The Harvesters - Chapter Two: The Spring Harvest

(An alien invasion story)

by Zapped!

These next few vignettes will focus on a few more unsuspecting townsfolk from Rossville, and the events that led up to their mysterious disappearances.

Note: there are excerpts in this story that were taken from some of my previous stories. [You can read Chapter 1 here, and Chapter 2 here.]


   It has been several weeks since the first few people went missing from Shawnee County. Many locals have their own theories as to their whereabouts. Some speculate that the two missing college students simply ran off; completely fed-up with living a boring life in desolate Kansas. (A few of them even theorize that the lovers might have decided to go all-out, and eloped to Las Vegas).

   A VPS delivery driver out of Topeka, hasn’t been seen, or heard from, in several days. (Locals over at the diner had already been teasing the sheriff by saying, “A huge brown delivery truck goes missing in such a small town? - Only in Rossville!”).  And there still wasn’t any solid explanation for the pair of security guards that disappeared two nights ago. Some speculate that they might have crossed paths with a group of gang-bangers, while others suspecte some other form of foul play.

   Regardless, the disappearances of five kindly folks wouldn’t be enough to bring in the National Guard, or inspire a call to the F.B.I.   …No, it would take the unfortunate disappearances of several dozen more, just to merit that type of response. And by then, it would most likely be too late… 


Downtown Topeka, 7:30 pm . . .

   Inside the second floor of the Court Street parking ramp, two men sit on stakeout in a dark black delivery van. The non-descript vehicle was parked somewhat in the shadows, but within a fifty foot running distance from their intended target.  Neither of the men utter a single word, nor make the slightest sound. In fact; the only movement that either of them made, was when the driver would occasionally raise his arm to glance at his wristwatch. At last check, they had around thirty minutes to go…


In Rossville, some thirty-five-minutes away…

   On the west-side of Rossville, there’s a comfortable suburban development that’s aptly named Pleasantry Court. The homes in this cozy little area weren’t like the old, weather-beaten dwellings out on the main drag. These majestic-looking structures are made of the finest brick or sandstone, and they line either side of the street in perfectly planned rows. Here in Pleasantry, the hedges are trimmed with precision, the lawns are expertly manicured, and a majority of the homes have heated in-ground pools. And although the homes are markedly handsome, there’s a noted sense of commonality as one drives past.     

   It was in one of these very homes, on a late Thursday evening, that April Summers was making a few extra bucks babysitting. With spring break nearly over, the freshman knew that the extra cash would surely come in handy once she returns to campus. It was easy money too; Hanna Goldstein was surprisingly well mannered for a girl her age, and in fact - could easily be missed. The young girl had already put on her pajamas for the night, and was now seated cross-legged on the floor of the family room. With a bowl of popcorn tucked within her lap, Hanna was contentedly munching away and completely engrossed with playing her X-box 360.

   April on the other hand, was in the living room adjacent and sprawled out on the Goldstein’s over-stuffed couch. The nineteen-year-old was passing the time away by repainting her toenails, and talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone. There was a news broadcast that was currently playing in the background, and there was a pretty local reporter with a solemn expression, now staring out from the widescreen. Olivia Munson goes on to report:  

  “. . . Meanwhile, authorities are also baffled over the recent disappearance of two private security guards. Now I’m told that the pair worked for Trademark Security, and that they were dispatched from the Topeka office on Tuesday night. However, when it became time to rotate shifts, co-workers noticed that the two had never returned from their nightly patrol.   …Now the State Police won’t confirm that the two cases are related, but they are asking that if you have any information regarding the two missing college students, or the whereabouts of Bruce Miller and Vincent Trillo, to please contact them at once!   …And now back to you, Mort.”

   That’s when a male newscaster came back on the screen to reply, “It’s rather odd about the security guards, and it’s truly a shame about those missing college kids. But I’m sure the authorities are doing all that they can to find them. Thank you for the special report, Olivia.”     …The anchorman then shuffles his papers before changing the subject. “And in other headline news, economists say---”

   April Summers was hardly interested in the evening news. She was already bragging about how well the mayor and his wife were paying her to baby sit. The Goldstein’s are well known throughout Rossville; the mayor is involved in nearly every aspect of governing Shawnee County, while his wife is a reputable lawyer that owns her own practice. As a result; money isn’t an issue when it comes to caring for their only daughter Hanna.

   With her phone wedged between her chin and her shoulder, April continues to paint her toenails as she gabs away:

“What?…No I’m not going to let you borrow the money!”

“No, you can’t come over either . . . I already told you, I’m babysitting!”

“The mayor’s daughter, that’s who!”

“Actually, she’s old enough to stay home by herself…”

 (Giggles) -“No she’s not old enough to go out with you!”

