Ranma guides Akane to a door leading onto the roof of the building holding Okonomiyaki U-chan's, then boosting the raven-haired android into her arms, leaps for the nearest telephone pole. Akane squeals with delight as she holds Ranma tight as the latter bounds for the Tendou dojo.

"Lucky you don't weigh any different than you were when you were still human!" Ranma smirks as she dodges over a street.

Within a minute, Ranma lands on the front lawn of the Tendou dojo, then lowers Akane to the ground. "I want the chance to do that for you!" the latter leans over to kiss the former's cheek. "That was fun!!"

"I aim to please!" Ranma smirks, then waves as Kasumi walks onto the porch. "Hey, Kasumi!" she blinks on seeing someone else standing beside the eldest Tendou daughter. "Nabiki, what're you doing home from school?!"

"I came as soon as I learned you hadn't come to school yet," Nabiki winks, then stares knowingly at Akane. "I take it Ranma-kun..."

Akane nods. "He knows. Someone from Tomobiki came by."

The older androids instantly relax. "Thank heavens!" Kasumi pats her chest, then stares sympathetically at Ranma. "Was it too much of a shock?"

"I..." a chill warps through Ranma, then nods. "Yeah, it was."

"It's to be expected, I guess," Nabiki notes as they head into the sitting room, then relax around the table. Taking a deep breath, she then gazes on Ranma. "Ranma-kun, I know...! Well, that we haven't..." she feels her vocal programs lock up as she tries to do something she normally would NEVER do! "What I'm trying to say is that...! W-well..."

"We would desire you to imprint yourself on both of us, Ranma-kun," Kasumi calmly cuts in, she also giving Ranma a pleading gaze...

* * *

The Galatea Syndrome - The Nerima Situation

by Gorgo

**** **** ****
Based on Ranma 1/2, created by Rumiko Takahashi, with cameo appearances by characters from other series. They are owned by their respective creators and are used without authorization. This story is not meant for profit.
**** **** ****

NOTE: This is a lemon story with strong ASFR (alt.set.fetish.robots) influences worked into it. If you are below age or not interested in this sort of thing, don't bother reading this. Further, for those ASFR fans who are not familiar with Ranma 1/2, I recommend that you visit the Anime Web Turnpike at http://www.anipike.com for further information. Further, while this story is based on the ideas and concepts first introduced in The Galatea Syndrome, it exists in a different universe.

**** **** ****


Ranma gazes on them, then sighs. "I guess I should be flattered that you'd ask me something like that," she scratches the back of her head, then takes a deep breath. "So I hope you won't be hurt by me askin' you two this: are there others you can turn to? That you could trust to...?"

"Have such sway over all our programming?" Nabiki's eyebrow arches, then she sighs. "No, Ranma-kun, not here, especially where it concerns me. I..." she closes her eyes. "I've done some really awful things to you since you came into our lives, Ranma-chan. I can't BEGIN to say how sorry I am now because of all that. I..." she gazes on her. "Please. I want to make it up to you. And I know THIS is the best way to do just that."

Ranma returns her look, then leans over the table. Seeing what she has in mind, Nabiki reciprocates. As they kiss, Akane and Kasumi exchange a delighted smile, the former reaching over to gently squeeze Ranma's hand to show her support and approval. Ranma and Nabiki then part, the latter giving the former a questioning look. The former nods. "I'd be honoured."

Nabiki takes that in, then her jaw drops. "Ranma..."

A shrug twitches the redhead's shoulder. "Yeah, I've been mad at you 'cause of the pictures and all that, but..." she glaces around the building encompassing them, "...it sure don't take a rocket scientist long to figure out that all the money you make is used to keep this over our heads." A contemplative look crosses her face. "We'll talk about it later, okay?"

"Okay," Nabiki nods.

"So what about you, Kasumi?" Ranma gazes on the android matriarch of the Tendou family. "How come you want to be with me? What about...?"

"Toofuu-kun doesn't live here anymore, Ranma-kun," Kasumi notes.

"But still..."

"I know," Kasumi waves her down, then sighs. "I never really took the opportunity to notice it before I became an android, but I realize that he was very infatuated with me. And there would lie a potential danger to not just you, Ranma-kun, but everyone else. You know how badly Toofuu-kun reacted whenever I was close to him. Could you just imagine what might happen if I was made to obey his commands when he is in that state?"

Ranma winces, remembering the painful times Toofuu Ono had subjected her to whenever Kasumi was close to the chiropractor. "Right..."

