The Girl Gallery - part3

by Dreamwriter

 A couple of weeks after Angela's disappearance Mike is at church talking with Jenny, a pretty young girl who has competed as a synchronized swimmer in the past.

 Mike asks her if she would like to go to his house his house to watch the ball game and grill some dinner. Jenny says she would love to. Afterwards they leave in Mike's car for a drive to his house.

 Arriving at his house, Jenny was in awe how nice it was. Once inside they went to the room with the big screen television. "Please make yourself at home, I'll get some wine," Mike said, returning in a few minutes with a bottle of merlot and a couple of glasses. "Here we are." Mike gives Jenny a glass and pours some wine into it, then some into his; they clink glasses.

 "Mmm," Jenny says, showing her approval to the wine. They watch the ball game, sipping some more wine. Jenny has two glasses worth. Jenny does not know her glass was coated with a special substance.

 Sitting on the couch close to each other, Jenny starts to feel warm all over. She starts to play footsies, rubbing her feet along Mike's lower legs. Mike likes that feeling; her silky pantyhose rubbing against his skin is giving Mike a hard on.   Mike asks Jenny if she would like to go the spa by the pool.

"Yes," she replies. They hold each other walking toward the jacuzzi. Mike and Jenny embrace in a deep kiss. He unzips her dress and she unbuttons his shirt. Sliding her dress and getting his shirt off, Jenny is soon standing wearing only a lacy bra and matching thong panty. Her cream colored pantyhose shining in the sun.  Mike takes off his pants and boxers. Jenny undoes her bra as Mike kneels in front of her sliding his hands into her hose. Sliding them down her beautiful legs, her nicely trimmed pubic hair smells fragrant. Mike kisses the area above her pubes. Now both are naked; they slip into the warm water. They begin to make love in the water.

 After about a half hour of love making, Mike tells Jenny that he is so glad that came home with him. "Jenny, in a few minutes you should get odd feeling in your body" Mike tells her.

 "What do you mean"?

 "I coated your wine glass with a special solution that not only makes you especially horny but will transform you, too," Mike told her.

 "What do you mean?" Jenny asks, trying to leave the water.

 As Mike got out of the water, he explains, "Jenny you will find that you can't and don't want to get of the water."

 "Why, what do you mean?!"

 "You are about to start a metamorphic change into a mermaid. I picked you for this because of your love of swimming. You will be so lovely, too bad I can't really share this with everybody.   Jenny, your legs will become fused together and from the waist down some scales will cover the skin and a tail will form where your feet are. The whole process will take about twelve hours; it's already started. You will be cared for."



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