Honey, I'm a Robot

by Paul G. Jutras


It was a typical night in the Silinski household. Wayne and Diane were in bed, Nick was on the computer and Amy was struggling in her room with her test studies. With a sigh, she headed up to the attic with her dog, Quark. "There must be something here than can help me remember this stuff."

Amy started to go through her dad's inventions when she came across this space Viking hat on the work bench. "What's this." She said to Quark as she looked it over. "Neural booster." She muttered as she looked at Quark and thought for a moment. "It can't hurt."

Putting the helmet in her head, she picked up the remote control and threw the on switch. Electrical energy surged between the remote and the horns on the helmet. Some of the sparks surged off and caused Quark's fur to stand on end.

"I don't feel any smarter." Amy said as she removed the helmet. Setting it down she left without seeing Quark's eyes glowing green. "Well chalk up another dud for dad."

The next morning, Diane hopped through the kitchen in her green business suit trying to her second heel on. "I should be the first lawyer to introduce sweat suits in the courthouse." She complained as she passed Nick on her way upstairs. Knocking, she opened Amy's door and found her asleep with her text books. "Better hurry or you'll be late."

"What time is it?" Amy asked as she picked the clock up off the floor. It had stopped at 5am. "Can't I have a few minutes?"

"Not if you don't want to late." Diane answered as she showed Amy the time on her watch. "You shouldn't throw you clock on the floor, you'll break it."

"But I needed to study and fix my face." Amy said, jumping out of bed.

"You got ten minutes to do it." Diane said as she headed back downstairs where Wayne was. The two started kissing when Nick walked into the kitchen and cleared his throat. "Sit down and eat hon."

Amy, deciding that it was better to die beautiful choose to do her make up over finishing her studies. She headed off to class where the teacher passed out the tests. "Hope I do well." Amy said to the girl in front of her as Laura just turned and grinned.

"You should get a boyfriend who had this class last year and kept the test answers." Laura grinned. "Guess not all of us can be popular."

As the teacher finished handing out the test, he turned to the clock. "Remember, this counts for 50% of your grade." He watched the second hand strike the hour. "Begin."

As Amy looked at the questions, the answers just appeared in her head. Barely reading the questions, she marked off the answers one by one. Within five minutes she was done and raised her hand. "I'm done with the test, may I go now?"

"You can't be done." The teacher said with a confused look. "Nobody has ever completed the test booklet in a class period."

"Well I did." She tossed the test on the teacher desk and walked out of the room. The teacher started looked at the test and saw she had all the answers right.

After class, Laura saw Amy at her locker. "So Amy, how did you cheat?" Laura asked. "I did terrible, since the teacher changed the questions since Greg took the class."

"I didn't cheat, just studied." Amy said.

"Guess some of us have time." Laura grinned. "You can make it through life on your looks like me."

Amy just starred at her and mentally caused a wind the blew the locker doors opened and closed and messed up Laura's hair.

As Amy walked home with a friend, she notice a young man drive pass them in his truck. They smiled as he passed by and when he turned around they waved. As Amy's friend had only eyes for him coming over, Amy saw a woman walking into the street with a baby stroller. "STOP!" Amy shouted as her mind caused the truck to slam on its breaks.

"Good brakes." Amy's friend said as they continued walking home.

"May I come in." Amy asked as she entered Nick's bedroom. Nick was watering a dead plant when he looked up and sighed.

"Might as well." Nick said as he started out the door. "I've already lost my A on my science project. I don't know how I'll deal with it."

Amy looked at the plant and it blossomed. With a smile, she turned and skipped out. "Now you don't have to worry."

The next morning, Diane found that the fridge was empty except for carrots and celery. "Who ate all the food?" She asked as Wayne walked into the kitchen. The microwave went off and Diane found bacon being done. She heard Quark bark as she said "Who did it?"

Amy was up early and headed off to school. Along the way, she saw an man in his eighties struggling to get his trash to the curve. With a mental thought, she wheeled it down next to the other can. The man just stared, turned around and went into the house without a thought. Feeling proud of herself, Amy continued to school where she saw some of the football team members with their car stuck in the mud. As the men struggled to push it out, Amy let loose and thought and moved the car. The men fell face first in the mud.

"That's two good deeds." Amy thought as she went through her classes with no trouble. Reaching final period study hall; however, she sat at the same table as Laura. "You're hair could really look better." Amy said as she stared at her.

"What?" Laura asked, confused at why Amy was staring at her. Amy's mind changed her hair due as and Amy held up her mirror. "So. I guess the gel kicked in."

"Thanks for the thanks." Amy thought feeling a bit taken for granted. "Here I have the power to do anything and nobody even give me credit for it."

With a mere thought, Laura appeared in Amy's room. "What am I doing here, Amy?"

"You will address me as Queen Silinski." Amy paused a moment. "The sounds too old. Make that Princess Amy, my little robotic slave."

Laura tried to move, but found herself frozen. With a thought, Amy turned her room into an Arabian throne room. In a low cut black dress and high heels, Amy turned to Laura. "Come." She commanded. Laura tried to resist, but found her body moving toward Amy and kneeling at her feet. A fan appeared in Laura's hand. "Fan me." Amy ordered.

Nick knocked and opened Amy's bedroom door. He saw Laura at Amy's feet in a harem slave girl outfit, fanning her mistress. "Amy, how did you revive my plant be-" Nick began when he found himself suddenly in a red and blue court jester outfit. "What's going on."

"Entertain me." Amy ordered as she willed the door closed behind Nick. Nick started to move in a robotic fashion into the center of the room. The words from his mouth and his body movements were not his own.

Feeling like a swim, Amy willed a swimming pool that nearly filled the room. Her clothes changed into a pinkish purple bathing suit. She slipped into the water and she will her legs into a mermaid tail. She started to perform Dolphin acrobatics. The splashes drew Wayne and Diane's attention.

"Amy," Diane said with concern as she knocked and entered into the room. The two saw Nick standing in the corner with his back pinned to the wall, Amy back on the throne and Laura giving Amy a pedicure. "Mr. And Mrs. Silinski, help me." Laura cried. "I'm doing Amy's nails."

Amy looked down and smiled at the Laura who suddenly had giant rainbow curlers in her hair. She was dressed in a blue and white checkered blouse with a green and white stripped skirt. "I let you keep your awareness so you can suffer for not thanking me for you help in the past."

As Diane and Wayne walked into the room, Wayne found himself in a Tux and Diane in her courtroom business suit. "What the?" They said together as they looked at one another. As Amy snickered, Diane tried to take her heels off but found they had fused onto her feet.

"Wayne and Diane." Amy called her parents by their first names. "I think you should all suffer for taking me for granted. From now on you'll go about your work like nothing has changed. When we're all home you'll be my robotic servants."

"What about Laura." Wayne managed to ask.

"I've rewrote her family tree so that she's my sister now." Amy grinned. "Now Laura, I want my nails rounded not squared."

"Yes M...M...Mistress." Laura fought her answer but was force to give in as Amy's world now revolved around her. She had complete control to go anywhere and do anything. For Amy, life was going to be rich and enjoyable for now on.


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