“No, you’re not coming over - period! . . . . Because I said so, that’s why!” 

. . . With the combination of the TV blaring in the background; the sounds from the X-Box in the next room; and the all-important phone conversation going on with her boyfriend, April fails to hear the delivery van that’s backing into the driveway. A short moment later, a solid rap at the front door shakes the co-ed from her intimate conversation.

. . . That’s sort of strange, thinks the girl to herself.  I haven’t ordered the pizza yet… Maybe Mrs. Goldstein called it in from her office? 

   Seemingly impatient, the unexpected guest rings the doorbell several times in a row:


   From inside the adjacent family room, Hanna yells out , “April, somebody’s at the door!”

   The babysitter returns in a critical tone, “Well obviously!   …She then apologizes to her boyfriend, “Well Gregg, somebody’s at the door . . . I’ll have to call you back later on tonight, ok babe?   …I luuuv you!”


   Frowning, the young woman shuts off her phone and pulls herself up off the couch. With the cotton balls still wedged between her freshly painted toes, April’s bare feet pitter-patter across the cold surface of the foyer. She peeks through the curtains to see the familiar sight of a brown VPS delivery truck, now parked in the driveway.

“Huh!” expels the babysitter. She then considers to herself, I wonder what the VPS guy could possibly want at this hour? . . . The Goldstein’s hadn’t mentioned anything about expecting any express packages…

   April lets the drapes fall back into place and cautiously opens the front door. Standing on the other side were two VPS drivers; one dressed in their familiar brown delivery attire; the other in generic coveralls. The one fellow was questionably thin, unshaven, and looked to be of African American descent. The second man was quite tall, undoubtedly Caucasian, and barely in his twenties. Each of the men had these odd, silver-colored ear pieces capping both of their ears. (April wonders, an unreleased blue tooth, perhaps?)  Equally as strange were the black wrap-around shades they both wore, despite the fact that the sun had already set.     

   “Miss Summers,” greets the dark-skinned man with a smile, “how are you doing this evening?”

   April notices that the delivery man’s voice sounds rather weird; as if the sound waves coming from his mouth were somehow distorted…

   The driver continues, “Mayor Goldstein said that you would be expecting us. My name is Marcus and this is Brett; my delivery associate. We’re here to pick up the package…”

   April was dumfounded. “That’s odd, but neither of the Goldstein’s ever mentioned anything to me about any package. But if you’ll wait just a second, I could give one of them a call and -”

   The dark-skinned man cuts April off in mid-sentence and replies, “That really won’t be necessary, Miss.”

   April assures, “No really; they won’t mind if I call them at work.”  

. . . But the babysitter’s offer seemingly falls on deaf ears. As the young woman raises her iPhone to make the call, she fails to see one of the men reveal a weapon that he’d been holding behind his back . . .


   A throbbing electrical noise suddenly discharges in rapid succession. Within her peripheral vision, April notices a brilliant white flash that’s pulsating from an unknown source. This explosion of radiant white light not only manages to illuminate the entire living room, but soon blinds the young woman as well. Within mere seconds, its constant surge of formidable energy would freeze April right there in the doorframe!

   As the first delivery driver lowers his cylindrical tube, the second man was already opening a brushed aluminum suitcase that he’d been holding. Brett’s meaty hand by-passes an identical weapon, before ultimately choosing a ‘flash grenade’ instead. The guy digs the egg-sized weapon from its padded foam impression, before setting the case down on a nearby chair. In his digitized voice, the young man advises, “You go ahead and scan this one. I’ll go find the other target…”

   The first delivery driver nods his head in understanding, before glancing down to fiddle with the controls on his own weapon. Once the proper adjustments are made, Marcus passes the wand over April’s suspended body; scanning her slim frame from one end to the other. (The mysterious device emits a static tinkling noise, that gets noticeably louder whenever it passes over the female’s genitalia) . . .Once the scan is complete, the man reads the small viewing screen, before pressing a button to transmit the collected data. As he’s doing so, a high pitched scream can be heard in the adjacent family room. A brilliant white flash cuts the outburst short . . .


Downtown Topeka, 8:02 pm . . .

   It had been an awfully long day at the law firm for Grace Goldstein. The loving wife and mother of one is finally gathering up her purse and briefcase for the thirty-five- minute drive home. As the lawyer turns off the lights to her office and locks up the business, she can’t help but reflect back on the days casework: two personal injury cases; a motor vehicle accident; and one particularly heartbreaking case of spousal abuse! It had been a heavy workload, but the monetary payoff would be well worth her efforts in the end.

