Happy Anniversary

by Zero

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'.
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Authors' Note: We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!


ITEA HQ, London, England

            Tucker casually tapped the tip of the Wand of Kronos against the side of the building five times as he walked in, freezing time. Tucker had been wearing street clothes but he practically tore them off as he walked towards the entrance, enjoying the liberation. The lobby was fairly empty, only having the receptionist and a single guard present as far as Tucker could see, which suited him fine.

            “Hi there, appointment to see booty?” inquired Tucker at the reception desk. Camille Lambert was behind the desk, sitting frozen like a waxwork in her chair; she was clad in a white short-sleeved blouse and a black skirt with pantyhose, her dark brown hair in a ponytail. The receptionist had her right leg swung over her left and held a cheesy pulp novel in her left while her right rested on her knee, a smile on the French woman's lips. “Cool, I'll go right in then,” chuckled Tucker.

            “Oh, watch out there stone face,” warned Tucker as he passed Carmen Pared, who was standing with her hair in a Dutch braid, dressed in her security fatigues. Carmen had her weapon hanging over her right shoulder and her hands were on her hips, her face frozen while looking stern. Amused at the solemn guard, Tucker couldn't help but steal a kiss before moving past her, through the screening equipment, and towards the elevator.

            Tucker was going to ride the elevator up, but stopped when he noticed he wasn't alone in the car. Standing towards the back, in a tan tank top and a black and white striped skirt, was Chita Francisco. She stood motionless with her right hand holding a tablet computer, her left index finger touching the screen. The Latina was wearing pantyhose and black heels, her curly hair let down but with sunglasses up on top of her head. Chita's red lips smiled as she gazed fixedly at her pad.

            “Breaking bulletin... I'm going to bang you,” announced Tucker, prying the device from Chita's hands and casually throwing it into the corner of the elevator. Next, Tucker knelt down and began to work down Chita's skirt, pantyhose and dark underwear all in one go, revealing a full bush that none the less looked groomed. The tank top and bra went next, revealing a nice pair of breasts that Tucker began to squeeze as he thrust himself against the frozen journalist, her arms ending up partially around his back as a result.

            “Oh hell yes,” grunted Tucker a few minutes later as he finished, pulling out and moving to press the button to take him up to the second floor. Tucker then pulled down Chita's sunglasses so they covered her eyes. As the elevator finished moving, however, the slight sway made Chita tip over sideways, leaving the naked journalist to land on her right side, her arms still outstretched and the sunglasses over her eyes.

            Exiting out onto the second floor, Tucker began to search the science wing, looking for one scientist in particular. There were several people in lab coats, though some had dressed more casually, even though experiments were being conducted. Tucker passed one lab where there was a large flame coming from a burner on a table apparently being used to cook to contents of a test tube; Tucker was a bit tempted to meddle, but avoided temptation. Finally Tucker found a section of the wing that contained the person he was looking for, and he entered.

            The lab had an outer area and a clean testing space inside, reached through a pair of open glass doors. A pair of women were standing in the outer area, looking at the inner one through a large clear window. One woman, a short-haired brunette, was holding a CyPad while the other, a woman of the same height with long black hair, held a clipboard. Tucker recognized the lab-coat-wearing women as being Katie Grant and Makeda Getachew, but they weren't the one who Tucker was after. “Ladies,” greeted Tucker as he strode past the frozen scientists to enter the room they were observing.

            Marika Bran was standing in front of a queen-sized bed with a stainless steel metal frame and then white everything else, from the sheets to the blanket to the pillows. Marika was wearing a lab coat and had her hair up in a gelled bun, a black blouse underneath it as well as tan dress pants; red shoes were on her feet. Marika was bent over, having been in the middle of making the bed, her gaze and expression holding a look of boredom.

            “Not sure what this experiment of yours was for, but I think I'm going to use it to test how long I can go for,” grinned Tucker, pushing Marika over. The blonde collapsed on her left side and Tucker carefully started removing her lab coat, the blouse and bra going next. Soon the Finnish beauty was entirely naked as Tucker maneuvered himself under the sheets, managing to roll Marika on top of him. Once Marika was perched on top, Tucker used his knees to lift the blonde up and down, also placing her hands behind his neck and molding a bright smile onto her beautiful mouth. Even as Marika's lower half bounced up and down, Tucker stole a few kisses from the married woman's lips.

            A few minutes after finishing, Tucker got around to moving Marika away, pushing her out of the bed so she thudded on the floor. Not content with leaving the blonde as she was, Tucker then climbed out of the bed and dragged the frozen woman over next to Katie and Makeda, placing her arms around their shoulders while leaning forward, a beaming smile still on her face. “That'll be fun to explain later,” chuckled Tucker as he left the lab, and indeed the floor.

            Taking the elevator up to the top floor, Tucker exited and began to search for his next conquest. Eventually Tucker walked into an office belonging to Team Alpha and spotted two ideal women for his goal. The first was Ariel Landry, the tan blonde leaning with her right hand against a desk, her left holding a cup of coffee to her lips. She was garbed in a tight brown sundress, her blonde hair down and loose with black heels on her feet; the French woman's gaze indicating she was very relaxed. Nessa Kelly meanwhile, was seated behind the desk, her brown hair in a ponytail while she was wearing a brown leather jacket over a black T-shirt, jeans on her legs, and high-top brown leather boots on her feet. Nessa sat with a yogurt cup in her right hand, her left holding a full spoon towards her open mouth.

