The Girl from S.T.A.T.U.E. 2 - First Day on the Job

by cmq   (12-05)

[Second installement in an ongoing tale. Read the first chapter if you need to refresh on what has gone before. Ed.]

“Full name,” the personnel agent asked.  She was a pretty blonde with a tight, firm body evident even beneath her rather conservative clothing.  It was something Karen was noticing more and more amongst the employees of STATUE.  There were quite a few stunning looking women amongst the rank and file.  In fact it was more jarring to meet someone not physically good looking in the course of the day.

“Karen Allison Melody,” Karen replied cheerfully.  She had arrived the next morning bright and early at the gallery.  She was ushered into a meet-and-greet with some of the agents who would train her in the various aspects of her job before being sent down to personnel for the nitty-gritty paperwork.

“That’s a pretty name,” the blonde assistant who was heading up the personnel department complimented.  “Sign here, fingerprint here.  We’ll have to get your dental and medical records transferred.  And you have a full physical scheduled two days from today on the fourth.”

The physical combat and self-defense instructor was a buff, yet very pretty blonde woman who was named Summer.  Needless to say, Karen thought she was in great shape after working undercover for the government for many years, especially since she sometimes had to rely on only her own skills when backup wasn’t possible.  Landing on her back on the mat numerous times during the training made her think again, but Summer credited Karen with being very close to perfect as far as she was concerned.

In the middle of the day, Karen took a history course on STATUE with an emphasis on organization familiarity.  She was surprised to learn that STATUE had been in existence since the early 50s, and was amazed at all the unknown missions to promote justice and world unity that were hinted at.

Karen enjoyed her experiences, but the big one still escaped her.  She had heard and seen all about the various statue agents but had never experienced it for herself.  And this was something she definitely was getting curious about.

Karen met with Gigi later on, as her equipment familiarity session started.  GG had brought along some of the common field kit items Karen had been shown the day before.  Along with GG were a couple of comely lab assistants, Suzie and Roberta.  Neither of them were current field agents, though anyone could potentially be drafted into service if they shape and body fit the criteria to impersonate a certain work of art.  They instead concentrated their efforts into testing and development of new gadgets.  Suzie was blonde, about a head shorter than Roberta, but she had great proportions.  Roberta was thinner, with a great dark mane of hair tied back into a bun.  Her limbs were long and slender, like delicate stemware.

“Well, Karen, the first thing you need to know about is how to get at your equipment when you’re in the field.”  She indicated the pedestal in the middle of the room.  “This is a generic common pedestal, there are all different types but they all serve the same function.  Let’s see if you can find the secret compartment.”

Karen squatted down and examined the sculpture base.  She didn’t see any lines suggesting jointwork or secret doors.  It certainly felt like a solid marble base as she couldn’t lift it to look underneath.  She ran her fingers along the top of the circular half-column but was stymied.  “I don’t see it at all,” she admitted dejectedly.

“Don’t feel bad,” GG consoled.  “You wouldn’t be able to open it even if you knew where to look.  Suzie?”

Suzie smiled and bent down.  Her fingers ran smoothly against the top of the base as she indicated the sculptured fluting.  An audible beep and click followed as the trapdoor on the column opened, revealing the disguised compartment.

“That’s amazing.  I didn’t even notice that,” Karen knew her detection skills were first-rate, and this was an extremely well done disguise job.

“It’s DNA locked, only you will be able to open the compartment,” GG took out a shimmery cocktail dress, necklace, earrings and stylish pumps.  “For instant disguise and escape,” she held it up against Karen.  “Looks like it’s just your size too.  We can, of course, secret different disguises as the missions vary.”

Roberta took the clothing away as GG took out the makeup compact and lipstick.  She handed the compact over to Karen who turned it over curiously.  “Standard makeup, custom selected for you, we do want you to look your best in the field after all. You remember this don’t you?”

“Special…Total…no wait that’s the perfume!” Karen smacked her head with her palm. “That’s…freezestick?”

“Right,” GG smiled.  “Don’t worry, it takes a little while to get all of this down, but you’re doing great so far based on what everyone tells me.”

Karen felt a little self-conscious that people were checking up on her, but she was glad she seemed to be doing well.  She popped open the compact to see if her nose was shiny.

GG handed Karen the lipstick.  “If you applied this now…”

Karen instinctively unscrewed the lipstick and applied it to her lower lip.

“Wait!” GG realized too late that Karen was doing what she was doing.

