Guessing Game

by BigBird
Manip by BigBird

Denise was growing tired of the Megan’s games. But since Megan was a witch, and Denise is now a wind up doll, she doesn’t have much choice but to play along. Denise came here knowing that Megan had used her magic to capture her friend Tiffany. She intended to force Megan to restore Tiffany to her normal form. That plan somewhat backfired when Megan changed Denise into a doll, but there was still hope left.

The rules of the game are simple. Denise must figure out what object Tiffany has been transformed into. If she can do that before her own key winds down, both girls will be set free. If not then both girls are will forever remain in their new forms. It wasn’t a good deal, and so Denise never agreed to it. Unfortunately for her, the terms were non-negotiable. So the doll searches frantically for her friend inside Megan’s games room.

It had taken many precious minutes, but the doll had managed to piece together a jigsaw puzzle hoping that Tiffany had been transformed into that. Denise robotically placed the final piece into the puzzle and waited a moment, hoping that Tiffany would simply appear before her.

“Uh-oh, Denise. Looks like that wasn’t Tiffany, and it looks like you’re almost out of time. Feeling stiff yet?” Megan mocked.

Denise was feeling very stiff. Her key was almost fully wound down now. The game was almost over, and she was becoming very scared. Where was Tiffany? Horrified at the prospect of remaining a doll forever, Denise looked pleadingly towards Megan. She had less than a minute left.

“Do you want a hint?” Megan mused as she fidgeted with her micro-skirt, just barely revealing her panties underneath. “I love alliteration. You’re Denise the Doll. Tiffany starts with ‘T’. Think like me and my fascinations. Look at your own cute outfit and see the last hint. It’s plainly obvious.”

“My cute outfit?” Denise thought. “Yeah, right. You stripped me of my clothes and dressed me up in this ridiculous lingerie. The shamelessness of the clothes you put me in is the worst part of this whole ordeal. I don’t want to parade around in my underwear for your amusement. Wait… that’s it. Tiffany starts with T, and a type of lingerie is a ‘teddy’. You changed me into a doll and Tiffany into this teddy bear!”

With very slow movements and the last of her strength, Denise bent over and clutched the teddy bear. Hoisting it up, Denise tried to plant a plastic kiss on the bear’s fuzzy face. She slowly brought the bear towards her lips. She HAD to caress its mouth with hers, or else both girls would remain trapped as toys! But Denise’s movements were excruciatingly slow and only became slower as the bear drew closer. Just a few more inches. Just a couple. Just one more. Annnnnnnndd……….success! The doll planted one small peck on the bear.

With that, Denise’s key stopped moving and so did Denise.

Then nothing happened. Nothing at all. The kiss didn’t seem to break any spell on the teddy, and Denise couldn’t move at all. She was still a slave to her key.

“Tsk, tsk. You came so very close, Denise” Megan chided as she hiked her own skirt up. “But I turned Tiffany into my thong. I just wanted you to kiss me…down there.” Sigh. “I wanted it to be voluntary, but I guess I’ll just have to settle for ordering you to do it. On the bright side, we can do this over, and over and over and over…”

“NO! NO! No you crazy bitch!” the powerless doll mentally wailed. “I’m not a wind up slave! I don’t want to be part of your sexual perversions. I don’t want to wear these ridiculous outfits. I don’t want to have these modifications to my body enlarge my breasts and shrink my waist. I don’t want to feel like my torso is a plastic corset! Turn me back! Turn me back now!”

As bad as Denise thought she had it, the mental screams from poor Tiffany the Thong were far, far worse.


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