Warning: the following involves subjects of a mature nature and should only be read by a mature audience.

The following is an original story inspired by the illustrations of Sebastian.  It is the copy writed property of Theodoric of York and should not be posted without is permission.

The illustrations are to copy writed property of Sebastian and should not be posted without his permission.  His website can be reached at http://bastianmage.com.  More of his illustrations can be seen there.  I urge you to check it out.

Girl Stools

by Theodoric of York

She was absolutely disgusted by the display.  It was a series of rubber effigies of nude girls; face up, almost in fetal positions.  Their knees were spayed out wide showing off their neither regions.  Sue had no doubt that her boy friend could slip in cock into any one of their cunts or assholes.  They were called Girl Stools in that they did resemble toadstools or mushrooms and stools of the more conventional nature.  Her boy friend had already plopped himself down on top of one and was screwing his ass into her yielding torso.  Her round, erect breast squeezed down to accommodate him.  He pressed his back against her upright head and used it somewhat like a back of a chair.  He exclaimed, “This is wonderful.  It is surprisingly comfortable.  You should try it honey!”

“I will not!” Suzy exclaimed!  “It is perverted and obscene!  If you buy that thing our relationship is over.

He exclaimed, “Suzy be reasonable!”  But she had already stormed out of the store.

The store manager said, “I have been told by many satisfied customers that once they acquire girl stools they no longer had need of girl friends!”

The boy friend answered, “I could believe that!”  He paused and asked, “By the way whatever happened to that pretty young sales clerk that was in here the last time I was in here!”

The elderly wife of the proprietor of the store emerged from the fiction, carrying a tray of hot, freshly baked cookies.  The plump, elderly woman answered, “She has taken a new position.  Why do you ask?”

“She must have become a model for you, right?” he asked as he slid off the girl stool he was currently occupying.  He paused and sighed.  He said, “Well I better get Suzy.”  His voice dripped with disappointment.

The wife, in her Scottish accent, suggested, “Take your time.  I will go talk to her.  I am sure things will be all right.  You will see!  Why don’t you stay here and continue to check out the merchandise!”

“You think?” he asked uncertainly.  But his mind was already filled with lust for the Girl Stool that so resembled the Sales clerk he had met just a fortnight ago.  They had flirted at the time but nothing came of it.   But he had not been able to get her out of his mind.  Down deep he knew that was why he had dragged Suzy out to the out of the way gallery in the middle of nowhere was the hope that he might meet her again.

As he approached the sculpture he could not help but admire the detail of the piece, the areolas of her clearly erect nipples to the needful look of the expression frozen on her face.  Her lips were parted jus slightly in lust and desire.

The proprietor walked up next to him and suggested in a low voice, “Go ahead, and try her out.  We are both men here.”

The Boy Friend gulped and asked, “You mean….”

The portly man answered, in his Texan draw, “Yes, fuck her.  I think you will find her quite accommodating to your touch.”

The young man asked, “But Suzy and your wife, they will be back any minute now.”

“I wouldn’t worry about them.  I will be quite al long time before your girl friend comes back, if at all.  As to my wife, she understands such matters.  If not why would she create them this way.”

The young man asked, mesmerized by the sculpture invitingly displayed in front of him, “Your wife is the sculpture?”

The proprietor gently maneuvered the man between the widely splayed hips of the Sales Clerk.  He said, “Something like that.  Lets just say I could not do it without her.  We are a team.  The young man felt himself unzipping his fly and pressing his erect cock again the yielding rubber mons to the effigy in front of him.  As her pressed his member into her tight, grasping silky soft channel all thoughts of Suzy left his mind.

The portly, old woman caught up with Suzy while the latter was talking on her cell phone.  The girl was saying, “Are you sure you can find the place.  It is really out in nowhere.”  She paused, “Yea, thank god for map searches.”  There was another pause and Suzy said, “Yes, I am sure.  It is over between the two of us.  Just pick me up, ok?”  She paused for a moment again and said, “Look, I got to go!”

Then she noticed someone coming up in her peripheral vision.  She turned around, startled and then became visibly relaxed.  “Oh, its you.  I am sorry.  I did not get your name?”