            “Is it wrong to want to double dip?” Tucker rhetorically asked as he casually removed the mug, yogurt cup and spoon from their respective hands, casually tossing them all on the floor. The office had two desks, which did interest Tucker, but there was also a large red couch. Tucker started with Ariel, standing her upright and peeling the dress off of her shapely body to reveal she'd actually gone commando. Popping the blonde out of her heels, Tucker then walked her over to the couch with her arms more or less at her side. Next, Tucker carefully wheeled Nessa out from behind her desk and towards the couch. Following this, Tucker carefully sat down on the couch and pulled Ariel nearer to lie on top of him horizontally, wrapping her arms around him. Nessa was then pulled even closer and leaned forward, her open mouth and extended hand managing to fit around Tucker's erect member. With his left hand, Tucker was able to move Nessa's stiffly posed head up and down while his right cradled Ariel, whom he began to kiss on the lips and nipples.

            As Tucker finished, Nessa's chair suddenly came out from underneath her and the Irish girl fell forward, ending up on her back on the floor. Tucker proceeded to then stand up with Ariel in his arms, spin her around, and drop her down on the couch onto her back. “Irish and French-Canadian...” noted Tucker. “Best poutine ever.”

            Leaving the Team Alpha office, Tucker felt he had a bit more left in him, though he also wanted to find a computer he could use. After scanning the analyst area as well as a few more team offices, Tucker discovered an office in the back with a lone occupant, and that became the one he entered. “Hello, beautiful,” greeted Tucker as he entered the office of the ITEA Director, which wasn't currently occupied by Sonia Castillo but by her appealing daughter Angelita. ‘Lita was sitting on a tan couch in the office, her bare feet up on a large coffee table as she leaned forward to paint her toes red. Angelita's dark hair was tied in a low, rolled-up ponytail and she was wearing a pink T-shirt with gray Capri pants.

            “I'm curious just how sturdy this coffee table is,” remarked Tucker to the frozen occupant, quickly heading over and clearing off the object in question. Tucker then lifted Angelita up and laid her down on her back on top of the table. The young woman's pants slowly came off to reveal a mauve thong, and after the T-shirt was removed a matching bra was found. Angelita's hair was let down and the young Latina's underwear was removed to reveal she really groomed, handling a perfect landing strip. Tucker placed Angelita's hands behind her head, gave her lips a smile and climbed on top, beginning to thrust.

            “I'd call it sturdy,” gasped Tucker as he finished some minutes later, climbing up off of Angelita and giving the frozen girl a big kiss in thanks. Tucker then glanced at the desk in the office, noting the computer. Wanting some company however, Tucker stood Lita up and dragged her naked figure over to the chair, plopping her down on top of him. Accessing the computer, Tucker managed to connect to the Internet and soon found a chat room he'd created earlier, logging in.

* * *


Foster & McBride, Santa Monica, California

            Maggie pressed down on the middle button of her clock before putting it down inside the just-opened elevator, letting the Chinese girl out into the law firm. Time froze and Maggie was already dressed for the occasion, or rather, un-dressed, having stripped downstairs before the elevator had even started rising. Free to walk around naked with no one the wiser, Maggie practically skipped out of the elevator.

            “Looks like I'll have to get started with you two,” commented Maggie as she quickly arrived at the first pod of desks and found a cubicle holding two real beauties. Kayley Wu, wearing a black skirt suit with a purple blouse, was standing while handing off a file folder to Darcy Keibler, who was gorgeous in a white skirt suit with a red blouse. Kayley's hair was down and she stood with her left hand on her hip, her right outstretched with the file in hand while offering it to the blonde, her lips parted more than a little. Darcy looked almost asleep, having been caught in mid-blink; her right hand was on the desk while her left hovered an inch from the folder with open fingers, the striking blonde's hair styled in a low ponytail.

            Kayley was the shortest of the pair, so Maggie decided to start with her, pushing Darcy backwards so she landed stiffly on the desk's swivel chair. Tossing away the file folder, Maggie proceeded to push everything else off the desk and shove Kayley onto it, pressing the woman against the desk chest-first. Maggie tugged down Kayley's skirt and pantyhose to reveal she'd technically gone commando, after which Maggie pressed against the older woman's backside, moving her hands around so she was squeezing her still-covered breasts. The buttons on Kayley's top quickly popped and it and the jacket came off, the bra also lost the battle for modesty as Maggie pressed against the woman while tugging at her chest.

            Taking a short moment, aroused but not overly excited yet, Maggie moved over to Darcy and began to strip the athletic blonde while she remained awkwardly seated. The feet were first; the shoes, skirt and underwear lost. Maggie then tipped the blonde forward to pull off her jacket, top and bra before letting her hair down and pushing her back down firmly onto place in the chair. Taking a seat on top of Darcy, Maggie moved the blonde's hands so they were wrapped around her chest and then wheeled the chair around the desk so she was behind Kayley. Taking hold of the older woman's hips, Maggie managed to lift her on top, with Kayley awkwardly seated on top of Maggie with her arms raised. Keeping her left hand around Kayley's hips, Maggie stuck her right down into her crotch and found by bouncing the Chinese actress on her lap, she could move her hand effectively, so that was how she ended up enjoying the seated three-way.

