The IT Files:  Tasia’s Return

by FreezAntix

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read more of Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series as well as a comprehensive Tuckerverse Wiki! [Ed.]

Authors' Note: We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!


Dartford, United Kingdom

Lucienne’s Apartment

                  Tasia rolled over on her side and moaned comfortably as she drifted awake. Her vision adjusted to the electronic clock sitting on a nightstand next to her bed, which read 07:45. “Too early!” she groaned, rolling back on her back and falling back into unconsciousness. The Greek had only fallen asleep for a moment before a distant sound nearby woke her again.  Tasia grunted tiredly as she sat up, pulling the silk sheets up to cover her naked body. “What gives, Lucy?” she asked, with a yawn.

                  Lucienne Christophe, Tasia’s boss and current girlfriend, sat on a red velvet lounger as she slipped a pair of black high heels onto her feet. The French woman was dressed in a dark grey pants suit with a blue top underneath. Her reddish tresses were pulled back into a loose but conservative bun. “Work is what gives; I got a few early meetings and a briefing from Hui,” the French woman replied as she stood and walked over to her make-up table. Hui Lan, along with some other ITEA agents, was out investigating a case in Hong Kong that seemed to have Type-7 written all of it. She was eager to see what their status was currently. At the table Lucienne put a thin gold chain around her neck with a small cross on it. She crossed herself in the mirror; it was a daily ritual that few saw the ITEA boss do. Next she put on a pair of earrings, followed by a discrete but glamorous diamond watch. Sitting down in front of the table, she began to put her make-up on; that was always light, just something to make her glow. “You should get ready too… you’re back on duty today as well,” Lucienne reminded as she puckered her lips to check her lipstick.

                  Tasia fell backward as if fainting, pulling the sheets over her head. She had been living in Malibu for the last couple of months and was beginning to enjoy living a life without a worry. Those long days of hanging out at the beach with Erika Stone and her friends were now over; it was back to work. All good things come to an end. “Can’t you just suspend me for one more day?” Tasia asked from under the sheets.

                  “No, it’s been long enough already,” Lucienne replied as she walked over to her large bed and stripped the sheet from Tasia’s naked body. The Greek quickly pulled her legs up and turned into a tanned ball of sexiness, shivering slightly at the sudden change of temperature. “Get up and shower, you have to report to HR and Payroll by 1000 hours,” the French woman said as she sat on bed and leaned over her girlfriend, who was still trying to go back to sleep. She kissed the Greek affectionately on the cheek, “I miss you…” she whispered. Tasia opened her eyes, smiled coyly, and kissed her lover on the lips. The two women locked lips for a bit before Lucienne reluctantly pulled away. She was glad that Tasia was finally back, she truly missed the company of the Greek, but there was a time for that and a time for work. “I love you,” she then said, looking at Tasia’s deep brown eyes. Standing back up, she ordered more seriously, “Get out of bed and get yourself ready; I want you at HQ at 10:00 hours sharp.”

                  “Lucy!” Tasia whined in annoyance as she pulled the sheets back up over her body. “I really need this day!”

                  “Agent Spiro, I didn’t ask you,” Lucienne said in an authoritative tone, standing next to her dresser as she clipped her trusty holstered USP to the small of her back. “I could suspend you again but it won’t be for one day and after that you won’t be living in my place, either.”

                  The Greek knew when not to press the challenge; her lover was in full boss mode and should not be taken lightly. Tasia knew Lucienne didn’t bluff about anything. “You’re horrible…” she grumbled as she trudged towards the bathroom, zombie-like.

                  Lucienne smiled, “I’ll see you at work Tasia,” she then said as she turned and left her bedroom.  Moments later the outer door closed.


                  Tasia had only been in the shower for few minutes, fuming about Lucienne pulling rank over her like that simply because she could. All of a sudden an idea for revenge hit her and just like that she hopped out of the shower and stuck a ball of spearmint chewing gum in her mouth. A simple focused thought and half a heartbeat later time was frozen still around the Greek. Stopping time was an ability that Tasia had picked up a little bit over a year ago, but she had mastered it quickly and by now it was like second nature. Tasia hastily wrapped a towel around her wet hair and pulled on a thin black silk robe that fell to just under her crotch. The silken sash around her waist barely closed the robe enough to cover her body up. With some sort of clothing on, Tasia marched over to her lover’s walk in closet and looked around the French woman’s expansive wardrobe. After a quick perusal she decided what she wanted and gathered the items up before leaving the bedroom.

                  Adding a pair of fuzzy pink mules to her scant wisp of an outfit, the Greek left the apartment and made her way down to the parking garage. It took a few moments since she had to take the several flights of stairs. Due to time sitting still, the elevators were out of commission. She passed by several of Lucienne’s neighbors during her trip, all of whom were stuck in time doing their normal morning routines and paid no mind to the scantily clad Greek that walked past them, hugging a bundle of clothing. Reaching the parking garage, she stopped and looked around before smiling at the sight of the familiar silver BMW M3 that was stopped while backing out of its parking spot. Like everything else around her it was suspended, rendered unmovable. Not as noticeable, however, as the middle aged blond woman frozen in mid-stride that Tasia walked past.

                  Reaching the M3, Tasia put the pile of clothing she had gathered on the hood of the car. She then opened the driver’s door, surprised to find it not locked. “That was easy…” she chuckled as she knelt down and looked into the car. “Hello boss,” she greeted the frozen occupant with a devious grin. Lucienne Christophe sat in the driver’s seat of the German’s sports car. Her body was twisted slightly to the right with her hand around the right seat headrest. Her left hand was on the steering wheel. Her head was turned over her right shoulder, a grin on her lips with eyes staring and empty behind a pair of sunglasses. Tasia reached into the car and removed the sunglasses. She waved a hand in front of her girlfriend’s vacant eyes for the hell of it knowing, the time-stopped woman was more or less only a mannequin. The French woman was hers to play with. “Let’s get you ready for work,” The Greek cooed, rubbing Lucienne’s thigh, “A woman of your caliber should dress a little better for your high-profile job.”

                  Tasia pulled the stiff-as-a-board French ITEA director out of her sports car. She then expertly arranged the rigid body so Lucienne stood next to her car’s open door, more or less at attention. First the gray suit jacket was removed, followed by the blue top under it, leaving Lucienne’s ample breasts visible, covered by a black lace bra that was soon removed as well. Tasia fondled her lover’s naked breasts for moment before removing the holstered USP from the small of her back. Lucienne’s trousers were pulled south, along with her nude pantyhose, all the way down to her ankles. Tasia elected to leave in place the micro hot pink G-string the French woman had on. The stiff agent’s heels, along with the trousers and pantyhose, were finally removed, leaving Lucienne nearly naked with only the tiny G-string covering her sex. The Greek pulled Lucienne’s auburn hair loose and let it hang free as she re-dressed her boss in a pink business coat followed by a matching micro-mini skirt that only sat an inch under the woman’s sex. Thigh-high sheer black stockings were pulled up on each leg next, followed by a pair of spiked heels.

                  Lucienne was then put back in her car and rendered back into her original sitting pose. Her door was shut and Tasia gathered up the discarded clothing and walked away, grinning ear to ear. She paused for a moment in front of the blond woman who was walking nearby that she had passed earlier. “Why not?” she said to the woman’s unhearing ears as she dropped the woman’s skirt to her ankles. She snorted a laugh, seeing the woman had gone commando. “Bad choice, sweetie,” she scolded, smacking the woman on the ass before gathering Lucy’s discarded clothing and leaving. The woman wobbled slightly, oblivious of her impending predicament as the Greek left the garage.


