A Good Job is Hard to Find -- Golden Surprise

by LivingStatue

This is the third chapter of a continuing story; you can read the beginning here, or the previous chapter. Ed.

Theresa passed through the weeks as if in a waking-dream. In the beginning, she had tried to track the days, but each tended to blend into the next. Thus far, she had been enjoying her captive state. Her arrival at the estate was greeted with a multitude of lavish parties. Strangers’ hands roamed over her marbleized body and she was a very popular topic of conversation. Guests marveled at her beauty and her lifelike presence. If they only knew how lifelike.

Tom had been right when he promised that time would pass quickly. Whenever she was alone though, she missed him terribly. Eventually someone would come along and brush their hand down her thigh or across her sleek, alabaster stomach, and she would be overpowered by the erotic sensations that would surge through her body. Her mind would once again shatter with ecstasy.

Today, was special though, she could feel it the moment she awoke. There was an excitement in the air. Theresa could feel a presence in the room with her. She could feel air swirl around her as she found herself in the midst of a flurry of activity.

Lizzie gently polished her marbleized skin. Theresa adored the warm tingling sensation spreading throughout her transformed body. The maid sang softly to herself as she moved the cloth in slow circular motions across the surface of Theresa’s smooth alabaster body. Starting with her beautifully chiseled white hair and moving over her face, Lizzie gently polished her way down Theresa’s neck and over her shoulders. Moving down each arm, across her luscious ample breasts, Lizze’s eyes roamed the curvaceous sculpture while she worked her way down over Theresa's flat stomach to the cold white mound of her sex. Theresa shivered inside, as the tingling sensations intensified with each soft stroke of the cloth.

Lizzie continued to work downward over Theresa’s thighs. She stopped suddenly and rubbed her thumb gently over the inside of Theresa’s right thigh. Presumably, she had found a smudge or a speck of dirt. Theresa sensed the maid dropping to her knees to get a better look at the blemish. Then she felt Lizzie’s breath blow gently on her thigh and Lizzie’s hand brush away the debris. The stimulating sensations of Lizzie’s breath and touch sent Theresa over the edge. Her marbleized skin was alive with electricity. Waves of pleasure began flowing through her body, reverberating like ripples in a still pond.

Theresa slept until mid-afternoon. When she awoke, she was being moved on a hand truck through the huge mansion. Theresa was not surprised; she was moved daily to different parts of the mansion merely on her "owner’s" whim. She had been placed on her side, propped against a soft blanket that protected her from bumping or jarring. Nearing the front door, she felt someone lift the bottom of the hand truck and she was carried down the front steps.

The sun shone down brightly caressing her alabaster skin. Occasionally during her stay, Theresa had been brought out to the garden while her "owner" enjoyed the afternoon sun.

This time she was not being taken to the garden. Instead, Theresa was lifted into the back of a truck and gently laid down on her side against the padded floor. More padding was placed around her prone form. Someone closed and locked the doors. Theresa felt an unexplainable chill run through her frozen body as total darkness engulfed her. As the truck began to move, Theresa realized that she was completely alone. That thought left Theresa with uncontrollable feelings of terror. She had no idea where she was going or who was taking her. She could sense several men around her, but no one that she recognized.

Panic took over, filling her with wild thoughts. ‘Will I ever see Tom again? What if the client had decided to move her to one of his other houses? What if he sold her to someone else? He is just a client, right? He can’t really sell me, can he? She needed Tom.

Finally, after what had seemed to be hours, but in actuality had only been a few minutes, the truck slowed and then parked. Theresa sensed that they had reached their destination— wherever that may be. She sensed people moving closer to her. The doors of the truck were yanked open suddenly and once again she was bathed in light.

The padding around her was removed and Theresa was once again on the hand truck. She was rolled up a ramp and into a room that felt familiar. Her panic dissipated as she sensed that she was home, in Tom’s studio.

The instant that Tom entered the room Theresa felt his presence. He moved closer to her until she could feel him standing right next to her. Tom gently brushed his hand down her smooth, hard check and she felt a surge of pure electricity shoot through her body. She was home!