"And there's another thing you should concern yourself with."

"What's that?"

"Your father."

"Oyaji?! What about...?" Ranma's voice trails off, then a brief image flashes in her mind as Kasumi's point hits home. "Oh, shit!"

"You got it, Sherlock," Nabiki nods.

"Fortunately, neither Father or Uncle know the truth about what's happened to us," Kasumi cuts in. "Master Happousai DOES know, by the way. And, much that this might surprise you, Ranma-kun, but he doesn't want to see us hurt anymore. To him, what happened to us..." she shakes her head.

Ranma nods. Despite his lecherous ways and a petty streak the size of Japan, Happousai did possess something of a sense of honour. Further, there was the survival factor: the grandmaster of Musabetsu Kakutou-ryuu was heavily dependent on absorbing chi energy from women. "Can he still absorb energy from you even if you're all androids?" she asks.

"Yes, he can, but not as much as he could were we still organic," Kasumi sighs. "On the plus side, all he has to do is ask any of us if he could touch us and we'll be quite ready to do it. We ARE programmed to ensure the survival and good health of those organics around us."

"And I take it you wouldn't want him to...?" Ranma's eyebrow arches.

"DEFINITELY NOT!!!!" the Tendou sisters chant as one.

Ranma winces. "Gotcha!" she chuckles, then leans over.

She and Kasumi share a warm kiss. As they part, Ranma takes a deep breath, then stares at Akane. "Your room or mine, Akane-chan?"

"Mine, please," Akane smiles.

"Hai, hai, Ojou-sama," Ranma rises, then kneels to lift Akane into her arms. Before she moves to carry the youngest Tendou upstairs, she gazes on Akane's sisters. "How soon would you want me to...?"

"Well, if you're in the mood for it, today," Kasumi smiles. "We can keep it simple if you want so as to not tire you out, Ranma-kun."

"Yeah, the sooner the better," Nabiki nods, winking. "Have fun!"

Ranma and Akane blush...

* * *

"Here we go," Ranma sighs as she carries Akane through the doorway into the latter's room, then gently kicks the door closed behind her.

She slips the raven-haired android onto her bed, then adjusts Akane's arms and legs to make her comfortable. "If I'd known how much of a gentleman you were deep down when we first met..." Akane titters.

"I don't think your sisters'd forced you on me after you found out about the curse," Ranma places herself beside the bed, clasping her arms behind her back. "Okay, you've got a choice! Boy or girl?"

Akane blinks, then sighs. "Well, how was it with you and Ukyou-chan, Ranma? I know it was your first time and all, so..."

Ranma considers that, then sighs. "Yeah, it was and..." her cheeks start to redden as she remembers what went down between her and the android chef. "Well, I just put my..." she cups her hand in front of her crotch, then gives Akane a knowing look. "Well, you know, into U-chan's..."

Akane tries not to smile at the redhead's embarrassment -- though she internally frowns at the lack of any real knowledge Ranma has concerning sexual matters -- then waves the organic down. "Okay, okay, I get the message," she covers her mouth, then perks. "Wait! I know what to do!"


"Well..." Akane gets up, then waves to the bed. "Take your clothes off and sit on the bed. Keep your legs spread wide. I'll give you oral sex as a girl to start getting you used to having sex in that body, okay?"

"'Oral sex'...?" Ranma's eyebrow arches.

Akane stops, then winks at Ranma. "If Hiroshi and Daisuke haven't told you about this beforehand, Ranma, it's normally called a blow-job."

The redhead blinks, then nods. "Ah, so THAT'S..." her voice trails off. "Um, so what the heck does that mean, anyway?!"

Akane tries not to fall on her face! And that stupid panda actually WANTED Ranma to marry me?! she mentally rails...

* * *

A couple minutes later finds a nude Ranma sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs spread out to 45-degree angles. The door opens, making her look over to see a nude Akane step in, a bath towel modestly draped over her to hide her nipples and crotch. Ranma blinks, remembering the first time she saw that sight in the bathroom, then she shudders as a strange warmth floods her abdomen. Akane silently walks over to place herself in front of Ranma, then gently lowers the towel to expose her breasts and the trimmed curly hair over her womanhood. Ranma breathes in suddenly as the heat in her own crotch picks up, then she slowly exhales. "Kawaii..."

Akane's cheeks heat as she kneels before the organic, folding the towel in half and placing it on the floor between the redhead's feet. "So are you," she kneels on the towel, then reaches over to guide Ranma's buttocks to rest at the edge of the bed. "Ranma-chan?" she looks up.

