Future Fair – 1~3

by Baobab


Part 1 - Dad’s Adventure

So in galactic standards the hunk of rock that now floats in the gravitational sweet spot between the earth and the moon isn’t much.  It was drug across the solar system about twenty years back from the outer asteroid belt and suddenly became social center of the universe.  People call it the Fair.

Well, a little more background.  Humans are apparently the sexiest race in the universe and all the other races will pretty much line up to fuck or get fucked by us.  Nobody is quite sure why but we have yet to find a race that doesn’t want to mate with us right after we finish shaking hands.  Of course surviving the mating ritual is a whole different issue.

Humans being humans, we want to make a buck off the deal.  How does that sound for a tried and true business model?  The oldest profession goes galactic?  Sounds great except for one major problem; germs.  Earth quarantine can take six months to clear and even then the limits on your activities are brutal.  So you want to just fly over and abduct yourself a sexy farmhand?  Unless you screw them through a Class V Decon containment apparatus you might as well just chop off that lusty alien set of peckers when you are done.  And let’s face it, there is only so much you can do with probes.

So the Fair is a tiny little planet that is designed to keep out the scary germs from every direction.  The trip that could take less than two hours from earth turns into a seven day drug induced hibernation decontamination fest.  We should consider ourselves lucky; the Slabbies basically have to get themselves skinned and spend four months regenerating in a tank before they can clear quarantine.

The Fair Board, if nothing else tries to be “fair” in a strange sort of way.  Your cost varies according to your worth, both physically and financially.  Once you pony up the cash you get a psych test to see what you are good for.  Most people get slated as a “working vacation”, you’ll be spending as much time giving service as getting serviced, but it’s the only way average folks can afford to go.  Our family wasn’t an exception.  Of course all this is tweaked to line up with your psych exam results.  You might not have known you were some sort of crazed tentacle slut with a foot fetish before the vacation but you’ll know it by the time you head home.

One misconception we should get out of the way early on, the Fair isn’t just about aliens and humans doinking.  Turns out that most humans just aren’t able to handle it physically (at least without some modifications), in fact, just being in a room with an aroused miphlapod is enough to scare most people silly.  Only about 5% of the population is non-terrestrial.  Needless to say the Fair’s bread and butter is making people glad they came (literally), the aliens are mostly the exotic icing on the cake.  I guess that makes me the top layer of the cake.

You need “self breathers” for Slabbies, to be “bite-proofed” for the Mantis, learn to handle “heavy-G” for the Tors and get “sythn-skinned” on your private parts for just about everybody else.  All pretty simple procedures but apparently, getting “dolled-up” for a miphlapod is a whole different level. 

The wife and I were just about to finalize the divorce after selling the house.  We decided we should use some of the proceeds and take the whole family to the Fair as our last family vacation and a way to celebrate the start of our new lives.  No hard feelings, right?  Besides, both Jill and Billy were under sixteen so they were practically free.  The kids were so excited, well Billy was excited, Jill was a little less morose.

Miphlapods don’t mean to scare us, they apologize for it constantly.  They are mortified by the whole situation.  The best description I’ve ever heard of a miphlapod was “a three hundred pound toothy gall bladder mounted on a gnarly tree trunk made out of liver that smells like cat piss.”  In their defense, they’ve started wearing cologne that neutralizes the smell when they are around humans.  The problem arises when miphlapods communicate.  With out much set form or shape of their own they tend to mimic whatever they are trying to communicate with in an extremely exaggerated manner.

Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror, except make your face out of a 300 pound sack of raw meat with teeth sticking out in every possible direction for no fucking good reason whatsoever.  Except now you don’t really talk, you sort of fart words that come out with gobs of spit.  Except it isn’t just spit, it’s just every kind of fluid you can fucking imagine.  Nobody knows why.  Now you thought you were ready to meet one in person except you weren’t and you‘re about to piss down your leg.

Now things get really bad because your fear of getting splattered with that puss colored phlegm is coming through in your sweat, a chemical signature that apparently approximates the miphlapod’s version of Spanish fly.  Yes, you thought you were scared before but now you realize it wants to fuck you.  You realize this because they tend to mimic sexual organs as well and it suddenly has penises popping up like pimples.  You try to back away except it grabs you and peels you out of your clothes in less than a second. 