Tom gave instructions to the men that brought her, then touched her raised right hand giving it a reassuring squeeze. The men moved Theresa back out into the alley and up the stairs to the apartment.

They wheeled her through the living room and down the hall to the master bedroom. The men placed her near the bay window where the light of day could play off her gorgeous marble skin. Then they quietly disappeared and she was alone again.

Meanwhile Tom was downstairs showing potential new clients around the gallery. He was distracted just knowing that she was upstairs. Theresa would transform soon and he grew more and more anxious at the thought of missing it.

The Landers were the couple he was showing around the gallery. They had just finished building an upscale mall in the area. One of Tom’s clients had highly recommended they contact him. They had decided that they wanted more uniformity for their mall. They did not want any of their stores to ship old, broken, or damaged mannequins from another store location. The Landers wanted to supply all the mannequins for the stores.

Tom had convinced them to go with a contract that allowed them to rent mannequins and statues and trade them out monthly. That way, their customers would come back merely for curiosity’s sake, to see what new displays were set up, if for no other reason. This would be especially effective if they changed out their statues placed at the center fountain and lining the corridors. This would be sure to guarantee a continual flow of customers.

In fact, they have been so impressed, they decided to go with a 5-year starting contract. At the moment they were laboring over his catalogs trying to decide which mannequins would best suit their stores. He couldn’t concentrate any more, not with Theresa upstairs. He gave them the rest of his catalogs; including several statue ones. He figured that would keep them busy for awhile. Tom excused himself and walked back toward his studio. Once inside, he raced across the room, out the door, and leapt up the stairs two at a time. His hands were shaking as he opened the door.

Tom leapt over the couch as he took a "shortcut" through the living room to the bedroom. Tom jumped on the bed and nearly toppled Theresa in his anxiety to reach her. Tom covered Theresa’s frozen face with kisses. His lips moved over her cool marbleized flesh.

He stepped back and gazed at her. She is the most exquisite statue he had ever had the pleasure of creating. The white orbs of her eyes stared blankly through him, but he was sure she felt him. He lowered is eyes from her vacant stare and focused on her hard smooth mouth, lips slightly parted in that sensual smile and finally moved down to her softly chiseled chin. She had a look of utter rapture. His eyes traveled up her raised right arm and then back down across her perfectly etched shoulder blades to the small indentation of her throat. He continued down to the silky white globes of her breasts with the rock hard pebbles of her nipples. His gaze moved over her taunt stomach, past the tiny divot of her belly button, down to the apex of her legs. He ran his hand over the cool mound and kissed her hard little mouth.

Tom walked behind Theresa and planted a kiss on top of the stiffened left hand pointing gracefully out behind her. His hand ran up the length of her left leg frozen, captured, high behind her. Tom gently brushed his lips across the milky surface of her arched foot. The pose had worked perfectly. There she stood before him; his beautifully sculpted ballerina trapped in an elegant dancer's leap.

After touching every inch of her body, Tom realized that he had to go back downstairs. The last thing in the world he wanted to do at that moment was to leave. Her transformation would begin anytime now. Tom couldn’t stand the thought that he would miss it! He was glad he had taken pictures of her before her assignment began. He had three rolls of her in his gallery and two more rolls that he had taken at the mansion. Unfortunately, that was going to have to satisfy him this time.

Tom was about to leave when he realized that there was a way to watch the transformation and go back to his clients. The epiphany had struck him like lightening! Tom went to his darkroom to get his equipment. Tom’s mind raced with the thought of Theresa’s impending transformation. He would be able to witness the process after all! He was so hard he could barely walk!

He dragged camcorders, tripods, and time-lapse cameras— everything he could think of into the bedroom. He set up four camcorders on tripods in a circle around Theresa. Next, Tom set up three time-lapse cameras around her. He placed one in front of her, one behind her, and the third was set off to her left side.