IT Headquarters


                  The shiny black Aston Martin Vanquish, rolling on big black chrome wheels, pulled into a parking spot in front of the five-story nondescript building that was the home of the International Temporal Enforcement agency. Though there were several warning signs around the building to not trespass, loiter or park, no one paid any attention to the 100K plus sports car that now parked there. Tasia stepped from the driver’s side and looked up at the building. She smiled brightly, “I’m back!” she proclaimed as she closed the door to her car and made her way towards the main entrance. For her first day back, Tasia was dressed in a simple white blouse tucked into a knee-length pencil skirt with black pantyhose covering her legs. She stood on a pair of shiny black Jimmy Choo high heels, a gift from Erika Stone that was rumored to have cost over a thousand bucks.  Her red hair hung loose with curled tips. A purse carrying her ID and ITEA issue SIG Sauer hung off her left shoulder. She had left before on bad terms and was uncertain about her future there, but since rescuing her friends at the Polish ski resort, she had the urge to come back. The only thing standing in the way had been her suspension by Lucienne.  Now, finally at ITEA HQ, it felt great to be finally home.

                  After using her palm print and retina scan, she stepped through the main entrance, entering the massive main lobby of the building. Then two guards clad in black military fatigues covered in matching Interceptor vests stepped in front of the Greek, blocking her. They were new guards; Tasia had never met them before. They had no idea who she was. “Guys, I work here, how do you think I got in?” Tasia asked in annoyance, with a hint of natural fear at seeing the two large men were armed to the teeth with weapons she wasn’t sure were Type-7 equipped or not. She began reaching to fish her ID out of her purse but stopped, seeing that one of men gripped the M4 carbine that was attached by a three-point harness in front of him. In another heartbeat she would have stopped time in fear of her life, but thankfully Gitana Brook, the ITEA receptionist, came to her rescue.

                  “Tasia works here, let her through!” Gitana ordered through the speakers that surrounded the large lobby. The receptionist herself was safe behind her armored glass protected booth. She grinned at Tasia apologetically as the two well-armed guards stepped aside. Tasia pulled out her ITEA picture ID and flashed it front of the guards’ faces as she moved past them with her chin held high. As she moved through the archways that acted as metal detectors and hard object sensors, alarms started to blare. Gitana, from behind her desk, quickly typed a series of commands from her keyboard shutting the alarms off. Tasia stopped and looked over at the Brit, who was Indian in descent, with an annoyed look on her face. ITEA security had been stepped up more than a little since her departure, with more guards and what seemed to be a very high tech and sensitive security system. Gitana was about to get up from her desk to walk over and greet Tasia before her phone rang and she quickly answered it, effectively keeping her behind the desk.

                  “Great…” Tasia sighed as two other guards moved to meet her. The guards looked similar to the ones at the door but one of them was female. The female guard was Hispanic; she had her black hair pulled back into a bun. She looked sharp and tough in her fatigues and Interceptor vest. She did not carry an M4 like her partner or the two door guards. Instead, from what Tasia could see, she only had a SIG Sauer holstered on her thigh. Moreover, Tasia noted the sergeant’s chevrons on the petite woman’s shoulder epaulets and vest.

                  “Agent Spiro?” the sergeant asked in an accented voice as she approached.

                  Tasia smiled warmly at the woman, “Sergeant…” she greeted and looked at the woman’s name patch, “Pared?” The name clicked in Tasia’s head; she had read it from an old after-action report. This woman had been a member of the Mexican secret service tasked with protecting the president. The unit had been defeated while they fought off Paradise Foundation operatives a year ago. Carmen Pared had been frozen during the assault. Tasia always wondered where she had ended up; now she knew. “Welcome to ITEA,” Tasia said bashfully, extending her hand.

                  Carmen Pared only looked at the senior ITEA agent’s hand. Tasia’s smile faded as she awkwardly pulled it back. “Welcome back to ITEA, I hope your suspension was good?” Carmen asked with a cocky smile.

                  “It was restful,” Tasia simply replied crossing her arms.

                  “Please, Agent Spiro, I need your purse and shoes,” Carmen then said, gesturing at the items.

                  “What?” Tasia demanded. She looked over at Gitana, who was still on the phone. Who the hell was she talking to?

                  “Agent Spiro you triggered the alarms, we have to clear you before you can enter the building; it’s our policy,” the female guard explained, clearing enjoying the power she had over the assistant director.

                  “I work here, I’m the assistant director!” Tasia pointed out, but the sergeant wasn’t having any of it. “Fine!” The Greek shot back as she shoved her purse to the guard and kicked off her heels. Carmen smiled slightly as she handed the items over to her male counterpart.

                  “Assistant Director Spiro,” she then said, turning her attention back the Greek, who was frowning at the security sergeant with her arms crossed. “Spread your arms please; I have to pat you down.”

                  “This is ridiculous! I’ve been here longer than you have!” Tasia angrily spat, but she did what she was told.

                  “That is true, but I was never suspended,” Carmen simply said as she patted the Greek down. She spent a little bit more time than required at Tasia’s breasts and crotch, thinking it would make the Greek feel uneasy. Tasia smiled at the attention and looked down at the sergeant, making her only look back at the Greek in confusion.

                  The male guard cleared his throat, turning both women’s attention to him, as he pulled Tasia’s holstered SIG from her purse.

                  As on cue, Gitana finally emerged from her bulletproof booth, rushing up to the trio. “That’s enough, Carmen; I just talked to Rhonda, and she has cleared assistant director Spiro as per the requests from Chief Bran and Director Christophe herself.” The tall Brit-Indian moved oddly as she attempted to run in her high heels. She was dressed sharply in her usual tailored skirt suit; the suit was tan in color today, with matching heels. Her legs were covered in white pantyhose to finish the outfit. Gitana’s long black hair was woven into a single thick long braid that fell to the small of her back.

                  “Very well…” Carmen sighed and gestured for her charge to return Tasia’s heels and purse. “Have a nice day, assistant director,” Carmen said, giving the Greek a lazy mock salute before she returned to the shadows of the lobby from where she had emerged.

                  “Christ, it took you long enough,” Tasia complained, stepping back into her heels.

                  “Sorry Tasia, ITEA security has been upgraded since the whole incident that took place in November. Even though HQ was never penetrated, the higher ups felt that the threat was right in their faces and decided to ratchet up the security,” Gitana explained.

                  “I understand that, but I work here… I shouldn’t have to go through that gauntlet every day just to get to my office.”

                  “Understandable, it won’t happen again. I may suggest that next time you should consider going through the back entrance; there is less physical security there and Rhonda has assured me the bio-electronic security systems have now been programmed to let you through.”

                  “Rhonda?” Tasia asked. She had only been gone for a couple of months and knew there were changes but this was sort of a surprise to her.

                  “Oh yes, you don’t know Rhonda; she was brought in after you left us. Rhonda Evens is the head of the security systems for the building. I was talking to her just now. She was wondering why the alarm was shut off and I explained to her what was happening; sorry it took me a while. She is actually in charge of all security at that moment, since both of the Brans are on assignment in Spain and Gaspar doesn’t come in ‘till tonight.”

                  “Alright,” Tasia sighed, “As long as everything is cleared up I’m okay with it, no worries.”

                  “Good, Rhonda would like you to check in with her to update your clearance; she will be waiting for you in HR,” Gitana said, smiling, before she turned to head back to her booth.

                  “Awesome…” Tasia whispered sarcastically under her breath, adding that in her head to the list of things to do today; she already had to check in with accounting to make sure she got her paychecks back in order and then to HR to update her employment status. Now another thing added to the list was to clear her security clearance. It would have been less of a hassle if Lucienne had done all this for her. Of course Lucienne was not very happy with her at the moment, after Tasia had changed her clothing and she was unable to change back in time. Tasia smiled at the thought and remembered Lucienne’s angry call to her as she pressed the up button for the elevator.

