The Good Witch

by Paul Jutras


     Larry loved books on magic and witches especially. He wished he really had magical powers so that he could get what he always wanted most... a female body. As he put down the latest book in a series of boys and girls going to school to learn to be proper witches and warlocks, he let out a sigh. He knew just what he wanted to be for Halloween.

     As he went back to his book; however, there came a large banging. It was as if a kick was suddenly kicked opened and a gunshot like flash passed his eyes. Larry got up from his chair and pulled the banging shutters closed and locked them tightly while lighting flashed from the storm outside. As he returned to his book, he heard his mother's footsteps moving about upstairs and several bangs. "Must be putting clothes away," he thought.

    The next  morning he dressed in a blue crew neck top; jeans, and white sneaker. Grabbing  his wallet, he headed for the car. Soon Larry was at the mall's new costume shop. He remember that just the day before the mall space was filled with used cars. That the costume shop only opened in the mall every October for four weeks only.

    "Can I help you?" A man wearing a pointed hat and wizard robes smiled from behind a service counter.  Larry had stopped dead in his tracks. He had read so many Spells R Us stories on the net he glance around for the name of the store He even remember a Spell R Us photo story about a woman who bought a donkey costume from the store. She sat on a box and slipped the costume on one piece at a time. Then the seams fused shut trapping her as a donkey forever.  He quickly stepped out in the hall between mall stores, but the only words written were COSTUMES FOR SALE.

     "I'm looking for a witches costume," Larry said timidly. He couldn't help blushing.

     "Ah, yes." The man said as he stepped from behind the counter. "Come this way."

      The wizard took Larry to a rack of hats and picked up a grape pointed hair with golden frills and a night scene on it. "Merlin himself would be honored to wear such a hat."

      "I didn't say I wanted to be a witch." Larry said, glad he was the only one in the shop. "I said I wanted to be a witch."

    "Oh," The wizard said as he stepped pass a rack of masks. Larry recognized one as Chucky from the Child Play movies and another being Michael Myers from the Halloween movies.  He followed the wizard to some other hats, where he produced a large black pointed hat with a purple belt around it. "Is this what you're looking for?"

     "That's it," Larry said looking at the pairs of Halloween pantyhose. There was red fishnet and a pair of orange with the images of bats and black cats on the legs. So many types it was hard for Larry to pick just one.  "How about the dress?"

      "This should do." The wizard said as he glanced at the I Dream of Jeanie costume on the wall and the balletina and harem outfits in the racks of costumes. "But I got something better than the hose you're planning on choosing if you want to be a true witch."

     "What's that?" Larry asked as the wizard pulled a special can from behind the counter.

     "Liquid hose." The wizard said. Spray it on and you're instantly got ankle, knee-high, thigh high, pantyhose or a bodysuit."

     "That's stupid." Larry said. "You can't spray real nylon onto your body."

     "Tell you what I'll do," The wizard said. "You buy the hat; boot, dress, wand and everything else you need, and I'll throw in the spray for free."

      Larry couldn't pass on a deal like that. As he went past the Frankenstein monster and Xena costumes, he gathered the items he needed to complete the costume and purchased them. He then returned home to an empty house. Figured his mom was at one of those make up parties he always wish to attend.

     "Let's see how this works." Larry said as he looked at the can's directions.





     "Here goes." Larry said as he sat on the edge of the bed and started at the toes and worked his way up. His foot took on an almost mesh appearance right way. When he sprayed his crotch, he penis wanted to go erect. An almost invisible cotton panel seemed to prevent it.  He made sure to do ever inch of himself from head to toe before laying in bed.

      As he laid their his body felt funny all over. Sort of like when you go away to a hotel and use one of those vibrating beds. It seemed to rock him to sleep. As he slept, his penis retracted into his crotch to form a vagina. His breasts swelled up to a pair of B cup globes and his hair extended down about a newly made and lovely face.

    "Wake up, Larry." He  shook himself awake. He found himself back in the costume shop with his arms against his sides. He couldn't move at all.

     "I'm.. I'm..." Larry stuttered in inner silence.

     "A real girl like you always wished, my sweet Lesley." The wizard said  the name so that Larry would understand that it was his now.

      Seeing the clock, he wanted to jump off his stand and get into something more than the bra and panties he now had on. "I'm going to be late for the party."

     "That's not going to happen." The wizard said with a grin. "You've missed the party. It was months ago."

    "Months." Lesley thought, a bit afraid. "If I was in a coma for months wouldn't I'd of awoken in a hospital and not in a shop? Why can't I move."

     "You're not just paralyzed," the wizard replied. "The spray you used turned your skin to plastic as it changed you into a girl. I then of course had to kill your mother of course. Everyone been  looking for a kidnapped boy, not a mannequin girl."

      Lesley knew she would be ageless forever and celebrate every  holiday in the correct costume.  She now watched as the wizard dressed her in a Mrs. Santa Claus outfit and knew what time of year it must now be. All she could do was whimper silently to herself as invisible years ran down her plastic cheeks while the wizard finished dressing her and closed for the night.



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