Girls Under Glass ( The Professors Secret...) 1

by Zapped!



     On one rainy Tuesday afternoon, two former college roommates get together to catch up on years past. Now middle-aged and well off, the two sit surrounded by hordes of books in a cozy office at a well known university. The drinks flow as the long time friends discuss paths taken throughout their careers, as well as their future plans.

     One man, Professor Claussen , is well respected in his profession (although most of his colleagues regard him as being rather eccentric in his ways). The professor  spends most of his free time perusing flea markets; searching through eBay ; making appearances at art galleries and is often locked in his basement working feverishly on meaningless inventions . As a result, Claussen has never married, but is rather well known for his often rumored affairs with his impressionable female students. On occasion, he invites students and staff members over to his secluded home in the suburbs for summer pool parties and barbecues. But outside of these occasional events and the expected alumni dinners, Claussen pretty much keeps to himself.

     The other man, a Mr. Fonda , owns several successful fashion businesses and has been known to dabble in local politics. His  greatest success however, is his 25 year marriage to his beautiful wife Kathy Lee and their two resulting daughters.

      The two eventually begin to reminisce of their wild days in college and speak of the sorority girls they de-flowered in an old bomb shelter underneath Claussen’s parents nearby home.

       Mr. Fonda downs a shot-glass of bourbon, shakes off the mild sting then laughs as he leans back in an over-stuffed leather chair........

       Yeah, after all these years... I still can’t forget the look on your face that morning after Beth Paige finally caved.... man, I thought you’d never come out of it! And then you followed her around like a little puppy dog for months afterward .... Beth Paige in your parents bomb-shelter; I’ll be damned!” Fonda leans even farther back, crossing his leg with a huge grin.

     Claussen smiles back from across his desk, then looks off through a nearby window and reflects,Yeah, I never did get over Beth... but I own the house now. The house and all the junk my father left behind in the basement!”

     Fonda, now shaking his head in amazement eyes over the many chemical and mechanical engineering books shelved  throughout  the room, then continues on the Beth subject. Yeah, I always thought you two would get hitched right after college. So, whatever happened to her anyway?”

     Ah...I heard she got married and had a kid... after we graduated; I guess I kind of lost track of her too”, Claussen quickly changes the subject. So how about you.... Everything working out between you and Kathy Lee?”

    Fonda replies heartily, Oh yeah,...yeah Kathy is a good kid...still keeps me on my toes. With having the kids things kind of slacked off there for couple of years... but hey that happens with everybody.... nothing plastic surgery couldn’t fix, if ya’ know what I mean!” The businessman continues to laugh for a bit (all the while Claussen looks back unamused), then he leans forward and takes on a more serious tone. Now Jack,  this brings me to the other reason why I’m here.  As you know.. my oldest daughter Bridget.. well she’s all grown up now, and I can’t keep track of her every minute. When we talked her into going to this school, it was because I knew she’d be in good hands....”

     As Fonda continues to carry on about the virtue of his daughter, Claussen begins to drift off to the days when he had a major crush on Fonda’s wife Kathy Lee (back then his roommate's steady girlfriend). The professor distinctly remembers the first time he saw Kathy in her Nancy Sinatra Go-Go get-up on campus.... the way her perfect hourglass figure looked in that glued on dress, the back hem just barely covering her precious behind, with her knee-high boots and fishnet stockings... Claussen couldn’t help but express his feelings towards the girl. However Kathy repeatedly brushed him off until the day came that she could take it no longer. To avoid ruining the two males' friendship, she instead went to Claussen’s then-steady girlfriend Beth and told her about the problem. Beth had always been suspicious and doubtful of Claussen’s faithfulness, and soon after ended their long term relationship by dating other guys. Claussen continues to daydream about Kathy and her sexy outfit... ( “hot-dam, those huge breasts looked like two torpedoes... they must have stretched the fabric of every top she owned !”)

         “JACK...JACK!!.. Are you with me here or what?”..shouts Fonda, “I mean if some frat-house horn- dog gets his paws on my little girl.... the shi...”