                  The elevator arrived a moment later and Tasia stepped aboard. Before the doors could close, however, another devious idea of vengeance came to her. Time was halted yet again before the doors had slid even an inch further. Tasia dropped her purse in the elevator as she stepped out of it. Narrowing her eyes, she looked around the lobby and smiled, finding the person she was looking for. Sergeant Carmen Pared stood next to a large statue at the back of the lobby. The statue was new and massive, with outstretched wings. Carmen stood with her hands on her hips and a smile on her lips as her brown eyes looked over at her command emptily. Her nearest officer stood with his elbow leaning on the statue and with his other hand resting on the M4 suspended in front of him. His face was frozen in a laughing expression with eyes closed and mouth open.

                  “Funny… having fun?” Tasia asked the two waxwork-like guards, looking at both of them. She turned her attention to Carmen. “You felt me up before sergeant, so it’s only fair,” Tasia chuckled as she pulled Carmen’s arms wide so she stood posed like a “T”. The Mexican guard remained smiling emptily as the Greek moved behind and started aggressively patting the unmoving woman down. She opened Carmen’s Interceptor vest and groped the woman’s breasts from behind before moving her hands to cup the woman’s crotch. “How do you like that?” she asked the unhearing statue-still woman, kissing the side of her neck. Moving in front of Carmen, Tasia unbuttoned and opened the Latina’s uniform shirt. Carmen had on an ITEA black t-shirt on underneath that the Greek rolled up to reveal her breasts, covered by a pink bra. “Not very tough looking, sergeant…” Tasia cooed, fondling the bra-covered breasts. She decided to leave the bra on; she would for sure revisit the sergeant at a later time and that time the bra would come off, along with everything else she was wearing. Kneeling down, she unbuckled and opened Carmen’s trousers and pulled them south to uncover the matching pink panties the woman wore. “Nice,” Tasia giggled, pulling the waistband forward to spy on Carmen’s womanhood; it was covered with lush black hair. “Needs some work though,” she then said, letting go of the waistband and standing up. Tasia patted frozen Carmen on the cheek before leaving.

                  Gitana was stepping back into her booth when Tasia walked up to the suspended woman. The receptionist was stopped in mid-stride with one hand holding the booth door open while the other was down at her side. She carried a neutral expression on her face. “Don’t think you get off so easily; you could have saved me a lot of grief if you had been a little more on top of your game,” Tasia said, smiling evilly, crossing her arms and thinking what she wanted to do.  Moving next to the unmoving woman, Tasia gave Gitana a playful peck on the cheek before kneeling down. She then hiked up the woman’s skirt. She moved Gitana’s right hand, which was at her side, to hold the skirt up high above her hips. Tasia could make out the white silk panties the woman had on under her pantyhose. “Yum,” Tasia muttered, careful not to get too excited. She wasn’t chewing gum, so she had to be careful with her focus. Too much arousal could lead to time restarting. The Greek ran her hands up and down the curve of the taller woman’s backside, enjoying the feel of the nylon material under her palms. Tasia then hooked her fingers around the pantyhose’s waistband and began to work them off Gitana’s hips, along with the silk panties. The Greek agent moved the undergarments as far as she could but since the Indian’s woman’s long legs were spread by her stride the panties couldn’t be worked down that far. It was enough however to reveal the woman’s sex and all of her backside.

                  Tasia moved carefully around the unmoving receptionist so she was in front of her. Gitana only slightly wobbled as the Greek slipped between her and the door frame. “Oh my…” Tasia cooed when she was face to face with Gitana’s womanhood. The receptionist kept her snatch shaven in the form of landing strip, which wasn’t too surprising to Tasia; she looked to be the type, the Greek concluded. What surprised her was the stud pearl piercing. She wanted to so badly to eat out the receptionist’s snatch at that moment but knew her concentration would be lost for sure, since she didn’t have her gum. Instead, Tasia just settled with just clutching the woman’s naked buttocks in handfuls. Having her fill of the woman’s shapely backside, Tasia slipped back between the woman and the doorframe. This time, however, Tasia was not too careful and Gitana fell backward. She held her mid-stride pose with her left hand in front of her holding an invisible doorknob with her right hand holding up her skirt. Tasia looked at the fallen receptionist in wide-eyed shock for a moment before she burst out laughing.

                  Standing over the fallen Gitana statue, Tasia regained her composure and was kneeling down to pick up the woman when she got another idea. Moving to Gitana’s feet, she straightened the woman’s legs out and removed her heels. She then stripped off the pantyhose and panties, rendering the woman nearly naked from the waist down. Tasia then put Gitana’s heels back on and stood the stuck woman upright again and reposed her in her original pose. She made sure the skirt was back down as well before throwing the panties and pantyhose away in the booth’s waste can. “One of these days Gitana, one of these days,” Tasia whispered into the woman’s ear before she left her. Gitana Brook was now on the Greek’s list of people she had to get alone one of these days with her temporal gift. It was good to be back, Tasia thought, stepping into the paused elevator and re-starting time.

                  The elevator came to a stop on the fourth floor. It felt like Tasia had spent at least twenty minutes in the lobby, but according to watch she only had taken six minutes total, starting from her time of getting hassled by security and then for her time stop fun. The fourth floor held the administrative departments for the agency. Mainly, the finance and human resource departments were housed on this floor. Stone Enterprises had an adjunct travel office located on the floor as well, though it wasn’t staffed full time. This floor also contained some meeting and lounge areas as well. It was the busiest floor of the building since it was where admin and field staff came together. Tasia found agents Anna Federov and Malai Kasem waiting for her with big smiles on their faces. Both girls were wearing the standard grey skirt suits that the junior agents mostly wore. It wasn’t required, but rookies still dressed that way regardless. Tasia figured both agents didn’t have any really nice professional clothing to wear besides the suits. She knew Malai’s wardrobe with limited; the girl’s sense of fashion was horrible at best. Anna was probably the same. “Welcome back!” both agents bellowed, taking hold of Tasia. The Greek jumped at their welcome and only smiled along, not sure what to say as they ushered her to the break room.

                  “Thanks for the warm welcome girls…but I need to get…” Tasia began to say as the two agents began shooting her questions about America and living with Erika Stone. In the break room Tasia spotted Palmira, sitting at one of the tables, drinking a cup of tea and reading the London Times. The Brazilian agent shot up when Tasia entered. Unlike the junior agents, Palmira was dressed more casually in a pair of tight-fitting black trousers that showed off her backside and a purple top.

                  “Welcome back, Tasia!” She greeted, patting Tasia in the back.

                  “Hey, Palmira,” Tasia greeted with a smile, “Great to see you guys but I need to…” she started to say but was cut off by Palmira.

                  “It’s been months; the least you can do is sit with us for a few minutes and tell us how the states were over a cup of Earl Grey,” Palmira insisted.

                  “Yes, you must!” Malai added in her usual booming voice. “I’ll get your tea!”

                  “Have a seat, agent Spiro,” Anna said, guiding the Greek agent over to a chair that Palmira had pulled out. Both women steered Tasia into the seat rather forcefully.

                  “Hey guys, this is really nice, but I really have to…” Tasia began but was interrupted as Malai placed a cup of tea in front of her. All three ladies then took their seats around the Greek agent. “I have to be down at HR and payroll. Could we do this in a few?” Tasia asked, looking at the three eager faces.

                  “Oh sure that’s fine; drink your tea though,” Anna replied and then offered.

                  “Yeah it’s the least you could do, agent Kasem took the time to get it for you and all,” Palmira added.

                  “Okay…” Tasia said, looking at the three other agents. She picked up the tea and held up to her lips. Taking a sip of the hot liquid, she immediately realized that she had just fallen for the oldest prank in the ITEA book. Tasia attempted to stop time, but it was too late. She had already consumed a small bit of the Type-7 laced tea; suddenly, darkness overwhelmed her mind and senses.