   Grace turns away from her locked door and makes her way down the hallway. She was a woman who always walked with confidence and purpose. And although the lawyer was known for her impeccable professional appearance, she could still turn a head or two - even in a tailored business suit! At forty one, Mrs. Goldstein was a little soft around the middle. But her sturdy legs and sexily contoured calves more than compensated for the lack of a perfect hourglass figure. Even her breasts jutted out like two perfect cantaloupes beneath her tight angora sweater. Her raven hair was lightly streaked with gray and clipped into an upsweep, leaving her pretty facial features completely exposed. Big dark eyes were framed by flirtatiously long lashes, along with waxed eyebrows that arched upward on the ends, to make her look even more appealing.

 . . . Yes, you could say that Grace Goldstein was one considerably attractive MILF!

   The lawyer enters the elevator and presses the ‘second floor’ button. The elevator descends three floors and reopens moments later. A tired Grace exits and walks another ten feet or so, before reaching for the heavy steel door that will lead her outside . . .

   As soon as Mrs. Goldstein steps out into the cool night air, she pulls her black suit jacket together over her ample chest. She pauses for a moment to look out across the empty parking area. The woman always thought that the Court Street parking ramp was massive, but at this time of night, it almost seemed intimidating!

   The lawyer continues to scan the area with a watchful eye. For the last couple of nights, Grace had sensed that somebody was watching her. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, and the woman hadn’t let the foolish thought bother her before . . . But tonight, at this late an hour, and with everyone having left already; she was starting to feel just a little bit vulnerable…

   Mrs. Goldstein proceeds on her way through the second floor parking ramp. It was only now that the forty one-year-old noticed just how loud her heeled business pumps echoed throughout the vast concrete structure. The lawyer soon found herself reflecting back on the gruesome stories that she’d heard throughout the spousal abuse case. It wasn’t long before the heartbreaking pictures also came to mind.   

. . . Now a frightened Grace was trying her damnedest to avoid imagining herself in those pictures. The lawyer silently reminds herself, You always promised yourself not to take your work home with you!

   Mrs. Goldstein glances over her shoulder and exhales a deep breath. The lawyer was walking at such a brisk pace that the heels of her pumps were clacking like thunder against the concrete surface below. The woman still sensed a raw menace, and for a moment - she thought she actually was being followed! As the speed of her walk increases, the lawyer’s vehicle soon comes into view. She looks around the immediate area and notices a black delivery van that’s parked in the shadows. The woman quickly theorizes . . . It’s probably just the cleaning crew - no need to worry!

   From across the way, a lock on a vehicle disengages with a *click*  …Grace swallows hard within her throat when she hears a squeaky door swinging open just a second later…

   CLUMP!  - Goes the vehicle door, followed by an identical CLUMP! - from the passenger side.

   With her heart pounding away at her chest, Mrs. Goldstein looks over in the direction of the delivery van. Her heart drops when she sees two men approaching in her direction. The lawyer nervously opens her purse in a desperate search for her keys…

   By now, Grace’s steps were so harsh and so swift, that a few ringlets had actually fallen loose from her piled-up hair. (Those unfastened strands were now dancing across her face in measured time with the bounce of her chest, and the sway of her hips!)

   One of the men yells out, “Hey lady, hold on a minute!”

. . . Grace chooses to ignore the stranger, as she finally manages to locate her keys.

   The second man assures, “Mrs. Goldstein, we need to speak with you for just a moment!”

   Grace reaches her BMW and yells out, “Sorry guys, but the office is closed!”  The frightened lawyer raises her keyless remote to unlock her door…

* BLIP! - BLIP! *

. . . The anti-theft alarm squawks, as if offering a reward for her efforts. Grace swings the door open, and slides her rounded butt across the driver’s seat. (As she did so, her skirt slid up to reveal one of her well toned thighs). The lawyer tosses her purse and briefcase to the passenger side floor, before quickly reaching for the door pull. She slams the door shut and locks the doors, before expelling a sigh of relief…

* Sigh *. . . I swear that this is the last time that I’m staying this late!

   The woman glances up into the rearview mirror just in time to see the men rounding the back of her car! She desperately fumbles around with her keys, before attempting to insert one of them into the ignition . . .

   That’s when one of the men swiped a strange looking device over her door handle. The door locks mysteriously disengage, and one of the attackers yanks the driver-side door wide open!

   As her assailant pokes his head inside the car, Grace lets out a terrified scream. She frantically claws at the man, before reaching for the armrest of her door and trying desperately to pull it shut. The woman yells, “What do you want? . . . What are you going to do with me?”