          OKAY... SETTLE DOWN... this is an institution of learning please,” says Claussen as he leans over, settling his elbows on the desktop. Now look. I’ll try to keep an eye on her.  Sooner or later you're going to have to let go buddy... I mean what is she, seventeen or eighteen now? Trust me, she’ll be in good hands.”

            Fonda eases up a then laughs a bit ..“ You know, you're right Jack. She is growing up so fast. Sometimes.... sometimes I just whish I could freeze her in time you know!”

            Claussen laughs too... as he feels a sudden stirring in his pants. “Yeah, wouldn’t that be something....”

             Fonda looks down at his watch, then gets up out of his chair and extends his hand out to his old friend. Well hey.... I have businesses to run, and I’m sure you have to get things ready for the fall semester.  Maybe I’ll have to bring the girls over sometime for a barbecue. Hell, maybe Kathy and I can sneak away into that bomb-shelter for a quickie for old-times sake!”

            Claussen shakes his head. “Ah... no. Actually, I had that thing  filled in years ago. But the in-ground pool is still there, up and running. You guys can come over and use it anytime. And  thanks again for stopping by Pete..... AND DON’T  WORRY ABOUT BRIDGET! She’ll be fine.... Now get going. I have a meeting with the board of directors in less than twenty minutes.”

        Claussen watches his old friend disappear down the hall, then goes back to his desk and picks up a picture Fonda has left of his daughter.... “Well now Bridget... you absolutely do resemble your mother.... and I certainly will keep an eye on you, my darling..”


SEVERAL MONTHS LATER..................

    Claussen, being true to his word, has kept a very close eye on his former college buddy Pete Fonda’s eldest daughter. In fact Bridget is in Claussen’s 2pm. Chemical engineering class,  is very attentive and is usually seated in the first row. The two have built a close student/teacher relationship, and have even gone so far as to joke about the fact that they both continue to be single.

      Bridget teeters back and forth,  innocently holding her backpack full of books in front of her. She looks up doe-eyed at her teacher flashing an inviting smile  You know what?... I think I know what your problem is Professor Claussen. You like to keep your options open and that’s probably why you wont ever get married.”

     Claussen is surprised by the comment. Yet he can’t help but be charming around the flirtatious young girl, with her mid-neck length dirty blonde hair, crystal clear blue eyes and tall lean body. Claussen soon thinks to himself (Hell.. .this is the typical girl-next-door most young guys lust after... as well as this single and horny, fifty-ish old-man!)

      Claussen jokingly shouts back... KEEP MY OPTIONS OPEN?.... AND WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, YOUNG LADY!

      Bridget playfully grabs the old mans arm, then rolls her eyes.“OH PLEASE!!... I see the way all these young girls come flocking to you... you could have your pick!”

     “And you’re not?” Questions the old man.

     “Not what?” The young woman returns.

      “Not another part of the flock around me?” Stings the old man.

     Dejected, the girl looks away, then quietly says “MMM..right... I see your point. So I must be just another part of the flock. Well if you don’t want to be bothered...”

     Claussen quickly reacts with “No... now, nonsense. I was just kidding you. In fact, to prove it, I was thinking... well why don’t you stop by sometime. You can use the game-room; the pool is still open; my fridge is always stocked ... whatever you would like. Come on, it will be a good time... what do you say?”

     The girl acts somewhat unsure at first, questioning “Wait..are you serious?... Your house?!”

    “Yes, I am very serious!... just don’t tell everybody... I don’t need a bunch of wild animals wrecking the place!” warns the old man.

     “Actually, that would be great!  But, would it be ok if I bring some company?” asks the young girl, (then noting a slight look of disappointment, on the old man's face). “I was thinking maybe,  I could bring  Maria along.”

     “Wait; do  you mean that Latino girl that sits next to you in class? No, no way can I have two gorgeous girls running around in bikinis at my house. What would my neighbors think?” the old guy suddenly feels movement in his shorts once again....

     “Well for one, I usually wear a one-piece and for two, who cares what your neighbors might think?... So, I’ll stop by Saturday, around noon-ish?”  The young girl asks while adjusting the man’s tie to seal the deal.

    Blushing slightly, Claussen tries to keep his cool..Ah, yes. Yes, Saturday, noon-ish will be just fine . Again, just be sure you keep it to yourself, ok?”