So stop for a second and imagine your craziest, most out of control fuck face.  You know that one you save for the really nasty stuff?  Of course you wish it was doing you doggie style so it wouldn’t see your face but you’re looking right at its version of your face.  And those faces you are making just drives it crazier, more animated, teeth and fluids and noises.  Your face makes it uglier and its sex organs make you uglier and it just keeps getting worse and worse and it just keeps getting more and more sex organs because you just can’t stop making faces.

And it would just keep getting worse and worse except for the fact that direct and uncontrolled sex between miphlapods and humans has been basically banned for the safety of everyone involved.  The key word being “uncontrolled.”

As I said, getting “dolled up” is pretty rough.  They don’t bother to bring you out of the decontamination hibernation till the end of the deal.  I didn’t know the details until later but I was amazed at the science that went into the process.  To immobilize a body for long periods of time while leaving the mind active is not an easy thing to do.  The fact that they plan on giving you a pair of new synthetic kidneys when they undo the process tell you just how much effort goes into the whole thing.

The family arrived at their room still woozy from the trip.  Families usually spend their first day together in a “resort” setting before getting split up and heading their various ways on the second day.  There I was, waiting doggie style in the middle of the room with the luggage, staring out towards the balcony.  I was slid in front of a mirror on the way in, I even looked like luggage.  I had been bonded with a dark maroon leather synth-skin to match our luggage and outfitted with a variety of handles that were grafted right through to my bones.  The skin covered everything from my now permanently erect genitalia to my eyelids.  For my own safety it extended all the way down my throat, stomach, intestines and out my bowels.  From either end I was a closed system now.  Even my eyes had been lensed.

Zippers with ornate locks highlighted the access points on my stomach that a technician would need to access on a biweekly basis.  Other zippers would allow my ass and lips and nose and eyes and ears and mouth and cock to be zipped away if someone felt the inclination.  Several belts and straps apparently had been added simply for aesthetics as far as I could tell.  My hands and knees sat on static pads that allowed me to be slid around the room or locked in place with ease.

The family debated if it was “really” me for quite some time.  The wife had zipped up all my private parts (more than she’s touched them in a year) in shocked deference to the kids.   Billy got yelled at for putting his feet up on me after he switch on the tube.  They debated sliding me down the hall for the family orientation event scheduled for that evening.  A call to the front desk about the question said it was the family’s decision and was fine either way.  I was left behind, Jill was nice enough to roll me up to the window and turn off the lights so I could watch the stars and moon and earth roll by.  And that’s how I spent most of my first evening at the Fair.

After a few hours I heard the suite’s main door slide open.  No one announced themselves as a bellhop.  They didn’t turn the lights on.  They just stood behind me for awhile and made some rustling noises.  Then they reached forward and unzipped my backside…my head swam, my new skin even had nerves in the zippers.   They must have been only a few strokes short of climax when the clumsily rammed it into me.  Before I had been skinned I might have ended up in the hospital.  I was woozy, my skin was on fire, I wondered if I could have an orgasm just from this?  I desperately hoped he would unzip my front.  I heard a moan cut short as he attempted to finish in silence.  I could feel every drop inside me, my new skin inside was as sensitive as the new skin outside.  And then the strangest part of the experience; after he withdrew, he simply zipped me back up and left.  Zipper to zipper in les than a minute.

I heard my wife come in with someone, a man, sometime later.  She sounded drunk.  We hadn’t drank together for so long I was jealous of him.  Not for being here to fuck my wife but for getting to drink with her.  She slid me out too the middle of the room and proudly introduced me as her new and improved husband.  The guy seemed truly impressed.  The small talk lasted only as long as it took for them to slip out of their clothes.  She sat on my butt and laid across my back, her hair spilling down over my  perfectly smooth head.  I was just the furniture for this guy to fuck my wife on.  I was bitter.  I was angry.  And then I felt her reach back and unzip the long pouch that held my cock and everything got better.

The stranger and my wife eventually wandered away to sleep it off in the bedroom.  Jill didn’t make it back that night at all.  Billy came back a few hours later stumbling drunk and naked, cried that he was sorry for a while and then passed out on the floor next to me.  Three burly bellhops arrived a not long after that to collect me.  As two of them slid me out into the hall I saw a third pick up Billy in a fireman’s carry and say “hey guys, party at my place after you drop him off.”  I heard the sound of high fives.  I realized as I watched my naked and unconscious son be carried off down the hall that the vacation had begun in earnest.