            “Oh God, this is a new one,” gasped Maggie as she finished her unusual threesome, moaning a bit before casually pushing Kayley off of her and letting her lie awkwardly on the floor like a discarded sex doll. Standing up, Maggie paused briefly to kiss Darcy in appreciation before deciding to move on.

            Passing a few more cubicles and a couple of offices, Maggie eyed the water cooler, which she wanted to use to clean herself up a bit, before seeing a cute form was huddled frozen next to it. Bent over in a black skirt, purple blazer and white blouse, her hair down and on both sides of her shoulders, was Rose Mazza. Rose held a triangular paper drinking cup under the cooler's spout with her right hand, her left hovering near a blue button up top. Maggie noticed the machine didn't have a visible tank, meaning it was plugged directly into the water line of the building and used some sort of internal plumbing.

            “Classy piece of office refreshment,” noted Maggie as she came up to Rose from behind and gently stroked the girl's rear. Walking around Rose, Maggie casually plucked the cup from her grasp and dropped it, then turning around and pushing Rose to the floor.

            “Oh you are just too cute,” giggled Maggie as she quickly started stripping Rose, soon leaving the young woman naked on her back, her mouth open and tongue out, with her arms up by her head. Maggie took a few moments to stroke and kiss Rose's breasts before turning around and assuming a classic 69 position, letting the girl's tongue tickle her crotch while using her tongue on the frozen girl's own.

            “Heh; talk about an office romance...” breathed Maggie as she finished, taking a moment to sit on Rose's stomach and compose herself. Once the heavy breathing stopped, Maggie elected not to focus on Rose's face but instead gave her a kiss of appreciation by her crotch before getting up to find out who else she could discover in the office.

            Heading for the corner offices, Maggie ended up spotting a familiar face in a gray pants suit working at a secretary’s desk. Michai Roberts, who usually worked as the secretary to Maggie's sister Madison, was frozen at an L-shaped desk with a white-corded phone held to her ear. The British-born woman in her mid-thirties and had her mouth open, her hair up in a French twist, and the phone was held with her left hand to her left ear, her right hand holding a black pen aloft between her ring and middle fingers. Michai seemed a bit confused, possibly by what the person on the line had been saying before time had stopped.

            “I really need to come see you more,” declared Maggie as she jumped up on the desk chest first, using her elbows to support her chin as she stared longingly at the frozen woman. Finally, after over a minute, Maggie pulled herself forward and planted a big kiss on the woman's lips, tossing away the phone with the same action. Maggie then slid entirely off of the desk, knocking over as much stuff as she could, and got to work dropping Michai's pants, always generally enjoying seeing the crotch before the chest.

            “Up we go!” exclaimed Maggie once Michai was rendered naked, posed standing, more or less like someone who'd just relaxed from holding at attention. Maggie had moved Michai onto the desk and happily climbed on top, moving Michai's hands so they were at perfect crotch level. Slipping her womanhood into place, Maggie let Michai's rigid fingers work wonders while stroking the woman's breasts and kissing her passionately. Michai's twist braid slowly came undone as the pair practically bounced on top of the hardwood desk.

            “Oh, I do love English muffins,” moaned Maggie as she reached the level of orgasm, letting the sensation rush over her and even starting to sing the lyrics to the theme song from a TV show she'd watched earlier. Michai also got a kiss in appreciation; this one on her forehead, and after finishing Maggie even pulled the secretary off of the desk. Michai ended up sitting back in her chair, her hands placed on her crotch and her eyes closed.

            “My gift to you,” declared Maggie as she stepped away, curious just who was in the office Michai was sitting outside of. The three sexual escapades had tired Maggie out, but she still had a bit left in her and she was keen to see what else the law firm had in store for her.

            “Oh my, hello main event,” called out Maggie as she entered the corner office. The room was large, having plenty of space and a huge window of a wall that looked out onto the city. Two couches were present as were some chairs in front of the massive oval desk, and sitting behind that desk, fingers frozen on a computer keyboard, was Sonia Castillo. Sonia's short brown hair was swept back slightly; she was wearing a navy-colored pants suit, her left knee was crossed over her right. Sonia was staring intensely at the computer, her lips slightly parted and her fingers frozen hanging over the classic default layout of modern North American keyboards.

            “Just think of this as a heist movie, only the target is your snatch,” announced Maggie with a smile, moving behind Sonia and quickly pushing her chair towards one of the couches. Maggie soon sped up and by the end Sonia when flying onto the couch face first, rolling and ending up on her right side with her hands now up near her face, which was staring at the couch's backrest. Feeling Sonia was the kinky type, Maggie went back to the desk and, sure, enough, found a double-sided pink dildo in the back of a bottom drawer.

            “I think it’s time I gave you the corporate shaft,” decided Maggie, heading back over to Sonia and quickly pulling off her pants and thong, with her shoes going along for the ride. As Maggie worked at pulling off the coat, she placed an end of the dildo in her own crotch and slowly slid the other end into Sonia's, finally getting in position with the black bra going away to reveal exquisite breasts. Sonia ended up posed like she was about to take a pencil dive while Maggie squeezed her tightly, alternating powerful kisses between the neck, the mouth, and between her breasts.

            “Oh... okay, I'm done; I surrender to corporate raiders,” sighed Maggie happily as climaxed for what would probably be the last time for a couple of days, having rolled over meanwhile so Sonia was resting on top of her. Maggie ended up cuddling with the older woman for several minutes; stroking her hair and offering an affectionate peck here or there. Finally Maggie decided she needed to get moving and got up, though she left Sonia lying face down with the dildo still in her crotch.

