Gaining Confidence

by BigBird
Photomanipulation by MadBirdCZ

Kelly flashed a quick smile at Jenna, as she locked the security gate.

"That's it, the store's locked up. Just flick off the lights, and we can go home" said Kelly. "Unless........."

"What?" asked Jenna, unable to fathom the thoughts behind her girlfriend's sly smile.

"Well, I was thinking," said Kelly, eyeing the sofa in the home furnishings department "That the couch over there looks so much more comfortable than the ratty old chesterfield we have at home. I'd be fun to fool around on, you know.."

"Kelly!" Jenna's voice was a loud whisper, as she shot her adventurous companion an incredulous look "Are you mad?"

"I'm totally serious. C'mon, there's no one else here. I locked the place up myself. Besides, we do it all the time at home. And, this is arguably more private, because there's no neighbours living downstairs"

"Ha! This is definitely NOT more private! What if someone were to walk in while...." Jenna tried to object, but was cut off.

"No one is going to walk in. I told you I locked the place up!" Kelly said. But it was clear that Jenna was still unconvinced.

"Look Jenna, you've got to stop being so paranoid and self-conscious" Kelly started to massage Jenna's shoulders "Just relax, do what feels good, and stop being such a prude".

"I'm not a prude!" Jenna's mouth curled up in protest.

"Oh yes you are! You never dress in tight clothing. Its always baggy T-shirts when we go to the gym. Khaki shorts when we're roller-blading. A sarong and one-piece swim suit when we go to the beach. Don't get me wrong, you're a sweet little angel, and I could just pinch you're cute little cheeks all day, but you seriously need to lighten up, and have a little fun once in a while."

"Well I'm sorry if my choice in clothing upsets you" a very annoyed Jenna sarcastically responded. "But that's just the way I am, there's nothing you can do about it, and I'm not going to change just because.....HEY!" Jenna felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. She turned to face Kelly, holding a syringe and smiling.

"Actually, there IS something I can do about it. And 'change' is quite an accurate choice of wording....." Kelly grinned as she watched her stunned friend's movements slow down.

"What the hell" Jenna's voice trailed off as she lost the ability to form words. Her mouth had stopped moving, as was stuck in the pose of her last syllable. She lashed out trying to slap Kelly in the face, but Kelly easily dodged the painfully slow attack.

"Now, now, there's no need for violence. You're about to embark on an exciting "learning adventure". You're going to find out just how attractive you are in skimpy clothing. Yes, people are going to look at you. What's more, they're going to stare snd you're going to let them because, hey, mannequins don't get upset when you stare at them".

"Mannequin!?! What are you talking about?" Jenna desperately thought, as she tried to move her arm to touch the spot where Kelly had stabbed her. But her arm was moving so slowly. Worse, it was completely hairless. And it appeared to be getting shinier. To her horror, joint lines now separated her hand from her arm at the wrist. And she could feel other joint lines forming.

"Since you're going to be a mannequin for, hmmmmm, about a month, we'd best get you into a more suitable pose" Kelly maneuvered her paralyzed friend out of her aggressive stance. "Why don't you show off that wonderful bust of yours?" Kelly bent Jenna's arms inward and forced the mannequin to her hold her own shirt over her plastic breasts.

"No! Cut it out! You can't do this to me! Turn me back. Kelly! KELLY!!!" Jenna mentally screamed, "You bitch, turn me back this instant!"

"Oh, and this skirt has just GOT to go" Kelly said, happily removing the offending garment.

Jenna could only stare in horror, her face frozen in her last expression of fear, and her arms locked where Kelly had placed them.

"You clearly don't belong in the 'Home Furnishings' department anymore. Since you're showing off your underwear, you definitely belong in 'Lingerie'. Let's get you to your new home," Kelly said before she disappeared from sight. She returning with a cart, and toppled her helpless companion head first into it.

By the time Kelly pulled Jenna out of the cart, the mannequin had gotten over the initial shock of being transformed. But she hadn't come to grips with the duration of her "learning adventure". Nor did she want to.

"Please Kelly, turn me back. Don't do this. I don't want to be a mannequin. I don't want to stand here in my underwear for a month. Please Kelly, PLEASE TURN ME BACK" Jenna silently pleaded with Kelly.

But Kelly couldn't hear her. She just bolted Jenna to a stand, smiled and turned to leave.

"Enjoy your stay, Jenna. And do try to gain some self-confidence. Ta!" Kelly disappeared from the mannequin's line of sight. Shortly after, the lights went out in the department store, and Jenna was left silently screaming unheard thoughts.




Lights flooded Jenna's vision, and she woke up. She tried to roll over, but there were two problems with that.

1) She was already standing
2) She couldn't move

"Shit! I'm still a mannequin. Oh God, oh God, here I am, in my underwear, frozen, and Kelly isn't anywhere to be found!" Jenna panicked. But her outward appearance didn't change.

As the day progressed, more and more shoppers filed into the store. More and more looks and long gazes fell across Jenna's prominently displayed body. It unnerved her to no end. And there was nothing she could do about it. Men and women, and in particular young boys, would casually be walking by, see her, and then "lock on". She wanted to yell at them, glare at them, just stop them from staring, somehow. But she couldn't. And the only one who could, Kelly, was nowhere in sight.

"Oh God, Kelly, where are you? LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT NOW!"



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