Bridget  then playfully pulls her hair back over her ear out of habit and begins to walk away while thinking to herself (“I just know he’s checking out my butt!”)  Half giggling, Bridget yells back “See you then, Professor.”


     That following Saturday, a fire red GEO Tracker winds its way up Pine Hollow Road just before noon.......

     “Did you say 119?....116.... (somebody yells 117 from the front of the tracker)... 118......119, RIGHT HERE! DAMN GIRLFRIEND, YOU GONNA MISS IT!”, yells a light skinned black woman from the back seat. That girl is Beyonce, who is one of  Bridget’s friends from back in high school. She is in town on break and visiting for the weekend until she herself  has to return back to college. “Girl, this is a nice spread!  Now, did you say how old this guy was?”

     Bridget brings the jeep to a rolling stop, shuts off the blaring stereo, then turns to her friend in the back seat. Ok..promise you wont laugh.... well I’m not sure exactly how old... but I know he went to college with my dad, so late fifties, or sixty maybe?”

     “Say what?... Sixty?...Damn girl! This poor guy will have a heart attack seeing us walking around half naked!.. So, just how well do you know this mystery man?asks Beyonce sarcastically.

Just then a very tanned Latino girl turns around in  the passenger seat and in broken English speaks out “Ewww!.... but for real, home-girl follows this old guy aroun’ like it’s puppy love or sumpting’... you should see ha’. It’s like she’s mad crazy fa’ him!”

     “Damn, that’s too crazy Bridget!.. You need to get yo’ self a college boy... not some Viagra poppin’ daddy who...” Beyonce is quickly cut off  by her agitated friend.

     “OK, OK,... LISTEN! I think he is really sweet, so PLEASE, don’t embarrass me! Bridget pleads. “Besides, Maria and I have him for class, plus my dad knows him, so I know he isn’t going to pull anything.

     Maria adds in, “Actually... girls go crazy fo’ him. Bridget, who was dat`girl, you know dat` little Asian one who got sent back?”

    Bridget reflects for a few seconds in silence,Oh, you must be thinking of Swan. She was an exchange student. She wasn’t sent back... I think she was just homesick.”

     “Anyway, she was all ga-ga fo’ him. And there have been other girls  following him around too,says the young Latino, now hefting her beach bag over her shoulder.  “It’s like he’s some Don Juan or sum ting`.”

     The trio unload their gear and make way around to the back of the house. They stop and stare in awe at the custom made in-ground pool in front of them. The whole entire pool area is surrounded by well-groomed foliage and appears to be very private.

     Claussen is inside making last minute preparations and peeking back and forth through the blinds, when  he spots the two girls... no wait three! So there’s three of them here.... this should be good!” The professor sets one of his father’s old cameras down that he’s been tinkering with all week, then walks out to meet the girls.


    Hey there Professor Clausen!”says Bridget with enthusiasm. “This is my old friend Beyonce . The two of us went to the same highschool together .Of course you already know Maria.”

      Claussen quickly pans up and down the exotic brown beauty, thinking to himself: (“hot damn; she’s all legs!”) “Ah yes, Beyonce.... a very unusual name, yet unique.... very much like yourself.” (...With a nod and taking the girls hand). “It is truly a pleasure, my darling. And Maria, you’ve built up quite a tan! Very, ah... lovely, yes. Well hey, please make yourselves at home. There is a ton of food in the fridge, and ah, plenty of drinks.”

     “Oh no thanks Mr.Clausen,” says Beyonce coyly. “But I definitely could use a swim though.”

      Then Bridget speaks up. Yeah... not too much barbecue wise in this group, professor. They are always watching their weight. In fact Beyonce works out twice a week at the gym... like she really needs it!”

    “Ah yes... yes I see that. Right. Well have at it ladies.” Claussen then pulls up a patio chair. “So, Bridget my dear, I’m very glad to see you could make it. And your friends are quite... ah..quite enchanting. So...ah, oh so how do you think things are going in class? Do you feel that you're falling behind any?”asks the seemingly distracted man.

