Girls under Glass (the Professor’s secret) Part Eleven

Eternal Prom Night (part 1)

By Zapped!


In this next installment, we’ll ride along with a group of seniors that are enjoying one of the most memorable nights of their lives: their prom night! You’ll also be an eyewitness to what can happen when a prom night goes terribly wrong.
- Also: Mr. Pitt needs to cover his tracks once again, and we’ll see just what lengths he’s willing to go through, to keep his perverse lifestyle intact!  This is a lengthy story just like the last one, so if you don’t have time to sit back, sip some coffee  and enjoy it, then read somebody else’s story! Some of the names of the female characters have been slightly modified, but you should get the idea.


Monticello New York, 11:45 pm:

   The two sets of identical steel doors that serve as the entrance to historic Troyer High School suddenly swing open and are locked in place: signaling the end of yet another senior prom.

   Within minutes, students and chaperones alike, begin filing out of the school’s elaborately decorated gymnasium: first passing through the lobby and then eventually spilling out into the open air of the patio and walkways in front of the building.

   These outside areas have been decorated just as well as the gymnasium inside the school, as seen by the twinkling white lights and the chrome streamers that drape themselves across from tree limb to tree limb.

   In addition too the decorated trees, intimate accent lights line the concrete walkways, which have been temporarily covered by rolled out plush red carpeting.

  Several girls can be seen holding the hems of their gowns upward to prevent them from being stepped on by other exiting prom goers - including their nervous dates!

   Walking slowly within the group of people was a gorgeous eighteen year old with shimmering black hair, by the name of Kimberly Kardashingly. The young woman looked magnificent as she held onto the arm of her date, (a rebellious teen from Troyer High, by the name of Devon James). The romantically linked couple strolled across the walkway together, towards the growing crowd of people outside.

   Kimberly and her best friends had spent months looking for their perfect prom dresses and the entire afternoon getting their hair done in preparation for the special event. The whole evening had gone as perfectly as they had hoped: Kim and her girlfriends had been waiting for this night for as long as they could remember, and nothing was going to ruin it!

   Kim was wearing the dress that she and her friend Tiffany had hand picked: a hot pink Jovani gown that was custom tailored just for her body. The fitted gown was made of thin material that was slippery to the touch and enhanced every bump and curve of her figure!

   The front of the silky gown hung from her full “C” sized breasts, which were split by a revealing “v-cut” opening: offering a generous glimpse of the swells of her globes beneath.

   The back of the gown was also revealing, with a “keyhole” design that showed off Kimberly’s sexy back and tied together behind her exposed neck. The thin material sunk in a bit between Kim’s curvy butt cheeks, making her ass appear even firmer than it already was!

   The young lady had her shimmering black hair pulled up tightly into an elaborately braded bun at the back of her head. She topped off her look with jewel studded earrings that dangled beside her bare, inviting neck. Those earrings matched a diamond necklace that spelled out the name: “Kimmy”… (A gift from her father that dated back to her sixteenth birthday).

   Everybody had been complimenting Kimberly on how good the dress looked on her throughout the entire evening. But more importantly: the dress had received a positive reaction from her boyfriend Devon, as the girl had felt the heat of his hard-on pressing through the thin material all night!

   Kimberly was an ambitious young lady, who for the most part was happy: despite the heart breaking rumors that her mother had somehow decided to run off to an unknown location with a guy that was her own daughter’s age. Surprisingly, the girl had somehow managed to make it through the last two years of high school- even with the empty hole in her life that her missing mother Josephine, had left behind . . .

   So for now, Kimberly was filling that void by concentrating on the pursuit of a modeling career: the young girl had a solid portfolio, as well as several good connections out in L.A. Plus Devon would be heading out there to start a band, so the couple would be starting on this new adventure together!

   Unfortunately, Kim’s wealthy father thought otherwise: with plans on seeing her go off to Cornell or even Syracuse University. Mr. Kardashingly had disapproved of his daughter’s wild behavior throughout her teenaged years, but tolerated it only because of his and Josephine’s divorce. But once she hooked up with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks, Kim seemed to spiral out of control: dancing on the edge with drug abuse and alcoholism that eventually led her to an expensive DWI charge just less than a year ago.

   Kim’s father was a rich and powerful man who made it big in the high-end hotel business: owning several such properties in New York City, Atlantic City New Jersey and a third in Daytona Beach. Along with that wealth and power, he had gained many connections of his own. It was therefore no surprise that Mr. Kardashingly managed to bail his troubled daughter out, time after time, (many of Kim’s peers thought she was a spoiled brat simply for this reason). But she knew that she was daddy’s little girl: just out testing the waters and using (and sometimes abusing) the privileges of wealth.

   Kimberly continues to hold onto her boyfriend’s arm, and notices several individuals as well as couples beginning to gather in groups in front of their respective limousines. They all stand in front of school eagerly waiting to be driven off to after-prom parties, as well as other activities. Kim searches through the crowd and quickly spots Tiffany Taylor- the sell proclaimed “wild child” within her inner circle of friends.

   Tiffany waves wildly, while jumping up and down in her strapless “sea foam green” gown. The custom made dress had pressed pleats running vertically from the fitted waist, to the bottom hem, (which normally hung just below her knees when standing still). Tiffany’s golden hued arms, shoulders and ample cleavage, (nearly spilling out of her strapless gown), were completely exposed to show off months of dedication at her favorite tanning booth. (Her friends were actually quite surprised that the gown had managed to retain Tiffany’s full sized melons throughout the entire evening, without a single mishap!)

   “Hey girl . . . over here!” yells the dirty blonde, with her “up-do” styled hair looking as if it were about to topple from her pretty head!

   Kim quickly waves back and begins dragging her boyfriend behind her through the crowd of people. As she approaches Tiffany, she’s also notices her other closest friends: Emily Ross and Nico Yano, (along with her hunky boyfriend Brad).

   Emily Ross was usually the mature and somewhat demure one in the group, and Kimberly was quite surprised to see just how hot her friend looked that night, with a little makeup and a somewhat racy dress…(well, at least for Emily’s reserved tastes anyway!)

   Emily wore a short, burgundy colored dress, with white pearls draped around her neck. The sexy velvet dress was held up over her shoulders by two thin spaghetti straps, and cinched in just beneath her bust. From there, the dress gradually flared outward until it stopped just above her knees. Her long, dark brown hair had a noticed sheen and was combed straight, then turned into an ocean of wavy curls that tumbled about on her bare shoulders.

   Tonight was the first night that the seventeen year old had ever worn high heels. But after teetering around nervously all evening, this would most likely be the last time that Emily would ever wear them!

   Standing next to Emily, was Kim’s other closest girlfriend: Nico Yano. The American born Asian girl was dressed in a shimmering metallic silver gown that gave her a stunning and elegant look. (From a distance, the expensive gown appeared to be chrome plated!) The suggestive gown sparkled and shined, and everybody at the prom thought that she looked like a total princess!

   The front of Nico’s gown was clinging to her flat tummy and small chest. In fact: the impression of her nipples could be clearly seen in the reflective material of the dress, due to a lack of bra and the cool late night air that surrounded her.

   The backless design of the gown was extremely sexy; as it scooped so far down that it nearly exposed the top of her butt crack! The bottom of the gown was equally enticing: with a slit running up the side that exposed her bare leg from her Prada high heel clear up to an inch within her hip bone! Nico had to go out and purchase a pair of “hip hugger” thong panties specifically for the gown, and she wasn’t used to wearing such racy underwear. But much like the gown she was wearing, those panties made Nico feel much more than a young girl that was about to graduate in two days . . . They made her feel like a sexy woman on this very special night!

   In one corner of the patio, the group of three girls and one guy gather around in a semi-circle, as their “ring leader” and her boyfriend approach to make a much anticipated announcement . . .

Tiffany:  “Oh my God! Hasn’t this been the best night ever? Everybody looked so totally great in their dresses . . . And all those buff guys in their tuxedoes were like, sooo hot! But now it’s time to let loose and party! . . YEEEEEEEW!”

   Nico’s boyfriend Brad raises two fingers to his mouth and lets out an annoyingly loud whistle, as the girl hugs him just a little bit tighter. (Emily quickly raises her hands to cover her ears and makes an irritated looking facial expression . . .)

