The IT Files: Tasia’s Recovery

by FreezAntix and Zero


London, England

            For the evening Marika Bran had cooked up a steak meal with a side of steamed vegetables and homemade mashed potatoes. A bottle of sparkling cider served as the beverage for the meal and a store bought pound cake concluded the meal. Caesar and Chita Francisco had enjoyed the evening so far, being it was their first time in the Bran’s home. It was already known around HQ that the Brans only invited couples to their home for dinner that was always followed by sampling of some of Dieter’s home-brewed wine; one rumored to be so strong that almost every couple had to spend the night. The only exception had been William Volt and Suzanna Ortiz, who had made it home but later had no memory of it. The other couples had spent the night and also had no memory of what had exactly happened, only that they had a sensual night. Caesar and Chita were both looking forward to the challenge; they both considered themselves strong drinkers, Chita more so than her husband. After dinner was finished, Chita helped Marika clean while Caesar and Dieter lounged in the living room talking about their glory days as normal cops, when times were simpler before the ITEA.

            “So, is Director Castillo seeing anyone?” Marika asked curiously and casually as she passed over a cleaned dish for Chita to dry. She knew that both Caesar and Chita had a history with the ITEA boss. Chita was bit chatty, so if anyone would know anything it would be her.

            Chita laughed, “I don’t think so, I’ve known Sonia for a while and that woman is married to her work and she adores her daughter. She would never let anything get in the way between her and Lita. Sonia’s the most dedicated mom I have ever known. Why do you want to know? Chita inquired, now a little curious herself.

            “No reason, really; just curious that’s all. The director has seemed distracted these last couple of days. I thought it might have been a personal situation at home,” Marika, replied hiding the disappointment that Sonia was single. She so wanted to invite the woman over, along with her special someone. They had already invited all of the top brass of ITEA over; Sonia was the last one.

            “Oh, she’s been out of it because of Lita,” Chita started to explain. “Lita is her life, more so than work, now that I think about it. I honestly don’t know what would happen to her if something – God forbid – would ever happen to her Lita. In any case, Lita is going to be heading off to some fashion show in Paris, the same one that was hit a few years ago by the Paradise Foundation, and Sonia is just worried that’s all.”

            “Understandable, given a parent’s love and all, but the Foundation is done. I don’t think she has anything to worry about,” Marika assured, handing a warm, rinsed, glass to Chita.

            Chita took the glass and focused on drying it, “You never know; there are sometimes threats out there that we don’t know about, and nothing is a hundred percent certain in life.”

            “True,” Marika simply agreed, adding with a smile, “For all you know, someone could ambush you and Caesar and freeze both of you solid as statues, given the line of work he’s in.”

            “Exactly! Nothing is ever a sure thing; even though Caesar could surely take care of things…you should have seen him in Japan. Boy, do I know how to pick them!”

            With clean up done, the couples gathered at the small bar in the living room, the Brans standing behind the bar counter while the Franciscos sat on the padded stools in front. Dieter, dressed in a black sweater vest over a white dress shirt and gray slacks for the evening, removed a large dark amber bottle from under the bar. Marika was dressed in a maroon short-sleeved dress over matching heels, with her golden hair tied back in a single thick braid, placed four chilled glasses on the bar top from the bar’s mini fridge. “I really hoped you guys have enjoyed the evening,” Marika said as her husband gently removed the homemade cork from the bottle.

            “Oh, we did!” Chita said, bashfully eying the bottle and then looking at her husband while smiling. For the evening she was dressed in a purple strapless dress with strappy purple velvet high heels. Her hair had been let loose and slightly straightened for the event. She waited with anticipation; not knowing what to expect; Lucienne had told her that she had completely blacked out after the first glass. It had surprised her as Chita always thought the French woman could drink. Caesar had related that Takahishi wasn’t much of drinker, so it was a given the Japanese man couldn’t hold his liquor. “But it looks like the fun is about to start,” she chortled.

            “It is it is…” Dieter chuckled as he poured the dark liquid into the glasses. “Before we start, Marika and I want to warn you that this particular elixir is rather strong and that you are more than welcome to spend the night, if you’re not feeling up to traveling afterward.”

            “It’s no problem,” Marika added, “We have a spare bedroom all set. You’ll have your privacy.”

            “Thanks, we might use the room to sober up a little bit, but we won’t be staying the night… I hate to be stereotypical but we’re Mexicans – half our blood is really tequila!” Caesar laughed. He wore a slim-fitting purple silk dress shirt that his wife had picked up for him, un-tucked over a pair of expensive black fashion jeans. 

            “Well, the offer is on the table,” Dieter said corking the bottle back up. He then lifted his glass to toast as the others followed.

            “To good friends!” Marika pledged before touching glasses with the rest of the party. She and her husband both sipped their glasses, careful not to take in too much. Though they had taken the antidote earlier, the Type-7 drug laced into the liquor was still potent. Dieter’s homemade brandy wasn’t that great either, though it had enough alcohol in it to fire up a small engine. He was still very new at distilling spirits and wasn’t very good at it.

            “Whew that’s strong!” Dieter remarked, looking at his glass that was barely touched.

            “Indeed…” Marika replied, putting her glass down on the bar top. She wasn’t a fan of her husband’s concoction, but it did serve its purposes.

            Caesar eyed his glass, which he had quickly downed a quarter of, “It’s sort of bitter, but smooth… interesting taste, though I wouldn’t call it that strong,” he judged, trying not to give any offense as the drink was actually pretty horrible, he thought inwardly.

            “It wasn’t strong at all! Give me more!” Chita cheered, slamming her empty glass on the table. It had tasted awful, but Chita had downed worse before. She was still smiling brightly, her eyes squinting, when she suddenly froze stiffly with one hand holding the glass and the other in mid-air, frozen as it moved towards her face.

            Not noticing that his wife had suddenly stopped moving, Caesar explained, “Sorry about Chita… she gets too excited when it comes to liquor; that’s the reason why we don’t drink at home, but...” He too abruptly froze in place as he turned to face his wife. His left elbow rested on the bar top while his right hand still held his glass. The time-release Type-7 had taken effect when he was blinking leaving his eyes closed currently; his lips were parted in mid-sentence.

            “Well Chita, it looks like you are going to be staying the night,” Marika said, smiling and eying the frozen woman across from her.

            “She’s a drinker. I’ll give her that… I can’t stand that paint thinner and she downed the whole glass!” Dieter remarked as he moved from behind the bar to stand behind the immobilized Latina beauty. He ran his hands down her hips and kissed her on one bare shoulder. “Smells nice too…”

            “She’s news person; they all smell and look nice,” Marika replied, moving to stand next to her husband. She then pried the glass from Caesar’s rigid fingers and placed it on the counter before kissing the unmoving man on the cheek. “Your Mexican blood may be half tequila, but is it half Type-7?” she whispered in his ear as her hand floated south to grope the man’s manhood.

            “So very true,” Dieter agreed as he removed the glass from Chita’s hand and then wrapped his arm around her hips to lift her stiffened body off the bar stool. Marika helped by arranging the suspended Latina’s legs so that she would be posed as standing once she cleared the stool.

            “Now the real fun starts,” Marika declared, kissing her husband passionately. When they separated she turned her attention back to Chita. “Before we go further, I want to see something…” She moved to stand behind the Latina and found the zipper that held the dress together, pulling it south to the small of the woman’s back. With a strong tug and a wobble in protest from Chita’s stiff frame, the purple slinky designer dress fell to the woman’s shapely hips. Chita’s naked breasts hung freely before the Brans as they moved to stand in front of her. “As I suspected she’s a slut…who doesn’t wear a bra to friendly diner party?”

            Dieter cleared his throat as he played with Chita’s breasts; they were perfectly round, capped with dark erect nipples. “Well, Lucienne was bra-less too.”

            “Yeah but she’s a slut!” Marika pointed out jokingly.

            “I guess Chita Francisco is as loose as our assistant director,” Dieter concluded. Chita only smiled on like the living statue she had become, unaware that she was being judged and was topless. Dieter spied a bit of pubic hair sticking up from where the dress top was currently sitting, he jerked the dress the rest of the way down, letting fall around Chita’ ankles.

            Marika let out throaty laugh meant for an evil villain that only made her husband also laugh. Chita’s sex was covered in a mass of dark hair, “For such a beauty, she’s not so good with the razor!” Marika observed before running her fingertips through the frozen woman’s pubes, “Soft, though…I think she shampoos and conditions it!”

            Husband and wife only looked at each other said in unison, “Slut.”

            “I think it’s only fair that since we saw your date naked we have to look at mine,” Marika said, moving back towards Caesar.

            “I wouldn’t call it fair…” Dieter cringed. Marika only gave him a grin and headshake before wrapping her arms around Chita’s better half. With Dieter’s help, they moved Caesar to stand next to his wife.

            Dieter stood by and admired Chita’s nakedness as Marika worked on getting Caesar’s clothing off. His silk dress shirt was removed first, revealing a black tank-top under it. Caesar’s arms were raised up over his head as Marika peeled the top off. Dieter lifted the frozen man up from around the chest as his wife worked on removing his shoes, socks and jeans. Soon a barefoot and nearly nude Caesar Francisco was placed back standing on the carpet with his arms still up over his head, clad only in pair of black Speedo type leather briefs. The briefs were just enough to hold the Mexican’s package.

            “I shouldn’t have been a part of this…” Dieter cringed as he looked Caesar up and down. “He has just gone down several points in my book I don’t know if I can look at him the same again.”

            “Why is that?” Marika asked curiously as she examined the frozen man. Caesar face had been cleanly shaven for the occasion, though he usually wore his beard in light stubble around the office and while on missions. His upper body seemed to have no hair and with closer examination Marika noted it had been laser removed; only his fore arms had traces of body hair on the top half of body aside from his head. As Marika expected, Caesar was fit with his torso featuring clear muscle definition. His legs were naturally covered in hair.

            “Who wears leather underwear?” Dieter replied and asked, turning away from Caesar in disgust. Going over to Chita, he knelt down at the woman’s feet and started to work on unstrapping the woman’s heels.

            “I think it’s hot…” Marika cooed as she wrapped her arms around Chita’s naked hips and lifted the mannequin-stiff woman up. Dieter removed both heels and the dress, rendering the reporter naked. Chita’s hair was still nicely styled and she was still wearing some jewelry, which only gave the woman a more naked look. Marika moved to stand next to her husband holding his hand. “She is also very fit…looks like she goes to the gym every day.”

            “Yep,” Dieter simply answered as his eyes took in Chita Francisco and all her nudity. Chita’s arms were still posed as if she was still sitting at the bar while her husband next to her stood with arms up over his head and his underwear. It was an unusual contrast.

            Marika stood in front of Caesar and smiled at her husband, “I think they need to match.”

            Dieter sighed, “If you must… but they’re going back on afterward if you want me to help you carry him up.” Marika smiled as she hooked his finger around the waistband of Caesar’s leather briefs and tugged them down, letting them fall around his bare ankles. “Ugh!” Dieter groaned and looked away. “He’s not a man!”

            “Oh but he is,” Marika disagreed as she eyed and played with Caesar’s manhood, which seemed to be absent of any hair. She looked around at his backside and observed that his back was completely bald as well.

            “The last time I looked liked that, I wasn’t a man,” Dieter commented with loathing, keeping his back turned from the naked man.

            “Hey it’s a double sided sword; you men love it when we shave and to be honest I kinda like the clean-shaven look…”

            “I’m not shaving,” Dieter refused. “The last time I looked, you weren’t very clean down there either; you have more hair down there than he does.”

            “I’m married, I don’t have to impress anyone anymore,” Marika replied, walking up to Dieter and wrapping her arms around him. She whispered in his ear, “I know my man likes his women natural too…”

            Dieter kissed his wife, “I do…and speaking of natural, Chita here is patiently waiting for me to show her what a real man can do. So if you would pull up her hubby’s underwear, I can carry him up to the room for you.”

            Marika stepped back from her husband and smiled. She kicked off her heels and then walked over to Caesar. It took her little effort after she lowered his arms, but she got the stiff man balanced over her shoulders like a pole. She was red faced and unsteady for moment before she regained her composure and smiled. “I like him this way; I can take care of him myself,” she said, turning and slowly leaving the room. His wife was strong woman and he loved it. Dieter only watched and smiled as Marika left the room with her Mexican sex toy, who still had his leather briefs dangling from his ankles.

            Turing his attention back to Chita, he moved her arms so they would be at her sides and then posed her face to a more natural expression, as the smiling frozen look kind of creeped him out. He gave the unmoving woman a deep kiss while fondling her breasts. He slowly worked his lips down her body, kissing her neck, then her breasts, and then her firm toned stomach. Reaching her hair-covered sex, he could smell that her pubes were scented and smelled of strawberry. “My, you are something… Caesar – though I now question his manhood – is a lucky man!”  Standing back up, Dieter picked up Chita horizontally in his arms and made his way towards the stairs.

* * *

A few Hours later…

            Caesar and Chita were the sixth couple that the Brans had invited over. The first had been Paul Terrell and his wife Gitana Brook. At that time, they had just recently discovered their kink for enjoying frozen partners. At first Dieter had allowed his wife to freeze him while they were alone; she would have his way with him and then she would let him freeze her and he would ravish her in return. This satisfied their lust for a little while, before Marika came up with the idea of freezing other couples so they both could have fun at the same time. Dieter at first was hesitant, since these were their friends and co-workers, but after a night with frozen Gitana he was convinced. Their second couple came just a month later: Bennet Shaw and his wife Makeda Getachew. With Makeda and her husband the scheming couple first used time-release Type-7 to help cover their methods better as Paul and Gitana had remained a little suspicious of the night’s events. A month later, JB and Cassandra were invited over; a sleep agent was added this time to better sell the illusion that they had gotten too drunk to go home. As before they were placed in the guest bedroom after the fun was over, but they were now less suspicious about the night’s events as the sleep agent was strong enough to cloud their memory of the past few hours.

            The month of April saw the Brans get a little more ambitious, when they invited two couples over the same night but at different times. This was also around the time that Dieter started making his own hard liquor, infused with Type-7. It was then served to the unsuspecting couples to better rationalize the story that the guests got completely plastered and could not really remember the previous night. William Volt and his fiancée Suzanna Ortiz were invited over for a lunch and later on Takahishi and Lucienne came over for dinner. William and Suzanna were left unconscious in William’s car outside his flat when everything was done, while Tak and Lucy were given the guest bedroom as planned. For that couple, Dieter and Marika decided to start posing the couples in their frozen states to simulate a sexy night, something that had not been done before with the other couples. Lucienne was posed on her knees and elbows with her backside pointing straight up in the air. Takahishi was situated behind her with his member deeply inserted into her sex. The sleep agent was administered, which left the couple in an erotic body pile, where they later woke up, unaware. Thus the methods of the Bran’s special house parties had been perfected.

            As usual as with his other guests, Dieter had taken Chita around the block several times, through both doors and even shot his load down her throat. Afterward, he dressed her up in skimpy S&M outfits and posed her about the room in different poses before stripping her down again for another session between the sheets. For Marika, she did her usual as well, at first dressing Caesar up as superhero; that night the Mexican ITEA agent became Superman. She then posed him in heroic poses and took photos to add to her growing collection. Caesar was soon naked again after the fetish photo shoot and Marika rode his member until she was satisfied. 