   The first intruder was a rather large man that appeared to be in his forties. His head was shaved bald, and he wore what looked like some kind of police or security guard uniform; the polyester attire was all blue, and there were distinct stripes running down the pant legs. There were patches on his upper arms that said ‘Trademark Security’ while a badge was tacked to the left side of his shirt. Jet-black wrap-around shades completely hid his eyes from view . . .

   Grace swallowed hard with nervousness. “Am I in some sort of trouble, officer?”

   The man smiles.   …It wasn’t a normal smile that would express kindness, though. No, this one looks more like a leer, and it immediately sent another chill up the lawyer’s spine!

   “We have some little bed-time stories to tell you, Mrs. Goldstein!”

   The stranger was so close now, that the lawyer could see her own terrified expression reflecting back in the black lens of his shades . . . That’s when the man tossed an egg-like device directly into the lawyer’s lap!

   “What the…? - AHHHHHHHHHH!”


- A brilliant white flash suddenly illuminates the interior of Grace’s BMW. She instantly freezes in place - in mid scream - right there behind the steeringwheel!

. . . That muted scream would be the last sound that the lawyer would ever make. Grace’s frozen fingers are carefully peeled away from the steering wheel. A moment later, the woman is wheeled off into the darkness and loaded into the awaiting delivery van.

   A few days later, Mrs. Goldstein’s carbon Black BMW X5 would be found abandoned in a farmer’s field, some fifty miles away. The woman’s whereabouts would remain forever unknown . . .


* * * * *


Forever waiting . . .

   On the outskirts of Topeka, there are literally hundreds of identical condominiums that dot the landscape. In one of these suburban developments was a series of Townhouses known as “The Acacia.” These units were known for their modern design and convenient location, as they were specifically designed with busy professionals and young couples in mind. One such couple was Vincent Trillo and his latest conquest; a twenty three-year-old Chinese immigrant by the name of Chi Lin.  

   It had been well over forty eight hours now, since Chi Lin had last seen her lover. The restless young woman was exhausted from a lack of sleep, and even called in sick for her hostess job at the ‘Kung-Pao’ diner. Instead, she spent the entire day pacing nervously back and forth and chain-smoking cigarettes. A weeping Chi Lin eventually wound up lying on the couch and staring idly out the window, where she’s remained for the last several hours. Deep down, she still had high hopes for her lover’s return.

   Chi Lin yanks another tissue from the box and wipes the tears from her eyes. A moment later, the woman blows her nose before carelessly tossing the tissue at the over-flowing garbage can. She refuses to believe that Vincent would ever leave her for another woman, and continues to convince herself …Something just had to have happened while he was out on patrol, I just know it!

   An exhausted Chi Lin eventually sets her chin down into the soft cushioning of the backrest on the couch. She was only going to rest her eyes for a moment, and then continue on with her watch. But before long, the young woman’s head tilts off to the side, and she drifts off into a deep and much needed sleep . . .


A master’s return . . .

   The glow of approaching headlights washes across Chi Lin’s pretty face, before they span across the living room wall that’s behind her. The woman briefly stirs, but the light isn’t enough to awaken her from her peaceful slumber. Outside in the driveway, Vincent Trillo parks his Chevy Blazer, kills the lights and then turns off the ignition…

   The security guard approaches the front door just a moment later. He casually glances over at the living room window, to see a beautiful woman with her head now resting at the back of the couch. It was only then, that the small indicator lights on Vincent’s earpieces flashed red. That’s when the devices beeped, causing the security guard to pause in place, just outside the front door.

   The security guard stands in the darkness of the night; patiently waiting as his earpieces search for the signal. Once the signal is found, a channel of communication is linked to the guard’s memory bank. Vincent’s eyes suddenly glaze over, as he receives the vital information that’s coming in from the mother ship:

“You will report to the processing plant at 0600 hours.”

“You will correctly scan your spouse for collective consideration.”

“You will be prepared to serve her to the collective.”

. . . Vincent didn’t need to answer out loud. He already knew these things from the Orion’s deep conditioning. He knew all-too-well about the task at hand.

   Vincent’s ear pods beep once again, before flashing green. The security guard continues onward towards the entranceway of his home. A moment later, the man has already opened the front door and set his aluminum weapon case and gear bag down on the floor.

. . . Chi Lin stirs from her silent slumber. She rubs her sleepy eyes and looks up in confusion. Her expression soon morphs from slight befuddlement to total elation.

   “Vincent!” the woman exclaims as she bolts up from the couch. “My God, where have you been? . . . They’ve been looking all over for you!”

   The petite female literally jumps on Vincent; wrapping her bare legs around his waist, and interlocking her arms around his neck. She briefly notices the silver pods covering his ears, before lowering her head in an attempt to kiss her lover on the lips. Vincent keeps his mouth closed, seemingly uninterested…

   “My gawd, I’ve missed you soooo much! . . . Don’t you ever leave me worrying like that again!”