"What is it, Akane-chan?"

"Would you want me to open one of my circuit hatches?"

Ranma blinks. "Why?"

"Well, some of the girls -- those of the ones who found nice guys to bond with, of course! -- told me that if they open up their chests or abdomens or even take their face-masks off, the boys really get turned on by it," Akane shrugs. "I guess it must've make the sex more exciting."

Ranma considers that, then shakes her head. "No," she reaches over to give Akane's shoulders a squeeze. "You've got an android body now, but you're still human in your soul, Akane-chan. Doin' that..." she shudders, then sighs. "Well, it kinda says that you're not. And in my eyes, you shouldn't haveta say something like that. Especially to me. Okay?"

Akane gazes at her, then nods. "Okay. Are you ready?"

"What do you want me to do?" Ranma pulls back.

"Sit back and enjoy."

Ranma nods, then tenses as Akane leans in, slipping her arms around the curve of the redhead's buttocks to better support herself. A jolt of cold warps through her as the android exhales over her dark reddish bush, that instantly overcome by more warmth. "A-a-akane..." she sputters, then her eyes go wide as Akane plants her mouth over the glistening folds of Ranma's labia, then she screams as the android takes in a deep breath, nearly sucking the redhead drier than the Sahara. "AKANE!!!!"

A ticklish jolt then bombards Ranma's mind as Akane brings her agile tongue into play, her hands shifting to the sides of Ranma's waist to shift the redhead onto her back. As soon as the adjustment is made, the android begins a series of rapid licks followed by a deep intake of air to draw in more of Ranma's liquid gold, thus allowing Akane's imprinting programs to light up and lock on target. As she continues to suck her transformed fiance for all she is worth, Akane's hands dance over Ranma's well-toned tummy, even reaching up to casually brush over the soft, creamy mounds of her breasts, her fingertips playfully batting at the redhead's nipples. This continues for what seems like a mad eternity, then, sensing that Ranma was about to take the plunge over Niagara Falls, Akane shifts up to gently wrap Ranma's clit with her lips, then she curls her lips inward sharply.

That did it.


* * *

Kasumi looks up as that scream echoes through the house, then smiles before turning back to her lunch preparations. "To believe that she feared sex so much when she was still organic," she titters to herself...

* * *

"Way to go, sis!" Nabiki looks up from her book...

* * *

In class, Ukyou perks suddenly as a funny warmth floods her internal circuits, then she glances towards the Tendou dojo. Man, Akane-chan works fast, doesn't she? she smiles before turning back to the lecture...

* * *


Ranma takes several deep gulps of air as that muffled, lock-step monotone echoes in her ears, then she perks on sensing something leaning against her crotch. Slowly shifting herself to her elbows, she glances down to see Akane leaning face-first into the redhead's bush. "Forgot 'bout this..." Ranma grunts as she leans on her hands, then takes another deep breath to fully replenish her strength before leaning over.

Tenderly lifting Akane from between her legs, Ranma boosts the android into her arms. Gingerly rising, the redhead ignores Akane's repeated "Pro.ces.sing" comments as she walks over to the side of the bed. Sitting Akane on the side by the nightstand, Ranma moves to sit beside her, keeping a hand on the android's shoulder to prevent her from falling flat onto her face because of the lack of tensile strength in any of her joints.


Ranma gazes on Akane's slumped head, then moves to tilt it up...



Ranma screams out as Akane bolts to her feet, assuming a rigid stance as her body trembles from head to toe. "Akane!!!" she bolts up, moving to shift herself in front of the android, then gasps as Akane focuses on her.

Before Ranma could take a chance to understand what is happening, Akane surges forward, almost walking over the redhead as she heads for the wall beside the door. "I'm sorry, Onee-chan, but I have to go to school," the android announces, then slams into the wall. Staggering, she shifts right, this time marching for the nightstand. "Who put that there...?"

Ranma lunges over to bear-hug Akane from behind before she smashed into the furniture, then realizing that the android wasn't going to stop, grunts as she flips Akane around to lay her on her back perpendicular over her bed. Panting in relief as she sees that Akane was not moving to shift back onto her feet, Ranma leans against the wall. "Damn, what's wrong...?"

"It's really windy today..." Akane chirrups.

SNAP!! A spark bursts from her right ear as she freezes, then goes to attention. "Er.ror!" she calls out in monotone. "Im.print-pro.gram-da.ta-o.ver.load-de.tect.ed." Her body then softens as a hand reaches for her tummy. "I'm so glad you know, Ranma-chan," she presses into her navel.

