Portrait of a Living Doll

by Johnsan

“Let me preserve your beauty forever! Or just till you say stop?” I asked Fujiko with a grin.

A dimpled smile on her face Fujiko looked up at me “How will you do that?”

“I’ll make you a painting!” I told her as I looked down at her deep brown eyes and smiled.

“A painting! I didn’t know you could paint!” she said with a gleam of excitement in her eyes.

“Oh I can do a lot of things, my little doll! As long as I do them for you! Now as to the painting. You wouldn’t mind if it’s a nude painting?” I asked her with a salacious grin.

Fujiko blushed deeply “Well not if it’s a painting just for you!” she smiled back in a knowing way as she gave my arm a squeeze. “Still I wouldn’t mind being displayed where everyone could see me!” she giggled. “Should I get undressed now?” she asked.

I grinned “ Yes but just down to those cute blue panties!” I told her as I got the canvas ready for her.

Fujiko finished disrobing and looked over at my preparations. “Hey where’s your easel or your brushes or palette? I mean how can you paint my picture without that stuff?” she asked confused.

“Never fear! I have a new technique my little work of art!” I reached over and caressed her face. Again Fujiko blushed and smiled looking down a little as my fingers touched her tenderly.

“If you keep doing that I won’t stop blushing and you’ll run out of paint !” she grinned as she looked in my eyes. “Now how should I pose? Like this?” she asked as she stood with her arms beneath her breasts pushing them up as they interlaced.

“Well that’s nice but I have a different idea!” I told her and led her over to the canvas which was laying flat on the floor.

“Your going to paint it on the floor like that?” a puzzled Fujiko asked me with a quizzical look on her face.

“In a way!” I said with a look of mischief I knew she’d detect.

“What? Are you not telling me something?” Fujiko asked with a matching grin and mirthful look.

“Let me surprise you my sweet Fujiko!” I then pressed my lips against hers. I began to kiss her deeply and hungrily. Fujiko’s full lips parted and she met my ardor with hers. My hand began to touch her naked breasts squeezing and kneading them. Soft moans and exclamations of pleasure escaped her lips. My other hand then slipped down and began to rub her blue panties back and forth against her vagina. My tongue went deeply into her and found hers. “Be my painting Fujiko! My love my doll!!” I told her as I slowly brought her down to the surface of a very special canvas.

“Yes! Yes!! Anything! I’ll be anything for you!!” Fujiko announced in a husky emotional voice.

I pressed her against the canvas kissing and fondling her. With a shiver she felt the cold of the canvas against her skin. It was then I slipped her panties aside and Fujiko felt me enter her with a soft cry of surprise and pleasure. In and out over and over I thrust into her and as I did slowly oh so slowly I could see her began to merge into the canvas.

With each thrust and moan of pleasure as she orgasmed, Fujiko became a part of the canvas. She seemed to flow into the canvas leaching away to become a two dimensional representations of herself nothing but a thin layer of paint on the surface of that blank canvas. But I could control her pose in that canvas with each thrust I looked on and made sure she was conforming to the image I wanted her to be.

Over and over Fujiko moaned as the orgasms grew stronger and stronger. This too was an effect of the canvas making her transformation more enjoyable increasing he sensitivity to my touch. It wasn’t long till a last earth shattering loud orgasm came forth from Fujiko’s beautiful lips. With that and my last thrust I jetted into her orifice.

As if to signal her final transformation she slipped away from me and finally become nothing but paint on that canvas surface.


There she remained, her breasts full and pushing them together with her arms. Seemingly looking at me with her brown eyes a slight smile on her lips as if remembering how I changed her into this stunning and sexy portrait.

She was in a seated position still wearing those blue panties.


I then picked up the canvas and put it on an easel. I then began painting the background around my Fujiko, but I couldn’t resist touching her two dimensional body.

With each caress of my fingers against her another series of orgasms went through her mind and body.

This was that most pleasing effect of her transformed state. Each caress of her diminished form would make her feel pleasure like she never felt before.


With my hand pressed against her body I could almost feel her body and mind surging with pleasure and joy.



Then I was done and the new portrait was ready for display.


Of course it was going right above my bed...


Another magical characteristic of this remarkable canvas was that with the right touch I could free my frozen Fujiko and she would fall into my arms for a night of desire before again she would feel herself pulled back to her new home in the canvas above my bed!!!










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