I met her on my first trip to the techs.  We were to be known as Adam and Eve.  She was my opposite number.  Two techs were feeding a hose like probe down her throat that would pop out her ass in a few minutes. They were debating if she would opt to keep her newly augmented breasts after her vacation was over.  She had been done in a more traditional black leather S&M style.  Looking at her made me understand the effect we would have on nearly everyone and everything that saw us.  I wanted to touch her so badly that I would have cried if I could have managed it.  The techs made me jealous as would anything else that could touch her the way I wanted to.

My first encounter with a miphlapod was one of the most traumatic experiences of life and I will never speak of it.  The second was transcendent.  A week and a half had flown by and Eve and I had found ourselves the centerpiece of a roman orgy.  A fat little emperor barked out orders that everyone seemed obliged to obey.  He used Eve and myself as his throne in the center of the feast table. He prattled on about how he was going to summon up Hades, god of the underworld to do his bidding.  And with the sounding of a gong it happened.

With a roar a massive set of double doors swung open a huge miphlapod oozed forward with a burst of theatrical smoke.  People panicked, disengaged themselves from their pursuits and fled to the far corners of the room behind columns and curtains.  Even the emperor seemed truly surprised at the turn of events.  They abandoned us at the center of the table, we were the sacrifice to their hungry god.  After my first encounter with a miphlapod the techs spent hours working on me, assuring me that I would be alright.  That I wood be good as new when they were done.  They gave me drugs to help me forget, the drugs hadn’t worked well enough.

I had no way of knowing that this was the same miphlapod.  He had been terrible embarrassed by his earlier behavior (it had been its first time) and had begged management for a chance to make amends.  I found myself trying to vomit from fear. A gush of coagulated slime covered Eve’s back and I strained in a vain hope to defend her.  We were swept up in a dozen arms and pressed together in an embrace that stunned me; my chest to her back, my always hard cock was guided almost knowingly into the beautiful ass that I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about for a week.  The slime seemed intended to cement us together and it did.  I caught sight of a horrific miphlapod smile.

The miphlapod busied itself with the other avenues of pleasure that we still presented.  One of his many phalluses pulled free of her vagina and found my mouth.  I tasted her for the first time.  My orgasms seemed to roll in and out without pause.  Being made a multi orgasmic semen factory was a pricey modification the techs made as part of the apology after the first miphlapod “mishap”.  We were peeled apart and my cock met her mouth.  Content that its apology was being accepted, the miphlapod began to take its liberties on us both.  Our intestines and stomachs quickly filled with its fluids as we serviced it.  I could see Eve’s stomach begin to distend from the building pressures of the miphlapod that labored behind her.  My own seed disappeared into the torrent of fluids that soon rushed up from her bloated stomach.

They called it “geysering” and I started a few seconds later.

This time the techs had been standing by.  They carried a gun that seemed to stun the miphlapod into obedient compliance upon their arrival.  We were all packed up and carried away just as a group of “roman slaves” were ordered to clean up the terrible mess that had been made of the grand banquet room.  It was the first time I had seen my son since he had been carried away.  The emperor began to reassert his control over his fellow Romans and seemed pleased with his slaves.  I saw Billy, he must have been there the whole time.  He looked strong and proud; he had seemed to have lost that awkward adolescent set of nerves that had been his hallmark.  As I was being carried away Billy waved to me despite his sudden embarrassment that came from the almost surreal positions we now found ourselves in.  It was the last time I would see him until we headed home.


Family Ties

The wife was prancing around in front of me rubbing her new clit, showing off, tweaking it to it maximum size.  I’d say her engorge clit was an easy eight inches and change.  It looked girthy and rock hard, she was positively beaming.  I was amazed that something so impressive could come and go and go out of practically nowhere.  She had even been against the idea of breast augmentation, now look at her. 

Tomorrow we would head home and we had both found ourselves together in our resort room killing time until the kids showed up for dinner.  We couldn’t exactly talk with me in my condition so she took it upon herself to keep us both entertained with her new toy for the afternoon.  She was a new woman; she was the girl I married.  And when she needed a breather we talked, well she talked and I listened, just like the old days.  I wanted to cry.  I didn’t want this day to end.

