Hot Legs

by Magnus

For as long as I can remember, men have always admired my legs; I guess being blonde, blue eyed and 5í 8" tall barefoot might have something to do with it. Iíve always considered myself to be a little more rugged and athletic than my first appearance would lead you to believe, though Iíve been called bimbo more than once too. Thatís because I like to dress to tease when I go out or to interviews and meetings; so I accentuate my best asset, my legs. Aside from being a blonde they have gotten me everything I have so far.

I work as a paralegal for Branford and Meyers law firm in Los Angeles. I remember the day I applied there; wearing the shortest skirt and shiniest pantyhose I owned had a stunning effect: Every man in the building couldnít keep his eyes off me!

I have to thank Ally McBeal for raising hemlines, Ďcause before I sat down I had the job wrapped up. When I slowly crossed my legs my bonus was secure as well. Only later on did they discover my other skills and began to apply them to my new position there.

Other than making men squirm, Iíd never really done much more with my gorgeous legs; Till about a month ago.

My best friend Nikkie came over and told me about this contest over at the Stone Pony, a local dance club we both liked to hang out at. At first I told her that I wasnít interested, but when she told me it was a leg contest, and that the first prize was an expenses-paid trip for two to the Bahamas, I couldnít resist.

We went to the club and I signed up to enter the contest. There were a lot of girls there, winning werenít going to be easy. Or so I thought. My biggest competition was from this leggy brunette who was even a hair taller than me. She had bigger boobs than I did, as well, and a flashy smile. But my dress was a lot shorter and my heels higher; a sure pleaser for the crowd was judging this event.

She took second place; lucky for her the top two get tickets, although she ended upgoing to only Miami. Or so I thought at the timeÖ

It was amazing for me to be standing up there on stage, accepting the prize envelope while the patrons cheered and took pictures. Of me! I felt like Sally Fields at the Oscars. We danced the night away and did not go home alone, let me tell youÖ

Nikkie was more than happy to come with me on the trip; I figured she had kind of earned it since it had been her idea to enter the leg contest in the first place. Whatís more, it turned out to be sponsored by Durasheer, a brand of pantyhose I wear a lot. I was more than happy when they gave me several samples in various new styles, which I decided to share with Nikkie. She liked the brand too.

Getting time off from work wasnít a problem, and soon we were winging our way to the exotic Bahamas. On the plane ride down, I donít know who was more excited, Nikkie or myself? Iíd never been to anywhere but California, but, like, where else is there?

Nikkie was bouncing off the walls, pointing out things in the window. I thought she needed some Prozac, she was so exuberantly happy. Luckily there was this cute guy on the plane, sitting a few rows back from us across the isle. Everytime I looked his way, he was looking at me, too; umm, this could be interesting.

Then Nikkie noticed him. "Hey, did you see that guy over, Heís so cute!"

"Um HummÖ I think heís been staring at me," I replied.

"Donít just think heís looking at you; thereís two of us here. I think he wants me!" Nikkie was really wigging out; must be the altitude, I thought. She was just about falling out of her top as she played peek-a-boo with him over the seat backs. Definitely the altitude. It was her first time flying...

I motioned the stewardess over and asked her for two Tequila Sunrises. I had a plan; maybe Nikkie will drink both of these, and then sheíll pass out.

The stewardess came back quickly with the drinks, I handed Nikkie hers.. "Oh wow - my first drink on an airplane!" she bubbled. Nikkie inhaled her drink and I passed her the second one. My scheme was working . She was briefly surprised I didnít want it, but accepted my excuse that I was getting a headache and thought nothing more about it.

She quickly guzzled it too; I couldnít believe how quickly. Laying back in my seat, I was thinking, Now maybe sheíll pass out and stop drawing attention to us, and maybe that cute guy will come over and introduce himself.

"Oh My! !" said Nikkie, rubbing her head. "I feel so woozy! I..." she didnít complete her thought as her wide eyes fluttered shut and she slumped down in her seat. She went out like a light.

It had worked! Just like I knew it would. Looking over at her, I started to feel bad for doing this to her, but she had been so gullible. Maybe I can make it up to her later.

I figured Iíd better have a drink; besides I was starting to get a little jazzed myself.