Karen stood still.  Her body was motionless.  One arm was holding the compact, the other the freezestick, still touching her lower lip.  Oh shit!  I forgot about the antidote!  Karen thought as she tried to move but found herself frozen.  Her lovely figure was completely unresponsive as her voluntary muscles locked into place.  Only her involuntary muscles performed as usual, as tiny breaths fogged the compact’s mirror.  I’m so stupid!  They’ll never believe I have the right stuff now!  A tiny tear trickled down Karen’s frozen cheek.

Suzie poked at Karen. “She’s rigid,” she said, matter-of-factly.

“Well, don’t feel too bad Karen.  Believe it or not you’re not the first person this has happened to,” GG consoled the frozen girl.  “This is actually a good first-hand experience.” She motioned for Suzie and Roberta to help her.  They tipped Karen backwards, and if she could gasp aloud she would have as her perspective changed and she found herself flat on her back looking up at the ceiling.

“As you can see you’ve been rendered totally immobile.  You won’t be able to move for about five minutes,” GG explained as she and the two assistants lifted Karen back on her feet. 

She wobbled as they tried to balance her.  It was eerie being unable to hold herself steady on her feet but aware of everything going on around her. Whoa this is cool though…

Roberta put one elbow on Karen’s shoulder as she looked at the reflection in the mirror and then at the pretty face of the stationary subject.  “She’s pretty. She’s going to make an excellent statue.”

Was Roberta coming on to her? Karen wondered, as she could only stand there motionless. Then she felt something, her body was no longer numb and seemingly distanced from her mind.  She wiggled her finger and lowered the freezestick away from her face.  She shook her legs and blinked, for what seemed like the first time in forever.  “That…” she hesitated to catch her voice, “was weird.”

“But you feel fine otherwise?” GG asked.

“Fine,” Karen pouted.  “Except for the part about forgetting about the antidote.”

“Don’t worry, that’s what training is all about.  You can make your mistakes now and not have any consequences.  When you’re in the field you’ll only get one chance and any mistake you make can be fatal.  Now I think you’re going to be interested in this,” she held up a pill.  “The antidote for the freezestick formula.  It will last roughly ninety days or so.  You’ll have to inoculate yourself again to stay immune to the effect, which is cumulative.  The longer you use freezestick antidote the more tolerance you build up to it, so use freezestick sparingly or you might have to take this daily.”

“That means don’t use it everyday, when you’re going out on a date…” Suzie giggled.

“Now if you take this, you can test the best way to administer it,” GG handed Karen the pill.

Karen swallowed the pill and then applied the freezestick, somewhat nervous about whether it would paralyze her again.  Nothing happened as she closed the compact and puckered her lips.

“Now to apply a dose of freezestick, a firm lip to lip contact is recommended,” GG explained.  “Uhm…Roberta could you?”

“Certainly,” Roberta smiled, as Karen suddenly felt nervous.  Roberta noted Karen’s uncomfortable expression.  “Don’t worry, it might feel funny at first but it’s something you need to practice.  I’m not going to read anything into it anyway.”

“I would have volunteered but I’m still on the pill,” Suzie offered.  Karen wondered if her initial feelings regarding Roberta were misplaced.

Karen and Roberta faced each other.  Karen awkwardly held Roberta’s shoulders as she turned her head to the side and moved in closer to Roberta’s lips.

“Very good,” GG critiqued.  “You need to get good contact, so remember to get a nice solid kiss.”

Karen’s lips touched Roberta’s.  She instinctively closed her eyes as their mouths met. Her wet pucker engulfed Roberta’s mouth for what was probably a few seconds but seemed like weeks to Karen.  She wondered if she should break contact. Have I touched her hard enough?  She opened her eyes and blinked. 

“Okay, now you have to extricate yourself,” GG instructed.

Extricate myself? Karen wondered what GG meant then realized Roberta was holding her arms.  She backed her mouth away from Roberta’s, the saliva stretching in a shimmering line between their lips.  Roberta wasn’t moving at all, she was totally immobilized!  Karen let go of Roberta’s arms and tried to slip out of Roberta’s grasp.  Ducking under the frozen girl’s arms, she left Roberta frozen and embracing an invisible lover.

“Excellent,” GG clapped with Suzie.  “Just remember you only have five minutes so you have to make the most of your time.  Traditionally agents have used freezestick as an item of last resort, as it has the shortest immobility time for any of our gadgets.  But you won’t believe how handy it is to have it.”