ITEA Headquarters


                  When Tasia came back to her senses, she felt cold and she was looking at an edition of the London Times. “What the…” she muttered, looking around and dropping the newspaper from her hands. She was sitting wide-legged on a toilet bowl in what she hoped was in the ladies room. “Sneaky bitches…” she muttered, smiling and shaking her head. Looking down she saw that the reason why it felt drafty was that she was only dressed in her black thong and white lacy bra. Concentrating, she stopped time and opened the stall. Looking around, she noted she was alone in the ladies room and that her clothes and purse were nearby on a counter. Her clothes were neatly folded with her heels sitting on top. She couldn’t help smiling as she tip-toed over to her clothing; the tiled floor was freezing against her naked soles. Those ladies had gotten her good; she had completely forgotten about the Type-7 laced drinks rampant around HQ.

                  Fully dressed, Tasia emerged from the ladies room. Time was still stopped, in fear of her being late to her meetings. She didn’t want Lucienne breathing down her neck for not showing up on time, especially when she had the ability to control time. Tasia moved down the hall, heading towards the HR department first, since she knew Rhonda Evens along with HR boss Rachel Clarke would be there waiting for her. Better to knock two meetings out of the way first. Plus, HR was on the way from where the ladies room was. As she briskly walked down the hallway, dodging frozen admin workers, the sight of Malai Kasem caught her attention. The Greek couldn’t pass up the chance for some payback. Time was stopped anyways, so she couldn’t be late.

                  The Thai agent was in the very lounge that Tasia had been drugged in. Malai crouched above to one the chairs at the table, getting ready to sit, her bottom a mere inch from its surface. She held an open file in her hands, her gaze with vacant brown eyes focused on it. Tasia sauntered up to the Thai girl, smiling. “So now, what are we going to do with you?” she asked, clearing a strand of the Thai agent’s hair from her face. Malai only looked on emptily as Tasia loomed near her with a mischievous grin on her lips. Looking around the room, Tasia let her mind wander, running through several ideas. She then clapped her hands in joy at seeing a nearby large trash can and looked back at the small-framed Asian woman.

                  With experienced hands, Tasia quickly stripped Malai down to her undergarments she was surprised to see that the slender Thai woman had a sexy side to her, even though her body was not as curvy as some of the other IT agents. She was dressed in a satin black and purple bra and panties set that fit her body tightly. Once the Thai woman was undressed, in nothing but her sexy lingerie, her clothes were put into the trashcan and then Malai herself was put in on top of them. Tasia easily folded the tiny woman in half so all that was showing above the rim were her legs from the knees down and her head. She added a drop of Type-7 from a vial she found in a cabinet to Malai’s tongue. The drop should effectively freeze the Thai woman in place for five to ten minutes and would keep the suspicions about Tasia’s time stop powers at bay. The Greek kissed Malai on the forehead before leaving the room.

                  When she reached the office door leading into the human resources department, she paused briefly to restart time so she wouldn’t seem to be appearing out of thin air. Entering the office, she came in on the tail end of a conversation between the HR boss and security system head, Rhonda Evens. Rachel Clarke, the HR chief, sat behind her desk in a short-sleeved blouse and a brown skirt. Her blond tresses hung loose at her shoulder and were tucked back behind her ears. Rhonda Evens was standing next to Rachel’s desk. Rachel continued typing on computer, nodding at Rhonda’s words, seemingly not really paying attention. Tasia assumed that was Rhonda, as the woman was unfamiliar to her. Rhonda was a tall blond who wore her hair in business bun held together by a single chopstick. She was dressed in a white short-sleeved turtleneck with a grey plaid skirt. Her legs were clad in nude pantyhose and she stood on black stiletto heels. She held a data pad against her ample chest.

                  “So the whole point of the game is to gain as many points as you can, so your character could achieve life points. With these points they gain skill sets which will in turn help them through the game in various tasks, from battles and to side missions…” Rhonda explained as Tasia waltzed into the room.

                  “Good morning ladies,” Tasia greeted, smiling brightly, interrupting what looked like a painful conversation for Rachel.

                  “Tasia! Great to see you back; come in, have a seat!” Rachel beamed excitedly, gesturing Tasia to one of the seats in front of the desk. The look on the HR boss’s face said it all, she was happy to see the Greek. The earlier conversation was over. Rhonda herself momentarily had a disappointed pouting look on her face that meant it was back to work.

                  Then Rhonda perked up and smiled warmly, moving over to Tasia, extending her hand, “Agent Spiro, or Assistant Director Spiro?”

                  Tasia took Rhonda’s hand, “Tasia is fine, and you must be Rhonda?”

                  “That’s correct, I’m Rhonda Evens, in charge of the security systems and third in command of the department,” Rhonda greeted, taking Tasia’s hand. “I was brought in after you were....” she started to say but was interrupted by Rachel.

                  “After you were put on vacation,” Rachel interjected and explained. “Rhonda was hired to design and run a security system for the building after that incident with Ashley Tisdale. Lucienne and Dieter figured the building needed to be more highly secured in case an even bigger threat arises. Rhonda is here to make sure we work in a safe environment.”

                  “I see,” Tasia said, nodding.

                  “Right, exactly. Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, should we talk about your clearance?” Rhonda asked as she typed on the data pad she held. “Our perimeter doors now all have electronic and bio-electronic locks; what I need from you is an update of your palm print and retinal scans. The interior secured doors of the buildings have strictly bio-electronic locks that scan your DNA; you don’t have to worry about that, I got your swab sample already from Dr. Bran. Hand please?” she then asked, holding out the pad to Tasia. Tasia placed her hand on the pad over the outline. It beeped after a moment and Rhonda pulled the pad back. “Thank you very much,” she said crisply, typing on the pad.

                  “Pretty impressive security we have,” Tasia commented; Rachel nodded in agreement.

                  “It’ll be even better once the retina and ID scan for the main doors gets updated; we can’t have random former employees just wandering in from off the streets,” Rhonda replied.  Though she didn’t look at Tasia directly, Tasia knew the blond was talking about her, about when she had entered the building just a while ago. The previous scanner system at the door was outdated and had come with the building but Tasia guessed that Rhonda had something better and newer planned.

                  “I’m sure the upgraded system will be better once it’s all up and running,” Tasia then said attempting to clear the awkwardness.

                  Not looking up from her pad, Rhonda replied, “It’s the best system out there; I designed it. I just told you about the locks and doors; you don’t know all the little goodies I’ve built into it,” she added, looking up at the other two women and smiling with pride. She then turned the data pad back to Tasia, “Look at the red dot on the middle of the screen.” Tasia did as she told, a moment later the pad beeped. Rhonda pulled back the pad and typed some more commands on it before looking up at Tasia with a smile. “You’re all set, Tasia. I re-activated your current ID badge and since you’re a director you have full access to the building. I’ll see you around; it was nice meeting you,” she then said, nodding. Turning to Rachel as she left the office, she added, “I’ll see you at lunch…we can continued our conversation then.” With that, the tall blond left quickly before Rachel could protest.

                  “Great…” Rachel muttered as she went back to typing on her keyboard. “Another fun lunch with Rhonda Evens,” she grumbled, shaking her head.

                  “She seems like a hoot… all business?” Tasia asked, leaning back in her chair.

                  “She seems like she’s all business, but then she talks on and on about computer games. She’s the female version of Paddy,” Rachel replied. “I ate lunch with her one time and now she thinks we’re best friends. I don’t want to simply blow her off she might get mad at me and deem me a security risk. Turn her little security gadgets on me, along with her goon squad at the door. Hold on a sec, Tasia, almost finished with your update. Sorry you had to come here but wanted you here in person just in case I had a question about your info.  Turns out, everything’s fine.”

                  “No problem; so what’s been going on since I’ve been gone?” Tasia then asked.

                  “Not much, besides that whole Polish ski resort thing, but of course you know all about that. Most of the agents involved are still on holiday, recovering from that ordeal. So, you’re going to have a lonely day in the office today,” Rachel explained.