Turned to push the call button and order one, I saw that cute guy standing next to me in the aisle! "Hi," he said, "Can I buy you a drink?"

Oh my god! I canít believe it! Heís standing right there! I tried to regain my composure, which he took for hesitation on my part.

"Uh, maybe I should introduce myself," he began again. "Iím James; James Carl," he stated as he held out his hand to me.

"James, sure, yes. A drink; I was about to order one." I felt like a teenager at the prom!

He then turned to the man in the seat across the aisle from me and asked him to trade seats. I couldnít believe the man agreed, but maybe heíd been in the same situation once!

The stewardess came and we ordered our drinks. Another Sunrise for me; Single-malt Scotch, neat, for James.

"So have you been to the Bahamas before?" he began.

"No, itís our first time," I said, as I pointed at my passed out friend. "She got a little carried awayÖ"

"Yeah, I couldnít help but notice; sheís gonna be all right?"

I couldnít help but snicker at the mentioning of Nikkie, passed out in her seat. "Sure; sheíll be OK once we land. Itís her first time flying."

"You could have warned her about drinking at altitudeÖ So, are you vacationing?"

"Yeah, I won this trip."

"Really; were you appearing on a game show?"

"No. In fact, I won the trip in a contest at a local bar".

"What kind of contest?" His interest had picked up at hearing that last part.

I blushed at the thought; should I tell him? Why not? "Believe it or not it was a Ďhot legsí contest. Put on by a hosiery maker."

"Really," he said, taking a long look at my nylon-sheathed legs, "My guess would have been a talent contest. I would imagine you have a beautiful singing voice."

I pulled the hem of my skirt down, but it was short enough to start creeping up on its own right away. I was wearing the same brand of pantyhose I won in the contest; so was Nikkie. They felt like fine silk wrapping my legs and made my tan look even better.

I was a bit self-conscious, for some reason, about my appearance. I have always been a bit, I guess; especially when it came to my legs. I donít know why, really.

He smiled back at me. "May I say that you deserved it".

"Why thank you!" I blushed again, and continued. "So are you on vacation, too?"

"No, Iím afraid. Iím actually on business really," he said, looking ill at ease for some reason. "I work for an advertising firm; Iím down here for a promotion for a new ad campaign for the company I work forÖ"

"Oh? Really, what kind of business?" I was genuinely interested. Offshore companies were usually very wealthy, and so might he.

"Itís very new, you see. We really donít want word to get out yet, so I wonít say, but trust me itís something youíll hear about very soon."

"Thatís OK. Iím sure it must be fascinating," I said, letting the awkward moment pass.

James and I talked through the whole flight; then decided to have dinner together after we settled in. There was something about him that made me feel different. Special. Like any other guy, I caught him glancing at my legs from time to time, but there was something else; something I couldnít put a finger on.

Nikkie slept through the whole flight, I hope she feels alright later, I mused.

"You know, weíve been talking this whole time and I donít even know your name, MissÖ.?" James asked.

"Donna, Donna Wilkes." For once I wished Iíd had a fancier name.

He smiled once again. "So, Iíll pick you up at 8 for dinnerÖ?"

"Sure, thatís fine by me."

"Um, where are you staying?"

"At the Clairmont Regency; down in center city."

"What a coincidence Ė thatís where Iím staying!" He replied with a chuckle. "Iíll see you at 8, then. Weíre almost there, so I have to get to my seat." He soon made his way back.

I couldnít believe it. Iíd never met anyone on trip before, and never gone out with anyone so spontaneously, but James seems so nice. Who knows, maybe something will happenÖ

Hell, I knew something will happen and I canít wait! I grinned in anticipation.

Nikkie stirred from her stupor as the plane landed. "Are we there, yet?"

"Yeah, you woke up just in time; how do you feel?"

"A little woozy, whatever it was in those drinks sure knocked my ass out cold."

"Just tequila, as far a I know. A little orange juice. You know the effects of alcohol are intensified by altitude. Besides, you where so wired by the flight, I figured you needed the rest."

"Iím sorry for being so hyped; You know how I can get."

"Thatís why I gave you my drink too." I didnít tell her anything about James.

The plane landed and we took a cab to our hotel. The weather was sunny and warm, much like California, more humid though. As we exited the cab a bell hop came up and took our luggage. We were given room 336 at the front desk when we signed in. James came up just as we were being led up to our room.