            Making a quick trip back to the elevator, Maggie retrieved her clock and sat down at Sonia's computer, flicking one of the bells to unfreeze it. Connecting to the Internet, Maggie found the chat room she was looking for and logged in.

* * *


Amaya Traditional Inn, Japan

            Chloe snapped her fingers and smiled as everyone around her froze in time. Traditional inns meant traditional Japanese clothing; a lot of hot women were wearing them, so Chloe seized the opportunity to have some fun. Chloe herself was sitting in the female bathing area, submerged in steamy water while wearing nothing but a bathing towel.

            “Okay, lets have a look at our first candidate,” grinned Chloe, emerging from the hot water and ignoring that her towel came off, instead focusing on the fellow Korean Janice Wang. Janice, an Interpol agent from what Chloe had learned in an earlier chat, had just been emerging from the water when Chloe had frozen her. Janice stood like a statue of a bathing nymph, holding her towel closed up by her chest with the right hand, her left at her side with her hand balled up into a fist. Janice's right foot was resting on the edge of the hot spring while her left was still in the water. Walking around in front of Janice, Chloe saw her face was relaxed, her lips firmly closed and her gaze straight ahead, her hair down, and wet all over.

            “Who said you could leave the pool?” asked Chloe, casually pushing Janice backwards. The rigid woman hit the water with a slow-motion splash; Chloe hopped in after her, aware that no one would tell her to stop splashing. Janice flipped in the water and began to float on her stomach, but Chloe soon stood her upright and removed the towel, then trapping the brunette against the side of the spring and pressing her flat. Janice's breasts, of a respectable size were revealed as well as her reddish-brown nipples, her left one having a mole just above it.

            “You should arrest yourself for being too hot,” chuckled Chloe, giving Janice a kiss before beginning to rub herself against the frozen woman, borrowing her right hand to soon begin working her womanhood. Finally as Chloe felt herself coming close to an orgasm, she pressed against Janice and pulled her under the hot water, soon removing any sterility it once had.

            “Oh, good opening act,” breathed Chloe as she came up for air, leaving Janice to start floating on her back in a starfish pose, her now open mouth full of water. Chloe caught her breath for a couple of minutes before emerging from the hot bath and heading out to find her next conquest.

            “Perfect,” laughed Chloe a short time later, emerging from the enclosed hot spring and heading outside to find two attractive women in yukata robes sitting in the garden. Under a cherry blossom tree on some lush green grass were Hui Lan and Miranda Ohala, both smiling while sitting on a pair of uneven rocks and holding cups of tea. Hui was seated lower, her hair in a ponytail and her yukata having thick vertical stripes of lighter and darker blue. Hui's smile flashed teeth and she was looking up at Miranda while holding her white clay cup with her left hand under the bottom, her right wrapped around it. On the higher rock, Miranda had her hair in a Dutch braid wrapped over her right shoulder, smiling down at Hui without her teeth showing and with her cup hands in the opposite style to Hui's. Miranda's yukata was light green at the bottom and had a colorful white and pink flower pattern around the waist area, her obi belt was a deep red while Hui's was black. Both women were wearing straw sandals.

            “I could use a drink,” thanked Chloe as she casually took the cups from Hui and Miranda, downing their contents before casually throwing them away, neither one shattering due to just hitting soft grass. Chloe then pulled Hui upright, only to have her fall forward off-balance and knock Chloe to the ground. “Oh, don't want to waste time?” smiled Chloe, giving Hui a kiss before rolling her over and loosening her robe, soon standing the Chinese woman up while her yukata remained on the ground.

            “Just a second; lets make this a double act,” insisted Chloe, leaving Hui standing almost like a scarecrow as she carefully stood Miranda upright, then tugged at the Hawaiian's belt and letting her robe furl open. The violent act of pulling the robe off resulted in Miranda landing on her back, at which point Chloe wrapped one arm around Hui from behind and followed suit.

            “Oh, this is perfect!” cheered Chloe as she rolled around on top of Miranda, with Hui on top of her with her head on her crotch. Chloe used Miranda's breasts as pillows and soon shaped Hui's mouth to properly work her crotch, after which all she needed to do was bounce a bit to get a rhythm going. This time as she felt herself ready to climax, Chloe pulled Hui up higher and squeezed the Chinese woman's lower cheeks, then rolled her off and flipped to give Miranda thank-you kiss. Chloe left soon after, but not before putting the two women in a 69 position.

            “Now there's a Christmas card for the wall,” commented Chloe upon finding another woman out in the garden worth fooling around with. Carmen Sanchez, in her early thirties, stood next to a small bird pond, her hands cupped and a bird in fact resting in them. Carmen was looking down at the red bird with a smile on her lips, her black hair resting all around her head. Carmen was wearing a purple yukata tailored in a single solid color, with a pink sash rather than a thick obi around her waist; instead of the traditional clog sandals, the woman was in fact barefoot.

            “Scram, I need some loving,” Chloe told the bird, gently moving it into the pond before wrapping her arms around Carmen and feeling her large breasts. Chloe then began kissing the woman's neck and slowly undoing her robe, but never turning her around. After rubbing against Carmen's backside, Chloe lowered her right hand to her crotch while her left cupped Carmen's breasts, closing her eyes and moaning. Someone feeling less horny than Chloe might have taken forever to once again climax, if not at all, but she didn't find it too difficult.

