by Paul G. Jutras


         “I can’t believe we’re graduating and entering the real world soon,” Samantha said to Veronica. She was trying on an ice blue gown with matching shoes while Veronica marveled at her image in her violet dress. Since Veronica’s mom owned the shop, she could always get her dresses at discount.

      “At least you got into the college of your choice.” Veronica sighed. “I’m stuck working in mom’s shop as a living mannequin or something because mom can’t afford college for me. I just wish the two of us could continue to be together after graduation.”

     “Me too,” Sam said with a hug to her best girlfriend.

       “They wish to be together forever,” Veronica’s mother though from the store room, upon hearing the conversation. Going to a phone, she dialed Samantha’s number to talk to her mom. “Hello, Mrs. Angel?  This is Ms. Menace.  I’d like to talk to you about our daughters and Samantha’s year in college.”

      That evening, Samantha shaved her entire body. She even shaved around her pussy in case she got lucky with her prom date, Brandon. She liked how her shaved pussy looked through the mesh of her pantyhose when she wasn’t wearing underwear beneath it.   She slipped into her ice blue dress and shoes before a touch up of her make up.

        “Brandon is here,” Mrs. Angel said as she and her husband took pictures of Brandon and Samantha before they took to their last high school dance before Graduation Day. “You look even more lovely than the mannequins in Ms. Menace’s clothing store.”

    “Thanks,” Samantha smiled as he drove his dance to the dance. A disco ball shined down and placed everyone in multi-colors and made Samantha’s skin look as flawless and made her smile at her mother’s mannequin comment earlier.

     Sam’s big surprise came that night after the dance. While her dad had gone to bed, her mother had waited up for her. “So how was the dance, dear?”

    “Wonderful,” Samantha said. “It’s too bad I’m not going with Brandon or any of my friend’s colleges so we could be together.”

     “Actually that’s why I waited up.” Mrs. Angel said.  “You father and I are happy you got into the college of your choice. We are; however, afraid that we can’t afford to send you there this year.”

      “What?” Samantha gasped.

       “Your dad and I have been beside ourselves on how to tell you or what to do about it until we got a call today by Ms. Menace.” Mrs. Angel said.  “She’s willing to let you work along side Veronica as a mannequin.  She tells me that by the following year you’ll be able to save enough yourself for your first year of college. If her plans work out we’ll be able to save enough for the remaining years.”

       “Alright mother,” Samantha said as she felt she had little choice.


        Graduation Day itself came and gone. Both Samantha and Veronica hated having to hide their beautiful dresses under such an ugly graduation gown. The girls always loved playing model as kids and pretending to be living mannequins did make them feel like they were being paid to play.

    The next day as Samantha and Veronica disrobed in the storage room, they notice that each had shaved their pussy and covered their nipples to make their bodies look more like a mannequin's.

  “Are you ready?” Ms. Menace asked as she walked into the room with what looked like a paint ball gun. The two girls looked at one another puzzled. Realizing this, she smiled and glanced at the gun. “I’m going to spray you with a covering to give your body a flawless plastic sheen look and aid you to hold your pose for a long period of time.”

    The girls understood as Ms. Menace began spraying.  She had given the girls special contacts so that it wouldn’t get spray in their eyes as she did their faces.  The girls had to admit as they began to feel a little stiff that they looked as lovely as any mannequin that was out in the store. As she posed the girls, she asked the girls to try holding it for a half hour to see how it felt.

   Ms. Menace went and opened up the store and waited on a few shoppers during that half hour. “How are we doing?” She asked as she returned to the store room. Samantha and Veronica tried to answer but found even their frozen lips couldn’t move. “I see that the formula in the gun works fine.”

       “The formula has altered your cell structure from the inside out so you’ll won’t have to eat or use the bathroom during the next year.” Ms. Menace said as the girls heard an hollow echo sound as the woman tapped on their bodies. “Samantha, your mother was reluctant to do this to you at first. When I explain to her that I can return you to normal so you can go to school next year she agreed. The pay you will receive as my mannequins for a year and the money your folks and I will save in having to feed and clothe you for a year will allow both of you to go to college.”

     “Don’t you worry, I’ll be the only one to dress and undress you,” Ms. Menace said as she tipped the girls over and slid pantyhose onto the girls. “I know how much you love wearing nylons and for the next year you’ll be wearing them almost 24/7.  Though this summer you’ll have them removed for the swimwear sales.

        You looked so good in your prom dresses I thought we’d start you off modeling them for our after prom clearance sale.” Ms. Menace went on as she finished dressing them and doing their hair. Her last touch was to slip a dildo into each of their pussies to make sure they looked sexless and give the girls some pleasure during their long year to come.  They were wheeled out one at a time on dollies and placed the window with a pole that went up under the dress into their dildo to keep the up right. “Enjoy your time here, my beauties.”



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