     As the two carry on, Claussen looks back just in time to see Beyonce jump off of the diving board  into the pool, and catches a glimpse of Maria out of the corner of his watchful eye. The bronze bodied Latino climbs out of her black nylon jogging pants, then pulls off her t-shirt to reveal two magnificent tanned globes covered by a barely-there, black bikini top. The slightly petite but well stacked girl turns and heads for the pool as she displays her floss-like thong.

     Claussen’s member begins stirring in his pants as the distracted professor blurts out, there are a lot of adjustments to make during your freshman year. I do feel you’ll get the hang....” Claussen stops himself in mid sentence as he turns away from the pool to see Bridget folding her clothes while standing in a rather conservative white one piece bathing suit. The girl now bending over, then spreads out her towel as her suit creeps slightly up her behind.  Yes, Ah..well if you’ll excuse me for a moment... I was in the middle of something before you lovely ladies showed up. But I will be back shortly. ( Claussen then heads back towards the house rather hurriedly.)

      Beyonce whistles from the pool to get Bridget’s attention, then silently mouths the words “HE’S - A- TOTAL - DORK !”

      Bridget waves her arm off in disgust and softly says “Be nice and please don’t embarrass me!”


     .......about an half an hour passes by as the two girls are still in the pool playing Marco Polo while Claussen attempts to entertain Bridget...(even though the girl seems to be fast losing interest as her teacher’s eyes continually wander off towards the pool.) 

     Finally the girls have had enough of the pool and Maria climbs out first. Her wet feet pitter-pater across the concrete to where Bridget and the professor are sitting. Bending over, she pulls a dry towel from her beach bag. Claussen glances over quickly and  enjoys a birds-eye view of the young Latino's ample cleavage. Maria, now wringing out her long raven black hair, looks up and catches the professor peeking and flashes a quick smile. She then wraps a towel around her head to dry, and thinks to herself (“That dirty old man. He only wishes he knew what I had under here.”) She glances at his crotch and would swear he had a bulging erection!

      Beyonce is next. She  grabs the ladder and pulls herself out of the pool. Her tight and very wet body glistens in the mid-day sun, as the scene very much resembles the famous pool scene from Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Knowing that she has everybody’s full attention, she slowly walks over to her friend’s table, grabs another towel and wipes herself down.

     Say Mr. Claussen, could I possibly use your bathroom to freshen up? The young black woman asks, flashing her brightest smile.

     Certainly. It’s just inside the patio door and to the left.” replies Claussen.

       The professor catches a quick glimpse of  Beyonce picking out her wedgie as Maria’s little wet feet patter close behind.........

       Claussen shakes his head and says while almost chuckling: Those are some very lovely friends you have there Bridget. I would have to imagine you three get a lot of attention when you're out on the town.”

      The young blonde pulls off her shades and playfully smiles. Yeah...they are quite a handful.  And once they have a few drinks in them... look out! Beyonce gets most of the attention... I don’t think there is a single thing that girl has ever wanted that she hasn’t gotten. Guys pretty much go crazy for Maria as well.  But Maria is probably a little more street-wise... but that’s only because she’s had to earn everything she has. Maria’s parents split up a long time ago, and she had to work her ass off to get to college. That’s why she’s working at HOOTERS... you know, to pay for school.”

     “Wow, you have to respect that.” replies Claussen. “And the Hooters Girl thing... who would have ever guessed? Of course Maria always did come across as a spunky kind of girl.” ( The professor jumps up rather unexpectedly). “Speaking of which, I better see if they found everything. Do you need anything from the fridge, darling?”

    “Nope... I’m fine, thank you.” Bridget looks up and the old guy is already gone from view. She shakes her head and laughs as she eases back into the patio chair to take in some more sun....

     Claussen enters the game room to hear his home stereo now re-tuned and blasting that dreaded club music. Maria stands holding a cordless phone as her wet body slowly grooves to the music. The professor reaches out and touches the girl's elbow, causing a near violent reaction....

   “HOLY SH...oh god it’s you!... man, don’t sneak up on me like dat!... by da way can I use your phone?” Yells the young Latino in broken English.

