Grey Gargoyle does the Marvel U

by cmq

Chapter Two: Making the Invisible — Stone!

Susan Richards landed her Fantasticar on top of the brownstone apartment Alicia Masters' loft occupied. She stepped out of the vehicle and entered the rooftop stairway, unseen by anyone as she had rendered herself and the highly recognizable "flying bathtub" invisible. No one would think anything was out of the ordinary except for the sudden gust of wind that had come up as the invisible craft landed. Sue had practiced using her invisibility powers much more extensively than rendering her clothing or body invisible. It had become almost second nature for her to be able to simultaneously keep multiple things, in this case herself and the Fantasticar, invisible for extended periods of time as if that was their natural state.

Alicia Masters, the attractive honey-red haired and world famous sculptress, heard the footsteps coming down the wooden stairs from the roof. She opened the door, but there was no one there. Alicia wouldn't have seen anyone anyway, for she had been blind since birth.

"Hello Sue," Alicia spoke confidant of her senses.

"Hello Alicia," Sue answered warmly as she smiled invisibly. She could never sneak up on Alicia, going back to early on in her career when she was impersonated by the sculptress in a scheme by her sadistic father, the Puppet Master. It was as if the blind girl had infrared vision. Sue stepped inside and they hugged a strange sight, as it would look to an onlooker that Alicia was embracing thin air.

Sue followed Alicia into the work/live loft. Alicia was one of the most talented sculptors despite her blindness. Various life-sized statues and smaller clay study figures in various states of completion decorated the bulk of her loft. Many of the statues were of famous NYC superheroes, including the Fantastic Four and even some of the most diabolical villains to face them.

Sue recognized more than a few statues, for some she had modeled for when Alicia was in desperate need for a figure to sculpt from. Some were generic female forms, nude or partially clothed. Sue had even posed for some of those statues, but no one would ever know as Alicia altered the faces of the sculptures. Sue did it as a favor at first, but as she grew comfortable with working nude she looked at it as more of a peaceful relaxation from her strenuous life as mother of two and full-time adventurer.

Alicia used her hands to touch and feel out the contours of her models' bodies in order to sculpt their likenesses. Sue remembered her last posing session shortly before an attack by her husband's arch-foe, Dr. Doom. It had been hectic back at the Baxter Building for the past few weeks following his attack as the team put their lives together. Now, she felt it was important to reclaim some personal time, a chance to slow down, unwind and do something just for herself. And something about spending some quality girl-time with Alicia appealed to her. A quiet, uneventful modeling session fit the bill perfectly.

Sue walked over the hardwood floor to the soft sheets Alicia had set up in a circular pile as her modeling stand. "Do you need me to pose nude?" Having posed for numerous statues of herself (and standing in for other superheroines less familiar with Miss Masters), Sue had no problems revealing herself to the sculptress. Perhaps a part of it was Alicia's blindness, but it was Sue's perfect trust of the blind woman that allowed her to disrobe completely. As she slipped her form-fitting costume off, she thought it ironic that she couldn't even keep her costume on and just render it invisible, because Alicia's fingers would only register the cloth costume rather than the bare flesh. Alicia often didn't even bother to close the drapes when Sue modeled nude as the heroine could render herself completely unseen to prying eyes. It was the best of both worlds for Alicia, she had a willing model but no need to protect her modesty!

"Yes, I would like to work on the figure of you," Alicia pulled the damp cloth off a full-scale clay figure. "The one we left off working on a few weeks ago." Metal armatures held the clay work in place, a rather undetailed female form that didn't look anything like the Invisible Woman. Of course the way Alicia worked, it wouldn't be long until a stunning likeness of Sue would develop.

Sue recognized the piece and stepped over to the modeling platform. She stretched her naked body for a few minutes as Alicia prepared her clay, moistening it with a bucket of water so that it glistened as if glazed. Sue assumed the same pose as the clay figure, mirroring it perfectly with her left hand touching her hip by the fingertips only. Her hip was cocked out to the side and she let her right arm hang, her fingertips touching her bare thigh. She took a deep breath and settled into motionlessness.

"I was thinking," Alicia began as she walked over to Sue. "One day I'm going to have to model you in your old uniform. I never got a chance to document it in sculpture form." Alicia ran her hands over Sue's bare waist, her fingers dipping into Sue's navel and rising up the firm abdomen till she hit the edge of Sue's breasts. Sue invisibly flinched at Alicia's delicate, feminine touch. Alicia was, of course, referring to the most daring FF uniform Sue had ever worn, more revealing than her briefly used miniskirt uniform, and certainly more daring than her standard bodysuit. It was white and navy blue and hugged her body it the places it actually was there!