Karen stared at the paralyzed Roberta.  She actually looked quite lovely as a living sculpture.  “Can we tip her over too?” Karen asked.

“Sure why though?” Suzie asked.  She helped Karen lower Roberta to the ground.  It looked a little funny to see the woman with her arms up straight and holding nothing between.

“No reason, just curious to see what I looked like,” Karen smiled.

“With Roberta out for a little bit, let’s move on, shall we?” GG took out a bottle of STIFF.  She handed it over to Karen.  “To use this properly, aim directly at the subject’s flesh, preferably the face between the nose and the mouth as that’s where it’s absorbed more rapidly.”

“I guess that’s my cue,” Suzie backed away and lunged at Karen.

“OH!” Karen sprayed the perfume directly at Suzie.  The ‘attacker’ froze stiffly into place and fell over, still immobilized in her lunging position.  “Oh no!” Karen looked distraught, as the statue-like Suzie lay rigid on the floor.  “Is she okay?”

“She’s fine,” GG reassured Karen.  “Come on, let’s get her up on her…foot,” GG and Karen bent down.  GG took hold of Suzie’s ankle and Karen took hold of Suzie’s shoulders.  They held the frozen woman, her arms still outstretched out in her attempt to strike Karen but now aiming at nothing now that Karen and GG were standing at Suzie’s side.

“She feels…stiffer,” Karen observed.

“You’re right.  STIFF is much more potent than freezestick.” GG waved her hand in front of Suzie’s unblinking face.  “She isn’t even aware of what we’re doing.  She’s totally out.”

“So she’s in stasis, like with the…RIGID devices?” Karen wondered how potent those statuefying dildos were.

“Not exactly, but similar,” GG tried to explain.  “Suzie’s state is much more like being tranquilized rather than being in a pure stasis form.  Her bodily functions are pretty much normal, just slowed down a little and a whole lot of muscular inhibition.  When you use a RIGID you are practically a statue.  Your life functions are imperceptible, practically nonexistent.”

“That sounds a little scary,” Karen admitted.

“It’s not.  It’s been tested for years, it’s totally safe.” GG calmed Karen’s fears.  “In fact after you use one a few times its like second nature, you don’t even think about it.”

“It feels great,” Roberta commented as she sat up from the floor.  “I think you forgot all about me down here.”

“Sorry,” GG apologized.  “We have our hands full with Suzie, she’s a little unstable.”  GG motioned by letting go and Suzie wobbled over before GG caught her.

“I’ve been saying that for years,” Roberta commented.  “Do you remember her invention last year?  Insta-freeze coffee?  It took weeks to create a cure to unfreeze poor Wendy!”

“Well, not all inventions end up having practical uses,” GG lamented.  “What are offering you are tried and true, proven by the book, and reliable 100%.”

“That’s good to know,” Karen looked at the statue-like Suzie and wondered what kind of mind it took to be dedicated totally to making freeze related gadgets.  “Um, regarding the RIGIDs,” she didn’t know of any delicate way to go about asking.

“Don’t worry, we have a private room all set up for you to test fit.  In fact after we’re done here we can go over and get you fitted.”

“That would be fine,” Karen tried to rein in her enthusiasm but inwardly she was exploding with anticipation.

GG went through all the other, more normal, items in the field kit: Lockpicks, mini computer, listening devices, safe cracker, and skeleton keys.  These items were more familiar to Karen and she left the session for a meal in the commissary with an appointment for a RIGID fitting at 1900 hour.

The meal was brisk, Karen had to admit the food was definitely better than her previous jobs’ though.  A few agents came over to introduce themselves to her. She was starting to feel overwhelmed, being the new girl and having everybody keeping tabs on her.  She barely touched her meal, despite its deliciousness.  Thinking about the RIGID device, being inside her and stiffening her into a living statue…

Soon her appointment was at hand.  She could feel her palms grow sweaty with nervousness as she opened the door.  Inside was what looked like a doctor’s examination room.  An exam table on one side and a tray of RIGID devices on a shiny metal tray sat on the metal cart.

“Welcome, all ready for the big event?” GG smiled at Karen.  “Don’t worry, its painless.  In fact, most everybody thinks it’s rather…pleasurable.”