     “Sure, go ahead; I see you found it already. There’s a fully stocked bar there as well. Feel free to help yourself!” shouts the professor. But his voice falls on deaf ears as she dials the phone. He quickly goes to a nearby closet and grabs from the top shelf a rather odd looking antique camera that he had been tinkering with since this little pool party was first planned. Claussen sneaks his way back across the room towards the turned back of the young Latino, frantically winding the relic. The man then straps on what could best be described as an old pair of welding goggles??... He adjusts the goggles to his face and wipes a bit of perspiration from his forehead.

      “Yes... listen, it’s Maria... Lisa, you has to do me a huge fava...No listen..never mind da music..listen, tell dat idiot I won’t make it in today ..yes I’m sick.. please, I’ll owe you big time..ok. I love you too sista, peace!” Maria giggles and presses the off button on the cordless, then turns to walk back out to the pool, only to bump face first into some guy wearing some ridiculous looking goggles! Maria’s eyes go wide and just before she starts to let out a  scream ... then a sudden, almost violent —“!! FLASH !!”— fills the room; immediately the young Latino’s surprised face almost appears in photo-negative like form for a few brief seconds until the blueish hue recedes around her, leaving her motionless... Maria, now suspended and standing stock still, retains a certain amount of determination in her eyes and almost in her rigid shocked expression....that one last automatic reaction to a stranger standing right before her unexpectedly, now endlessly looping in her head.

     “HMMM.... streetwise, huh?” thinks the stranger to himself. He pulls his goggles up to his forehead to take in the view before him.

      Professor Claussen slowly rubs his index finger down the frozen Latino's cheek, then whispers softly in her ear:“Dearest Maria, when I think of all those times I stood there lecturing in front of class. And you would sit there ... just staring up from your desk with those big dark eyes.” Claussen slowly begins to circle around  the young girl as she stares fixedly ahead. The old man quickly picks up the Latino by her waistline and repositions her in front of the couch. She remains stiffly in position. He moves her arm, bending it back into the position of holding the phone up to her ear, then pauses to take in his work. “Hmm, maybe that’s a little obvious.” Claussen supports her back with his hand, then reaches down to bend her legs into a sitting position and places her back onto the couch gently. A sinister look begins to appear on Claussen’s face. He looks in close at the girl's still frozen face...then down at her cleavage. He quickly looks over his shoulder, while peeling her bikini top down over her magnificent breasts, then he looks back for a quick peek. “HOLY CRAP!” he blurts out, reaching to toy with one of her brown, silver dollar sized  nipples... then realizing he was getting caught up in the moment when there was more work to be done, Claussen slid the top back up just as quickly. (“ There will be plenty of time for her later...thinks Claussen), who then grabs his camera and heads for the bathroom door, stopping quickly to glance out the window to see Bridget still basking in the sun by the pool. He frantically winds up his ancient camera, pulls down his goggles and barges through the bathroom door.....

     “WHAT THE FU-“ *!!FLASH!!*...The negative effect now surrounds the hapless Beyonce, now quick- frozen on the toilet. The terrified expression on her face is almost equal to the shocked look on Claussen’s own face as he pulls off his trusty goggles.... The cocoa-skinned co-end sits on the toilet, her bikini bottoms at her ankles. Her one arm leans on her thigh as the other is upturned at mid-rise as if to block her face from an uncompromising photo. She, too, has become a still-life.

        Claussen walks up to the time-suspended girl and brushes her ribbon-like, dirty-blonde locks away from her beautiful face. He gets in close to her, looking into her light brown dilated eyes. The girl stares through him, not blinking... almost bedazzled. He sticks his finger into her open mouth, toying with her sensual lips... running a fingertip on the edge of her sharp fine teeth, producing a faint squeaking noise.  Then he leans over to look out the nearby window to see if the coast is clear while at the same time wiping the sweat from his forehead. Claussen swallows hard as he feels his erection straining the front of his trunks. He quickly unties the draw strings and struggles to pull his trunks to the floor, as his erect member bobbles out. The professor takes one step toward the suspended girl and pries her mouth open just a little wider.......

       Beyonce, now in a total haze, feels distant and almost unattached. The shadowy figure in front of her is far to blurry to make out. She feels his hard dry member push its way into her already parched mouth...