The portly old woman answered, “It’s Faye.  I believe your name is Suzy?”

Looking at this kindly, portly old woman, the very stereotype of a kindly grandmother, Suzy could not help but smile.  She answered, embarrassed, “Look I am sorry I made a scene in there, but those things, they are so… so….”

Faye answered, “I know, they are captivating, aren’t they?”

“Captivating is not the word I would use, more like lewd or obscene.”

“I think of them as flowers, beautiful and open.  All that flowers have to give the world is their beauty and all they ask in return is to be allowed to have a wondering being to settle in their embrace and pollinate them.”

Suzy answered, “They are… disturbing!”

“Dear, flowers are not disturbing.  They are natural.  Why don’t you come inside and take a closer look.  You will see what I mean.  They just want to be loved.  Just allow yourself to lose your inhibitions.”

“You speak of them as if they are alive!”

“Of course they are not alive.  They are just rubber objects.  But objects can have soles if you allow them to.  I must confess I am somewhat envious of them.  You are young and still attractive.  I am now old now and cannot wonder what it would be like to be immortal like that, forever young and forever giving.”

Suzy answered, “You make such a fate to be almost tempting!  But I am sorry I find them degrading and obscene.  I would never allow myself to caught in a pose like that.”

Faye answered, “You are still young.  Maybe experience will change your mind.”

They walked together for a few minutes.  Then Suzy suddenly noticed that the gallery or the road was nowhere to be found.  Instead they seemed have walked into some sort of enchanted forest.  She gasped, “Is this yours?  It’s beautiful!”

Faye answered, “Yes my dear.  This is my special garden.  I do not allow many people to see it!”

Suzy answered, “Wow!  Those mushrooms cannot be real.  They are so big!”

They are my pride and joy.  A lot of myself went into making them.  Why don’t you take a closer look?”

Suzy crept closer to one, cautiously examining it.  It was large and red, with a green stem.  She cautiously poked it, fearing that she might damage it.  It proved surprisingly resilient to her probe, contracting to the pressure of her finger.  It felt like rubber, but extremely soft and inviting to the touch.  She exclaimed, “It is not real.  It is rubber, isn’t it?  I knew that a mushroom could not grow that big!”

I assure you that it is quite real.  But it is quite tough.  You could even sit on it and you would not harm it.  Go ahead, give it a try!”

Suzy generally turned around and knelt down above it.  “Are you sure it would be all right?”

Faye answered, “Oh ahead.  I think that you will find that the two of you were made for each other.”

Suzy pressed her but against the surface of the mushroom.  It was soft, luxurious and inviting.  She found herself sinking further as the mushroom contracted under her weight.  Suzy Exclaimed, “Wow.  These are what you should be selling, not those obscene girl stools of yours.”

Faye answered, “Actually we do, but I think you will find that we have found a way combine the best of both!”

Suddenly Suzy let out a yelp as she found herself sinking into the mushroom.  The liquefied mushroom seemed to have developed a mind of its own as encircled her and held her.  She started to struggle, attempting to comprehend what was going on.  She cried out, “Faye, help me!”

Faye answered, “But I am helping you.”

Suzy began to curse a blue streak as she felt her clothing being removed.  She screamed that this must be some kind of joke.  Her boy friend must have put them up for this.  When she got out they would all go to jail.  Faye merely walked around the struggling girl and pick up scraps of Suzy’s coverings.  Soon though she was done and started to walk away to leave the last moments of the girl in peace.

Suzy swore that she would get out of this.  They were not going to turn her into some sort of perverted girl stool.  Faye shook her head.  Why were these humans so predictable?  Why did they so often resist their fate?  Take the Sales Clerk for instance.  She had been so nice and accommodating up until the point that she was caught herself.  She did not demand to be released.  She merely begged and whimpered, as if that was going to change her fate.

Now she accommodated each of the thrusts of the human that she had flirted with not so long ago.  Each time her soft thighs and feet accommodated her pelvis as he drove his fingers into her soft, round breasts.  This was not the first time he had squirted into her.  He gasped in ecstasy, ”I have got to have her!”