   Devon lets go of Kim’s arm and lets his hand glide around the slippery material of his girlfriend’s gown, until it comes to a rest on one of her ass cheeks. He then asks, “Ah yeah, speaking of the party: Now would be a good time to let us all in on this highly guarded secret babe.”

   All of Kimberly’s friends quickly nod their heads in agreement and say, “Yeah, come on . . . tell us!”

   “Well you guys . . . ” starts Kim, with her intricate diamond earrings twinkling beside her neck, “I promised that this was going to be the most memorable night ever and that I had a big surprise for you…and trust me: It has been absolutely killing me, not being able to tell you!”

    Brad says, “Come on girl, don’t be a tease!”

   Kimberly replies, “Alright- I get the point! . . . Anyway, because we have been through so much together over the years, and you guys have always been there for me- especially when my mom . . .(she gets choked up for a moment, and tries to hold back her tears) . . . Especially when my mom disappeared . . . You know I love you guys with all my heart!”

   “OOOOH!” sighs Tiffany, with her eyes welling up and now fanning herself with her hand. The girl quickly reaches in and hugs her friend . . .

   “Oh stop you babies before you make me even want to cry!” says Emily, as she too reaches in for a hug.

   “Yeah…yeah, I know!” replies Kim, now brushing away the tears from her eyes. “Now listen: my father decided to treat all of us to an all-expenses-paid round tripto . . . ATLANTIC CITY!”

   The small group of friends begin to erupt into a wall of  whistles, yells and screams: with the girls jumping up and down and hugging each other all over again, as the guys “high five” each other!

Tiffany:  “Are you f*cking kidding me?”

Kim:  “Nope, I’m dead serious! . . . And . . . he’s not only paying for the entire trip, but he’s giving us $1000 each, to gamble with!”

   Again the group erupts with shouts of approval!

Nico:  “But wait a minute . . . There is no way my parents are going to let me go to Atlantic City.”

Emily adds, “I know for sure that my parents won’t let me go!

Kim:  “No, no, no . . . now listen: my dad went ahead and talked it over with everybody’s parents, and they all agreed to let us go, as long as we’re supervised.”

   For a third time the group erupts with joy, as the less fortunate prom goers around them begin leaving in their rented limos- to go to late night gatherings locally.

Devon:  “Wait a minute: you mean to tell me that your old man actually took the time to talk to my old man? . . . I find that one hard to believe!”

   Kimberly rubs her hand slowly over her lean boyfriend’s chest and replies, “He told me that he was very glad to finally meet your father, babe.”

Devon:  “I still don’t believe it!”

   “Well, maybe he’s finally coming around to what a great guy you are, and he only want’s to see his daughter happy!” says Kim, now pulling the young man’s head in close to kiss him full on the lips . . .

   As the group of classmates excitedly chatter about their unexpected trip, the girl named Emily asks, “Does anybody have their cell phone on them? I would really feel better if I double checked with my parents.”

  The girl id answered with a collective “NO!”

  Emily:  “Nobody has their phone on them? . . . Any other time, you couldn’t walk ten feet ahead without one! . . . Maybe I should just run into the school real quick an use the payphone.”

   Kimberly takes her friend’s hand in hers and assures, “Believe me: my dad would never allow us to do something like this, if your parents didn’t approve 100 percent!”

   Emily gives her friend an unsure look, then reluctantly replies, “Ok . . . But I still want to call them once we get there.”

   “So little Miss Spoiled Rotten, which one of these limos is for us?” asks Brad in a rude manner.

   Nico punches her boyfriend in the arm and reminds him, “Hey, be nice to our host! . . . If it wasn’t for her father’s generosity, we would probably end up on some back road by the end of the night: drinking in the woods like you losers always do!”

Brad:  “Hey, whatever girl . . . that never bothered you before. Besides, when the Bradster shows up, it’s guaranteed to be a rockin’ party!”

   “Whatever! This is our prom night, and there’s no way in hell that I would ever spend it hanging out in this town, especially if could just as easily be in Atlantic City!” exclaims Nico, before grabbing her boyfriend by the chin with her thumb and index finger. She then adds, “It’s a good thing your so cute, because you’re the biggest dumb ass I know!”

Brad:  “Yeah, you know you want me!”

Nico:  “I don’t want you, trust me . . .”

Brad:  “I’m pretty sure you do!”

Nico:  “Yeah . . . you wish I did!”

   Kimberly decides to step in at this point and says, “When you two love birds are done arguing over who wants who, start looking for our limo so we can get the hell out of here! After all, it’s going to be almost four hours from Monticello to Atlantic City.”

   Tiffany asks, “Ah yeah, speaking of which: what are we supposed to wear when we get down there, our prom gowns?”

   Kimberly replies, “Well then I guess we will have to do a little shopping when we get down there!”

  Devon quickly jumps in to interject and says, “Now that isn’t gonna happen! The last thing I want to do with you, is go shopping in Atlantic City.”

Nico:  “But wait - don’t you have to be at least twenty one to gamble in those places?”

   Devon replies, “No, I think it’s eighteen to gamble and twenty one to drink.”

Emily:  “Actually, Nico has a good point: both of us are only seventeen, so there is no way we’ll be allowed in there to gamble.”

   “You guys worry too much! Look: we’re going to be staying at a hotel that my dad owns, and it has its own casino downstairs. All I have to do is show up and they will let us in without a problem,” promises Kim. “Besides, these people are his employees so I’m sure that they will be more than happy to see that we’re happy.”

   Suddenly, Tiffany spots a man with a driving cap and dressed in a suit that stands next to a “stretched” black limousine. The driver is holding up a sign that says:

                                                  Kardashingly party

. . . The young blonde quickly points with excitement and says, “That’s us, just read the sign!”

   Kimberly looks in the direction that her friend is pointing, and then quickly determines, “Yep, that’s ours alright! Come on guys, it’s time to go!” she says, before grabbing Devon’s hand and dragging him along with the rest of her friends behind her.

   Kim’s friends quickly approach the stretched limo excitedly: still shocked over the magnificent transportation that their friend’s father had arranged for them, in addition too the surprising all-expenses-paid trip to Atlantic City that lie ahead!

   Kimberly reaches the limousine first, with her boyfriend directly behind her. She happily greets the driver with an outstretched hand and a pristine white smile . . .

   “Hi there! I’m Kimberly Kardashingly and these are the guests that will be traveling to Atlantic City with me.” says the girl in a bubbly tone.

   The well groomed limo driver is dressed in a smart looking suit, with a matching black “Gatsby” style hat that’s tipped low - as if to hide the man’s facial features. He had a thick “Geraldo” type mustache that looked outdated, along with a trimmed goatee. The older looking fellow was also sporting wire rimmed glasses with psychedelic purple lenses that looked like something John Lennon would have worn.

   The driver cracks a smile as he meets Kim’s hand, and then raises it in a respectful manner.

   “Yes darling and my name is Higgins. I will be at you service for the drive to Atlantic City,” says the man, before looking her over from head to toe. “I must say, you look absolutely ravishing this evening!”

   Kim mimics taking a bow, and then says, “Well thank you, that’s very sweet!”

   The driver waves a hand towards the open door of the vehicle and says, “Please, come and take a seat my dear.”

  Kim smiles back in return, and then let the kind man guide her inside by holding her hand. As she steps upward, the girl holds up the hem of her dress in the other hand to prevent it from dragging across the doorsill of the vehicle.

  Devon follows closely behind his girlfriend and shakes the driver’s hand. Before stepping inside, he compliments the driver and says, “Those are some sweet glasses ya got there dude!”

   The man nods his head in recognition, then turns to greet the other passengers . . .

   Emily and Tiffany step up to the limo next, and the buxom dirty blonde reaches up to straighten the driver’s tie within his collar.

   “Well you’re certainly a handsome looking fellow!” says Tiffany in complimentary fashion. The girl stares directly into the mysterious depths of the driver’s purple lenses with her big blue eyes, then runs her opened palms down over the mans chest. In a teasing manner, Tiff asks, “So where have you been hiding all night, Mr. Mystery Man?” The blonde taps a sea foam green fingernail against the drivers metal belt buckle and gives him a sly look . . .