            Marika’s hands molded Caesar’s face to have a closed-eye look with his mouth in the shape of an ‘o’. This mirrored the look of Chita, who stood rigidly next to him. The couple remained at attention, still naked from the night’s activities. They were standing in front the king size bed that dominated the guest bedroom. Chita’s carefully styled hair was now a complete mess and all of her jewelry had been removed as well. Thanks to her hair that was going in all sorts of directions and standing up on ends, she looked more naked than her husband did. Caesar’s hair was mess a well and he sported an enduring erection that looked unnatural, thanks to the Type-7. Marika had dragged Caesar into the room a few minutes ago and after Dieter had pulled Chita out of bed and stood her next to her husband; he headed back downstairs to collect the couple’s clothing.

            Looking at the wall clock, Marika yawned, glad that she had a late day tomorrow as it was already four-thirty in the morning. Since she and Dieter were upper management they kept their own schedules. With the sleep agent that she was going to add later, Chita and Caesar should be up in a few hours with symptoms similar to a searing hangover. Like with the other couples, Marika expected them to awake and sneak out quietly, letting her and husband sleep in. Marika pulled the leather briefs from the pocket of her husband’s robe, which she was wearing, and tossed the underwear on the ground. Dieter entered the room, dressed in a pair of black boxer briefs with a bundle of their guests’ clothing in his arms, which he also dumped on the floor.

            “Are we ready?” he asked, with a yawn himself. He wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her lovingly on the cheek. “It doesn’t matter who I mess around with, I always miss you.”

            Marika returned his embrace and kissed him on the lips. “I know you do…I’m much better looking than all the women we’ve invited. Plus I know what makes you happy…” she cooed before separating. She walked up to the frozen pair and ran her hand across Caesar’s bare chest before caressing his cheek with the back of her hand. Moving over to his fully tousled wife, she giggled as she tried to fix the woman’s hair but that was no use. She traced Chita’s lips with her finger and enjoying the normally chatty woman’s frozen silence. Turning back to Dieter, she stated, “I’m ready…you have a suggestion for their pose?”

            “I do…” Dieter replied with smile.

            As with Takahishi and Lucienne the Brans worked together to put the frozen couple into the planned poses. For Caesar, his pose was at against the headboard of the bed with his legs spread wide. Chita was then placed between his legs, face down, so that his erect member was in her mouth. Once the pose was set Marika, used an injection gun she kept hidden in the room to shoot the sleep serum into the meat of Chita’s back side and Caesar’s thigh. The dosage was small and was designed to work with the Type-7 that was already in their system. Essentially it would put them into a deep sleep as the effects of the Type-7 faded. The serum took effect right away; the dose was small but it was potent. Caesar’s body went limp and his head fell heavily forward over his chest. The man began snoring quietly soon after. Chita’s body went limp but surprisingly she started to work her lips on her husband’s member while moaning quietly. Marika checked the woman and sure enough she was out of it, her body was just working on autopilot given the present situation.

            “She’s completely out, she’s just doing that…” Marika whispered to her husband as she quietly led him out of the room.

            “She really is a slut!” Dieter remarked quietly as they entered the hallway. He closed the bedroom door behind as Marika wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him from the back.

            “I found out that Sonia is still single…” Marika said while resting her chin on Dieter’s shoulder as they made their way down the hall towards their own room. “Who do you want to invite next?”

            Dieter thought for a moment, “How about Tasia?”

            Marika separated from her husband and looked at him with raised eyebrow, “She’s a lesbian and she’s also single right now.”

            “We could invite her and Sonia?” Dieter asked with a shrug and a sly grin. Marika gave him a stern look with her hands on her hips. He put his hands up in surrender, “I had to try…”

* * *


ITEA Headquarters

London, England

            Sonia Castillo’s executive office was dominated by an ash-wood desk placed at the back the room in front of a high-backed brown leather swivel armchair. Bookshelves lined the walls on either side of the desk while a flat screen was mounted on the wall the behind, flanked by two large glass panel windows. The bookshelves mostly carried leather bound books also some framed family photos along with a slew of plaques and awards. In the center of the room was a piano-black coffee table, surrounded by two black leather sofas and two matching cushioned armchairs. Tasia looked around the office, her old office, and had to admit that the new director had done the place some good. “The Director will be right with you; she asked me to have you wait for her,” Gitana Brook said and gestured the Greek into the empty office. Tasia stepped in and Gitana left her alone, closing the door behind.

            Tasia curiously walked over to one of the bookshelves and glanced at the family photos, some of which held people that Tasia did not recognize, but many of photos were of Sonia’s own daughter Angelita at different of ages. One thing was for sure, that Sonia Castillo adored her little girl, who was now starting to blossom into womanhood. Tasia thought for moment, recalling that she had not seen Angelita at work for a couple days; the daughter usually worked as her mom’s secretary and assistant. Currently Gitana had the job, while Camille Lambert covered the reception desk in the lobby. Tasia had not even noticed the change until now. Must be nice being the director’s daughter, she thought to herself, looking at the photos. ‘Lita was a cute kid, definitely her mom’s offspring.

            “Agent Spiro. Welcome and good morning,” Sonia greeted brightly with a smile as she entered her office. The ITEA head was dressed sharply as usual, in a dark blue skirt suit, nude pantyhose and matching dark blue heels. Her chin length dark hair framed her face perfectly and worked well with the politician-perfect smile that she sported. Following her into the room was Janelle Gallegos; one the agency’s staff of analysts. The blonde was actually one of the top intelligence analysts and she was clad in black trousers, a gray slim fit sweater over a white collared dressed shirt underneath and pair of black-heeled penny loafers finished her look. Her blonde hair was tied back in a simple ponytail, a style that she always wore at work. The analyst clutched a CyPad in her right hand. Sonia looked over her shoulder after the blonde had entered. Gitana stood in the doorway holding the door open, “Ms. Brook, we’ll be meeting privately, so I do not want to be disturbed unless the world is ending.”

            “Very well madam director,” Gitana replied with a nod before ducking out the room, closing the door behind her.

            “You’re looking nice this morning, Agent Spiro,” Sonia complimented, quickly walking over to her desk and grabbing her CyPad. She then gestured at Tasia and Janelle, “Please ladies: take a seat and we can get started.”

            Tasia for the day had dressed in what looked like the exact same outfit as her boss except that her suit was black and she didn’t wear pantyhose. Tasia’s heels were few inches higher however and were in gray. She uncomfortably smoothed out her suit looking down at it briefly before double-checking her boss’s suit. Even though they were in different colors, both garments were the exact same style. The Greek quietly cursed to herself before taking a seat at one of the armchairs around the coffee table. Janelle smiled at the sight of the two women, noticing they had dressed alike. She took a seat at one of sofas. Sonia oblivious to the fact that she and Tasia were sharing styles took a seat at the remaining armchair across from Tasia. Sonia casually crossed her legs as she sat down. Tasia’s legs had been crossed exactly the same way, she sighed in annoyance and uncrossed her legs; opting to just sit straight with her knees together.

            Sonia and Janelle both focused on their CyPads while Tasia tapped her fingers tips together fighting the urge to whistle. Her agency CyPad was back in her office she hadn’t seen the need to bring it; apparently she was wrong. “Judging by your fresh look and new hair color, I trust you are well rested, Agent Spiro?” Sonia asked while looking up from the CyPad.

            The Greek had spent a more than a few days off, personal time as it was officially logged. Her break-up with Lucienne was hard, to say the least, but she managed and the days off did help. Her newly blonde hair had been done before the break-up but Sonia didn’t see her that much so it was understandable that the director thought it was new look for the senior agent. “I’m ready to work, madam director,” Tasia replied coolly.

            “Very well. Team Alpha is my best team and with you off they have been out of rotation; I think this assignment is good one to work you ladies back into the mix of things,” Sonia said briskly, tapping her CyPad screen. “For our next meeting, Tasia, I would suggest you bring you CyPad along… for today you can use mine,” she then said, reaching across the table to hand the younger agent her hand-held computer.

            “I will remember that,” Tasia replied, taking the CyPad. She looked at the screen, which displayed a flier for a Paris-based fashion event titled Madam DuBose Annual Show Off. The flier was colorful and featured several images of gorgeous models.

            “If you remember, Agent Spiro, this show last year was hit by agents of the Paradise Foundation and,” Sonia started to explain, prompting, “Ms Gallegos?” The analyst swiped her finger across her screen. The image on Tasia’s screen moved to feature the photo of an attractive smiling blonde woman who was familiar to Tasia. Before she could put a name to the face, Sonia continued. “Ms Eva Hallowell was kidnapped. Though Ms. Hallowell won’t be at this year’s show, there will be other big name models, such as Devon Von Krieger, Tal Reubenstein and Yoon Suk.” As Sonia spoke, the photos of the models appeared on Tasia’s borrowed CyPad at Janelle’s every swipe. “All three models have all been captured by the Foundation during their operations at one point or another and are still considered targets.”

            “Considered as targets?” Tasia asked, looking up from the CyPad. “The Foundation doesn’t exist anymore. Who is targeting them?”

            Sonia looked over to the blonde analyst; Janelle took her cue, “That is true Agent Spiro, but when the Foundation was dismantled it gave birth to a crop of new criminals with the ability and know-how to employ similar tactics using Sedative Type-7. The probable use of the Nero Chips is likely as well since the technology is fairly easy to replicate, given the right knowledge and facilities. This show is actually scheduled late this year, having originally taken place every January, precisely because of what happened the previous year. There is still a risk. Having one of our teams deployed on-site was essentially required to make sure the event happens at all this year.”

            “I suppose that makes sense, but do we have any potential threats that actually seem likely?” questioned Tasia, only to see a large list of internet user-names appear on the pad in front of her as Janelle swiped again.

            “There are a few forums out there we've been monitoring that, despite our best efforts, seem to be aware that Type-7 exists and know why the show was pushed back this year,” clarified Janelle. “Those are the network account names of people we've already deemed suspicious, due to either their proximity to the event or to how specific their interest in seeing if lightning strikes twice. Their full profiles will be in the mission dossier.”

            “Thank goodness anonymity on the internet is more or less a myth,” nodded Tasia, focusing on Sonia. “I'm not trying to diminish the potential threat here, since I've run into some surprising challenges before, but this does seem, well, rather like a bit of a milk run.”

            “I won't deny that, but we can't afford to take the chance to have a repeat of last year,” acknowledged Sonia, the unsaid implication being that Sonia was most likely assigning Alpha to make sure Tasia could still act professionally. “We'll be giving you some additional support, which again may not be necessary, but if it isn't it'll be a good dry run and if not, well, it will give us a good chance to see how they handle themselves in major situations.”

            “What kind of support?” inquired Tasia, only to then once again see her screen light up to show her a couple of familiar faces, plus the image of a bulky airplane. “Okay, Ariel Landry, not a field agent but she's got ties to the fashion industry so I can see her helping here... Parisa? Don’t know her. And what's with this plane?”

            “My... predecessor... commissioned it, and I secured its completion,” revealed Sonia, Tasia noticing she was being tactful enough to not mention Lucienne's name. “The project was called Albatross, not surprised you didn't know about it. Barely anyone did since it was mostly in the planning stages. While additional field houses were being proposed, this was also on the docket: a private ITEA aircraft that could also serve as a mobile field base of operations.”

            “Huh... I like it,” declared Tasia, starting to smile at the idea. “So it's ready for field testing already?”

            “Yes, we just finished flight tests with the assigned crew,” confirmed Sonia. “Miss Golzar will help your team operate while based on the Albatross testing out its equipment; by the way, that is the official codename for the aircraft, and it will have better resources than a couple of laptops and CyPads. It's fully equipped to suit our needs: medical bay, sleeping quarters, a holding cell... Well, you'll see it all soon I'm sure.”

            “I thought Christmas only came once a year,” smiled Tasia, returning the pad to Sonia. “Alright, I'll go brief my team.”

            “Gitana will have your itinerary,” Sonia said, taking her pad back and standing. Janelle and Tasia following suit, “Welcome back to work, Agent Spiro; if you have any further questions feel free to ask me.”

            “Good luck Agent Spiro,” Janelle said, shaking Tasia’s hand.

            “Thanks and it’s good to be back! May I take you up on the offer, madam director, before I depart.”

            “You know where to find me,” Sonia said, a bit coldly.

* * *

            Tasia had already made it down to her office when she decided that she needed some fun before she briefed her team. According to the itinerary that Gitana had handed to her after she left Sonia’s office, they were set to fly to Paris that night aboard the Albatross, which Tasia was looking forward to. She retrieved a piece of spearmint gum from her desk drawer before leaving her office; she had an idea where to go. Tasia stopped time as soon as she left and headed for the stairs, popping the piece of gum into her mouth.

            “Hello ladies,” Tasia greeted the motionless diorama with smile as she entered the outer office area that belonged to the director of ITEA. Janelle stood frozen, clutching her CyPad against her chest, next to Gitana’s desk, looking down at secretary. Her lips were slightly parted after having time stop when she was in mid-conversation. The blonde’s eyes were at half-staff with their gaze locked on the sitting secretary. Gitana sat equally unmoving behind the desk; her hands were cupping her chin as she looked up at the blonde. There was a smile on the Brit-Indian woman’s face while her unblinking eyes looked blankly up at the analyst. The secretary was dressed in a dark green pants suit, a dark silk blouse with black heels. Her black hair was tied back into single long braid behind her head. Tasia leaned on the desk, looking at both women with a smile while snapping her gum. “I had some questions for the director could I see her?”

            Gitana only stared up at Janelle, smiling. Tasia smiled too; reaching across the desk she rocked the dark haired woman’s head up and down. “I thought so,” she answered herself. Looking at Janelle, she suggested, “I think you should come along, since I may have some questions for you too….” She moved behind the blonde and wrapped her arms around her waist. “I think I’ll take you as well,” Tasia added looking at the secretary, “You never know when you’ll need a secretary.”

            Inside of Sonia’s office, Tasia was surprised to see that there was now another woman in the room with the director. The other woman was clad in the black fatigues of the ITEA security personnel that included a black interceptor vest and a thigh holster. She was a brunette with blonde highlighted steaks in her ponytail bound hair. Tasia knew the security officer as Esther Torres; she was one of the newer officers and was a close friend to director and was even assigned to the floor. Esther was a former Spanish cop and had been brought in by Sonia when she had taken the job as director. The security officer stood behind Sonia with her hands behind her back. The director stood at one of the bookshelves with her arms crossed and a worried look on face, her frozen gaze fixed on one the framed photos on the shelf.

            Janelle was dragged in first and stood next to coffee table while Gitana was wheeled in on her chair, the woman still held her frozen pose as if she was still sitting at the desk and wobbled slightly as Tasia moved her into the office. After closing the door, Tasia moved to stand next the stiffened Sonia and followed her gaze, “Why the worried look?” she inquired. The director had been looking a recent photo of her daughter. “Aw, how cute – worried about the little one…” Tasia pouted and patted Sonia over the head. She leaned over and kissed her boss on the cheek. “We’re going to have a bit of fun but, I’m gonna save you for last,” The Greek said, stepping behind Sonia and rubbing her shoulders. “A little stiff…just how I like them.”