Tom had angled both of the camcorders so that Theresa’s image would be captured— reflecting in the mirror hung on the door to the master bath. He prayed that he did not get the cameras in the reflection as well. Tom had moved Theresa and the cameras several times until he was sure that everything was in an optimal position.

Finally, Tom set up one last time-lapse camera. This one he would hook up to his computer. This camera would take continuous pictures recording every detail of the magnificent event downloading the images to his computer instantaneously. This was going to be truly intense. If it worked, he would be able to enjoy watching her even when she was out on assignment. This would be much better than a few pictures in an album!

Tom scribbled a quick note explaining that he would be back as soon as possible and headed back downstairs.

Theresa had wanted desperately to reach out and touch Tom as he had caressed and kissed her. She wanted him so badly. She had struggled to speak even though she knew her frozen vocal cords would not let her express the desire that she felt. She was trapped in her sweetly torturing blissful state with no chance of early escape. Theresa knew that she would be released soon enough. Then she would again long for her captive state once more.

When Tom had pulled away from her Theresa wondered why he would leave now. Suddenly there was a flurry of activity around her. Tom had moved her several times. What was he doing? Then, abruptly he was gone again. This time he did not return.

While Tom was downstairs working with his clients, Theresa sensed a change in her body. The process was beginning. She could sense the low humming again, just as she had when she had become a statue. The process was working in reverse this time. She could feel the tingling sensation as it began to slowly change her hair and face. Her facial muscles began to relax and the smoothness became more textured. The humming grew more intense with each passing moment. Her gorgeous hair became softer and the white became darker. First turning gray, then charcoal, and finally returning to soft ebony waves that flowed down over her sleek ivory back and splashed over the milky whiteness of her shoulders. Strands brushed across her still rigid breasts creating a tickling sensation on her marbleized flesh.

Theresa could feel her eyes and ears as they simultaneously transformed. The vacant white orbs slowly transformed. Her sight was coming back to her. She could see the apartment and video cameras around her as if a light gauze covered her eyes. With each passing moment the gauze seemed to lift from her eyes and the world around her grew clearer, sharper. Meanwhile, the folds of her ears had softened and she began to hear sound again, not just sense them, but really hear them. The humming was comforting almost soothing.

Her white, stiffened, glossy lips softened and turned a light shade of pink. Theresa rubbed her lips together and ran her now soft tongue over them. She stretched her lips into a small ‘o’, then slowly began to relax them again. She had lost that seductive pout that had adorned her face for the last six weeks.

She could feel the transformation as it spread further down through her body. She watched herself in the mirror that hung on the bathroom door in quiet fascination. Her body continued its loud hum and the beautiful white marble lost its sheen becoming dull and gray before returning to ordinary flesh. Down her neck and across her shoulder blades to her arms. She watched as her outstretched right arm changed and felt her left arm changing behind her. Soon her arms could no longer maintain their poised positions, and she relaxed them by her sides.

Theresa loved the idea of Tom watching her through the cameras. She decided that she was going to have fun with this transformation whether he was actually here or not.

Theresa stiffly raised her hands and ran them over her still hardened breasts. She pinched the marble of her nipples. An electrifying charge shot through her as she caressed and massaged herself. She began to moan in ecstasy.

She spread her hands out and ran them down her stomach to her petrified pussy. She stared at the camera placed in front of her and began to rub the hardened mound. Wave after wave of pleasure shot through her body. Theresa threw her head back; her eyes rolled back and her whole body trembled with orgasm. She continued to rub the transforming fleshy knot between her legs even as the transformation continued to move down her body. The humming increased in intensity and volume, it had nearly reached its pinnacle.

Theresa reveled in the comforting sound as her legs and feet began to transform. First her thighs, then her calves and finally her petite feet took on the soft pink hue of ordinary flesh.

When every part of her body had returned to normal she stiffly stepped from her pedestal and walked to the camera directly in front of her. She looked directly into the camera; her eyes were closed slightly, still heavy with desire. In a soft sultry voice she cooed into the camera. "Oh God, Tom, that felt so good. I want you so much. I can still feel you touching me, just thinking about it makes me want to cum." She blew a quick kiss to the camera and walked past it into the bathroom.