"Hi, again, Donna; can I get your room number?"

"Sure; Iím in 336."

"Thanks. It would be hard to pick you up later when I donít know what room youíre in."

"Yeah it would, you know."

"Iíll call first Ė around 7:30?"

"Sure. Sounds perfect!" Iím glad we ran into James; I imagine he would have had to rely on the front desk if I hadnít told him my room number.

In the elevator, Nikki turned to me and said, "You sneak! Getting hooked up with that stud while I was napping." He smile told me she was just needling me. "If I didnít know better I might have guessed you planned to do thatÖ."

"Who, me?" I replied with a catty smile.

We arrived at our room and the bellhop showed us in. I was astounded by the immaculate preparation of the room. The room was in a Victorian motif, probably from the old colonial days of the island, it had lace on just about everything.

"Oh my!" said Nikkie. "I had a doll house that looked just like this room; remember, Donna?"

"Yeah, I remember. That was the one I wanted for Christmas, but your dad came up with the money first. As I recall, you rubbed it in for weeks," I said.

"Hey, That was a long time ago".

"I know".

I tipped the bellhop nicely and we settled in. Our room was actually more like a suite; there was a living area and two sleeping rooms, one for me and Nikkie each. Looking at the soft inviting mattress, I decided to have a nap. After that long flight, I needed one.

Nikkie decided she wanted to go exploring; I told her to go ahead but "Just come back and wake me up around seven." She agreed and went off, all excited once more.

Exhausted, I moved toward the canopy bed, kicking off my shoes and taking off my skirt.

I fell into the bed and began rubbing my nylon covered legs. which felt soooo good to touch. Before the contest I had never worn Durasheer pantyhose that much; I always wear Hanes or Leggs usually. Now I was wearing them almost every day. These seemed to hold up better than the others, they lose most of their shine after being worn a while, while these Durasheer havenít. Iím impressed by the quality of them. The best thing is that they always give a slight erotic feeling while wearing them. I felt it the minute I put them on, and I could close my eyes and remember the sensations.

A slight tingly sensation caresses my sex with every step I take, sending a joyful quiver directly to my clit. I mean itís weird, itís only a cotton panel, I canít figure out how this is possible, itís not like Iím going to Durasheer and complain or anything. As I lay there, playing with myself idly, I must have dozed off for the next thing I knew Nikkie was jostling me up.

"Donna! Hey wake up silly, itís seven already; you gotta hot date, remember."

"Yeah, thanks," I said fuzzily, getting up.

"James is on the phone; heís waiting for you."

Waiting? Heíd said 7:30, I was sure. "Thanks." Entering the main room, I saw the phone sitting off the hook waiting for me. "Hello?"

"Donna! Hey, you ready for a good time?"

"Not quite, but it wonít take me long."

"Heh heh heh heh; you make me laugh." He said, chuckling. "Listen; How about you meet me in the bar of the hotel at 8:pm. Downstairs?"

"Sure. Fine."

"Good, Iíll see you at 8 then."

"8 it is," I confirmed, "Iíll see you then, bye!" Turning to a mirror, I took one look at my sleep-puffed face and wrinkled blouse, then gasped "Iíve got to get ready!"

I raced back into the room, nearly knocking Nikkie over. I had only an hour to get ready and I had no idea what I was going to wear.

Opening my bags I frantically dug though looking for something that would be right. I hadnít thought about meeting someone; I was packed for a week on the beach.

After watching me searching hopelessly for a few minutes, Nikkie had a suggestion.

"Why donít you wear that black tank mini"?

I didnít remember packing it but as I looked again, I found it laying in the heap of clothes I had just scrambled through. Whew! "Thanks, Nik, I donít know what I would do without youÖ"

"Go on a date naked," she said glibly.

"Hardly; I would have picked something sooner or later."

"Yeah, but by the time you had picked out something, James would be collecting social security."

"Ok, enough already, let me get ready."

"Sure donít take too long, he is waiting. I might go down and say Ďhií in the meantime." She glanced at me staring at the sheer dress. "You know, those black heels will go great with that miniÖ"

"Get out!"

"Ok! Just trying to help." Nikkie was always trying.