            “That little birdie really got a show,” smiled Chloe as she finished, turning Carmen around and giving her a big kiss in appreciation. As Chloe started to walk off, Carmen, left unbalanced, wobbled. Seconds later Carmen ended up falling to her right, her open robe falling behind her back and thus leaving her exposed.

            Going back inside the inn, Chloe started checking random rooms until she found one she liked. The room was traditionally designed, having twin futons and all, but in the corner there was a computer desk with a laptop set up on it. Standing nearby with a white yukata half-pulled on was Malie Kealoha, another Hawaiian, her arms raised in front of her stretched completely forward as if she'd just shrugged on her robe, leaving the sash belt laying on the ground. Malie's hair was up in the Odango style and she had a small smile on her face. “Well, if it isn't Sailor Moon of Oahu,” greeted Chloe, entering the room.

            Finding Malie's robe was easy to slide off without changing her pose, Chloe did so, deciding to conserve the position; so after the robe was discarded, Chloe happily threw the frozen college girl onto the closest futon. Chloe then went on top and positioned the girl's arms to be wrapping around her, then did the same with her right leg. Searching under Malie's pillow also revealed a nice surprise. “Well if it isn't Mr. Happy,” laughed Chloe, discovering a dildo. Placing the object between her own legs, Chloe began to work it while passionately kissing and stroking Malie's rigid form, even molding the girl's face into a bigger smile.

            “Oh... Okay, I think that's enough for at least a few hours,” admitted Chloe a full half-hour later, really having become spent after her few encounters. Removing the dildo from her own crotch, Chloe stuck it down Malie's slit and reposed her so she'd be holding it, even sculpting her face to mimic an orgasm.

            “You'll thank me when you come to,” Chloe promised Malie, giving her a peck on the cheek before getting out of the futon and heading over to the desk, where she promptly sat down and accessed the computer. It only took Chloe a few moments to find the chat room she was looking for.

* * *


Balfour Boutique, Los Angeles

            Susie Kim smiled as she walked into the boutique and saw four customers, with the shop owner nowhere in sight. Next to Susie was Angel Mathews, who mirrored Susie's expression of delight. For the day Susie had elected to dress in jeans, yellow flip-flops, and a pink spaghetti-strap top with magenta sequins on it; her black hair was in pigtails. Angel was in a black sleeveless T-shirt and black jeans, white running shoes on her feet and her hair slicked over to the right side of her head. In Angel's hands was a box that she casually dropped on a nearby counter.

            “Free rings!” announced Angel, causing the four curious customers to approach. First came Maggie Yen, who was wearing a powder blue T-shirt with Sailor Moon on it as well as a pink knee-length skirt and running shoes, her hair loose and a pair of wire-frame glasses over her eyes. Second was Erika Stone, who was dressed down in pink dress pants, a white sleeveless blouse with the top two buttons open and a wide pink sun hat; her honey-blonde hair was gathered into a ponytail. The third customer was Ryoshi Dawson, present under an alias, looking sleek with her long jet-black hair down and clad in form-fitting black motorcycle leathers on her legs and chest, with fingerless gloves on her hands and dark sunglasses covering her eyes. The final woman was Brooke Li, the redheaded Korean chef, clad in lime green overalls and a pink blouse, her hair under a white baseball cap and yellow Crocs on her feet.

            “These look great!” exclaimed Maggie Yen as each woman quickly grabbed one of Susie Kim's rings from the cheap jewelry box Angel had opened up. All four slipped the rings on their fingers and immediately froze after doing so; Susie felt their minds becoming attuned with her own.

            “Hooray!” cheered Angel, moving back over to Susie. The pair shared a quick hug, which turned into a kiss, but as Susie locked lips with Angel, she froze her friend too. Backing away, Susie saw Angel remained rigidly posed with her eyes closed, her head turned slightly to the right, and her lips puckered; her hands raised as they'd been resting on Susie's shoulders.

            “Sorry, I need a little alone time with the new girls,” Susie told Angel, then moving to examine Maggie first. Maggie had slid the ring onto her right ring finger and was staring off into the distance, her mouth open slightly. Susie pulled off the girl's glasses and gave her a quick kiss to feel her lips.

            “Not bad, but what about you, rich girl superstar?” Susie remarked as she moved from Maggie to Erika. The blonde billionaire had her ringed right hand up in front of her face, her left on her hip, so Susie moved the arm aside and got up on her toes to give Erika a test kiss.

            “Nice,” smiled Susie, quite enjoying Erika's lips. Ryoshi was next, the leather-clad woman standing with her hands in front of her waist, the ring on the left finger. Susie found the older woman's lips quite tantalizing as did the feel of her slim body in the smooth leathers; she moved on to Brooke, who had raised her ringed left hand up to the brim of her cap while her right was hooked into the waist of her overalls.

            “Yours are so nice; I wish they were mine,” sighed Susie after kissing Brooke, not disliking anyone else's lips but finding the cook's to be quite something. Susie then remembered her rings could do far more than freeze people and took a step back, leaning against the counter and crossing her arms. Moments later Susie found herself looking at her own body, having taken over Brooke's.