Click! Her abdominal hatch is unsealed, though she does not move to pull the skin section away. "I want to be your perfect sex andr-..."

SNAP!! A spark from the left ear. "Er.ror! Im.print-pro.gram-da.ta-o.ver.load-de.tect.ed." Once again, she stiffens to attention as whiffs of steam escape through the unsealed sides of her abdominal hatch.

"Akane..." Ranma shudders, she sinking to her knees.

The youngest Tendou then seems to deflate. "I'm hot, Ranma-chan. Will you take my clothes off and make love to me?" she coyly croons.


Ranma spins right to see Kasumi and Nabiki stiffly march into the room. Both now totally nude. Their abdominal hatches open. "Wha-...?!"

"Sis.ter-u.nit-mal.funct.ion-de.tect.ed," the older androids announce as they poise themselves by Akane's feet, Kasumi to her younger sister's right. "E.mer.gen.cy-di.ag.nos.tic-pro.gram.ming-in.it.i.a.ting."

Kasumi's left hand and Nabiki's right reach into their opened circuit hatches. Pulling out a length of black cable, they lean over. Kasumi's finger presses into the top of Akane's breastbone. Click! More steam comes out of the opened chest hatch as Kasumi's finger flips it open.

"You're my master now, Ranma-ch-..." Akane dazedly croons...

...then her voice is cut off as Nabiki jabs the end of her cable into one of the ports in her sister's breastbone. "An.droid-u.nit-Na.bi.ki-Ten.do.u-com.men.cing-cy.ber.link-pro.ce.dures-with-mal.funct.ion.ing-sis.ter-an.droid-u.nit-A.ka.ne-Ten.do.u," Nabiki announces.

In goes Kasumi's cable. "An.droid-u.nit-Ka.su.mi-Ten.do.u-com.men.cing-cy.ber.link-pro.cee.dures-with-mal.funct.ion.ing-sis.ter-an.droid-u.nit-A.ka.ne-Ten.do.u," the elder sister announces.

"E.mer.gen.cy-di.ag.nos.tic-in.it.i.a.ting," both announce at once.

Kasumi and Nabiki straighten themselves, gazing zombie-like into the other's eyes as a series of clicks, chirps and beeps echo from deep within their bodies. Ranma blinks, then finding within herself the courage to get closer to the three androids, slowly straightens herself. Walking up to Akane, she winces on smelling the sharp odour of burnt circuits escaping the raven-haired android's chest and belly. "Damn, what happened...?"


Ranma spins on Kasumi. "Kasumi?!!"

"Di.ag.nos.tic-of-mal.funct.ion.ing-an.droid-u.nit-A.ka.ne-Ten.do.u-com.plete. An.droid-u.nits-Ka.su.mi-Ten.do.u-and-Na.bi.ki-Ten.do.u-have-de.tect.ed-an-a.no.ma.ly-in-u.nit-A.ka.ne-Ten.do.u's-im.print.ing-pro.gram. Re.com.mend-an.droid-u.nit-A.ka.ne-Ten.do.u-be-de.ac.ti.va.ted-and-ta.ken-to-an.droid-u.nit-Mi.chi.ko-O.o.da-for-re.pairs."

Ranma blinks, then gapes. "The school nurse?! She's a...?!" she catches herself, then sighs. "Right, forgot! Okay, do it!!"

"Com.ply.ing," the older androids reply together. "E.mer.gen.cy-de.ac.ti.va.tion-of-an.droid-u.nit-A.ka.ne-Ten.do.u-in.it.i.a.ting."

More beeps, chirps and clicks echo from the three androids, then Akane's mouth flutters as the light in her eyes fades. "Er.ror. Im.print-pro.gram-da.ta-o.ver.load-de.tect.ed. E.mer.gen.cy-di.ag.nos.tic-of-an.droid-u.nit-A.ka.ne-Ten.do.u-com.plete. E.mer.gen.cy-de.ac.ti.va.tion-com.mand-for-an.droid-u.nit-A.ka.ne-Ten.do.u-ack.now.ledged. Com.ply.ing."

"Akane..." Ranma whispers.

The smoke from the malfunctioning android's eyes fades as her head tilts somewhat in Ranma's direction. "I really wanted to be totally yours, Ranmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." her voice slurs as her eyes seem to roll into her head, then that rolls back to tilt towards the floor.


"Akane...?!" Ranma shudders as tears spill down her cheeks, then she screams out.


* * *

To be continued...

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