Girls under Glass (the Professor’s Secret) part 4

Mr. Pitt makes a request. . .


by zapped


   Professor Claussen dumps in another load of coffee into his machine, then digs out an old bottle of Captain Morgans to “spice it up a bit.” The old timer scans over the liquor cabinet, to make sure that he still has a spare bottle of Vodka around....then heads back downstairs to his shop.

   The professor brushes past his Two latest creations, a high school couple acquired from one of the rural parking spots. Entangled in a passionate moment just hours before, they now stand side by side in naked obedience, waiting to take their place in one of Claussen’s displays.

    Now Then, where were we?” the professor quickly scans the room with his arms pressed at his hips, as a halo of smoke fills the air. Eventually, the side profile of his favorite Honors student grabs his full attention. “Ah yes . . . but of course my dearest Velma!”

      Claussen slowly removes her pair of black, thick framed glasses, placing them on a nearby counter. He then looks deep into the young girl's big brown eyes . . . “Do you know what your eyes remind me of?”...Claussen waits for the girl to reply, but she continues to stare off over his right shoulder, dumbfounded. “They remind me of Bambi! Big and round and all twinkly.” The professor traces the girl’s soft, round jaw line, lowers his head, then whispers “I just knew you were going to have to join us.”

   The whole scene isn’t quite as innocent as it would seem, as Claussen has been slowly rubbing his other hand between the girl’s legs....a tacky wet spot has quickly taken form in her plain white underwear. He walks around to her back and unhooks her under-wire bra. He works it away from underneath her arms, and it slowly drops away from the tips of her exposed breasts. Velma’s nipples slowly rise as she stands unwittingly topless before this stranger, her nubile body waiting to be explored. Claussen digs his shears out once again, brushing the sharp blade along the outskirts of her pubic hair line.

    “ I don’t think we need the Granny panties anymore Velma,” states Claussen. The old man begins cutting them away to reveal the girls hidden treasure beneath.

   Claussen inspects the girl’s over grown pubic hair and is disappointed that he will need to be shave the girl down, before he can even consider spraying her with clear coat. He picks the girl up and takes her to his washing station, which is actually just a morgue table that he bought at an auction a few months back to speed up the body washing and (sometimes), body hair removal process . . . another item that has payed itself off.

     The professor places the girl gently on the table. He goes to a nearby cabinet and gets out his washing solutions for the third time today. He takes painstaking care while washing her body just as he does with all of the others. He scrubs every nook and crevice and even shampoos her Burgundy hair. We are going to have company tomorrow and I need you to look your very best....the girl continues to stare back at him with a blank look, but in Claussen’s mind, he knows that she understands him. He blow drys her off slowly, then examines her facial features more closely. The old man brushes his rough finger against the softness of her cheek eventually working his way to her supple lips. He looks Velma straight in the eye, then stares down at those awesome breasts. He teasingly nibbles on one, then climbs half way across the table to nibble the other, slowly working his way down to her deep naval then the crunchy hairs of her pubic arch. Her bush smells almost as fresh as Mandy’s . . . Claussen slowly trims the girl’s mound down, stroke by stroke. He turns to her and comments, “ I’ll bet that you never would have imagined that you would be lying here on your back in my studio getting your pubic hair trimmed! Well darling after all, it is a matter of proper hygiene.” He looks up at the girl’s angelic face and almost swears that he sees a slight smile come about her face.

    The professor finishes washing the hair off of her crotch area, then sticks his index and middle finger into a nearby jar of Vaseline . Slowly rubbing it between his fingers, he briefly smiles at the girl and leans in to whisper a secret to her. “ I’m not sure if you can hear me in there, but I’m sure you would thank me if there was the slightest possibility you could.” The girl stares through him knowingly with the same dumbfounded look that she has had since she arrived here, but is in no way aware of what is about to transpire.

Claussen slowly inserts his first finger into the girl’s vagina, then gradually maneuvers in the second one in. He works his fingers back and forth skillfully, as Velma’s clitoris arises to the occasion, her mound blooming like a dandelion in the spring, yet her body as a whole remains immobile. Her juices soon begin to flow, creating a sweet sticky coating all over her thighs, lower abdomen and Claussen’s leathery hand.

   From the other side of the room, Nathan begins to gain his conscience again and though he can’t see where the muffled noise is coming from directly, he does notice two shadowy figures standing in the distant corner. Again, he can’t for the life of him, recall how or why he came here.

   Then suddenly in his far right view, he notices what looks like another figure, possibly an older man, who is . . . dropping his pants down to his ankles?. . . He looks as if he is pulling a naked body towards the edge of some table. The figure is rolled over on it’s side momentarily. Then as the old man waddles away like a penguin, the figure falls completely face down on its own.

   “What. . .the hell. . . is this place?” thinks Nathan as he tries desperately to recognize his surroundings.

   Moments later, the old man returns to the table, then begins to speak to the figure once again . . .

   “Velma! I was about to say assume the position, but it appears that you are one step ahead of me!” the old man laughs, but then his mood turns a little more serious.


    Claussen lifts up the girl up by the waistline and slides a big tubular cushion under her stomach. Velma’s ass cheeks jiggle slightly, as her mid section is propped up into the air. With the look of anticipation, the horny professor mounts the prone girl, grabbing hold of her hips. He starts out slowly, fully enjoying just how tight Velma is . . . then gradually picking up his rhythm, and pushing himself in deeper and deeper.

Claussen then glances over at the frozen couple standing off to his left, who continue to wait patiently, and are unconcerned by the dalliance taking place just 10 feet away from them. He briefly “chuckles” out loud at the irony...


   Meanwhile, Poor Nathan has a birds eye view of this mad man, now picking up the pace even more, moaning loudly as he continues to slam away. The poor boy only wishes he could cringe, as he sees the figure beneath the old man bucking back and forth to his rhythm.

    Suddenly, The professor begins to twitch violently as he yells out “OH GOD YES.....YES THAT’S IT HONEY! AHHH YESSSSS!!! LET ME HAVE IT VELMA , OHHHHHHH YEAAAAH!” . . . losing his spunk both inside the girl, then on the small of her back!

    The aftershocks repeat for a few moments . . . Then, spent and out of breath, the old man hunches over “hell yes! . . . hot-dammit!” he gasps. “PHEEEEEW!”


     The professor eventually backs himself out and away from the girl, leaving his jimmy jam to dribble back out of her. He goes to get a washcloth and a fresh towel, leaving Velma lying there in a sticky puddle on the table. Her head is tilted off to the side with her mouth is slightly open, and her eyes remain as vacant as ever.