            “Looks like we have a party…” Tasia quipped, “Even got security,” she added, tapping Esther on the nose before moving on. “I think I’m going to do you first though, since you’re on that ‘do not prank’ list,” Tasia said, kneeling in front Gitana. “Plus I promised I’d return the favor from our last session.”

            Gitana only looked on smiling as Tasia removed her heels. She tickled the woman’s nylon covered feet and giggled. Next the Greek worked the trousers off the frozen secretary while keeping her seated. Gitana wore tan pantyhose underneath, which were promptly peeled off along with the woman’s blue panties. Her sex, shaven into landing strip of black hair, was presented to Tasia along with a piercing in the form a purple ruby stud. Next, Tasia removed the jacket and blouse followed by the black lace bra that held the woman’s breasts. Gitana was reposed in her seat to sit wide-legged with her hands resting on the armrests. Her jewelry was finally removed and her hair braid unwoven. Once she was done, Tasia stepped back and eyed the naked woman, who still bore the same bright smile but her eyes were not shut. “Just as I remembered, still hot in the buff,” the Greek nodded, snapping her gun.

            “You’re next sweetie,” Tasia said as she pulled the CyPad from Janelle’s rigid grasp. The blonde woman was then lowered down on top of the coffee table. Her arms were then raised over her head as Tasia stripped off the sweater, followed by the dress shirt, uncovering the top half of a nude colored Spanx body suit. “Is our analyst a superhero by night?” Tasia chuckled as she groped the blonde’s breasts through the skintight shaper. Moving her hands south, Tasia unbuckled Janelle’s belt and pulled the trousers down, revealing the rest of the Spanx suit, which ended tightly right above her knees. Tasia removed the penny loafers next, followed by a pair of calf high black socks. Janelle was then stood up and the Spanx suit was peeled from her stiff frame, rendering her nude. The Greek wondered how the woman used the restroom as she tossed the stretchy body suit aside. The analyst had nice breasts with light brown nipples that sagged slightly outward, while her sex was covered patch of dark curly blonde hair. Janelle possessed love handles, which was probably why she wore the Spanx suit to keep her figure looking trim. Tasia laid the woman down on one of the sofas and gave her kiss as she pulled her hair from the ponytail. She then posed Janelle’s face to have closed eyes and an open-mouthed expression. “Your bod is pretty nice looking for a woman your age; you didn’t really need the body suit…” Tasia cooed, blowing a bubble with her gum and squeezing one of the woman’s breasts.

            “Got one more sofa…and it has your name on it, Security Officer Torres,” Tasia said as she opened the bulky interceptor vest. The uniform top was removed next, along with the black tank-top she wore underneath, revealing that the guard had gone bra-less for the day. Tasia kissed each of the woman’s breasts before dragging her towards the remaining sofa. There she stripped the woman’s boots, socks, trousers and gun belt from her frozen form. A simple red thong that covered Esther’s sex was finally peeled off of her hips, rendering her naked like the other two. Esther was uniformly and naturally tanned, her breasts perky with dark nipples, while her body was athletically toned. Her sex bore a fuzzy patch of dark hair that Tasia stroked while chewing her gum vigorously. Esther’s hair was removed from the ponytail and the woman’s face was molded to mirror Janelle’s face.

            Tasia stripped herself naked next and carefully laid her suit out on the coffee table before padding over to the closet. She grinned seeing what she was looking for: behind a pair of jackets and two extra suits covered in dust bags was a handcart. Wheeling it out of the closet first, Tasia then rummaged against the back wall and opened a hidden compartment. “Some things never change,” she chuckled as she removed the ten-inch-long, three-inch-thick pink dildo from the secret compartment. “Just where I left you,” she smiled, kissing the sex toy. With the toy in hand she first had fun with Gitana, followed by Janelle and Esther. She had to be careful not to over-stimulate herself in fear of starting time by accident; she had to maintain her focus. It was nearly an hour her time when Tasia was finished; thanks to not going all the way with the women she didn’t feel as satisfied as hoped, but it did suppress her lust a bit. Enough to get through the rest of her day.

            The dildo was left in Esther’s rectum; the guard was stiffly lying on her face on the sofa. Tasia wheeled the handcart next to Sonia, snapping her gum in anticipation. “I saved the best for last… I got something special planned for you,” the Greek said as she moved to stand in front of her immobilized boss. With skilled hands she sculpted the ITEA boss’ face to have a wide unnaturally toothy smile with a deer in the headlights expression. Tasia laughed at the look on the director’s face. She patted the Spaniard on the cheek before uncrossing her arms and posing the woman to stand at attention.

            “Now, let’s see what makes Sonia Castillo?” Tasia asked the frozen woman as she moved to stand behind her boss. She took a peek at the suit label on the collar. The Greek let out a throaty laugh at seeing that the suit was a knock off. “Madam Director, how could you wear a knock off?” she asked, moving back to stand in front of the mannequin-like woman. Unbuttoning the suit jacket, Tasia opened the jacket to reveal a simple white satin bra holding Sonia’s impressive bust. “My, what nice breasts you have,” Tasia observed, running her finger between the two mounds and tracing the bra. Moving behind Sonia, she removed the jacket, the Spaniard only wobbled slightly as her jacket fell to the floor. Her skirt was unzipped next and tugged off her hips. Sonia had on nude pantyhose over white plain Jane panties but over both items she had thin gold chain around her shapely hips. “Interesting, very stripper-like, Madam Director…” Tasia cooed as she spun the chain like hula-hoop around Sonia’s hips. “I’ll think I’ll leave that on…” the Greek decided as she peeled the pantyhose and panties down to Sonia’s ankles.

            Sonia’s bra was removed next before the director was laid down and her heels, along with the rest of her underwear, were stripped off. The naked – save for the thin chain circling her hips – woman was stood back up. Tasia circled the frozen figure of her boss, chewing her gum with vigor. She knew the director was hot, but the she was just stunning in the nude. Sonia’s breasts were large, almost too much for her frame; her bra was size smaller to keep the fact secret. The orbs were capped with rosy nipples, which Tasia had to suck for a bit. Her limbs were well muscled for a woman, while her mid-section showed some age but was generally in shape. Sonia’s womanhood was masked in a healthy mass of dark curls; though it was natural looking, it was trimmed and under control.

            Tasia elected not to take Sonia out for a spin fearing that she probably would not be able to keep from over-stimulating. Instead she loaded her boss on to the handcart and with a slight tilt she was rolling the naked ITEA boss towards the exit. Sonia stood at attention on the cart, smiling blankly as she was wheeled out into the hallway, oblivious to her predicament. Tasia meanwhile chucked and giggled the whole trip. As the moved along the hall they passed by another frozen analyst, Lori Jones. Lori was a numerical analyst; Tasia wasn’t sure what the blonde Brit did but knew she was one of the smarter people in the building. The analyst was currently clad in a pink sweater with a white collared shirt underneath, a tan knee length skirt, nude pantyhose and pink high heels. Her shoulder-length blonde hair hung freely, while her body was frozen while walking. Lori was looking ahead emptily with a grin on her lips and a CyPad held in her right hand at chest level.

            “Cute outfit, Lori,” Tasia complimented, stopping next to the unmoving blonde. “You like what the boss is wearing?” Lori only looked on blankly as Tasia continued. “Me too,” the Greek replied and kissed Sonia on the cheek before continuing.

            A few minutes later they were in a large open office that was lined with glass walls, large flat screens monitors, and dotted by cubicles. The area was simply known as the ‘Hub’; it was where all the analysts worked. It was located in the middle of floor, essentially surrounded by a hallway that led to the offices of all the major ITEA brass. Tasia looked around as she wheeled Sonia into the space. People were frozen in aisle ways, halted whilst moving about their morning business and at their desks, either working on their computers or looking over files. The Greek cruised the Hub for a bit, smiling at the memory that she had once done the exact same thing Lucienne, with the very same cart, no less.

            Tasia finally found a spot to park Sonia. She wheeled her naked boss into a corner space that was surrounded by a glass wall and featured four stand-mounted large smart screen monitors. In the center of space was a glass conference table surrounded by six high-backed mesh wheeled swivel chairs. There were three analysts in the space that had been designated as one of the Hub’s six meeting areas. Rafael Calado sat leaned back in of the chairs with one elbow resting on the armrest and a hand cupping his chin. He sat cross-legged with his other hand behind his head. Rafael was considered to be the lead analyst; he was from Portugal and possessed the looks of a Spanish aristocrat. If ITEA was a normal office, he would have lost his job by now as he was a major flirt and was rumored to have slept with multiple members of mostly female staff as well as staffers from other departments as well. As side from his womanizing ways, he was very good at what he did and was considered a great asset to the organization. Rafael was dressed in a blue silk dress shirt tucked into a pair of gray slacks over expensive leather shoes. Juro Takashi sat across from Rafael, dressed in a maroon short-sleeved dress shirt with a thin black tie. The shirt was un-tucked from a pair of jeans and sneakers finished his look. Juro and Rafael had become quick friends, with Juro looking up to Rafael and his smooth ways with the ladies. Rafael had an edge until Juro hooked up with Agent Nessa Kelly, a team Zeta agent who shared her looks with a famous international model. Now Rafael looked up to the quiet Japanese analyst. Jura sat with both hands resting atop his head as he looked over across at his friend, his lips frozen in mid-conversation. The final person in the room was not really an analyst but Megan Gage, a computer expert. She sat further away from the two men. Her gaze was frozen on the screen of a laptop while her fingers followed suit over its keyboard. The brown-haired computer expert was clad in a white short-sleeved blouse tucked into a simple brown pencil skirt with a pair of black knee-high heeled boots to complete her look.

            “I think I’ll let the boss run this meeting…” Tasia smiled, looking at the three frozen people as she parked the handcart in the front of the room before unloading Sonia. She smacked the ITEA boss’s backside before turning and leaving. “I’m going to go clean my desk… I’ll be back to pick you up when I’m done… hopefully I won’t lose my focus,” Tasia grinned, looking at her naked boss and snapped her gum before leaving the room.            

* * *


The Albatross

            While the Albatross used the airframe of a cargo plane, specifically a C17 Globemaster III, its interior had been radically redesigned. There were two floors, or decks, the upper area not only where the pilots were located but also the location of the main seating, a kitchen area and even a makeshift bunk area. The seating section only had twenty seats, though there was room to potentially add more, the seats divided into groups of two and rows of four. A smart screen was installed at the front of the passenger area, and Tasia was currently in control of it using her laptop. Tasia was sitting alone in the front row, the rest of Team Alpha in the second row and her support crew in the third. The plane was due to depart London Heathrow Airport within the hour and set to arrive at Charles De Galle in Paris in roughly two hours.

            “Okay everyone, I'll go over the plan real quick while we get ready to go,” announced Tasia, calling up a blueprint of the fashion venue on the big screen. There were a series of X shapes on the blueprints, and names appeared next to them. “Colette will be running on-site technical work, as per her usual role, so we've got her in the control room. There are plenty of security cameras and they've even got a few more modern sensors in there for detecting unusual gas levels. Jelena and Suzanna will be posing as security and covering a basic perimeter, unless otherwise directed. Ariel will be in with the models themselves and I'll be posing as her bodyguard. Parisa will remain here, running the command center...”

            “As will I!” chipped in another voice, one that nearly made Tasia sigh. Tasia was into women, and loved that a lot of her co-workers were also women, many of them attractive ones at that. The plane's pilots were both women, whom she'd met briefly earlier, but there was one problem: the Albatross's regularly assigned technical engineer and computer wizard Shawn Barnaby. Shawn was thirty-three and a tad eccentric to say the least, Tasia having first met him when he worked as an ITEA analyst. During that first meeting Shawn had been singing a song by Lindsay Yari. It turned out however that Shawn had a gift for setting up computer networks and other gadgets in unusual locations, which was apparently why he was now permanently assigned to the Albatross.

            “Yes, as will Mr. Barnaby,” confirmed Tasia, forcing a smile despite no one being able to see her. “Ariel's actually been assigned a couple of outfits so we should have full access.”

            “It'll be my farewell show to the fashion world,” remarked Ariel, who was sitting next to Parisa.

            “Any questions?” asked Tasia, and no one responded. She couldn't hear what specifically Colette and Jelena were saying behind her, but it sounded like they'd already jumped into socializing. “Okay, I guess we'll just wait for take-off.” Tasia turned off the smart screen and closed her laptop, sliding it into the softcase and pushing it under her seat. The day had been long, to say the least. She had spent nearly three hours with time stopped in the morning. She was surprised that she was able to put things back to how they were. Though she was sure some poses were off but none of those involved seemed to notice at least from what she knew. The rest of day was spent getting her team ready for fieldwork again as they had been on desk duty since her break. Tasia considered closing her eyes before hearing a sound next to her. She turned to her right to see Shawn had sat down. Shawn had a thick head of brown hair and hazel eyes. Not needing to really dress professionally, Shawn was wearing a leather vest over a T-shirt with an upside-down skull on it, brown work boots on his feet and stained jeans on his legs.

            “You know, I don't think we've ever really gotten to know each other, Agent Spiro Alpha,” remarked Shawn, flashing a confident smile. “Tell me... Are Greek fries really better with tzatziki? I've heard great things about them and mayonnaise...”

            “If you're really curious, why not ask one of the French girls on the plane with us?” suggested Tasia, a bit bemused by the man’s strange ice-breaker.

            “They're French-Canadian, it'll just somehow become about poutine, and that's just culturally insensitive,” insisted Shawn, shaking his head before leaning back in the seat a bit. “You know I'm surprised you're not going undercover as a model yourself... Aren't you supposed to be good at going undercover?”

            “I'll have you know I've posed as a model more than once,” revealed Tasia with a smile. “And when it comes to undercover... You'd better believe I'm good.”

            “Assistant Director of the Espionage Wing... Well, until I see you strutting your stuff like a model, I'm not sure I believe you,” declared Shawn, gesturing with one hand. “Come on, show me what you've got...”

            “Attention all passengers, this is your captain speaking, we've been cleared to depart in five minutes,” announced the pilot, Octavia Fierro, over the intercom.  “Be seated and buckled in.”

            “You should return to your seat, Shawn,” Tasia told her unexpected companion. Shawn bowed his head and got up, but made the strut gesture one more time as he headed back to where he'd originally been sitting. Shaking her head, Tasia leaned back and decided to close her eyes; the day had been a long one. She couldn’t help but smiling thinking back to a naked Sonia Costello. The woman was quite a gem and wondered if the Spaniard batted on her side.

* * *

            Tasia's eyes blinked open and she realized the plane had landed already. Sitting up and glancing around the passenger area, Tasia even saw that she was alone save for one other: the co-pilot Katinka Andres. A blue-eyed blonde German just shy of thirty, Katinka was very cute in Tasia's eyes. The co-pilot was sitting in the second row, drinking from a coffee cup while holding a magazine in her lap. “Ah, you're awake,” observed Katinka, her native accent not thick but not unnoticeable either. “We only landed half an hour ago. I was to wake you in another hour if you didn't do so yourself. Octavia is checking things in the cockpit; everyone else is down below.”

