were talking. That's been bugging me ever since.”

            “Flash mobs?” scoffed Stella, shaking her head. “So weird. Glad we don't have a Phi Sigma Delta chapter...”

            “Yeah, because the sororities we do have are such a blessing,” remarked Danielle while pressing a few keys, her voice thick with sarcasm. “See this is why I don't get the stupid rivalry so many people make a big deal out of: our two schools are as much the same as they are different. Who cares?”

            “Well Malibu is pretty tiny to have two schools like we do,” pointed out Laura, shrugging a bit.

            “Right and it isn't like you have a fermentation lab or we have a course for psychological astrology,” added Stella, rolling her eyes. “The soccer teams are the problem: they take things way too seriously.”

            “Remember the championship tournament?” reminded Danielle, chuckling a bit as she closed the program she was working on. “Never seen Deidre happier. Okay, I'm done.”

            “Hey Danielle, Stella?” came a voice. The speaker was the coach of the Lady Sharks Volleyball team, Imee Navarro, who was fairly young as she was only thirty. Laura knew a bit about Imee's history, namely that she was half-Filipino on her father's side and had used to play professionally. The young coach was dressed in a light gray hoodie that was unzipped to reveal a blue and white polo shirt; dark blue shorts were on her legs and her hair was down.

            “What's the deal, Coach?” asked Stella, apparently surprised to see their visitor.

            “Afternoon practice is canceled; they found a problem with the gym and the beach is already booked,” explained Imee, looking fairly relaxed despite the news she was bringing. “I needed a walk so I figured I'd come tell you in person.”

            “Thanks, Imee,” offered Danielle. “You be in your office later? We can grab you a mocha while we're out.”

            “I'm good, I think I'll go visit the Morning in Malibu house, get a nice swim in,” declared Imee, offering a brief chuckle. Laura and her friends chuckled as well as Imee turned to leave. It was then, however, that Imee suddenly paused in mid-step, her back to the trio with her right arm forward as well as her left foot, her right on her toe.

            “You okay?” called Laura, noticing Imee had suddenly stopped moving.

            “Oh she's fine,” came a new voice. “I just needed some privacy to talk to Danielle.” A brunette whose hair shade was fairly dark suddenly entered the room, and Laura took a moment to recognize her. Back during the fall semester, Laura had done a piece for the Raptor Weekly on siblings who were split between MSC and DSC; the young woman before her was one of the students featured. Dakota Jackson, sister of DSC student Casey Jackson, walked into the room, heading straight for the trio. Dakota had blue eyes, fair skin and a mole on her right cheek as well as a confident look to her. She was wearing a green flat cap on her head, a white T-shirt with the words 'Kneel Before Cod' written on it in black, a green plaid skirt wrapped around her waist and she wore tan furry boots on her feet. The thing about Dakota that seemed the most ‘off’ was the fact that she was holding up some kind of air freshener bottle in her right hand, which was unusual.

            “Hey, you can't just—” began Stella, only to be cut off as Dakota suddenly sprayed her full in the face. Stella suddenly stood motionless like Imee, her left arm raised in objection with her index finger pointed up, her right on her hip and her face a frozen mask of irritation. Laura barely had a chance to register the fact of what had just happened before she was sprayed too.

            Dakota smiled as Laura Blair instantly froze, her arms raised to waist height in alarm and her mouth hanging open. Danielle remained in her computer chair, looking up at her drug supplier with annoyance. “You've got balls,” hissed Danielle. “Was this necessary?”

            “You still owe me for that last amount of Type-7, so yeah, more aggressive tactics were necessary,” confirmed Dakota, still smiling. “And, as it happens, a lot of fun.”

            “Ugh, look, about the money...” began Danielle.

            “I know, I know, you haven't been able do your usual shifts at The Coffee Pot because you decided to pick up photography, despite it not being in any way related to your major or minor, and you're trying to be a good captain, yada, yada,” interrupted Dakota, already aware of what Danielle's answer would be. “The good news is I now have a way you can pay me back, thanks to the 'gym incident.'”