Theo propitiator answered, “And so you shell!  Shall I ring up a sale?”

The young man gasped, “YES!  For god’s sake, yes!” He gave the elderly man his charge card.  In about a minute the card was handed back, along with a receipt for him to sign.  He laid the receipt on the girl stool’s breast and applied his signature.  Then the young man asked, “Do I own her?  Do I really own her?”

Faye walked into the room and said, “Yes you do.  Shall we wrap her up or delivery or will you be talking her with you?”

Looking at Fay, he suddenly asked, “How’s Suzy?”

“She’s all right.  She is out back.  I believe she made arrangements for someone named Rini to pick her up.  I am afraid that she says that it is over between the two of you.”

He answered, “No.  No, I just want to alone with my girl stool.  I guess I will be taking her with me.”  With that thoughts of Suzy slipped his mind.

By this time Suzy’s torso was wrapped in the mushroom’s film.  It stuck to her like a second skin. Only her mons remained free of the sticky substance, and it was working up her arms, legs and head.  She gritted her teeth as she continued her struggles but the coating continued to make progress up her arms and legs, engulfing them like they did her body.

            She screamed for someone, anyone to help her.

            Meanwhile her former boy friend looked up.  The three of them were packing his girl stool into the trunk of his car.  Faye asked, “Is there something wrong, Dear?”

He answered, “I thought I heard something.  Are you sure that Suzy is all right?”

            Fay answered, “I am sure she is.  I will go back and check.  You can come with me or wait around if you would like.”

            He thought about it, looked down a his girl stool, waiting needful for his touch, and said, “Fuck her, my Rita is a much better fuck anyhow.”

            “Rita, is that her name?”

            The young man asked, “I guess so.  That is what I am calling her.  Is it all right?”

            Faye answered, “Of course it is all right, Dear.  She belongs to you now.  You can do with her anything you want.”

The young man answered, “I can, can’t I.  All I want to do with her is take he home with me.”

            Suzy had found herself forced into a fetal position, resting on the stem.  Her arms had been forced behind her.  The only part of her body still not covered by the mushroom substance was her face and she could feel tendrils of the substance working up her cheeks.

            Faye waved as she watched the young man drive off with his prize.  Her husband had already walked back into the Gallery.  There was much still to do, mainly wiping all evidence of Suzy’s existence from government files.  He typed at his computer, chuckling at the feeble attempts the humans made to keep him from their files.  Within an hour as far as the various state, local, and federal governments were concerned Suzy had ceased to exist.

The substance had covered Suzy’s nose.  Only her eyes and mouth were uncovered and the substance was encroaching on her mouth.  Her knees were beginning to be forced apart.  Still she struggled against her fate.  She had to hold out until somebody found her.

            A sleek sports car drove up.  Faye, sitting in a rocking chair, in the front of the gallery waived at the occupant.  Faye studied her as she got out.  She was a pretty young thing, with fine curves, hips and breasts.  She would make a fine Girl Stool.  She called out.  “You must be Rini.  Suzy is waiting for you out back.”

            Rini asked, “And you are?”

            “Where are my manners?  My name is Faye.  My husband and I run this establishment.  Would you like to look around?

            Rini asked as they walked into the building, “How is Suzy.  Is she taking it well?”

            Fay answered, “I am afraid not.  She seems quite angry and frustrated.  But given time I am sure she will find that the change is quite for the best.”

            Suddenly Rini gasped, “Cool!”

            Fay asked, “What dear?”

            “Your sculptures are cool!  They are so sexy and neat.  Do you suppose that that I might be able to pose for one?”

            “So you like them, do you?” asked Fay.

            Rini shuttered when she ran her hand over one of them. “Are they for sale.  How much do they cost?”

            “They are quite expensive, but we can arrange a payment plan.  Perhaps we can make some sort of arrangement with you modeling for us.

            Rini answered, “Cool!”

            By now all the fight had been drained from Suzy. She was being positioned into her final pose.  Only her eyes were uncovered as she stared out in mute exhaustion and defeat.  She realized that it was only a manner of time now.  Already she could feel the substance seeping into her body, altering the tissue, turning it soft and rubbery. 