"Hey, arenít you going out too?" She had said something before about dancing.

"No; I donít feel so good, got a killer headache, probably from that tequila."

"Could be. I donít know what youíre going to do; did you bring an book?"

"YeahÖ Thereís the TV too, but that seems so lame to sit and watch it now."

"Then why donít you read, like now, already!"

"Fine, Iíll go."

Nikkie was beginning to annoy me. Most of the time sheís a ditz, but when It comes to fashion Nikkie is a genius. The mini did nice things to my figure. The only decision left to me was what shade of pantyhose to wear; suntan or jet black?

The easy choice would be to wear the suntan ones since I already had them on, but I didnít want to send the wrong message to James.

The black ones were sexy, but was it going to look like I was in mourning?

I donít knowÖ I think Iíll just stay in the suntan and save some time; but I havenít worn the black yet.

Nikkieís wearing them now and Iím going to wear a black dress and heels and I think suntan will sent it off better than black.

Maybe I shouldnít wear any pantyhose at all?

Nah! I canít pass up a classic opportunity to drive a guy crazy while I cross and recross my legs all night. Besides, I loved they way they give their little tingles up my legs.

Decisions made, I dressed quickly; all to do now was fix my hair and do my makeup. That was a real disaster too! My blonde hair was a mess from sleeping; my mascara was smudged. There was lipstick on my nose. Time was running out and I needed to hurry.

On the dot at 7:45, I hit the hallway, hearing a cat call from Nikkie in the room.

"If youíre not back by midnight, Iím coming out looking for you!"

"Donít worry, Iíll be alright; Iím not leaving the hotel, after all!"

I hope she feels better, I thought, closing the door behind me. Wouldnít want her to be sick for the whole trip.

I made it down to the bar with a few minutes to spare. I wasnít worried about being late, usually itís the guy who has to worry about that.

This was a fancy hotel; it had both a club, and a bar. James said he would meet me at the bar so the bar it was. Inside, the place was dimly lit. I looked around a bit before I found James towards the back, sitting on a stool. He had a half-empty tumbler in front of him.

"There you are, I was beginning to wonder." He said, smiling as he saw me walking up.

"No worries, just kinda hard to find someone in a such a large space." I managed to show off the dress, and my legs, with a little flourish as I took the seat next to him.

"Hungry? Iíve reserved a table in the restaurant if youíre interested."

"That, sounds good..." Pretzels and tequila were all Iíd had on the plane down here, but I didnít want to tell James I was starving. My nerves had just calmed down enough after that long flight and taking that nap.

"Lets go then, shall we?" Like a perfect gentleman, he crooked his arm to escort me out of the bar and through the lobby. I could swear everyone was looking at us. Once in the restaurant there was a mix-up in the arrangements. James seemed angry for a moment, or just impatient; then he calmed down. I wasnít in any hurry, with him around. We had to wait a bit longer to be seated, but that was ok.

The waiter was nice, he made me laugh from the start. "Would you newlyweds like something from the bar?"

I laughed at that, while James just smiled, probably thinking it would be nice. I thought it was kinda absurd to have him ask about drinks since we were just in the bar. I suppose he didnít know that and, aw what the hell, why not. Iím on vacation, after all.

"Iíll have a jellybean," I said to the waiter, crossing my legs casually and noticing his quick glance down as he checked out my gams. It took him a long time to write one word down.

"And you, Sir?" he continued, turning to James.

"Scotch, neat. ĎFiddich if you have itÖ"

"We may, sir; I will check." After the waiter left I decided to let James start the conversation, which he did after a few seconds of thought.

"So, how do you like the Bahamas so far?"

I looked around the ornately decorated restaurant before answering. "Itís beautiful here Iím sure weíre going to have a great time."

"You will; Iím sure you will."

"Nikkie wants to go and lay out on the beach tomorrow, though I would love to try scuba diving. The water looks so blue and warmÖ"

"Really; my father used to take me diving all the time when I was a kid, loved it."

"Do you still dive?" I thought what heíd look like in a swimsuit, and smiled again.

"Nah, not as much now. After my father died when I was seventeen I didnít have the time anymore; there was school and well, it reminded me too much of him."