     After the professor manages to clean himself up, he redresses, then selfishly pour’s himself a fresh cup of coffee. Claussen lights up a much needed smoke, then goes back over to clean off his new found lover. He wipes the small of her back clean, then tends to her crotch and rear.

    Struggling to roll her right side up, Claussen asks the girl Was that as good for you, as it was for me darling?”

    Velma stares back from limbo, reassuring him that it was everything that she had hoped sex would be.

    “You know darling, I almost feel bad for your boyfriend over there . . . never getting to experience you like I have. He probably would’ve followed you around like a little puppy dog after that anyway . . . so it was all for the best, I’m sure” says Claussen with a smile. (He dabbles her crotch a few more times, then reaches under her arm pits a lifts her up into a sitting position, her boobs bounce back quickly into place).


   From 10 feet across the room, Nathan’s vision begins to slowly come back to him. The young man reals in horror, as he recognizes the nude figure as Velma!

  “Why the hell is she just staring ahead like that? MORE IMPORTANTLY, HOW COULD SHE LET HIM DO THAT TO HER??” . . .thinks Nathan, as he watches the old man fondle his girlfriend's breasts.


   Claussen goes and tosses the washcloth and towel into a washtub, picks up a clipboard and pen, then returns to where Velma is sitting on the table.

   “Now, Velma, I’m afraid playtime is over for now. It will take a few hours for you to go through the “process” as I affectionately call it. I have very important company coming over, and I haven’t even started on your boyfriend over there yet, so . . .” Claussen pauses mid sentence and notices something about Nathan.

 He slowly approaches the boy. . .

     “Oh crap he’s coming this way!” thinks the boy silently to himself. “Oh shit, please don’t tell me. . .he’s. . .he’s . . . he is reaching for my crotch!”

     Claussen chuckles, then asks “Nathan, is this pre-cum on your trousers?” (He then feels the boy briefly), “Get a stiffy from me working over your girlfriend over there?”

     The boy stares back vacant, and stands just as still as his girlfriend across the room, but apparently the Ansco Neutrofier Flash “effect” is fast wearing off.

     “Well, I guess I better get to work right away!” declares Claussen, as he walks off to the far side of the lab, opens up a couple of cabinets, then returns with a jar of Vaseline, a pair of sheers and what looks like it could be a doctors kit.


    Claussen begins the one way conversation; “So, that Velma . . . she’s quite the sleeper eh? You would never have guessed under all of those frumpy clothes, that she had a body like that I’ll bet!”

        Nathan stares ahead, listening intently . . .

   “So, boxers or briefs?” asks Claussen, now spreading the boys arms out away from his sides. He unzips Nathan’s jeans, and tugs them down from his waist line. “Ah, I see . . . athletic shorts.”

    Claussen picks up his shears and proceeds to cut Nathan’s pants down the sides, and away from his legs. Eventually he does the same with his briefs, leaving him standing bareassed in front of this stranger.

     “Now Nathan, I’m going to need some cooperation here.” The professor carefully lights up another smoke. He reaches into his shirt pocket and pulls out a pair of latex surgical gloves rolled into a ball. The old man stretches them into shape, then pulls them onto his hands, finger by finger, until they finally snap into place. “Don’t take this personally, but what has to be done will be done. It’s strictly business, understand son?”


    Nathan has no clue as to what this wack job is talking about . . . but expects that he’s about to find out.

    Claussen digs his fingers into the jar of Vaseline . . . the same jar used on Nathan’s girlfriend just minutes ago. He adjusts his glasses with his clean hand, squints his eyes and has a look on his face like he just had a bad taste. Stepping in behind Nathan, Claussen wraps one arm around the boy’s waist, then presses some sort of filler plug up and into him. The professor then gets down on one knee. Reaching around to the front, the professor takes Nathan’s flaccid penis, grabs hold and gives it a few yanks.

   Claussen:“Come on kid, your supposed to be young and spry . . . is that all you got?”

   Nathan stares straight ahead . . .

   Claussen pulls faster and harder, working the unit like a roll of play-do . . .

   Nathan continues to stare ahead, steadfast for quite a few more minutes. . .

   Claussen: “Come on son . . . look at your girlie over there, all tits and ass. Frozen and mindless . . .”

   Nathan notices just how beautiful she really, truly is . . .

   Claussen feels a sudden twitch in the rod . . .then another


   Nathan stares at his girlfriend, her full breasts, standing on end without the slightest hint of sag . . .

   Claussen feels more surges and the increased heat through his latex glove . . .

   Velma’s Bambi like eyes sparkling under the shop lights, her lips somewhat slack . . .


   . . .EVEN MORE SURGES. . .


   “Dammit boy, I should have had that Mandy girl suck you down, she had her lips locked around her boyfriend’s cock so tight, I had to put my back into it to pry her off !” laughs Claussen . . .

    Between the sight of his naked Velma in front of him, and the imagined vision of Mandys lips locked down tight on a penis, it was all Nathan could take . . .Just when he thought he was about to spurt a load five feet into the air . . . he felt a sudden prick in one of his ass cheeks . . . “What the....?

    Claussen tightens his grip on Nathan’s unit with all of his might, the veins looked like they were about to explode. The boy’s stomach and ass cheeks tense up solid as a natural reaction, but the chemical reaction now taking place within him, was totally unnatural! Nathan’s eyes grow wide as saucers, his whole body suddenly twitched once or twice violently, his hands thrust out to their fullest extent, his jaw dropped slightly open . . . Claussen could have sworn that the boy even rocked back and forth on the soles of his feet for a brief moment . . ., the boy lets out one loud gasp and then suddenly nothing! Not a nervous twitch, not a single surge, absolutely nothing . . . Claussen looked up at the boy from his position on his knees, then adjusted his glasses just to make sure. . .

    Nathan stares straight and wide eyed, his mouth slightly open, hands thrust outward, and his penis fully erect and loaded . . . just one spurt made it out before the suspension chemical took over his system leaving him frozen in time, with a hint of elation in his expression.


   Claussen gets up off the floor, wipes the sweat off his brow then walks completely around the boy giving him the once over. “Now see . . .I told you it wouldn’t be so bad! What had to be done, is now done. Not quite as satisfying as when my girls do it, but intense all the same!” The old man pats the boy on the shoulder, then leaves him standing behind in silence.

    The professor then approaches Velma and says “He isn’t that bad a guy really . . . I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you kids. But in the long run, I think I would take much better care of you than he could, you’ll see.” The professor leaves Velma, sitting there with confidence. . .

    The professor walks to the far side of the room, and readies the rotisserie for another conversion. . .