            “What did you do?!” exclaimed Danielle, but Dakota had gotten tired of the volleyball player's talking and blasted her full in the face too. Danielle froze in her chair, her hands digging into the armrests and her eyes wide in alarm.

            “Don't worry your pretty little head; I simply need you to pose for some pictures for me,” declared Dakota, slipping her Type-7-loaded air freshener bottle into the brown purse she'd been carrying with her. From her purse Dakota then pulled out her GV Blueberry only to set it down.

            “A lesbian volleyball scandal is kind of lame, but a lesbian volleyball player making out with the enemy, now that's a blackmail-worthy scandal,” remarked Dakota to herself as she stepped up behind Laura and lifted her up by the waist, moving the attractive blonde over to the green screen. Dakota then returned to wheel Danielle over to the green screen as well. Laura was sat down on Danielle's lap, her hands then posed reaching around the back of Danielle's neck. Danielle's hands were in turn wrapped around Laura's waist and their eyes were closed; their lips were then brought together to meet in a kiss. Using the camera on her smart phone, Dakota was quickly able to get ten copies of the image she'd just created.

            “Better add a little nudity, just to be safe,” decided Dakota. Arms were briefly raised over heads as tops were pulled off; Laura was revealed to not be wearing a bra while Danielle was wearing a white one with a purple daisy design on it. Dakota then posed the half-naked pair so they were groping one other while Laura kissed Danielle's neck and snapped several more photos.

            “Okay, that's it for you two lovebirds; now I think we need a little teacher-on-student action,” vocalized Dakota, carelessly pushing the chair holding Danielle and Laura off to one side and not batting an eye when they fell over. First Dakota moved Stella over to be standing in front of the bench, carrying her by the waist; then the sole mobile woman present went over to where Imee stood. The volleyball coach had a very neutral expression frozen on her face, her eyes maybe slightly wider than normal, while her lips were just slightly parted, giving Imee a soft look. Dakota put the coach on her shoulder to get her over to the green screen, then stood her upright.

            “First pose,” announced Dakota. Stella and Imee were posed together, embracing tenderly, with Imee running her hand through Stella's hair while the pair smiled affectionately at one another. After the first pose was documented, a lip-lock came next, the pair's eyes ending up closed. With the first two pictures done, Dakota moved on to stripping the pair. After Imee's black sports bra and thong came off, it was revealed she had surprisingly brown nipples while Stella's were a more expected mix of pink and red.

            “Now, say... scandal!” exclaimed Dakota after she finished the third and final pose with Imee and Stella. The third pose had Stella naked and laying with her back on the bench, with Imee on top and her fingers clearly in Stella's crotch. The two women were smiling softly at one another, with Imee cradling Stella's neck with her free hand while Stella had her hands on the coach's shoulders.

            “Perfect; I love this,” laughed Dakota, surveying the scandalously sexy scene she'd created. “Well, I'm thinking early lunch... You won’t need to get up; stay right where you are... Don't worry, the spray should wear off in another six hours or so. Until then, enjoy!”

* * *


Phi Sigma Delta, DSC


            Susie Kim blinked and realized she was now standing in perfect darkness; though a familiar feeling told her she was back in her own body. Reaching out in front of her, Susie managed to slide the closet door open and discovered she was in her room, though things had changed. “The hell happened to Laura?” muttered Susie, feeling like she was getting a small headache. Angel was now naked on the floor, or appeared to be, since her clothes were in a pile and the bed comforter was covering her up awkwardly. Beatrice had also fallen over onto her back; her head was turned awkwardly like someone had kicked it.

            “Okay, focus,” groaned Susie, stumbling back to her bed. Sitting down, Susie closed her eyes and let her mind drift. It didn't take long for Susie to confirm everyone in the house that she had frozen earlier was still frozen, but then she realized Rose was now back. “What the...” Curious, Susie let her mind wander, finding Jaki’s nearby.