"Iím sorry; My parents died in a car crash driving up the California coast, so I know how you feel." We were both silent for a minute, lost in our respective memories.

The waiter returned with our drinks and then our conversation turned to better subjects.

"So you like being a para legal?" he started.

"Yes, itís fun; someday I hope to be a lawyer."

"Oh really, what part do you plan to specialise in?"

"Not divorces, thatís for sure! Just kidding; I would love to be a corporate attorney, but Iíll probably end up as a criminal one. Thereís more money to be made there."

Just then the waiter came up, looking serious. "Uh, pardon me miss, you wouldnít happen to be Donna Wilkes?"

"Yes, I am; why?"

He breathed a sigh of relief. "I have a woman on the phone that insists youíre in here; sheís sounded rather distraught."

"That must be Nikkie!" I stood up instantly. "Take me to the phone!" I felt guilty for having left her in the room alone and come down here to have fun. The waiter led me to a little alcove. James followed along. I wonder whatís wrong with her?

"Nikkie Ė are you all right?"

"Donna?" Her voice sounded odd; strained. "I donít know. I feelÖ funny. My legs, my legs, they feel funny. Please come back here; hurry!"

"Whatís wrong with your legs?"

"They feel hardÖ stiffÖ"

"Can you walk?"

"Yes. They feel so strange, though. GettingÖ worse."

James asked me with a raised eyebrow what was wrong. I whispered to him "She says her legs feel hardÖ." Turning back to the phone, I told her "Nikkie, you probably have just a cramp, Iíll be right up, OK?"

"Hurry. Iím scared!" There was a Ďclunkí; I think she dropped the phone.

I hung up, and turned to him. "Iím sorry, James, but I have to go."

"How Ďbout I come along; I have some skills that may be useful," he volunteered.

"Ok, but letís hurry! I donít want to keep Nikkie waiting any longer; she sounded pretty strung out..."

"Letís go then; I paid our tab already," he said. We left the place at a fast walk. By the time we made it back to the room, even my legs felt tired from almost running. It was a longer trip than I remembered down the hallway.

Fumbling the key, I finally opened the door to our room and saw that it was messed up. Sure enough, the phone was on the floor, and one of the chairs had been tipped over. It looked like weíd been robbed.

"Nikkie?" I called, "Nikkie?" I wonder if sheís alright?

"MMMMMMMMMMmmrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppppphhhhfffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!." It sounded like a muffled scream. Had they gagged her?

"Wha? James, did you hear that?"

"Yeah; sounds like itís coming from that bedroom there," he said, pointing toward Nikkieís room.

"Nikkieee? Nikkie; are you in there?"



We rushed to the room, the door was slightly ajar. "IIIIIIIIEEEEEEHHHHH!!!!!!!" Her voice was louder, but no clearer. I could see her slumped beside the bed.

"NIKKIE!" I gasped, then got a better look at her. "Oh my god!" I screamed.

Nikkie was trying to climb onto the bed from the floor, but was not able to make it. She had no hair on her head and her fingers looked like they were shrunk to stubs. When Nikkie turned as I called her name, I could see she had no face! There was just a blank oval there, with a slight ridge where her nose had been. Her mouth was sealed over.

"MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmrrrrrrpppppppppffffffffffffhhhhhhhh"!!!!!!!!!!" She groped towards us, but couldnít see where we were standing right over her.

"Nikkie, what happened to you?" It was so bizarre; like her body was being Ė absorbed.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmrrrrrrrrrppppppppppffffffffffffhhhhhh!!!!!!!" Nikkie mumbled. Exhausted, she fell back and would have been staring up at the ceiling if she had possessed any eyes. Her legs seemed to be very stiff and rigid.

With effort, we helped her to the bed, where she continued to struggle as much as she could. By now her hands were completely gone, leaving stumps, they looked like they had been detached. What was stranger was her skin; it had become even in tone and shiny looking. It looked plastic-y. Artificial. As we watched she seemed to stiffen into position and gradually stopped moving. Her cries were fading away, too.

"What am I supposed to do?" I felt so useless. I know CPR, but what good was it on a person who has no mouth?

"Nothing." James was acting so nonchalant, I couldnít believe it.

"What do you mean, Nothing?"