                  “A quiet first day back is nice, no sweat,” Tasia remarked. “How long has Hui’s team been in Hong Kong?”

                  “A couple of weeks now,” Rachel replied, looking at her desk calendar. “Sophie and Suzanna are attached to the team for assistance.”

                  “I see,” Tasia nodded, and then asked, “Who is in today?”

                  Rachel stopped her typing and clicked around her computer display to bring up the vacation chart. “Lucienne is here today and you; that’s it for the top brass. All of admin staff is in today, Delta, Epsilon and Zeta are in base today, with the exception of Nessa.”

                  “Not too bad,” Tasia replied, after a thought. She was hoping to hang out with some of her old friends today and her team, who seemed to be all out. The day indeed was going to be quiet, but not if she could help it.

                  Ten minutes later Tasia walked into the accounting wing of the floor. She smiled as she heard Malai scream from down the hall. “One down, two to go,” Tasia muttered under her breath as she came face to face with Eva Bingham, the overly attractive accountant with a cute girl next door look. She was dressed in her usual tight blue skirt suit with a light blouse underneath. Her legs were clad in plain tan pantyhose and she walked on plain-looking high heel pumps. She had just poured a cup of coffee from the accounting department’s coffee station. “Good morning Tasia,” she greeted as she gestured her towards her nearby desk, “Have a seat and we can get your pay all set. Great to see you back.”

                  “Yeah great to be back,” Tasia replied, eying Eva’s coffee mug. There was a high chance it was laced with Type-7. The coffee in the accounting was almost always laced with the muscle stiffener / tranquilizer. Most of the accountants knew about it too, most of them. Eva, maybe not. “You’re going to drink that?”

                  “Yeah, sure, why not?” Eva asked as she sat behind her desk, setting the steaming mug down beside her.

                  “No reason,” Tasia replied, hiding a smile. She never knew how a person so smart could be so gullible at the same time. She took her seat in front of Eva’s desk. “Where’s your boss today?”

                  “He’s meeting with director Christophe, regarding the last operation at the Polish ski resort,” Eva replied as she flipped through Tasia’s file in front of her. She picked up her coffee mug and was about to take a sip when Tasia stopped her.

                  “That coffee is still hot, you should let it cool a bit,” Tasia warned. If the girl froze, she would be coming down here later, getting her stuff done all over again.

                  Eva eyed the vapor coming from the cup, “You’re right; thanks,” she said, smiling and continued looking over Tasia’s paperwork. “Everything looks in order; I’ll activate your account and the transfer, then you should be all set.” 

                  It took Eva about a minute to activate Tasia’s account from her computer and another minute to get the confirmation email that Tasia’s direct deposit had been reactivated. It was then that Eva took her first sip of coffee. They were waiting for all of Tasia’s confirmation paper work to print. As Tasia had suspected, the coffee had been laced with Type-7. The cute brunette froze in place behind her desk with mug’s brim centimeters away from her parted lips. Her green eyes continued looking at her computer monitor absently. “Well, at least you finished my paper work,” Tasia said, standing and collecting the printed documents from Eva’s printer. She then walked around the desk and copped a swift feel of the CPA’s full breasts. “Nice,” she grinned and patted the immobilized woman on the head before leaving the office.  Eva didn’t lift a finger.

                  A few moments later and after an elevator ride up one floor, Tasia found herself in a cubicle forest, the home of the many intelligence analysts that ITEA employed. They all peeked up over their workstations and welcomed her back right as she strode off the elevator. The lead analyst, Rafael Calado, formally welcomed her back in the behalf of his staff and walked the Greek to her office. The Portuguese was a lady’s man of sorts; even though he knew Tasia batted for the other side he still flirted with her and she flirted back playfully. They reached her office and they talked about Malibu for a good twenty minutes before he returned to work.

                  There was a stack of files on Tasia’s glass desk. A note atop the stack in Lucienne’s handwriting stated that in the stack were briefs and wire news that she had missed for the last couple of months and that she should ‘spend a few minutes catching up’. “Fun…” Tasia said with a sigh as she flipped through the first file. “Welcome back, Tasia,” she grumbled sarcastically.


                  “Lucy, we can’t just throw money away like this; I understand that a crime happened there but this bill is insane!” David Falk bellowed, waving the repair bill from the Nosal Ski Resort. After the whole Barry Finnegan ordeal, the ITEA and the local law enforcement had torn the place apart looking for and gathering evidence.

                  “I wouldn’t really call it throwing money away, it was all for a good cause and most of the damage was done by the Polish cops, not our people,” Lucienne defended.

                  “It is throwing money away, Lucy,” David shot back and looked at the bill, “We took apart a stone wall, a wall! It’s wasn’t the Poles, it was us; agent Hendraille signed the waiver.”

                  “Well… if Lena signed it, it must have been important,” Lucienne replied.

                  “Lucy, the wall was on the other side of the resort, where the incident didn’t take place!”

                  “Now, that could be a problem… I’ll talk to her when she gets back. You know, Dave we shouldn’t worry about this; Erika said she’d take care of it.”

                  “We should worry about this, because Stone Enterprises might not always be around to bail us out. Big corporations fall all the time. We need to start being more self-sufficient and accountable for our actions.”

                  “Agreed, I’ll take care of it when that unit returns to work. Is that all, Dave? You were starting to get really upset and you know what Marika said about your blood pressure,” Lucienne warned, almost playfully. She and David were good friends, considering the fact that he always nagged her about ITEA spending.

“Don’t worry about me Lucy, worry about the organization. We’re still going through that Sedative Type Seven like air. We really need to cut down on the stuff; I know it’s good for morale and I have not yet witnessed any ill effects it has on productivity. But the matter of the fact is that we use it like it’s nothing and the stuff isn’t cheap, even with Stone Enterprises’ discount. I propose we…” David started say but stopped, seeing that his boss and friend was neither blinking nor moving any of her muscles. Lucienne sat behind her desk, back straight against her puffy leather chair, her hands resting on top of her desk; there was a neutral look on her face with her lips parted. The look in the French woman’s eyes, the look of absentness, told David she was under the effects of Type-7 again. His assistant Eva had that look many of times in her very own eyes, having been subject to several office Type-7 pranks. “Great Lucy, you took a dose of Type-7 just to avoid this conversation, didn’t you?” David muttered, getting up and leaning across his boss’s desk. He waved his hand in front of her face. Nothing happened, as he expected; she was frozen stiff. Standing back up, he groused, “You know, you could have just ended the meeting… this is just plain… rude,” he finished in exasperation, throwing his hands up as he turned away from the desk. “You know your own outfit today is very unprofessional, by the way!” he added, gesturing over his shoulder at Lucienne’s barely-there pink skirt suit. With that, the chief accountant left the office, closing the door behind him so the sedated French woman would have some privacy until she recovered.

                  As soon as the door closed, Lucienne’s body stiffly wobbled as her seat rolled backward away from the desk. The French woman remained frozen, stiff as if turned into a mannequin. Tasia emerged from under the desk, a smile on her lips as she stood up and brushed herself off. She had read two and a half files from the mountain on her desk before she had an urge to stop time. Once time was stopped, she sneaked into Lucienne’s office with a Type-7 vial in hand. She then poured some of it down her lover’s throat while she was seated and then restarted time at the end of Falk’s tirade. The dose was enough to keep the women frozen for a few hours at least. “Thought he would never leave,” Tasia cooed into Lucienne’s ear as she grabbed the suspended woman under her arms and expertly adjusted the French woman into a standing position. “I must agree with David though; you’re not dressed very professionally even though I, for one, think you look hot…” Tasia said, looking the statue-stiff Lucienne up and down. “Let’s take care of that, shall we?”