Theresa wasn’t sure when Tom would be back. She stiffly moved through the bathroom to the roman tub. What she needed right now was a relaxing hot bath. As the tub filled, Theresa gathered up lotions, soaps, and perfumes. The plant shelve above the tub had several candles in addition to the plants, Theresa lit the candles and drew back the curtain on the window to watch the sunset. She turned on the spa jets and climbed in.

Theresa settled back in the tub and let the steamy bubbling water flow over her body. She slid further down into the swirling water as she relaxed. Theresa had almost fallen asleep when she remembered that she had not turned off the cameras. She was about to climb out of the tub when she heard Tom’s key in the door. She settled back. Tom would turn them off.

Tom once again ran into the bedroom. The cameras were still in place, but the pedestal Theresa had been on was empty. He heard the bubbling jets of the tub and saw the soft flickering glow of the candles.

Tom went to Theresa and kissed her passionately. Theresa’s arms came up around his neck pulling him closer to her. She looked so beautiful he never wanted to let her go. Tom reached into the bubbling water and lifted her wet body from the tub. Their lips remained locked as he made his way out to the bed.

Tom carried Theresa to the bed. Immediately, Theresa began tearing at Tom’s wet clothes. She was desperate to feel his naked body against her own. When he was finally freed from the confines of the clothes Tom laid down next to Theresa.

They continued kissing each other. Both of their hands were exploring each other’s body. Tom brushed Theresa’s hair away from her shoulder and planted a kiss there. He cupped her heaving breasts in his hands and sucked on their rock hard nipples. Theresa threw her head back and moaned over and over again. Her hands ran up and down the length of his back. Her nails were gently scratching at his skin. Tom continued to caress her breasts as he moved down her stomach leaving a hot trail of kisses along the way. He plants a soft kiss on the hot flesh of her mound.

Theresa thrusts her pelvis toward him. Tom moved up and kissed her hard on the mouth once more. Theresa let go of his back and ran her hands down his chest and grasped his huge, rock hard cock in her petite hand. She began to pump him. Theresa’s hand stroked him gently at first, then hard and harder until Tom began to moan. His hand reached down between her legs and he began to rub the tiny kernel of her clitoris. He could feel the heat radiating from her now dripping wet pussy.

Tom could not wait any longer. He rolled on top of Theresa and plunged his huge penis into her eager pussy. He drove himself deep inside of her. Tom pumped her with long hard thrusts as Theresa ground her hips against him. Theresa’s long, lovely legs were clamped tightly around Tom’s waist.

Theresa began to moan again. Tom thrust harder and harder into her. Theresa’s moans continued to grow louder and more intense. Tom grabbed Theresa’s right leg and quickly turned Theresa onto her stomach. Now he was taking her from behind. Tom was using the headboard as leverage to slam his cock harder into Theresa.

Theresa’s hot, wet pussy clenched tightly at Tom as she exploded with orgasm. Tom shot hot spurts of cum into Theresa over and over again cuming with low guttural grunts. Finally they untangled their bodies and lay there panting with exhaustion.

"Welcome home." Tom said between gasps of air.

Theresa smiled and laughed "Now that’s the kind of welcome any woman would love to have!"

They lay there for a few minutes when the phone began to ring. Tom rolled over to the nightstand and picked it up.

"Hello, Sterling Agency." Tom said, being careful to sound businesslike. "Oh, hello Mr. Landers. How are you? Did you make any decsions? Uh huh. Okay. Fifteen minutes? Fine. I’ll see you then." Tom hung up.

"Who was that?" Theresa asked.

"That was Mr. Landers. He and his wife just built a new mall. They are good friends with the owner of McCafie’s Department Store. He recommended that they contact me regarding mannequins for their stores. I was showing them the gallery and some catalogs. I spent a long time with them discussing their options. That is why I wasn’t here for your transition. I managed to sign them to a 5-year exclusive contract," Tom replied.

