Ten Heroines in Lingerie

by Northern Chill

Author's note : This is part of a serial loosely based on the Ten Little Indians movie. There are several characters depicted which are fairly obscure so feel free to email me if you have any questions. To answer one question ahead of time, the Huntress character depicted in this chapter is not the one currently featured in DC comics but is rather older version of an alternate earth. For more information about her, visit  http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Set/6742/prehuntress.html

This story is meant strictly as a parody.   Enjoy !

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Chapter 2 - Arrival...and a Departure


                 The dock at Maniquo Island bustled with activity as workers busily unloaded luggage and equipment from the ship that had just tied up.  Several heroines were descending down the gangplank to the dock where others were already standing chatting amongst themselves.

                 "This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever been talked into.  I don't know how I got talked into this,"  exclaimed the red headed woman known worldwide as the super spy/heroine Black Widow.  Dressed in a black and yellow sun dress, the look on her face indicated she'd rather be fighting hand-to-hand with trained assassins than spending the next ten days wearing sexy lingerie and swim wear.

                 "Relax, Natasha; look at it like a long overdue vacation.  While the guys are off defending the world against intergalactic menaces or foiling the evils of some terrorists, we get to spend ten days enjoying the sun and looking sexy in skimpy clothing for charity and that's not so bad, is it now?" said a happy Phantom Lady as she brushed some dirt off her yellow T-shirt and matching shorts.  The icy glare Natasha shot back told Dee that perhaps this might take another day or two for her fellow heroine to relax.

                 "Ladies, why don't we all get in the hotel's carts and head up there to get you all settled, ok?" Valerie called from the end of the deck gesturing towards several large sandy brown golf carts.

                 "Its been a while since I've had the chance to relax and I intend to enjoy myself, no matter what you gals say!" added the blonde woman known world wide as the aerobicizing crimefighter Lycra Woman.  Setting herself down in the nearest cart, wearing a sleek form fitting exercise outfit, the heroine, known as just Debbie Hall to her friends, settled back in complete contentment.

                 "Slide over, Debbie!   You can work out any time you want after we get to the hotel but I'd like to get there sometime today." said Helena Wayne, better known to the people and criminals of Gotham as the Huntress.  As she flicked back her short dark hair, she mentally noted just how laid back this whole scene was compared to the busy streets and skies she patrolled at night.

                  The group of heroines piled into the carts and headed up the paved road to the hotel destination for the shoot/vacation they were all looking forward to. When they got within eyesight of the hotel, the women were impressed by the sight that greeted them.  The four story resort, made of expensive marble and brick, stood out like a gem amongst the trees around it.  There was plush red carpeting from the edge of the road up to the ornate entrance doors. Once inside, the women saw the carpet continued on leading into a glamorous lobby full of spectacular artwork and expensive furnishings.

                 A mid-30's woman dressed in a powder blue jacket with matching skirt and black shoes moved towards the women with a big smile on her face. "Hello, ladies! My name is Quiero Lalkes and I am the hotel manager. Feel free to ask any questions of me you may have about our fine establishment.  Before that, let me introduce you to my staff heads who you'll be seeing a fair bit during your stay," she said formally, brushing  her sandy brown hair aside before turning to the people standing behind her.

                She waved her left hand towards a swarthy man in his mid 40's dressed in a black shirt and pants with tinted sunglasses.  "This is Carlo, our head of security.  He'll answer any questions you might have about precautions for the show or other safety concerns."

               The man nodded slightly towards the group of stunning women, never relaxing his rigid posture or expressionless face.  Quiero then turned to her right and gestured at a young blonde woman in her 20's wearing a pink shirt and white shorts. "Here is Danielle, our head of fitness and recreation.  If you're wondering where the best parts of the beach or looking to explore the many caves, she'll be here to help you," the older woman explained.

               "I'm looking forward to  help all of you during your stay here, though I'm afraid sunburns are an area you'll have to handle on your own," Danielle said with a wide smile on her face. "I hope these women don't try my patience while they're here," she thought to herself.

                The women laughed softly at the joke and chatted amongst themselves for a few seconds before Valerie addressed them once again.  "Ladies, I imagine you're all a little tired from the trip here.  If you'll get your room keys from my assistant Debbie here, you can head right up to your rooms for a good night's rest and in the morning we'll start going over the details for the show as well as introduce you all to these wonderful beaches.  Have a great evening and I will talk to you in the morning!"

               As the heroines headed towards the elevators, Debbie stopped for a second as she was talking to Helena and looked down at her fellow crime fighter's legs. "Helena, what's that mark on your upper left calf from?  Did a crook get the drop on you before you were able to do your Huntress routine and put him out of commission?" she inquired, looking at a deep two inch long bruise that was just visible under Helena's blue shorts.

                "Is everything for this exercising idiot a workout routine? Sheesh..." thought Helena to herself as she looked with amusement at the pert blonde.  "No, actually that's from when I was testing out some new ropes for rappelling down from rooftops. It's a bruise that should be completely gone in a day or two;Valerie assured me that a touch of makeup and no one will be the wiser," she said lightly, trying to edge toward the elevators.

                "Woww!  That must have really stung like a lot!  Hey, tomorrow morning, swing by my hotel room for a minute or two. I have this great ointment I use before the start of my morning workout that should heal up that bruise and make everything look just super. I'll even show you a little routine to melt away the weight in the buttocks like I have," Debbie said as she sauntered happily into the waiting elevator, displaying her firm backside to the heroine.