. . . When Chi Lin said this, she was looking up into Vincent’s glazed eyes with her own. Her eyes were dark, yet sparkling with vibrancy and life - so unlike her lover’s.

   “So my love; where on earth have you been?”

   Vincent flatly replies, “I was at work.”

   Chi Lin couldn’t help but notice the change in her boyfriend’s voice. It sounded gruff, congested and irregular. She quickly puts a hand to Vincent’s forehead and asks, “Are you coming down with a cold, baby?”

   The security guard just pushes her hand away and advises, “I’m perfectly fine, I just need my rest.”

   Chi Lin had locked her arms around her boyfriend’s neck once again. (This time in hopes of keeping him from moving). Vincent just shrugs her off as he makes his way into the kitchen. After fixing himself a quick sandwich and wolfing it down, the security guard makes his way back to the living room to retrieve his gear bag and case.  

…All this time, Chi Lin has been padding along lightly behind her man. She almost looked like a puppy dog following it’s master!

   “Don’t you love me anymore, baby?”

   The security guard continues to go about his business, doing his best to disregard the young woman.

   Refusing to be ignored, Chi Lin’s hands reach for her boyfriend’s belt buckle and successfully unlatch it. (The fly turns out to be more of a challenge however, as her fingers fumble insistently with the pull-tab of his zipper). The frustrated woman bats her long eyelashes and whines, “Don’t you want some boom-boom, baby?”

   The security guard just pushes her little hands away with disinterest. That’s when his voice strangely buzzes, “I need my rest for tomorrow.” …The man then continues to walk stiffly towards the bathroom.

   Again Chi Lin stepped directly in front of her lover. It was only then that she finally manages to ask, “What are those things on your ears, baby?”   … (The young woman even attempts to touch one of them, but Vincent quickly dodges the movement of her hand).

   The security guard grabs Chi Lin’s dainty wrist with his free hand and gives it a harsh squeeze. And even as his girlfriend yelps in pain, Vincent refuses to ease up on his powerful grip. The man warns in a sinister tone, “Don’t you ever touch my ears!”

   Chi Lin yells back, “Ok, OK! . . . You’re hurting me, baby!”   … (As the frightened woman is released, she rubs her wrist to relieve the pain).

   Without warning, the tiny lights on Vincent’s earpieces flash red. His eyes glaze over as he pauses in place.

   Chi Lin studies the expression on her boyfriend’s face; it looked oddly blank.

   “Are you ok, baby?”

. . . Vincent remains silent; his eyes seeming to stare right through the lover that stands before him. His ear pods remind:

“You will report to the processing plant at 0600 hours.”

“You must be fully rested…”  

- The indicator lights flash green and the security guard buzzes, “Must get rest for tomorrow…”

   Then, as if walking in a daze, Vincent marches into the bathroom and turns to lock the door behind him. A confused Chi Lin is left standing alone in the hallway…


   Vincent Trillo slowly undresses down to his briefs, then straightens himself before the bathroom mirror. The man stands there in silence for a good long while - there’s no particular expression on his face - he’s just simply looking at his image. He studies the reflection of his own eyes, only to find that behind them lay an empty existence. This would usually bother Vincent, if he could only be bothered.

   The vain twenty six-year-old silently observes, These earpieces make me that much more handsome…

   Once again the earpieces flash red, and a glassy-eyed Vincent is left staring through his reflection in the mirror . . .

“You will report to the processing plant at 0600 hours.”

“You will correctly scan your spouse for collective consideration.”

“You will be prepared to serve her to the collective.”

   Vincent stands in silence, as he reviews the given directions that continue to roll through his head. His digitized voice then confirms, “I will scan her for collective consideration. I am prepared to serve her to the collective.”

   A distinct voice then whispers into his thrumming ears, “Very good, Vincent. Now honor the collective…”

   Vincent’s earpieces flash green. He reaches for the aluminum case that’s lying on the counter beside him, and then flips the latch open. As the lid drops back, the security guard revels at the choice of exotic weaponry: two flash-freeze grenades; his saber-like stasis weapon / scanning device; his night vision wrap-around shades; and set of metallic ear pods that were similar in design, but not as permanent as his own.

   The security guard’s earpieces chime in, “Use the earpieces, Vincent. We will be here to guide you.”

   Vincent reaches for the earpieces. He withdraws them from their foam impression and places them on the counter.

   “You must wear the goggles so that we can guide you,” whispers the voice.

. . . Vincent raises the goggles and places them on his head. Even with the vanity lights on, the man still notices that he can see even clearer now.

   “Now go and serve the collective, Vincent.”