   At first, only the driver’s crotch responds to Tiffany’s advances. But then after a brief silence, the chauffeur says, “I certainly do hope you enjoy your evening young lady. Now please have a seat.”

   The driver guides Tiffany inside by the taking her hand and it is only when he finally sees her in side profile, that he realizes just how well endowed she really is!

   This entire time, Emily had been standing just off to the side of the older man and looking at him in wonder . . .

   “Excuse me, but I can’t help but think that we’ve met someplace before?” inquires the brunette, before extending her hand to greet the driver.

   The man’s eyebrows arch with curiosity, and for a brief moment his expression suggests that he does indeed recall having met the young lady before . . .

   Emily and the stranger’s hands meet together and the driver immediately feels the girl’s warmth within his palm. The man slightly turns his head from side to side and replies, “Mmm, no I don’t believe so dear.”

   Emily continues to stare at the chauffer unconvinced, until Tiffany yells, “Come on nerdy girl, your holding up the show!”

   Emily makes the “devil horns” sign on top of her head while sticking her tongue at the blonde, before climbing in to take a seat in the far back corner . . .

   Outside, Brad and Nico are the last couple to meet their appointed driver. The two are tickling and poking at each other in an affectionate manner as they step forward . . .

   The super jock raises his hands in a “high-five” gesture and asks the driver, “What’s up dude?” (Brad’s girlfriend flashes her brilliant white smile and big brown eyes right beside him).

   The chauffer surprisingly “high-fives” the boy back, but seems to have his eyes focused on Nico the entire time. The man slowly takes the Asian girl’s dainty hand and gently places a kiss upon it before saying, “That is one stunning dress for an equally stunning young lady.”

   Nico cracks open an even bigger smile and shyly rolls her eyes . . .”Well thank you sir, that’s so sweeeet,” she says, before giggling like any young school girl would.

   The chauffer courteously guides the girl up into the limo by taking her hand, just like the others, while her boyfriend sneaks up close behind her . . .

   Brad leans toward the driver and whispers, “Isn’t that the cutest little ass you’ve ever seen?” A second later, the boy reaches forward to pinch the girl’s tight little behind . . .

   Nico lets out a noticed “YIPE!” at the unexpected gesture, before turning around to swat her boyfriend’s hand!

   The chauffer raises his eyebrows and cracks an appreciative smile before closing the limousine door with a solid “clump” sound, behind the pair . . .

   As the affectionate couple find their seats, the other prom goers begin to check out what the limo has to offer . . .

   Looking around, it was easy to see that the limousine could comfortably seat six or seven people. The luxurious vehicle had a plush interior with charcoal gray leather seats and matching door panels. The ceiling above was mirrored from one end to the other and was framed by pink and green neon accent lighting. There was a reinforced glass panel that had a mirrored finish as well that divided the driver from his passengers. (Room service simply required pushing a button and issuing instructions if needed!)

   The limousine was filled with many conveniences as well, such as: a flat panel TV with DVD player that disappeared behind a backlit, fully stocked bar; a high end Boston acoustics stereo system; and ice storage with accompanying glasses. There was also a champagne bucket that sat filled with ice and holding a bottle that was just waiting to be opened . . .

   Brad looks over and spots the champagne bottle, then looks back towards his buddy Devon. “So can we get this party started or what?”

   Devon replies, “I’ll tell you what: I’ll handle the drinks and you deal with the tunes.”

Brad:  “Alright, hook me up dude!”

   While Brad figures out how to operate the stereo, Devon opens the bottle of champagne with a corkscrew. The champagne begins to briefly bubble out of the bottle and spills out onto the floor, before the boy quickly starts pouring it into six crystal flutes.

   Soon dance music begins thumping through the surrounding speakers, bombarding the classmates. Emily quickly covers her ears and yells, “Can’t you play something other than this crap?”

Brad:  “Yeah . . . like what?”

Emily:  “I don’t know . . . How about Frank Sinatra?”

   Tiffany looks across at Emily from her seat on the other side of the limo and says, “You would . . .”

Emily:  “What? . . . He’s actually pretty good.”

Tiffany:  “Yeah, for like . . . My grandfather.”

   “The chairman of the board it is then!” yells Brad, selecting “Sinatra’s Greatest Hits” from the carousel full of CD’s.

   As “Strangers In the Night” begins playing through the speakers, Kimberly starts handing the fizzing champagne out to her friends, who all graciously accept the flutes, with the exception of Emily . . .

   “Come on, take one,” requests Kim, while nodding her head at the girl.

Emily:  “No . . . that’s ok, alcohol makes me sick.”

Tiffany: “Oh Emily, just because you got sick at a party once, doesn’t mean you have to be a goody-goody.”

   Nico and Brad back the girl up by saying, “Yeah, come on Emily!”

   “Really, I don’t think I should,” says the brunette, now feeling the pressure of her peers.

Kimberly: “Emily - it’s our prom night and we’re your girls!”

   Emily pauses in thought for a moment, then regretfully agrees, as she gets up, takes the flute, then quickly returns to her seat.

   The classmates raise their glasses in unison, as Kimberly spouts a toast that she had thought up for the occasion . . . “Ok, ok . . . let’s see . . . Oh I know! Here’s to where we’ve been; where we are; and to where we are going!”

   Her friend Tiffany wiggles her hips and adds, “… And to being forever young!”

   The other prom goers all agree by “clinking” their flutes together and repeating in unison, “Forever young!”

. . . They quickly proceed to down their champagne until Devon speaks up and says, “Alright, enough of this bubbly shit! Where’s the hard stuff?” The boy pulls out a bottle of Jack Daniels from behind the bar, opens it, and begins filling a row of shot glasses.

   “Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about brother!” shouts Brad, as his girlfriend starts handing out the shots.

   Devon and Kimberly do several right off the bat, and then embrace each other. The raven haired beauty quickly rewards her boyfriend with a long, passionate, open-mouthed kiss, as Devon reaches around to feel her ass!

   In the background, Tiffany starts fiddling with the stereo, fast forwarding to “New York, New York” . . . and after another round of shots; almost everybody begins singing the familiar lyrics in unison.

   As her friends badly butcher the lyrics to the Sinatra classic, Emily scans the limo trying to spot a cordless phone . . .

* * * * * *

   Meanwhile, the driver up front holds a finger to his “Bluetooth” earpiece and begins carrying on a conversation with his contact . . .

Driver:  “Yeah it’s me. Listen: everything is going as planned so far. I’ve been on the road for about twenty minutes, and I’m entering the downtown district right now.”

The Voice:  “Good, very good! . . . Now you’re absolutely sure it’s her, correct?”

The Driver:  “Yes, of course it’s her!”

The Voice:  “Excellent! . . . And are they suspicious?”

The Driver:  “They don’t have the slightest clue. Hell, even if they did . . . they would never believe it anyway!”

The Voice:  “Good, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear! How many are there?”

The Driver:  “Six all together: two males and four females, and trust me . . . These girls are all hot!”

The Voice:  “So you made out good and it was worth the trip . . . Excellent! So what did you do with the real chauffer?”

The Driver:  “I flashed him back in the High School parking lot. In fact: he’s still sitting there, staring hopelessly out over the steering wheel!”

The Voice:  “Bloody awesome! . . . Boy is he going to have some explaining to do!”

The Driver:  “Yeah well, better him than us! . . . Anyway, they sound like they are partying it up in there right now. I can just make out the stereo through the divider and I can feel the vibrations in the damned steering wheel!”

The Voice:  “Yeah, that things ninety five percent sound proofed, so nobody will hear anything - trust me.”

The Driver:  “I’m not worried at all . . . I figure I will let them live it up until I get out to the Interstate. Then I’ll flip the switch.”

The Voice:  “That will work.   Now you said there were four females?”

The Driver:  “Yeah, every one of them is a looker too!”

The Voice:  “Dammit! I f*ckin’ whish I was there to bloody see it!”

The Driver:  “Yeah, I’m sure. Anyway, I’ll drop off your limo at the garage and leave your buddy in it.”

The Voice:  “That will be fine. Anyway, it’s going on noon over here and the jetlag is kickin’ me freakin’ ass. Just give me a yell when it’s all done and over with.”