The family looked great and seemed thrilled to see me and got on the floor to hug and kiss me.  They didn’t even bother to zip me up; the whole idea of modesty seemed a little silly now.  I have to admit I felt a little hurt when they left me in the room for dinner.  They were gone for a long time and looked serious when they came back that it worried me.  The wife seemed so nervous as she explained how tough a decision this was and that she wished she could ask me about it.  It’s just that you can only be conditioned this way once.  Once they undo it its undone forever. 

But we are still married and since I was incapacitated she had the legal rights to make decisions for me.  Anyway, to make a long story short, the family took a vote and decided that they don’t want a divorce and that I probably really didn’t want one either.  And anyway, I don’t have to worry about working because she was talking to the techs about renting me out to this party planner they do side work with out of Seattle and you can make so much more money this way.  And anyway we’ll all be able to afford a vacation every year and Billy will be learning to take care of the tech duties…and anyway a new set of kidneys every year isn’t too expensive if you buy them in bulk…and I almost forgot, Jill has someone she wants us to meet….

She went on but my head was spinning.  A pain shot across my jaw that surprised me, I was trying to smile.



Part 2 – Billy’s Adventure

That’s the thing, when you don’t know what to expect, you don’t know enough to know that things aren’t quite right.  I didn’t actually realize how messed up things had been till I hooked up with Satrina.  She thought I was cute.

I was pretty drunk that first night and I don’t remember much.  I do know that someone got me to put on one of those illegal (on earth anyway) “Simon-says” collars. 

The funny thing is that I thought those things were an urban myth.  You see the vids where some ugly dude walks up behind some hot chick and slips one on her neck.  Next thing you know, “Simon says take off your shirt, Simon says suck my dick, Simon says lick my asshole…” and they do it all.  You know that is totally faked for the vids.

The other funny thing is that those videos always have a disclaimer, the one that the says that the wearer has to supposedly program a “safe-word” into it before putting it on and it can be turned off at wearer’s discretion.  Well, anyway I guess I was pretty drunk and didn’t remember the safe-word I gave it.

If nothing else, these last three days proved I wasn’t gay.  Sure that first night I had a good time I guess but like I said, I was really drunk.  But that next morning waking up with a killer hangover and hearing one of the bellhops say “Simon says…” sucked pretty bad.  Two days of cleaning those loosers’ apartment and all that other stuff they wanted sucked pretty bad to.  I got pretty excited when they said they were taking me to an employee party that would even have “girls”.  Of course now the girls aren’t talking to me because I came with the bellhops and they probably think I’m gay.  The fact that I’ve been sucking dick and taking it in the rear ever since I showed up two hours ago probably doesn’t help much either.

When she came into the party and the room stopped to look at her.  She was a Tor, a female satyr I guess you’d call her.  Funny how our visits from aliens had worked themselves into our mythology over the centuries.  She was naked except for her short fur below the waist and she stood almost seven feet tall on hooves.  The hair on her head was short and wild and showed off her elf –like ears.  Her breasts were perfect.  She had a cute furry tail that wagged when she greeted people.  A stocky little man (the host of the party) ran over to greet her.  She scooped him up like a child and kissed him loudly on his bald head.  She did this completely effortlessly, the way we shake hands, I remembered that Tor were from a heavy-G world.  She greeted everyone by lifting them off the ground in one way or another.

She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  Her name was Satrina.

I hadn’t thought about aliens working for the Fair, but I guess it makes sense.  I was suddenly very self conscious about my role in this party.  I was perched naked in the middle of a couch in the back of the room.  My last two commands had been “Simon says bend over and Simon says hold on tight.”  She was over there, the center of the party and I was stuck over here getting my asshole widened by some jerk.

I guess I was pretty distracted because I was totally surprised when she sat down on the couch next to me.  She didn’t even seem to notice the asshole pummeling my backside.  She said that she hadn’t seen me around and asked how long I’d been working for the Fair.  I told her I was here on vacation with my family.  I sounded like an idiot trying to talk with this guy hammering away at me.  I was so embarrassed I could die.  She asked me if I was having a good time and I told her that I was surprised at all the gay stuff because I wasn’t gay but I really couldn’t do much about it.  She seemed pretty angry when I told her that I’d been wearing the collar for almost three days.  She asked me what was my safe word was and I told her I had no idea. 

“Simon says go get me a drink.”  I stood up and pulled away from the guy behind me who began to protest but stopped immediately when he took one look at Satrina’s face. 