            “Okay, only one thing to do now,” decided Susie, glancing at the other four women that weren't her real body. “Orgy!” Angel snapped to life, hurrying over to lock the boutique door while the others all started to quickly undress themselves. Angel soon joined in the stripping and Susie did so as well in Brooke's body; half-tempted to use her own but deciding to leave it alone for the moment. Soon everyone was naked. Susie decided Erika had the nicest breasts but when it came to crotch, Ryoshi probably won. The five women then fell upon each other, Susie starting with Ryoshi since she was closest while Angel grabbed Maggie. Erika, left to her own devices, began to touch herself.

            The five women eventually rolled on top each other, Susie finding one hand stimulating Maggie while Ryoshi was doing her own, her other hand squeezing Erika's right breast and Angel kissing her. It was then when Susie finally started working a 69 position on Erika while rubbing feet with Maggie that Susie came, the other women in the group doing so around the same time or shortly after.

            “Ohh... That was great,” moaned Susie, running her hands through Brooke's hair. “Okay, I need to clean up...” Having earlier noticed an empty spot in the middle of the store that was perfect for five mannequin figures, Susie slowly got up and headed towards her real body.

            “I think I need to be on display,” noted Susie with the cook’s voice, putting her hands on Brooke's hips before leaping back into her own body. The women on the ground slowly began to get up as Susie walked her own body up onto the platform, having taken Brooke's hat and slipped it on. Once in position, Susie carefully posed herself so she was bent over slightly, her head leaning up and her hands in an up and down ninety degree robot arm pose. Susie smiled as she posed, letting her body freeze and her mind drift back into Brooke's body.

            “Okay, I think I'll do the Asian girls on one side and then the others at the opposite end,” decided Susie as Brooke, having commanded the other four women to get dressed. While the women clothed themselves, Susie did the same using Brooke's original outfit. Once everyone was clothed, Susie selected Ryoshi to start with, since she was taller and slimmer than her own body or Maggie’s, and mentally walked her like a puppet up onto the platform. Ryoshi's right hand went on her hip while her left rested at her side, her head turned so her hair could easily blow in the wind, and then froze her in that position. Susie quickly grabbed a portable fan she'd spotted behind the boutique counter and placed it on the platform, pointing its breeze up at Ryoshi so her hair waved in its wake.

            Maggie was next; the cute girl having become a marionette to Susie's will. Maggie, replacing her glasses, stood next to Ryoshi and posed with her left hand on her glasses which she pulled off so the left tip rested on her lip; her right hand was reaching up behind her head as if she'd just let her hair down. With one last blink, her body also froze into immobility. The breeze meant for Ryoshi was also hitting Susie's body and Maggie’s, the former's pigtails bouncing slightly while Maggie's shorter hair flowed a bit less than Ryoshi's.

            Angel was to next follow the first three, with Susie making the Wiccan twirl as she headed up onto the platform. Angel was given a casual pose, her hands in her pockets and a half-smile on her face, as she also turned mannequin-stiff. With Angel done, that only left Erika, but Susie approached her first, inhabiting Brooke’s body.

            “I love you, Susie Kim,” Erika told Susie in a relaxed tone of voice, while standing at attention. “I want us to be the best of friends...”

            “Oh, if only that was true,” sighed Susie, giving the blonde one more kiss before starting to move her. Erika ended up next to Angel, and again a simple pose was selected. The blonde put her hands on her hips and flashed a bright smile; her head with her large hat on it tilted slightly upward, her right leg a bit in front of her right. She, too, held that pose as the seconds passed into minutes. All five women were frozen in place, Susie's first mannequin tableau at a real store.

            “I love it; might wait a while before letting you all go,” chuckled Susie, then wondering just where the boutique owner was. Heading into the rear of the store, Susie quickly discovered a back office, but curiously no one was around. There was a computer however and Susie decided to sit down in front of it.

* * *


ITEA HQ, London, UK   

            David Falk sighed as he looked at his computer screen. The monthly expense report had just been tallied and David saw that once again the ITEA was using an unusually large amount of Type-7, since supposedly it was to only be used for lab experiments and field use. Of course that claim was true only in theory since the original director of the agency, Lucienne Christophe, had managed to fit recreational use of Type-7 under ‘lab experiments’, something David was amazed she'd gotten away with. The current director, Sonia Castillo, was aware of the continuing situation but had decided not to change the status quo, leaving David little hope of thinking more of her than Lucienne.

            “I know Stone Enterprises sells us the stuff at a discount, but this is just insane,” groaned David, leaning back in his chair. The accountant was wearing a gray suit over a white shirt with a black tie. As David looked at the final total he felt himself starting to question if he should really bother stressing over it. His opinion wasn’t likely to make any difference... The door to David's office opening roused him from his thoughts.

            “David, I was asked to let you know that if you need to speak to the assistant director she's currently in the meeting room just down the hall from us,” announced Eva, David's assistant. The green-eyed brunette had her hair in a half up-do and was wearing her usual blue skirt suit with a light blue blouse underneath, and dark brown heels on her feet. The news seemed to awaken something in David, and he suddenly knew what he had to do.

            “Thank you Eva,” nodded David, the ITEA being fairly informal most of the time. He then quickly reached into his desk, and pulled out a small spray bottle he'd been issued. The bottles were filled with Type-7 and resembled pepper sprays, being meant for self-defense. David however used his bottle to immediately point at Eva and spray her right between the eyes. The young woman barely had time to react, raising her hands up from her sides, having her eyes go wide, and her mouth opening before freezing into position.