The Driver:  “Will do. Besides, I got a long night ahead if me on the road, so it’s just as well.”

The Voice:  “You bet mate . . . I owe you one.”

The Driver:  “Nah, from the looks of what’s back there, we’re perfectly even. Later . . .”

The Voice:  “That’s fine. Enjoy your evening now.”

   The driver hears the voice hang up on the other end. He then looks over at the GPS navigation unit that eerily glows from the darkness around him and smiles at the impressive piece of technology.

   “What will they think of next?” the man asks himself out loud, before shifting his body in the seat for the four hour long heading north . . .

* * * * * *

   Back in the limo, everybody (except Emily) has had five shots of liquor already, and Tiffany is just slamming down her seventh in a row! The dirty blonde empties her glass, and then makes a sour looking facial expression . . .

   “Damn these shots are going down easy tonight! I hope that one of you boys is feeling manly enough to carry me into my hotel room, cause I doubt I’ll be walkin’!” says Tiffany, now slightly wobbling.

Kimberly:  “Well just don’t spread yourself too thin: it’s a long way to Atlantic City, and the night is only beginning.”

   “Yeah, it would be totally foolish to get trashed now and end up passing out before we even get there,” criticizes Emily from the backseat. “By the way Kim, did you see a phone anywhere back here?”

Kimberly:  “Don’t worry Emily: you can call home once we get to the casino, ok honey?”

Emily:  “That’s fine, but no phone in a limo?” . . . And I’m still a little creeped out by that driver. I know I’ve seen that weirdo someplace before!”

   “Well that’s a good thing: you two “weirdoes” have something in common,” says Tiffany in a rude manner.

   “Screw you!” replies Emily, now flipping the blonde the bird!

   “Yeah well, just because you’re a little Miss Prissy and don’t know how to have a good time, doesn’t mean your going to ruin my prom night! If you have a problem with my partying, then you can just kiss my precious ass!” says Tiffany, before smacking her hand against one of her firm butt cheeks!

   The intoxicated blonde bends over the stereo and changes through the CD’s, until she finds a bass heavy dance track called “Pass That Dutch” by Missy Elliot.

   When the music starts thumping through the speakers, the “wild one” in the bunch begins moving her body in sync with the tracks rhythm. With the effects of the alcohol now in full swing, Tiffany wobbles drunkenly with her arms raised above her head, and her boobs jiggling in place beneath her gown! Now looking upward, she notices a power button for the electric moon roof . . .

   Tiffany thinks to herself, “Time to liven up the party!” . . . then presses the button.

   The girl reaches back behind her head and unclips her stacked hair, then flips it out over her bare shoulders. A moment later, she pulls herself up through the opening in the roof and lets the wind blow her hair about wildly upon her head. The air is cold and almost takes her breath away, as the girl takes in the sights and sounds of the downtown nightlife.

   As Tiffany is standing up through the moon roof, all of the cold air blowing in from the outside is directly hitting Emily in the back seat. Goosebumps begin to form on the girl’s bare arms and legs, and she is quickly upset . . .

   “Tiffany, would you please comeback inside and shut the damned moon roof, before we freeze to death?” yells Emily, (now rubbing her arms in an attempt to warm herself up).

   Meanwhile, everybody else stops their “make-out” sessions to cheer on the brazen blonde!

   Devon quickly turns to Brad and says, “I got twenty bucks that says Tiff flashes her tits!”

   Brad accepts the bet by saying, “You’re on bro! . . . That’s pretty much a winning bet for me either way, ya know what I mean?”

   Nico quickly smacks her boyfriend upside the head and says, “I’ll pretend that I didn’t just hear that!”

. . . But the girl’s warning falls on deaf ears, as both Brad and Devon begin yelling, “Come on Tiff, and show us what you got!”

   “No guys, please don’t encourage her. For God sakes, I’m freezing over here!” pleads Emily, now chattering her perfect row of white teeth.

   Both of the guys ignore the shivering brunette, and Brad yells, “Come on . . . its prom night: whip those puppies out!”

   Tiffany continues to gasp from the cold air, with her perky breasts heaving beneath the confinement of her sea foam green gown. With the combination of alcohol and pure adrenalin running through her body, the girl decides without hesitation, “It looks like it’s time to release the twins!” . . . With a quick yank, both “C” sized breasts quickly spring outward!

   There, in full view of anybody that was lucky enough to be standing outside on Main Street was Tiffany Taylor: standing tall and proud from the limo’s moon roof - in all her topless glory! With a bright smile on her face and her dirty blonde hair blowing about in the wind, the girl began to jump up and down, with her breasts bouncing off the roof! The sound of bare skin slapping against the vinyl covered steel was quickly drowned out by the girl’s screams of, “YEEEEW! . . . CLASS OF 2008 FOREVEEER! YEEEEW! . . . TROYER HIGH RULES!”

   A hoard of wolf howls, whistles and yells of, “I love you!” and “Wait, come back for me!” echo off of the buildings and from the street corners that pass by!

   Back inside the limo, everybody gets a brief look at the underside of the girl’s perfect breasts, every time she jumps up and down: including Devon and Brad, (now “high-fiving” each other).

   “Come on you guys, this is embarrassing! . . . Tiffany: get your ass in here, I’m f*cking freezing!” yells Emily.

   Nico looks at her own goose bumps and quickly agrees . . . “Yeah, come on Tiff! We’re all starting to freeze down here.”

   Kimberly backs the two girls up and says, “Maybe you should come back in babe.”

   The blonde bombshell glances down to notice that her nipples now look like two thimbles growing from her breasts! The girl rubs them between her fingers and giggles before saying, “Damn! . . . It’s getting a bit nipply out here!”

. . . A moment later, the blonde gives in and drops back through the moon roof. With one arm now covering her exposed breasts and her hair blowing wildly, Tiffany points a finger at Emily, (still rubbing herself to try to get warm). The drunken girl yells, “You know, why don’t you seriously try to have a good time for once in your miserable life? Considering this may be one of the last few times that we have left to party together, I suggest you lighten up and put a f*cking smile on your face! I’m so totally sick of you judging everyone, on what you perceive to be “proper” behavior.”

   Emily yells back, “Yeah, well at least I don’t have to expose myself to strangers to have a good time!”

   “Oh really? Well I happen to be proud of what I’ve got honey!” retorts Tiffany, now pulling the top of her gown back up. She then suggests, “Maybe you should try getting laid down in Atlantic City, because I think your starting to get backed up!”

   “Why don’t you close the damned roof and sit your ass back down - as in RIGHT NOW!” demands Emily, with fire in her eyes!

   “Ah . . . Excuse me? Was that a threat bitch?” yells Tiffany, now leaning in towards the seated brunette.

   “Whoa . . . WHOA! SETTLE DOWN YOU TWO!” warns Kimberly, as she quickly grabs the teetering blonde and sets her back in her seat. “Can’t we all just get along for once, without any catty bullshit going on?”

   Nico looks at her boyfriend seated next to her and rolls her eyes, while Emily displays a pouty look and crosses her arms over her chest right across from them . . .

   Kimberly presses the button to close the moon roof, then returns to take a seat upon her boyfriend’s lap. The hostess lifts both legs up and tucks them behind Devon’s back so she can sit Indian style . . .

   In the far back corner seat, Emily wipes the tears from her eyes and stares out through the window into the darkness of the night, in silence . . .

   Emily was convinced that people thought of her as a sour, neurotic young woman that was incapable of finding a man. The girl knew deep down that she should learn to loosen up and start shedding her prudish ways. After all, it would be nice to hook up with a decent guy for once: somebody that was mature and had his act together - (unlike the boys that she went to school with). . . And it wasn’t like she was ugly: she had a very attractive young looking face; a smoking body; and then of course there was that long silky brown hair of hers!

   Emily also knew that she didn’t want to end up like Tiffany over there . . . With her revolving door of boyfriends . . .

   “ . . . And what’s this fascination that guys have with Tiffany’s boobs anyway?” the girl asks herself. “Mine are the same size and just as perky! . . . Look at her over there, all sloppy drunk and moving around like she has ants in her panties. Maybe she should focus more on being a lady, instead of flaunting herself around like a slut. After all, I’m a girl with class and ideals . . . Why should I degrade myself to her level?”