She could hear a pair of people coming closer.  In her exhausted, addled mind She realized that one of them was her friend, Rini.  All she could do was weep in despair, realizing that her friend was most probably going to share her fate. 

Fay said, “One of the models is over here.”

Rini asked, “Is she alright?”

Fay assured her, “Of course she is. You can not imagine how long we have been doing this.”

“She doesn’t seem very happy.”

“At this stage of the process they often aren’t.  Often I don’t think they realize what they are getting into.  But it will soon be over and I think she will be quite satisfied with the result.  They always are.  I have never heard a peep of complaint when it is all over.”

She paused and then asked,  “Would you like to sit down and wait for Suzy.  She will be ready before you know it.”

Rini happily sat down on a mushroom as she studied the model.  She was beginning to get hot stinking what it might be like to be restrained like that.  Sudden she quizzically asked, “Suzy, is that you?”

The Mushroom exploded around her. Suzy watched as her surprised and frightened friend was engulfed and slowly forced into the girl stool position.  Suzy watched in a mixture of meek despair and fascination, as she was her friend being morphed into a girl stool.

By the time Fay returned to the Gallery Her husband was already removing all trace that Rini ever excised.  Soon they were breaking the car down into its component parts.  By the next morning all trace of it’s existence was gone too. 

The pair of them walked down to the garden.  The pair of new girl stools was waiting for them.  The process of converting them from human to rubber furniture had been completed.  All that was left to do was to harvest them.  Soon Suzy was pulled from the ground.  She was carried to the back of the gallery.  In minutes Rini joined her. They were cleaned and polished.  By noon two new girl stools had been placed on display, waiting to be sold.

Suzy’s former boy friend called the gallery.  He was not concerned about the fate of Suzy.  He merely was asking if it was possible to find the name or address of the sales clerk.  He seemed quite taken with her.  Sadly he was informed that the sales clerk was no longer with them.  Someone had made an offer that she had found impossible to turn down.  Unfortunately she had left no forwarding address.

The dejected young man was beginning to realize just how a great of a purchase he had made.  His Charge card had been maxed out and he would be working two jobs to make the payments on his girl stool.  He dare not miss a payment lest his girl stool be repossessed.  The object was rapidly becoming the most treasured thing in his life.

Meanwhile Suzy waited patiently for her turn to be sold.  A few days later Rini was carted away by a proud new owner and a pair of hitchhikers joined the display.  Over time an interested customer would try out Suzy.  She loved to be fucked or fondled.  But every time the customer would pick another girl stool to leave with.  Other girl stools would replace them.  They were mostly runaways and hitchhikers but an occasional customer, sales rep. or call girl who had come into the gallery to with an appointment would be added to the display.

One day a pair of women made love on top of Suzy.  They seemed quite taken with the girl stool.  Suzy had a good feeling about this pair.  She was sure that they would be the ones that would make a home for her.  But by the next day the pair of them had joined the display beside Suzy.  A few days later one of them was sold to a frat house, where she would serve generation after generation of collage students.  Many of the students would show up to acquire their own girl stools.

Another day a couple was checking out Suzy.  He seemed quite taken with her.  She was not.  At last she gave the ultimatum.  Either it was going to be this girl stool or her.  She stormed out of the gallery.  Before Fay could reach her, her boy friend did so and the couple drove off together.

Fay watched dejectly, having missed another opportunity to bless another girl with immortality.  Her husband cautioned her that perhaps it was for the better; the couple did seem to be very much in love.

Fay comment that these foolish humans would give so much for an emotion as delicate as love.  Her husband commented it did not prove true love that he would be back.  She pointed out that he would probably be alone.  She would probably grow old in her fragile body in either case.    She would have made a fine Girl Stool too. 

Suzy did not care.  Such matters were of little concern to her.  She was a girl stool, immortal, open and giving.  Some day she would be acquired used, and loved.  When her master would die she would be find herself in possession of another master through generation after generation, always loving, always giving.


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