            “I think I need to loosen up,” declared David, casually pulling off his tie as he inspected his frozen assistant for a moment. Taking a moment to feel her E-cup breasts, David thought he might revisit Eva later. For the moment however David left his office, giving his still assistant only a peck on the cheek before closing the door behind him.

            “Look at me, I'm loose,” muttered David to himself as he quickly headed down the hall, spotting the meeting room. The room lacked windows that would let the rest of the office see inside, which is what David needed. The accountant quickly slid through the room's lone door, finding himself facing five attractive women standing around an oval-shaped conference table with the wheeled bound leather chairs back against the wall.

            “David?” acknowledged Colette Landry in surprise, being to David's immediate right as he approached the table. Colette's hair was down and she was wearing jeans, a red spaghetti-strap top and a leather jacket. David barely glanced at the blonde before quickly raising his spray bottle and blasting the whole room. Colette froze with her left arm at her side, her legs shoulder-width apart and her right arm bent up at the elbow. Colette's right hand was palm up, her two index fingers and thumb extended, puzzlement frozen on the French-Canadian's lips.

            The rest of the room had been effectively flash-frozen by David's sudden blast of Type-7, given that none of them were more than five meters away. After Colette was Sophia Katsopolis, the curly-haired brunette wearing a white pants suit with a golden-yellow blouse. Sophia had her hands on the table, her head turned to her left with a raised eyebrow, her lips pursed. Following Sophia was Cassandra Flick, who was dressed in a black pants suit with a light blue blouse underneath. Cassandra had her hair up in a bun and had been standing with her right hand on her hip, her left up on her chin as she'd apparently been deep in thought before David had stormed in. Cassandra's face showed confusion, like the previous two, her mouth was open and her eyebrows furrowed. Next, Tasia Spiro was wearing a pale mauve skirt suit with a peach blouse underneath, her blonde hair in a ponytail. Tasia had started to react, her hands slightly shifted from her hips while her head was tilted to the right and a flash of teeth could be seen through her lips. Lucienne Christophe was the last one, her hair down and alarm on her face, her mouth open. Lucienne had managed to raise her hands up to chest level, her palms out defensively. The Assistant Director of the ITEA was clad in a purple skirt suit with a black blouse underneath, and dark pantyhose on her legs.

            “Time for a real board meeting,” grinned David, casually tossing the spray bottle aside and moving to lock the conference room door. Once that was done David began to pull off his suit, getting so violent with his shirt he broke off at least two buttons doing so. Once the accountant was naked, he glanced at the five women; glad he'd finally changed his stance. “If you can't beat em, join em,” David reminded the frozen five, ignoring the fact that Cassandra had opted out of the prank policy that the agency had in place.

            “Okay, what do you say we hug it out?” suggested David, focusing on Colette first. The accountant wrapped his arms around the French blonde and gave her pursed lips a kiss, then starting to feel up her breasts. David then moved on to Sophia, pressing up against her ass with his crotch while his hands reached around to squeeze her boobs. Turning his attention to Cassandra, David moved her hand out from under her chin to go behind her head, then proceeded to give her a long French kiss. From Cassandra David went to Tasia, once again going for a big sloppy kiss but also taking the time to squeeze the Greek's ass.

            “Okay, I think we need to find out just how much of a load this desk can take,” suggested David, reaching Lucienne. First, David planted a kiss on Lucienne's cheek from the side, then he went around the other to place one on her lower neck. Following the second kiss, David moved in front of Lucienne and kissed her right on the lips, leaning in past her outstretched arms. Taking a firm hold of Lucienne's curvy behind, David lifted her up and onto the table, then pushed her down on her back, stretching her arms wide. The shoes, skirt, pantyhose and thong came off easy all in one big tug, after which David climbed up top of the table and began removing her jacket, blouse and bra.

            “There we are; nice to see you open up to me,” grinned David once he had Lucienne naked while he was on top of her. While tempted to start, David instead slid over to the edge of the table and grabbed Tasia, hoisting her up onto the polished surface as well. Tasia was sat upright so David could easily remove her upper clothes, having raised her arms over her head. Tasia's lower clothing was then pulled off, similarly to how Lucienne's had been and the Greek was laid down next to her superior. Cassandra was then also dragged up onto the table and stood up, her hands temporarily posed away from the parts of her body she was touching so David could work off her jacket and blouse. Eventually Cassandra was as naked as the rest, her hands still in the same stance as before, and David put her on the opposite side of Lucienne. Once all three were laid out on the table David belly-flopped on top of them and wasn't so much focused on actual sex at first so much as he was just enjoying rubbing his body against theirs, feeling their breasts, crotches, and other features. Eventually David assumed the missionary position, starting with Cassandra, and began moving from woman to woman as he got close to orgasm so as to get a small reprieve. It was as David started his third time inside Cassandra that his manhood finally gave out and he collapsed on top of the trio, breathing hard.

            “Best board meeting I've ever had,” laughed David, now fully appreciating why Type-7 was so popular to abuse. After taking a few moments to rest, the accountant got up off of the three women and focused on Sophia Katsopolis, once again coming up behind her.