      Claussen begins to pull her head slowly back and forth. With each stroke, the man feels her perfect teeth scraping the skin of his member. He looks down at the ebony beauty and sees that her cold glazed eyes still stare ahead as if not to register what she is doing to him. The combination of the far-away look in her eyes and the now rapid back and forth motion of her head is all he can take. Claussen feels the sudden surge erupt as he pulls her head all the way into his lower abdomen, squashing her perfect nose.....

      Beyonce, now feeling more passive than ever, briefly acknowledges the warm goo that is filling her throat in constant surges..... then all senses go black and still.

      Claussen is now sweating horribly as he pulls his spent member from the girls mouth. A bit of love goo hangs from her lower lip and runs slowly down her chin to where it dangles rather slowly. The man quickly grabs a towel to wipe himself clean, then glances once again out the nearby window with caution. He looks back down at the poor girl to notice the dribble now spinning out of control by a small strand from the girl’s chin. He roughly rubs the towel around the girls mouth area but it only makes it worse. A sticky “super- glue like” film now glistens upon the girl’s Ebony face. In disgust, Claussen throws the towel in the shower across from them, then begins to pull himself back together in front of the bathroom mirror.

  Claussen wipes his brow again , then speaks to himself quietly as if somebody might hear....  “Phew!..Ok, calm down... don’t lose it. Two down & one left.”

    The sleeping Bridget is abruptly awakened by the flip-flop sandal steps of Claussen on the concrete patio.

    “ Is everything ok, Professor?”(The girl lowers her shades and gives her distracted-looking teacher the once over). You look like you have just seen a ghost. Did one of the girls break something?”

      “ Ah, yes, er no... yes everything is just fine!  Uh, actually Beyonce sent me out here.” (..The old man wipes his forehead again, then  begins to laugh while looking rather awkward) Ah, she’s sent me out here to ask if you had any... any.. Feminine products with you?”

    “Oh.. least, I think I do.” (The girl begins to blush slightly).. I was beginning to wonder what was going on in there... then I dozed off .” Bridget jumps up from the pool chair, does a quick boob check and adjusts her swimsuit accordingly. She then grabs her beach bag and waddles her way to the house while thinking to herself  (“Gee, that’s odd;, Beyonce’s schedule runs close to mine, and I’m not due for a visit until the end of the month......”)

     Claussen follows a few yards behind, checking out her precious little behind as it shifts from side to side in her one piece bathing suit.


      Bridget walks into the game room and spots Maria sitting on the couch with her back to her. Music blasts away in the background as her friend appears to chat on a cordless phone. Bridget yells out KIND OF LOUD, DON’T YOU THINK!”....only to receive no reply. She then approaches what she hopes is the bathroom door, knocks and waits for an answer. Knocking again, she speaks out Beyonce... is everything ok? Yoo-Hoo?!” She slowly opens the door, steps in, then spots her friend sitting on the toilet and staring at something on the wall of the shower across from her. Hey babe...I always thought we were on the same cycle.”

       Her friend doesn’t respond.

      Hey... B, what’s the matter?”asks Bridget, now slowly waving her hand and snapping her fingers in front of the girl's blank stare. “H-E-L-L-O ?” She shakes her friend mildly.... followed by a slightly more urgent shake which causes her stiffened friend, (still stuck in the sitting position), to slowly tip over to the side causing her head to bang slightly against the wall beside her.( Beyonce manages to retain her fixed stare.) Bridget, now horrified, yells out “Oh my God! What the hell is going on in here?!”

       ......A voice calls out from behind her and she slowly turns to see.... Professor Claussen, holding an odd looking camera and wearing some sort of funny looking goggles! “Smile darling!” he says an instant before triggering the device.

*!!-FLASH-*!! ....Bridget, like the others before her, is surrounded by a blueish haze... with her face and body appearing in photo-negative form. Moments later the light slowly fades. The girl's surprised expression is roughly reflected in the lenses of Claussen's goggles.