* * * * * * * * * * * *


    The following evening, a Jet Black Limousine cruises along Pine Hollow Road, it’s driver searching for the proper address. After several minutes, the glass divider slides open as the Lincoln pulls up in front of the desired location.

   “Mr.Pitt, are you sure this is the right location Sir?”the driver asks his Millionaire Boss.

    “Yes, yes I believe this is the place Leon.” Mr.Pitt replies, while looking over the somewhat private neighborhood and all of the surrounding vacant lots with potential for development. “Jack always was quite the eccentric character. . . quite brilliant you know. Never lived up to his potential. Foolishly chose to give back to the community by teaching. . . I do believe that he could have been quite wealthy, if he put his mind to it!”

    “But of course he could of, Sir!” the driver replies. Leon got paid very well, and would never risk questioning Mr. Pitt. The driver gets out of the Lincoln and opens the door for his boss, complete with a smile. “Should I leave the engine running Sir?”

    “No that won’t be necessary, Leon my boy” Pitt assures him. “Jack and I don’t get to chat very often.”

    The driver leads Pitt to the front door of the suburban home and rings the door bell.

    Mr.Pitt looks around casually, admiring Claussen’s choices in landscaping. “Impeccable detail in the landscaping wouldn’t you say Leon?”

    “I beg your pardon Sir?” the driver asks, caught somewhat off guard.

Mr.Pitt raises his voice slightly, then spurts out “The detail in the landscaping dammit! Old Jack Claussen always was particular about detailing! I admire that in a man.”

Leon looks around the walkway area, then quickly confirms that his boss is right with a “Yes, so I noticed Sir.”


    The door soon opens, and out pops Professor Jack Claussen, meeting his former College buddy with a hand shake and corresponding hug.

    “Well look at you Pitt, you haven’t changed since I saw you last . . . Which was what, five months ago?” (the professor pauses momentarily), “Yes, that’s right . . . at the Alumni Dinner!” Claussen looks him over, then sarcastically asks “How many more million have you made since then?”

 “Enough that I can’t keep track. . . but I’m sure my wife will get more than half of it!” jokes Pitt. He then turns to his driver, “Ah, Leon, that will be all for now son. I will ring you when my business here is settled.”

    The driver nods his head, then goes back to the Limo, giving the Two men some privacy.


    The former classmates walk through the living room of the house, then enter an adjacent study. Claussen opens up a small liquor cabinet hidden behind a large Oak desk. The professor pours his friend a large glass of Vodka, as he listens to Pitt brag on about his latest business adventures.

    Eventually, the conversation leads to the more serious matter at hand. . .

    Pitt: “Now, about what we discussed at the Alumni Dinner.”

    Claussen: “There hasn’t been any improvement with the situation?”

    Pitt: “None, In fact I’m almost positive she knows something is going on. Jack, if Josephine ever found out, and had physical proof. . . she would take me to the cleaners! She could ruin me! I have to do something, and I mean soon Jack!”

    Claussen: “Well, I do have something in mind actually. Something that may benefit us both!”

     Pitt: “How on God’s green earth, could you possibly benefit from my getting a divorce from Josephine, she’s the only one who will benefit in that situation, dammit!”

     Claussen: “Well, I have an idea. However, it will have to involve the Oath. . .”

     Pitt gasps, then squints his eyes, and his mood turns all the more serious. . . “Did you just mention the Oath, Jack?”

     Claussen: “Yes, the Oath. . . Because it’s just that good. I need you in on this 100%, and the Oath is the only way we can do it.

     Pitt: “I’m not sure about being involved with any foul play Jack.. Divorce is one thing, a bloody murder will not only send me to the poor house, it will send me to prison!”

    Claussen (laughing): “No, I’m not talking about anything like that!” (The professor takes a drink from his glass and swallows hard). “However, it is what I would consider to be. . . rather permanent.”

      Pitt: “It’s fool proof?. . . I mean you know it works for sure?”

      Claussen: “Absolutely certain,. . . 100%. In fact, I have the proof with me, in this house!”

       Pitt: “You have it here. . . In this house?”


     Claussen flashes a brief and sinister smile back at the curious man, who is now taping his fingers nervously on the edge of the large Oak desk. The professor pours himself another strong one, then nods his head in the opposite direction. “Come on with me. . . I have something downstairs in my studio that I think you should see.”

     Pitt slams down the rest of his Vodka, then follows his old friend through the house, and down into the basement with anticipation.

     The stairway empties into a family room that over looks a rather large in-ground pool in the back. A very well stocked bar is off to the side and the room as a whole, looks as if it was straight out of the playboy mansion. There is a large white leather couch with deep button tufted cushions and matching bean bag chairs in the center of the room. Wall to wall “fuzzy”red shag carpeting is a contrast to the gloss black bar top and cabinets that outline most of the area. All of the decorations adoring the walls, look as if they are from the 70's era.

   “Ah yes, the “pimp daddy” look! You know Jack, retro is big money these days. . . BIG MONEY!” Pitt exclaims, as he looks at a nearby hanging lamp that contains a miniature nude lady. Heated oil creates the illusion of water droplets that appear to spiral down around her voluptuous porcelain body.

   “Well, I am guilty of perusing Ebay on a daily basis, I’m afraid. But most of this stuff was from when my parents redid the place, back in the early 70's. I tend to think of it as, well. . . a shrine if you will.” Claussen picks out a bottle of Catawba Pink, and fills a wine glass. He offers a glass to his friend, and is politely declined. The professor places the full glass down on the bar, then turns around and picks up a collectible Lionel Locomotive and matching Coal car, moving the pieces off to the side. He then reaches under the counter and releases some sort of lever. One half of the mirrored wall behind the bar: including the shelves and shot glasses, swings inward, revealing a hidden room behind it. Claussen turns and picks up his glass of wine, then swirls it around for effect.

    “How bloody ingenious, you sneaky bastard! But why all of the secrecy Jack?” Pitt asks while trying to peer over his friends shoulder and into the darkened room.

    The professor turns to his former frat buddy with a serious look.“This my friend, is why we must use the code.”

   Pitt briefly reflects back to when he was a young lad. Eager to learn, and ready to make a name for himself in the world, Pitt found himself somewhat of an outcast on campus. He soon was asked to join an elite group, made up of other nerdy type fellows. . .they made up a secret underground society, a fraternity that they could call their own. By blood oath, they were sworn to secrecy. Pitt blurts out “Doohrehtorb noilamgyp!”

   Claussen smiles and nods his head approvingly. “Yes, that’s it. It has been quite sometime since I’ve heard those words out loud.”

   “Yes . . .yes I’m afraid it has been quite sometime, Jack.” Pitt looks at his friend waiting for an invitation to step through the door.


