Creation of a Mannequin Doll

by Johnsan

“Oh come on Fujiko!” I smiled at her as she stood there nervously fidgeting. “You’ll do great! I know - I’ve seen you practice posing in the mirror at home.” I smiled.

“But this is more important than that!” Fujiko protested. “It could lead to a long term contract for my modeling career!” she fussed with her clothing to calm herself.

“Well maybe I can give you something to calm your nerves?” I smiled and touched her hand.

“Sure!” Fujiko smiled “What can you give me?” she asked in a curious tone.

“Oh just a little something, a liquid that will settle you down so you can concentrate on being perfect in your pose!” I informed her and squeezed her hand.

“Let me have it, before I change my mind about this whole thing!’ she told me impatiently. I produced it and gave her the pinkish colored liquid.

Fujiko looked at it doubtfully but drank it anyway. “Oh, cherry! I like!” she smiled at me. It was then a wave of vertigo swept over Fujiko. “Oh! I’m a bit dizzy!” she put her arm out to stabilize herself. A look of confusion then appeared on her pretty face then quickly followed by realization. Fujiko looked up at me and smiled as if she had seen me for the first time. “Hello!” she greeted me.

“Hi there!” I smiled. “Do you know who I am?” I asked her.

She nodded “Yes, you’re my owner!” and smiled.

“Yes I am. Do you know what you are?” I grinned watching things unfold as I hoped.

“I’m your doll! Your mannequin doll made to be displayed!” she smiled as a shiver of anticipation went through her thoughts.

“Yes you are! Now are you ready to take your pose?” I asked as she already seemed to be holding herself in a very still mannequin like pose and not moving anything but her lips.

“Yes. I can’t wait!” Fujiko replied, barely restraining her excitement.

“Ok then I’ll begin!” I told her as I got closer and began to remove her clothing. I then paused to look at her naked body.

Already it was beginning to glisten like plastic. I grinned as I began to stroke her perfect form. Fujiko just smiled and stared into space like a mannequin.

“You’ll be a perfect mannequin for this lingerie store, Fujiko!” I told her as I let my fingers rub her stiff nipples and even firmer breasts. My other hand then began to touch her vagina. I then gently rubbed her clitty.

Fujiko didn’t utter a word or move . She remained frozen staring an enigmatic smile on her face like you normally see on a mannequin.

“I love how you look my mannequin!” I told her with a smile. As I continued to rub her I knew she was feeling an erotic sensation that was driving her wild. It was also doing more with each wave of pleasure Fujiko was changing into a mannequin. Already her skin was now smooth and glistened like fiberglass reinforced plastic. In addition as I played with her nether regions they were slowly diminishing as they smoothed over into a bare spot of plastic. Even as a bare smooth expanse rubbing the area would still drive Fujiko wild with delight in her new mannequin form.

Fujiko’s breasts also began to transform firming up and becoming round smooth orbs of plastic that would make her look wonderful when she modeled lingerie. I rubbed and squeezed them as they went from flesh to hard plastic.Again my fondling was making Fujiko orgasm and the more she orgasmed the more she became a mannequin. I could feel how light she was becoming and could see faint lines forming around her wrists and waist. I then noticed similar lines around her shoulders and her right thigh. These were where she would be taken apart to be dressed in her new life. There was just one final task for me and my new mannequin.

“Fujiko, I need you to acknowledge this statement by winking your right eye. For this you will have the ability to move that eyelid temporarily. Now Fujiko do you agree to be my mannequin and my property from now on and in perpetuity. Do you further agree to allow me to alter and change your form in any way , shape or form I wish. If you do signify by winking!” I told the plastic girl while holding the camera on her. Ever so slowly I watched her eyelid move down and then up. I was required by law to get her permission so this was my way of ensuring no one could protest my newest acquisition. I also had a video contract with her so I was just being honest when I’d told her earlier this morning I knew of an opportunity that would lead to a long term contract for her modeling. I then put away the camera and faced her.

“Now Fujiko my mannequin, you will when I tell you be able to move to change your pose.

Now lay down on your side but look straight ahead and support yourself with your arms under yourself! Now look straight ahead Fujiko!”

I ordered and watched as she slowly and stiffly moved into position “Alright Fujiko freeze! Now become a mannequin Fujiko like you’ve always wanted!” I looked on as she stopped moving or even breathing.

The faint lines became darker and darker till they were now the seams where Fujiko’s plastic body could be taken apart! I caressed and kissed my new mannequin on her plastic lips.

“I’ve always wanted you Fujiko! Ever since that first day when we met I fell in love with you and wanted to possess you. I knew I could never compete with all those others but this was one way I knew I could have you my Fujiko doll!” I let my fingers run through her hair that was now a nylon wig. “I’ll never let you go, but I will rent you out!”

I grinned “By the way I already have you leased out to a new lingerie store! You’ll be dressed so sexy and have everyone staring at you either in lust or jealousy and maybe even a bit of both!” I related to my new mannequin.

True to my words it was hours later I had her boxed up and ready for them when they came for her. By the next day she was dressed and on display. For another 5 months they had my little Fujiko doll.






Fujiko lay in the window staring endlessly at the crowds outside.

Most of the time she was in a world of orgasms and lust that played in her thoughts and mind. Sometimes when no one was around she might find herself drifting off in a kind of sleep.

Even there she’d dream about being a doll and being loved by her owner.

The mind control element of the potion I’d given her did wear off but by now a deeper desire had replaced it.

Fujiko thought to herself: “I should be angry at him but damn it I love being this way! I just have to face facts I - Fujiko - am now and ever will be a doll. I’m just lucky I have an owner who loves me!” she mentally smiled.

“Not to mention the fact that I get to wear nothing but lingerie all day and no one cares!” a mental giggle reverberated through the plastic living object as a feeling of contentment settled over Fujiko the lingerie mannequin.




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