"Looking at her, Iíd say she was well on her to becoming a pantyhose mannequin." He said as if commenting on the weather. Ho hum.

"What? A pantyhose Mannequin!" I turned and yelled at him. "What do you mean?"

"Yeah; a pantyhose mannequin, as you will be soon too. It shouldnít be longÖ"

"What? NO way!" I was torn between looking at him, my motionless, faceless friend, and trying to find where the candid camera was hidden. This isnít happening!?

James silently moved over to Nikkie and began removing her clothes. She was totally stiff and hard now, and seemed to be a lot lighter from the way he was lifting her body.

"What exactly do you think youíre doing?"

"I have to get her ready for transport," he replied, without looking up at me.

"Wait a minute; this is just too fucking weird! Iím calling the desk; I need a to get her some help, if you arenít going to help her."

I stepped past him to get to the phone; James just stood there looking at me, a little sadly I remember now. When I picked it up, the phone was dead.

"That wonít help you; as a matter of fact nothing in this hotel will help you now."

I dropped the phone and ran towards the door, it was locked from the outside. I started to notice an odd sensation in my body and legs. A deep tiredness, like Iíd run a marathon.

James entered from the bedroom, holding Nikkieís bra in one hand. "Donít worry, you and your friend will be well taken care of." He looked back into the bedroom for a moment. "Someone should have been here for her earlier, but she managed to reach you instead before being transformed fully. Maybe it was the alcohol in her bloodstream. Iím sorry, but thereís nothing you could have done for her anyway." He began walking towards me again.

I canít believe this, Nikkie is turning into a pantyhose mannequin, the room is locked, the phone is dead, and my dream date is somehow behind all this.

"What are you talking about, you sick bastard? Stay away from me!" I started to step away and almost toppled over. My legs didnít want to move from the spot.

"Youíre beginning to feel it now, arenít you?" He continued to come closer.

"Feel what?" I lied, as if denying it would make any difference.

"A hardness in your legs; I gave you an even higher dose than NikkieÖ"

Reaching down, I felt my legs. It was true, they felt a little harder. Stiffer. I could still move them by concentrating on what I was doing. It was like they were falling asleep.

"Who are you, and whatís this all about?" I took small steps away from him as I spoke; he had no trouble keeping up.

"My name is really James Carl; I just never told you who I work for. I fibbed when I said my job was with an advertisement company. I actually work for Durasheer Inc."

"The pantyhose business!"

"Yes. I work in special acquisitions; unique acquisitions of the display figure variety, such as yourself and your friend."

"Itís true then Ė Iím going to be a pantyhose mannequinÖ" I looked over at him with tears welling in my eyes. He had seemed so perfect, so ideal. Now this. "Why?"

"Nothing personal, Donna; you won the leg contest, thatís all. Every winning contestant ends up as a mannequin; itís even in the fine print of the rules if you had bothered to read. You just happened to bring a friend along, which isnít that unusual, either. We can use you both; donít worry about that."

At the mention of her name I flashed back on how she had struggled. "Nikkie!" I cried.

Rushing back into her room stiff-legged, I amazed to see what lay on the bed. Nikkie was nothing more than a pair of legs wearing shiny black pantyhose, above the waistband her torso only extended a few inches before ending in a flat plane just above her navel.

"Oh my godÖ"

"She turned out very nicely, as will you. I have to say I think your legs are much nicer."

"You killed her!" I gasped, turning towards him. I hadnít noticed my feet couldnít budge from their position."

"No, sheís not dead; weíve never killed anyone, just re-engineered them slightly, as you have recently witnessed."

"Whatís gong to happen to us now?"

"Iíd imagine youíll wind up in a department store as the others have, or possibly youíll end up on display at Durasheer Inc. That would be my choice, Donna, and I do have some influence with the fixtures department."

"YouÖ." I started to say. Suddenly I fell forward, keeping myself from smacking the floor only by holding out my arms. I looked back at my legs to see what made me topple over and saw that my feet were shiny and hard and that I could no longer move them.

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO"!!!!!!!!!" I could feel my arms getting stiffer too.

"Iím sorry dear, have to get you ready quickly, youíre showing the last stages." James picked me up and put me on the bed in Nikkieís room. I was becoming rigid very quickly, not like Nikkie who had been able to move around more. I could also feel the strange tingle moving up my legs, and for some reason intense erotic heat in my pussy.