   “Well then, welcome to my studio Mr. Pitt.”Claussen reaches inside the door and flips the main light switch, then extends his arm out and away, as Pitt brushes by him.

   At first, the studio was somewhat disappointing. It looked more like a storage room for miscellaneous junk. Fred Sanford would surely be proud of this place! There were various pieces of outdated computers lying about, steel shelves lined with musty old magazines and dusty text books. Some sort of body sling hung from what appeared to be a modified rolling engine hoist, which was parked next to an embalmers table in the middle of the room. A traditional wood work bench, was nearby. The oddest item was some sort of rotisserie rack back in the corner, made of chrome plated tubing. It had various leather straps and what looked like some sort of headrest, like that found on the table of a masseuse. A control box with all types of buttons and switches was mounted on a sturdy steel base, which was placed to the side of the contraption. The box stood about at waistline to the two men. The frame work looked as if it was custom built, to hold one adult person.

   “Jack, what the hell is this all of this stuff?” asks Pitt, now pulling on one of the straps of the body sling, leaving it to slowly sway back and forth in midair. “ This mess looks like something I would read about in some serial comic as a young impressionable lad!” Pitt then turns to his pal with a concerned look and questions “Say, your not turning into a sadist now, are you Jack?”


   Claussen turns and sips from his glass, then replies laughing: “Not quite. . . but I would consider myself to be somewhat a collector. . .A collector of some of the finer things that you may come across in your travels if you will.”

   The professor walks over to an old office desk which has been disguised in a pile of scrap paper and envelopes, and grabs a key out of one of the drawers. He then walks to a nearby door of what looks like it could be a storage closet, and inserts his key into the lock. Once the door is opened, Claussen reaches up and pulls the chain on an old round florescent light. It blinks momentary, and briefly hints at the bodies that stand in the shadows. . .

   Claussen steps into the room, then soon rolls out a moving dolly containing an upright figure that is wrapped in clear plastic.

   Pitt can barely make out the details of the figure but can see that it has chestnut brown hair and dark red lipstick. Two hardened breasts press against the plastic sheeting, revealing that the figure is a female. Her arms are at her sides and her fingers are splayed out across her thighs.

   Claussen plants the cart upright and wobbles the figure off, leaving it standing freely in the middle of the room, still covered with plastic. The professor returns back to the closet to retrieve another figure . . .


   Pitt anxiously circles the still female figure, checking her out from the side profile, then back. Other than the slight indentation from her butt crack, her perfect ass cheeks glisten under the tight, smooth plastic. Rounding her other side, Pitt notices that her back is perfectly straight, causing her breasts to thrust themselves outward, making her nipples implode against the shiny surface. 

   Another plastic covered figure is rolled out on the cart. This one is dirty blonde and dressed as a cheerleader. She is posed in the same way as the first figure. The plastic sheet teases Pitt as to the beauty contained beneath . . .Then yet another figure is rolled out, then placed next to the cheer leader. This one is a male, as his erect member can be seen smearing into the outstretched plastic.

    Claussen sets the cart down and wobbles the male figure off, then returns to the first figure. He unhooks the single leather strap around her mid section and slowly lifts the plastic sheeting off to reveal the most perfect mannequin that Pitt has ever seen.

   Pitt gasps at the incredible figure standing before him. From her big brown eyes to her shaved crotch, this mannequin was 100% realistic in every way. Pitt looked in close at the realism fo her eye lashes, the slight freckles on her cheeks and nose area. The small raised bumps around the edges of her areolas . . .

   Claussen wets a brush at a nearby sink, then returns to comb the static from her hair, caused by the plastic sheeting. He then asks “So what do you think?”


   “GREAT SCOTT! IT’S INCREDIBLE! The realism is absolutely impeccable!” exclaims Pitt. His eyes get wider as he gets down on one knee . . . “Would you mind if I. . . .”

   “ No I wouldn’t and neither will Velma, . . . so please do!” smiles Claussen, now finished with the brushing.

The professor gives the girl a quick wink, to assure her that she is doing a good job . . .

   Pitt reaches upward and begins to feel the undercarriage of the girl, rolling her lips in his fingers like two flaps of rubber. He carefully inserts a finger up into her, and is shocked when it slips up inward to feel the wall of muscle tissue inside!

    “She feels so bloody realistic! Did you have these made from . . . What is that place I once saw on the television?” Pitt looks back at his friend, rather suspicious . . .

    “Do you mean a Real Doll?” Claussen laughs. “Well, she is a real doll, but not the kind that you can purchase on the internet . . .”

    Pitt looks back at the girl and begins to knead her breasts. They feel so natural . . . how on earth did he get them like that?. . . The old man tweaks her erect nipples, like a child playing with the dials on an old hand held radio! Rolling them between his fingers, they feel like two sewing thimbles made of rubber,.

   “So Stanley, if you don’t mind my asking . . .” (Claussen glances up to see Pitt squashing Velma’s Breasts together, towards the center of her chest) . . . “When exactly was the last time that you and Josephine were, ah . . . you know, intimate?”


Mr.Pitt: “Are you kidding Jack? That woman hasn’t let me touch her in years! Hell, we sleep in separate bedrooms in single beds for Gods sake!” Pitt stops playing with Velma’s breasts momentarily, to add: “Although she did let me feel how well her breasts came out after her first boob-job, but that was all I saw of them. I may have caught her getting out of the shower a few times, but she usually slammed the door on me.

 Claussen: “Hmm, you don’t say.” The professor begins to uncover the cheerleader figure, knowing that it should seal the deal. He pulls the clear plastic cover off, to reveal the nubile teen beneath.

   “GOOD BLOODY GRIEF JACK, SHE’S FUCKING GORGEOUS!” Pitt moves towards the cheerleading figure as his friend straightens out her ponytail, and sets it back in place.

   The figure stands straight with arms at her sides. She holds a metallic blue pom-pom in each hand. The young girl’s face holds no particular expression, but her eyelids are slightly closed, as if she has had a long day. Her outfit is dark blue, with bright yellow logos and white trim. Her curvy legs are slightly parted.

    Claussen pulls out at the edges of her sweater in the waist, then reaches through her arms and pulls her skirt up in the air to reveal her matching blue, thigh-high cut, satin panties.

    Pitt brushes his finger tips across the girls abdomen, eventually finding his way to the cleft at the bottom of her panties. The old man stares at the girls overly made up face, and she doesn’t look as if she minds the man's touch . . .

