The Gallery's Latest Acquisition

by Northern Chill

Crossposted with permission from the Yahoo group . Image by M_B_CZ

         Tammy Lee entered the brightly lit gallery carrying a duffle bag in one hand and a bottle of Evian water.  As an aspiring professional model, specializing in interests that were non-mainstream, she knew she would run into the odd person with a request that was beyond bizarre.  However, when she was contacted by a local artist to model for him over a four week period without interruption, she was intrigued by the puzzling request.

        As she looked around at the many exhibits that were on display, she marveled at the wide range of tastes that were on display ranging from paintings of country landscapes to sculptures made out of food items available at the local grocery stores.  However, when she came to the area set aside for the artist Czernek, the artist who hired her, she found the area empty save for a large abstract painting composed of several bright colors.  There was an easel sitting off to the left with a piece of cardboard sitting on it in scripted with the title SKIN DEEP BEAUTY written in bold lettering.

         "Ms. Brown? Over here if you please.." a balding man in his mid 40's called out from the opposite end of the gallery.  When Tammy Lee walked over to where he was, the man introduced himself as Czernek and asked her if she had any questions for him before starting.

         "Well, I do have a question about this 'without interruption' part.  Does that mean you want me to pose in the gallery during working hours?" Tammy Lee said, gazing around the museum before looking back at Czernek.

        The artist smiled  "Well, yes and no.  You'll be posing here in the gallery but it will be continuous over the next thirty days and no one will notice that you're not just a display figure," he said confidently.

        Tammy Lee looked at the artist with a puzzled look on her face. "I still don't understand.  I know I can easily assume a fairly rigid pose for the duration of viewing hours but wouldn't people be able to tell I'm not just a display figure by my eye movement and such?" she asked.

        Czernek nodded slowly before turning and walking to the back of the gallery.  "If you'll follow me, Ms. Brown, I believe I can answer all your questions to your satisfaction," he called out to the perplexed model.

        When Tammy Lee walked over to where the eccentric artist was standing, she noticed that he was standing next to several large leather cases.  One was marked  DISPLAY/EXHIBITS and had a lock which Czernek removed with a flourish.  He looked over at Tammy Lee for a few seconds with his brow furrowing in concentration before returning to the case.  After he rummaged around for a bit, he pulled his right hand out holding a small tube that contained a white gel-like substance.

        "You see, Ms. Brown, I obtained a formula from a friend of mine who works for a major chemical production company .  It's for a very unusual type of skin cream that his company developed for use by the military in extreme weather conditions.  It slows the metabolism down to the point where the wearer literally stops breathing as he or she falls in a living coma until they are revived none the worse for where later on.  In your case, my dear, this application has been altered slightly so that your skin will take on artificial look like that of a mannequin.  Before you ask, it won't cause any permanent damage to you and after thirty days, you'll return to your human form none the worse for wear," Czernek said as he handed Tammy Lee the outfit he wanted her to wear.
        Tammy Lee nodded slowly as she took the leather outfit from the artist still mulling over the information she had just heard.  Part of her wanted to throw the clothing to the floor and run as fast as she could from the gallery and the man in front of her.  However, she found herself intrigued by Czernek's claims and figured at the very least it would help her in any future modeling assignments which might require her to remain motionless for a period.

       "Ummm... will I be aware of my surroundings while I'm in this state?" she asked Czernek, while accepting the tube of cream he handed to her.

       "Well, no, though I'm told by some of my previous models that the actual transformation leads to an intense erotic feeling that  seemingly goes on long after you've been transformed," Czernek said while gathering up his things and nodding farewell to a gallery employee who had just locked up the Gallery's entrance before leaving.

        "Ok, well, I'll give it a try, then," Tammy Lee  said before heading off to a nearby room where she changed in private.  About  30 minutes later, she emerged wearing a black leather outfit that left her breasts bare while hugging tightly to the rest of her upper body.  It was accentuated by the sheer black stockings that rose to her upper thighs and capped by high heels that were at least 9" high.

        "Uhh... I don't feel anything..when does this cream  take effect?"  Tammy Lee said as she held her left arm under her breasts while her right arm was bent at the elbow with the hand just nudging her right ear.  It was a little awkward to remain in this pose so she hoped the cream she had applied all over her body was going to take affect soon.

        "It'll be just a few minutes.. hold that pose as best you can.." Czernek said as he went behind her and adjusted her left leg slightly before standing in back of her with a strange look on his face.

        Suddenly, the Asian beauty felt a tingling sensation surge through her entire body as if every inch of it was being stimulated simultaneously.  Her arms, which she was almost ready to move from the fatigue of holding them still, now were locked in place and unresponsive to her thoughts.

        "A Mannequin.. I'm actually becoming a mannequin... this feels incredible..!!!" she thought as her ability to talk out loud had vanished and her eyes were frozen staring straight ahead.  Tammy Lee could feel her pussy sealing up and becoming the smooth plastic that she knew the rest of her body was becoming.  

       Her breathing slowed to a stop as her chest was enveloped by the transformation and her breasts became mounds of molded plastic with brown circles that looked very artificial in the center of each.

        The whole transformation was extremely stimulating to Tammy Lee as it felt like the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.  As the transformation neared completion and her mind began to fade into blissful darkness, she noticed Czernek was standing in front of her wearing a bizarre cloak and waving his hands dramatically.

        "What is he doing... why is he is dressed so strange... whattttt..????" Tammy Lee asked herself  before she faded into the blackness, still in the throes of erotic bliss.

        After a minute or two, Czernek walked over to the model and gently rapped on her left breast with his knuckles.  Satisfied with the hollow sound that it produced, he stood back and smiled as he looked over at the area he had planned to display her in. 

      "If I told you that I was planning to change you via a magic incantation, you would have run screaming from the gallery and I never would have been able to get models in this area again.  This way, you model for me under a slightly more believable pretense and I get to show my vision to the public,"  the artist said as he picked up the plastic figure and placed her in the center of the display he was setting up. 

      "I just hope this time I remember to change her back after thirty days.  The time I forgot about one poor model and left her in her mannequin state for three years was not good.. not good at all.." Czernek said before gesturing rapidly in the air and disappearing in a brief flash of light.

      The gallery was now deserted, with only a lone spotlight shining on its newest addition.. how long she remained on display depended on the memory of an eccentric artist/magician named Czernek...

      Tammy Lee could only wait...


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