Karen sat down on the table.  She looked at the tray of RIGIDs.  They all looked so…big.  She wondered how one could possibly fit inside her…

“If you could disrobe we can get started,” GG pulled the privacy curtain.  It was done more to reassure the new agents, so that they could get assimilated to being naked in the field.  Most agents were so comfortable with nudity that it took special effort for them to come to work dressed.  It just felt so natural for them to be without clothing.

Karen slipped out of her skirt.  She unbuttoned her blouse and slipped her shoes off.  Her bra and pantyhose came off next.  And finally her panties dropped to the tile floor.  She opened the curtain and stood totally naked before GG.

GG was unfazed, but inside she applauded the scout whom had ‘discovered’ Karen.  She had a firm, curvy, sensuous body.  It would look magnificent encased within a statue veneer form.  GG took one look, sized up Karen and selected the first vibrator-sized RIGID off the tray.  “I think this will fit well.  Why don’t you give it a try.”

Karen reached out and noticed her hand was trembling!  She willed her hand to stop shuddering as she took the long cold metal cylinder in her palm.

“It’s okay to be a little nervous,” GG smiled.  “You may want to warm it up in your palms before inserting the first time, they tend to be a little cold.  Though you will learn in the field that it sometimes is necessary to insert immediately so you should get some practice eventually with a cold one.”

“It sure feels…big,” Karen rubbed the metal tube in her hands briskly.  She blushed as she realized what she said and the phallic-looking device didn’t help any.  “Dial end down?”

“Yes, you want to make sure the curved round end goes in first so that you can reach in and adjust the dial as needed.  Don’t worry about settings right now, we just want to make sure it feels comfortable inside you.”

Karen, sitting on the exam table, opened her legs, revealing her pink pubic lips.  Her labia swollen with…anticipation?  The touch of the metal RIGID against her parting vagina.  “Oooh,” Karen unconsiously moaned.  “It’s so…big…” she gasped, somewhat embarrassed as she slowly slid it up and inside her pussy.  She could feel her clitoris grow aroused from the long sliding object penetrating her.  She took a quick couple of breaths as the RIGID disappeared into the folds of her closing sex.  “It…fits…” she said with some uncertainty as she stood up.

“Walk around a little, make sure it feels okay,” GG encouraged.  I still have the touch and can still pick em, she thought to herself.

“Is feeling like I’m about to faint from an orgasm normal?” Karen asked with some humor.  She was really, however, feeling quite hot, even horny.

“It’s something you’ll get used to,” GG explained.  “But it is one of the fringe benefits.” She smiled knowingly.

“I can’t believe I’ll ever get used to…this…” Karen shuddered as if the RIGID was bottling up all her eroticism inside her.

“Now that you have the RIGID in position,” GG held up a second RIGID.  “You need to familiarize yourself with the settings and how to access them by touch only since you may not have the flexability, timewise, in removing and setting the device.  Speed is of the essence; remember there’s a delay after you activate the device to enable you to get into the proper position before the paralyzing effect is activated.  You’ll have virtually no time to reinsert and set the device.  The null, off setting is marked with the triangular arrow embossed at the bottom of the dial.  You should be able to find it with no difficulty.”

Karen reached inside her pussy with two fingers.  She strained to not succumb to the erotic feelings as she probed with her fingertips to find the demarcation on the RIGID inside her.  “I…I think…I’ve found it…”

“Now, the dial turns counter clockwise to set the duration of your stasis.  Don’t worry, the unit you’ve got inside you is a tester so there’s no chance you’ll freeze yourself for a year.”

Small worry, Karen thought.  There’s a lot of pressure off my back.

“The first horizontal mark on the edge to the left of the triangle mark is the fifteen minute freeze.  A good setting for avoiding pesky security guards on their rounds or when you need to disappear into the woodwork quick.”  GG watched with some amusement as Karen fingered her ripened pussy, searching for the setting dial markings.

“I…ooh…think…ahhh…I’ve…got it,” Karen passionately declared.

“Good, now turn the dial at the bottom of the RIGID to that first mark,” GG instructed.

“Ohhh…kay,” Karen managed to twist the dial so that the notch in the dial lined up with the first mark on the RIGID.  “Now what?”

“Now you have about…15 seconds to get into a pose before you’re frozen into stasis,” GG said drily.

“Okay, WHAT?” Karen was startled by that revelation.  “Is this for real?” she asked alarmed.

“About 10 seconds now,” GG was looking at her watch.