    Claussen then slowly turns the girl around from behind, revealing her perfect white sock covered calves, (the girls arms slightly wobble back and forth, but come to an abrupt halt) . . . the professor lifts up the back of her skirt to show off her tight, round ass. The bottom hemline of her panties forms a perfect bow arching across her butt cheeks.


    Pitt reaches out and strokes his hands down along the curves of her hips, then draws his thumbs in tight against the bottoms of her ass cheeks. Pressing them in several times, he gauges the tightness of her butt. “It’s bloody perfect, I tell ya!”

    The young woman stares back at Claussen unaffected, as this new stranger inspects her undercarriage.


   Claussen drops her skirt down, then turns the girl back around. An unwanted crease in the hem causes one butt cheek to peak out from under her skirt. Even though the girl doesn’t seem to be bothered, Claussen straightens the skirt out with care.

   “These dolls are real people . . . Couldn’t you tell by just the way they felt?” asks Claussen, now picking some pesky lint from the girls right shoulder.

   “I thought they looked realistic Jack . . . but I figured with the technology they have today, who knows? But this is bloody fantastic work, my man! So are they alive, or dead? ” Pitt walks over and presses his fingers against the plastic covering the male figure.


  Claussen senses Pitt’s curiosity and uncovers the third figure, revealing a young man who is obviously in an aroused state. Like the others, he stands stiff with his hands at his sides, and has no particular expression on his face, just apparently content with simply “being”.

    Pitt looks in close at the bleach blonde “Hello in there? Don’t you know it’s just not safe to go around carrying a loaded pistol my son?” He then places two fingers out straight and taps the end of the boy’s member causing it to bounce up and down like one of those old coil spring door stops. Pitt chuckles at the reaction of the penis and the subsequent non-reaction of the boy. He tries the stunt several more times before losing interest

   Claussen watches his friend play with his new found toy, with amusement . . .


   “How in bloody hell do you do it to them Jack . . .AND SUBSEQUENTLY GET AWAY WITH IT AS WELL?” Pitt walks around to the back side of the boy and presses a finger against one butt cheek, which barely implodes . . . then walks back to the blonde and lifts up her skirt to check out her pristine little rump once again. “I would imagine somebody must be out there looking for them. And how did you get them to agree to do this?” Pitt then notices just how silky smooth the girls skin is . . . “And this sheen, how did you get this bloody sheen on them? I mean, these models all seem very young and in their prime. Surely you must have had waivers and such . . .”

    Sensing The business man might be asking too many questions, Claussen quickly changed the focus of the conversation: “Well Pitt, some things are best left unexplained . . . but what you should be asking, is how all of this might help you and apply to your situation!”

Pitt: “I’m not sure . . . what are you suggesting Jack?”

Claussen: “What I’m talking about, is creating a Mrs. Pitt living doll . . .” Claussen walks over to behind Velma, and begins slowly stroking her hair. Eventually, the professor’s hands glide down the girls arms , ending at her splayed hands. He has a sly smile on his face . . .

Pitt: “You mean you could prepare my Josephine . . .too be like one of these?” Pitt points to the blonde cheerleader . . . then with curiosity, he pries the girls lips slightly apart, to check out her pearly whites.

Claussen: “Yes . . .and fully functional, limited only by your imagination of course.”

Pitt: “But, can it be permanent? . . .I mean, what if she were to ever come out of it . . .”

Claussen: “ I have ways of making it permanent.” Claussen nods his head into the direction of the tube framed rotisserie in the shop corner.

Pitt: “But, how much would such a thing cost . . .and how could I get away with it . . .people would ask questions Jack”

Claussen: “Well, this is what I’m thinking.” ( The professor picks up his glass of wine once again) . . . “Everybody knows that you two don’t get along.”

Pitt nods his head in agreement.


 “Suppose, you bring Josephine back here some night for a friendly meal between old friends. I catch her off guard . . . freeze her. We put her in some naughty poses with the pool boy . . .get the pictures into the wrong hands, she runs off with pool boy to Panama, or wherever, end of story. You get to bang your secretary happily ever after . . . What was her name?” asks Claussen.

Pitt: “Elaine . . .a fiery young lady, yes!”

Claussen: “Yes . . . and not a bad looker either!”

Pitt: “Yes! She’s quite a tomcat in bed as well. She insists on using sponges though . . .She had me fly them in when we had an affair in Japan . . .cost me a fortune! But seriously you think this plan could work? How would I get the pool boy? What would I do with them afterwards Jack?”

    “Well, I think I could find a place to store her in my private collection room. I think I can supply a pool boy as well” says Claussen, nodding his head in the direction of the recently acquired male doll.

Pitt: “You mean you have more of these so-called dolls Jack? Where? I would bloody love to see them Jack!”

Claussen: “No, no . . . you have seen far more than enough already Pitt. Besides . . those are for my viewing pleasure only, sorry.”

Pitt: “Yes, very well then.” Pitt looks back at the Blonde in wonder.” How much would you have to have for one of these Jack?”

Claussen: “Well . . . I have never sold any of my doll’s, really. I may be willing to part with Mandy there, she is replaceable. (Claussen nods in the direction of the helpless cheerleader). However, I wouldn’t sell Velma here, period!”

Pitt: “$50,000 for the cheerleader!”

Claussen: “ Yeah right. . .Have you ever smelled that girls pussy?” Claussen walks over and yanks the blonde girl’s panties down from under her uniform, and to her knees. “Go ahead, get a handful!”

   Pitt slides his finger up into the girl, works it around and slides it back out. As he is about to smell his finger, he looks at the blonde’s young unblemished face. She stares back at him as if to ask “Well, how do I smell?” Pitt smells his finger then exclaims “Dammit, you’re a freaking genius Claussen!”

. . .the girl almost seems as if she has a slight glow after meeting the business man’s approval.

Pitt: “$75,000!”

Claussen: “No. But, I’ll tell you what I will do. $100,000.00, and I keep Josephine. You get the cheerleader, and her former boyfriend here.” (Claussen rubs the shoulders of the frozen male form) . . . “I will only sell them as a couple.”

Pitt: “But what will I do with the boy? . . . “I don’t even want him!”

Claussen: “ Think of this . . . The next time we have a fraternity meeting, you can have these two posed as living statuary in the corners of the room! You will be the hit of the frat!”

Pitt: “Yes . . .Yes , and I could surely use her for . . . well when Elaine isn’t around. She is always hanging around with those friends of hers . . .and that Jerry fellow, dammit!”

Claussen: “Yes, Mandy would be quite useful at times.”

Pitt: “ Very well. I will make arrangements to have dinner here next week. I will present a check for one hundred thousand at that time, and will have two plexiglass booths custom built for my new toy’s here . . .Please be a good chap and get in touch with my carpenter with the measurements of the statues. By the way, he is connected, so there wont be any problems.” Pitt hands him a card with the name ‘Monster Bob/ master carpenter’.

