Future Contemporary Cultural Hit-Man Herb

by Heinrich Brueckmann

[OK, you're going to ask "where's the ASFR content" and in this story there really isn't any. However, this piece is so well written that 'ol Ed here is going to exercise the perogatives of the job and post it anyway.    Ed.]

Before I kill you, Iíd like to say something on my own behalf.† Iíll tell you that my name is Herb: Frank Herb.†

Donít try to introduce yourself.† I already know your name anyway, Mister Speakeasy.† If I didnít, you wouldnít be lying tied-up on your living room floor with a rag shoved down your throat.† If I didnít know who you were, I wouldnít have taped your mouth shut with duct-tape.† By the way: are you having a hard time breathing through all that blood?† I didnít mean to pop you in the nose like that; you kind of forced me.† You marks never seem to learn: resistance doesnít pay.† I bet you see that now though.

Given your present situation you may find this difficult to believe, but Iím actually not that terrible of a guy.† Iíd even offer you a smoke if you didnít have duct-tape over your mouth.† Iím sure you wonít mind if I have one.

Things are going badly enough for you as it is, wouldnít you say, without asking for more trouble?

Hey.† Iím talking to you; would you stop looking over at her?† Sheís not going to help you.† You like her though, huh?

Well, donít look to her for sympathy Mister Speakeasy: sheís got ice-cubes in her chest.

People like you: always splashing your filth in the face of humanity.


Sawed-off shotgun


Illegally-modified Toshiba-Bishi InfoWear shades.


Disguised as a† -

Stop squirming around; itíll all be over soon.† But listen to me first, would you?† Please?†

I work in the Troubleshooting Industry.† Iím a Private Contractor.


...and you look like trouble to me...


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