   Emily pulls a tissue from her small purse to blot the area around her eyelashes, then folds it neatly before putting it back inside. She then continues to critique her friends in silence . . .

   “ . . . And look at Kimberly over there: perched on top of Devon and grinding herself against his lap . . . I mean its bad enough that I have to hear about their sex life in graphic detail from Kim as it is. But do I have to watch it happen right here in front of me?”

   The seventeen year old reminds herself, “Regardless, in a few days I’m going to graduate and leave for college in the fall and this town will only be a distant memory. In a few years I’ll get my degree from Michigan University, and my life will be complete - man or not!”

   In the meantime, Tiffany takes it upon herself to open a second bottle of liquor, (Southern Comfort this time), and begins pouring another round of shots for everybody.

   Devon and Kimberly remain concentrated on each other, while Nico and Brad are working on their own moves . . .

   Nico Yano was never a girl to be openly affectionate in public. But between the sexy gown she was in, slow dancing with Brad . . . (feeling his body pressing up against her all evening), and now the alcohol: she certainly was in a romantic frame of mine. Something deep within the girl was yearning for fulfillment, and so far: Nico had somehow managed to avoid going all the way with Brad. Tonight that situation could very well change, and the virgin was surely looking forward to it!

    Nico decides to make her move by getting up from her seat and parking herself directly onto her boyfriend’s lap. The girl greets him by running her freshly manicured nails teasingly through Brad’s thick blonde “surfer boy” styled hair . . .

   “Hey little girl, want some candy?” asks Brad, now feeling the warmth of the Asian’s tush on his lap.

   “No, I don’t think I want any candy, but I might want a piece of you!” says Nico, before running her hand across Brad’s hard chest. The girl leans in to offer her open mouth, and the couple is soon locked into a passionate kiss . . .

   As Nico and Brad drown into each other, the other prom goers raise their shot glasses once again . . .

   “Ok people: shotgun on the count of three!” yells Tiffany. “One . . . two . . . three!”

. . . The prom goers proceed to slam their shots in unison, and then quickly bring their glasses down to reveal sour looking faces!

   Tiffany wheezes out, “Damn this shit is sweet!”

. . . Kimberly attempts to cough up a “rebel yell” before returning to her make-out session with Devon.

. . . Outside, the limousine turns onto an entrance ramp for the interstate, while inside the CD player, the track automatically changes . . .

   As the intro to AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells” rings throughout the interior of the limo, nobody is sober enough to notice the doors suddenly locking themselves, or suspects that their evening was about to change with the simple flip of a mysterious switch . . .

   Emily, (who has one couple feeling each other up directly across from her, while the other couple makes out right beside her), looks away in embarrassment: only to notice a thick light green fog starting to roll out from the air vents mounted within the limo’s door panels . . .

   “Why the hell is there smoke coming out of the air vents?” the girl asks with a look of concern.

   At first, the other prom goers ignore her. But as the thick fog begins creeping across the floor and curls up around their feet, it’s almost impossible not to notice!

   “Wow! It’s sorta like, having our very own dry ice machine back here! . . . How sweet is that?” observes Tiffany, (before letting out a noticed UUURRP!) . . . “Woops, excuse me . . . . But I just burped! . . . Did you hear it?” (The blonde begins giggling to herself).

   “It must be part of the neon lighting or something,” suggests Devon.

   Emily rolls her eyes from the back seat and says, “Well obviously something is wrong!”

   Kimberly gets up from Devon’s lap, walks over to the stereo system and asks, “Brad, did you press a button over here that you probably shouldn’t have?”

   “Nope, just the equalizer,” replies Brad, before focusing back on his horny girlfriend.

   Nico was now rubbing a hand across the thigh that she isn’t sitting on, and she’s inching her way closer to her boyfriend’s hardening dick with each pass . . .

   “What has gotten into you tonight girl?” asks Brad, now looking into his girlfriend’s sparkling dark eyes.

   Nico giggles, then leans her mouth up to his ear to whisper, “Me so horny . . . Me love you long time!”

   The couple begins laughing at the iconic reference, as the kids around them become a little more concerned about their growing dilemma . . .

   They all begin to notice a foul odor - comparable to the smell of cleaning ammonia like that used on a vinyl kitchen floor. The smell was a bit overpowering at this point, and was beginning to burn their eyes . . .

   “Holy shit, turned the damned thing off already!” orders Devon.

   “I’m looking, I’m looking!” yells Kimberly in near panic.

   “Waaaiiiit guys . . . Just wait a minute. I’ll jeesss open the roof thingy!” slurs Tiffany.

. . . Too horny to pay attention to what was going on around them; Brad backs out of the deep mouthed kiss and asks the Asian, “So what did you have in mind babe?”

   “Well I was just thinking about how wonderful this night has been, and I thought I might be able to help make it all that much more memorable!” says Nico, now  sliding her hand off of the boy’s thigh, and rubbing his hardened package directly . . .

. . . “Hurry up and open the windows, I swear I’m going to pass out!” yells Emily, now attempting to fan off the fog with one hand, while covering her mouth and nose with the other . . .

   Devon reaches over and begins pressing the power window buttons on the doors, but they don’t seem to be working!

. . . Within seconds, the thick gas-like substance has completely filled the interior, and the prom goers begin coughing and gasping for air . . .

   Having finally broken off their romantic interlude, Nico chokes viciously as Brad starts beating on the reinforced glass divider and yelling, “Dude, shut it off! We’re getting smoked out back here!”

   Poor Tiffany repeatedly presses the power button to activate the moon roof with one hand, while the other hand compresses against the glass - which now refuses to open! With her arms raised above her head, the dirty blonde’s magnificent breasts quickly shimmy their way out of the girl’s strapless gown! . . . At first, Tiffany attempts to pull the troublesome gown back up with one hand, while pressing the power button even harder. But as she feels the gas beginning to overtake her young body, Tiff gives up on the gown and frantically presses on the glass panel with both hands and all of her remaining strength . . .

. . . Immediately bellow the buxom blonde, various arms and hands swing through the thick haze in a last minute effort to fan the overpowering gas that has completely engulfed the vehicle. In less than two minutes from its activation, the poisonous gas has sent everybody into total panic: beating on the bulletproof windows; violently yanking on the interior door handles; and desperately yelling for help!

   Within the next few minutes, the muffled screams that are coming from inside the limo’s nearly soundproofed panels, slowly fade into silence . . .

* * * * * *

   After almost four hours of driving time on the road, a weary chauffer backs up a black stretched limousine into a concrete driveway on a road named Pine Hollow. Behind him, a doublewide door slowly begins to lift open: revealing the lighted two car garage beyond. The driver knows that the limo is far too long to fit inside the garage entirely, so he must act quickly . . . (even though it was four am in the morning, it wouldn’t be long before his neighbors were getting up to start their day).

   As the driver eases the luxury car carefully back into the garage bay, he sees an African American fellow that’s identically dressed as the chauffer himself is. The well groomed man stares blankly ahead and stiffly at attention, just as he was left over eight hours ago.

   The chauffer puts the car in park, shuts it off, and then quickly exists the vehicle with an army surplus gas mask in hand. The man walks around to the passenger side of the vehicle, and removes a pair of white latex gloves from within his coat pocket. Stretching them out over his fingers, he steps up to the man that stands with his back against the garage wall. Reaching around to the back of the silent man’s neck, the chauffer presses a button . . .


   The chauffer watches as the living being - turned - nanobot jerks slightly in place: now receiving a minor electrical shock to his nervous system. A second later, the tell-tale information that the bot is receiving scrolls down through the whites of his eyes, as the man powers up . . .

   “Nanobot Leon: come with me, as we have much work to do before dawn!” commands the driver.

   The nanobot named Leon remains paused momentarily to process the information, then replies with a monotone, “Yes - master.” He takes one step away from the wall, and then stiffly follows the driver to the side of the limo as if he were marching in formation.

   For his own protection, the driver pulls his full-face gasmask down over his head, in the event that there are any remaining fumes still lingering in the back of the limo, (The heat of the man’s excited heavy breathing slightly fogs the lenses on his mask, as he lifts up the rear door handle on the limousine).