                  Lucienne’s expression remained neutral, with her lips agape, and eyes blank. She stood stiffly at attention, with legs together and hands tight at her sides. The French woman was now completely naked aside from her cross and earrings. She was strapped to a hand cart that was kept in her office. Tasia was behind the hand cart as she wheeled her lover and boss down the hall towards her own office. Of course time was stopped again, but the feeling of rolling the naked ITEA boss through the halls of her own base of operation brought a smile to Tasia’s lips. Once she reached her office, she restarted time and then locked the door. Lucienne was dragged over to the small sofa that Tasia had in the office. The Greek sat her boss down with her naked thighs spread wide apart and her arms resting along the back of the sofa. Tasia then stripped her own clothing off and settled between the Frenchwoman’s legs. She smiled at Lucienne’s blank face before leaning forward and starting to eat out the unmoving woman’s shaven snatch.


ITEA Headquarters


                  “So, how soon until you guys could head out to Madrid?” Tasia asked as she skimmed through the report once more. The report in question was about former Paradise Foundation employee Adrianna Dashkov, now a known Type-7 dealer who had vanished from a Madrid jail. The two police officers tasked with guarding her were left frozen in the wake of her disappearance.

                  “We could be airborne in the next few hours,” Ivan Popov replied from his side of the table. “Here we go again…” he added, looking through his own copy of the report.

                  “It was bound to happen?” Caesar Francisco added with a chuckle, seeing that his fellow team leader was on the same page.

                  “What was bound to happen again?” Tasia asked, confused, flipping through the report and reading the details more carefully, trying to see if she’d missed anything. Even though she was a director of the agency, both Ivan and Caesar were very experienced agents, hence that was why they were team leaders.

                  “This isn’t the first time Ms. Dashkov has vanished from police custody. Most local law enforcement agencies aren’t aware of the methods of deploying Type-7. It looks like Dashkov snuck some in with her and managed to use it to her advantage, again,” Ivan pointed out with a sigh.

                  “Yeah, my team busted her last month,” Palmira chimed in; she was the last of the team leaders in the room. Cassandra and Hui, the other two team leaders, were currently either on vacation or out on assignment. “She escaped using a similar MO; looks like she’s getting good at this.”

                  “According to Rafael, Ms Dashkov is a pretty popular dealer and she will be usually back on the streets dealing the stuff again, probably in a different country, so we have to make sure we catch her right this time,” Caesar said.

                  “We always catch them right; it’s the locals not being able to contain them right,” Ivan pointed out.

                  “I followed the protocols the first time I busted her,” Palmira said. “There’s really not much we can do, but follow the protocols; our actions are restricted by international law.”

                  “Well, the laws aren’t working obviously, we need to get in there in do things our own way. If that was the case, these Type-7 dealers wouldn’t get back out on the streets so easily,” Ivan suggested strongly.

                  “Changing the laws and forcing local agencies to do things our way isn’t going help, and can you imagine the budget it’d take do that?” Palmira pointed out, her voice rising slightly. She had a strong belief that local agencies should be able to do business their own way. “What’s the point in pushing this hard to bag a low level dealer anyways?”

                  “Hey easy,” Caesar calmly said to quiet his two fellow leaders down before things got more heated. Ivan was aggressive and preferred for countries to shape up and be the same, while clearly Palmira wasn’t into any that kind of strong-arm tactics. “Type-7 crimes are hard to regulate, since a lot of countries don’t see it as a threat yet. Europol and Interpol both have a lax enforcement policy, that’s why we’re around. As long as ITEA is doing something, it’s better than not doing anything. In the end it comes down to how the locals want to handle it, it’s out of our hands if they choose to do it their way and that turns out to be sloppy. We just have to keep at it; effort counts.”

                  “Couldn’t put it any better myself,” Tasia said. “Palmira, you did everything right the first time, the handling after arrest solely rests with the locals, I agree. Ivan, perhaps you could convince the locals to be more careful with these dealers, in a way that’s not violating international law,” the Greek suggested, looking around the conference table. “More effective prisoner searches would be a good place to start.  Now, if that’s all, I’ll conclude this thing and we can all get back to business.”

                  “Right, that should be all; I’ll file a travel plan with Monica right now,” Ivan said, getting up from his seat.

                  “I’m heading over to see Rafael. I’ll see if he can get you more info in Dashkov; he should get back to you before you head out. If not, I’ll get in touch with you when you arrive,” Caesar said as he jotted the notes down on his notepad and began to gather his things.

                  “Right, any help would be much appreciated,” Ivan replied.

                  “Palmira, send over your report to Ivan; I think that would help Ivan’s case with the locals too,” Tasia added as she got up.

                  “Will do,” the Brazilian beauty simply said. “We don’t have the right to tell countries how to conduct themselves, agent Popov,” she reminded, giving Ivan a warning glance.

                  “Don’t worry, agent Tiago; I know how do my job,” The Russian simply said as he turned to leave.

                  With that, the agents left the conference room, leaving only Caesar and Tasia remaining. Tasia jotted down the last of her notes before gathering her own things; she was finding her first day back being a little busier than she had expected. “Any word when Lucienne will be back?” Caesar asked as he stood. Tasia had told everyone that Lucienne had headed off for a meeting with Interpol, but in reality the French woman was frozen, naked, and spread-eagled out over Tasia’s desk in her office. She had spent the whole morning having her way with the ITEA boss. Of course, having Lucienne frozen and ‘out of the office’ put Tasia in charge if ITEA for the time being.

                  “I’m not sure if she’s coming back today; what’s up?” Tasia asked as she got her stuff together and stood. She and Caesar began to walk out the room.

                  “Not a big deal, it’s just my wife wants to know more about their little agreement on media relations,” the Mexican agent explained.

                  “I’ll let her know,” Tasia replied, “Just have your wife send me an email too.”

                  “Will do,” Caesar nodded and then bowed, “Assistant director Spiro, I’ll see you later,” he said as he turned and headed back to his office.

                  Tasia headed back to her own office, as she walked through the hallways she was passed by analysts who greeted and welcomed her back. As busy as her day was, she was essentially glad to be back in the swing of things. Her Malibu beach days were officially starting to fall behind her. She wondered what Erika and her friends were up to though; perhaps she would call them a little later. As she made a mental note, she walked past team Zeta’s offices. Aside from the team leaders, who got their own offices, the junior agents each shared a team office. This was true for all teams except for Alpha and Beta, whose members got their own offices. Zeta’s team office sat three women, Kioni Abasi, Anna Federov and Nessa Kelly. Nessa was out on assignment, but Kioni and Anna were both present at the time. Remembering the prank that Anna had pulled on her that morning, after looking around to make sure no one and no cameras were spying on her, Tasia concentrated as she stopped time.

                  Entering Zeta’s offices, she eyed her favorite Kenyan, who was seated motionless behind her desk. Kioni Abasi was a rising ITEA agent; though she was still fairly new she was among the best in the new class of agents. Currently, she was dressed in a white short-sleeved blouse over a grey skirt. Her legs were clad in black pantyhose and her feet covered in matching heels. The Kenyan’s long silky black hair was tied back in a ponytail. Kioni’s fingers were frozen over her keyboard and her eyes were masked in an empty but focused look, aimed at her computer monitor. The woman’s lips were open in a slight gap as if she was getting ready to say something.

                  Sitting across from her was Anna. The Russian woman was more or less dressed in the same thing she had on this morning, sans the suit jacket though, which hung off the back of her seat. She had on a white short-sleeved open neck silk top underneath. Anna was holding some paper work in front of her; it was obvious that she had been shuffling the items when time was stopped. Her eyes were vacant and staring over at her teammate with her lips open slightly agape, clearly in the process of talking to the Kenyan. From the focused look that was on Kioni’s face, Tasia could tell that Anna was being a slight if not a complete annoyance to her. Having worked with Kioni before, Tasia knew the Kenyan was a no-nonsense kind of person. She was here to work and was one of the few agents that did not liked being pranked and made sure others knew it. For the most part her wishes were respected. Even though pranking was widespread throughout headquarters, it was rule of thumb that if an employee expressed displeasure in the act, they were off limits. Kioni was one such employee.