            “Perfect, thanks,” mumbled Tasia, rubbing her eyes for a moment. Katinka's hair was up in a looped ponytail and she was wearing a cobalt blue flight suit, undone up top to reveal a white T-shirt underneath. Hoping at some point to get a better look at the co-pilot, Tasia got up and headed towards the back of the plane. Just before the kitchen area was a helix-shaped staircase and a small elevator, the latter only able to hold four people at most. Due to her high heels, Tasia elected to take the lift, and promptly did so.

            Emerging from the elevator, Tasia glanced around the cluttered lower deck of the plane. There were some portable half-walls set up to help divide the areas as well as clear plastic curtains and white ones as well. To Tasia's immediate right was the computer area, there being a few smart boards, several large electronic objects that Tasia wasn't really versed in and at least eight regular computer monitors. Parisa and Suzanna were in that area, the former sitting down in front of the eight main monitors with a headset on while Suzanna was inspecting some of the equipment. Parisa was dressed in a duke blue skirt suit with a white blouse, black flat-heel shoes on her feet and her hair down past her shoulders. Suzanna, meanwhile, was dressed in a black pants suit, that having been designated as the color the agents posing as security would wear; her hair was up in a bun and she wore a teal blouse under her jacket.

            Beyond the computer area was a section hidden by white curtains, which was where the medical equipment was kept. Tasia wasn't up to date on everything stored in the space but she knew the table there could work for emergency operations; this space was also where they kept the Type-7 meant for medical use. In front of Tasia was a storage locker area, there being eight regular lockers and a few foot-style ones as well as other crates in the space, all in secured squares. Colette and Jelena were chatting next to the lockers. Colette was wearing a red tank top, blue jeans and a dark leather jacket, Tasia certain the Canadian's closet was full of outfits like that since she wore them a lot. Colette's hair was also down and, surprisingly, she was wearing brown flip-flops, but Tasia planned to tell her to put on proper shoes for the mission. Jelena, like Suzanna, was in a black pants suit, her hair also pinned up and a pair of mirrored sunglasses hanging from her side pocket. Jelena's blouse was a very deep purple and she was wearing black leather gloves.

            Past Colette and Jelena was the only sub-divided part of the deck; a small cell-like tall cubicle with polycarbonate sheet doors, all controlled by a biometric lock pad next to it. Next to that were a few more lockers, also equipped with biometric readers, which contained some of the heaviest firepower the ITEA was authorized to use. Opposite the armory was parking space for a black Range Rover Sport, which was where Ariel currently was standing with Shawn. Ariel was wearing a gray satin dress that stopped well above her knees and had her hair currently in a French twist. Shawn was flirting with the former model, or so the body language suggested, and unless Tasia was wrong Ariel's smile suggested she was actually enjoying it. While tempted to figure out just what Shawn was saying, Tasia elected instead to go and speak with Jelena and Colette, the former being her second in command.

            “I don't know, you sure we should be spending a week together in Budapest?” asked Jelena, frowning and possessing crossed arms. “I mean, we already spend a lot of time together...”

            “Right, I'll just take my boyfriend then, and you can take yours somewhere else,” agreed Colette, sarcasm thick in her voice. Both women started laughing a second later.

            “Fair enough... I guess it is still seeing a city I've always wanted to visit with someone I love... It just won't be romantic,” sighed Jelena. Tasia was a bit perplexed upon hearing that; she had known Jelena for over a year now but she'd never seen the Croatian seem lonely, let alone really talk romance. For a while Tasia had actually been convinced Jelena might secretly be in love with Colette, but she'd since become certain her second in command was very straight.

            “Oh hey Tasia,” greeted Colette as Tasia got closer. “Sorry we didn't wake you earlier, but we got a call from our liaison as soon as we landed: our ride won't be here for another half hour at least.” The pre-arranged plan was that an event car would take them to the show while their Range Rover would be used as a backup if anything went wrong.

            “Fair enough then,” groaned Tasia, rubbing her forehead. “The show doesn't start for a few hours yet... Are we online?”

            “Parisa hasn't asked for Shawn's help, so I guess we're fine,” shrugged Jelena, glancing over at the computer area. “You know I peeked inside his locker earlier... that guy eats a lot of jerky, crisps, and chocolate. I'm amazed he's in as decent a shape as he is.”

            “Look whose talking, Miss Poutine,” commented Tasia, referring to the popular French-Canadian fries concoction.

            “I may never forgive you for introducing me to that,” sighed Jelena, glancing at Colette.

            “You never should have told me you were curious what kind of food my culture identified with,” replied Colette with a shrug. “What about you, Tasia? I seem to recall you tend to eat a lot of traditional Greek food...”

            “I manage to go light on the sauces,” pointed out Tasia, shrugging herself. “I can blame the resort chef for that... Mom and dad were good cooks; they just usually let the traditional chef cook for us. I ended up taking some lessons from him...”

            “That reminds me; after Budapest if we go on another trip, it should be to her family's resort,” suggested Colette, focusing on Jelena while indicating Tasia. The Spiro family owned and operated the Sea of Enchantment resort in their hometown of Volos.

            “Hey y'all, what are you talking about?” Suzanna suddenly asked, having approached from behind Tasia.

            “Favorite foods, and how they're terrible for us,” declared Jelena. “I've got my poutine, Tasia's got her Greek traditional-”

            “-which isn't necessarily bad for you in and of itself,” interjected Tasia.

            “-and Colette's of course a Cheez-Its fanatic,” continued Jelena. “What about you? You're from Texas, I know that's a big meat state in the US...”

            “Well I do enjoy a good burger from time to time, but honestly, pineapple salad's my big guilty pleasure,” revealed Suzanna, smiling meekly.

            “Great, that means my taste-buds are probably the least creative,” joked Tasia, then glancing over where Parisa was working. “So, is that fancy command center going to work out okay?”

            “Oh yeah, I scoped it all out; we’ve got all the latest toys,” confirmed Colette, nodding with enthusiasm; Tasia also caught Suzanna doing the same. “The SARA hologram is installed of course, and there's more than enough processing power to make some corporate datacenters blush. The wireless signal is massive, and it’s masked so most civilian tech will never even detect it, let alone have the ability to access the stream. The voice-activation software uses the SARA software too, so if you don't feel like typing you've got another option that won't result in a headache. Satellite connections, encryption software that is second to none, its own personal weather prediction software...”

            “All you need a supercomputer and it would practically be like we're back at the office,” commented Suzanna, giving Colette a chance to calm down.

            “Sounds like everything is good to go,” nodded Tasia, satisfied but feeling a bit anxious. “I'm going to head back up top, I'll come down when our transport arrives.”

            “Sure thing,” acknowledged Jelena out loud, while the other two just nodded. Smiling, Tasia headed back towards the lift and stairs. However as she started to climb the steps, which were cushioned so her heels didn't make any loud sounds, Tasia pulled out a stick of gum from her coat pocket and concentrated as she began to chew it. Silence promptly fell all around Tasia, and she immediately turned back around so she could return below decks.

            “Lets start with my favorite ex-model,” decided Tasia as she glanced around the time-frozen space, focusing on where Ariel was with Shawn. Ariel was flashing a bright smile at Shawn as she leaned against the Rover, her right shoulder pressed against the door while her hands were at her sides, her left foot crossed in front of her left. Shawn in turn was flashing what some would probably call a cute smile, standing in a shrugging pose.

            “Well, she doesn't seem to hate you, so that's a start,” observed Tasia, giving Shawn a pat on the shoulder before casually pushing him over, wanting him out of the way. Ariel was then pushed off her right shoulder and onto her left, thus resulting in her leaning against the aircraft’s bulkhead. With the two frozen people out of the way, Tasia was able to open the door to the SUV, revealing the backseat. Thanks to Ariel's pose, Tasia found it surprisingly easy to pull her dress down off her sculpted body, revealing black silk underwear that covered everything but had tiny straps otherwise.

            “Someone looks like they're trying to avoid a possible wardrobe malfunction,” realized Tasia, remembering more than once ending up seeing a model in a couture outfit that revealed too much underneath. Placing her hands between Ariel's thighs, Tasia was able to lift the svelte blonde up and into the backseat. After pulling off her own clothes, making sure to toss them in a pile over by the stairs, Tasia climbed in on top of Ariel. Putting Ariel's hands back behind her head, Tasia was soon able to reveal the blonde's amazing body with a wiggle of the skimpy underwear, from her exquisite nipples to the even tan that perfectly covered every part of her. Tasia proceeded to enjoy caressing her body against the ex-model's.

            Feeling a bit flushed after a few minutes, Tasia backed off, not wanting to accidentally restart time, and moved on to Colette, Jelena and Suzanna. Colette stood gesturing towards Jelena, an open-mouthed smile on her face and her right index finger doing the pointing while her left hand was in her pants pocket. Jelena was smiling softly and was gesturing as if asking 'what?' Suzanna appeared to be almost stretching, her hands on the small of her back just above her ass, her head tilted to the right with her chest sticking out and a smile on her lips as well.

            “You're the best of friends, how about a kiss?” suggested Tasia, taking the heads of Colette and Jelena and pushing them together. The pair's lips met before they both toppled sideways, ending up on their sides but with their faces still awkwardly pressed together.

            “And I think you need a medical exam,” declared Tasia, putting her arms around Suzanna’s waist, just above her hands, and quickly carrying her upright over into the medical area. The pants suit and nice red silk underwear was soon lost, revealing Suzanna's wonderfully hairless lower body. “I bet women in their forties wished they had a body this amazing,” giggled Tasia, as she felt the woman's smooth skin for a moment, having changed her pose so her hands were on her hips. Suzanna was then lifted up and placed on the medical bed, with Tasia climbing on top and, having enough space, simulating a cowgirl position despite Suzanna lacking manhood or even a dildo.

            After a few minutes essentially using Suzanna as a pommel horse, Tasia dismounted, leaving the medical section for a moment to focus on the last woman that was on the deck. Parisa was sitting like a waxwork in a black leather chair that was securely bolted to the floor. The chair had a keyboard swiveled in front of it and Parisa's fingers were resting on them, her face looking up at the series of monitors in front of her with determination masking her intent expression.

            “Let’s get some room,” suggested Tasia, pushing aside the swivel-mounted keyboard and starting to pull down the frozen woman's skirt. Parisa appeared not to be much into grooming her crotch as Tasia could see black hairs sticking out a bit from underneath the pink and white pair of tight panties. Parisa's coat and top went next, with Tasia leaning the other woman forward and moving her arms backwards to remove the clothing. The bra matched the panties; her upper underwear tight enough to reveal that Parisa's nipples were excited.

            “Oh I've just got to see them now!” giggled Tasia, making quick work of the fully covering but otherwise thin bra. Parisa's tan nipples were revealed and Tasia thought they looked pretty good, though perhaps their overall size was just a touch on the small side. The loss of the panties then revealed that while Parisa didn't do anything about the overall amount of hair she had around her womanhood, she did at least trim it.

            “Oh, I think you'll fit in on any future missions just fine,” decided Tasia, hopping on top of Parisa for some lip action and naked cuddling. As the acts went on Tasia found herself, out of habit, starting to touch herself, but got a bit excited so she stopped. “Darn,” sighed Tasia.

            After finishing with Parisa, Tasia decided to clean up down below, first redressing Parisa and placing her keyboard back the way it had been, then returning Suzanna to where she'd been before with her clothes on. Colette and Jelena were also stood back up, but Tasia nearly left them kissing, then decided it was probably for the best not to... if they were in any way into each other romantically, something would have probably happened by now. Tasia even took the time to stand Shawn back upright after returning Ariel to how she'd been. Gathering up her own clothes, Tasia elected to remain naked as she went to the upper deck via the stairs.

            “I'll deal with you in a moment,” Tasia told a frozen Katinka Andres as she passed her, tossing her clothes on top of the German. Katinka sat frozen holding open her magazine with her right hand, her left holding her coffee mug right to her lips as she appeared engrossed in a story about a movie production. Heading to the cockpit, Tasia found it was open and headed inside.

            The cockpit was full of controls, dials, displays, and switches; it had four powder blue seats, two behind the pilot and co-pilot stations. Octavia stood in her cobalt blue jumpsuit with a CyPad in her left hand, her right pressing on the screen as she glanced down at it, her eyes practically closed. Octavia was barely over five feet tall and aged around thirty, possessing a big smile and sexy eyes. The Puerto Rican, whose family had moved to London when she was two, had her black hair back in a ponytail and a green T-shirt was visible under her jumpsuit. “I just popped in, for now, to get a quickie kiss, but don't think I won't be getting more later,” warned Tasia, tilting Octavia's head up so she could easily bend down and lock lips with the diminutive pilot.

            Heading back into the passenger section of the plane, Tasia casually scooped Katinka up into her arms, including her mug and magazine, slowly carrying her towards the back. Passing through the large galley area, Tasia arrived in the bunkroom, which was a bit nicer than Tasia had expected. The bunks were nearly full-sized and were firmly bolted to the deck; they had plain white sheets with tan blankets like one might find in hospital beds. There were ten beds in total, Tasia figuring it was enough for the pilots, the agents deployed on the mission and any support staff, which did seem about right. The bunk area also had a large bathroom attached to it, still equipped like an airplane lavatory but with a tiny shower stall too. Tasia remembered hearing that the shower somehow gathered moisture from the air as the plane flew and also started with a certain amount that was recycled; though Tasia still hoped she would never have to use the thing.

            Placing Katina down on a bed in the back corner of the bunk area, Tasia carefully collected her mug, dumped the coffee down the sink, and took it back to the galley. Tasia closed the door to the bunk area with her inside, locking it. “Don't think I'm going to risk you snapping out it though,” Tasia told Katinka, collecting her clothes and fishing through her coat before finding a KGB Twilight Pen. The pen was filled with a dose of Type-7, and Tasia opened Katinka's mouth so that dose went right down her throat. Stepping back, Tasia let her concentration lapse and time resume.

            Katinka froze in place almost immediately, only having a fraction of a second to look up in surprise, dropping her magazine before stiffening in place. “You're all mine now,” grinned Tasia, laying Katinka out like a starfish and peeling off her flight suit. Underneath the coveralls it was revealed Katinka was wearing a pair of black shorts and a white T-shirt with no sleeves; once those were removed it was clear that, given her attire, Katinka had decided those clothes would be her underwear. Katinka's breasts weren't exactly large but they felt great as Tasia copped a feel, noticing the girl’s nipples were also only slightly darker than her skin and a bit small.

            “It's okay, you're the only one I can go all the way with, so you win by default,” whispered Tasia to Katinka, molding the German's surprised expression into a bright smile before moving her stiff hands to be entering the Greek's womanhood.