            Susie placed herself in Jaki's body and was stunned from what she could see. Jaki had been sitting on top of Hannah's bed, her back against the wall and her body lying prone like a discarded toy. Jaki's crotch had clearly seen some action, since Susie had used it, and laying next to her in pretty much the same pose was Jasmine. Jasmine's expression was one of false joy, a clearly fake grin now on her face. Jasmine's nice breasts were also out and exposed, though her hands were resting just below them on her stomach. Leaning against the bed with her hands was Nina, her eyes and mouth both wide open while her body was fully exposed. Leaning against a bookcase, Susie saw Amber, who looked off balance as only her neck was supporting her. Amber's hands were on her hips and like Jasmine she had a huge fake grin on her face. Down on the floor of the room, Susie could see Rose sitting naked on top of Kalania, with had her hands behind her grinning head and her soles pressed together. Sitting on top of Rose with her arms around the moving girl’s neck was a frozen Hannah, whose mouth was currently being used by Rose's.

            “Yeah, freeze,” Susie immediately ordered, and Rose froze on the spot. Rose's eyes were closed with her head tilted to the right so she could kiss Hannah; her hands were around the Chinese girl's ass. Hannah meanwhile had her arms awkwardly draped around Rose's neck. Susie had to admit the pose looked very fun.

            “I can't believe it's been like eight months and I never realized you were into girls,” commented Susie, squatting down next to Rose, looking at her as one might examine a sculpture in a museum. “And to use everyone to make a little orgy... You know, we might have a lot in common.” Susie concentrated, and the room came to life a bit. Hannah slowly got up off of Rose and moved to sit like Jaki had been sitting, on her bed, then promptly freezing. Rose herself then broke her pose and slowly got up, standing at attention over by her bed. Kalania then also got up and re-froze after taking up a mannequin-like pose, her left hand on her hip while her right arm was raised up and away from her shoulder with a small smile on her lips.

            “What to do with you...” wondered Susie, focusing on Rose and circling the brunette. “You're cute; you're smart; you apparently like messing with frozen people... I might actually be able to let you know what's really going on around here. Huh... Figures that I'm only realizing this now.” Susie felt Jaki's heart start to beat a bit faster and placed her hands on Rose's shoulders, leaning in and getting a long kiss.

            “Mmm... Well, I do still need to punish you and give Jaki a test drive,” announced Susie, stepping back and shrugging. “In the meantime, you can enjoy being the center of attention...” Smiling, Susie started gathering up Jaki's clothing to get dressed again. As Susie was doing this, the housemates who hadn't been in the room already, starting with Mercela and Umiko, began to file in, gathering around Rose. By the time Susie was changed, the only people who hadn't shown up were the ones in Susie's closet, with even Beatrice and Angel making an appearance.

            “I want you all to have sex with that hot statue of Rose and then freeze afterward; I'm going to go meet some boys,” declared Susie as Jaki, grinning ear to ear as she left the room while, all at once, her ringed horde moved towards Rose’s motionless figure.

The End



Susie Kim – Hyuna Kim

Angel Mathews – Kristen Stewart

Beatrice Weiner – Peta Wilson

Amber Prescott – Brittany Snow

Lola Guzman – Natalie Martinez

Chata de la Toro – Tia Texada

Kelsey Wick – Hilary Duff

Nina Nichols – Sasha Grey

Brandy Graves – Aly Michalka

Elise Alexander – Italia Ricci

Tami Tyler – Deanna Casaluce

Kalania Scholvo – Doutzen Kroes

Vanessa Marx – Jennifer Freeman

Roxana Ruiz – Francia Raisa

Tania DeWinter – Sarah Michelle Gellar

Morgan Russell – Elisabeth Harnois

Leslie Chun – Shay Mitchell

Jasmine Alvarez – Eileen Boylan

Mercela Brennan – Alexandra Dreyfus

Umiko Pine – Maki Horikita

Hannah Kai – Brenda Song

Phoebe Monroe – Lindsay Lohan

Jaki Newborn – Emma Stone

Laura Blair – Ashley Hinshaw

Rose Mazza – Lucy Hale

Danielle Luo – Erika Fong

Stella Louiselle – Anna Hutchison

Imee Navarro – Melanie Vallejo

Dakota Jackson – Willa Holland

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