Sue remembered the costume, somewhat fondly. It had a high white collar attached to her halter-top. Her shoulders were bare, as was the 4 cutout over her cleavage, revealing the pleasing breasts. White armbands around her biceps were broken by the flesh of her arm and the long white evening style gloves. Her waist was bare to her hips, a bikini style bottom with a v cut showed off her figure. Her thighs and legs mirrored her arms with a white garter style band broken by flesh and long white over the knee boots. It was an outfit from a more free time in Sue's life, more daring than anything other than her Malice outfit was. She wondered what Reed might think of her immortalized in that revealing costume. He was blissfully unaware of his wife's nude modeling sessions. And even when he had seen the statues Sue had posed for he still didn't put two and two together. For a genius, he was pretty dense at times.

Alicia went to work on the clay replica of Sue. A full-sized statue, Alicia began molding the slender torso she had just felt moments ago, rendering the soft feminine musculature of Sue's waist. Adding a layer of clay to replicate the soft yet well defined muscles of Sue's hips Alicia worked quickly, engraving the details with her fingernails and smoothing them out with the balls of her palm. Returning to her model, Alicia rested her hand on Sue's ribs, working her way up Sue's breasts. The soft breasts were cupped as wet clay left on Alicia's hands left gray streaks across Sue's cleavage. "Oh I'm sorry Sue! I forgot to wash my hands off!" Alicia apologized as she moved to dunk her hands in the water.

"It's OK," the invisible model laughed. The grey streaks on her body showed the visible curvature of her breasts, hanging in the middle of the room, unsupported as if by magic. "I don't mind, I'm going to hit the shower afterwards, anyway." Alicia's hands molded Sue's breasts softly, cupping the perfect mammaries and spreading more of the clay across the nipples in a thin veneer. Two finely sculpted breasts hung in the room as Alicia returned to the clay statue and deftly reinterpreted Sue's chest in clay.

Sue stifled a giggle as she tried to keep her pose and her composure intact. But there was something about another female's touch. So different than her husband's. At least when he deigned to touch her. He could be so cold and emotionless sometimes. Sue needed that personal contact. Alicia's touch made her feel like a woman, a sexy vivacious person. She didn't mind as Alicia worked her way around her breasts and up her chest and shoulders, spreading more of the residual clay across her naked torso.

Alicia returned to her clay model and mirrored Sue's anatomy in clay, replicating what she had just felt and translating that mental information into solid 3 dimensional form. The statue's shoulders, breasts began to mirror Sue's in perfect detail. Sue could see the statue beginning to take form. Her form. It was incredible to see herself in clay as she started to recognize her own body.

Alicia is so gifted. Sue watched as Alicia made the statue into a virtual clone of herself. As Alicia worked her model became more and more covered with a thin layer of clay. Sue's arms were covered in clay, as was her torso. Alicia spent a lot of time on Sue's back, going back and forth trying to capture all the little details of her backside. Sue laughed, as her butt seemed to be giving Alicia a hard time. The sculptress seemed to take numerous repeated trips back and forth between sue and the statue, trying to duplicate her ass perfectly. The layers of clay over her buttocks began to seep into the crack of her ass and into the crevice between her legs.

Alicia finally came back and ran her wet clay covered fingers up and down Sue's long legs. Her fingers ran up Sue's bare thighs, sending a tingle in to heroine as delicate fingers stroked the even more sensitive skin near her crotch. Gently, Alicia touched Sue's crotch, memorizing the way the in and around her private part. Left covered in clay from the neck down, Sue was starting to look like a twin of her statue, albeit a headless one. The gray wet coating glistened like shellac on Sue's body. Some of it was starting to dry out on her stomach, looking almost stonelike.

"Oh I'm sorry, I should have turned on some music!" Alicia gasped. "I got so involved and you've been standing there for hours!"

"It's okay, I'm quite fascinated to watch you work. I haven't noticed the passing of time at all!" Sue smiled as Alicia turned on the stereo system and classical music began piping out over the speakers in the studio. "Trust me, your's like therapy. You should charge me for modeling!"

As Alicia returned to her model she walked close up to Sue. Almost pressing herself against Sue's clay covered body; Alicia put her hands on Sue's shoulders and moved up her neck and chin. Gray lips were revealed as Alicia felt up Sue's mouth and cheeks. As Sue closed her eyes as Alicia tried to capture her face a figure in the room moved.

Amongst the statues of Dr Doom, the Mole Man, and other famous FF villains, the statue of the Grey Gargoyle took a step off his pedestal. A tentative step to see if the two women would notice. He could see Sue's grey covered butt and long legs. The mask of clay on her face was visible from the inside out, but little of Sue's hair was covered. The music was masking the Gargoyles' ponderous movement as he took another step and another.

The blind sculptress did not hear his footsteps over the music. Something he had waited long for after he had broken into the studio and secreted himself as one of her sculptures after looking through her calendar and finding out the Invisible Girl was going to pose. He knew he had no shot at breaking into the Baxter Building headquarters and little chance of taking her by surprise. She was a formidable adversary in battle, her invisibility gave her an advantage over his abilities and her force fields left her virtually untouchable. But now she was so tantalizingly close, mere footsteps away, and totally unaware, totally unknowing what was in store for her. She looked so much like a statue right now, immobile, covered naked in clay and posed like a sculpture. The Gargoyle took another step so that he was right behind Sue's body and reached out.