* * *


Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

One and a Half Hours Later

            It took forty-five minutes for the ride to arrive at the airport. The drive to the event location wasn't too bad, but the chatty driver explained it was due to the light traffic and it could sometimes easily take a full hour if not more. The event was being held in the famous Carrousel du Louvre, the underground shopping mall with the inverted glass pyramid below the Louvre. The location had recently undergone renovation and the exhibition hall now had a bit more space thanks to the re-purposing of previous parking spaces. Team Alpha's guide led them inside.

            Being a mall, there were several access points that Tasia spotted as she entered the expo hall. There appeared to be at least four side exits for fire evacuation, and that was just in the central area. The main exhibition space had sitting space for around twelve hundred people, all of whom would be screened since not only were several fashion moguls in attendance but also various international celebrities. Most of the seats had gone to celebrities, moguls or journalists; there were at least three hundred journalists attending from all over the world. Like most fashion shows Tasia had seen, there was a central elevated catwalk; this one was black and reflective. Dark blue curtains cut off the backstage area from sight. Reports Tasia had received said there was a team of thirty regular security personnel, but the exact number of private bodyguards and their ilk was still unclear. Security was dressed in black pants, white shirts and dark green jackets, two per door.

            Tasia and her team were led backstage, taking one of two side entrances to the restricted area. The space was massive, with several hallways and small rooms. Signs indicated the dressing room area, where easily two-dozen or more models would all be preparing for the show. There was more security backstage, several watching the fire exits. After walking through the general area, Team Alpha was ushered into a side hallway, a small one with three doors. One had an affixed sign indicating it was the control room. “This is my stop,” shrugged Colette, giving her cousin a quick hug before heading into the room. The rest of Alpha was led into another one of the rooms.

            Six people were in the small room, two of whom were hefty men in red blazers that Tasia pegged as private security. Two women in their forties were also present; both were former models with blue eyes. The first was Madam DuBose, the French ex-model who was running the event. Madam DuBose, whose real first name was a well-guarded secret, had full-bodied light brown hair that rested elegantly on her shoulders. The fashion mogul was wearing a simple white blouse and black pants yet both seemed oddly trendy, the blouse having a large collar and the pants slimming around the waist. An expensive-looking strand of pearls draped around DuBose's neck. Tasia figured the red-coated security guys were hers.

            The other three in the room seemed to be together. First was the other ex-model, now wife of the UK's Prime Minister, Julianne Gladstone. A couple of years younger than Madam DuBose, Julianne's dark brown hair was less bushy as it hugged her head; the minister's wife was clad in a stylish V-cut red dress that accented her supple figure. Julianne's assistant Alene Hatfield was also present; she being a young Scottish woman a year shy of thirty, per the profile the ITEA had received. Alene had curly brown hair that was swirled up in a bun and she was wearing a short-skirted blue dress while carrying a white leather purse. Tasia secretly noted Alene's blue eyes might be more pronounced than DuBose's. The final person was a woman wearing a simple off the rack black skirt suit who Tasia recognized as Willow Crewee, from Scotland Yard, one of the Gladstone family's assigned diplomatic protection. Willow's dark brown hair was tied in a ponytail and she had sunglasses hanging from her breast pocket, the fair-skinned Brit glancing casually at Tasia and her team as they entered the room.

            “Ah, I believe these are the agents from that IT organization,” pointed out Julianne to DuBose, the two women having stopped talking when Team Alpha entered. DuBose frowned at the news and the rest looked indifferent, though Julianne at least looked pleased.

            “Good evening Mrs. Gladstone, Madam DuBose,” said Tasia in greeting, offering a handshake to both. Julianne shook but DuBose, despite radiating a slight air of hostility, did the classic French greeting of air kisses.

            “Good to have you here; after what happened last time I can imagine it must be a comfort,” commented Julianne, directing the second part of her remark to DuBose as if reminding the woman that the show would not have happened at all if ITEA was not present.

            “I'm confident we're quite safe,” insisted DuBose, nonetheless smiling. “Still it is nice to see you again, Ariel.”

            “The pleasure is all mine, Madam DuBose,” replied Ariel, happily stepping up to exchange cheek kisses with the host of the event. “So would you happen to know where my friends might be able to go?”

            “Yes, backstage is a bit chaotic so if your people could start on either end of the dressing area that would probably be best,” recommended DuBose. “You've been assigned dressing room four. I think I'll leave who you're sharing it with as a surprise, but it’s a good one...”

            “Fabulous; we should meet up after the show,” smiled Ariel, exchanging an odd parting handshake with Madam DuBose. “Well Mrs. Gladstone, I do hope you enjoy the show...”

            “I think I will, thank you,” nodded Julianne, Tasia took that as their cue to leave. The four ITEA members shuffled out of the room, as Willow quietly watched them go.

            “She seemed a bit frosty,” observed Suzanna once the four were outside. “You'd think if they needed us to get the show approved she'd be happy to see us...”

            “That's just her way, darling,” Ariel assured the team.

            “Well, I'm off,” nodded Jelena, walking away to begin her sweep. Suzanna quickly did the same, leaving Ariel and Tasia alone backstage. Tasia was about to say something when the door to the room they'd just left opened and Alene stepped out.

            “Good I caught ye,” breathed Alene with a quick sigh as she closed the door behind her. “Mrs. Gladstone just wanted to make sure you do a sweep of the crowd later when Ariel's set to go on.”

            “Oh, yeah, that should be fine,” nodded Tasia with a smile.

            “Great, thanks,” thanked Alene, making a sort of prayer gesture as she smiled in relief. The assistant then quickly disappeared back inside the room.

            “Oddly specific,” muttered Ariel. “Ah well, let’s find my dressing room!”

            “Works for me,” agreed Tasia, reaching into her coat pocket. The ITEA used Noi Industries Ghostchatter communication devices on field operations; they were nice, small, had good audio quality, and fit snugly into the ear. With the Albatross set up, the Ghostchatter units now had a greatly expanded range; Tasia could be tapped in to the mobile base as well as her teammates, using a small control device buried in her pocket that communicated wirelessly with her earpiece. “Alpha One to Team, radio test; indicate your go,” announced Tasia.

            “Alpha Two go,” came Jelena a moment later.

            “Alpha Three go,” next came Colette.

            “Alpha Four go,” confirmed Suzanna.

            “Alpha Five is go,” Ariel said next, Tasia noticing the model grinned as she did. The pair was moving through the backstage area now and Tasia could see more than a couple celebrity models. German supermodel Hilda Krum, Israeli model Tal Reubenstein, American model Evelyn Mero and Australian model Audrey Burke were just a few of the fabulous faces Tasia recognized; she knew several more were waiting inside their dressing rooms.

            “Crow's Nest, go,” came Parisa, reporting in from the Albatross. The mobile command center was flying high above the event, having taken off again after the team had offloaded. “Our signal strength looks good. I've got full access to surveillance; no red flags yet, not even a yellow one... If there's any threat, it isn't obvious at this time.”

            “Not sure if that's comforting or not,” mused Suzanna over the radio.

            “Just stay alert,” advised Jelena a moment after. Tasia then switched off her microphone, not wanting any idle chatter to be picked up as she reached Ariel's dressing room.

            “Hello!” greeted Ariel as she stepped into the room, immediately drawing the eyes of two women inside. The two women appeared to be bodyguards; they were dressed in black pantsuits with white blouses. The first of the pair had blue eyes and fair skin, looking to be on the latter end of her thirties, her black hair was up in a high half-ponytail. The second woman, who Tasia swore she recognized from somewhere, was in her late twenties, Japanese; she had her long black hair in a bun. Sitting in a make-up chair near the pair was a gorgeous-looking tanned blonde Tasia immediately recognized as Devon Von Krieger, as she looked almost exactly like her co-worker Marika Bran.

            “The rumors were correct,” Devon said, rising from her make-up seat. The tall German blonde was dressed in a purple silk bathrobe and stood in pair of fuzzy tan Ugg boots. Her hair was styled elegantly into an intricate bun. “Ariel Landry, you really are back; it is nice to see you again,” The German greeted with a friendly smile as she hugged the Canadian.

            Ariel returned the hug, “It’s wonderful to see you again too… what has it been, two years?”

            “That is about right; the last time was that show in Greece I believe,” Devon replied, stepping back and looking her old friend over. “My, you still look great – it’s a shame that you retired so soon… but you’re back now, right?”

            “Not quite my friend,” Ariel said with pout. “Just this time and then I’m done for good.”

            “Oh. That’s so sad to hear… but I guess I understand why; it’s a stressful business… you heard about that unpleasantness last year right? It was dreadful; an ordeal that I had the misfortune to become a part of.”

            “Kinda of the reason why I’m here…”  Ariel supplied.


            Ariel smiled and quickly changed subject after getting cautioning look from Tasia. They were supposed to be undercover. “I’d like you to meet my bodyguard…Tasia.”

            Tasia extended her hand, “Very nice to meet you Ms. Von Krieger; I’m a fan of your work...”

            Devon took Tasia’s hand and smiled, “Nice to meet you too, dear, and please: Devon is fine. Ariel, Tasia, I would also like you to meet my bodyguards: Ms. Kazu Shiitaki and Malena Roldan,” The German indicated the pant suited pair. Tasia and Ariel exchanged handshakes with the other two women. It was then that Tasia recognized the Japanese woman as being one of the victims from the Paradise Foundation case. She looked different now, moving and fully clothed instead of a statue, the Greek thought. Devon continued, “Since last year’s event I always have them with me... If not, I would probably just retire like you darling.”

            “Well then, I’m glad they’re here; you’re a big name and in your prime.  I wouldn’t want anything like that to happen,” Ariel said, taking her seat at the neighboring make-up table.

            Devon took her seat again and continued applying her make-up, resuming what she was doing before Tasia and Ariel arrived. “Yes, you are very correct; but I have thought about…”

            The German was about to add something else but was abruptly cut off as the door to the dressing room flung open. Kazu and Malena both instinctively stepped in front of Devon, shielding her, and drew their Glocks. Tasia had done the same, stepping back and pulling out her own Glock, which had a Type-7 load. She couldn’t believe it. Standing in the doorway, clad in a skimpy red strapless dress, was another dazzling blonde and this one looked just like Nessa Kelly. Only this beauty had long blonde hair and looked a little shorter than her ITEA agent doppelganger.

            “Oy! I found ya! The blonde declared in an Irish brogue, unfazed by the weapons aimed at her. She moved into the dressing room, pulling a dress rack and a rolling suitcase with her. She made a bee-line towards Tasia and Ariel. “Lacey Finnegan,” she greeted, extending her hand.

            Tasia holstered her weapon; the two bodyguards in the room did the same. She took the woman’s hand. “Hello, then?”

            Lacey happily shook Ariel’s hand afterward. “Nice to meet you in the flesh! I’m a huge fan of your work; darn shame you retired.”

            “Lacey, what are you doing?” Devon asked, getting up from her seat and pushing her way toward the Irish model. The small room was packed now; along with the six women there were three dress racks jammed in. “Ariel and I were already assigned to this room.”

            “Not anymore… these two here are undercover coppers I’m willin’ to wager and I’ll be damned if I be sittin’ off by my lonesome when something dodgy goes down. I’m not going to end up as some mindless sex dolly like you were, lass,” Lacey explained and even acted as if zombie when mentioning the bit about the sex slave.  “No offense, a course...”

            “What?!” Devon shot back, her face suddenly reddening. She looked over at the two other women, with her hands on her hips. “Is this true?”

            Ariel and Tasia looked at each other for an instant. Tasia was about to make up something but only smacked her hand with her palm when Ariel caved in and admitted the truth. “Well, that didn’t take long…” she muttered after Ariel explained their part in the mission to her old friend.

            “Well this won’t do! This room is too small for the three of us,” Devon said at last, looking around. “Lacey, you’re not assigned here; leave.”

            “No way lass! You leave. I don’t have any extra protection.”

            “I was captured last time, there’s no way I’m leaving the presence of security!”

            “Quiet down, both of you!” Tasia ordered. This was getting out of hand she didn’t need everyone knowing their cover story and if she forced one these models out, she would have chaos. First time back in the field and this happens. Just my luck, she thought. “We all can stay in here… Lacey could you please share with Ariel?”

            “You’re the boss mum; I’ll do whatever you want,” the Irish model said as she then stepped up to Tasia. “You’re pretty, for a copper; you ever thought about walking the catwalk?”

            Tasia eventually found out that Lacey had gotten her information from one of the other models and she suspected that the Madam had started the rumor. So much for being undercover, she thought, as she walked vigilantly among the backstage chaos. The show had been underway for ten minutes already and everything was even more hectic than before the show had started. Assistants and models were running back and forth, clothing racks rolled from one dressing area to another; it was a dizzying confusion, to say the least. Once the show had started the already overcrowded dressing room that Ariel, Devon and Lacey shared got even more crowded when the make-up and hair people assigned to the models arrived; packed in like sardines became an understatement. Tasia left Devon’s two bodyguards to guard the trio as she went off to patrol the grounds. They would at least slow things down somewhat if something were to go down, at least to give her and people time to mobilize.

            “Alpha One this is Two, I’ve found my up and am on the catwalk above the show…it’s narrow, but I can see everything,” Jelena reported in Tasia’s ear.

            “Jeez, Lena, it’s a death trap up there…be careful,” followed Colette’s warning.

            Tasia looked up at the high catwalk above the show; treacherous was an understatement. “Watch yourself, Two, I don’t need you hurting yourself… but since you’re up there…”

            “All clear boss,” came back Tasia’s number two’s crisp reply.

            “Alpha Three?”

            “Ditto,” Colette replied.

            “Alpha Four?”

            “Watched the guests arrive and settle in for the show; security has it handled pretty tight already, I don’t see anything suspicious… yet,” Suzanna reported. Tasia could hear the murmuring noise of the crowd along with an echo of the techno music in the background.

            “Crow’s nest?”

            “Everything is clear Alpha One; no red flags, threat board clear,” Parisa calmly reported.

            Tasia looked at her watch, “Alright ladies, check back in another twenty, stay on your toes.” Her team replied in unison before the communication lines went silent again. She moved towards the runway entrance, just behind the large thick blue curtains that divided back of the stage and the runway. Keeping out the way, she eyed the staff and models, trying and even almost hoping to see something suspicious. No dice. She couldn’t complain about her view though, the eye candy was rampant.

            It only took a few minutes of casual observation for Tasia to pick up on how things moved. It was simple. Three models were out on the runway at a time, essentially. One model was heading up, one was on display, and one was heading back. Thanks to assistants and porters, everything moved like clockwork. Simple as it was, the precision and timing were flawless. Tasia eyed South Korean model Yoon Suk, who had been a Foundation victim, step off from the runway just as Models Inc’s Michelle Foster stepped up and smoothly crossed the curtain opening. The North American agency had five of their girls participating in the event – the most from any agency. Meaghan Mason, a blonde Brit and considered one of the UK’s top models, stood idly at the steps. The Brit was happily chatting with Audrey Burke. The two were wearing party dresses, which only could be described as having ultra short hems. Tasia grinned at the Brit model’s long slim legs and the Ausie’s wax-smooth legs. A scream from the dressing room area snapped Tasia’s attention from the two lanky blondes.