"You did? That’s great! When does it open? Can I be one of the mannequins?" Theresa said excitedly.

"Slow down, slow down!" Tom laughed. Wait, there is more good news. Not only did they agree to a 5-year contract, but they also agreed to change out the mannequins on a monthly basis. Additionally, they chose to rent statues for the corridors and fountain area, which they are also planning on changing out every other month. You can be both if you really want."

"Oh my God! That’s great. I can’t wait; this is going to be so much fun! Hey, you are going to need to get more models too!" Theresa responded.

"I guess I am going to really have to step up advertising, huh? I have plenty of models to fill the mall for the first couple of months, but you are right, I will need to get more," Tom said. "I have to get dressed and meet the Landers' downstairs. I promise that I will be back soon."

Tom dressed quickly. He sat down on the bed and brushed Theresa’s hair back from her face and kissed her forehead. "Why don’t you take a little nap while I’m gone? Or you could watch some television. I promise I will be back as soon as I can."

Tom left and Theresa lay back down on the bed. Her mind was racing. She had so many ideas for the mall. She couldn’t wait to help Tom. She had to keep her mind off of the project or she would never be able to relax.

Theresa’s eyes wondered around the room as she settled back on the bed. Her gaze rested on the dresser. Theresa thought about the present that Tom had given her after her first assignment. He had put it there, in the top drawer of the dresser. She recalled his deep resonant voice. Don’t put it on now, lets save it for a special night, okay? I want everything to be perfect. Theresa had reluctantly agreed to wait for Tom to decide the time was right.

Theresa climbed off the oversized king size bed and walked over to the dresser. She opened the top drawer. There it was the small box with the silver angel wrapping paper folded neatly next to it. The silver ribbon had been retied around the box. Theresa took the box from the drawer and climbed back onto the bed. She had sat there staring at the box for a few minutes. She knew that Tom had wanted her to wait for the "right" moment, but he wouldn’t know if she tried it on for just a second, right? She planned to put it back exactly the way she found it. Theresa hesitated for a moment, thinking about the night Tom had given her the necklace. He gave her the gift just after her first assignment. At the time, Theresa was still trying to comprehend the fact that she had actually become a mannequin. In fact she had not believed Tom’s story until he had shown her the pictures he had taken of her. She had traced her finger over the image of herself as a mannequin. Theresa had looked absolutely fabulous.

Theresa snapped out of her reverie and decided that if nothing else, she had to at least see the necklace. She untied the ribbon and lifted off the top of the box. She folded back the tissue paper and there it was. It was the most precious gift she had ever received. Theresa lifted the necklace from the box.  The light in the room reflected off the delicate gold chain and the small blue stones in the center of the two linked hearts. Theresa was overwhelmed. She moved to the middle of the bed and sat there staring at this gorgeous token that Tom had given her.  After a short time, she laid the necklace back in the box and started to fold the tissue paper back over it but changed her mind. Theresa had to see what it looked like on her. She twisted her hair up and secured it into a bun. Then she took the necklace back out of the box and unclasped it.

Theresa put the necklace around her neck and rehooked the clasp. She felt the coolness of the gold metal as it pressed against her neck. Theresa lifted the hearts away from her skin to look at the colorful gems. As she moved the necklace she felt a magnetic pull urging her to drop the necklace back to her skin. Theresa then untwisted her hair and let it fall loosely down her back. Theresa then began to crawl across the bed toward the mirror on the bathroom door.

Theresa had almost reached the far side of the bed. She was mesmerized by her own reflection. Her eyes were wide and riveted to the mirror. She couldn’t tear them away, even if she wanted to. Theresa raised her right hand to her neck and touched one of the hearts. When she tried to put her hand down to crawl closer to the mirror, she was shocked to find herself immobilized. Not only was she unable to pull her hand away, but she was unable to move any part of her body.

Then she heard it. Quietly at first like a mosquito then slightly louder— a buzzing sound filled her ears. A bolt of electricity shot through her body and a bright light began to fill the room. Theresa realized that the light filling the room was being emitted from her body!