   As the heavy door of the vehicle is slowly swung open, the driver sees the results of the paralyzing gas: five young bodies lay entangled and sprawled out inside, with a sixth victim still seated upright. All of their faces look pale with noticed dark rings around their eyes - both telltale signs of the use of gas.

   The chauffer scans over the interior and sees the young lady in the chrome metallic gown, now sprawled out in the “running man” position. The hem of her elegant dress is hiked upward, exposing her creamy thighs and the narrow strip of a lacey red thong that divides her tight little butt cheeks!

. . . A few inches away, there’s a blonde girl who appears to be falling halfway out of her seafoam green gown: she lay on her back face up, with her body arched over the blonde male that was prone beneath her. Tiffany’s eyes were wide open and staring, while her face held the expression of shock. Because of the girl’s near upside down position, her exposed breasts lean back on her chest plate from gravity. The blond’s hands continue to reach upward in the air: frozen just as they were when desperately trying to force open the moon roof, less than three hours ago . . .

. . . In the back corner of the limo, the pretty girl with long brown hair and the short burgundy colored dress, remains seated upright - with her head tilted back. Emily’s mouth hangs open, with her eyes rolling back into their lids, as her legs hang off the seat somewhat spread in an “unlady-like” position. Both of the brunette’s arms rest at her sides on the seat - her hands still slightly clenched, most likely from the struggle as the girl tried to fight off the effects of the tetanizing gas . . .

   The chauffer looks down at the floor beneath his knees, where another cute female is lying on her back and facing him upside down. Her pretty face eerily stares up at him with wide-open, glassy brown eyes - her mouth hung slack. The girl had a puzzled look: as if she couldn’t quite understand how such a thing could happen to her and her friends . . .

. . . The driver scans over her body, noticing a pair of firm breasts that were slightly bulging out of the front of her “V” cut gown. The girl’s arms lay flat at her sides, while her legs drape over the torso of a boy with spiked black hair. The driver reaches down and lifts the girl’s arm up a few feet off the floor, then lets it go . . . The arm falls slowly towards the floor - as if in slow motion, until it stops stiffly, about six inches from the floorboard. As the man continues to look her over, it is then that he notices the diamond covered necklace that bear her name: “Kimmy.”

   The driver turns to the dark skinned man who remains at attention and waiting for further instructions just beside him, and orders, “I think I can definitely work with these! Nanobot Leon: help me get these bodies down into the studio.”

   Leon stiffly turns, then jerks forward and leans down to pull the Kimberly girl out from the limo. The nanobot reaches underneath her arms and drags her out onto the concrete floor, before leaning her up into a sitting position. The servant then methodically bends over and picks the girl up by the waist and easily hoists her body over his shoulder.

   Kim’s head and arms dangle helplessly about, as she’s carried off to her destination . . .

  The driver steps up inside the limo and arches his back to avoid bumping his head on the vehicle’s low ceiling, before looking things over a little more closely . . .

   Approaching the girl in the “chrome like” gown first, the man reaches down to roll her onto her side. Now straddling the Asian’s body, the driver can clearly see down the low cut front of the reflective gown - where a small “B” cup sized breast is barely clinging onto the material that travels over it. The chauffer then pushes the girl’s torso completely over, until her glazed dark eyes stare blindly upwards. There now were two eraser sized imprints, pressing up against the thin material, where the Asian’s nipples would be . . .

   The oriental girl has a very pretty face: with slightly chubby cheeks; a rounded chin; and a cute “button-like” nose. Her silky, jet-black hair is styled in an “up-do” - like two of the others, with several curly ringlets strung out across her face.

. . . “Well you’re certainly a cute one!” observes the chauffer, before brushing the errant ringlets away from her face to fully reveal her relaxed expression.

   Now turning to the left, the man steps over the body of a young male and leaves Nico behind to continue staring upwards in silence . . .

   Moving towards the back corner, the driver approaches the girl that remains seated, and dressed in a short, burgundy colored “baby-doll” dress. The female’s long chestnut colored hair is combed straight, and then ends in a series of curls that rest sexily upon her shoulders. The stranger crouches down to enjoy the girl’s unfortunate “legs parted” position, and notices her white cotton underwear. The he arches back upward to reach for the spaghetti straps of her velvet dress . . .

. . . “You know, I’ve been up there driving this damned limo for the last four hours,” starts the chauffer, (now plucking each strap off of the girl’s shoulders), “. . . anticipating this very moment with each passing mile.) . . . (Both straps glide down each arm).

. . . Now pressing his leathery fingers inside the neckline of the dress, the man feels the soft upper skin of the girl’s chest slightly give beneath. With both sets of fingers grasping the elastic edging of the velvet material, the driver peels the underwired cups away from Emily’s “full C” sized breasts - both quickly spring forward into view! Capped with pronounced areolas that are slightly larger than quarters, they prove inviting enough: as the stranger frees both hands from the velvet material to tweak her nipples, which roll like two ball bearings between his fingers!

   As the chauffer pulls the top back up into place, he confesses, “I haven’t quite figured out where it is that you know me from, but I do know that you’re going to be an excellent subject to work with!”

. . . The girl that was usually shy and reserved, continues to stare up at the roof with her wide open eyes rolling back into their lids and her mouth slightly opened - not in the least bit concerned or even aware of her present condition.

   Leon returns to the limo and stiffly bends forward to drag a young male with spiked black hair out of the limo. A moment later, the nanobot methodically hoists the young man upward over his shoulder, then carries him off to join his girlfriend . . .

   Meanwhile, the chauffer leans over to inspect the topless blonde, who laid face-up: with her golden locks spread about like a halo around her head.

… “And of course, you must be the token party girl,” speculates the driver, while cracking an appreciative smile. The man leans forward to pull back the bottom hem of the young lady’s seafoam green gown, and is greeted by a matching seafoam satin g-string! There is a noticed imprint of the girl’s vagina pressing into the material where it sinks down between her thighs . . . (the driver is also surprised at the brazen young blonde’s lack of pantyhose!)

   Looking directly into the girl’s big blue eyes, the driver asks, “You know, I do wonder why your top is pulled down my dear? Were you offering a free show in all your drunken glory? Or were you simply trying to hold your top up as my tetanizing gas overtook your young body?”

. . . The girl named Tiffany continues to stare up wide-eyed in shock, without offering the stranger an answer . . .

   The chauffer reaches down and grabs hold of the girl’s still reaching arms, and proceeds to pull her across the floor of the limosine, with her shapely legs dragging along with her. As he does so, the young lady’s boobs wobble back and forth on her chest, as her head helplessly bobs up and down. 

   Leon returns once again, and lifts Tiffany up over his shoulder, placing his robotic-like hand firmly across her bent tush. The girl’s legs hang stiffly out over the front of the nanobot’s chest, while her dirty blonde hair and arms sway eerily over his back. She is immediately carried off to join her classmates . . .

* * * * * *

   Many hours later, the borrowed limosine has been emptied of its precious cargo: the vehicle, as well as its usual driver (Leon), have been driven back into the city and returned to their owner’s parking garage. It’s now daylight, as a black 66’ Lincoln Continental returns to the garage from where it came from, over ten hours ago.

   Once inside his home, the weary driver takes off his polished shoes, and then removes his wire-rim glasses and his “Gastsbey” style hat: setting them down upon a nightstand. A moment later, the driver’s tailored suit jacket and matching pants hang neatly inside a protective bag within the closet. As he makes his way into the bathroom, he flips on the light switch and steps in front of the mirror above his sink: very eager to remove his disguise . . .

   The chauffer reaches toward his forehead first: easily peeling off both of his thick eyebrows. His fake mustache and goatee are the next items removed, although the remnants of these require further attention. The driver takes a little container of Pond’s cold cream from his medicine cabinet and unscrews the lid. Liberally applying the cream to his upper lip and lower chin areas, the man rubs the sticky spirit gum away from his skin with a ball of cotton.

   Once thoroughly cleaned up, the old man drags himself to bed, where he is surprised to see an “anatomically correct” doll named Josephine, patiently waiting for his company beneath the covers . . .