I was inline for the bar when Satrina walked over with arm around the dummest of the bellhops. Satrina came over and explained that her buddy the bellhop had just remembered my safe word.  She asked me my sister’s name and when I answered “Jill” I heard a click.  She took my collar and held it up to the busboy’s mouth and asked for a newsafe word.  He said “Uranus” and chuckled as she clasped it around his neck.

“Listen kid, no hard feelings…” - Satrina interrupted with “Simon says shut up.”He obeyed.  She then looked down him and said “Simon says no talking until Satrina says so.”  His eyes widened a bit.  He realized he might be in trouble.  She asked me if I had anything I wanted to say to him.  I said no, I just wanted to go home, which is funny because I didn’t know where home might even be.  She loudly announced that she was donating her new “bitch” to the party and received a round of cheers in response.  Then she took me home.


Her Apartment

Her apartment was set up for heavy-G but she turned it off as we came in.  She fixed a couple sandwiches.  I ate mine almost instantly. “Damn, did they feed you anything but semen in the last three days?”  I think I almost cried, she apologized and gave me the rest of her sandwich.  She pulled out the guest bed and said that she would have to have the gravity come up slowly over a couple hours so she could get some sleep for work and keep her plants from dying.  No to worry, it probably wouldn’t wake me up.  I passed out the second my head hit the pillow.

I woke up to artificial lights on the balcony that meant it was morning.  My nuts were killing me and my bowels were aching to go to the bathroom.  I could barely move.  My balls were pinned to the mattress.  I had to cup them in my hand and crawl towards the bathroom, I was afraid if I tried to stand up I’d crap all over myself.  Shitting in heavy-G is a strange feeling, it’s like having the shit pulled out of your ass.  You expect a huge splash but the water is held down to.  Pissing is just as weird, it makes your dick feel busted.  Of course you have to do this all while you’re holding your balls because your sack weighs about five pounds.

Satrina had already left for work.  She left me a note and a leather harness on the kitchen table.  The harness was for my balls if I wanted to hang out around the apartment, she understood if I didn’t, but if I did there was food and vids and some books if I was into that sort of thing.  The harness helped.  I could actually move around a bit.  Just to show off I managed two push-ups.  Satrina had also left me a pile of employee schedules.  She said I was still “off the grid” as far as vacationers goes and that if I saw something I liked she could get me inserted into anything I wanted.  The bottom of the note mentioned that a friend of hers, a med-etch would be stopping by to give me a check-up over his lunch hour.

The guy name was Frank and was nice enough, put me up on the table, gave me a quick physical, some vitamin shots and some pills to help me keep food down in heavy-G.  Frank took one look at my backside and suggested a basic synth-skin insert and ring job.  “Nothing to deep, I’d say ten inches will do,” he explained, “right now you have a backdoor that looks like it came off a forty year old gay prostitute.”  He laughed and I almost cried.  He matched my skin tone and asked if I wanted to be a virgin back there again?  I said “sure, I guess”.  He moved to put a collar around my neck and I flinched pretty bad.  He told me not to worry, it was just a med collar. 

When it went on I went numb from the neck down.  He propped my ass up with a pillow and got to work.  Twenty minutes later I was a “retread” as the kids in school would have said – some slut that got fucked so much she needed to get her pussy replaced.  He finished up, took off the collar and jokingly asked if I’d like him to pop my new cherry?  I didn’t laugh.  He packed up, grabbed a cookie out of the kitchen and headed out.  He stopped and gave me some advice on heavy-G sex on the way out.  “Remember kid, lean into it.”  “If you lay on your back you probably won’t be able to keep it up but face forward and you’ll be hung like a horse…you’ll need that.”

I practiced in the bathroom after he left, he was totally right.


Home from Work

I dialed up a show on Tors from the vid.  Satrina was an adolescent.  The adolescents males and females looked like the satyrs on the Greek urns.  As they matured they grew into something that looked more like a minotaur.  The big males were downright scary, the alpha male pretty much made all the adolescent males his bitches.  The non alpha adult males only showed up to make challenges that could end in death or castration.  The females only showed up when they were in heat.

I checked the schedule and had sandwiches and cookies waiting for Satrina when she came home from work.  We ate and talked.  She talked about how much better I looked than yesterday.  Heavy-G suites you well, she made a knowing smile.  I though I was being sly, leaning forward off the chair and letting gravity make me look as impressive as possible.  She reached over and undid the harness so gravity would have its way with my balls to.