"Please donít do this, make it stop!!!" I pleaded, knowing it was futile.

"Iím sorry, once it starts you canít stop it. Nobody canÖ" James then moved a desk mirror over so I could see myself in it.

"My god, is that Me?" My face was very smooth and my eyes seemed to be very big.

I looked like a shiny plastic Mannequin, or Barbie doll. While I watched my features became even smoother, like I was melting away too. "Please I beg you; stop this!"

"Iím sorry Donna, nothing I can do for you now but monitor your final transformation.

James wheeled in a cart from the other room, he must have gotten it from outside of the room, and he picked up Nikkieís pantyhosed legs and put them on the cart. Oddly, he had left her high-heeled shoes on so she could still be balanced upright. There was another leg form already there, wearing shimmery silver Durasheer hose, it looked like.

I could feel the changes coming over me now, in the mirror I saw that my blonde hair was falling out and my nose was shrinking and closing up. I looked over at my hands; the fingers were becoming fused together. Soon they would be nothing but stubs, just like Nikkieís had been before they vanished. I canít believe this.

"Here, let me help you." James began undressing me. I could do little to resist, though I could still move a little but any movement I had was very sluggish. He had no trouble.

Soon he had me stripped down to my pantyhose. There was an odd feeling on my face and I looked up in the mirror just in time to see my eyes lock into position, staring blankly at myself. I was turning into plastic! How can this be happening?!

"MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmrrrrrrrrppppppppphhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I realized my mouth had solidified as well. Lip pursed seductively half-open, I couldnít move my jaw or my tongue, which seemed to be becoming like hard rubber. James, help me!

"We were too late for this for Nikkie," he said. I saw James with a long fleshy-looking object in his hand. A dildo? Before I knew it James had pulled down my pantyhose and inserted it into my sex. Oohhhh Ė a dildo for sure, and a big oneÖ


"Whatís the matter, Donna; I thought youíd like a little stimulation?" He said, adding his own stroking as he slid his hands over my smooth firm mound.


He turned it on, then instantly I could feel the strangest sensation burning in my pussy.


I watched (somehow) as I became totally smooth and sexless, with the dildo buried deep inside me. I knew my body was stiff and hard, but yet I could feel down there. Strange!

"Here, how Ďbout this setting?" I donít know what James did, the dildo began buzzing even more strongly!


My hips began to buck slightly as the vibration started; somehow even as a pantyhose mannequin I was becoming aroused, using my last movements to bring myself pleasure.

James pulled back up my sheer pantyhose and began stroking my smooth sex under the cotton panel. It felt like my pussy was on fire! The pulses are driving me crazy.

"Ok," James interrupted. "Time to stabilise you, before things go too far along like with your friend. Donít want your legs to be separate now, do we." He vanished from my view. Wah?

I looked in the mirror and saw that I was nothing more than a naked plastic doll with a pair of shapely legs wrapped in shiny suntan pantyhose. My face was now different, very beautiful yet with a generic sort of sameness; the only way I could tell it was me because my belly-button was an "outie.."

James then moved my right leg into position like it was rubbing over the other one at my ankles, he then petted my smooth snatch one last time.

I felt the prick of a needle, sending a chill through what remained of my body, freezing me in place forever. I then could no longer move my legs in the slightest. My plasticized skin became solid and numb. By lucky chance or good planning, the dildo continued its merry buzzing inside the mannequin I had become.

James picked up my rigid figure, sexy legs and all, and placed me next to Nikkieís lower half on the cart. He had left my shoes on too and I noticed how nicely they complemented the Durasheer hose. "See now, you turned out fine; both of you are ready to be placed on display." He could see that my rigid fixed eyes were looking directly at another leggy pantyhose mannequin. "Oh, say hello to the second place winner; I decided to acquire her as wellÖ."


"I know this isnít what you expected, but Iíve got a final surprise for you, Donna. Youíre going to be displayed in a special place; you should like itÖ" Then he wheeled us away.

For as long as I can remember men have always admired my hot legs, now I can see how much. Theyíre the most striking part of whatís left of me as I stand stiff and rigid in the main display window of the Durasheer Hosiery Company in New York City.


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