Tom’s recalled voice echoed in her head ‘Don’t put it on now, let’s save it for a special night’. Oh God, now I know why he wanted me to wait! Tom was definitely going to find out she had tried on the necklace.

The blinding bright light was coming from Theresa’s stomach. She could feel a warm tingling sensation spreading out from her tummy up toward her breasts and down toward her sex. She could feel the sensation in the small of her back. The humming continued to grow with greater intensity and the warmth spread through her body. Theresa’s flesh began to darken and take on a yellowish tint. The warmth spread further up and over Theresa’s breasts. The heat of the transformation consumed her sex causing an intense throbbing. A soft moan escaped Theresa’s frozen lips. The humming that filled Theresa’s ears seemed to be throbbing in sync with the throbbing of her sex. Theresa was heading toward an amazing orgasm; she could feel it coming.

The flesh that had already begun its transformation continued to darken until the yellow coloring had changed to gold. She could feel a heaviness in the center of her body. Theresa’s heart rate slowed until it was nearly imperceptible. Her breathing became shallow. Theresa had anticipated the slowing of both her heart and lungs. She knew that in just a few seconds both would cease to function entirely as they hardened inside of her. She was right, no sooner had she thought about it, than her heart quietly beat one last time and a last breath of air was held in of her lungs.

The cold metal continued to assimilate more and more of Theresa’s body. It spread down over her buttocks and thighs heading toward her feet quickly. The loud humming continued to fill her ears as the process continued up Theresa’s neck, stiffening her vocal cords.  The transformation worked its way down over her knees, down each calf and covered the top and bottom of each foot. The creases that were naturally etched into the flesh of the arches of her feet were now prominently displayed in the bright substance of her newly emerging form.

Theresa’s face became a work of golden art chiseled to perfection. Even though the folds of her ears had stiffened into the heavy metal she could still hear the humming within herself. Theresa’s eyes continued to see even though they had transformed into vacant golden orbs. Her mouth was captured in a surprised ‘o’ shape expressing her shock and surprise when she had discovered the truth behind the gift she had been given. The only remnants of her natural form were beginning their own transformation. Theresa’s long ebony hair changed quickly from long dark flowing waves into beautiful etched golden locks. Simultaneously each of Theresa’s tiny toes changed to complete her transformation.

The heat that had spread through her body had grown hotter and hotter coursing through her body until the heat itself transformed into waves of white-hot electricity. Theresa was overwhelmed by the shockwaves shooting through her. Theresa came with an intensity she had never known before. Had she been able to move her body would have shaken uncontrollably with her desire. She was trapped in a never-ending climax.

Slowly the humming sound subsided and a quiet calm filled the room.

Downstairs in the gallery Tom was just finishing his meeting with the Landers. They had returned the catalogs and brought a layout of the mall with them. They had been so impressed with all of his "merchandise" that they were unable to make any real decisions. Instead they had marked the layout of the mall with where they would like to have statues and window mannequins displayed. Tom would have to meet with each of the store managers to discuss the placement of the mannequins inside of the stores. Some of the managers had expressed an interest in possibly displaying statues inside their stores as well. Tom was ecstatic. Aaron Landers had decided that he would be willing to offer Tom a bonus of $10,000 a month to choose the appropriate pieces for them in addition to the rental costs of each of the statues and mannequins. Tom had readily agreed to the offer. Additionally, Tom agreed to meet the Landers at the mall tomorrow morning to do a walk-through. The mall would open in less than two weeks. It was already Wednesday; this did not allow Tom much time to contact all of the girls and get them ready for display. He was going to have to work around the clock to finish on time.

Once again Tom walked the Landers to the door and locked up behind them. God, they could have given me some notice! Tom thought to himself. He would have to begin making calls immediately. Tom rolled his eyes toward the ceiling. He hated to do this to Theresa. He had planned to give her two weeks off. He had even made arrangements for them to take a short trip, but all that would have to wait for another time.