                  Tasia looked the Kenyan over and was very tempted to do something; the girl however had a remarkable sense of detail and that was risky for Tasia given her gift. Tasia knew better not to prank the Kenyan; the rules, unwritten as they would always be, were there for a reason. Her target wasn’t Kioni anyways, it was Anna. The Greek smiled wickedly as she turned her attention to the Russian. “What should I do to you?” she asked the unhearing woman as she removed the papers from the woman’s stiff hands. Sitting on Anna’s desk, Tasia let her mind drift through many ideas as she played with the Russian’s hair. Anna only looked on in indifference, not realizing she was now the Greek’s plaything.

                  Kioni was not into being pranked or the act of pranking in general. So Tasia decided to use that for her revenge. Of course she wasn’t going to actually prank the Kenyan. Her plan was just to get Kioni upset and in turn make things awkward for Anna. Anna, who did do some pranking around the office, had a kept a small supply of Type-7 in her desk. Removing the drug vial, Tasia tilted the Russian’s head back and dripped some down her throat. It was only a small dosage that would only put her under for ten to fifteen minutes, tops. Once that was done, Tasia stood Anna up and began to remove her clothing, down her underwear. That was another rule in the building regarding pranks. People could never be rendered completely naked where others could see them. Tasia believed some nakedness did happen behind closed doors, though mostly between the many couples in the building. Anna was soon left only standing in her white lace undergarments. Tasia then dragged the immobile Russian to stand next to Kioni’s desk and posed her to stand with hands on her hips and sporting a wink and a smile while looking down at the Kenyan. Before leaving the scene, Tasia couldn’t help but to feel Kioni up and peek down Anna’s panties. Feeling satisfied with her work, she gathered Anna’s clothing up and tossed it in a heap at Kioni’s feet and then left the team office. She was just outside the office when she re-started time.


                  “…listen I don’t know how to file…” Kioni was saying when she stopped when she realized her teammate was no longer sitting across from her. She turned and jumped at the site of her nearly naked officemate standing next to her. “Anna!” she screamed in annoyance more than worry. The Kenyan quickly looked at her computer to check if any time had been lost. All the computers in the building were tamper-proof; any modification had to go through Paddy.  Kioni saw that time was all still there and she was fully dressed. Her clothing didn’t look out of order, either. Looking down at her feet she noticed Anna’s clothing. She shook her head in disgust and looked up at the winking Russian mannequin. “You know what will happen to me if people see you all like this? They’ll start to think this is all okay, that’s what!” Kioni said angrily as she picked up Anna’s clothing and began to sort it out to re-dress the agent.

                  “Agent Abasi?” Tasia asked standing in the doorway, trying not to laugh. “I thought you didn’t go in for that kind of stuff?”

                  “Tasia!” Kioni said in surprise, with a deer in the headlights look. “Believe it; I did not…”

                  “You know you’re going to owe her a prank now…” Tasia said, shaking her head as she turned to leave.

                  “Wait!” Kioni almost cried, running after the Greek. “Tasia please don’t tell to anyone, I don’t want it starting.”

                  Tasia smiled, “Kioni, I know you; I won’t say a word, make sure Anna knows though,” she gestured at the half-naked Russian before she left. Tasia didn’t want to be near the girl when she came to a few minutes from now. “That’s two down, one more…” she whispered to herself.

                  “Anna…” Kioni growled, closing the office door.


ITEA Headquarters


                  “Thank you, Monica, for your help in setting up that flight on short notice. Yes, I’m fine, work hasn’t been too bad, and I’ve been around her enough to get used to the swing of things pretty quickly. Well, tell Erika I miss her too… yes, I’ll tell her…” Tasia smiled as she twirled around in her large leather armed swivel seat. Standing at statuesque attention in the corner of her office was Lucienne Christophe, the ITEA boss herself. The French director had been immobilized by Type-7 for the greater part of the day. Tasia had so much fun in playing with the woman many times during the day that she decided to just give Lucienne an overdose, rendering her stiff as a board indefinitely. Of course, Tasia had access to a detox kit, which could immediately bring her girlfriend and boss back to normal.  Currently, Lucienne stood there with a sleepy look on her face, as if she had fallen asleep on her feet. Her naked legs were held together with her arms down right at her sides. Her reddish tresses were in a mess from the day’s ‘activities’. “Alright then, I’ll call you guys later,” Tasia concluded the phone call and spun back around to put the phone back in its cradle.

                  Tasia grinned to herself as she looked over the day’s paper work. Since she had taken over command of the agency that morning, she had accomplished several things, pranks aside. There were a bunch of little minor things that she attended to and felt that she did what Lucienne would have done. She deployed Ivan’s team Epsilon to Spain to go after a fugitive Type-7 dealer. Team Epsilon should actually be the air at that moment. By the morning they would report in for a status check. The team was also to meet a couple of observers, a Spanish Interpol section chief and an American DEA agent, to assist them in the case. After she had made sure Ivan’s people were all squared away, Hui Lan made contact with HQ to report in. Tasia was happy to hear the Chinese woman’s voice and even happier to learn that her mission was a success. Hui and Miranda, along with Interpol and HKPD, had recovered all the victims and placed all the known suspects into custody. All in all, it was a great first day so far.

                  It was almost quitting time she noted, looking at her wall clock. Standing up she, looked at the naked French woman who would be her lover that night. One more go, she thought,  before she packed the woman to continue at home. Being able to stop time, Tasia planned to do so and carry her naked boss out of the building as if nothing unusual was going on. Now, it would take a little work to do so, however, since the building’s high-tech security system was downright impossible to elude when time was frozen. Tasia had figured out a way though, and while it took time the results were worth it at the end. As she approached the motionless Lucienne statue, unbuttoning her blouse, a knock at her door suddenly sent a chill up her spine. She quickly buttoned her blouse back up, “Wait a minute!” she called out before promptly stopping time. Moving quickly over to Lucy, she leaned the frozen woman forward and dragged her rigid form towards her closet. Lucienne’s head leaned stiffly on Tasia’s shoulder as the Greek moved her. Tasia had a clear view down the French woman’s bare back and couldn’t help but laugh at the dildo that she had shoved up her girlfriend’s backside and then had forgotten about. “We’ll get that out in a little…” she grunted with a chuckle as she stood Lucienne upright again in her closet. The woman was facing inwards so her backsides and dildo was fully exposed to whoever might wander over and open the storage closet up. Tasia closed the door and walked back over to her desk, taking her seat before restarting time. “Come in,” she said cheerfully.

                  A striking blond woman that Tasia had never met before peeked her head in, “Hello, assistant director Spiro,” the woman greeted warmly, stepping into the room. She was a work of art, this woman, a truly gorgeous beauty; she could possibly give even Erika Stone a run for her money. She was tall, with a perfectly trim, toned, athletically built body with straight long platinum blond hair. Her skin was a naturally bronze and perfectly clear. The outfit that woman wore was a black and white open-neck low-cut dress under a red cropped short-sleeved jacket and she stood even taller on red high-heeled knee-high boots. Tasia almost came by herself; her juices were already running for Lucienne. Looking at the blond woman who entered her office, Tasia couldn’t even remember what she was planning to do with her frozen French girlfriend as her mind had transfixed itself on the blond goddess before her. Tasia remained utterly speechless; it took all of her will power to not let her jaw go slack and drool.

“Director Spiro, we never met and I thought it’ll be good time do so before we close up for the day,” the goddess spoke in a rich, sexy, voice. “I’m Ariel Landry, the cover expert for the espionage division,” Ariel greeted as she stepped up to Tasia’s desk, extending her hand.