            “I'm knocking on your backdoor,” announced David, promptly raising Sophia's arms up so he could remove her upper clothing. After the jacket and blouse came the white and red flowery bra, exposing the older Greek's nice breasts. David cupped the right one from behind while with his left her returned the woman's hands to the table on which they'd originally rested, then pulling down her pants and panties to reveal her ass.

            “I call this backyard sports,” chuckled David as he put his left hand on Sophia's left breast, still from behind, and promptly entered her ass. David wasn't big on anal sex but with Sophia frozen how she was he didn't feel he had much of a choice. As he began to thrust, David's gaze wandered back over to the naked women on the table, the image of their nice bodies helping him overcome the fact that he'd just had an orgasm. It took a little time, but thanks to how welcome Sophie's ass felt, David wasn't even sore when he had his second orgasm and pulled out.

            “Okay, once more, and this is going to suck for you,” declared David, wanting to sit down. Grabbing a desk chair from against the wall, David sat down and rolled himself over to Colette. Wanting to see the French-Canadian naked, David started with her jeans, dropping them and her panties. An amusing discovery was a Superman tattoo on Colette's left butt cheek, but David only poked it once or twice before dropping the blonde to her knees while managing not to stand up himself. Colette's jacket and top came off next, and finally her bra. David then proceeded to open Colette's pursed lips and position her head so she'd be giving him oral sex if he moved her back and forth.

            “Say hello to my man of steel,” introduced David as he grabbed Colette's head and began to gently rock it back and forth. Once again David initially felt himself having a little trouble but looking at the naked bodies around him helped ensure he'd manage a third round. Colette's lips were very soft and David enjoyed the warm feeling they gave his manhood as the glassy-eyed frozen woman continued to be rocked back and forth. David figured the final act took him at least fifteen minutes, but eventually he'd managed a hat trick and casually wheeled away from a still-posed Colette, satisfied.

            “Bases were definitely loaded, quite the grand slam,” quipped David as he stood up, hastily putting his clothes back on. Returning to his office, David eyed Eva's firm ass. Suddenly having the urge to do something else however, David sat down on his desk. Connecting to the Internet, David searched for a specific chat room and soon found it, logging in.

* * *

TuckerZero has joined the chat.

MaggieAntix has joined the chat.

ChloeTek has joined the chat.

SusieSusan has joined the chat.

DavidMuk has joined the chat.

TuckerZero: Wait... I just realized, the Internet is working. I've stopped time.

MaggieAntix: Same here.

ChloeTek: Not sure if I froze time or just people...

SusieSusan: Well I certainly can't stop time... Wait, Maggie?! You're here with me, aren't you?!

MaggieAntix: No... I'm at my sister's law firm. And for some reason, so is Kayley Wu. Like she worked here, even.

SusieSusan: So Maggie's in two places at once...

TuckerZero: She shouldn't even be moving! She froze herself when she smashed her clock! Susie, how do you even know who she is?!

SusieSusan: I... Saw her around college?

DavidMuk: I'm not even sure who any of you people are!

TuckerZero: Yeah, just who the hell are you?

DavidMuk: David Falk, I do accounting for the ITEA. I just used Type-7 on some co-workers I felt were abusing the stuff... So I... abused it... Wait...

TuckerZero: Hang on, you're at ITEA HQ too?! So am I!

DavidMuk: And you said time was frozen... What the hell is going on?

ChloeTek: I think I know... TuckerZero, who are five of your favorite women? In terms of attractiveness?

TuckerZero: Ariel Landry, Chita Francisco-oh my God!

ChloeTek: Exactly. SusieSusan, I bet you think Maggie's really cute?

SusieSusan: Big time!... Who are you again?

ChloeTek: Right, and if you look on the website, you might notice a story was just published...

MaggieAntix: Clockwork Crisis... Hey isn't that the 100th Tuckerverse story?

TuckerZero: Well ignoring the non-canon... YEAH! Holy crap! You know what this means?

MaggieAntix: HAPPY

TuckerZero: 100

ChloeTek: CANON

SusieSusan: STORIES



Be sure to read Clockwork Crisis!


Tucker Holmes – Drake Bell

Camille Lambert – Minka Kelly

Carmen Pared – Michelle Rodriguez

Chita Francisco – Eve Torres

Katie Grant – Autumn Reeser

Makeda Getachew – Paula Patton

Marika Bran – Charlize Theron

Ariel Landry – Maryse Ouellet

Nessa Kelly – Olivia Wilde

Angelita Castillo – Selena Gomez

Maggie Yen – Yin Chang

Kayley Wu – Kelly Hu

Darcy Keibler – Stacy Keibler

Rose Mazza – Lucy Hale

Michai Roberts – Rhona Mitra

Sonia Castillo – Catherine Zeta Jones

Chloe Noi – Jang Nara

Janice Wang – Grace Park

Hui Lan – Cecilia Cheung

Miranda Ohala – Michelle Kruseic

Carmen Sanchez – Melina Perez

Malie Kealoha – Q'uorianka Kilcher

Susie Kim – Hyuna Kim

Angel Mathews – Kristen Stewart

Erika Stone – Blake Lively

Brooke Li – Hyori Lee

Ryoshi Dawson – Maggie Q

David Falk – Jeremy Piven

Eva Bingham – Gemma Atkinson

Colette Landry – Laura Vandervoort

Sophia Katsopolis – Sofia Milos

Cassandra Flick – Emily Deschanel

Tasia Spiro – Doukissa Nomikou

Lucienne Christophe – Josie Maran

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