            The Greek turned from where she was standing, instinctively grabbing her sidearm. She relaxed a bit upon seeing Brazilian model Lola Mateo, who was another Model Inc’s model, storm out of her room. The girl was clad only in her underwear, a stringy black ensemble, and had rollers in her dark hair. Tasia’s Portuguese was a little rusty but she quickly concluded the girl was upset about her water. An assistant followed her, speaking rapid Portuguese while another had a cell phone to his ear, no doubt calling Model Inc’s boss Kathryn Summers who was in attendance at the show according to the guest list that Tasia and her team had gone over earlier. Tasia eyed the shapely backside of the young Brazilian model walking away.

            “A trouble one that one, eh?” a sultry French-accented voice asked. Her accent brought memories back from Tasia’s relationship with Lucienne. The ITEA agent turned to find veteran French model Amelia DuGalle standing next her with her arms crossed. The Gallic model was clad in an overly large leather coat with a bright blue evening gown underneath. “Models Inc actually made her their face…” The French woman sighed.

            “Did she just leave over the bottled water?” Tasia asked.

            “There is always something with that one. Always. Ever since Ms Zoe left, the girl has been impossible to control. Enough about spoiled children; you are Interpol, yes?” Amelia asked in a condescending tone. Tasia nodded, bracing herself for what was coming next. “Are we safe? We must be since you’re only standing here watching our little drama.”

            “I’ll continue my patrol then, Ms. DuGalle,” Tasia said with a nod, pronouncing the D and G hard.

            A few minutes later Tasia made her way towards one of the two backstage exits that led to the audience; the speaker tower was nearby and the pulsating sound vibrated her clothing and body. She shut her eyes and concentrated. Muffled silence and stillness followed. Opening her eyes, she let out a relaxed sigh and pulled out a piece gum from her jacket inside pocket. Popping the spearmint gum into her mouth, tossing the wrapping into the curtain behind her, she smiled, “Let’s see if I can sniff out some baddies out… and maybe have some fun while I’m at it.” She pushed through a set of double doors that led into the auditorium and toppled two stiffened male security guards who had been standing behind them. Tasia stepped between the doors, eying the fallen guards who held their poses as they lay face down on the floor.

            “I think we got a breach in security gentlemen…” Tasia chuckled, moving beyond the guards and letting the doors loudly slam shut behind her. “Don’t worry though, I’ve got the situation under control.” Moving a little further up the aisle way, she stepped out into the central space where the guests were seated. The room had a high and large ceiling but with over a thousand people packed in, it did not seem as spacious. The seating area was divided into three wide rows surounding the runway that were separated by three aisles, the rightmost and leftmost aisles ran along the wall and connected behind the seating area along with the middle aisle. Tasia was currently was walking the further most aisle on the left.

            She had only come into the view of the audience when she came up two exquisitely dressed women, frozen in mid-stride heading in the direction where the Greek agent had just come from. One woman was blond; the other was a brunette. The blonde was leading the pair and was dressed in a satin skirt suit with a black jacket and white skirt. Her hair was styled down in a wavy look and she stood on a set of black expensive-looking heels. The woman had a look of frustration on her face and held a thin cell phone to her right ear. The brunette was dressed in a white pants suit and pink blouse with matching pink platform heels. Her dark hair was tied back in a simple low ponytail. She held a worried look on her face, with her eyes closed, having been frozen while blinking. The brunette had a CyPad clutched against her unassertive chest and a large brown messenger bag hanging off her shoulder. Examining the women closer, Tasia figured out the tall blonde was Kathryn Summers; the head of Models Inc and the brunette was Tanya Frost, her assistant. The two were listed as VIPs on the guest list.

            “You’re no doubt heading back stage to deal with the latest Lola issue,” Tasia said, walking around the two motionless women. She was pretty sure they weren’t up to any evil but they were frozen before her… the situation called for something. After a moment of thought while admiring Tanya’s alluring backside, which was clearly visible through her tailored trousers, an idea came to light. Tasia moved in front of Tanya, stating in an official-sounding tone, “As the head of the security of this event, I’m going to have as to see your undergarments…” The Greek agent then cracked a wide grin while looking at Tanya’s close-eyed face. “But for real…” Tasia said, kneeling in front of the time-stopped assistant. “I am going to have to check… it’s not every day I get play underwear police…”

            Tasia undid Tanya’s belt, and then opened the brunette’s trousers to reveal a pair of black lace panties. The trousers were only pulled down to the woman’s upper thigh, since her legs were locked in mid-stride. “Check,” Tasia acknowledged before standing. She then removed the CyPad from Tanya’s rigid grip and uncrossed her arms. The jacket was already open so she just simply unbuttoned the blouse and parted it to reveal a white lace bra that held the assistant’s bust in place. “Check,” Tasia nodded, placing the CyPad into the bag that hung off Tanya’s shoulder. “I’m going to have to leave you like this for a, bit ma’am…just to keep track of who I checked. You don’t mind do you?” The assistant remained silent and still. “That’s good,” Tasia chuckled, before turning her attention elsewhere.

            “Don’t think just because you’re the boss you’re excluded from this check,” The Greek said while stepping up to face Kathryn. She looked at the woman’s frozen frustrated expresssion. “Sorry, babe, my hands are tied…underwear police rules…” Walking behind the Modeling Inc exec, Tasia located the zipper that held the woman’s skirt together after lifting up the bottom of her fitted jacket. Pulling the zipper south, she then tugged the skirt as far is it would go which was slightly down to the middle of the woman’s thighs. Kathryn had on silk blue panties under anthracite pantyhose. “Looks good!” Tasia declared, standing up and moving around to open the frozen blonde’s suit jacket, which soon revealed a matching bra covering her breasts. “See that wasn’t so bad,” Tasia said, patting Kathryn on the cheek, being careful not to smudge her make-up.

            Leaving the assistant and boss as they were, Tasia moved on to inspect a few more people. Her targets were usually people sitting in aisle seats or those standing. She would have to put everything back to how it was before she restarted time, so these people were the most logical. She had so far checked three more women and a man, all of whom were either with security or part of the large cadre of journalists that were attending the event. One of the women had failed the test along with the single man. The failing man, who was a member of show security, had nearly made Tasia give up on her checks before she came across Willow Crewe and her teammate Suzanna. The two women stood in the back of the room next to one another. Both held similar poses, with their hands behind their backs. Willow was looking straight ahead, with a bored look on her face while Suzanna was looking to her right. Tasia considered the two women, getting an idea.

            Willow’s suit jacket was removed, followed by the white blouse she had underneath. The Metro cop’s white sports bra was revealed as Tasia removed her communication device from her ear and unclipped the main unit from the waistband of her skirt. The skirt was then removed along with tan pantyhose and the woman’s plain heels. Willow soon stood clad in only in her sports bra and black boy-shorts style panties. Tasia then moved over to Suzanna. She made quick work of the ITEA agent’s pantsuit and heels. Suzanna was soon only wearing her red lace undergarments. Tasia carried both of the women over the main entrance of the central gallery one at a time and stood them up, flanking the doors at attention. She molded both of the cops’ faces to have smiling expressions with wide eyes. “You two keep watch as I do my thing okay?”

            Returning to the runway area, Tasia was feeling a little lustful but decided to do some work before pleasure. She patrolled the room, walking the aisles and eying the crowd, finding nothing. Next she looked through suspicious items such as bags and other large containers. Again the results were negative on any sort of threat. After her patrol she was feeling a little bit tired but wanted a reward for her hard work. She looked over the crowd; there were far too many potential possibilities but she had to clean up afterward and so decided on just messing with a small group that were seated near the aisles. She was looking over the crowd from where Willow and Suzanna had once stood, trying to decide who she could take for her reward when she remembered that Madam DuBose was seated up front in the middle column with some other VIPs.

            Even though the show was being run by DuBose and her company, she was apparently not the guest of honor as Julianne Gladstone sat in the center front row seat, flanked by DuBose and her assistant Alene. Also included in the front row were some security officials in the Metro Police uniforms and Julianne’s daughter Brianna. Julianne sat crossed legged like any British aristocratic woman would sit, with her hands clasped together and resting on her lap. She looked up at the stage with a beaming smile on her lips while her eyes were shut. Alene sat with her knees together and her attention focused on her CyPocket; her lips carried a slight grin as she eyed the screen. Madam DuBose sat crossed legged and mirrored Julianne’s general pose but her attention was focused on the male assistant sitting next her.

            Brianna Gladstone was dressed in a hot pink single-strapped party dress with matching strappy high-heeled sandals. The dress was low cut, revealing the young woman’s modest bust. Her light brown hair hung free with the tips curled outward. Brianna sat cross-legged and held a digital camera up to her face, aimed at the stage. To Tasia’s surprise, sitting next to the PM’s daughter was Angelita Castillo. Seeing her boss’s daughter made Tasia smack herself on the forehead; had she just been sent on a babysitting mission? Mini-Sonia was dressed in a purple single strapped top and a pair of leather pants. Purple heels finished her look while her long dark hair was worn in a low ponytail. She sat, legs crossed at the knee, leaning close to her friend, fixedly looking at what the digital camera was capturing.

            Looking at the frozen Angelita, Tasia began to strip. Shaking her head, she muttered, “I have a very high rate for babysitting….”


            The open floor between the stage and the first row of seating was more than enough space for Tasia to collect her reward for a hard day’s work. Madam DuBose had the honor of going first, since it was her show. The former model was stripped out of her trendy clothing, which included some surprisingly tacky tiger-stripe print undergarments. Tasia found the former model’s body still in good shape with very little sign of aging aside from a little sagging in the chest area. Her breasts were capped with dark nipples while her womanhood was masked in dark hair, trimmed and under control. DuBose was left on all fours when Tasia moved on to Julianne.

            The Prime Minister’s wife, like her old friend Madam Dubose, was soon naked. Her dress and expensive heels has been roughly removed by Tasia as the Greek agent made out with her. For the day, Julianne had only sported a white tong under her dress and her breasts, with perky erect nipples, were revealed once the dress was pulled off. The woman’s breasts were fake, though nicely high end fakes that Tasia took time to enjoy. The older woman’s sex was cleanly shaven, leaving a landing strip of dark hair. Once the ITEA senior agent was done with the Prime Minister’s better half, she left the woman standing with her hands on hips and legs spread wide.

            Julianne’s daughter Brianna was next up; when Tasia was done with her she stood the younger Gladstone next to her mother, mirroring the same pose. Brianna possessed smallish breasts though they were nice and round and, like her mother, her nipples had been erect when time was stopped. Also similar to the senior Gladstone, Brianna’s sex was shaven into a neat landing strip. The girl had been wearing a strapless blue bra and silk bikini-cut matching panties when Tasia removed her dress. Tasia only made out with the younger Gladstone after exploring her sex and found that the girl was still 'innocent.'

            Next, Tasia enjoyed Julienne’s assistant Alene. Since being not really able to make love to young Brianna Gladstone, the Greek was feeling a bit lusty by the time the blue-eyed assistant was roughly stripped down to her birthday suit. The brunette had worn a matching set of sexy black satin undergarments beneath her flirty dress. Her breasts were capped with dark nipples and were nicely round, almost looking fake but Tasia confirmed they were real after a closer examination. Her sex was neatly trimmed and was scented as well, Tasia noted as she ate it out. Once she had her fill of the political assistant, she sat Alene on her knees with her hands running through her dark hair.

            Saving the best for last, Tasia took time to remove Angelita from her seat. She stood the frozen young Castillo up, molding her face into an ‘O’ expression. Her top was removed next, revealing that the Sonia’s cherished little girl had gone braless for the day. Angelita’s breasts were on the small side; in fact she had the smallest of the VIPs. They mirrored her mother’s breasts but about three times smaller. Her leather pants were peeled off next, revealing a similar thin gold chain sitting on the young one’s hips. Tasia played with the chain as she had done with Sonia, noting that mother and daughter had the exact same chain. Angelita too failed Tasia’s underwear test as the girl also had gone commando for the day. Her sex was covered naturally and bit out of control, which looked odd on her small frame. Upon probing her fingers through the mass, Tasia was surprised to find that the girl’s sex was loose and she was no longer ‘innocent’; she wondered of her mother knew. In any case, Angelita was then put on her back with her pants wrapped around her ankles and trendy heels still on. Tasia chewed her gum vigorously as she made love to the younger woman. At one point she started to feel she was going to lose concentration but she backed off and eventually stopped prematurely before reaching her peak.

            Sitting next to Angelita and playing with her small nipples, Tasia chewed her gum and collected herself. She then looked up at the stage and noticed that Amelia DuGalle was strutting on display with her hips shifted to one side. One hand rested on her hip while the other was casually down at her side. The French model stared out blankly at the crowd and held an arrogant smirk on her lips. She was dressed in a slimming strapless blue evening gown with white strappy spiked heels. Tasia stood and padded over to the stage, looking up at the frozen model. She noted that Tal Reubenstein was heading up towards her and Hilda Krum was heading back, the German had her back to Tasia. The two other models were sporting similar gowns; Tal was in black with red strappy heels while Hilda showed off a red gown with black spiked heels.

            “You seemed very interested in my work, Ms. DuGalle; I think it’s only fair I check you out carefully too…” Tasia said as she climbed up onto the stage. She stepped behind the motionless model, found the zipper to the gown, and pulled it south after adjusting her pose so the French woman was standing at attention. With Tasia’s slight tug and a wobble from DuGalle, the dress fell to her ankles. The French model was dressed in maroon lace lingerie and also had a thin gold chain around her hips. Tasia played with the piece of jewelry, wondering if there was a trend for them. She shrugged it off and looked at the other two time-stopped models, “I think I need to check out these ladies next….” she stated as she wrapped her arms around Amelia’s hips and lifted the woman up. “I think I’ll start with a full examination of you, Ms DuGalle.”

* * *


The Paris Stilton Penthouse

Two Hours Later

            Tasia had tried to fight the urge. While she had wondered if her relationship with Lucienne was really over, she held some hope, yet it had still stung, the pair having been together for nearly two years off and on. While Tasia had fooled around with more than a few people, including Erika Stone and her entourage as they actively embraced free sex, the idea of actually approaching someone again was intimidating. Worse yet Tasia knew if she started up a relationship with Devon, things might get awkward around work since she did look nearly identical to Marika. Upon hearing the news that the Albatross would be undergoing a data dump with the information collected on its first mission that would need to last at least until nearly noon the next day, Tasia gave into her urges.

            After the show Devon had approached Tasia to thank her for her services even though thanks weren’t really needed. After learning what she had really been sent for, Tasia was sure the German model was never in any real danger. Devon still expressed concerns as she had been abducted from a hotel not a show. To calm the model down Tasia had given her a personal Type-7 spray, similar to mace, to use if she felt she was in danger. The model happily took the small aerosol can and then asked for Tasia’s personal number. At first Tasia didn’t really think much of it, just a worried former victim but then it hit her. How come the model asked for her personal number? At the same time Tasia had realized this, after she had slipped Devon her card, the model asked if Tasia had free moment later to check in on her at the hotel she was staying at. Devon was the ushered off by guards and Tasia didn’t know what to think, only that she had just been asked out by super model in so many words. At first Tasia was thinking about just not seeing the woman but after learning of her extended stay and the fact that the rest of her team had taken off the night without her, there wasn’t much stopping her.