   The security guard turns and unlocks the door. He steps out of the bathroom and makes his way down the hall. Had Vincent been coherent enough, he might have been surprised to find Chi Lin lying there submissively on the bed and patiently waiting for him…

   Chi Lin lets out a playful giggle before asking in her squeaky voice, “Honey, what’s up with the funny glasses?”

. . . Vincent just stares back through the doorway in silence.

   Miles away in a former meat packing plant, a signal blips on a viewing monitor. A transmission from the mother ship, shows an attractive human female that’s lying on a bed before them. (The aliens live feed is being provided by the night-vision shades that Vincent is wearing, of course). The two Orion males share a gritty smile and a knowing glance, before returning their focus to the viewing screen before them . . .

   Chi Lin had redressed herself in one of her numerous sexy negligees; this time choosing a hot little red number, made of slippery smooth satin. The revealing garment was low-cut, real short and very suggestive - all things that appealed to her boyfriend…

   Although Vincent was viewing his lover in his entranced state, he couldn’t help but notice how Chi Lin’s sensitive nipples were poking at the material of her nightie.

   The young woman asks, “You like?”

   There’s a momentary pause before her boyfriend replies in a flat voice, “You look very lovely.” . . . (Although Vincent means it as a compliment, the tone of his voice almost sounds cold and rather insincere).

   Chi Lin lets out a playful giggle and observes, “You look like the ‘Terminator’ with those silly sunglasses on!”

   Vincent replies in a dry tone, “Or maybe something like that…”

   As her lover begins his slow approach from across the room, Chi Lin enthusiastically hops up onto her knees within the middle bed. The young woman then holds her wrists out directly in front of her and flashes a mischievous smile. “If you’re the Terminator, then I want you to tie me up tonight so that I can be your prisoner!”

   As Vincent continues his slow approach to the bed, his girlfriend quietly thinks to herself, It sure is hard to see just what he’s looking at with those ridiculous shades on!

   “Come on,” the young woman persists. “Tie me up and you can do anything you want to me.”

   Vincent was now towering over his lover at the side of the bed. His briefs were tight, and Chi Lin could see the thick bar of his cock, now completely pressed to the left by the restrictive spandex fabric. She takes hold of the elastic waistband and starts tugging the briefs downward…

   “Come on, baby,” she pleads. “I want to see it!”

   Vincent catches her hand and suggests, “Before you do that, I have a little game I’d like you to play…”

   “A game?” his girlfriend chimes in her little girl voice. “Oooh goodie… I like it when we play games in bed!”

. . . That was the moment when Vincent chose to reveal the earpieces that he’d been holding at his side.

   Chi Lin grins with mild curiosity and inquires, “What are those, baby?”

   Vincent holds out the palm of his hand and explains, “These are a set of receivers, just like I have.”

   Chi Lin’s smile was beaming. “Oooh, you bought some for me too?”   …(The girl was literally bouncing around on the mattress in excitement now, looking like a puppy dog waiting for it’s treat). She excitedly proclaims, “I just love it when you bring me gifts, baby!”

   Being a little too nervous to actually touch them, Chi Lin stoops in close to get a better look . . .

   The sleek instruments were metallic silver in color, and gradually rounded outward like a clamshell. They were also compact, with each pod being slightly larger than a cap from a water bottle. At the top of each was a little bulbous lens that was currently clear. What intrigued Chi Lin most, were the insides of the pods: each had a half-inch-long, putty-like probe, which hung limp from its surface. Her boyfriend, (now being directed by his Orion guides), explains that these malleable probes will reshape themselves to the inner dimensions of her auditory canals, once the pods are activated.

   “Go ahead,” Vincent urges. “Feel how smooth they are.”

   Chi Lin just shrugs her shoulders in a coy manner. She was still a little unsure about touching them…

   Her boyfriend insists, “Go on…”

   Chi Lin slowly moves a hand forward and lightly touches the inner plane of one of the pods. The woman quickly pulls her hand away in shock, when the surface reacts to the weight of her finger!

   “Oooh! I felt it move, baby!”

   Vincent encourages, “Go ahead…its ok.”

   Chi Lin leans in a little closer, studying the hundreds of pin-like holes that perforated the probe’s surface. (She smirks at the very thought that it almost looks like a droopy little penis, just hanging there!)   …Feeling a little braver, the woman cautiously places her fingertips back on the pod and slowly rubs them over the surface. She was pleasantly amazed by the texture; fully expecting it to be tacky to the touch, yet it felt velvety smooth and luxurious…

- Even inviting.

      Vincent advises, “When you’re ready, we’ll just put these in your ears and they’ll make you feel good all over.”