                 "Umm..sure, I'll have to take you up on that offer tomorrow. Have a great night!" Helena said before stepping into an adjacent elevator. "What a ditz... she wouldn't last five minutes on the streets of Gotham," she thought to herself as the elevator smoothly ascended upwards before stopping at the floor she selected.

                 Once in her sumptuous hotel room, Helena barely glanced around before she stripped off all her clothes and quickly made her way into the bathroom for a nice leisurely shower.  After twenty minutes or so or letting the hot water wash away the sweat and dirt from the day's travels, the brunette shut off the water and stepped out.  After toweling herself off, she slipped on a plush terry cloth robe and wandered into the expensively decorated room.  Flipping open her laptop computer on the writing desk, she went through her email quickly till she came across one that was addressed from a source she had in the Gotham police department.

                  As she scanned the email, her face quickly changed from a contentment one to one of great concern tinged slightly with anger. It seemed several criminal kingpins she had recently helped put behind bars had been freed on technicalities and now threatened to turn her city into a war zone. Helena grabbed the room's phone and called down to the front desk inquiring about when the next boat heading for the mainland was. After listening for a few seconds,  she muttered her thanks and put down the phone.

                "Tomorrow morning.. sigh.. well, I'd better leave a note for my hosts apologizing for my absence.  I hate to take off so abruptly but I can't play in the sun while my city burns," the black haired heroine muttered out loud while she scribbled a note to that effect on the desk pad.

                  Helena then took off her robe and was about to put on her nightie when she noticed a package lying on the bed addressed to her from Luscious Lingerie.  Intrigued, she opened the package to find a personal handwritten note of thanks from Valerie thanking her for her participation and a "personalized" bra and panty set of lingerie for her.  Helena held up the aqua blue set of intimate wear and was charmed by it's simplicity.  She decided to try on the set to see if they felt as good on as they looked. Once she had them on, she preened for a second in front of the changing mirror in front of her bed.  She was pleased to see how the bra accentuated her modest cleavage and how the push up part seemed to make her a little bustier than she actually was. The thin panties seemed to cling to her thighs and made her hips look extremely sexy.

                Pleased with herself, Helena laid back on the bed quite a bit more content than she was just a few minutes ago. As she laid there, a feeling of complete contentment washed over her body that was tinged oddly enough with an erotic wave of pleasure. As another few minutes passed, the pleasure grew more intense throughout her entire body and she felt she could just lie there forever basking in this warm feeling.

                "Well, that feels very good but I... should..move... mmm..what... I can't...move...!!" Helena moaned as she discovered she couldn't budge her limbs whatsoever.  She tried to call out but found her voice was down to a tiny whisper which no one could hear.  The waves of pleasure continued to roll through her body and strangely enough thoughts like "ooh.. displaying bras..pantyhose... very important.." were permeating her consciousness.

               Suddenly, she could feel her arms growing shorter by the second and retreating into her shoulders. She would have looked down to see what was happening but she couldn't move her head whatsoever. After thirty seconds or so, her arms wee completely gone and she could also feel now her skin had changed from firm flesh to smooth hard plastic.  Her breasts started to tighten and grow as hard as her skin while her nipples felt like they were disappearing altogether leaving her tits two smooth orbs of plastic riding high on her chest. This sensation caused her to black out momentarily from the intense waves of pleasure that climaxed in the most intense orgasm she had ever felt.

              When she recovered, she found her sight was very strange, as if she could see even though her eyes were no longer there.  She also could no longer feel any part of her face or even her hair brushing against her shoulders.  Before she could think over her predicament any more, she  heard the door open and someone enter into the room.  A few seconds later, she felt her body being picked up off the bed and then an amazing thing happened. The figure, who she couldn't see, picked up her upper torso and placed it separately from her lower torso on the bed in front of the mirror. This was followed by her lower form being placed on the bed standing up.

              "My God.. I've been changed into a bra form and pantyhose form.. nooo!!" she screamed mentally as the two display figures she now had become stared back at her.  Strangely enough, she could still see and hear in her inert form and when the unknown person picked up her forms, they triggered waves of pleasure through both her parts.  The waves of pleasure sent her tumbling into a blackness yet again though her last thoughts were clear: "Why.. why did she do this..?" Helena thought before it all went dark.


              The next morning, the display room was slowly being assembled for the first show.  Two display forms were already on a far table with the bra form wearing a black sports bra and a hose form wearing a shiny tan set of pantyhose.  The pantyhose form was turned slightly sideways hiding what looked like a red stain on the upper thigh.

              Two women walked through the otherwise deserted room chatting among themselves in a spirited discussion.

              "Well, the maid just called down saying the Huntress left a note saying she was leaving on the morning launch. It'll be tough to work this change into the program and schedule at this late point," Debbie said with a note of frustration in her voice.

               Valerie nodded. "Well, just stretch out the shooting times for some of our heroines and we'll do the same for the internet feed. I see the workers have already started setting up the displays for the show so that part should go smoothly.  I just hope none of our other models have to leave for  a crisis like the Huntress was called away for," she said wistfully as she gazed briefly at the new display forms.

                If only the two women knew that Helena had never left........


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