   “Oh honey, I’m so very sorry - I nearly forgot that I even slipped you in here! . . . Anyway, it’s been a helluva long night, and I’m only going to get a few hours sleep, before the tetanizing gas starts to wear off from our new arrivals,” explains her keeper. “I know I had hoped to get in some “cuddle time” with you, but I’m afraid that I just won’t have the time. Hell, it’s going to take me the entire weekend just to process them. You do understand . . . Don’t you?” he asks, while brushing the back of his hand across the woman’s cool, clear coated cheek.

. . . Josephine continues to stare upward at her reflection in the mirrored ceiling above her, with a silent look of indifference . . .

   “You know, that’s what I like about you Josephine: you always seem to understand exactly where I’m coming from!” says her admirer, before turning over to shut off a lamp on the nightstand . . .

* * * * * *

   It had been a considerably long day for Jack Claussen: after oversleeping through most of the afternoon, the man worked his magic through the entire evening and all of the night. Worried that the effects of the tetanizing gas would soon wear off, Professor Claussen had processed the males first, (figuring that they would be the most troublesome if they were to awaken out of their temporary stasis). It was now getting close to 5am, and the professor had just one girl left to process . . .

   As Claussen wheels another fine addition into the cooler, a figure upon the stainless steel table begins to thaw . . .

   Tiffany’s first thought as she groggily attempted to lift her head was, “Maybe it was all a bad dream?” Her vision was considerably impaired, and she could faintly make out a distant muffled sound . . . As if somebody were whistling a tune, but at the far end of a tunnel. She felt . . . Well for the lack of a better word - strange: as if her body was numb. Her legs wouldn’t respond to her instruction to move. Her arms would wiggle only slightly. But beyond that, any other movement of her body seemed nearly impossible . . .

. . . “What the f*ck is going on? Was I in an accident?” . . . The last thing the girl could recall, was struggling with something. “Was I attacked?” . . . She didn’t think so. She remembered being at an event . . . “The prom! I was at the prom! And we were headed somewhere to a party!”

. . . The girl continued to blink her burning eyes, and eventually her vision started coming back: there was a large examination lamp mounted above her, and the room was white. There was a smell . . . “Damn, was there ever a smell!” . . . It was a sweet sanitary odor: clean, but sickening all the same. Tiffany felt a brief waft of cold air blow across from her, before the silence of the room was broken . . .


. . . Somebody had just closed a door off to the side of her. It sounded solid, as if it were tightly sealed. “It sounded like my parents refrigerator!” the girl thought . . .Then the whistling started up again, only closer . . . As if they finally came out of the tunnel.

   After awhile longer, Tiffany began to regain the feeling in her legs . . . Then she saw her hand raise high enough to watch her fingers wiggling out of the corner of her eye. The blonde attempted to raise her head off the table again, trying to look out over her nose, where she saw two mounds. “Am I naked? Because I’m pretty sure those are the twins!”

   It was only then that Tiffany realized the questionable position that she was in: her arms were fastened down at her sides . . . her legs were bound too!

   “Well, I’m glad that you finally decided to join the party!” said a man in a cheerful voice.

   Tiffany immediately tried to let out a scream, but her mouth was jammed . . . As if it were full of food! The girl bit down on the round object that slightly gave from the impression of her teeth, but it did no good! She then tried to lean away from the man that was now looking her over, but the restraints held her tight to the table. She managed to get out a muffled moan, before the man brushed back her blonde hair with a stroke of his hand.

   Professor Claussen speaks up and assures the young girl, “You will make a fine subject for my next display.”

. . . “Mutt ur nuu gnngt duu mff me?” was the sound that came from Tiffany’s ball gagged mouth, as she began to struggle against her restraints . . .

. . . “What am I going to do with you? . . . The same thing that I did to the rest of your classmates!” says Claussen, now pulling a pair of latex medical gloves over his hands. “Take for instance, your friend over here . . . (the professor picks up the girls drivers license from a nearby workbench) . . . “Emily Kingston!”

  The professor then unlocks the brakes on the stainless steel table, and rolls the girl around so she can see the back wall of the studio . . .

   There, standing straight against the white wall and staring silently ahead  . . . was Emily Kingston. Her face held a certain glow, as if just experiencing a good hard lay. She was stripped nude from her head to her toes, and there was a strange pallor to her skin: as if she were laminated or dipped in plastic. The scariest part was: it didn’t look like any of this bothered her.

   The man walked up, pursed his lips and blew air on the girl’s cheek in an affectionate manner, then let his hand wander lower . . . much lower, until his fingers curved to a collected point and sunk down directly in between her thighs to cup her vagina . . . He quickly withdrew his hands and says, “Oops! . . . She’s still a bit tacky yet!”  (The man then began pinching his fingers to gauge the stickiness). 

. . . Tiffany couldn’t decide what was creepier: this fifty- something-year old man touching her friend’s private area, or the fact that Emily didn’t as much as flinch, when he did so!

   The man explains, “Emily turned out to be an excellent example to work with: so young; so beautiful; so supple.”

… Claussen begins to reflect back momentarily to the encounter he had with the young brunette just over two hours ago: the glowing expression she held once she was processed; the way her pubic hair crunched up against his nose and the sweet feminine odor that came from within; the way the skin of her tight ass rippled as he took her from behind . . .

   “Wha- ew-wong-wiiiha?” Tiffany attempts to ask, with the ball-gag getting in the way.

   “What is wrong with her? Absolutely nothing, my dear! She’s been chemically preserved, so she can stay looking as vibrant and as youthful as she does on this very day and forever.”  assures Claussen proudly.

. . . Suddenly, he turns his attention back to Tiffany and states, “And you could make an excellent subject too my darling! All you have to do is let the serum overtake you. I’m sure it’s a quite pleasurable feeling, just look at Emily’s expression over there . . . I mean she looks like she’s on the verge of juicing allover again!”

   “Yung gorn du at du me?” Tiffany mumbled . . .

. . . “Yes, I can do that for you too!” assures the professor, before taking out another syringe, and filling it up with his mysterious green serum.

   Tiffany looked over at her classmate once again. Emily continued to stare off into space, with the same trippy look as before. Even her eyes looked freaky, as if they had turned gel-like and blue, instead of their normal pretty light green color. The thought of being kept here . . . like that forever, was too awful to consider! The blonde struggled against her restraints even harder, while trying to scream out in terror . . . but the ball gag kept her from doing so.

. . . “This is all you’ll need to send you on your way,” explains Claussen. “It will be quite pleasurable, I promise.”

   Tiffany jerks back and forth repeatedly, trying desperately to break free from her restraints, but it’s no use! The terrified blonde lets out one last muffled “MMPPFFHH!”  before the professor jabs and injects his special serum into the side of the girl’s twisting tush!

   Tiffany’s hands and feet outstretch to their fullest length beneath their restraints, like so many others before her. The buxom blonde suddenly arches her back up and away from the surface of the table, with her tits raised outward . . . The muscle tissue in her thighs and ass cheeks tense up, then begin twitching repeatedly in an uncontrollable reaction!

. . .  “MMMMMMPH!” . . . “MMMMMMPH!” . . . “MMMMMMPH!” . . .

   The professor watches the woman’s reaction and says rather calmly, “Don’t fight it Tiffany, just let it overtake you.”

   “MMMMMMMPPPPPH! . . .MMMMPH!” mumbles the young girl, now slamming her back against the table. Her back continues to arch, as her hips continue to buck and spasm wildly! The rhythm is so intense at this point, that the girl’s ass cheeks make a slapping noise against the cold stainless steel! “MMMMMMMPPPPPH! . . . MMMMPH!”

. . . “Come on Tiffany, you’re almost there girl!” yells Claussen from beside her.


   The professor continues to coach the teenager, as her eyes start to go wide . . . “Come on honey, you can do it!”

   There was a warm, yet distant tingling sensation traveling through Tiffany’s body: her nipples ached; there was that constant thumping sensation within her clitoris; her hands suddenly clenched as the sensation intensified even further - (all good signs that her body was yielding to the overpowering force!) The teen could feel the tension lifting out of her body, while simultaneously feeling as if her body was being somehow compressed . . .

. . . “MMMPPPH - MMPPH-MMPPH! . . . MMPPH! . . . . MMPPH! . . . . . .MMPPH!