   As her boyfriend attempts to place one of the metallic pods over her ear, Chi Lin shifts her head away from his reach. With a confused expression now showing on her face, the woman asks, “But…right now, baby? . . . I thought we were gonna boom-boom?”

   “Yes, right now,” orders her boyfriend. “Now let me see your ears.”

   Chi Lin rolls her eyes in reluctance and expels a “sheesh” as her boyfriend carefully inserts the probe side of one of the pods into her right ear. He repeats the process with the left side, just a moment later.

. . . All the while, watchful eyes continue to monitor the situation with toothy grins of approval.

   Right away, Chi Lin feels a strange tingling sensation within her ears. As the phallic-like probe begins to warm and expand, it delicately massages the hundreds of nerve endings inside the female’s ears. The pleasing sensation elicits a measurable shiver from within her body, and she lets out a playful chuckle in return. The twenty three-year-old suddenly squeaks, “Woo! . . . That tickles, baby!”

   Other than Chi Lin’s abrupt giggle, it didn’t seem like anything else would happen. The young woman just continued to kneel there happily on the edge of the bed; batting her eyelashes and displaying her precious little smile.

- That’s when the earpieces unexpectedly beeped, causing the lenses at their sides to flash red. Chi Lin dramatically catches her breath and lets out a fearful gasp, as her weight suddenly falls back on her heels. The woman’s mouth drops slack, just as her eyes go wide open in surprise . . .

   Vincent looks on with a sense of satisfaction. He notices the immediate change in his lover’s facial expression, which has morphed from joy to stunned confusion. And as the Orion’s gain access to his girlfriend’s memory, Chi Lin’s mind is opening up to a whole new world of obedience and servitude. It would be a world where her only purpose was to serve the collective . . .

   Chi Lin’s eyes glaze over and her slackened mouth starts to frown, as long-cherished beliefs, memories and passions are quickly being erased. The female’s ever softening mind was now being defragged; the newly vacant spaces would be restocked with the Orion’s collective ideal.

- Out with the old, and in with the new.

. . .  And the aliens continue to look on through Vincent’s shades, with great appreciation.

   By now, Chi Lin was wavering from side to side, and her eyes were beginning to roll back into their lids. The information that was flowing through her ear pieces was uploading at such an alarming rate, that the pods literally began to hum. The static-like “buzz” even sounds similar to that of a grinding hard drive on a PC!

   Victor watches as a pool of drool begins to seep from the corner of his lover’s slack mouth. And although Chi Lin’s eyes were wide open and staring, he knew that she wasn’t looking at anything specific . . . she’d simply forgotten how to close them.

   By now, Chi Lin couldn’t be bothered to even try and comprehend what was happening; she no longer had the capacity to do so. It seemed as if someone had taken her brain and turned it inside out. And as the last few scraps of her reality collapse, an unfamiliar voice calls out from the abyss; it penetrates her clouded mind, but confuses her even more…

“As you hear these following words, let them resonate throughout your mind.”

“We have assumed control.”

“You now belong to the collective . . . You will do as you are told, as we have assumed control.”

   Chi Lin was mouthing these words that were now ringing out in her mind, only she spoke in faint whispers, as opposed to actual spoken words.

“Soon the time will come for you to be assimilated into the collective. This is your pre-chosen destiny . . . You will not resist.”

   The woman softly murmurs, “I will not resist.”

“You will be assimilated.”

“. . . I will be assimilated.”

“You belong to the collective.”

“. . . I belong to the collective.”

 “You will now prove your allegiance to the collective. You will do this by performing fellatio on your former partner, just for our viewing pleasure.”

   “I will prove my allegiance to the collective,” the entranced woman confirms. “I will do this by performing fellatio on my former partner, just for your viewing pleasure.”

   Without hesitation, Chi Lin rises to her knees and turns to her former lover. Moving rather methodically, she takes hold of Vincent’s elastic waistband and yanks the briefs downward once again…

- The aliens up in the mother ship, as well as those down in the meat packing plant, were already inching forward in their carbon-fiber seats in hopes of getting a better view.

   Chi Lin grips her partner’s meat within the palm of her hand. She obediently bows forward and lowers her head, before her tongue flickers around the tip of the cock. The young woman gives the pinkish-purple head a few good licks, before taking its entire length deep into her throat. A wet, suction-like noise can be heard, as Chi Lin wraps her succulent lips around the shaft, creating a pleasurable air-tight seal.

   From his position above, Vincent watches with indifference, as his former lover rhythmically bobs her head back and forth. All the man knew was that he needed his rest, and if a blow-job would aid in getting that rest - then so be it.