After dinner she asked me if I’d help her groom.  She had these palm shaped brushes like you’d use for a horse.  She laid across the guest bed and let me brush her short fur down.  With the gravity I couldn’t help having my pecker dangling against her rump and legs.  After a few minutes her tail was up in the air, showing its white underside.  I remember her asking me to lick it.  I did, and I was surprised that it had squirted something on me from its underside that smelled really strong and made me feel a little drunk.  I kept licking it like she said and soon the cock between my legs did even look like it belonged to me anymore.  Then she said it was ok if I fucked her now.  And I did, and when I finished she had me lick her tail some more until I was ready to fuck her some more and I did. 

And the third time I remember getting her whole tail in my mouth, feeling it tickle way down my throat but not minding because the bellhops had gotten me used to it, getting my lips right around its base and being able to slide my tongue into her asshole. And I remember the noise she made was like a horse when she started squirting the musky stuff in my mouth and my whole face went numb.

We were laying together almost asleep when she asked if I’d mind sleeping with the gravity back up.  I thought it was?  No she said that it was still a few notches below her normal.  She asked if I needed to go to the bathroom first.  I said I was fine.  She suggested I lay on my back as she walked over to the front door and adjusted the controls.  I sunk into the bed and immediately needed to pee.  I tried to tell her but my mouth sounded all funny.  She must have seen the look on my face and rushed over.  She grabbed up a coffee cup off the table on the way, set it on the bed between my legs and pressed it up against my balls, grabbed my dick and laid it over the rim.  What came out must have been small but it felt like I was pissing led.

I think I passed out from relief.

I woke up with the gravity back to a more humane setting and cup full of piss between my legs.

A note on the table mentioned that my bellhop friend would be stopping by at lunch to see if she’d let him remove his “Simon says” collar.  She had forgotten that she’d be working when she agreed to meet him.  As a favor to her, could he let him in and maybe get the apartment cleaned?  Billy smiled.

Satrina came home to a spotless apartment and was greeted by a bellhop with a soapy rag in his mouth and a dust mop sticking out of his ass.  She found this hilarious.  She asked me if we needed the bellhop for anything else or if we were done?  I said we were done. She walked him out into the hall and that was the last time I saw him.

Satrina made me close my eyes as she gave me her gift.  I opened them back up to see a few pieces of cloth and a set of sandals.  It’s a roman slave outfit she explained.  You just can’t spend your whole vacation cooped up in here.  There is going to be a fantastic orgy tomorrow afternoon and I got you on the slave list.  She asked if I’d need any practice being a slave and I said yes so she had me shut my eyes while she dressed me.  Then she asked a strange question.  “What does my tail taste like?”  “Heaven” was my answer, then I felt the collar snap closed around my neck. 

“Remember that this time.”  I wore it that night.  She wore it the next.   She said the collar wasn’t in the inventory and wouldn’t be missed.  It would be her going away gift to me.  It would change my life.



Part 3 – Jill’s Adventure

What the hell is wrong with this family?  Jesus, they turned dad into a fucking sex toy and all mom can do is debate what to wear to the orientation dinner?

The handles bugged Jill the most.  They weren’t placed to help move dad around the room, they were placed on his hips and shoulders to help you fuck the shit out of him.  She prayed they didn’t have to take him to dinner, she couldn’t stand the idea of turning around and seeing some total stranger fucking her dad while her mom just flirted with anything that walked by.  The sad part is that it was dad that thought this vacation would get everyone to loosen up and be friends again.  She knew he was still hoping to avoid the divorce, now look at him.  No good deed goes unpunished.

She looked back down at her dad.  You could zip his eyes closed, she wanted to.  She wanted to zip him up and hide him somewhere safe.  She didn’t want strangers touching him.  Just then Billy decided to be a little smart ass and put his feet up on dad like a foot stool.  Jill screamed at him, mom stopped the fight before it could get started.  Billy kept his feet off.

Mom thought Jill was a lesbian.  Billy thought she was a bitch.  Dad couldn’t bring himself to believe that she might not be the perfect little girl.  All that Jill knew was that she felt empty and cold on here good days.  She begrudgingly put on the slutty see-thru dinner dress that mom had bought her, mainly because she was just too tired and freaked out to fight about it.  They walked to the dinner without dad, a small relief.  God this place was a whore fest, mom would fit right in.  Billy was a walking erection.