                  “Pleasure, Ariel,” Tasia returned the handshake, looking into the blonde’s green-gold eyes. Where have you been all my life… the Greek thought to herself. Bringing herself back into the conversation, she asked, “You said your last name is Landry?”

                  “Yes; I’m Colette’s cousin,” Ariel replied, making her French accent a bit thicker and even sounding a bit similar to her cousin. Colette had nothing on this incredible woman, though, Tasia thought as her insides melted upon hearing the blonde’s lilting accent.

                  Before Ariel could say another word or process another thought, time stopped. The blonde was left standing as stiffly as the French woman who was hidden in Tasia’s closet. Ariel stood as lovely as any statue, her posture straight with her hands held demurely over her crotch. A slight smile was on her bow-shaped lips and her eyes remained utterly empty and unblinking. Tasia opened her desk drawer and dug out a piece of spearmint gum, unwrapping it quickly before shoving the stick into her mouth. She hastily moved around her desk as she stripped off her clothing, dropping each item along the way. She was down to only her exotic lingerie and pantyhose by the time she reached the stuck blonde. Pulling Ariel’s hands apart, she savagely jerked the short jacket from the woman’s shoulders and off her exquisite body. Tossing it aside, she raised Ariel’s doll-like arms up in the air, and grabbing the hem of the mini-dress pulled it upwards and off the blonde’s unmoving figure. Ariel’s only protest was slight wobble. She was now standing only in her heeled boots and a bright blue micro thong; the blonde beauty had come to work without bra and was topless as soon as her dress hit the floor.

                  “Oh God…” Tasia shuddered, chewing her gum vigorously to keep her mind focused. She moved in front of the dazzling blonde beauty and started to fondle the stiff woman’s breasts. They were natural and full and perfect with pink nipples. “God…” she muttered, kissing each one before kissing the blonde on the lips passionately. Breaking away a few moments later, Tasia stepped back chewing her gum, looking the woman up and down. As she eyed Ariel hungrily, she stripped off the rest of her clothing, making herself naked and ready for lovemaking. Kneeling down, she pulled Ariel’s thong off her flared hips and let the undergarment fall to the woman’s boot-covered ankles. A sliver of pale blonde hair covered the woman’s sex. “A real blonde…” Tasia whispered, licking her lips. Feeling her own nipples turn rock hard and her sex moisten up, the Greek stood quickly and moved to her closet. Opening it she more or less ignored the frozen Lucienne and just pulled the dildo free before quickly returning to Ariel, not bothering to close the closet. “You look great, my dear, but let’s see how you taste…” Tasia cooed into Ariel’s unhearing ears as she directed the dildo down south. The blonde only looked glassily ahead with empty eyes, oblivious to the coming storm.


Dartford, United Kingdom

Lucienne’s Apartment


                  Tasia removed the detox kit from Lucienne’s kitchen cabinet and walked over to her girlfriend, who still remained in the nude. Lucienne stood in her lavish living room atop a sheep skin shag rug. This workday had been eventful to say the least, and Tasia generally had fun while accomplishing a lot at the same time. After her time-stop fun with new girl Ariel Landry, Tasia redressed and reposed the unsuspecting girl exactly as she had been before restarting time. Ariel did not know any wiser and the courteous introductions continued as if nothing had happened. Though Tasia had problems paying attention since she was too busy thinking back to how magnificent the blonde looked in the buff, she would have to try to talk to the Canadian again later, without the sex this time. Once their meeting was done, Ariel and Tasia bid their farewells, with Ariel heading home and Tasia heading down to the espionage wing; she still owed Palmira a prank and was hoping the Brazilian was still there. She was, and also another surprise that waited for her as well.

Smiling at the memory, Tasia plunged the small syringe into Lucienne’s left bicep.  Scant seconds passed as the Type-7 drug was rapidly neutralized throughout the Frenchwoman’s body.

                  Lucienne’s knees buckled a bit and she felt light headed. Tasia steadied her, making sure she didn’t fall back and hurt herself. The French woman’s senses came back to her and she took in her surroundings, and then saw that she was naked with Tasia only dressed in a robe. “You bitch…” she muttered, shaking her head. Tasia only smiled innocently. “How long?” Lucienne asked as she rubbed her own naked breasts and yawned.

                  “All day… from during your meeting with David until just now,” Tasia replied.

                  “What! What about the rest of my day!?” Lucienne shouted, feeling her face get warm and her blood start boiling.

                  “Don’t worry; I took care of everything and told everyone you were in Interpol meetings the whole day,” Tasia explained, all the while smiling cutely, tapping the points of her index fingers together.

                  “Tasia…” Lucienne groaned and sat down on her sofa. “You can’t just make me your sex doll all day long…”

                  Tasia pranced over to her lover and plopped down next to her. “Actually I can… but I get what you’re saying is I shouldn’t do it anymore,” Tasia said and then smiled evilly, “At least for this week.”

                  Lucienne gave her a warning look, “Tasia…”

                  The Greek quickly sprang up, changing the subject, “Hey, I want to show you something,” she said, extending her hand. Lucienne took Tasia’s hand cautiously as she was guided towards the bedroom. Standing in the middle of Lucienne’s spacious bedroom was Palmira Tiago; the lovely Brazilian was stark naked and stood at attention with her bare legs slightly parted and arms at her sides. There was an alluring smile on the woman’s face as her eyes looked out emptily at some unseen fixed point. Lucienne looked at Tasia in shock. The younger woman quickly explained, “So Palmira here pranked me this morning, so I obviously had to get her back; I wandered into her office at the end of the day to do so and I found her pleasuring herself while under Type-7.”

                  “What? For real?” Lucienne asked, a little in awe now, as she walked over to the frozen woman and looked her up and down. Palmira, being Brazilian, was always fashionable in anything that she wore but seeing her in the buff, Lucienne concluded the woman would look good just in her birthday suit as well. She didn’t have big breasts; they were average at best, but her legs and buns were her best assets. Lucienne traced the lush curves of Palmira’s backside and grinned to herself, feeling a bit of arousal tingling over her. “How long do we have her for?”

                  Tasia smiled and skipped to her lover’s side as the two embraced. “Oh she’s overdosed; she could be like this for as long as we like,” Tasia said after the two separated. “Don’t worry I have a cover story, too, so you don’t have to worry about anything like that.”

                  “Sounds like you have everything figured out,” Lucienne said as she padded over to her dresser and opened the top drawer.

                  “Oh I do…” Tasia cooed as she stepped in front of Palmira and wrapped her arms around the frozen woman’s neck and licked her seductively on the cheek. “What do you want to do to her…” the Greek started to ask but was abruptly cut off as she too froze into place, her body entangled in a sexy embrace with Palmira.

                  “I want to have my own fun with my girlfriend and my sexy Brazilian doll…” Lucienne answered the frozen woman as she pulled the Type-7 syringe from Tasia’s left butt cheek. Capping the needle and putting it aside, she whispered into Tasia’s unhearing ear. “You just been overdosed as well, my dear… you’re both mine now. Let’s get you out of that robe so we can have some real fun.”


THE END…Just for now

CAST in order of appearance:

Lucienne Christophe: Josie Maran

Tasia Spiro: Doukissa Nomikou

Carmen Pared: Michelle Rodriguez

Gitana Brook: Reshma Shetty

Malai Kasem: Pumwaree Yodkamol

Anna Federov: Sasha Alexander

Palmira Tiago: Jennifer Lopez

Rachel Clarke: Elizabeth Banks

Rhonda Evens: Kate Nauta

Eva Bingham: Gemma Atkinson

Rafael Calado: Olivier Martinez

Kioni Abasi: Zoe Saldana

Ivan Popov: Timothy Olyphant

Caesar Francisco: Jared Leto

David Falk: Jeremy Piven

Ariel Landry: Maryse Ouellet

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