Hold That Pose

by Northern Chill

        Allison was admittedly intrigued by the lucrative offer she had received from a local computer engineering firm to be a test model for a new imaging apparatus they were working on.  The amount of money the firm was offering for each session was fairly substantial though the idea of being semi naked in front of several computer geeks was a bit disconcerting.  In the end, Allison decided the money was just too good to pass up and headed down to the laboratory where the tests were taking place.

        She parked her Toyota outside a fairly large white and red building with the name M & D RESEARCH stenciled boldly in a sign just above the door.  She entered the facility through the glass doors in the front and proceeded to the reception desk where she was directed to a room that was at the back of the building.

        She opened the door and walked into a room that appeared to be crammed to the ceiling with electronic and computer equipment.  Several men were adjusting what looked to be a large laser that stood in the center of the room pointing at the back wall which was the only area that had no equipment piled into it.

        Running her left hand through her red hair in bewilderment, Allison walked over to where the head supervisor was busy keeping order in the sea of chaos that was around them.  Looking up from the computer monitor he was staring at, the sandy brown haired man saw Allison and smiled briefly.

        "Ah, Ms. Brown, I'm happy to see you and you're early, to boot.  That'll give me a little time to explain what our tests will consist of today.  We're testing a experimental form of a new bio-engineering laser that we hope will aid in surgery in the future.  Our goal is that the laser will alter the molecular structure of the subject's skin so that it will be immune to any side effects from surgery that lasts more than thirty minutes, without any lasting effects   Once it's perfected, we think it will help save thousands of lives and open avenues to other possible uses,"  the scientist intoned while looking briefly at a nearby computer monitor.

        "Typical tech nerd babble..." Allison thought to herself as she walked through the work area behind the supervisor.  "You say the laser changes the target's skin...   What exactly does the skin change into and how long does the change last?  I don't want to leave here looking like a reject from one of those Japanese Godzilla movies!" she inquired, with a nervous chuckle.

        The man shook his head in denial while looking at a nearby monitor.  "Don't worry, Ms. Brown, you won't be leaving here looking any worse than you look now.  For now, we're concentrating on transformation of organic to inorganic materials, with the total duration of the transformation to last no more than 15 seconds or so.  I'll just ask you to go behind the dressing screen and take off the majority of your clothes, save for your panties.  Don't worry, we'll provide a robe for you to wear when not directly involved with the test," he said nodding towards a nearby folding privacy screen.

        Allison moved behind the folding screen where she took off all her clothes other than her white panties and put on a white robe that covered everything above her knees.  She stepped out from behind the screen and moved over to the wall the scientists indicated.  She waited a few minutes while most of the support personnel filed out of the room, leaving only a few techie people besides herself.

        Standing around while she waited for the researchers to do some final calibrations, she noticed there was several large packing crates sitting off to the right of the platform she was to stand on. One open and empty one sat on top of three others, some marked with addresses that didn't match with where she was at the present.  The technicians indicated they were ready for the test, and her.

        "What the heck are those doing here.... what the heck could these guys be shipping out of here?" she thought to herself as she took off her robe, gave it to a woman nearby, and stood up on the platform in front of the laser.  She saw there was two men at the the other end of the machine putting on black tinted goggles before turning the machine's power on.

        "All right, Allison, I want you to stand with your hands on your hips and back arched.  Make sure to take a deep breath as soon as you feel the laser hit you.  You'll probably feel a slight tingling as the effects of the laser take effect but it's nothing to worry about.  We'll be videotaping the whole procedure so you can see for yourself the process once you've reverted back to human status once again," the head scientist said, putting a pen behind his ear before sitting down behind the laser.

        Allison nodded and assumed the desired pose as the noise from the machine grew louder and louder by the second.  She could see the wiring along the side growing brighter and figured it would only be a few seconds more before the laser was engaged.   Above the noise coming from the machine, she could hear the scientists talking back and forth although she could only make out a few words.

        "....others... packing..... ship..... contact....."  were the words Allison could make out as the dark haired man gestured towards the packing crates she had just noticed.  The other man seemed to be shaking his head as he lowered his hand down in a dramatic gesture.

        Suddenly, it hit Allison like the proverbial ton of bricks.  She had never asked them if there had been any problems in previous tests!  She was about to step down from the platform and start getting some detailed answers when a yellow beam was emitted from the laser and engulfed her from head to toe.

        "Can't move.... I'm stiffening.... can't even... talk...." Allison thought as she felt her skin change from flesh and blood to cold plastic devoid of freckles or blemishes anywhere.  She no longer felt the need to hold her breath as her chest froze in place with her breasts becoming twin mounds of hardened plastic, capped by bright red nipples.  

        Her eyes locked in place as they became inanimate pieces of colored glass with no sign of life visible.  She could feel lines forming on her torso, wrists and ankles as well as her left leg.  Before she could react mentally to the rapid change, the transformation transformed her internally as well and her mind dissipated into darkness.

                  Five minutes later....

        "Well, Bill, she hasn't changed back to human form yet.  I guess we can mark this one down as yet another failure.  I'll give our government contact the usual call to arrange the usual explanation for the 'disappearance' of our latest test subject," the scientist said as he picked up the mannequin Allison now was and placed her inside a shipping crate.

        "Yeah, I'll let the fellows in the afternoon know to adjust the settings accordingly.  I just hope we can achieve success soon..."  
Bill muttered as he marked  Test # M0006 - Fail on his clipboard.

        "Are you afraid that someone will wise up to the missing women and track them back to us?" the other man said as he marked the address for Allison's new home on the crate.

        "No, forget about them; our government funding will be cut if we don't get results soon.  Maybe a lower setting will give us what we want..."  Bill muttered as he closed the lid on Allison's crate, nailed it in place, and left her along the other 'failures' to wait for delivery to the stores and boutiques that would become their new homes.....

     THE END

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