Tom walked slowly through the gallery to his studio. He stopped for a moment and sighed deeply. I just wanted a few days with her, His shoulders dropped as he continued out the back and up the stairs.

When Tom entered the apartment he assumed that Theresa had opted to sleep because it was so quiet. No television. No sound. Then he stepped into the bedroom.

There she was on the bed, turned to solid gold, with the exception of the two blue sapphires that were imbedded just below her neck! He was shocked at the sight of her on the bed and relieved that the bed had managed to handle the weight of the gold. In fact, it seemed to work better than he had planned. It was a good thing he had reinforced the bed weeks ago in anticipation of making her his golden goddess.

The expression on her face made him laugh. He dropped to his knees trying to regain his composure.

Tom’s sides ached from his sudden unexpected bout of laughter. He stopped and stared at Theresa, she was absolutely breathtaking! He was genuinely surprised that she had tried the necklace on after he had asked her not too. He was not angry, just surprised.

Tom stepped over to the far side of the room near the bathroom to get a better angle on her metallic form. Upon further inspection he realized that she had managed to harden in a great pose. Tom surmised that Theresa had been crawling across the bed toward the mirror to get a closer look at her necklace. Tom chuckled as he looked at her shocked face, he wondered if she would be so bold the next time he gave her a special gift.

The pose was extraordinary! Theresa’s head was held high and slightly back. The golden orbs of her eyes were locked vacantly on the mirror. Her neck was arched and her shoulders were pulled back. Her glorious breasts were thrust forward and her right hand touched her neck where the necklace had been.

Theresa’s left hand rested on the bed slightly forward of her body. Her back was arched and her round smooth buttocks were high behind her. Theresa’s right leg was forward of her left, bent at the knee with her foot perfectly aligned behind it. Her toes were close together and pointed directly back toward the dresser. Her left leg was also bent at the knee but the lower half was raised high off the bed with the foot arched toward the ceiling.

God, she was even lovelier than the last time she had transformed. He hadn’t even thought that was possible. He really wished he had been there to see this! Tom’s pants tightened as his eyes continued to roam over her prone form.

Tom heard a low hum in the room and a rhythmic clicking sound. He knew that it wasn’t from the transformation. He started to walk back to the other side of the room when he swung back around. The cameras!

He had never turned off the cameras! He was elated at the thought that he had captured all of the day’s events on film.

Tom quickly strode to each of the video cameras and ejected the tapes. There was little chance that they had captured this second transformation. Tom was equally certain that the cameras had run out of film by now and he wasn’t sure how much they had captured. Then he remembered the time-lapse camera he had hooked up to the computer. He knew that the time-lapse camera had captured the entire process because the pictures were directly imported into the computer. Tom was excited that he would have a record of what had transpired while he was gone, but was disappointed that he would have a limited view of the activities.

Tom brought the film to his darkroom and began to process the film. Next he brought the videotapes into the living room and rewound them. He would have to worry about the computer and time-lapse camera later.

Tom went back into the bedroom. He knew that Theresa would still be able to hear him and he promised her that she would be the main attraction at the mall when it opened. She would literally be his crown jewel. Tom leaned over her and kissed her hard, cool forehead and gently caressed her smooth check. In the morning he would have her moved down to the gallery.

Tom knew he had work to do and he should begin immediately, but he had to take care of some personal business first before he exploded. Tom settled onto the couch and pressed play on the remote control for his VCR. He spent the next couple of hours watching Theresa’s first transform of the day over and over again. He paused and rewound to his favorite spot. He loved the look on her face as she realized that she was being filmed. It was at that point that she began to perform for the camera, for him. Every emotion she felt was expressed in her face and each movement of her changing body. It was all for him.

Now it was time for Tom to do some work. Tom grabbed his address book and the phone. He began to make the necessary calls for this next assignment. This would be the most exquisite display he ever created. He dialed the first number on the list. "Hi Kass, its Tom. How does your schedule look for the next month? I’ve got a great offer for you.  No, it's easy; you don't even have to lift a finger…"

To be continued…

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