            Before learning about the Albatross's expected data dump, Tasia had elected to change into something more casual, a light gray hoodie over a dark purple tank top with dark jeans, her blonde hair let down and tan wedges. Deciding not to change again, Tasia instead unzipped the hoodie on her elevator ride up, disembarking after taking a small breath. To Tasia's surprise there were two women standing outside the door to the penthouse but, curiously, neither one was moving.

            “What the...” muttered Tasia, recognizing the pair as Devon's bodyguards from earlier, both still wearing the black pants suits and white blouses. Kazu was standing with her left hand running through her black hair, her right touching her chin. Malena, meanwhile, was glancing over her right shoulder towards the door, her left hand on her hip and her expression blank. Worried, Tasia dug into her pocket for a gas sprayer since she'd foolishly left her sidearm on the plane. The penthouse door was still closed so Tasia cautiously knocked.

            “Tasia darling!” exclaimed Devon a few moments later, appearing in the doorway as she opened the suite's double-door. The blonde's hair was done and she was dressed in a fluffy light blue robe that had the hotel logo emblazoned on it. The robe was loose enough that Tasia could see the supermodel was naked underneath, which made it hard for Tasia to pocket her sprayer.

            “Don't mind those security sentinels; I decided they needed to act more like the chimera than guard dogs so I used that Type-7 you were nice enough to give me,” explained Devon as she guided Tasia inside, allowing her a look at the immense penthouse. There was a fireplace with a TV mounted on it and three couches facing it as well as a bookshelf filled with several classics and useful texts, all stamped with the hotel logo. A fake bearskin rug was laid below the fireplace. The entry foyer itself had a left hallway and a right one, the floor was polished black marble tiles. It was through the left hall that Tasia saw the fireplace, and to the right Tasia could see multiple doors as well as a kitchen that looked to have a giant window. It disappointed Tasia a bit that the view from the window didn't reveal any famous Paris landmarks, despite them not being far from D'Arc de Triomphe. Sitting on a small end table at the far end of the foyer was a set of four wine glasses, two of them filled and an open bottle of red wine resting next to them.

            “Were you expecting me?” asked Tasia, indicating the wine glasses.

            “Well-” began Devon, only to stop as door opening was heard. Glancing down the hallway, Devon smiled and beckoned. “Lacey darling, come here!” called the supermodel.

            Tasia tried not to gawk as Lacey Finnegan came into view; the blonde Irish supermodel was smiling brightly as she approached Devon. Like Devon, Lacey was wearing a hotel robe and apparently nothing else underneath, her hair also down. Tasia then got a shock as the two gorgeous models moved closer to hug one another and then shared a very deep kiss. Feeling her blood run cold, Tasia considered just leaving right there. “Oh, I didn't mean to... Umm...” Apparently the two models had ‘bonded’ during the show while sharing the cramped dressing room.

            “Oh, don't you worry darling,” offered Devon, stepping away from Lacey. “We're not a couple, we just got to know each other during the show and turns out we have a lot more in common than I had originally thought,” Devon then suddenly put her arms around Tasia and gave the Greek ITEA agent a big kiss, one that she reciprocated. As the pair's lips parted, with Tasia still reeling from the earlier revelation, she noticed Lacey had approached.

            “Save some for me love,” grinned Lacey, promptly kissing Tasia was well, her tongue darting like magic. Tasia then felt Devon kiss her neck and before long all three of them were exchanging kisses, be it on the lips, neck and even cleavage. 

            “My my, you are a treat never met a copper like you before,” giggled Lacey, placing her hands on Devon's shoulders. “You think she was expecting this?”

            “Umm, not to ruin the moment, but I, well, was looking to see if you were interested in an actual date, Devon,” confessed Tasia, a bit red and shocked at how easily her confidence had been stripped from her. Tasia wasn't sure if it was that she was still recovering from Lucy ending things, not having had to ask someone out in quite a while or just being blind-sided by what was effectively a three-way proposition.

            “Oh darling it's like I said, we play, I'd love to go on a date with you!” exclaimed Devon, placing a hand on Tasia's shoulder.

            “As would I; we should make this a thing,” suggested Lacey, placing a hand on Tasia as well. Devon glanced at the other model and nodded, grinning ear to ear.

            “Oh, well... Alright then,” laughed Tasia, unable to believe her good fortune. The Greek then quickly began to remove her hoodie, with Devon meanwhile heading over to the wine.

            “So before you came in we were planning to each take a turn drinking some spiked wine, to let one play mannequin and the other play with them,” explained Devon, pouring a third glass of red wine. “Now, however, I think it might be fun if we each drink from one glass, and the person who doesn't end up frozen can have her way with the other two.”

            “Oh I like that; it'll be fun to have you both as my pretty mannequins for the evening,” chuckled Lacey, taking a moment to give Tasia a kiss on the cheek before heading over to join Devon, who was rotating the glasses to hide the ones with Type-7 added.

            “Yeah, that works for me,” agreed Tasia, pleased she didn't have to take the lead in sexual adventures like she'd found herself doing with Lucy during their final months together. Devon shuffled the glasses a few more times and Lacey ended the suspense by grabbing one; Tasia then did the same.  Devon picked up the remaining glass of wine.

            “Cheers!” said all three in unison, clinking their glasses together before taking big sips of wine. For a moment Tasia thought she had the winning glass, but then her senses suddenly faded.

            “Perfect,” smiled Devon moments later, lowering her half-empty glass. Lacey was still tipping her glass into her mouth; it was mostly empty, her right hand was frozen at her hip, as she looked unblinking at Tasia. Tasia meanwhile had lowered her glass with her right hand and had started to raise her left, a bright smile painted on her lips as she looked across at Devon. The German supermodel quickly removed both wine glasses from the hands of her immobilized company, then deciding she'd start with them on the bear rug.

            “Okay, come on you,” insisted Devon, placing her arms around Lacey's waist and dragging the stiffened blonde over to the fireplace. The bathrobe was loosely tied; it came unfurled, revealing her well-cared body, and Devon finished removing it before lowering the Irish woman to lie on top of the long black fur.

            “Oh I have wanted to get a taste of you all day,” giggled Devon as she grabbed Tasia, placing her in a fireman's carry before posing her upright in the living room. Devon had kept her interest for women under control – for the most part – throughout her career, but after meeting the luscious Greek ITEA agent she knew she wanted her. Lacey was just the whipped cream on top of the pie. The German wasn’t sure about the other model yet, but if she was willing, Devon wasn’t going to complain.

Tasia rocked back and forth as Devon grabbed her, taking pleasure in slowly raising her hands above her head and pulling off her tank top, revealing the Greek had gone commando. Devon began to pant a bit as she ran her hands over Tasia's breasts while unzipping and lowering her jeans.

            “Oh God, you've got red hair,” moaned Devon, shedding her robe as she got a look at Tasia's womanhood. Wrapping her arms around Tasia, Devon began to kiss her passionately, then slowly lowered her down onto the rug. Devon then rolled over and managed to pull Lacey and Tasia together, ending up on top. Turning left and right, Devon was unsure of whom to continue with, smiling at the realization that she was nailing two of the most beautiful women in the world. Life for the German model, it seemed, was good.

* * *



The Next Afternoon

            Though Rory Becker was only a part-time employee, his office, which was located in the newly formed medical wing of ITEA HQ, was well decorated to say the least. The agency had given him a pretty decent allowance to set everything up. The end result was the space looked better than his downtown private practice office. The floor was covered in Persian carpeting while the paneled walls featured expensive contemporary paintings in classy frames. There was a bookshelf holding bound texts on hypnotherapy and behavioral psychology and a tall glass trophy case containing souvenirs that he picked up throughout his travels. Some the trinkets in the case were from places that he had not traveled to yet but he’d bought them to remind him to visit said places some time in the future. Matching his shelf and trophy case was dark polished oak desk that sat in the center of the office. A padded leather executive chair sat behind the desk. There were two matching armchairs before the desk and in front of the office’s exit. At the back the room was flat panel wall-mounted TV next to the coat closet. Rory had claimed that the TV was used in therapeutic treatments but he mostly used it for watching the news and sci-fi movies during slow office days. Finally the last item in the room, and the most expensive, was a vintage Victorian-era psychologist’s lounge. It was stereotypical looking, with plush padded leather and brass beading running along the wood frame. The lounge was as soft as it looked and was widely used by patients as well as Rory himself when he wanted to take a quick nap.

            Rory was brought on with the medical staff. He had earned his PhD at the University of Birmingham, specializing in hypnotherapy and behavioral psychology. Even though he never really thought of himself as such, he was renowned in his field and that distinction had led to his employment with the agency. Though he was only a part-time staffer, since he did have private practice and couldn’t be at the agency everyday, he did have his fair share of work. Most of his patients were field agents who traveled often and needed some help relaxing. Being part of a secret agency, the agents’ workload was stressful; to say the least, and that was where he came in. He also evaluated new hires as well to make sure they were suitable for the position. For the most part the human resources department had done a good job screening new employees; he had not yet come across any agents or employees mentally unfit to work. Rory tended to work Monday and Friday, as they were slow days at his private practice. He worked every other weekend too if needed. Sometimes if it was slow at his private practice, he would come in during mid-week too. The office at ITEA was nicer so he didn’t mind.

            It had been a busy Friday, as most the employees wanted to get their business done before heading off for the weekend. The medical wing had been a buzz of energy all day and to Rory’s surprise he was also just as busy but it was getting late in the day and the pace was slowing. He quickly rushed back to his desk from the backroom closet just in time to hear the knock at his door. “Come in,” he said, catching his breath and calming his breathing.

            “Hey Rory!” Tasia greeted him cheerfully as she poked her head into the office first before entering and closing the door behind her. “It’s buzzing out there,” she remarked, pointing over her shoulder. “I’m glad you have some time for me,” she said smiling as she walked up to Rory’s desk and plopped down into one of the armchairs, putting her purse on the other chair.

            “I always have time for you, love,” Rory replied with a quick look over his shoulder at his closet. “I was just completing some boring paper work when you called,” he added while shuffling some loose papers around on his desk. Tasia Spiro was one of his first patients when he first started. The Greek agent was then one of the team leaders and she had first come to him with romantic personal issues. She also became a friend, the two having grabbed lunch together a few times. The agency was full of attractive women; it was one of the reasons he'd accepted the position. Tasia was one the best-looking women there, which was saying quite a lot. She was currently dressed in a black skirt suit with leopard print trim. Her tanned legs were naked; leopard print heels on her feet completed her outfit. Tasia’s recently dyed blond hair was tied back in a business bun. “That is some snazzy outfit you have there,” he complimented.

            Tasia looked down and smiled, “Yeah it is, I just got it, and the shoes too.”

            “During your recent trip to Paris?” Rory inquired, leaning back in his chair.

            “You can’t go to Paris and not shop,” Tasia replied while playing with her cuffs.

            “Indeed. I read the after-action report on that assignment. Nothing happened. I guess that would be good thing?”

            “I guess… Wasn't really likely something should have happened; it turned out to be a bogus assignment the boss cooked up,” Tasia huffed, crossing her arms.

            “Oh?” Rory asked leaning forward. “You want to tell me more about that..?”

            “It’s nothing… water under the bridge. Don’t worry, no grudge here,” Tasia assured, too quickly. Rory gave her a raised eyebrow look in return. He knew that though Tasia was typically a nice person, she tended to have a bit of an anger issue. “I’m serious, Rory. I’m not mad about it – honest. I didn’t come here to talk about that, anyways. I’m here to talk about what happened afterward,” the Greek said, now leaning forward.

            “Now you’ve gotten me all curious love; what happened? Did you stop time?” Rory asked. He had found out about Tasia's ability to stop time after a few of their sessions and he was amazed to say the least. It was probably the sole reason that pushed him to become more than just her therapist but her friend too.

            Tasia hesitated for a moment, then took a deep breath and went on to tell Rory about the mission briefly and then detailed her encounter with Devon Von Krieger and Lacey Finnegan in the Stilton of Paris penthouse. She told him she did stop time during the mission but didn’t go into the full details of her adventures; that was still too personal to share. He was mainly interested in that ability, even though the fact that she was now dating two supermodels was pretty interesting in and of itself and he became curious to how that would turn out. As Tasia talked about her two newest girlfriends, Rory was busy trying to contain his imagination. If he could stop time at a fashion show, what would he do?  The possibilities seemed endless...

            He became so lost in his thoughts that it took several moments for Rory to realize that Tasia had stopped talking and was frowning at him. “Oh sorry Tasia, you’re going out with two high fashion models and you yourself look like a model too; a man can only wonder…” Rory replied with a sheepish smile. “But congrats in any case.”

            “Thanks and thank you for at least trying to listen…” Tasia said with a grin, looking at her watch. “Devon and Lacey are in town; they’re going to spend the week here. I have to meet them at my place later, but I have time for Type-7 session.”

            “How long do you have?” Rory asked, looking through his desk drawer at the vials of Type-7 pills. Type-7 therapy was a new treatment that he had developed and it could only be used while at ITEA HQ. The treatment required the patient to take a time-delayed Type-7 pill. Rory would then guide the patient to a place or relaxing event mentally before the drug would take effect. By the time the patient went under, their mind was focused on that place or event and it would remain that way for the duration of the suspension.

            “A couple of hours, until six at the latest,” decided Tasia, glancing at a clock on the wall. “Today has felt like a dream... I was in Paris this morning, and I still had time to shop and then fly home to report in and see you.”

            “The beauty of modern technology and flexible schedules, love,” grinned Rory, handing Tasia a pill that, per her measurements, would only last two hours. The pills were gel-based and colored a rich blue, differentiating them from the yellow Breathe Easy gel capsules that the ITEA used to protect its agents against poison gas. All the pills were measured by the ITEA's own lab techs for dosage length.

            “No funny business now!” joked Tasia as she took the pill and casually put it into her mouth. The Team Alpha leader then stood up and clasped her hands below her waist, looking down at Rory and smiling brightly. Moments later the Greek woman stopped blinking.

            “Tasia?” asked Rory, quietly standing and moving over to check on his suspended patient. Rory snapped his fingers in front of Tasia's face and, suddenly suspicious, moved his hand closer to tickle her under her chin.

            “Ah, no fair!” cried out Tasia, laughing as she backed away. Just as it seemed that Tasia had faked freezing however, she actually did stop while stepping back with her hands up defensively, her eyes closed, and her mouth gaping open in amusement. To make completely sure, though this time he was confident, Rory moved his hand in between the buttons of Tasia's blouse and tickled her bare skin, getting absolutely no response.

            “Perfectly frozen, just the way I love you,” smiled the psychologist, quickly heading back to his desk. Reaching into another drawer, Rory pulled out something he hidden under the kit he used to clean his glasses: a Type-7 Chip, though Rory preferred the name ‘Nero Chip’. Moving back over to Tasia, Rory carefully placed the device on the back of her neck, asserting full control.