Claussen: “Hey, I wonder if Monster Bob is any relation to Monster Joe, the towing guy?”

Pitt: “Could very well be his brother . . .why do you break down a lot?”

Claussen: “No, but after awhile, I do get a collection of vehicles out back that I . . .uh, need removed!”

Pitt: “Oh, but of course . . .the victims cars!”

Claussen: “Well, yeah, they do tend to accumulate after awhile. I don’t need to raise any suspicions!”

Pitt: “Right, good thinking old chap! Very well then . . .” Pitt pulls up the back of the defenseless cheerleaders skirt one more time before he leaves, and grabs hold of her ass. “I will be looking forward to seeing you again soon . . . my enchantress!”

Claussen : “Her name is Mandy . . . Mandy Pepperidge. The boy’s name is Josh.”

Pitt: “Right . . .well, I suppose I should get going. Leon must be dozed off in the car by now . . .”


   The two shake hands once again at the entrance door. Then Mr.Pitt makes his way to his limo, only to find Leon fast asleep at the wheel. The old man bangs on the window, awakening his faithful driver from his slumber . . .

   “Get up Leon dammit! I have places to go and people to see! One of these days I’m gonna head south of the border and get your replacement!

   “Yes Sir!” says Leon, as he quickly exits the car and grabs the door for his boss. The Limo backs out of the driveway shortly after, and screeches its tires on off down the road . . .

   Claussen heads back to his basement, and returns his latest creations to the storage room. One will wait for her time for display, and two others will wait for their new owners return. Jack then heads back up stairs to find his pictures from the Alumni dinner, and of the elegant Josephine . . .


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


      Several nights later, Mr. Stanley Pitt returns, only this time he is driving his personal Lexus. The slick black luxury model pulls into the driveway at 119 Pine Hollow Road. The driver quickly exists his side and lets his wife out of the passenger side, Then grabs a leather briefcase from the back seat. The old man’s heart is beating faster by the minute.

   Inside the house, Professor Jack Claussen checks over his equipment, his heart beats faster by the minute as well, but his trousers stir with anticipation . . .

   Mrs.Pitt’s hi-heeled shoes click-clack up the stone walkway with purpose, as the married couple approaches the house.

 Mrs.Pitt: “Now Stanley , why did you say the driver wasn’t working tonight?”

Mr.Pitt: “I didn’t say that Leon wasn’t working, I said that the Limo wasn’t working! There was no sense in Leon driving my personal car, so I gave him the evening off!”

Mrs.Pitt: “But honey, couldn’t you just get another Limo?”

Mr.Pitt: “Yes, but we were going to a personal dinner at an old friends house . . . it would be rude to arrive in the Limo.”

Mrs.Pitt: “Bah . . . To hell with you and your manners! Does it say anything about screwing your secretary in your office, and leaving her dirty panties in your bottom desk drawer?”

Mr.Pitt: “What, you found those?! What did I tell you about snooping in my office, dammit?!!”


Mr. Pitt: “ OK now honey bunches, let’s not act crazy!”

Mrs.Pitt: “Don’t tell me how to act you bastard!”

Mr.Pitt: “Please, peaches, I have known Jack for an awfully long time . . .please don’t embarrass me!”

Mrs.Pitt: “Embarrass you? That’s the least of your worries! I will take you to the cleaners!! Tomorrow morning I’m going to see my Lawyer and put the screws to you once and for all!”

Mr.Pitt: “Please, honey . . . just behave yourself!”

Mrs.Pitt: “You better not plan on staying and talking about your good ole days, cause’ your good ole days are finally over, period! And besides, that Jack Claussen creeps me the hell out! Every time we see him he is staring at me like some piece of meat! If he so much as looks at me in the wrong way once, That’s it!”

Mr.Pitt rings the doorbell, and before he gets a chance to return a reply . . . the door opens.


Claussen : “Well hello Stanley! ( with a hand shake), and hello to you Josephine! ( in his most deepest, and worst Don Juan voice) Claussen gives an unwelcome hug, then his eyes mistakenly drift to the cleavage that is spilling out of the top of her little black cocktail dress!

Mrs.Pitt fakes a smile and clears her throat. She then flashes the smile of death at her husband!

“Ah yes, well what will you be serving us this evening Jack?” asks Mr.Pitt, now beginning to sweat. The old man grabs a wine glass from the kitchen table, and shakes it in the air, motioning to ‘get out the drinks’.

   Josephine gives her husband another dirty look, then plants herself in the corner of the living room, away from the two men. She quickly notices that her dress is far too short for the occasion, and attempts to pull it down over her tanned thighs.

Claussen: “Ah yes, well I have chicken cordon bleu and twice baked potatoes . . .ah, wrong glass Stanley,” Claussen says under his breath, “That’s the wine glass!” he repeats . . .

Mr.Pitt: “I know what glass it is you fool! Fill it with Vodka . . . Pitt looks around the corner and into the living room for his wife, where she is now primping her stacked raven hair. The old man returns to the kitchen and whispers “I have been trying to call you all week! Where the hell have you been dammit?! Are we going to do this tonight or what?”

Claussen: “You’re the one that’s a fool! Try keeping it down! Everything is going as planned . . .just stay calm and don’t blow it! There are some welding goggles on the counter . . .you will have to put those on when it is time!”

Mr.Pitt: “Welding goggles! How the hell am I going to explain welding goggles at the dinner table, dammit!” Pitt returns to the living room to his lovely wife of the last 30 years . . .

Mr.Pitt: “Hi snook-um’s, is everything ok darling?”

Mrs.Pitt: “Did he say twice baked potatoes and chicken cordon bleu? What the hell is this, Friendly’s? Where the hell is his cook? Where are the servants?

Mr.Pitt: “Shush . . .!”

Mrs.Pitt: “Don’t you Shush me Stanley!”


Suddenly the two stop in horror . . .

Mrs.Pitt lowers her voice and whispers: “Stanley, is that a microwave I hear? You know I don’t eat anything that has been in a microwave!”

Mr.Pitt: “How would you know what a microwave sounds like? You have had servants waiting on you everyday of your life since you married me!”

Mrs.Pitt: “Your going to wish your fat ass was in the microwave, when I get through with you . . .”

Mr.Pitt: “I should have known better than to marry an Italian woman, always looking for a reason to argue, and you never back down! Your almost 50 and you still think you have something to prove!”

Claussen: “Dinner is ready, you two love-birds!” Claussen walks in the living room to find the two with big warm inviting smiles as they affectionately hold each others hands. “Come on, you don’t want it to get cold.”