“I…what do I do now?” Karen waved her hands around in panic.  “You di-” her stricken voice stopped midstream.  Her body was instantly rigid.  Karen’s arms were out in the air like she was trying to fly like a bird. Her long legs were awkwardly splayed, knees turned in.  Her torso was leaning to one side, thrusting her hips out.  Her facial expression was a mixture of bewilderment and surprise at being frozen stiff.

“Subject appears to have taken to RIGID procedure well,” GG grasped Karen’s wrist and squeezed.  Karen’s skin felt quite hard and stiff.  GG rapped her knuckles against Karen’s left tit.  The breast didn’t wobble or shake at all. Instead, GG found her knuckle striking what felt like plastic. Grasping it in her palm, GG noted the texture of Karen’s bare breast was more like a marble than the ripe fruit it resembled.  “Ok, let’s move her onto the body scanner.”

The door opened and two female lab assistants came in and gently grasped Karen around her waist and hips and lifted the frozen woman up and off the ground.  Carefully turning her horizontal so that she faced the floor, they carried the living statue to what looked like a half cylinder booth.  Almost like a futuristic shower stall.  Turning the immobile Karen upright again, the lab techs delicately put Karen back on her frozen feet and squarely in the grid-lined booth. 

“Subject’s vital signs virtually undetectable but stable,” GG was making notations based on scans from the data being sent back via the RIGID.  “Stasis level consistent throughout body.  Are we ready to scan?”

“Ready,” another tech from behind a console gave the thumbs-up.

“Initiate bodyscan,” GG ordered.

The tech pressed a few buttons and the lights dimmed.  Karen’s rigid body inside the booth began to glow from illuminating scanning beams that moved up and down the length of her frozen form.  Her body was bathed by harmless laser beams that criss-crossed across her skin like a topographical map. The floor she was standing on began to turn slowly, allowing the scanners to measure and record every square millimeter of Karen’s body like she was some sort of precious sculpture.  “Scan 50% complete…60% complete…” the console tech reported in a steady tone.

GG looked at her watch.  Karen’s stationary display was due to expire in a few minutes.  “90% complete…Scan completed,” the tech reported.  “Begin SHELLAC coating,” GG ordered.  Mechanical arms descended from the ceiling and began to spray into the booth that Karen was standing in.  The arms moved up and down, spraying the chemical evenly across Karen’s nude body as she gently turned around via a turntable in the bottom of the booth.  Karen’s hair fluttering in the air as the nozzles sprayed caused GG to make a note on her electronic pad to provide agent Melody with an aerosol SHELLAC canister to complete the job and get an all-over coating for every strand of hair.  That was the most problematic area  to achieve the complete illusion that an agent had been camouflaged as a statue.  If they let their hair grow too long and forgot to get regular treatments in the beauty lab they could literally end up looking like statues with dark roots.  And there was the bottom of Karen’s feet too, which could be touched up in the beauty spa where agents could receive anything from a pedicure to a full body waxing, literally. The mechanical arms finished their spray job and retracted into the ceiling, leaving Karen motionless as the turntable halted its slow spin.

Karen stood sparkling like a mannequin dipped in liquid vinyl.  After a few seconds the coating dried, losing its shiny luster and blending in with Karen’s skin.  The lights in the room snapped on to full illumination again and GG waited for the moment when Karen would come to life again.  “Three…two…one…”

“Mmmm,” Karen stretched out of her frozen pose like she was performing slow motion yoga moves. “That was actually kind of…relaxing…” she purred.

“Excellent, you have no adverse effects from the treatment at all,” GG complimented.  “The SHELLAC spray we sprayed you with will allow you to be camouflaged as a statue.  “Give it a try,” GG offered.

“Okay,” Karen smiled as she reached between her legs and into her sex.  She turned the dial to the first mark and withdrew her fingers.  “Now I have a pose…” She stood with her weight on one foot, balancing herself with the other leg behind her as counterweight.  She leaned with one arm outstretched high into the air, the other horizontal, aiding her balance.  She arched her back, letting her breasts point up and froze.  Then she froze literally as the RIGID inside her activated in conjunction with the SHELLAC that coated Karen’s body and turned her into a replica marble statue.

Rendered white from head to toe, Karen was now indistinguishable from a real marble statue.  Every square inch of her body, except the sole of the foot she had raised in the air, was alabaster white.  Even her eyes were glazed over in the camouflage coat.  GG walked around her newest STATUE agent, admiring the pose and checking for flaws, spots the sprayers had missed.  “She’s a natural,” GG declared.


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