       Claussen lifts his goggles off with a feeling of satisfaction, then looks over his latest catch. Bridget, now suspended like the others, leans forward on one foot with her waist somewhat twisted towards the old man. He looks into her mesmerized eyes as his nose is just inches away from her innocent face. He can smell her tanning lotion as he admires her smooth, unblemished skin. Her “Bahama water like” clear blue eyes seem so distant and lifeless. Claussen affectionately brushes her blonde bangs away from her eyes and speaks out to the suspended girl as if she can hear him, You know Bridget, you definitely inherited your mother’s good looks...” (he slowly runs his fingers, tracing her jaw line, then tracing the outline of her lips).I always had a crush on your mom in college. She was so wound up with your father, she just never paid any attention to me. But now, now I have you. And you do bear such a close resemblance.”

      Bridget stands perfectly still, almost appearing to pay full attention to the man . However, as Claussen begins to maneuver around Bridget and her immobilized friend behind her, the girl's vacant eyes remain fixed ahead in frozen defiance.

      Claussen begins to slowly peel the straps of  Bridget’s one piece off of her shoulders.... rolling the suit down around her delicate body, leaving it to rest on the curve of her hips. He reaches up somewhat clumsily, cupping her now exposed, pert breasts. The old, somewhat leather like skin of his thumbs, rub her young awaiting nipples - which quickly spring to life.

      Bridget, feeling this whole time like she’s sinking deeper into some strange erotic dream, can feel a mysterious man kneading her breasts.... She thinks to herself (“Why are you so distant?”) The girl begins to sink further into passionate bliss as this stranger licks her nipples with delicacy, then begins all at once to suck on them hard. She imagines some young hunk laying her down on her back as he begins to ravage her. (“That’s it, roll down my panties.”)... Bridget dreams that her breathing is now heavy.

      .....Claussen, currently the only conscious one in the room, straightens the girl's nubile body (her arms dangle at her sides, slightly moving back and forth,) slowly peels her suit down to her knees exposing the rest of her body.  Bridget remains unaffected as her teacher brushes his nose against the soft skin of her underbelly... admiring the great care she has taken in trimming her light blonde bush. Her pubic hair is so fine that it vaguely covers her vagina. The professor rubs a finger through the folds of her labia, then gently works his finger up part-way into her crotch. The old man skillfully works his finger back and forth until her juices start to cover his finger, allowing him full penetration. After a few moments Claussen works his magic on her clit, rubbing frantically on her nub while looking up at his frozen captive watching for any hint of reaction (all the while, she still stands in innocence, retaining her frozen/passive look)... suddenly the girls stomach muscles begin to tense, the bottom curves of her perfect ass begin to flex somewhat tighter, her vagina begins to spasm intensely... Claussen yells out proudly to his new play-toy “THAT’S IT BRIDGET, LET IT ALL OUT FOR ME!" He reaches around, sticking his free hand in-between the girl’s ass-cheeks, feeling them fully tighten against him. The intensity of the orgasm of her body can only be matched by the intense look on the girls face remaining still. Both are maintained unwittingly and yet obediently. I only want to bring you pleasure, my darling; like you shall forever give me!” Claussen chimes, as he patiently watches the spasms fade off. He then smiles lovingly at the girl and reaches over for a washcloth.

      Bridget, now spent and seeming more confused and distant than ever, begins to wonder if she will ever see the face of her newfound lover. Soon the calm darkness overtakes her as well...

      Before Claussen cleans his hand, he looks back at his new toy. With a devilish grin, he pokes his sticky fingers in Bridget’s slightly parted lips allowing her a taste of her own juices....

     The girl’s expression remains unchanged as the professor slowly pulls his fingers back from her mouth. Sticky strands of goo, web their way across the man’s removed fingers to the young girl’s slack mouth.


      Claussen takes a moment to catch his breath. Now leaning over the sink, the man washes his hands, slowly wipes his brow, then  takes in the scene around him.  He steps back out into the hallway and walks into the bar area where the now frozen Maria still sits on the couch patiently holding the phone. Claussen turns off the stereo, which is still blaring away to deaf ears, then slowly makes his way upstairs to the kitchen.  Reaching for his favorite blend of coffee, Claussen knows he has a long but rewarding night of work ahead of him.......  


  To Be Continued . . .

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