            “Tasia, stand up straight,” ordered Rory, and the chip-controlled blonde did as she was told, her face going to a neutral expression. “Tasia, stop time.” As Rory gave the second order, he quickly took hold of his patient's hand and felt some hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Moments later, an eerie silence descended and Rory didn't need to check his desk clock to know that time was now stopped between one moment and the next.

            “You are magic, love,” whispered Rory, giving Tasia a kiss on the lips. “Now freeze totally stiff for me. I need to have some fun...” Tasia went rigid while standing at attention, but as Rory had learned from the reports he'd gotten access to, someone with the temporal gene could stop time and then be frozen themselves under the control of a Nero Chip, though it was unclear if just regular Type-7 would have the same effect or if there was something unique about how chips worked. In any event, Rory wasn't worried; he started to strip down until he was naked. Only once before had Rory used Tasia to stop time, though it wasn't the first time he'd taken advantage of a patient under the immobilizing effects of Type-7. On previous occasions, Rory had only managed to check out a couple of women but the entire medical wing was present today, so his luck had changed.

            “Don't go anywhere,” commanded Rory glibly as he proceeded to exit his office, utterly naked. The waiting room of the medical wing had no occupied chairs, though there were only six. Behind the desk outside Rory's desk, however, was his assistant, psychologist Marjorie Hopkins. Marjorie was working on her PhD and was also employed at Rory's practice, though he wasn't too proud to admit it was more for her looks than her actual skill. Marjorie, sometimes called Jori for short, was in her mid-twenties and possessed both fair skin and very light blonde hair, effectively bleached, given that her eyebrows were brown but the roots hidden. Jori also had blue eyes and lips she tended to keep a very powerful red. At the moment time had stopped Jori had been looking down at her keyboard, seated perfectly upright in her chair with her hands on the keys, her right leg crossed over her left at the ankle. For today, Jori was wearing a purple skirt suit with a black blouse, the top button undone but not low enough to reveal cleavage. A small silver dolphin pendant was draped around Jori's neck.

            “Don't think I didn't notice you either, and just 'cause I've seen you naked don't mean I'm not gonna want to 'gain,” remarked Rory, glancing at the second woman in the waiting area, who was leaning against Jori's desk. A brunette in her mid-thirties, the woman was Nurse Nancy Colfax. American, Nancy was a bit on the petite side but very cute-looking, her hair was let down and she was currently clad in a dark brown dress with a tiny white diamond pattern on it, the top part of the dress had a V-cut that reached halfway down her cleavage. Nancy stood with her legs apart at roughly twenty degrees, her right hand was supporting her against the desk while her left held up a chart she was reading, a half-smile on her lips. It was Nancy whom Rory had seen naked the first time he'd had Tasia stop time for him.

            “I have been waiting ages to do this,” declared Rory, dragging the office chair that held Jori backwards. Rory then went down and carefully removed his assistant's black heels, then reached up to pull down what turned out to be simple black underwear.

            “How disappointing,” muttered the psychologist as he carefully stood Marjorie upright, then raised her arms up in front of her. The jacket and blouse were quickly unbuttoned and removed, revealing a fairly basic bra that matched the underwear. Pink, nearly red, nipples were discovered under the bra, but the biggest surprise came when her skirt went down. Inside Jori's right thigh was a tattoo of the Ghostbusters II logo. The discovery had surprised Rory the first time he had gotten her nude, since the tattoo artist most likely had glimpsed all of Jori's womanhood, which wasn't shaved but still was neatly trimmed.

            “Well, let me tell you what makes me feel good,” chuckled Rory, moving Jori's arms so they were held loosely around his neck. With Jori's arms more or less tight enough, the blonde was stood upright and Rory was in the perfect position to begin thrusting, his backside pressing against the edge of the desk a bit as he moved his unaware assistant back and forth. Rory figured some people might find the implication of the act odd, since he was effectively having sex with a mannequin, but that didn't bother him at all.

            Rory reached an orgasm and as he did he spread out Jori's arms, causing her to fall backwards into her chair. Momentum carried Jori slowly backwards, her reaching arms resting awkwardly on the arm rests with the middle of her back landing where the seat met the backrest. Rory only took a short rest however, before pulling the chart from Nancy's rigid hand, giving it a quick glance before putting it on the desk. “Olivia Covington sounds sexy,” remarked Rory before focusing on Nancy. His asssitant’s desk was too cluttered for Rory to nail Nancy on it, so instead he stood her upright, dropped her dress and conservative black underwear, and promptly laid her on the floor. Rory found Nancy fascinating, since she clearly used some kind of electric trimmer to take care of her bush, but she didn't try to reduce the overall area just the hair length, and it was clearly done recklessly in less than a minute as the hairs were uneven in spots. Nancy was posed with her hands behind her head and her legs spread, the half-smile still on her lips as Rory worked his way inside the nurse.

            Even after having two women in rapid succession, Rory still had plenty left in him, which he figured was due to how hard up he was most times. Leaving Nancy on the floor, Rory entered one of the two exam rooms, aware that both were occupied. The two exam rooms had the typical elevated bed for patients and counters full of medical supplies; Rory was pleased to see the pair in the first room. Paige Saunders, the other nurse, who was an attractive blonde Canadian around thirty, was wearing blue scrubs and had her hair up in a gelled bun. Paige was holding an illuminated flashlight in her right hand, her left holding open her patient's mouth as she studied the moist inside with focus. The patient happened to be Sophia Katsopolis, the Greek bombshell; she was wearing a light red spaghetti-strap top and salmon shorts, most likely having been about to go home. Sophia's curly hair was down around her shoulders and she looked almost annoyed as she sat with her mouth open, her arms resting on her knees and her legs spread.

            “This gives me a great idea!” exclaimed Rory, hurrying into the room. Jumping up on the bed, Rory pushed Sophia down and into a 69 position, her open mouth just right for him to insert his member. Rory began to thrust his hips but realized he wasn't quite properly stimulated.

            “Hey, be a good nurse an' help me,” ordered Rory, pulling Paige forward using her extended arms. The flashlight fell out of her hand and Rory managed to pull the scrub top up over Paige's head, revealing a dark green sports bra that Rory was able to work off. The sight of her bare 34-B cup breasts, pink nipples on pale skin, helped Rory get where he needed to be and soon he was thrusting again.

            “Oh, that's bit dangerous,” grunted Rory as he finished in Sophia's mouth, nearly sliding backwards off the bed in the process. Moving carefully, Rory hopped off the bed, knocking Paige over but catching her before she hit the ground. “Nearly lost you love, can't 'ave that!” Standing Paige upright Rory gave her a hard kiss.

            Turning back to Sophia he quickly removed the Greek agent’s clothing, rendering her clad only in her matching white panty-bra set and tan ankle length high heeled boots. He arranged her flat on her back with her hands behind her head. Next, Paige’s scrub bottoms were removed along with her white medical frock. The nurse was only dressed in her green sports bra, white plain Jane panties and pink ankle socks. The blonde was then placed on top of the Greek before Rory giddily pranced out of the room.

            The second exam room contained Zelda Parker-Blake, the agency's doctor, who was married to Ian Blake, and a woman Rory nonetheless wanted to bend over just given how sexy she was. Zelda had a pink blouse on underneath her lab coat and had her brown hair down, a stethoscope on her ears and in her right hand. Zelda was holding her medical tool just above the chest of a co-worker, her left hand on the co-worker's chest. The co-worker in question was a science technician named Zora Jugovic, a Serbian in her late-thirties who had a reputation for loving science fiction. Zora was wearing a pink shapeless medical gown that fell just past her knees and was barefooted as she sat on the exam table. Her street clothing was neatly folded on a chair nearby, with a pair of dark green heels on the floor next to them. Rory could see a pair of sky blue panties and bra sitting on top of clothes, meaning that the science tech was naked underneath. Zora had bands and her brown hair was back in a ponytail, her equally brown eyes glancing off at nothing as she smiled, her hands up behind the back of her head.

            “They just keep giving me ideas!” laughed Rory, deciding to focus on Zelda first. The doctor was dragged backwards and kept in the same pose as her coat and then blouse came off, revealing a red low-cut bra. The stethoscope was lost and Zelda's jeans were dropped next, revealing that Zelda did also wear thongs. The thong and bra were then removed, exposing nipples redder than any other shade on her decent, if not spectacular, breasts. Zelda's real appeal was just having a gorgeous body in general, her eyes, her face and her hips all very striking, though what Rory was interested in was her back door. Turning Zelda around, Rory placed her hands on one of the counters in the exam room and stuck his manhood in from behind, thrusting once more.

            Rory wasn't sure how long it took to orgasm going at Zelda from behind, figuring it was at least twenty minutes, but he knew it was only after he'd reached around to squeeze her tits that it began to happen for him. Rory was certain as he pulled out of Zelda that he'd need time to recover, but then he glanced at Zora and, more specifically, her breasts through the gown. Rory remembered from Zora's file that her breasts were only 34B, someone in the agency having decided that it should be in the personnel files in addition to the usual measurements like height, but looking at them Rory was convinced they were bigger as their shape were clearly visible through the baggy gown. Grabbing a stepping stool from the other side of the exam bed, Rory stepped up to tower over Zora and pulled the gown off. The brunette’s body was revealed to Rory and he smiled seeing that her breasts were indeed larger than a B cup. “Those are C cups at least…” he observed, twisting her dark brown nipples. Between her legs her sex was covered by a mass of dark hair. After letting Zora’s hair down, he moved the stool close so he was standing effectively with his manhood in her tits; this was what he wanted. Zora’s arms were adjusted to wrap around the psychologist and Rory began to move his hips in and out of Zora’s cleavage. Despite the satisfaction of moving his junk in between a pair of nice breasts, Rory was struggling, but he oddly found comfort in stroking Zora’s hair turning the woman’s face to meet his eyes. Some people might have found her blank unblinking eyes disturbing, but something about the glassy expression just made Rory want to keep going. Rory's fifth climax saw him nearly fall backwards, but he managed to balance himself after grabbing Zora's head. The lab tech Rory ended up stroking for a while after he finished, his unique experience with her something he was really struck with.

            Getting one last idea for the pair, Rory moved Zora off the table and moved Zelda to sit on the table with her naked legs spread wide, hands resting on her knees. The doctor’s face was molded to have a deer-in-the-headlights look. Zora meanwhile was dressed in the lab coat and seated on the step stool. The stool was then slid to be directly in front of Zelda’s exposed snatch. Zora’s face was kept with the same expression; Rory placed her fingers to be probing the doctor’s womanhood.

            It was few minutes later Rory exited the second exam room, trying to decide what to do next. Time was frozen, so Rory had no one stopping him, but ITEA HQ was equipped with a number of security measures, most notably the automated doors that would most likely slash Rory if he tried to force them open. Unsure of just how far he could explore and a bit spent, Rory elected to return to his office.

            Giving Tasia a kiss on the cheek in greeting, Rory decided to check on the patient he'd been dealing with before Tasia's surprise visit. Moving past the Greek, Rory entered his backroom closet and dragged out the waxwork-still body of Malai Kasem. The pretty young Thai agent had been undergoing one of Rory's Type-7 treatments when Tasia had called and Rory had decided to just shuffle her off, though he'd been tempted to mess with her prior to getting the chance to stop time. Malai was barely over five feet in height but had an all-right set of breasts and a very striking figure, which was why Rory intended to nail her on his therapist’s couch. Malai was wearing a white skirt suit, her blouse a light orange and her hair in a half up-do, the Thai woman standing with her legs a shoulder-width apart and had her hands on her hips; her eyes were closed and her mouth open to allow for breathing.

            “I’ve got everyone’s clothes off but you love…it’s your turn,” Rory smiled as he started to unbutton Malai’s jacket, with the brightly-colored blouse following suit afterwards. Both items were slipped off her shoulders, exposing the Thai agent’s small breasts clad in a fancy black and red lace bra. “Now that’s posh looking,” Rory whispered, locating the front clasp that held the garment together. Unclasped, the bra was added to the pile of clothes growing at the agent’s feet. Moving south, Rory unzipped and pulled the woman’s skirt down, which in turned revealed a silk black micro-thong that covered the woman’s sex. A red lace garter belt also wrapped around the girl’s hips; attached to that were a silk straps with metal buckles that fastened to pair of thigh-high nude stockings. “Now you have expensive taste in undergarments, lass…” Rory grinned before gently removing the last bit of the agent’s lingerie. Lastly, Rory molded Malai’s face to hold an empty blank look. A naked Malai was then carried over towards the couch. As he conveyed the petite shapely agent, Rory looked her naked body over from head to toe. Her feet were still arched in the shape of the heels that she had been wearing, giving her the look of a life size Barbie doll. He couldn’t wait to make love to her; he had heard so many wonderful things about Thai women.   

            After Rory lowered Malai onto the couch he realized he'd definitely need to rest, but then remembered time was frozen so he had nothing to worry about. Beaming, Rory walked over to Tasia and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Tasia love, I think what you need, is to come see me more often, and I'll tell you as much when I finally let you unfreeze time. The girlfriends... Might be good if I meet them too, yes...” Feeling a sense of glee at what wonders were to come, Rory gave Tasia a big hug.


The End


Caesar Francisco – Jared Leto
Chita Francisco – Eve Torres
Marika Bran – Charlize Theron
Dieter Bran – Til Schweiger
Sonia Castillo – Catherine Zeta-Jones
Janelle Gallegos – Elizabeth Mitchell
Gitana Brook – Reshma Shetty
Tasia Spiro – Doukissa Nomikou
Rafael Calado – Olivier Martinez
Megan Gage – Summer Glau
Juro Takashi – Masi Oka
Lori Jones – Billie Piper
Esther Torres – Elsa Pataky
Jelena Hendraille – Briana Evigan
Colette Landry – Laura Vandervoort
Suzanna Ortiz – Eva La Rue
Ariel Landry – Maryse Ouellet
Parisa Golzar – Sarah Shahi
Shawn Barnaby – James Roday
Octavia Fierro – Aimee Garcia
Katinka Andres – Jessica Boehr
Madam DuBose – Kathy Ireland
Julianne Gladstone – Elizabeth Hurley
Alene Hatfield – Lisa McAllister
Willow Crewe – Janet Montgomery
Malena Roldan – Monica Louwerens
Kazu Shiitaki – Ayumi Kinoshita
Devon Von Krieger – Charlize Theron
Lacey Finnegan – Olivia Wilde
Hilda Krum – Heidi Klum
Audrey Burke – Nicky Whelan
Amelia DuGalle – Geri Halliwell
Meaghan Mason – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Yoon Suk – Na Ri
Lola Mateo – Adriana Lima
Michelle Foster – Holly Valance
Tal Reubenstein – Bar Refaeli
Evelyn Mero – Barbara Blank
Angelita Castillo – Selena Gomez
Brianna Gladstone – Emma Watson
Kathryn Summers – Jennifer Morrison
Tanya Frost – Abigail Spencer
Rory Becker – Sean Lock
Marjorie Hopkins – Charlotte Sullivan
Nancy Colfax – Amy Acker
Paige Saunders – Alaina Huffman
Sophia Katsopolis – Sofia Milos
Zelda Parker – Emmanuelle Vaugier
Zora Jugovic – Liz Vassey
Malai Kasem – Pumwaree Yodkamol

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