Mrs.Pitt: “Your going to pay for this Stanley Pitt!”

   Mr. Pitt just smiles and tries to pretend everything is perfectly normal . . .

   As the couple walks into the kitchen, Josephine’s butt wags back and forth in time with her high heels clacking across the hard wood floors. Her husband politely pulls out a chair for his wife, and she mumbles a “Thank you Dear.”


   Claussen approaches the couple at the table and sets down several well prepared plates with the proper garnishes to boot. As he leans over to serve Josephine’s plate, he once again gets a bird's eye view down the top of the woman’s dress.

   Mrs.Pitt smirks at Claussen, and under her breath asks “Do you like what you see?

Claussen: “I beg your pardon, Josephine?”

Mrs.Pitt: “I said, I can’t wait to eat . . .this delicious meal.” She then gives her husband a swift kick with the edge of her heel, under the table.

   Pitt almost chokes on his drink, but sucks it in . . .

 Claussen “Ah, so . . . Stanley, did you tell Josephine about our little business venture that we are about to jump into?”

   Mr.Pitt begins to choke on his Vodka once again, prompting a “Honey are you alright?” from his wife, followed up by a brief back rub.

   “Oh, THAT . . . yes the . . . welding goggle venture. No I don’t believe I did actually. . .did I honey?” Mr.Pitt looks puzzled at Claussen, then assuredly at his wife.

Mrs.Pitt: “No Jack, we have an agreement not to discuss business at the table. In fact, we don’t ever discuss it at all. He is in charge of making the money, I’m am in charge of spending it!” The older woman cackles her sexy laugh, then runs her hands over the swells of her breasts, making sure everybody in the room knows that her boobs are paid for. She then turns to her husband and asks “Welding? Isn’t that an industrial type job? Is there any money in that honey?”

Mr.Pitt: “Well actually, you have MIG welding, TIG welding, arc welding, Plasma cutting, cutting torches.”

   “Please stop, like I wanted to really know!” Josephine hisses.


   Claussen, sensing it is time, picks up a pair of welding goggles for himself, then hands a second pair to Mr.Pitt.

    “In fact, here are a couple of prototypes,” the professor says, then offering a pair to Josephine. She just politely nods her head no.

   Mr.Pitt tries his pair on first, and his wife cackles out another laugh, which turns into a nicotine rasp. The joke soon gets old though, and he is asked to take them off.

  “Stanley, take those ridiculous things off, you look very foolish! I’m embarrassed to be sitting next to you!” Mrs.Pitt makes a ‘pissed off’ look, then shakes her head in disgust. “ You always manage to mess up a evening out . . . Thank God we aren’t out in public!” She looks up to see Claussen approaching the table with an old fashioned model camera.. “Please don’t encourage him Jack.”

Claussen: “Oh come on, just for old times sake!”

Mrs.Pitt: “Seriously Jack, I don’t like getting my picture taken!” Josephine scoops up a load of green peas to ignore the man. “I said, DON’T TAKE MY PICTURE!”

Mr.Pitt puts his arm around his wife, and she manages to force an exaggerated smile, while balancing a scoop of peas . . .




   In an instant, Josephine Pitt is completely frozen!

   Her husband watches, as the photo-negative effect washes over his wife, then gradually recedes back away from her, leaving her sitting there with that big exaggerated smile on her face, still holding a spoon of steaming peas . . . “Is it safe to take the goggles off now Jack?”

Claussen: “Yes Stanley, it is perfectly safe now.”

   Mr.Pitt yanks his goggles off, then looks over his newly suspended wife. He waves a hand in front of her face, then nudges her shoulder. “Oh boy is this great!” . . . He then nudges her slightly harder, causing her to fall off to the side and “thump” onto the chair beside her. The woman’s peas go scrambling across the hardwood floor. “Jack Claussen, you’re a total friggin’ genius!” The old man quickly gets up from his chair and grabs Josephine under the armpits and uprights his wife beside him. Several black ringlets of hair dangle over the woman’s face. The spoon remains in her grip, however it is turned at an impossible angle to eat from. Pitt scoops up the spilt peas, dumping them back onto his wife’s plate, then continues to look over his newly suspended wife with curiosity . “This is permanent right?”asks Mr.Pitt, as he manipulates his wife’s head, to look over her shoulder.

Claussen: “Well yeah, eventually it will be. The camera only suspends them in time for a couple of hours. She will have to go through the conversion process on the rack, and then be coated with enamel. The process takes several hours Stanley.”

Mr.Pitt cuts up his twice baked potato, loads up a mouthful, then tries to speak: “Yeahm . . .munch, munch . . .I, . . . want to be there for that Jack, munch, munch . . mm.”

Claussen: “Nope. No way, the deal was $100,000 plus Josephine for the couple. I’m the only one present for the conversion.”

Mr.Pitt: “Well I get to at least see the results right?”


Claussen: “That could be arranged.” The professor begins to visualize what Josephine will look like, standing there, totally still in his shop . . .what she has under that little black dress she has on . . .If she still gets damp between the legs at her age? Quickly, Claussen tries to contain his arousal . . .then decides to speak up. “Maybe we should take her downstairs, just incase somebody shows up.”

Mr.Pitt: “Are you kidding? . . . and miss my meal? She can wait. Besides, it’s not like she has any place to go!” The two begin laughing in unison, as Pitt reaches over to pat his wife’s hand that rests in her lap. “Isn’t that right dear?”

   Josephine continues to smile vacantly in agreement . . .


* * * * * * * * *


   Several hours later, The men have parted ways. Mr.Pitt has driven off in a drunken stupor to meet his secretary at her apartment in Manhattan. He has made arrangements to have his doll couple delivered in wooden crates to his house in the Hampton’s, until the custom plexiglass booths are completed for them. He has also signed a check for $100,000 American, to cover the costs of his recent purchases.

    Meanwhile, Claussen quickly loads his dinner plates into the dishwasher, with anticipation of the night ahead. Eventually, he heads down to his shop to find his most recent addition patiently standing in the middle of the room.

 Claussen: “Well, dearest Josephine . . .been waiting here long? I’m quite sorry about that, as I had to clean up. I do however, think it will be worth your wait!”

    The former Mrs.Pitt stands at attention with her left arm at her side, and the right still raised and pinched as if she is holding the spoon, her face still retains that ridiculous smile. There is about a 3 inch spread between her incredibly perfect legs, bringing attention to her “jacked-up” ankle strapped heels. A slight amount of cleavage works it’s way out of the low cut neck of her dress. The bodice section clings to an imperfect, yet still sexy waistline. The back of the dress, is soft and clingy enough to leave a minor sink line, at the small of her back and down between her ass cheeks.


