Private Party

by Johnsan

It was another late night for Christy, her feet were killing her and her head was pounding. Working at Hooters while she enjoyed it could exact long hours on her. The tips were nice though and she did have the body for the outfit. She was clearing out some of the tables and gathering up some of the loose change when she spotted him at the table.

Christy walked over smiling "Good evening sir! We'll be closing in a few so can I get anything for you quick before we do?" she asked in her professional Hooters manner.

She regarded him and wondered just how drunk he was. Christy also hoped he wasn't one of those drunken shits who'd try to grope her thinking that somehow at closing she'd be in the mood for that. To her surprise he just looked at her with clear sober eyes and smiled "No thanks, Christy is it? I'm fine but you look beat!" Christy grinned finding it refreshing not to have to throw out the last drunk.


"Have a seat, Christy take a load off!" he invited her.

Christy looked around and said "Why not!". Christy sat down and relaxed for the first time that night. "Oh this feels so great!" she smiled at the stranger.

"Long night huh!" he told her. Christy nodded and rubbed her abused calves. "You're quite a looker you know?" her companion quipped. "All part of the job qualifications!" she told him with a smile.

"Well that's what I'm looking for as well." he announced to her with a grin.




Christy frowned "Listen I'm not into after hours dates and I'm not a hooker. You can find those right out the door!" she pointed for emphasis.

"No listen I'm not looking for that! What I need is a waitress for a private party I..." he pulled out a large roll with equally large bills. "...can pay very well. No sex or drugs just you acting as hostess and serving drinks! Okay?!" with a hopeful smile.

Christy thought on it "Hmm, I do make good money here but still it looks like a few weeks pay he's offering. Why not!" she thought and smiled as she agreed. Christy then added "You know I can't use my little outfit for this private party?" Christy asked.

"Not a problem I have something much more appropriate for you." He answered with a grin. Christy shrugged and agreed he then gave her his name and address along with when she would be expected.



The time came and Christy showed up to the broad grin of her new employer. He invited her in and showed her his private bar and rec room. He told her she'd be working here tonight. "So where's the costume?" Christy asked expecting to see something totally revealing.

The surprise was written all over her face when he pulled out a Hooter's costume and handed it to her. It even had her nametag.

Christy looked at him "I told you I can't wear my uniform and can you tell me how you got it?" she demanded.

He grinned "It's not yours — it's one I obtained for you to wear so technically it's not your uniform." he informed the waitress.

"But...I...don't...hmm." Christy sputtered. Christy thought on it and came to a decision. "Ok but I think I should ask for more payment." she smiled coyly at him.


He didn't bat an eye and doubled her pay.


Christy stepped out of the dressing room minutes later, wearing the uniform he gave her and had to admit it fit as well or even better than her normal uniform. "How do I look?" Christy asked with a smile.

"Perfect Christy! now just stand right there please." as he took out a device that looked like a PDA.

"What's that?" the curious brunette waitress asked.

He looked up and smiled "Oh just the device which controls the quantum transformation net embedded in the uniform and pantyhose you're wearing!" he told her while adjusting something on he screen of the device.

"Huh?!" was all Christy could say as a strange feeling began to course through her attractive frame.

"I don't expect you to understand dear Christy!" he laughed as he pushed another image on the LCD screen. Christy was going to respond but found she couldn't move or speak. "What's going on?!" she told herself as a not unpleasant feeling began to spread throughout her body.

He walked up to the frozen waitress. "You don't remember me do you?" he asked her with a grin. "Oh well I'll refresh your memory sweet Christy! I came into your place of business and you served me. I really enjoyed your company that time and for all the other times when I dropped by.” he admitted with a grin.

“ Evidently you've forgotten all that. Well we got together and began a relationship outside of your place of business." he grinned. "At the time I believed you and I had a great thing going. That's when I showed you my little device!" holding up the PDA like control unit. "Remember how you begged me to give you a few upgrades honey?! “ he asked while rubbing her firm sexy body.

“Well I did and gave you that hot body you like to use at your new job to garner all those tips. I know you don't remember how you looked before or the job you had. Oh it wasn't Hooters you were working at before.” he shook his head “ I recognize now you would have said or done anything to get me to give you what you have now. At the time I was a bit upset to find you gone along with a shitload of my cash but hey that's life!" he grinned as he stood admiring his unmoving guest.

"Well I got over my anger so not to worry sweetie. You know I still haven't gotten over you either.” he sighed as he stroked her unmoving form.

“ That's why when I found out about some of your more interesting fetishes, it seemed like poetic justice. Did you know my little device can make the living into the inanimate? At first I didn't think so but after seeing your interests I did a little experimenting and indeed it does." he told her with glee.

"Oh I don't like where this is going!" Christy worried as she remained as frozen as a statue.

He pushed again on the pad and Christy felt something like an orgasm sweep over her.

"That's why I decided to give you a second chance my precious Christy." his hand caressed her cheek. He felt the silky smoothness of plastic while Christy felt every sensual fiber of her being stimulated in a way she'd never felt before.

Christy was able to finally see as her vision cleared and in one of the mirrors opposite her saw an amazing sight that she found hard to accept. "I should be seeing my reflection but somehow all I can see is that mannequin in the Hooter's outfit!"

It took a moment but finally she understood: "Oh shit that's me!!! I'm the mannequin! Oh fuck he really did it! He wasn't crazy!"

Another caress made her soul literally ring with pleasure.

Part of her wanted to run another wanted to kill him and a part of her that had lain deeply within her wanted to kiss him to thank him for finally making her deepest fantasies come true.

Then before she could come to terms with her final appearance his hand whisked her dark hair off her plastic head. He slipped a blonde wig on her and with another push on his pad she felt her body fall into a pose more likely to be seen on a store mannequin.

"Welcome to the collection!" he said and kissed her on her artificially firm plastic lips.

Leaning over to her now plastic ear he whispered "And in two months time we can play the sex store cashier and the lovedoll game!" he smiled "Just like we wanted!!" he began whistling as he walked away turning out the lights leaving his new mannequin to enjoy her new home.



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