   An obedient Chi Lin’s continues with her oral ministrations; her lips rolling back and forth and her mouth continually sucking, so that her partner’s shaft would reach its fullest length. That’s when her ear pods flashed red, and the woman suddenly froze at mid stroke - with Vincent’s penis still parting her lips.

   Her ear pods murmur, “Now take off your panties and gown, lie on your back, and wait to receive your collector…”

   Chi Lin opens her mouth wider, before mechanically drawing her head back and away from the throbbing penis. As she slowly maneuvers herself out of her kneeling position, a translucent spindle of pre-cum dangles in circles from her parted lips!   . . . The young woman then tugs her slinky panties down over her thighs, pulls her little feet through the leg holes, and tosses the underwear off to the side. (Her satin nightie lands on top of them, just a brief moment later). Before long, Chi is lying on her back and waiting; her head placed neatly on a pillow, and with her legs spread wide for entry…

   Vincent stood naked before his partner; his sturdy dick pointing up and outward like a flag pole mounted to the front fascia of a government building. The man leans forward and casts himself over his lover; one hand is braced against the mattress; the other directs his unit towards her split. When he shoves himself inside, Chi Lin is noticeably dry. The security guard jerks his hips back in quick reaction, yet his partner grabs him by the arms and impales herself upon him. She continues rocking against Vincent; her raw lips parted in pain - yet it wouldn’t be that way for long:  soon the couple would be producing some much needed moisture of their own…

   Chi Lin leans her head back against the pillow and gazes up at the ceiling with dull and despondent eyes.   . . . Usually by now, the young woman would be responding with small gasps or even a quickened breath, yet she remains silent as Vincent pounds away.

. . . Was she preoccupied with the pattern in the plaster on the ceiling above?

- Quite possibly. It did have a rather curious swirl in it’s design.

   Meanwhile, Vincent had braced his hands on either side of his partner, and was plunging himself deeper and deeper into his partner’s body. As the relentless squeeze of Chi Lin’s vaginal muscles nears him to fruition, the security guard picks up the pace of his strokes.

. . . And the aliens continue to watch with total appreciation.

   The couple’s lovemaking is getting hot and fierce; Chi Lin’s breasts are swirling round and round, as Vincent’s balls rhythmically slap against her tush. As the man continues his relentless assault on his partner’s pussy, a voice whispers in his ear, “That’s it Vincent - give it to her good! . . . Give it to her reaaal gooood!”

   Then all at once, the security guard arches his muscular back and strains his neck, as his veins pull taut against his skin. Vincent pumps a generous load inside his partner below, as she just lay there ready to accept.   . . . And yet there would be no passionate moans, no screams in ecstasy, no writhing about in delight.  

- This once passionate and loving couple were simply carrying out their given task.

   Within time, Vincent withdraws his slimy and drooping member. He gives Chi Lin’s underbelly a few good whacks with it, before allowing it to dangle between his muscular legs…

   Chi Lin, (now receiving instructions of her own), rises stiffly from the bed. Her ear pods whisper, “You will clean your collector.”

   In a zombie-like trance, the young woman shuffles her feet across the bedroom rug and makes her way into the bathroom. The obedient thrall prepares a warm washrag beneath the running water, before returning to her partner. She takes her time, being particular to clean every fold and crevice that his package has to offer. Once her given task with Vincent is complete, Chi Lin receives an order to clean herself off. In time, she would return to tuck her partner in neatly beneath the covers. The young woman then takes several steps backwards and comes to a stop with her back against the nearest wall.

   Vincent rolls over and reaches for the nightstand to turn off the light…


The morning after . . .

   A built in alarm awakens Vincent Trillo at 5am. The security guard pulls back the warm covers and stiffly rises from his bed. As he makes his way into the bathroom, he brushes past his former girlfriend with total disinterest.

   With unwavering patience, Chi Lin has been standing there - against the very same wall - since the lights were turned off the night before. The young woman had remained perfectly straight at attention: her hands at her sides; her painted toes pointed outward; her eyes still staring ahead sightless, just waiting to be scanned…

   As the security guard is brushing his teeth in front of the bathroom mirror, his ear pods flash red, and a glassy-eyed Vincent stares through his reflection once again…

“You will report to the processing plant at 0600 hours.”

“You will correctly scan your spouse for collective consideration.”

“You will be prepared to serve her to the collective.”

   Vincent stood in silence, as he reviews his given instructions yet again. With the water still running below him, and with his toothbrush still raised in the air, the guard’s digitized voice confirms, “I will scan her for collective consideration. I am prepared to serve her to the collective.”

   A distinct voice then whispers into his thrumming ears, “Very good, Vincent - very good. We’ll see you then…”

   On the other side of town, Bruce Miller was receiving similar instructions for his wife of twenty two years…

* * * * *


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