   Claussen circles his latest catch, eyeing her up and down . . . “Well first, lets get that foolish smile off there.” The man begins to manipulate her facial features with skill, like so many creations before her. The man eventually settles on the “deer in the headlights look”, to show off her big dark eyes. She looks almost befuddled, in her expression. “Wait . . .” says Claussen, to the woman. He tilts the woman’s head slightly back, then manipulates her out stretched arm back to her side. The old man arranges each of her fingers to be in a perfect row and out at a perfect 45 degree angles from her sides. He steps back several feet to double check the look . . .a sudden stirring in his pants confirms her approval! “Well, my darling Josephine. After all of those Alumni dinners that I had to sit through, having to glance quickly at your cleavage, or searching for the slightest hint of a panty-line . . . Imagining what you would look like with your evening gown, lying in a careless pile at your feet. The numerous cookouts at your home in the Hampton’s. . . watching you glide around the pool, and flirting with all of the younger men with your wispy sarong, just waiting to catch a glimpse of what your little one piece bathing suit may have failed to cover beneath. And now, you’re right here in front of me, and at my disposal!

   Josephine remains perfectly still and stares back bewitched, as if to confirm the fact . . .

   Claussen cups the woman’s tilted face with one hand, and rubs her cheek with his free thumb He notices that her tanned skin is slightly weathered, probably from two many years in the sun. The cigarettes didn’t help either. But what he has in mind should cover that. The professor brushes several black ringlets away from her face, then proceeds to run both of his hands down from the woman’s shoulders, gliding over her browned arms, and finally comes to a rest at her hip bones. He circles around to her back side and slowly rubs her full ass until he decides to lift her dress up for a sneak-peak.

There is enough slack in the dress to allow the man to lift it upward without disturbing the woman’s arms. Claussen is surprised to see a black garter belt with nude stockings and a matching satin G-string. The nude back panel, gives you a slight hint of the tush beneath. Claussen sticks a finger under each side of the elastic bands clinging to her fanny, and pulls upward giving the woman a slight wedgie. He notices that her butt cheeks are slightly caved in on the sides, but accepts this considering the woman’s age.

“Imagine, a woman your age wearing a g-string!” Claussen gives her a slight smack in the ass, causing her stiffened body to rock back and forth . . .

The professor quickly grabs her, then holds her by the waist to steady her. “I’m sorry about that darling.” The professor wipes his brow, then continues: “You may be older, but you can still run with the best of them . . .Can’t you Josephine?”

Claussen kneels down, then starts at her heels and feels his way upward with his hands outstretched. The humps on the backs of her calves are the most perfectly proportioned he has ever seen. The man spends several moments stroking the backs of her legs until standing upright once again. He steps in close to her back, his hardening member coming to rest between valley like crease of her butt cheeks. From behind he reaches around through her arms, which protest slightly, and feels her slight tummy, working his hands in bigger and bigger circles, until finding her breasts. “Hmm, They are slightly hard, but they don’t seem to be sagging at all . . . They definitely feel good though.”

Claussen pulls himself in tighter, and begins to grind his aching member against the woman’s backside. It is then that he notices the zipper that runs down the backside of the dress. He slowly zips it down, until it reveals the small of the woman’s back. He plucks the two spaghetti straps up and outward sending them tumbling down the woman’s tanned arms. The light dress as a whole, cascades down over the woman coming to a rest at her hips. Claussen rolls the dress down around her mid section, pulling it over her tush, then lets it drop to her feet below.

The 40-something body beneath, is finally revealed . The professor unhooks the french bra next, peeling it away from the woman’s breasts. Josephine’s boobs, capped by little blueberry type nipples slightly drop, and fall off to the sides. Hmm her stomach area could use some work, thinks the old man. He then pulls up on her garter belt, and pulls out the waist band on her black panties. The professor gets a glimpse of her overgrown bush and notices a scar from a C-section at some point.

“Well darling, it looks like a trim job for you!” Claussen takes her silent staring as a yes. “Well Josephine, I must say,” (The professor brushes away another hanging hair ring away from her face), “For pushing Fifty, you are one foxy broad!” You have some minor trouble spots, but I believe I can make you into something special with a little work! But before I can preserve you, you have a little homework to do.”


   Claussen leaves the woman standing there in just her panties and garters, as he heads off to the closet to bring out her new partner. Moments later, the professor returns wheeling a moving cart containing one of his figures. The old man removes the ratchet strap from the figures mid section, then pulls the cover off to reveal another victim from the parking spot. It is the guy named Nathan.

“Now, Nathan. This is your chance to pay me back for preserving both you and your girlfriends youth forever. This is Josephine here. She is about to join our little display room. However, she is going to need your help getting there. In the next couple of hours, you two will get to know each other really well”. Nathan stares ahead blank, but with confidence that he can get the job done. Claussen continues:“Yeah, I know kid . . .she is probably old enough to be your mother, but look at her! She’s hot! Wait a minute, haven’t you ever seen the graduate?”

Nathan continues to draw a blank . . .

“Probably before your time.” Claussen pauses momentarily, giving the suspended boy time to respond.“Well anyway, a good movie. And always remember, an older woman will always appreciate the effort! Now, let’s get to work!”

   Several hours later, Claussen has a mass of dirty pictures spread about his work table. The dirty old man picks and chooses the ones that will incriminate the best. All of the pictures look realistic enough to fool even the couples most skeptical friends. Claussen gets up, and walks out to his family room in the basement, where he left the two new found lover’s just moments ago . . .


   Taking in the scene before him, Claussen revells in his own creativity; the empty champagne bottle on the floor, a second one still on ice, scattered rose pedals mixed in with clothing tossed carelessly about . . . Josephine remains bent over doggy style in front of the couch, her eyes are wide open as if somebody, or something snuck up behind her, yet her face remains emotionless. Nathan is hunched over and still inside her, his hands are gripped around her waistline to be able to pull her back and forth with full force.

   “Well kids, I’m afraid that playtime is over” states Claussen, now reaching under Nathan’s armpits to pull him back and away from his new found lover. The boys member bobbles slightly as it slips out of the woman who is over 30 years his senior. Claussen places the male doll on its back on the floor, and attempts to straighten his arms and legs to allow him to be placed back on the nearby moving cart. Once Nathan is returned to storage, Claussen returns for Mrs.Pitt.

“Now, Josephine darling, I have a another special treat for you!” The woman is soon wheeled into the conversion area to under go a process that will preserve her youth, like no other . . .


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