. . . MMPPH . . . .mmpph . . . . .mmpph. . . .mmmmmmmmmmph” …. After a dramatic three minute and twelve second full-on orgasm, the sudden gyrations of the climaxing woman soon begin to fade. Tiffany’s back arches up away from the table at its hardest attempt . . . then suddenly drops back to the table: spent. Her hands and feet soon follow, dropping slack to the sides of the table.

   The professor slowly walks around the stilled figure to enjoy the sudden calm that she possessed and says, “Now see . . . That wasn’t so bad was it? Hell, your friend Emily over there lasted almost a solid ten minutes! The poor girl was covered in sweat before I cleaned her up. And that little Asian girl lasted almost as long as she did!”

   Tiffany was completely absorbed with her own contentment for the moment . . . Even her once terrified expression had now softened into the look of curious acceptance. The girl enjoyed her last few seconds of frozen bliss, before her consciousness faded off into the darkness forever . . .

   Claussen steps in closer and studies the girl’s pretty face. Satisfied with the results, the professor says, “I know the look of total gratification when I see it!”

   Jack leans over and raises Tiffany’s limp head up from the table in order to release the clasp of the ball-gag that’s holding her mouth wide open. With some minor effort, the man pries the rubber ball from within and the blonde’s mouth slowly loses its tension.

   A moment later, Claussen has his trusty shears in hand, and he makes quick work of the girl’s sea foam green colored panties: with two easy snips the waistband falls away. As the old man peels back the front panel, a sparse blonde thatch of perfectly trimmed pubic hair comes into view!

   “Ah yes! . . . A real true blonde!” notes Claussen excitedly. The man then suggests, “Well, what do you say we get you up on that conversion rack so you can get your second dose of the serum, shall we?”

   Within minutes, Tiffany Taylor is strapped into the tubular conversion rack, with all of the machines accessories: taped; strapped or even inserted in place. Although she would never realize it, the Troyer High Senior would fully accept her newly chosen destiny within the hour . . .


Claussen's Clandestine Workshop:

   It had been a considerably long weekend for Professor Jack Claussen. What had started out as a favor for a dear old friend, turned into a resourceful trip for candidates for the man’s private museum. As the professor covers up the last of his new subjects with sheeted plastic, he can’t help but smile over how well the entire plan went . . .

   Kim Kardashingly was always a little bit suspicious of her stepfather Stanley Pitt, and had believed early on that he had something to do with her mother’s sudden disappearance. Likewise, Mr. Pitt was quite sure that the recent visits from a certain “pesky” private investigator were no coincidence. When the young girl bragged to Pitt about how her real father was about to pay for an all-expenses-paid trip to Atlantic City, Mr. Pitt saw an opportunity to tie up a loose end.

   Jack Claussen would rig up Mr. Pitt’s limo so that the air system would pump tetanzing gas through the vents to paralyze the unknowing girl in place. The actual driver that was hired for the job, would be flash-frozen by Claussen’s camera, and left in the parking lot as a scapegoat. The limo would be driven back to Claussen’s house, the girl dropped off, and the limo would be returned to Pitt’s downtown business warehouse. The recently converted Leon, would be supplied to help Claussen remove the body or bodies?

   What Professor Claussen wasn’t counting on, was an entire carload of beauties being at his disposal!

   The professor wheels Tiffany towards the cooler, where she will be left to cure for the next forty eight hours or more. The man lifts the pull handle with his free hand, opening the stainless steel door, and the familiar chilly air of the cooler rushes past his legs and arms. The professor wheels his latest edition inside, and sets the cart upright in place. Jack reaches up and pulls the cord on an old circular fluorescent light above, which soon sparkles to life and illuminates the refrigerated room.

   The professor is confronted by several artificial looking girls: their hair stiff with hairspray, their faces overly painted in make up, their heads and bodies covered over with clear sheets of plastic. They all stood at attention, eagerly waiting for that one last inspection and the ultimate approval of their keeper.

   Claussen scanned over the newest arrivals much like a drill sergeant would inspect his troops. The professor noted the females were all in good order. The two males that he also acquired were standing at the end of the lineup as well.

   Moving from one captive to the next, Professor Claussen lifts the plastic covers and inspects each inhabitant inside . . .

   Claussen steps up to the first shadowy form and pulls the clear sheeting back to reveal Kimberly Kardashingly.

   Kim stood with her arms at her sides - straight as an arrow. Her glorious breasts were thrust outward and capped with golf ball sized areolas, while her slight tummy and curvy hips slightly arched forward. Her hair was stacked up high in an “up-do” style with ringlets cascading about her face . . . just as it was before. The fresh facial make-up was a bit overly done, while her expression seemed focused: as if she were concentrated on something right there before her. (This was manipulated by the professor himself, with intentions of using the girl in his newest display).

   Surprisingly, Kimberly’s crotch was shaved completely bare, and without the slightest hint of stubble. The professor didn’t care much for the look, but it wouldn’t necessarily matter for what he had in mind for her.

   “I guess your only fault was having Stanley Pitt for a stepfather,” observes Claussen. “Bad luck for you, but good news in the end for me! Welcome to your new home kiddo.”

   As the professor pulls her plastic cover back down, the girl doesn’t even bat an eyelash when the plastic sheeting slides over her . . .

The professor steps up to the second cover, where he can make out the silhouette of another endowed female beneath . . .

   Claussen pulls back this cover and reveals Emily Kingston. She stands nude and straight at attention, just as she was seen in the professor’s shop earlier. The brunette’s long straight hair still tumbled about into curls upon her bare shoulders. Her expression still held a certain glow, which most likely would be etched on the young girl’s face forever. Now going through the curing process, Emily’s smooth skin was returning back to its normal coloring, although the slight sheen would outlast even Claussen himself.

   Jack begins to laugh, as he remembers having to wipe off Emily with a towel, after spurting his love-goo all over the girls back and butt cheeks.  The old man recalls, “It seeped into every nook and cranny!”

   The professor reaches in and brushes his leathery fingers down across the young girl’s cheek and says, “Yet another satisfied customer!” He then pulls the plastic sheeting back down over her form. Emily’s firm breasts press the sheeting outward, while making her nipples implode against the inside of the plastic.

   Standing stiff beneath the last of the female covers was Nico Yano. This girl was petite, with a more athletic body than the others. The girl now sported a new hair cut that fit like a bowl around her head and she stood straight, but with her arms crossed behind her back. There was already a light coating of frost covering her features . . .

   Professor Claussen recalls just how wet the Asian’s little red panties were as he stripped them off her body . . . A result that was most likely from her after prom high jinks, with her equally horny boyfriend! He also reminisces about the impromptu hand job that the young girl had unwittingly given him, when the professor had manipulated her hand into a “gripping” pose to stroke him off!

   The old man reaches in and checks the girl’s bangs, to make sure that he got them perfectly even. Then he says, “You know, I’ve always found oriental women very attractive: the Asian facial features; the silky black hair; the slender builds; the creamy skin; and those cat-like eyes - all attributes that are extremely appealing to me. And then of course, there’s the loyalty and the dedication . . .”

   At this point, there was no doubt in the professor’s mind that this girl was dedicated!

   Satisfied with her results, the professor pulls Nico’s cover back down over her. As the old man carefully flattens the sheeting out over her body, the Asian’s small “b” cup breasts flatten against the surface of the plastic.

   Professor Claussen then approaches the last two figures in the row, and is quite amused by the constant bulges in the plastic near the groin area. “Was it from some form of frozen angel lust, or simply from the boy’s sexual activities within the limo, before the tetanizing gas over took them?” wonders Claussen.

   One thing was for sure: the professor wasn’t looking forward to having those penises near his face, when he would be measuring their inseams for their display clothing! (Claussen gets a somewhat repulsed look on his face, before turning around to head back upstairs . . .

   As the professor passes by his latest additions, (who continue to stare sightlessly outward from their makeshift cocoons), he says, “Sleep well my children, for in the morning you’ll all be getting fitted!”

. . . A moment later, Claussen turns off the fluorescent light and shuts the sealed door behind him, leaving his latest subjects standing side by side in the cold darkness.  

   Under normal circumstances, prom night is an evening most graduating seniors never forget. In this case, these students surely wouldn’t forget . . . if only they had the capacity to do so!


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