Sue felt Alicia run her hands over her ears and she imagined it was Reed. She was starting to feel most romantic, as she usually did after a long posing session. Tonight she was going to insist Reed pay some attention to her. A creak on the floorboards was barely audible over the music but her alert ears picked it up. "Alicia? Did you hea-", Sue began to speak but her voice was silenced as the Gargoyle placed his hand squarely against Sue's waist. His palm slid against the clay for a moment and contacted her bare skin. Instantly she became solid stone!

Every inch of Sue's body, even the clay coating her bare body turned to solid rock! Sue was so into the moment she had let her guard down far enough and it cost her. She now stood as a statue, a stone figure with a veneer of petrified clay that made her look more roughly sculpted in certain areas. Her long blonde locks, flecked with loose bits of clay from Alicia's touch, became strings of granite. Her immobilized body looked for the entire world like it was an Alicia Masters original. In a sense, it was, except the sculptor was the Grey Gargoyle!

Susan's long legs, even covered with petrified clay, were among the most stunning, the most shapely the Gargoyle had ever seen amongst his previous victims. Her feminine hips, cocked to the side due to her pose drew his eyesight to her petrified crotch. A nicely trimmed stripe of granite pubic hair revealed to him her care in tending to those more female of details. The wisp of pubic hair around her pussy, smoothed out with the clay, looked like a sculptor's flourish with a carving tool. Sue's firm ass, with a hint of crotch peeking under, looked so inviting even in stone. Those super-firm cheeks of Sue's derriere were so perky, so absolutely beckoning for his touch. He had considered pinching Sue's exposed backside before turning her to solid stone but decided against it at the last moment lest he leave an unattractive blemish on this perfect petrified ass. But if anything about the stone Sue could match the perfection of her butt, it was her oh-so-awesome breasts. With perky pointed nipples and the firmness of ripe fruit, Sue's stoney bosom was a sight to behold. The bared breasts, formerly so squeezable and now so hardened, were now immortalized as only a master sculptor could. Rock solid to the touch!

Except for a smudge on her hip where the Gargoyle had touched her, Sue had been rendered into an exquisite sculpture. The light coating of clay over her body gave her a different texture than the typical petrified victim, but it wasn't enough to hide the details of her well-toned body. Her lovely face was turned towards the side. Her expression, in that last second before becoming stone seemed to imply she had sensed something or someone behind her. Her rocky eyebrow raised reflecting her just-startled nature. Her glazed-over petrified pupils were no doubt straining to see behind her, past her granite eyelashes, so full and delicate now that they were stoney. Even her solidified lips, so grey and hardened, reflected a gasp of foreboding. She was a second too late in reacting though, and now everything about her was like a granite goddesses'. Petrified perfection. Statuesque. There was no other word to describe her!

"Sue?" Alicia asked, momentarily concerned at the change in her model's texture. Even covered with clay, Sue's body had been soft and supple. Now it was hard and.stoney? Before she could say another word the Gargoyle touched the sculptress on her wrist and she instantly froze too and became an elegant statue of surprise. One arm raised in the air where the Gargoyle had grabbed her, the other on Sue's arm. Her clothing remained unaffected, as the Grey Gargoyle had been careful to only touch her bare wrist. Alicia's confused, surprised look was fixed forever. Or at least for an hour. But the Gargoyle would soon see to it that it became permanent!

Now the Gargoyle's curiosity got the better of him and he realized he could carefully cut off Alicia's smock and dress. She had a fine, well-sculpted naked figure. Quite surprising, but not unappreciated as Duval admired the firm breasts and long legs of the sculptress. The triangular patch of stone pubic hair practically invited him to touch her petrified sex. She was every bit as statuesque as the superheroines she had rendered in clay and stone. Duval had originally no intention of taking Alicia, but now that she could be seen in her naked glory he would not pass up the opportunity for a unique display in his private statuary. The clay statue of Sue was a perfect likeness and the Grey Gargoyle couldn't resist parting without the replica as well. A touch from his hands rendered clay into stone and one would be hard pressed to determine which of the trio of statues was an actual sculpture.

Soon in his secret statuary, the Gargoyle lacquered the three statues with his preservation formula, ensuring that all three would remain stone indefinitely. The Gargoyle had replicated the studio arrangement in his statuary, placing Sue and Alicia and the statue in their exact same positions as they were in the studio when transfixed by his touch. They made quite the tableaux: Sculptress, model and statue. If the Gargoyle didn't know better he would have sworn the statue of Sue was a woman turned to stone as well. This Masters woman was quite talented. But now she had become a work of art herself, and no more masterpieces would be forthcoming. The Gargoyle wondered if he could get a good price selling the statue of Alicia, passing it off as a self-portrait. But that would mean breaking up the set, and he had no intention of doing that. His final touch to the transfixed trio was a plaque reading: Sculptress and the Statues.

On display next to the petrified Black Cat, the Grey Gargoyle's superheroine statuary was well on its way to being an art connoisseurs' dream.

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