Jill didn’t want to drink.  She ordered some sparkling grape juice and even that seemed to make her feel ill.  She went to the bathroom to get sick but she couldn’t.  Instead she just sat on the toilet with the room spinning.  She felt like she must have passed out for a minute.  She looked down at herself and realized she was a boy.

Her breasts were gone (not that they were much to begin with) and she had an erect penis.  She didn’t need to be able to see through her dress to figure that out, there was no hiding this thing.  She stripped out of her dress and looked, there were no scars or sore spots from surgery, she hadn’t been modified…she was just a boy.  The room began to spin and she ran naked out of it screaming in a stranger’s voice.  Jill ran back to the only place she knew, their room.  He/she ran back to her dad so he could protect his little girl.  She ran back to find her father but found a sex toy waiting for her instead.

Jill just stood behind dad and cried for a long time.  She wanted to hug him but her penis was still hard and it wouldn’t seem to go away.  So this is what it was like to be a boy?  She wanted this thing off her…or at least to stop sticking out like this.  She knew she just needed to take care of it, so standing there behind her dad she cried and began to stroke her cock for the first time.

Her brain was rushed by a whole new set of chemicals.  It wasn’t like anything she’d ever felt before.  She had just been visiting the body of a boy before, now her new body seemed to be grabbing hold of her.  That was a lie, it was her cock.  It was throbbing and it was in charge.  The idea of sex had always seemed so distant, even during the act.  Now it was right in front of her and it was simple.  Just unzip him and put him in.

She told herself that she couldn’t bring herself to do it.  Then she unzipped him and jammed it in as hard as she could.  To her disgust she found herself gripping the handles that protruded from his hips.  The room spun and she came almost instantly and without warning and that made it so much better.  She pulled out zipped him up and ran from the room as fast as she could.

Jill was struck by panic when she realized had run away naked but then she realized that here “naked” was considered the conservative way to dress.  She had found herself in one of the many earthdomes that dotted the Fair.  This one reminded her of central park.  She stopped in her tracks when the path split and she read the direction signs.  One arrow read “Rapist’s Way”, the other proclaimed the way to the “Petting Zoo.”  Jill was in no shape to make those kinds of decisions.  She sat down on a bench and found herself absent mindedly stroking her cock waiting for some clarity to arrive.

She thought she was alone in the woods.  She saw a woman jogging towards her in a retro outfit complete with old fashioned headphones.  She swerved down the path marked “Rapist’s Way” with a strange look of determination on her face.  A few minutes later in the quiet of the night Jill could hear that she had found what she was looking for.  Actually, after a few more minutes it sounded like the lady might be getting a lot more than she had been looking for.

She looked down at her penis and felt the same way.  It was erect again and making her think funny thoughts.

“Hello Jill.” 

Jill had dosed off on the bench and jumped when she awoke to see herself standing in front of herself naked.  Well, the real Jill was standing there, the girl Jill.  They sat on the bench together, girl and boy Jill holding hands.  Girl Jill had been chatting with the techs.  Apparently they found a lot of extra DNA when they did the tests.  Apparently we were twins in the womb but you didn’t make it until now.  I guess you’ve sort of been my ghost my whole life.

“But I am you, just in a boy body.” 

“Well, kinda.  They’ve been growing your body ever since we took the tests.  Last night they just overlaid a copy of my brain scan onto the blank.  They said we were the same for the first couple of minutes but after that everything just starts to go its own way.  Like what are you thinking now?”

“Well said the boy Jill, I was kind of hoping you would give me head.”

“Oh my god, I was just thinking the same thing!”


“No not really, but I wouldn’t mind.”

So boy and girl Jill spent a few days getting to know each other back in the safety of the resort setting before tentatively testing the deeper waters of the Fair.  Even then they would agree to meet for breakfast in bed to swap stories.  The favorite highlight of their solo adventures was boy Jill finding Billy acting like a total man slut at some party.  Boy Jill wasn’t into little boys but he made an exception just so he’d get to see Billy’s surprised look in a week when he realized he had spent some quality time sucking off his new brother.  Sibling rivalry can be a bitch.

The last few days before heading home they began to wonder if they were in love.  They decided they weren’t, they were just finally complete.


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